The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

raimSDAY,'MARCH 28,1918. THE DMLY eOTOTER/CONNELI^raiJE, PA. j?AGE SEVEN. ' *·..· Columbia : '·'-,. Grafonola In Every Home" Is Our Sprng Slogan it and Columbia Records Lfet the "Life-Tone" of a Grafonola · Answer the- Question--"Why a Columbia?" This ; Columbia ; Grafonola Delivered to Tour Home on Our Easy Payment Pl»» for ...--__;__;_: $18 ... . Si.OO CASH-, $1,00 A WEEK. So Interest Charges at the Rapport-Feathcnhan.Co. OUR SP which has for its object the inspiring influence of "A Columbia Grafonola In Every Home"--will start with a concentration of efforts on the lowest priced instruments--instruments which (while they will reproduce as only Grafonolas can the-best that there is in the musical world) are priced so low and sold on such easy terms that their ownership with within-ihe-reach-of-all. what a world of pleasure it will be to you to have in your home, always ready to entertain your friends and yourself, . the · world's most famous artists--for that's what it means when you. have a Columbia Grafonola, of any model, even the lowest priced one, on which to play Columbia records. It's the Combination that's essen- .tial to obtain the real LIFE-TONE. » . ': · ' Think of being able to .enjoy having all the newest -songs as -soon" as they are published--to learn them--to sing them if you so desire. .......Think o£ the inspiration derived from listening to .famous military bands playing the latest, soul^stirring patriotic airs. Think of having an orchestra always ready to play for your hoirie dances when you feel like dancing. Think--and you'll wonder how you have ever got along with- .out a Columbia -Grafonola in YOUR home. Then Tliis Columbia Grafoiiola Delivered, to Tonr Horn*! on Our Easy- 1'ayment 1'lan : . $1;50 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK Xo Interest to Pay at the Kapport-Featbcrman Co. $30 come to the Rapport-Featherman Furniture Company's store--the Connellsville Home of the Columbia. It's a-real Columbia service station--a place where you'll always receive-a cordial" .welcome--r. a place where you'll always feel at home.. Select and play your own favorites if you wish. Then, when the Columbia Grafonola with its matchless tone has proved to you that it's the peer' of all reproducing instruments--when it lias, so to speak, carried you into the very presence of the performer--when it has made you forget its mechanical operation, then remember that for as little as-- $1.00 DOW3T, $1.00 A VEEK you can have one of these wonderful instruments in. YOUR home and you'll soon h*.ve it paid for without having felt the cost Columbia Grafonolas Are Everywhere they brisrhten ike hours for the Soldier in the Cantonment--they carry pictures of home in somg: to the Nailer out on the high seas, cheering hinf in liis lonesonieness ivhile he )jr«ves the dangers of the deep for "FREEDOM FOB AliJ, FOREVER." .They arc found-in summer camps--in tents--in cottages on the shores of our great laves, onr rrvers and onr brooks. In schoolrooms where the yonns mind is mqlded and Americans are made--YES EYEKYWHERE--A?fD EVERYWHERE TH35 SAME OPEWOX PREYA1L8--THE XIFE-TOXE OF THE COLUMBIA IS SUPREME. BUT IT'S SOT THE OEDUOSf OF OTHERS THAT WE ARE !'- -ty/JCST'WVT--V ;·" " - * ' ' . ' ' ' - " _ . ' · · ^ - or Miss- It's Your Opinion Mr, TOU are the people -- -you who do not now own Columbia Grnfonolas -- You are the people "whose opinion we want and t!e only way we know of tlint we- can hear you express it is to get you to come here and let us play for you the wonderful Columbia liccords · o n u Columbia Graionola. . . . Come While It Is Possible to Get One of the Models Illustrated / Here Now-- Today. ,-- ~ · Comparisons Always Prove YOU'LL DO BETTER AT THIS COLUMBIA GEAFOXOLA De- iUrered'to Your Home on Onr Easy » Purchase Plan For ' $3.00 CASK, $1.25 A WEEK. Jfo Interest to Pay at the Kapport-Featherman Co. $45 Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. OH! THAT AWFUL BACKACHE IT'S YOUR KIDNEYS An unhealthy body, and the unhappiness and' misery which .follow, may be prevented by ordinary jadfnnent and care. Xeep your ytoraach and kidneys in shape and" you will have 5006 health. The kidneys' -work is to throw off the poisonous matters which - writer the body. 2f they perform thi.