The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 33
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 33

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

Ire Lid Service day end plgM. ,111 KH, -A. ; bbauprb automotivs aervbte Ltd. tit SliluaM, IM-ttM ALL EXCHANGE UNITS AVAIL- , i "it. aim foreign parts, service. i welding, gen. ou. .. ... Aeetuortu TRANSISTOR lONTTtON KITS Manotick Motors Sports . C Snerieluiai. SU-SSS. - e'.-T r . . partb and an vies All Eailua Can C-.II.I. Malar LU. ltl-SUS AUTHORIZED SALES AMD SIRV-Ice. Morrie, ISO. RUe ana Wet- ' eelejr ears. t y Alignment ' FRONT EXD A L 1,0 N M I N T. brak aparlalarts. Kofrman Brake and Alignment 3M King Edward Avenue. le-e-Mia. . Kadiator Stryipt, rare testtno;. - Pirn UT1 mates, fras cheeking M On n-Mela. Hr Radiator Ca . draft ing, repairs, reeoree. tea Wet- llngton. PAe-Mie. , fphobfery sisAiiiHo truck Seat cuahlona. Cornbar Auto Top Up- kolaterert, aa Queen, ces-imi .;h:i ALL CEMENT WORK DON BV Tarry Conlreetore, guaranteed S to t years. Always rhark with a ragletered contractor. Praa eetl- . maita, a nonuts la pay. sua. A IX TYPES PATIOS, WALKS, aulas. 1: guarantaaa. troa asu- za-t . .. m t siaa. , e CEMCNT WALKS. STEPS. PATIOS 1. and stveco. Praa aatunalas. laa. V. r. CLOUT. AND LAWNMOW- In, ganaral rapalrs. Itt Wood rafla. U-4t40. . : BECREATION ROOMS, REPAIRS. 1 garaga, rrar aatlmataa. A. Braca . aaaaoa umuad. HH-aui. C. A. JORANNtEM aad taa U4. i tSa-4Sja VERANDAHS. ALTERATIONS, stora tronu and addltiona. rapalrs, racraallon raama, roofing and rhtnalaB. You Kama It. wnal - avar It la and wa ll do It.' Jurt dial I ha BIO "i" and wall aaa : H today. ' . , I TRUCKERS Pleat register for hire, ttat-Ing name, type, year, capacity, and rental rates , of trucks. , ' H Thomas G. Fuller Ltd. ' ;, 1M RICHMOND ROAD . -HUGH M. GRANT 322 Catherine St .236-7105 ; " RENTAL SERVICE FLOAT SERVICE ' rnu, for sau . FROrT END LOADERS ' COMPRESSORS DUMP TRUCKS ' SHOVELS BULLDOZERS eun SHOP For Information on MR. 3ERVU call i 3 :"J!.i V, .ft. I'M! EAVESTROOGHINO.' - REASON-abla pneaa Praa aaltmatrt. J. D. Garvin Plumbing and Masting. , 1U7 Bank. 7JJ-S5SJ. . . . AVI STROUGHINO SUPPLIED and matallad: aoldarlni iolnla. guaranlaad warkmanahip. Iraa eMrmalaa. Swum. . (SaSf. ROAM RUBBER AND POLVTOAM fabricating Baatua Poam Rub- Rooaoalt. PAS-aOOJ. , CARES, JACKETS, ttl UP. RR. paira, raaaaubia. Cardaio. IM- . MrKVOT BROTHEBS 1JS Baat atraat US-Sin . ESTABLISHED 114. PARKINO BROWNINO DEALER. BUSHNRLL aropoa. austom raioadlng. aup-Pllas, guna tradad. fcrrvtr. for tna anootar at itayi oua Snap. w.mtui mam . UP TO la YEARS TO PAY lor tna baat Mi warm air haatlag. call Hubert Stova and rumaca Ma-. iM-jian. TOWER PHODITCT I O N t, ITS parka atraat. IM-t.Hl. clasad aavuroay for uiv anv Auguat. OENERAL REPAIRS. POUNDA- mhm, painting, aacavatlag. Iant. wora. ma aatanaua. ' - ' CUPBOARDS. PLAYROOMS. t)U pwa. atapa. aarandaha. (raa eatt- maua, aiaiiumi. Paraat, 771 eiea. DISCARDED rURNrrURI. CLEAN F raiuar, removal i eny dump. Modaraia , ralas. Ru- MANDEBLtY SOD TOP QUALITY MERION BLUE graaa ana miKro niua graas, aur FIELD SOD. 1ST PER YARD. avar 100 yarn, tta-aose. . 