The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
Page 9
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^ * £"**·-* f £ -* 1 »· t K, ·£ v^ THURSDAY, TMARCH 28^1918. THE DAILY/ COURIER,: CONNBf^LSVILLB;-PA PAGE NIKS. · CHAPTER Vr. : '-'' I . -- . ..' i - . . The Quest Begins. .. When O*Rel!ly had finished his second reading of th« letter-there -were ..fresh blots upon the pitifully nntidy pages. * "I -write nicely, only the ink.Is pooi^-" "There Is Hftle of onythlns 'here at Asenslo's-hofise^--" "It Is cnld .before the flnwn--" . .. . Poor little Bosa!. He had always thought of her as so proud, so hlKh-spirltcd, so playful, but another Ecsa had written" this letter. Her · appaal stirred - every chord of tenderness, every Impulse of chivalry in his impressionable Irish nature. "O God! Come qnickly, .H yon · love-me.TM He leaped to his feet; he dashed the .tears from his eyes. Johnnie's' preparatipns -were.. conducted with vigor and promptitude;' ·within two hours his.belongings were packed. He seizetl his hat and hns- tened downtown to the'office of ths Cuban Jcnta. · - ' "· A businesslike young nmn^ inqnired his errand. Johncie made blown sary.; otherwise when yon land In yon may have csnse, to- regret; it" Doctor Alvatado, a high,"type 1 of the Cuban professionaL'nmn, ;wa« expecting O'Keilly. He Us'tenetf.patiently to his caller's, somewhat breathless recital. " . *' "Yon do'Veil toa-rold -;the dttes where yott are known,*' he agreed. "Bat Just how to reach the iusurrectbs---" : "If you'd merely, give me a letter saying I'm.a friend--" The doctor-promptly negatived this suggestion. -"Surely-you don't think it can be clone lis easily as that?",'he inquired. "In. ^he first place, wherever yon land, you will'be watched and probably searched. ' Such a letter, if discovered, would not only end your chances, bat it would bring .certain disaster upon those to -whom: It was writ-, ten. ily two brothers, Tomes and Ignacio, reside in Cuba, and we all work for the cause of independence In our own ways. I am fortunately situated, bat they are surrounded by dangers, imid I mast ask you to be extremely snasiveness which lie could render almost irresistible -when he -willed. It was not long before lie gained admittance to the presence of Mr. Entltluez, a distinguished, scholarly Cuban of middle age. ; O'Beilly plunged boldly InM the ! "I shall do eiactly as yon say;' "Very well, then! Go to Neovltas, where Tomas lives--there is a steamer leaving in three or fonr days, and you can arrange · passage on her. He is a dentist. Meet him, somehow, and make yourself know by repeating this heart of the matter which had brought | Fentenca: 1 come from Felipe. He told him thither, When he had finished his ! me now Tm whipped him to keep him tale Mr. EhirJiiuez inquired: "But how do you expect me 1:0. help yon?" "I -want yoor.ndvice more than your help,, although yon might tell me where I can flnfl Coionel Lopez." Enriqnez eyed his caller keenly, j tion would be very well j n- I from going to the Ten Tears' war I' That will be enough; he -will n«t you who yon are and what you want You won't need to say anythlni mor No living soul, except Tomas and I, knows that he thrashed me, is true. Ho will understand from the message that I trust yon, and ho will help you to ^Su**.*^*., He Sat Silently While the Letter Was! Being Read.. ; derstand, we know little about what Is going on in Cuba--fvr less than the. possible. get back, and bring oie news of Tomas. yaw, adios, compadrev" "AdJos, eenor! I *m deeply gmte- fn! 1" CTRetlly hat! no difficulty in securing passage direct to Neovitas on the English stesmer Dunham Castle, and a few days later ha mw the Atlantic highlands dissolve Into tbe mists of a winter afternoon as tho ship headed out- word Into a nasty running sea. Cnba, whea It came fairly Into sight, .lay bathed In golden miublne, all warmth and welcome, lite a bride npon an arare couch. The moist breath from her fragrant shores swept over the steamer's decks and Johnnlo O'Reilly sniffed It Joyfully. Although there were but a few passengers on the Dunham Castle, thoy were subjected to.a long delay, during j which suspicions customs men searched ' their baggage and questioned ttetn. Finally, hoivever,.O'Rellly found himself free to go ashore. El Gran Hotel Enropea, Neuvitas' leading hostelry, belled its name. It was far ?rom large, and certainly it was anything but Earope«n except, perhaps, in Us proprietor's extravagant and un-American desire to please, at any cost. But it was the best hotel the place afforded, and Senor Carbajal [..was tbe most attentive of hosts. .1, He evinced an nnnsual Interest In j the affairs of his American guest, and 1 soon developed a habit of popping into the tatter's room at unexpected moments, ostensibly to sc« that all 'was ns it should be. When, for th» third time, he appeared without knotting, O'HeiHy suspected something. · . "Yon have everything, eh3" Mr. Car- Spaniards themselves. Tni afraid I- can't help you." '. "You don't take me for a spy, do you!" Johnnie asSedV with Sis friendly, p-in. bajal teetered -jpon the bolls of his feet while his email black -eyes roved Inquisitively. * . "Everything/In abundance." .: Tou are a pleasure traveler? Ton "Ah! Tou don't Icofc like one, but we never know whom to trust. This;jls beautiful." yonng lady In whom you are inter-;! 