-; work regularly and automatically the other orgEHs will lake oare' of themselves. - " '· Diseased conditions.of Ahe.bladder or kldneya: "are Indicated * i byi--nervonsness. sleeplessness, that tired, wornou:, feeling-, dizziness, nausea, backache., lum- batfo»' rheumatism, pain in the lower atrdonien. many, {to-called. t . Viemale troubles,"" severe' pain and diae'unfort Tlic festival o£ Passover (Hebrew, ?esacb cotocides roughly, witi the beginning of the spring season. It cotnmeiuorates Israel's deliver}- from Kgypt'ian slavery. 'In the Jewish oal- c-udar, ii3 date is" fltied from the 15th 10 the 22ad of Nissan, which this year, rorresponds with March 2Stb to April ·Uh. Another na-me for "this annual cclc-. I'ration of freeflom is" the'festival of Matzoth (unleavened breaft.) because throughout the feast ouly nnXea-.-cned. i'read is to bfr eateTj- In.ftct, all food MilbMances that crintain ·feisae:it. '.or acid must be renpvedr^rom: JoVisfi bonres prior to the; fcolydays-, so · Uiat tl»rc will be" no iJcelihood of transgressing the Biblical iOQUtction against leaven being found in the touse. Jews of the Reform wins observe seven days as agafest eiettt of ttie Conservatives. Of these days, the £rst and the last (for the former.', the vyhen urinating, bloody, cloudy and stririsy urine, too frequent or. sup- ·pressed passapea. All tfiose are-'nature's signals to warn you'of diseased, kidneys or bladder, which may leadvto Ca-tal Brtght's disease. Don't \vait until the .danger is upon you.. Go to'your drUEEist at once. Get a trial box of GOLD MEDAI, Huarlera Oil Caps-ules. They are mad-e of· the pure, original .imported Haarlem Oil,, the kind your, great-STrandfitber uae-d. -About two capsules each day /will keep you toned, MP and feeling;.fine. Money refunded if'they do not help .you. But remember to, ask for ' the imported GOLD 3LEDAL brand. .In sealed pack- ageff.'. 25c. SOc'and |I.OO--Adv. first two and thp.last two (for the'Iat- ter are holidays. The' intermediary four or five days are of a lesser decree.of sacredness. The eve- D-iu^ of the first and second days is. characterized by a special .service." cailed *tho Seder, 5n reality a meal after oriental fashion% ". .The rich symbolism, of this meal is to be explained as follows: .The roasted- lainbbone is t reminiscent .of- the Passover sacrifice; the "matzoth" or unleavened bread recalls the haste, with -which the .Israelites lft Egypt, wltfi no titae to prepare ti bread 1 for the journey; the "niaror" or bitter- her*b reminds.of the bitterness of the slaves', life in Egypt. There .arc also at the, festive board "a roasted egg which is substitute.'for tiie -ancient sacrifice, salt water, suggestive, of the tears shtcl by the. slave ancestors of. the Israelites, aflt "hrjoseth," a mixture of almonds and; apples,!not.unlike in appearance to the mortar which the slaves used in making bricks. The ·whole ceremony is an explanation of these symbols, a recounting of Israel's stay in Egypt-and of his marvelous deliverance, of God's .watch over his chosen people throufont'^ their his- tory. Praises are sun'to the Almlghty and prayer ottered that fr6dom:may always^be, Israel's lot as well as that of the remainder of mankind. COMB SAGE TEA IN FADED OR GRAY HAIR If Wxcd With Snlphur it Darkeiu So