1 4 .r MeELHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP- ar, gardan loam, rraa ef and, stona ar clay, Prampt dallvary SM-tiat 'v ; . , ... - - . TO QUALITY riWJJ SOD. lar par as. ya aaa-aai j. isarva Oawai. collaat. TOP QUALITY YIELD BOD. IBs a ao yard aaiivarrd. pa ana co 1 1 rot Kamptviiia soe-sita. SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REGULAR ih nouns lac. i;rdar icaea. waiiaiona, aoaa. 7-l3ll. WEED KU.LINO AND PERTTLIZ- Ink. Rvaldantlal. Induatrlal. Gaa-' aral lawn apray aafvlca. Phona S3MI7S far Ottawa. Hull ana, a ACRES. NURSERY SOD, Slot par acra ar baat affar, Oaorga Stay, nuaaril. uni. j. ANN'S NURSERY SOO TOP QUALITY MERION AND Hiha i Blue. Also No. a Nurarrv Sod at reduced prwa. Pkana collect. Graehrjr laa. , SALE, PATIO STONES. WHITE red, graan, auvrm, rayana. esse. .. , , ... e :;y.., OLkN ACRRt eon DSC OUR CERTIFIED MERION Biua nursery ana and oui um acraa Bland. StSlMa. .. , a WEED KILLING AND FERTTLfE- Ina. Realdanllal. Induatrlal, oan- aral Law Spray Service. Pttom aa-am lor utuwi, n uii ar ' - J. P. Mae BAY 3 M Sd AN HOUR UP. VETERAN'S auai uu, Moving. Tas-eaat. ALL PAVING JOBS DON B Tarr Contrarlnrs. guarantaad a la t jraart. Always cfcark with a ragiatarad ranlracur. rraa aa-tlnutaa. S aaaalha Sa pajr. Ua- PAVINO DRIVEWAYS. PARKING araaa- paicaiag. work auaren leed. ThlbasN Paaiaa. V2S- TT- PAVING. SPECIAL BATES. , A Muara. Canlrarlm. Spaelallata in Aapnalt ptl.awaya. Palrnaa. Landacaniag. Year gaarsatee. .1 A BSO UTI . peoernanslng: painting rcaaonabla. pros . LU-uil. RATI SP ACTION, IneMa. autatda McCallan INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAINTING, papamanging. rraa eetlOH "' jx,t'nnn' axarantaad. : FORREST bros; PLUMBING and Beating Fra eetliaataa. work guarantaad. Time pay-wenta. Repalra aur apectalty. C NATIONAL PR'NTtRS LIMITED. nna aualltr eontmeralal nrMt' Ing 401 Preetaa. Cia-44t. LO-MOR PRINTERS SOCIAL. commercial printing, pnoio, off art. weddlna ' " - aaa teroMcaaier. REFRIGERATION. SAIWCS AND service all brancbee Mor- r ann a. SST Praataa. straat. SM ALL ' ROOFING AND REPAIRS dona by Tarry Contractor, guaranteed t ta S yea's. Always check with a . reatatered e a n- w ' rraa eeiimafea. as nwuna to pay. aaa-asoa. ' QUINN INtOLATtOM - COMPLETE ROOFINO SERVICES an wars guaranteed Free eett-nwiea. Telephnna day as lit- an ruM. - STUM CLUNDI6 , , MOBILt en AM CLEANING AND pfevearo waahlngt car angmaa.1 bawements cleaned and water proofed. !aeonable. TU-UtS. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A Braca Beacon UmlMd. BU- WELLMAN CONCRETE LTD. for reinforced poala. Sales aaal rxa-ietas. ga-iaa. . BLUR LINE TAXI. . t HOUR prompt errvtce. can ctx-auj. RED LINE TAXI LTD.. SS-HOUR cau au-saii. TOOL SUBPaiHG TOOL RRARPENED, CIRCULAR and hand aaws. lawnmowera. Kerknoa wark. Guaranlaad. SM-04. . , , , , i a ELECTRIC. STANDARD AND portable Remlneton typewriters, , for aale. ar rental, i. M. Hill ana Bedv '1)1. O CMuea,, CEJ-7SJ . : 236-7511 of the Ootario Fslrjaociation and it secretary of the OF A. MORE EXHIBITS Mrs. Richardson noted the banking, flowers, teiwing and ana and crafts' exhibits have increased over last year. The fair will be opened today. By Public i School Inspector John H. CrammofuL formerly of SmidirS Falls, 'who is now an Inspector in Perth County. Results Friday were: Mer- rickvllle 4 H Forage Club I. Elaine Seguin, Oxford Mills; 2 Jeanne Seguin, fxfordj in ins; j, uau uooaoy. nernpt win r1. " - i f . North Orenvillt 4-8 Silage Cora Club 1. Jeanne Seguin;, X Gilbert Seguin. Oxford-Mrtbirr 3.. Allen Caskner, Merrickville. Ladies, work Mrs. Joseph Lark. Perth; Mrs. Milford Hul-bert. Smiths Falls. f,' Senior Citiaen--Mrs. Mary Gorman.." Merrickville: .Mrs. Eligh Montgomery, Smith a Falls. - -fi -- Horticultural -Mrs.