The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 32
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 32

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 32
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, j sv'i'rt . i. '" " ' 1 1 " . t. ' ' ?JS' ' Aiil SATURDAY, Aut.U8T 2 30 STHE OTTAWA JOURNAL SOt AUTOS Kit SAU (Cone from Pieeedtng comma i FRIVATE SALE, l.t DODGE 4-dnnr Ndan. rebuilt motor, new clutch, reliable traneportat I o a. Herbert's BA Service I 1 1 o a. , Spedtna at Wellington, phone 722-OUJ SACIUFICE TO BUY A HOME 143 Tor 4 Galax 300. low mlle-a. 41 ,440. 771-4471 SPORTS CAR. MO. MANY EX-trsa. 41.2S0 Ha la b an. 72-evenlnga USED ONLY MONTHS, 1M4 Chevrolet convtrtlbl. .000 mllM. fully eouipped. , AJJOO. 294-U4 VOLKSWAGEN VAN. 141. S75. excellent condition. Tao-ejuar, (tor 7 732 -30 VOLKSWAGEN 1M1. BOOD CON- dltlon. Call Rockland VOLKSWAGEN iedi,,Jttc-0I- dltlon. must Mil Jttfaal cut attar. 743-421. v VOLVO SPORT 044. . OWN-ar tranalamd: Ideal for raclnc enthusiast, new tlraa: IIJOO cash, no tarma. 745-22. eve- VOLVO 444. SPORT. 4 . SPEED transmission, sect balta. radio. At meehanleaUy. body excel- ' lent. K75. CE4-M14. WRECKINO S VOLKSWAGENS. riru lor aala. 77I-07U, altar . 1M4 FURY CONVERTIBLE. .00 mllee. Trade, to Cola das Nelges 14 CHEV. IMPALA S - DOOR . hardtop, fully equipped, 4.000 ' mllee. Private. S2S-41M 14 CHRYSLER SARATOGA Boat Oder. CU-7041 y 1M4 FORD SEDAN: IMS PON- tiaa S-door hardtop. IMS Rambler aedan: lM Butck - S-door hardtop. SI 15; ISM Iwn- ' tlac station wagon, f TO. u ' Laval St- Bull. 771-4474. 104 MORRIS COOPER "8". EX cellenl condition, turf Mua and wnite. aeat Delia, tecnore mi. Wlllard Duncan. SM Elisabeth Drive. Inquola, Ont. Phono 434- 4010. ISS3 IMPALA V-4 HARDTOP. - FuRy equipped. 722-0244- IMS P0HTlAC LAURENTIAN eadan. 10.00 miles.: M Com dee ' Nelges Road l 1M1 RAMBLER SEDAN. BEST . offer. S Chealer St, Hull. 771 177 1M3 FORD OALAXIE XL. 1-door hardtop, bucket aaau. Beit ' offer tor dutch aaie. iie-atia. WHOLESALE' TO THE PUBLIC 1 FULL 30-DAY ' ' . j WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS : RICHARD . AUTO SALES '452 FJdettl St 232-5791 MACK .;. TRUCKS MANUFACTURING COMPANY - : OF CANADA HAVE FULL STOCK OF PARTS FOR ALL GASOLINE AND DIESEL MACKS Service to AH Heavy Duty Truck. . . 255 ST. ANNE STREET. EASTV1EW 745-15154 CADILLAC CLEARANCE 'luxury r AT A LOW PRICE 164 CADILLAC Coup do . .. ViUt, Mr tquipped. I93 CADILLAC cotivsrtibls, : sharp, equipped. 1961 CADILLAC Sedsa do . VUls, lils bmnd new. HYDE LETT " AUTOMOBILES LTD. 475 BANK ST. 234-9525 ? " - ' MORE TO ' . - CHOOSE ; from' i ISM FORD Falrlana SOU, luto- IMS CHIVROtjrT e-dnor elation waaaav utovnstie. . whltewells. tin lutely ; Bke new tOOQC ' IMS MPTEOR S-door. atrtn. ' . aaatle. radle, whltewells. $1995 1M3 COMET Custom ' eedtn, erhlto with red and Week - mwrler. lew mtlesee. very f - $1795 1M PORD Tetrlana SM. Va. eunderd . Uensialeelon. whltowella.- tlAQC CANADA ' 'MOTOR SALES y';"(otu") U4. i " :; :? PAUl CARDINAL v vllmiterl laVJOWtllinftOB St. ntri3 " Austin-Rambler Delr 801 . AUTOS FM SHE (Coat, from Pracadins Column! IMS, FALCCN rUTURA. LOW mileage Sacrtflca. I1.7M. 72a- 407' 1MS TRI. VERY GOOD CONDI- tion. owner muat asU. 1M) CALAX1E. AUTOMATIC. . 11.500 mllee. custom radio, electric vtpera and washer, white-walla, aaal belle, immaculate. 10 months', .guarantee remains. 724-01 1 lau GALAXIE CONVERTIBLE, power equipped, perfect .condition SU-07S1 or 232-4441. Mr. Young, cash or tarma. IMS OLOSMOBILS. GUN METAL mi. automatic steertn. brakea. transmission, radio: excellent f condition. 