The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

: . THE :: O^^GbtJRrRJR,; CGNNEL^TObl^; "PA. THURSDAY, MARCH 28,191 PRINCETON STAR, A "flREUR D'EUTE" IN;FRANCE ij~- 2' "Dam T»BWC TnaJ-H-wkat tt«j. rail Mentenant B»ker of tbe United State* army arlatlcra sectKurrsrrer In France; "Hobey^Baker. arbe Is known ta fte sporttnr world, fonucdiy the captain and «tar ofrthe Princeton football aad hock«r tinacrMo oo»-wbo remembers Hob*r'«rtne srtdlron or on .the lee or nil wwluAU nerve *nd eye will be surprised to hear that his shooting wm«- the. wmrt» a( M« Inatjagtora and that. hl» averate was declared to be " It exrjlalni tb* prtmlncnce to which the one-ttme Princetonlan baa already (trained In SThVUon anil w^r be Is the first American flier operating under the Bran and Stripe* -to- bring derm an. opponent In a flfbt in the air. Only two Pnltii«r-8tai«ir aviators have" so far been bnretted from the h%lx»t Kboolc ot-ja«PCT.~ The two.-wfao "are iradn«b» "pHoo de chasn" tram Arord. Fm ^and Cttsav, are. "H5b*yCBak«i anVl JHwln Port, Jr., of Mew Tor* city. Ot-tb** tw"o Uleotenanr Baker 'made'"tii" better ·tooting ·vwcmoi and Ututmaut lS«t the better flying performance. OFTRAPSH03TERS Bandmatter Soosa Becomes Good Shoi tart Fred Gilbert te No Drummer. DESIRED TO BE A HUSICUC CpMt Ljto tatnr Conxt Bntd' 9011 Laitrlng, for Someone to Beat Big Rata I)rom--Wherti "M»rT ' . Many are tbe tales told among trnp- ahooters abont members of. the clan .and tbebr dolriSs. Two of fl» stories that hsrre gone tbe-jonada-uf tfac trap fraternity · John and TretV aiitJE-t, thy profmakpnal trapahot,".a« ^friends of jrajf;.atancr berfs honor*. trtd of; his- firstiinieetln; with *Wi^ai^_Jrieproposaifljat.Qn- prgeoos, torjstnm for-jrblch rnstrnc- llOD, Sonsa wax to- tesjtx .Oubert the iPQSt atnnwid way to tiiay a bass .dmna. · 'A* tb» nruslc maater tola It Trtti" bad confided bis jreat-_amMtion to te;. coroe tibe^basB7 drmrofr of .the .8Qxer*. ; Cornet Band of Spirit lake, la, bis home town, while,.on tbe other.hand, 8oma told Gflbertr that since he was known smoDt; .traoibooteis as af nj«- H*»". b* was cVatiuus of n**artg a ·emtadon. among mostdaca as a trap- nan _of tbe "missionaries," and prefaced his explanation of tbe sport witii a^few weU^cbosen words. In 'which bo paid tribute to tbe particular dry ui which .tb* demoostratloo was held. -· We nre told that among tbe thlrurji be mid was: "It Is wltb peculiar pleasure that l.come here to ; a placs so lnrJinate];r associated wttb my earlj clays, for It was In the Uttlc red school hrase orer yoDder (there Is always A little B. S.--^er yonder In erery section) that I learned my a. b, c 1 "." ·Thla. neat- Itttle "tnJT" InrariaWy made a hit. and was aired liberal space In me:.:newspapers of the towns mt- ,tH..ttte' editor*--tbrtmfh an exchan|.« :---atseorered that "TTom" had'lean':d bis ·'a, b, c-«- at least 25 tbaes In i* many different places. .._ltJa:naetDes.1. ro soy; tHit:tbere«ftr Csptain Marp' 'I never made reference to his eui iy education. MIDDLE DISTANCE RUNNER FILES CUIMTOR HIS PAY ; : ThertBm* were aee«ptw5 byboth the party of the first part and the .party at ike second p»rt,_ aod iustrnc- . ' tton tM0Mo.. .Bowwer, ~ according to . ani»a, whDe OObert qcnckry mastered hav Bcrrec'snecMdeffln prdgzeMlziirfo tte bumpery, boom, boom.atireV.3uid the 8. R CTof SptHt I«ke stffl needs Sowa's HgS scow* at tbe tnfMpar toMf~ to rSe"(reat " musician" "a» Ik pnpll. and 'WJlls" CHIbert-a* so m- Ike IKK/' of this narrr.trws !