The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JAWtTAKT TT, 133U. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, P/ PAGE THIKTBEJIN'. Saturday Still a big selection of wanted styles in beautiful coats., all sizes $12.95 $19.75 $24.75 $29.75 $39.75 $49.75 $59,75 $69.75 Coats, now $6*47 Coats, now $9.87 Coats, now $12.37 Coats, now $14.87' Coats, now $19,87 Coats, now $24.87 Coats, now-'$29.87 Coats, now $34.87, New Spring JT1 jrTL / O Chic hats in the new spring modes! Fashioned of exquisite materials in wanted pastel shades. Everyone. Is .unusual and all are exceptional values aL $1.95 and $2.95. Just unpacked! Desirable new spring frocks in every smart style and shade. Fashioned of fiat crepe, canton crepe, georgettes and other quality fabrics. All sixes. 130 W. Crawford Avenue Roman Welcome to Future Rulers A part of tho monster crowd that gathered 'in ,ho squaro beneath the balcony of the Quirinal Palace, u p o n which Crown Prince Humbert and Jila Belgian nnnc.-e, Princess Marie Jose, mnda ihoir uppcarancu together vith their- VUITQ»H-- parents. The cheering- crowd not only filled tha square but overflowed into, tho surrounding streets and may be seen extending far into tha diatanco. JAYS NO DANGER FROM PARROTS LONG IN FAMILY outbreak of psittacosis, aliho iph e i g h t i Spread of the disease, coupled w i t h k-atli« and more t h a n -JO -Illnesses i b e n e f i t s of tho h a v e o c c u r r e d . Surgeon Gem r a t C u m said today. "There is no nerd for ,(tarrt. o w n e r s .' I:.-. ;.':".livl I 1 :-. U'Alv 1 1 \ f i T ( h \ . .1,111. 1 to do awriy \ v i i h t h e i r birds l"?eaii«o of i n p r u l e s i n n e w s p a p e r p u b l i c i t y , ho vuikl. should teach people a vain- able- Jp.Bson. Thoro \H n o caiifio for J i n i n i ^ i tlo«')i tho. f o l l o w - I ' t O j ) ! . ' w h o fcuvu uo j't'.-ir cf t h e curvont t h i s o u t b r e a k , " Camming saM. There. is HO d a n g e r from parrola - h a t have been in the family for years if ttioy are In a healthy condition. .'Infection; "N'ovor Cecil « parrot hy iunul, · ; "Novci 1 fw!i') oiui ! r o t " u pu r- «8. 1!»S», Wvsterni.NBW8pfl.por Union.) Th« spirit of ij.dv«nture, so naar- Is* universal tn youth, commonly li thwarted at ovary turn. Yot this IB one of !ta Qnoiit glfttr. whan It IB gono, Jite's g-reatest prornfea (* pant.--Arthur Morgan. i C O L D W S A T H E R DISHES/ Now that the season is here for heartier lood.s, morn rousts, pastry and richer pudcllngs, we need to remember that wo must Include In tills diet plenty of fresh fruits 'find vegetables, }f vfi nre to have a well- balanced diet and keep well. ·Pot Roast With Vag«. tables,-'--Place a two or three-pound pot roast In B small Iron, iceltle or Dutch oven with some suet. Brown well on all sides, then season and add a tableapoonful of boiling water. -Cover tightly and cook over n niniiner burner for two or throo hours. Ac hour before serving rulcl potatoes ant! onions, placing them around the meat. Cover and steam until tha vegetables are tender. This makes an «asy meal to prepare on a busy day, as one haw all the meat nnd vegetables cooked IB one receptacle, Deep Dlah Fruit Pis.--Feel and sllco enough apples to nerve the family, add sugar, orange julca, the grated peel of a lemon, nnd If the apples 'laclc tartness add some of the lemon Juice. Cover with a biscuit dough and bnlra until the crust Is brown. Thera Is ho punch or cocktail that will glv« a greater zest to a meal or leave one with less regret for the Indulgence, than fresh fruit corktnfl. D l n n f t r Punch.--Take two-tlflrds of lemon Juice, ona cupful of orange juice, one cupful of'sugar sirup--made by eooldnjj together sugar and water to make heavy sirup. Combine the frnlt and sugar sirup and Just before serving pour over two bottles of ginger ale, adding plenty of crushed Ic^. Lemon Mincemeat,--Take one cupful of raisin*, three cupfuls of finely chopped npples, one-half ccpful of chopped nuts, one-fourth etipfnl of finely minced candied orange pool or (orange marmalade may bn substituted) one-half cupful of orangs Juice two cupfuls of sugar, one-half teaspoonful of Halt, two teaspoonfula of cinnamon, one teaapoonfnl each of cloves and ginger. Scald, drain and chop the raisins. Mix all I h n other In- jjredlents. Aild one-fourth cupful of melted butter. Thia makes two pics. Changes Brought About in Food Associations Nowhere else, save in these Unltad States, Js there such a blend ol food resource* and contrasting food tastes of different racial strains, T^rltog Muriel Allen King in the New Tork Har- ftlfi ' Tribune. In pre-war, pre-prohi- blttoa days, there was grant pdde In local cookery. Certain dlshen were Indelibly associated with certain sections of the United States. Ona w-int to New RnglaDd to eat clam chowder, brown . bread and baked beanu; to Toras to get tamales; to Virginia to luxuriate on gpicy baked ham and crisp corn pone. There were, possibly, tea rooms In Boston, Kansas y, or In Greenwich Tillage, which nobody knows today, that advertised "rent southern waffles/' but the Greek lunch counter had