442-004 7; 722-M20 j, altar . 1M1 -CHEVROLET IMPALA I-door hardtop, cyjjnder, euto--maltc with power steering, radio, whitewalla. wheel dices, ate. Only M.liO al United Car Market. 11. Bank Street. SIS-MS. IMS PONTIAC LAURENTIAN. S- door hardtop, pood aondlutm. 72-e50 after 4 IMS AUSTIN 130. IN NEW CAR conaiuon, uiiva win veot wvs. Full price S973. Private. S1V X63 IMS PONTIAC PARISIENNE 4-door hardtop, power eteertns and brakea. automatic excellent condition. SM Second Avenue CE4-M37. 101 CHEVY n. CONVERTIBLE, white - black top. red interior, IMS CHEVROLET. 4. STANDARD, eedan. radio, perfect condition. S1.SS3. SS1-7P04. . IMS PLYMOUTH SEDAN. SPOT-leaa condition, new Urea, private. e-ai3S. 1M1 COMET CUSTOM COACH. H T. MOO miles, spot lau. private. 137-032. CENTURY MOTORS , . 44 Oueatoae at Seat 111-4 144 I1S-177S NO DOWN PAYMENT. U41 CAOrLLAC FLEETWOOD. Every possible extra, I ewn- or. H7U 1M1 OLDSMOBILB HARDTOP. fu ly aawlred. 1 aas IM1 PONTIAC HARDTOP. lAUTO- msttc and radio, like new tl.TM. IM1 CHEVROLET, RADIO.. SPOT- leea. 4IJ45 tMl COMET DELUXE. AUTOMA-tic. paidect condition. 1.4J. 15 PONTIAC SEDAN, .EXCEL. ens transportation, aewa. MANY MORE Tp CHOOSE FROM SACRIFICE AT fee LEAVING CITY, MUST SELL il 05 Vauxhall In top condition. IBeat offer takes ear. S35-S0S. CLEA BANCS SALB SALB Cars Better Used ll4Ramhler eutlon waaoa. Bjaw.. IMS Chevrolet lmpala aonvertlble 3 ajs. i IMS Renauel Oordml. 7S. 1M1 Voikswaxen. MS. leaf iwim at aaa. 1M Ford. MM. 15 Pontiae, MM 15 Chevrolet. MM. 15 Dodse. MM. 15 Plvmouth. S5M. 154 PonUec. SIM. 1ol diseount for eastl. MARQUIS AUTOMOBILES LTD., Ml Wetlut(toa. S33-75S4 BACK TO ICBOOL SPECIAL Need TraaaaartattoaT Cease Seat 13 VOLKSWAGEN COACH.. Ins eimdltlnn: 15 HILLMAN SEDAN. A RIAL MMUXHALI. SEDAN, SUPER IS5S PONTIAC S-DOOB COACH. A dreamboat: 4 15 STUDEBAKEH CHAMPION. aedan, excellent; SS DOWN, M A WEEK. GENERAL UTILITY SALES. M7 RICHMOND ROAD. 7M-SM7. 1961 SPRITE Top condltton. $750 Manotick Motors Sport Car Specialist Lotus: Austin Hseley. MO, . Morns, Auattn Dealer ' ' HIGHWAY 16 825-2585 Rate Qifleo ''Open Eveamga Tueeday and Tkaraday Itattl f-m. MYERS , AUGUST , ' ALL UNITS REDUCED - . ... v '. ' 1961 CHEVROLET . ' . . DsJiixb 2-Door Sedsa a Hester, power steering. pol traction. Wss ClalQ 11.675. NOW . jf MYERS ' . ELGIN it CATHERINE 233-553 23M411 THE HOME OF v ''QOODWILL' USED CARS5 IMS MRRCtTRY MoateTey sedan. AT, H. PS. PB. ... Turnpike rear window. -$2895 1M3 PONTIAC atatton wagnat. - AT and redle. fully re. cnndliiimH Seduced MOO. ow. $1895 15 PONTIAC Strste Chief S-doer. rally reconditioned. $1095 JIMTUBMAH MOTORS LIMITED ' Peattaa. Rerlcfe. Aeadlaa. 'i -; Yauxllall and CMC TraakJ -. 1 1770 BANK STREET t AlU VlU 733-4050 AUTOS FOt SALE from Preceding Column) 1M1 CUSTOM VOLKSWAGEN. SS.0O0 miles, excellent condition. saw. 225-4441 eventnaa. , 1M1 ENVOY STATION WAGON. 14 ooo original miles, one owner. Will accept trade 723-U1. AUSTIN HEALEY MM t eell. 334-W-s Cumberland. 1MI OLDSMOBILB. 4-D O O B hardtop, low miles ce, terms arranged,, bank Inureat. 7U-M71. 1MI FALCON DELUXE. AUTO- matsr. radio. eaceUent condllton. 7ll-a741. - , 1MI CORVAIR. METALUC BLUE. 4-door, fully equipped. Immacu- Ute. I to . M1-0M1, evenlnga j-ia-eaH. 1MI CITROEN. RECONDITIONED RU engine, excellent buy. Trade-in considered 735-443 1MI PORSCHE. MUST SELL, i leaving country to study. Best offer. 444-5450 1MI PONTIAC LAURINTIA.N 8E- oan. automatic a. very well cared lot. Black with red upbole-atery. 