Xatorallj- JS'obwly Can Tell. - Grandmother kept her -hair beautifully, darkened, glossy and attractive ..with a brew of Sago-Tea and Sulphur, Whenever her hair took on that dull, faded or streaked apeparance, this simple 'mixture was applied with wonderful effect. By. asking at any drug store for 'TVyeth's Sage and Sulphur' Compound," "you .w3H seta large bottle of this old-time recipe, improved by the.;addition, of other ingredients, all read- to-use, at very little.cost. This sinrp-Ie mixture depended upon to restore natural color -and beauty to : the hair. · · A veil-known downtown druggist says everybody uses Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound now because it darkens so naturally.and evenly that nobody can, tell Jt has.been applied-it's so easy to use, too. You simply dampen.'a' comb or.-soft brush and draw it through your-hair, taking one strand'at a .time. ^-By morning th'e gray hair , disappears; after another application or cwo, it is restored to its natural color and looks, glossy,, soft and -beantifril. This preparation is a delightftii toilet 'requisite, it .is not intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of ddsease.-rr-Adv. ·· - WANT SOME TOBACCO Otherwise Colored Boys in ranee Hare All Needs Supplied The colored boys of this section who are with the American. Expeditionary Forces in France are sending encouraging word to tlreir friends bacfc home. Among those- now on duty crreraeas are George-Mills, son of Mrs. J-.W. Mills, of South Seventh street, West 'Side, and Richard j Thompson, son ot Mrs. Jcr.nie Thompj [son. tormerly oC Trotter, but now re-' | siding at Continental. · Both 'are members, of Company C, SOGth Engineers. In a recent letter to nia mother Private ; Mills/-re'jorts betas r well, that he is gemng along nicely'and lilies the pjace where his command is located-very well. He asks that Rev. R. D. Enps arrange to have smoking tobacco sent to the boys in France; also requests bis father to'tell him what the Elks are planning, to do to care for their, members abroad. Private Thompson in a letter to his pastor, Rev. R. D. Epps, says that he is in the very best of health. "I enlisted," he writes, "in. the service of my God a number of- years ago and I am T\OW giving, my .very best io my God and my Country. Hope I will return some day and -remain a soldier of God until death.'l If Ton Want Something, Advertise for It in our- classified column. One cent a word.'. If Yo» Ale Hunting Bargains: ; Read the adventiselng columns of/The Daily Courier. You 1 wlliffind 'them.' CONNELLSVJLLE AMAZED BY SUDDEN ACTION The-quick action of pure Lavopt'ilc eyo wastt is startling. A school boy had eye strain .so badly he could not read. A -week's use of Laroptik surprised his- teacher so much she used it for her old· motlier. One wash. showed benefit. A small bottle is guaranteed to benefit every case weak, strained or inflamed eyes. The quick jesult is. astonishing.. Aluminum eye cup free. A. A. Clarke--Adv. WOMEN SUFFERERS MAY NEED SWAMP ROOT . Thousands, upon thousands of women have kidney and bladder trouble and never suspect It Women's, complaints ofben provo to be nothing else but kidney trouble, or the result of kidney or bladder disease. .11 the kidneys are not in a healthy condition, they, may cause the other organs to become diseased. Pain in the back, headache, loss of ambition, .nervousness, are oftentimes symptoms of kidney trouble. . Don't delay starting treatment Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a physician's prescription, obtained at any drug store may be just the remedy needed to overcome such conditions. Get a medium or large size bottle 1-rom.edJately from" any drug store. However, if you wish, first to test' this great'preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer Co., .Binghamiou, ,\. Y., for a sample bottle. When writing be sure and mention the Connellsville Daily Courier.