not' quite erased the Men that certain dishes were appropriate to certain feasts, that certain foods were traditional mates and companions to other foods. if Church Tlie Worsted church n r Canterbury, NPW Hampshire, was completed Jn 1830 by the Free Will Baptists and CoufcrftRfitionallstK, I t suffered much financial distress n n d Mrs. Sarah Rliz- abeih (Harper) Monmouth, undertook In raise funds for the benefit of the church, She acted as associate pastor nnd officiated for nearly figlit years. She personally tnnde tha worsted decortitlons which consist principally of religious mottoes. There was an extraordinarily large number of such decorations completed In 3878, when Mrs. Monmouth ceased her labors. An Interesting fact Is flint AfrK. Monmouth suffered revere flnanclnl reverwes ond published and cold a booklet for 2ft' cents In the town, entitled "T.frlnfe on Ff.-iir a Dime n Day," which she claimed was an actual experience of her own. Virjjinia Homo of Culture Localism alone can produce, In the case of America,.a t h o r o u g h l y authentic type of m a n ; this typo alom; cnn be the germ cell of an a u t h e n t i c Ameri c a n n a t i o n . A g a i n , localism !ilon« cnn lend to culture; It must, start as n sing u l a r n n d single a n d , therefore, f l m n l l thing. It w i l l crow flnd spread ns time goes on. The only really cultural ntmo»pl»;rr one finds t m l n y In America Is that of Virginia. Tho cultured men who were born hi Its field of force nre responsible for most (lint Is of cultural value (n Antertcn. Hut how different Virginia Is from all o t h - er stntes! Its c u l t u r e is a p a r t i c u l a r one; It la not onl-y a matter of nge but of ktnd as w e l l . -- H e r m a n n Key- flcrllng In A t l a n t i c Monthly. Adjustable Racquet S t r i n e * Mainsprings of timepieces, violin Strings and tho' strings of tennis racquets have u way of b r e a k i n g w i t h o u t any e x p l a l n f i h l o renson. To overcome tills trick of I lie f i t n i D H f i l i o r u , for the fitmosphere has line! to bear t l i o hiamo, the v i o l i n i s t loosens t h e strings of (lie I n s t r u m e n t d u r i n g die I n t e r v a l of dl«- uao. This Idnti f i n « been recnnt.l.v m n d e uan of In ( h « « design of (ho t e n n i s nic- lU('J.s. By m e n t i s of n t h r e a d e d om- traptlon" o x l p r u i l n g t h n u i K l i the I m n d l c . j It Is p n H R l b t p In I n n s e n l i t e ' J t r i n R H i w h e n rin( in use. U Is K a l i ] t l i n l the i I m p l e m e n t !s In m u c h better c o n d i t i o n j for p i n y when tlghtpiKid n f l e r n short, i of this kind, j Qtnr bmfnestt success has been founded on fair, honest dealing -with our customers. Clean Stores--courtxua, prompt service--kindly attention to children -- and full, honest weight and measure ia assured when you buy from a Keystone Store. PUlstevs FLOUR Her«** a taaty breakfast -light--fluffy brown cakes-made in a jiffy I America'* favorite dessert-pure fruit flavor *~~®pecially priced thi» week! Extra Special Not merely good, but the best freah good butter you can buy! Ibs. An attractive colored S*® ,,!,,,«« ca ke plate with purchase of 2 pkgs. of Pillabury Cake Flour at 69c- Edftson Mazda 25-40-60 'wts. U R E L A R Boat open-kettlo rendered. The easy way to make tea. Fresh from the gardens I 12 for Fancy Blue Rose Health Drink Herns ® At Our Margerine Stores The good - tasting s p r e a d for bread. Excellent for cooking too! f i t Here's a real bargain on this tan cy spread -- Made from flavorful ripe apploal Tfee b«wt known--best liked soup in America! 313 N. Pittsburg St, Connellsviile 138 N. Pittsburg St. ¥ $% 1* Iffe e«7 M, %f# QUALITY Perryopoiis P E H R Y O P O L I S , J a n . 17--The Perry j l-IJgh. basketball t e a m s w i l l play | Scwlcltlcy on t h e local floor t h i s : e v e n i n g . Tho gimc;; Tuesday evening u-cro both ivoti by .Perry. They were h a r d f o u g h t , and well p l a y e d by b o t h loams. Mr,-.. \Vhii.r* of C ' l f f K b i i r R - Is wil.h Mw. J o h n W i l l s C B . M r s . M a r t i n C l l o t f e U y la K U l as tnaclier at Whltsolt, in place Harry who is ill at life l.v line at, Victorki, w i t h a c i l g i n a t t a c k 01 i n - 'lont c.w- \g;i- - on u i t « . I n n - t u[ ,f.amc6 Sisley of Peri'.ropnlis, was h u r t in an n i u o m o b t l c .acci' l a s t Sunday evening n e a r Wc«t ?· ton and wa.s taluMi to t l i o ilono h c l t i IlotS])!!^!!, Wii.s b r o u g h t , h o u n Tucsilay. l i e in s e t t i n g a l o n g i n i i ' r l y . .lohn \Volfo ;unl llohr-rt. . l i h i s , I h r ulhtM' octMipnnici i,if i l u . ai'o H l i l l a), tho horipiUil, Aniiolle Luco, who u;ixl bec-n ou for some time, owing to an in- j u r y receive*! iii an automobile accident .several wceke ago, has rcsutuwl her (school work. She will continue on ft't school u n t i l time lo go to AUe- glu'tiy !lospii;i), Plttsburg, for t r e a t ' mojit. ore of S!;ir .hiuc/Uoij, has h i ' i M i i l l a j u n i o r in )\\ K }\ our- cluusilloti adverlisemfiiBtA, \

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