35.000 miiea. 751-5541. 1M1 ANGLIA. GOOD CONDITION. none 730-giM after 0. IM HILLMAN RANCH WAGON. excellent condition, 2-lone. 74a-M4S. 1M0 PONTIAC STATION WAOON. a cylinder, automauc, radio. !.- 450. 733-0105. PONTIAC SPORTS. HARD- top. excellent condition, S3. 000 miles: never 733-4351. . winter driven 1M0 DESOTO. 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Immaculate. 41.750. 725-7130. 1M0 SPORTS PRINZ. SI. 000 mllee. A-l condition, sticks shift, bucket seats, radio, windshield washer, etc. 750. . 72S-XM7. 1SMT VAUXHALL DELUXE. NO rust, radio, heater, snow tires. M50. CES-74M. 1M0 SIMCA SEDAN. OOOD CON diuon, 1S RlddeU Avenue after a. IM0 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN aedan, radio, heater, new point. xi-iaag, evenmgs. 1M0 CONSUL SEDAN. WHITE wilh aaalehJns tntarlar. very economical. Can Snanc for f 1 monthly. 733-4514 140 OLDSMOBJLE, POWER steeling, power brakea. My. Hop- pin. 73-ji?i. 1M0 FORD S-DOOR. S CYLINDER. 4700 Doug a faao station. Elgin and Nepean. 15 RENAULT. GOOD CON Di llon, sacrifice. 4 "a or nasi offer. 744-5514. 15 METEOR . STANDARD good condition, radio, snow area. aoae. Txa-eaea. IM FORD FAIRLANE. S CYUN-, dev. goad aaexnaaical enndinon ' T3-4M. 1M FORD. V-4. AUTOMATIC. red la. very good eeaeitlea. leaving country. Beet edfer. 7i 15 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI -tioa. xje-27ia. E-104.A 1962 OLDSMOBILE U " .. ' . 4-Door Hardtop ; Power steering, power brakea ;.;,.$2595 CAPITAL DODGE CHRYSLER LTD. 1554 CARUN0 AVE. T29-3I16 I9S3 PLYMOUTH . Belvedere .; ey Under, aatomatle. metallic green, matching tarterior $2195 PARKWAY Chrysler, Plymouth 1047 RICHMOND ROAD 729-5121 729-5121 BIG SPECIAL ; , FROM ; THE BIG DEALER 1959 CHEVROLET lmpala 2-Door Hardtop Automatic .' trans mission, radio, classic 2-ton blue fia-bh, sbsolutely in beautiful conditlpa, 1 careful owner. . AUTOMOBILES LIMITED Tour Chevrolet, Carve I r. OMamobllo. Envoy and Chevrolet Truck Daoler 4M MONTREAL R'kAD, OTTAWA Evenlnga Ttt-eOta, 74-l41 "HAVE YOU HEARD THE LATEST ?: RAMBLER , . - 1S.; Back Home Again r . . i . , fi 4s . f at. ; WAVERLEY ;: MOTORS UMTTEO; ..-iv-V" ; . ;-v,-.V ,v. .. 180 DR1VEWAY AT THE QUEENWAY ; 1 Ml (Cont. BELISLE BEL1SLE V-.V M y- i f ---,e ' ; ."say, cheese Prime. Minister L. B. Pearson Is shown above re-celving a five pound mature Canadian Cheddar cheese from J. M. Hartwick. president of the National Dairy . Council of Canada. The Centennial of the first com.. mercial cheese manufactured in Canada will be com-, memorated on Aug. 22 with the unveiling of a cairn at Norwich, Ont, at the site of th original factory. 80! AUTOS FM SALE (Cont- tree Preceding Column! 15 METEOR S-DOOR HARO-top V-4, automatic, custom radio, apotleaa eendltlon. WIU arrange - aaaneinc througi tne bank. Lew monthly payment. TS3- )(S( VAUXHALL CREST A. CYL-inder. 1 owner, good c o n d it km. 0445. 72S-H4U , 1S FORD P AtRLAItE ' M0. . 3-door hardtop, equipped. TU-1477. 13 CHEVROLET STATION wagon, standard S. good condition, SSU. 7te-5l0 !M OALAXIE SEDAN. AUTO-matlc. 4. wbllewalla. 400. 7J-' ' 4177. ISt CHEVROLET BEL AIR hardtop, silver tone blue, one owner 434-M41. tSS CHEVROLET SEDAN. Excellent condition throughout WUI accept trade or Snance at SM monthly. 7XJ-0317 1454 DODGE. EXCELLENT CON- ditmn. 7Z-4ag. 193 BCICK. GOOD RUNNINO conaiuon. new ww, nws. - 13 RAMBLER SUPER. 4-DOOR. lay beck seats, good motor. 7U-S37. 13 CHEVROLET BISCAYNEj standard S. S-door, extras, aaoe. U4-i4 IS FORD FAIRLANR STAN-dard 4. good condition, sheep. 