--Adv. Dickerson Run. Patronize those who advertise. DTCICBRSOiN' RUN, -March 27.-Pittsburg and Lake Erie officials including General S£anoger J. B. Yohe, A. D. Brown and J. A. Atwood, arrived here yesterday afternoon and after looking over the wonk on the new bridge departed for Pittsborg. . Plans and arrangements were corn- dieted a short time ago for the new passenger and freighrdepot here, and bids were to be asked for and at about i that time, the government advised aainst using any money for such purposes during the war, so that project has been .postponed until after the war. John -W-.-.Wilson, son-of Mr. and Mrs. William. Wilson of · Vanderbllt, and a former car inspector at Dickerson Run lor the Pittsbnrg Lake Erie If Your Kidneys and Liver are Sluggish Bliss Native Healtl TaWets Win RestoreTkffltoIealty Action "J Buffered tor years from · defective kidneys arid sluggish liver. Nothing- seemed to relieve me till 1 used your Bliss Sativ-j Herb Tablets. They axe wonderful £01- 2 can say that J. ;im perfectly well; They relieved me in a very short time and .1 had no more ti 'uble with aick Icldjieys or livei-. I can't way enough., in favor oC Bliss Native Herb Tablets to "any one suffering 1 from br\d kidneys and liver. "MRS. QUEEN TURNER. "Oak Park. Va." There Is a uuKget of health in every one of Bliss Native Herb Tablets. They contain only t h e purest herbs, roots, barks, and P.J-R free from drug's containing 1 delcr- terious substancee. By their action, the liver is stimulated, the , kidneys cleimsccj. th« bowels respond tfently and freely, and a health/ coiidiLiun results. They ;ire invaluable in cases of coneti- ! imtion, indigestion, blliouBnesF. dysjMijjsia, stiur stomach, heartburn, Kick headache, rheumatism. Bliss Native Kerb Tablets are put ii]i in boxes containing" 200 tablets. Koch box be*r.-5 photograph of AJcnzo O, Bliss and ffunraolcos beneficial refiults or money . x»"v refunded. Price SI per box. ^Hl Be sare and g«t the'genuine. xlx Bvt-ry tablet stamped 'witli our ir.ide mark (AB). Sold by A, ,\. Clarke and local agents everywhere. railroad, arrived home MonJay for a few days to vis-it his parents and friends before going over. Mr. Wilson has'just been moved from Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga., to Camp Merrill, Ne"w Jersey. Mr. Wilson is in the Replacement Draft Owr Seas Casuals, 39th Engineers. Itfr. Wilson returned to Camp Merritt this morning. Saturday, March 30, vrillbe pay ctay on the Yough division 'if the Piitburg Lake Erio railroad, paying from Pittshur^ to Gonnellsvllle. . ' Ales Zeka, one of UiJjcle Sam's boys from Caanp Gordon, Atlanta. Ga., arrived at his VantferMit home yesterday morning to spend a. flve days* furlough with his pareuis. mim UNO PILES Thousands and thonBanfls of people, saya Poternor, are IcamiDff every weefe that on* ;30 cent boa:..of Peterson's Ointment will ; abolish Eczema acd banish piles, and tbo ; gmteful letters I i-eceire^ erery dav arc : wortb more to me than money. · I had Eczema for many years on my lead [and could not get anything to do it any · KooQ. I saw your a! and got one box ad I oive you mauy thnnks for the cood it bia . done me. There isn't a blotch on my head ; now, an£ I coaMu't help but'tfiink Pet«r- } eon, for the cure is great, NJrs. Mary HUL . 420 Third Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. ' ^ I hare had Itchlns piles-for 15 years u« Petersons is the oaly ointment 'that ·»- Uevcs »e, bcaldea the piles Jieem to" h«« Classified A Bring rosulfc. Cost only Ic a word. those whp advertise. salt rhcnm-snd an sfcin*diKiueg? l^bStt. %^^$£%^.£*S pleasant to look upoi ~

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