-- J-E. Kerr. Merrickville. Mrs. C. J. AtfKtt, Keroptville. ;' 1 'Domestic Science nlrsl J. E. Kerr, Merrickville; Mrs. John Hunter Smiths Fslls. f . Malcariosi" nit ; :v Rejects Peace Plan NICOSIA (CP) Archbishop Makarloa, pretident of Cyprus, has. again rejected a Cyprus peace proposal made by former U.S. "state secretary Dean Acheson. ' Makarios also Friday night denied reports that Greece hat asked him to reject any Soviet miliury aid and accept the Acheson plan. ' The formula offeeed by Ache-ton at the. Cyprus talks, in Geneva suggests: f 1. Eventual union of Cyprus with Greece; 2. Creation of a aoviereign Turkish military base on Cyp rus; 3. Giving Turkey a a m a 1 1 Greek island; 4. Protection for the Turk- Uh-Cypriot muiority.N Rejecting the plan, the arch bishop sald: ' The Acheson plan removes the Cyprus problem from its -corrett btsU and cannot provide a basis for discussion." ' Makarios mad hit state- menu to reporter after almost 30 hours of continuous consultations here with Greek perenct Misister Petroa oa roufaliat,- Agents Sleeping? I QlilTO, Ecuador (UPI) -A mideattem aation which maittains diplomatic relations with Ecuador, apparently hasn't heard yet that president Carlos J. Arosemena was ousted last year by a military junta, a government source ba revealed. He said the cable lhat country sent congratulating Ecuador on ils annual independence day celebration was addressed ta 'Arosemena. The mideastera country was not Identified by name. Scar Way Wins HTA Trot TORONTO CP) Scar Way was a tftree-iengtn winner in the Harnett Tracks of America Trot eerie far four-year-olda Friday nifht on Greenwood Raceway muddy track. f .The gelding wa a 25-to-l chance in the I 316 mil test and finished ahead of Chance Glidden Hanover owned by K. Owen and R. Ricketta of Hous ton, lea. The t-to-4 Choice Express Rodney broke strida early-and wa never In contention for co-owner Jimmy Cruise who wa in the sulky. Cruise shares ownership of Express Rodney with Saul Fingelstein of New York. ' ; A, ' Express Rodney wa bidding for hi third consecutive win in this the fourth leg df the eight part series which will culminate next month with a .' $50,000 final In- New York's Roosevelt Raceway. i ' , Third place went to Jl-to-1 chance Donner Hanover owned by V. ZeinfieJd ot Oak Park. In the ninth net, Lynden Chief, owned by Max Webster of Brentford, Ml hist after the race started. Brian Webster. 