711-712. ISM BTUDEBAKIR. AUTOMA-tic: SS30. Call between a-7 pas Tn-4SI. 1M PORD. RADIO. STANDARD eblft. bast offer. m-SMl. (TUDBNT. BACK TO SCHOOL! 130 CHEVROLET. CYLINDER, automatic, radio, perfect condition. Must be aeon, s a e r tOce. 4473. 434-440 IMPERIAL 1MI 4-DOOR HARDTOP. P 0 L tY equipped. aU white, M 004 eci- final miles, second car, will I nance self, beet offer; private, 734-4142 for appointment. IftiS OLDSMOBILB SUPER M, power steering ana o raxes, ex cellent condition. 13 KARMANN ' OH1A, awnar 311 0O0 haneet mile ONE first class condition. 134-Q4M. I3T RAMBLER CLASSIC. VERY Soony 4lo. Tea-gate, '"J.. - its WelHagmn 714-141. tta-lU - IM4 CHEVROLET SEDAN: ISM Cadlllaa Coe.De Hard loo: 1PM Pentla Hardtop: 1M4 Valiant . aedan; IM4 Chrysler aedan; ISO Chevrolet coach. IMS CORVAIR COACH: IMS RAM bier station wagon: 1M conanl coach; iaj Chevrolet Ibhu IMS Pen slaa eedan. 10 CORVAIR COACH; IMS Volkswaean coach: list Rambler eedan; IMS Chevrolet aedan; IMS rerd ceiaxie so s door hard. top: IMS Chevrolet sedan: IMS ' Renault Caravelle asorta coupe IM1 VALIANT SEDAN; IMI FIAT coach: imi Chevrolet sedan. 1M OLDSMOBILB SUPER SS. S- door hard tap; im Austin aedan: 10 Chevrolet coach; IM Chevrolet sedan: IMS Chevrolet station wagon; lead VaaxhsU aedan: IMS Volkswagen coach: leaa 10 stuisha station waxen. 1M VAUXHALL, SEDAN: 15 Poertlae aadenl tM Chevrolet hardtop: 1SSS ' 1963 ACADIAN J, Beaumont Hardtop Coupe S cylinder and automatic txana-miielnn. whltewalls. ateel dlsea -and ataxy ether extrea. finished in aerina oream with SIS-... ...... $2350 TURPIN x PONTIAC, BUICK LTD. " ' 424 Richmond Road 729-1901 ' YOU TRADE FOR LESS AT JIM BROWN'S Ottawa Motor Sales IMS FAMOUS FORD Bconollno van. top condition. Arctic ST $1395 1 FRONTENAC eedan. autn-melle tranemleslAn, radw, V. whltewella, blue cedar. r- $1045 IM KAafir pamm hnk, tmc in . Wrltr, dVt2-tM frvtm w YOUR FORD DEALER ' 1850 BANK SL. .V'. v (lt Wslkler Bond) , ' ' 733-6931 TZ r-.iii. ''It an SOI i AOTOf fOI SALE (Cont. from Preceding Column) 137 BEL AIR CHEVROLET. IM maculate condition. Will accept all monthly. 7aS-al7. 131 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI-tun. 743-143. 137 VOLKSWAGEN. EXCELLENT for student, 437 or beet offer. J7 3-42 14. 137 DODGE CUSTOM . ROYAL S-door hardtop, automatic, good condition, bjoo. or nest otter. CE-M3. 137 RAMBLER - STATION radio. 2O0. 7Z-34i. 137 VOLKSWAGEN. GOOD eondlUon. MS or beat offer. 04317. 13 DODGE STATION WAGON, good runner, rough body. 4100. enow ttrea Included 424-2202. ISM VOLKSWAGEN. FEKFECT condition. Ashing 4431. T40-0I7O. 154 FORD WAGON. BEST offer, caah only. 234-2201. 13 VOLKSWAGEN. GOOD CON-dttton. good Uree, Phono 722- 77. 7 : 134 PLYMOUTH SEDAN. GOOD runnlni condition. 724-132 Beet offer. 13 PONTIAC. I CYLINDER: automatic. Immaculate condition throughout. Beat offer. Apply 42 McArthur. 16 TRIUMPH TH . VERY GOOD condition, wire wheel. S471. 713-212 . ton FONTIAC SEDAN. RADIO. excellent condition. S2S. 72- 441. 13 - FORD V-4). STANDARD LU 722-213. 10S CHEVROLET. GOOD RUN- 720-4004. IMS CHEVROLET BEL.AIR. GOOD cnndiuon. eronomicel. 4123. 722-4000. 133 DODGE COACH, TOP CON- ditlan, 413. 725-4223. 133 PORD CUSTOML1NE IN good repair, OK as runabout 4200 or beet otter. 722-001 alter 1(3 PONTIAC COACH. LICENCE. bargain. Txx-oano otter e. 1SS ' CHRYSLE LER Wl luWgood. OLEtr atXI WINDSOR. snocor ana 11. IMS CHEVROLEr atXRDTOP. S- door. radio, gooe eonamnw e- 13S PLYMOUTH, 7S. OOOD running condition. 