· Too orapabooflnir team ret«rii«d_ from -Bnjiand, after kcriac defeated the bfiit'dboottttf tsJ- «ot of the Brtttii IslMdCaptaln Ibr- *mO. with Mnnl of -Us ·teanimatea, toured · nonbVof state* atriag' ex- MWtloM Mt Aoodncsknt. In am ef- fcrt to'pctpalartoe trapafiooiln* Captata -Marsfcan acted as spok«h MelTflle W. fiheppard, the middle^ (ILstmce rboner, has filed a claim for MB pay aa^ a prirate wltb the war de- partment. In the Slity- ; alnth Infantry, New Tork National Guard, between September 22. and December 12, 1010. Official'records' show/"that .while the. r'egiment was .'.at 'McAUen, 3?exv, Shep- par'd was ordered furlougbed to the-re-- ^rve.- He 'contends, "however, that, tbe order was not pat Into effect, and that -he'was Kept with" Us command until December 12.'" .'-'·'- Amnerst college. baiieball Bchedole calls for 15 fames. · · . ' . ' .-. · · ' * · The United States Golf association consists of 450 clubs. : · · · * Yale is to ha?o a formal varsity baso- ball team the coming season, · · · -.. Washington and Lee unlyersltles will not play Intercollegiate baseball. · . * * * Amando Uarsana, Ciiban outfielder, expects "a banner season this year. · · * There will be no rurally nine at the University oC Pittsburgh this spring. · * · Lefty George, who used to pitch for Cleveland, has been signed by the Tbjers. · · · Y. 1L C. A. war work .council has ordered 59,760 baseballs for nse of the soldier* and/Bailors. ' . · . · ' · Welter Plpp, flnt sscker for the Tan- kecs. has been placed In. clan 1, dl- rUi Ml A, of the draft ·· · · * Frank Chance and Barney OMB eld bare gone Into tn« automobile tire bniinea* In Los Angcle*. · .· · Tbe Boston American leatrao team announced tie purchase of Outfielder "anl Smith from Montreal. · · « . Syracnae basebaU team may apply for admission Into the eastern Intercollegiate leagne next seasoo. · · · Dfcfc Hoblfrzei, flnt baseman, may go to the Athletics. He siso may join the army. Take your choice. · · * The Maine college:!' baseball ichrd- ule between Maine. Colby, Bowdoln and Bates will begin April 19 arxl close Jnne 3. · · · The Snort Ship drcntt uf Il«ht bnr- nesc races w!U more the horses after each' race meet to tho next city by mo- tortrucks. · . · · The National league bafl decided to forbid Ita dobs from eagsgUix coacho"» for the »!« porposo of uait- cinj oppoidng players. ,-* * * Champl'JO?M~ p^rket biniard. tourney may tiot 1 --I becanse of wsr condition.". Fr. : «Tki of Schenectady Is prows', i ..'. Bolder. (MC1M . ncklij Heals Eczeraas,Raslifrs Itchings an Irritations Bathe with the Soap an If Cuticura did no more than soothe and heal eczemas, rashes, itchings and bumings.bringing speedy comfort to tortured, disfigured men, women and children entitled to the highest praise, 'But t does mo:e. By using the Soap exclusively for toUet purposes, -with touches of Cuticura Ointment now and then to soothe and heal the first sign of skin troubles, you wilf'Sri many cases prevent these distress- ng experiences. No matter what you pay you can get nothing better. Addren postcard: "CMonDnt.IT,·«*·." Salt everywhere. SoapSc. OInB KF.AT) THE COURIER. TItlzand Trust Compantrf Greater Confidence In. Yourself It may surprifie you to see how much more conscience a bank ?iosount with us will give you to accumulate money. By getting the habit of regular weekly or monthly deposits, you will soon have a good size fund which is steadily working for you at interest. The only bank in this community paying 4,% Interet on Savings Accounts. First Quality Tires "cw, Clean Stock Direct From the Factory at Cat Prices. Pick your size and leave your order. Non-SkM Tires Inner Tubes 30x3 |11."S $2.40 15.35 2.75 1B.SO 3.10 34x3% .16.75 3.25 32xiJ 21-25 4.15 33xt* 22.SO US 34jt4 22.75 i.