19, wa pitched Into the mud but escaped Injury. . . ' EI.MVAI.B ACRE . Rediega .. eea rr-e a Yaneee' ao llw IB 1 odd Taframbota and Brian BowMa: -trau MacDonaM and Baa Martlnelll HR: Bob Caastdy, Billy Pea (Yanks). , . . .... . '' "ai y m t"m V SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL , , 31 CATTLE SHOWS TODAY Merrickv MERRiCKVJIX? (Staff) ' ' Tht aroma of, freshly cooked corn, mixed With the rst, tinge of critp Fill air greeted those attending the opening 'day of Merrick ville'l ., 126th annual fair Friday, - Judge tpent moat of Friday browsing around the community., centre tatting pie, cakea, bread, pickles, relishes. i I le Fa i r I n H ig h Geq r and .Marking flower displays, applet tewing and art exhibit. CATTLE SHOWS The 'event movee' into high gear today with three cattle thowa the Holitein, Jersey and Ayrthire highlighting the day a program. Fair pretident, Mrt. Harold Richardson, a noted ; exhibitor hertelf for many year, is the Brst woman In the hltory of the Merrick ville Agricultural Society to hold the position and it the only womaV fair pretident east of Toronto; ; -; Now eerving her second year at. pretident,' Mrs. .Richardson hat been member of the fair board for the past IS years, it past president of District One The Civil Service Commission of Canada at well as the Federal Department of Transport and other government departments an seeking LANGUAGE INSTRUCTORS AND OFFICERS .; ..j SALARY -UP TO ; $13,800 : for teaching French, through the use of an audio-Visual method to English-speaking civil servants or for' developing and, implementing within a department an English and French language training programme. : ''v; - ' :. '-h'-?: . Toity eligible for positions of Language Officer, candidates must be graduates of i a university in a General Arts or Pedagogy course of in a related field. Candidates who do not have a university degree but who possess a teaching certificate and one year ot teaching experience may be considered for positions of Language In tin witn a salary up to S786Q. . . ; : ., y' Detail and application forms avaiUbSTat nearest Civil Service, Commission or National Employment Service Office orTu major Pott Office. 7- - Apply to Um Cr?U "ilerylee eMluiea, Ottawa v hUsi eeetseailea ts-tsa. ISRs SER YU SAYS ThU Column contsins list of reputable, qualified busintssM ii -i who art raady to strva you. Don! dtlay call today. ; BEAOPRC ' ArrTOMOTTVK BERV- ,.. r :. ' - ' ' .. t .....,. t JvA : -J L- J tlx lUMYifTi i . : l RENTED ' ' i ' - WEBTBORO. t -ar.naooM , apailmanl. urkled. kaat ad. eletukelle aaulppad. 1 garaao. til. RENTED flnar aaaileient.1 nawhr r ft Bha PTSfpapprt- BdajP 9 decoratad. par etaabvi. SS4 , - -r , " ' i- h 1 4 $Trl J . -v .-7 8 good reasons why yow should advertise RENTED ATTRACnVR pBEOROOM aparnwenl. ground floor. Wllbro ttraal. art. U- RENTED LYON STREET NtAR aV 51? rtmNISWEI BA BASEMENT. aert. larae noai a re t I ' i roomy t barkrw maa. son dlrlnct. Otta, f wa Baat. tlgksaa. SIS your apartment to rent in ; JOURNAL WANT ADS RENTED adults, i arrosnoM. brans, art vole, parkine. dean, electrically eatila-aed. tst . RENTED AVAILABLE. BANDY HILL, l-aeeiroam apartment, electrtcalry esulppad. T. I gpgetmtnri wtrt rtnUd Hit FIRST . niflif fh advcrtiMfflgnr gppaarat) in " Tin Journal. - , ' Don't Iom montf bjr hiving an tmpty apart mtnr! Do what rhougandt of happy ptoplt do wa ournal Want Ada to rant your apartmant qUICkl. "v0v;,5"-; ';r.v !' "l : RENTED RENTED DIAL THE 0TTA17A VANT AD; NUMBER ' s ::. i ti cj) v!j) D u ' i. 1 ,'. ; S THE JOURNAL I'-:. 237 Queen St iiXUJ:AIJ-JJ.t a s. t jiravt sux-J-.-!-- -jlU aim a. 11 ) - f tAROB BxMMB. Ml- Aftar BANDY RILL. I BEDBOOkU ft. aaatad Bghtad CBS-

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