7n-0O7. IMS CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI-tlon, beat offer. Ua-ISM 131 CHEVROLET, VERY GOOD conoitton. many eun SIM. 234-4113, 13 CHCVROIXT, RUNNING OR- aja. Tja eeeu. IMS FORD CONVBRTTBLB FULLY TtQUIPPED, PERFECT condition, aiao. txo ee uu ?; U3-2312. evenings. CONVERTIBLE mmic aiaimtmn CON- vertioie. tuny condition. Must be eoM. Can ar- . BCONOM CAB UHtt AUSTIN 4B0. aW.OW mil.aa. atisat no eww. n --- ARCHIB StcAONALB SM Laartet Avenue WV' ' 134-41 21 -" . u. nirnnuT CONYtRT- Ibloi IPM Volkswsgen: IMJ ti .idsitiird Cenvertihte:: lI - ----- atarfara. S-deor hard, sm- leaa teonaa eonveitlble: . IMS FeJeoat eonvertmle; 143 Chevrolet ouper sport eonvert-Ibtos IM Chevrolet lmpala. S-awor hard toe: ia Sumheaa Al- . pin convertible; IMI Pore Lki.. leaa Ford 04 laan Faletm automatic: 13 r-i s.i.llt t door . hard' top; IBM Plymoum coach; 13 ulck 4-door hardtop; 147 Meteor. LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. $795 IS THE PRICE OF THIS 1961 Volkswoqen DELUXE COA With radio, flnUtied la attractive shadow grey metallic and (s a food clean car This win make an Meal 2nd - car, r AT CABELDU'S Tour Authorized BnlckJ Pontlac Acadian, Vaiixhall and CMC Truck Dealer , . . - .... ... i . ALBERT at BANK 23S4371 Ml I0T0S WWTO ALL MAKrS OP LATE MODFL ueed ears wanted, pay oaan or . trade vp ar down. C o a t r y Motor 44 Olsdetone at Kesri. SU-I77S. i BAVR -SS - VI - f ' CKEV- pontissa. rorws, vetxi would nxe I Molar, SIS Bldeen St. IMMEDIATE CAM FOR ANY make ar model la perfsul oeaeU. af vragena. Consul. exchange Par 14 ana pay Maurtfe haaoae. . LET MB SELL YOUR CAB FOR PM. -I have the time, place. experience and can arrange o financial rraneeetMa: Calf Joe Marejuta S22-7M4. 102 iinwwura (Cont. from Preceding Column I NaUCD CASHt HIGH PAYMENT? Archie McDonald wiU buy your . car for top cash price or trade down, for eheaaer ear and cash and part credit an car at later eate. Archie McDonald, l Laurter West. 14-4711. PRIVATELY OWNED CARS. PER-;fect condition. Cash. 124-2144. 04.510. PRIVATELY OWNED AUTO- oerfec cash. PA-U30. WE BUY CLEAN CHEVROLET -and Pontiles, pay top cash prices or trade down at Dominion Automobiles 144 Carting Ave nue. 7M 230?. WE BUY LATE MODEL GM AND Ford products 724-4134. WILL SELL YOUR CAR ON CON-slanment for top price. 720-M71 PALMBB'S AUTO WBBCREBS CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED for wrecking, taa-iolt. Albion 103 niKD AMD TUUKS CHEVROLET HALF-TON PICK-UP, mechanically sound, cheap. PAS- FUEL OIL TANK TRUCK. 13 GMC. new motor. S compartments. 1.230 gallon. S3S-S923- - IHC 140 GALLON TANKER. ME-chanleelly A-l. lleencedu n 1 1 1 January. M.OOO. S2S-30IS or 712- 972. xeo Rtcnitaana noed. NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES. Large atock on hand, rec tory distributors for Bluebird Bus Co . Brsnlford. Ont. See us before you buy. Shepherd Mo- tora.- Alexandria.. Fttono tt. NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES. Elliott Motors (Belleville! Ltd Belleville, ont. phone wuptHt TRUCKS. PICK-UPS. ALL KINDS and manes, call axen hey Motor Salee, KampMlla. USED SCHOOL BUSES JUST RX- celved IMS CMC. 4 nsssearsr: IMS OMC M psmsngsr. Both ttka naw. 21.000 actual mile age. Shepherd drl. Phonf T7 13 DODGE '4 -TON PANEL. completely reconditioned, new paint, beet ofler., Apply 43s Mo-Arthur. M INTERNATIONAL H-TON pick-up, fair condition- g2 3-117 (2V EXCELLENT. IMI AUSTIN van. dsyume, M4 Llasar. - KEN SEYMOUR ; : MOTORS KEMPTVILLE, ONTARIO 258-235 J58-3020 SPECIAL ON. , DEMONSTRATORS 1M4 OLDSMOBILB - 4-door hardtop, power brakea, power eteerlng. white walla. tin led glees. HI-FI ex- tree. 7,00 . M5. SPECIAL $3895 IM INTERNATIONAL i.