«i SSX^ 23.XO 4.50 34X4 W 30-25 5.50 3t4H 31..75 5.65 36:c4li 32 JS 6.75 37x4 /i 32.76 5.9E 35x5 3S.75 6.65 36xS 37.75 6.90 37xS 3S.75 · ' 7J» Other Sizes in Proportion. West Side Garage Batteries Rr-ehanjed. Oil« and ClnuIIne- Aireaer FU«t and Xetz Can. T. J 7 . Sehmrti, Prop. Both 1'hcaes. The OFFICIAL LABORATORY MODEL IN AN EXQUISITE mLNUT CABINET An (Cttal pKme»r»yk of TVxno men of A* Mctiopcfomu Of*n Company jn dinct cmopMOMm irilH tii« New ptwd tK*t lh« a o^ Bribe tmA Over 30 anat uliat* lurve lw« tt**. More tkma ZfCfjJXO poople BVC btteixJed tk«n. And m not one it listener been *k*c la note a nce Lct»ij«M tb« two tcndi' tiocM. Not CMM? Ka« Miccced«J in detecting ^vkttix tAe Irvizig voice ceoMd MM] tKe m- "X TO instrument in its field approaches the Nertr I N Edison in quality. That's plain to anyone who has ever heard it But vrbat I want to know is why. What are the scientific reasons? " Often mueicianB ask us thn. It's a long story, too long to tell here. Mr. Ediaon'a own Laboratory secrets enter into it But there's more than that It's largely a matter of an ideal--a policy of absolute insistence upon perfection. Take the graceful William and Mary cabinet pictured at the left as an instance. When it was concluded to offer the Official Laboratory Model in walnut, ia addition to the popular Chippendale Cabinet, the country's leading makers were asked to submit designs. Forty different sketches were received. They woe carefully studied with the result that twenty-five were rejected. That left fifteen; every one of them a real masterpiece. But the Edison Company wanted the best, the one ultimate, perfect model So, from each sketch, a (ample cabinet was actually constructed. A jury then inspected them carefully and finally the model you see was selected. This process of elimination characterizes every step in ie design and manufacture of this wonderful instrument In fact the moat expensive watch is no more rigidly inspected and carefully constructed than 2NEW EDISON "Tht Phsmotrafih with a So*I" Call mt our store and inspect the William and Mary Cabinet Price $265. Edition Re~Creatocu -rhottU not be played and canaot be played property on any otter inctruEaent. If they co«ld be, tbe znamt- ·Vctuvers wtx *cek to profit by Mr. £cao* research -wotfe wovld b« able to m*i» tone teat comptuncms, Mich a* ba*% bc*a toad*with the New Editon before two miHk* mane l Wright-Metzler Co. W. Crawford Ave., Conndlsyille. HAVE YOUE JOB PBUTTTJUG DOJTE AT THE COUEIEE 01-TICE. PEB31IT STO DJTFICULIIES to thrust you aside from a Just purpose to -which you aspire.' ' Iinxnry offers many temptations to be extravagant, but economy is always a. faithful companion. Start an account with the Union National Bank. 8% latarmt Paid OK Barings Aeeonnt*. UNION NATIONAL BANK ^BERNARDO' WALL PAPER STORE Let us take care of your Wall Paper troubles. We can save you money in war times 5 and 10 Cent Wall Paper Co, 103 W. Apple Street. BKLI, PHOHE 9«8 "CAP" IS CBBT1HTLY BIGHT! By EDTTDfA

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