'Tm;not a tourist. Kited, who is sheJ" f health.B said O'Heilly. 3ee the sights,, is that it? Well, Cuba I travel for my "Her name IsiVarona; Miss Eosar 1 Varxraa.'' "So 2" Enrtoriez raised his; brows. 'Ton--. Health--!' Carbajal'S frame began to heave; his bulging abdomen oscillated ns if shaken- by spm«" hidden .hand. "Good!. : -Hh! ' There'* "Nat by any chance tlie heiress to that! jnott , ej . j oke t0 f von ... "I'm a stcS mon," O'Reilly insisted, ]i ow ]7. rv ou don ' t i ook sld£j . mnmD led Car-. . ,,, . ;, j^- 'WotJto the otter American. W" 1 ' °****in.encanr ., CHAPTER VII. famous Varona treasure?" "Exactly!--it there is such n thing. 1 Here! Head this. .1 want you to be-j Ueve mo." Eeverently tie laid Rosa's i letter before her co-jntryman. "I'm I not in the habit of showing my letters j to strangers, but--I guess that'll con-1 vince you I'm not a sjiy.!' i He s»t silently while the letter .was - ^.T^ "X^tanZ^ £ telng read; nor was h, dlsappdmted In Deviling my hotel. You'll see the result Mr. Enrlquez raised dark, j ,,,,,, J£ there, provided he hasn't compassionate eyes to Tus,. saying:!( , ome ^part-with. his coughing. -I be"This is.a-toudjlnj letter, air. I-i l e ve he. writes for newspapers. Well, thank you for allowing me to see It r i t is my p]ensnre to serTe ycn . C om- ^Ko. I don't floabt you now. Poor Cnba! j mall[ j mp ttt any nonr .» Mn Carbajal Her sons must be brave, her daughters : rosc re i uctant iy and went wheezing patient" · i downstairs to his grimy tables aud: the "Well! Tou understand why I must ! jiip, · . go quickly, and why I can't chanoe;de-, | lay by going either'to Slatanzas or to j ' Havana. I want to land ".somewhere j. · . - . -. . . . . .-. farther east, Md t want you to' help j The Man Who Would K.'now Ufa. 'roe to find Colonel Lopez. . . -. j Later that day,O'Heilly net. out-to, Mr. Enriguez -frown etl thQugatfully. i reconnqlter the city "of Neuvitas. He "What 1 just.told you it literally true," j -was followed, of co'm-se^-he''hid ex- be said at last. .; "We worfcln thB,onik f pictea as'much, and the.circumstances up here, and we don't know the; where- j amused rather than' alarmed him. ; . But auouts of oar troops.. But--I : have a i w hen .he: returned TO his hotel. amV thoaght" He erpused himself and left"! found that his room had been' visited the room. When, he returned he .ex- ! fluring his absence 'he felt a hint of plained: "I don't, have-to tell you that; uneasiness. Evidently, as Doctor Al- we are watched, all the-, time, and that ; vorado had forecast, the : anthbrlttes for ns to assist you openly'would be were - interested in him; and he had liable to defeat yocr.jinrpose. ; Bnt I | further evidence of the fact when he have just telephoned" t» a man 1 cao learned that tie room next .him was trust, and I have told jto your story, j occupies by the very man who bad He has relatives In Cubi and he agrees I shadowed Mm on the street. Inasmuch to help yon. if he can. His name Is j as the Intervening wall was no more · Alvarado." Writing an address upon j than a thin partition, thro-osh -which e card, he handed it to O'Reilly. "Go j his very breathing heard. So him, tell him what yco have told me, . Trhlle his every movement could doubt- nnd do as he directs. 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O'Rqtily complained to the proprietor of a toothache. -He declared that something had to be done at once, find Inquired thR name 'and address of the best locai dentist Mr. Carbajal named several, among them Dr. Tomas Aivarado, whereupon his guest hurried away, followed at a respectful distance by the- secret agent. Finding Doctor Alvarado's office was closed, as he had anticipated, O'Reilly proceeded to the doctor's residence. There was some delay when he rang the bell, but eventually the dentist himself appeared. O'Beilly recognized ;him from his resemblance to his brother. He addressed English. , : "I come from Felipe," he began. "He well remembers you whipped ,hlm to keep him from going to the Ten Tears' war." The-' languor of Doctor 'Alvarado's siesta vanished. He started, his eyes widened,' ";'..: '. .., _ "Who are yon?" he muttered. . "Mr: name is O'Keiliy. I am an American, a friend, so don't be alarmed.- The man 'yon see approaching i« following me, but he thinks I have come to you with a toothache^" "What do yon want?" "I want yerar help to Joining the in- TOrrectos."'. . ' ' By-thls.time the detective had come within earshot' linking.'an-effort-at self-possession, the dentist said: "Very well. I will meet yon at my office in a half-hour and see what can be done." -Then be bowed. O'Heilly raised his hat .and turned away. TO BE CONTINUED. HHiEIEF Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets . That is the joyful cry of thousands since Dr. Edwards produced 01;ve Tablets, the substitute for'calomel. Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for 17 years and calomel's old-time enemy, discovered the formula for Olive Tablets while treating-patients for chronic- con* stipation and torpid Hvers. . Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not ? contain calomel, but a healing, soothing '' vegetable laxative. 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