-taa pickup, vs. custom radio, all extras. a,o miles. StttSr $2495 lt METEOR Custom aedan. power eteerlng. power . brakes, radio, V rxcel. condition $1795 ISSS FORD P-TOS, oomplet with Ixli aVrentfor dump unit, new truck condition. LI at new -0-,..$4995 IMS FORD H-va' ey Under pMnpJona box. 23 ooo 1 new truck '$1495 IMS INTERNATIONAL t,-ton . , pickup, 17.000 mllee. Uke - $1395 less nrrcRNATioNAL cab . - and chaaels. 17" WW, SOS ' esglns. 14.000 pound rear - axle, good 00x10 Urea. coanpleUly tlQCI . reconditioned l"t'J ltd mercury M-eoe, 154" ws,-a $395 ISM DODGE S-tea cab ami dunk. VS engine. S- - tlraa. A real hue at ; $895 ISSS FORD F-toe with lull ..'25? "V $795 SERVICE STATION SPECIAL WILLYS Jeep, complete with eab and plow, excel 4-7QC lent eoadtttou .... Eastern Ontario' Large Intamational Dealer. THIS WEEK'S " J' -' SPECIALS'1. ;' 4 HI VALUE :: USED TRUCKS ISfM INTntNATIONAL ttlaS -,SLT.;-.$400 isae step x:$200 ; T7arff aMeyelav PANELS AND f ICKUPS . IMS MERCURY panel Econo-11 no. SI J7S. Mew reduced IIWl BrfVOCy $1200 TRACTORS " leas irrvERNA CisOfYi -y TIOHALS RSSSi'Www 1MB tTTTERNATlONAL' VMS. $5000 ' BOTTLER BODIES 1MT nrTaTRJtA' t Qnfl TIONALA11 TW 19T jrTEVROLET i $400 .INTERNATIONAL--HARVESTER Company nf Canada . 515 INDUSTRIAL AVE. ' OPEN EVOtV AMD BAT. - 731-3201 : 105 Koiosai BYLBS AND CO. ' era act awn nxnvTra woit- da, BSA. and Harler-DevkJene '- mototeycioa; also veepa eno HSU ooooter. SOI anal Sol Ban Street. SM-M1I. - AIR PIONEER LONDON Cormercie air 4 orvtce tram ber to Parts was htaunirated ta till. I LEGAL BANKRUPTCY SALE IN TRI -MATTES of the Bank rapier el LLOYD M A B T I N YOUNO, trading under the style name of Young a aeweiers, ec the Ten el Beafrow, In the Province al Ontario. FOR SALE IY TENDER . Sealed tender will be received by the undersigned trustee until S pm Monday, the of August. lM, for th following assets: I Stack consisting mainly of Jewellery, ehlnaware .and gtftware. valued at approximately. 410.4O0. retail value; u t. Seven showcases, (late shelving. 1 air conditioner, 1 filing cabinet. 1 steel dean, S chalra and other llama. I i. Assets may be seen hy appoint ment with the undersigned. Tender must be sealed and' clearly tender re: Young and must bo accompanied bp a certified cheque payable, to the trus tee, for 10 of the amount of the The highest or any ten ant necessarily accepted. DONALD -A MacLEOD, C A. Trustee. MacLeod. Comrta At Co, Chartered Accountant!. Si O Connor street. Ottawa. CITY OF OTTAWA PROPERTY DEPARTMENT AI.TKattOM TO BY-WARB MARKET BUILOINO MABKET (QUARK. OTTAWA Sealed Tender sddreeeed to th Chairman and Members of the Board of Control wfclt be received by the Secretary of the Board of Control. City Hall. 111 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, up to a 20 am. (Eastern , Day light Saving Timet. TUESDAY, Find SEPTEMBER, for the alteratlone to th By- Ward Market Building Plans, soecinc none, information and Forma of Tender may be obtained AFTER TUESDAY. SSth AUGUST. 1PM. from the otltoo of CO-OROINATOR OF PURCHASING. ' CITY HALL. ROOM BOS. Ill SUSSEX DRIVE, OTTAWA. , The Co roo rattan does not bind ttaelf to accept the loweet or any . j i. mHImUt If nnlv one Tender Is received, the Cor poration tcssrvss ine ngm reject It ; - A. a. Bssisi. City Clerk. OTTAWA, . August II, leee. . , NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND UlliEKS . s. eh 4t.Ufe ap PRANCES MARY LIOKs, or tne vew en wwa. In the Canary of Cnrletotk Narse. Darensed. All perenna having eiauno agamm the EaUto of the shove named - - uta ex- the City of Ot tawa. In the County of Carle loo. who died en the 24th day of June, laaa eve ranulred In file Broad of same wh the nnneraignee befora tn a in nay m etywrniwi, na. After that data the Betel will be distributed having regard only to the claims of which the undersigned shall then have had notice. dated at Ottawa tnie ta sy of August. 144.. , O0ABANTT TRldT COMPANY .- Or CAN A DA EXECUTOR -: t IM Bank Street, ' ' ' OTTAWA. OBtar. By DEVINE and MeGOVERN, 4 Rkteeu axraet. Ottawa. II Sotlcttara. TREASURER'S SALE OF LAND FOR TAXES CITY Or OTTrfWA Puhlh) nedte. hi hereby , that the liet ofllanda an lb City 4 - Otum tar I aala ot arreera of taxaa. and rates and chargee ? systole as taxes sxHnputen va ine let day of December. IMS. has been prepared: that copies thereof may be had at my off loo to the City Han and that the arid liet ha been pubrkmed tn the Ontario Caaetle on the let dey at August, 14 and that 4 defeuit o pay- nt of the aald taxes and rates end chargee payabla as taxe and coat, the aald land will be eold h. wubiia , auction, at ine km Hall. Ill Sueeex Brtve. Hi the City of Ottawa, on Wednesday the 4th of November. 104 at the hour of ten-Uurly o'clock ln the loro- j. n. lowthxrY VOwWeWla7t3fea Of City NOTICE TO CREDI "boi US oT JOHN BIN- SON MONTOOnui, an nerenna having ng claurat Maie she, WMmlm nf John Robin son Montgoavery. ut nf the City 34 Ottawa, n tne t-owiiy OT t-arie-ton. who nerd on or about June S. leea. are reauuwa va me wreo of some with the nnderalgned en before the ina eg September. 1044. After that date tne hetaie urtit he distributed having regard only tn the claim of which .the Executor snail tne nava (JIM DATES at Ottawa lhl IrUi day Of August, tea.. - MOntraaj truss uompeny, bv Its SbHrltor. herein, . HEWITT. HEWITT and . , NESBITT, . IS Albert Street, , OTTAWA. Ontario. TENDERS . I' Sealed tender erflt he roretved by the undersigned untU S o'clock m, Thunder. September S, last, tor the construction of 0 four- 10m and general purpose addition to RCjVS. No, , atsnaan. Crystal Beach. Ontario. General Can tract ore only may obtain plan and eventf teat Ion from Roger intueuit. areniiect. aos Kendall Avenue. Eestvtew. on- tarto. upon deposit of tioo 00 to be relmbureed when documents ar returned m goon cmsn i o n with In one week following data nf tenders. . All sub-con treetore mutt enter copy of their tender at Area i. act-e offb-e not later than o'clock am. fsentember S. 104. ,Loweat or any tanner not oarlly accepted. llBeveiened. MOOER THIRAULT. Architect '. S01 Kendall Avenue, - EA8TVIEW. Ontario. CTTY Of OTTAWA . DtkaTfjitrt W PUaning - . aavd Works ; ; ARLINGTON AVENUE ' RELOCATION Sealed venders aifKtsesid to the Chairman and Member of the Board of Control will be receieed Drive, Ottawe Ontario,, up to 1J0 p.m. laayiignt asvmg timet. Far the retoention of Arlington Avenue from Boom Olreet nc?haBter Street. Bpeeif leatlon, mfntrnatmn and Fojin of Tender map be obtained on application toy th Design Branch, 1th Floor, Department of Planning and Work. City Mall, Sueeek Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. ItM Corporation dee not b itself to accept the rowoet or any lender end la particular U only one tender aj received tne city 01 e th rignt to reject it. A. T. WASTRY, -- Gabiqs Says Truth Not Out THREE RIVERS, Que. (CP) Yves Gabias. suspended Unfon Natlonale member of the Quebec Ugiriatur TOf Three Rivers, said Friday at a pre conference that he will be tuck in hi seat in the leiislature by th next session. -J UrI precedent give nun confidence that he can reverse a House decision impending him for three years, he said. The opposition member added that the whole truth Jiad not come out in a legislative committee' investigation of a bribery acciliation he brought against Attorney-General Rene Hamel. His failure to prove the accusation was the reason for his suspension. ' Other members hsve been utpended from the Quebec House for. breach ol grivu'eges he said, but none has been puniihed with suspension longer than 30 days. He will explain his case to his colleagues in the assembly,' he said, and if they accept his explanation, he will .undertake court proceedings to reclaim his eat Mr. Gabias wss scheduled to address a public meeting here rriday night - . Bank Robbery Suspect Losing Sight, Speech TORONTO (CP) Ronald Hobday, 33, shot in the head by a policeman during an attempted holdup of a Toronto bank last Friday, has lost the' sight of ont eye, will probably go blind in the otner and has almost lost the power ot sneech, 'hospital officials said Friday, . H is In Sf Michsel's Hospital where he bat undergone two operations since being admitted after the shooting. He fsces a charge of attempted robbery. His brother, Russell, 24, was' sentenced Thursday to 12 years In penitentiary for attempted bank robbery. He was also sentenced to three year concurrent for possessing a sawed-off shotgun. Indonesian IIIIIUIWI3 t. . 7 Killed in Clash KUALA LUMPUR (Reuteni Malayiian security forces killed four Indonesian "infll- trators"-and wounded several more in an engagement shortly . before noon Friday, a Deftmca Ministry spokesman said. , . One member of the security forces was kiUed in the clash'. in the Pontian area of south- west Malaya where Voatloads of Infiltrators landed Monday. Seven of the infiltrators, officially estimated to number 40. have now been killed. SUteen were captured by Tuesday, and more Thursday arid Friday, Report UK Not Planning More UN Aid a LONDON flteutar ) The Brltih - Government has' no plans at present for giving more money to finance the United Nation peace force In Cyprus, wen inrormea sources said here Friday. .'.-.! . UN SecreUrr - General j Thant " said Friday, that, the peace force might have to be witnorawn prematurely If more funds . were not forthcomina for its, operation. The United Nations Is 12.. 000,000 short of the estimated requirement of 112.730.000 for the six-month period ending Sept 26. CITY OP OTTAWA . DrrtJihwtt of rnatmtng and Wfjrkl PAVEMENT AND CURBS Sealed lenders -"runs to the r - -www win no re ir.lU Secretary, City Hall, i "rtv. Ottawa. OnUrlo up to 2X0 PJV' 'oayitgnt saving timet. TUESoA't SEPTEMBER!, IMS .S r. C"",r -! PavemVnl nd Curb on Randall Avenue, etc AitVT-VrS - .LlotrinJ'T InAvV- "- toSiTRisiwCr "r-.-.- Bernard St. tram Oueen Mary t. to Prince Alhert L .t'p'A.'.r-' to'.!ir,lc4"T44?m A Fulien Ave from S-L let 1441 to S-L lota Sit and lose ,w BpeeKlcutton-information s a 4 Forma of Tender may be obUlaed on appiicauoir to the Bnedwoy Branch. 7th Ftonr. Department nf Planning and WorlCltVlTiU Sussex Drive, Ottawe, Ontario. The Corporation doe not bind flertf in accept the lowest or eny tender and in particular ef only one tender I recelvee the Clip reeervee the right, to ralectj1 M. v X r t.ny sjtern. T - "A. at a i i A fWjfc ifr t et a.n at d. fc.sXah 4, m .A

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