The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN. F R f D A Y , J A N I M I I V 1.7, 1:1.·-.. DAILY COURIER., CONN^LLSVILUE, PA. NO EXCHANGES. NO MONET REFUNDED ALL SALES FINAL. NO SALE GOODS TAKEN / I BACK FOR CREDIT ^jk/-^s*^ ' Sig 9 Corinellsvilley Pennsylvania The Policy of this Store is, and always has been to clear the stocks each year, in order that we may inaugurate the coming season with new merchandise. To our regnlar Clearance stocks we have added crisp, new, early spring merchandise throughout the store at outstanding low prices. TERMS OF SALE: CASH O N L Y . ' i No New Chf.rge Accounts Opt s We cannot nil mail or telephone ortlers during this Sale. We cannot lay aside or hold sale articles foir anyone, every one has an equal chance at these wonderful bargains, when the store opens Saturday Morning at 8:30. ANNUAL MEETING OF CAPSTAN SALEMEN TAKIMG PLACE/TODAY C o n t i n u e d f r o m Fajro One. tion in. 3.028. Of course, there are many ne-ucomeru this year including tho salesmen fit tho American Metal Cap Company, who were taken into the Anchor-Capstan sales force. The men on. their flret t r i p to a Capstan convention are as follows: J. A. Welieter, who is assisting Mr. Gearhart In tho Boston office; A. V. Hlg- boe, P. F. Flaherty ami J. Sheeban, all former American Metal salesmen, who nro now on the job after more orders for tho Now York office; Dan Milano, formerly in tho bookkeeping department of the A n c h o r factory, who Is now assisting Syd Shaw in Pittsburg; M. II. Pearson, w h o is rounding tip business in Baltimore, also under Syd Shaw's s u p e r v i s i o n ; Tom M a n w a r r l n g , formerly w i t h American MeUil'on the West Coast, who is; In charge of tho Southeast ren part o£ Brooks -Brown's territory, with i new office at Atlanta, Ga.; W. Ji. Elliott, who is in charge of the Detroit office, where he was formerly located with American; W. ('! J a u d e r . Another American Metal man, who has charge of tho Minneapolis office, u n d e r A. G. Costello's super- Vision; I*. C. IXH;, recently added to the Jjf:« Angeles field "by Harry Mills, vwitern sales manager, ami E. .1. Uarvey, a n o t h e r man f o r m e r l y with American, who ia in charge- of the northwestern part of the United Siaten, with his office at Seattle, under tho supervision of Hurry Mills. Walter H. Wlsioman, formerly sales manager of the American Metal Cap Company and now manager in charge of Amorscal eaies with Anchor, w i l l also be making hie first trip to the Capstau factory. H. J. Carr, formerly Capstan sales manager until five years ago when ho was elected vice-president ant! sales manager of the A n c h o r Cap ClouHitro Corporation, will also be on h a n d to look over hie old stamping ground As ueual, the e n t i r e aalee force w i l l KO from Connel'lsvillo Saturday oven- ing to attend tho annual convention of ( h e National Canners Association during the week of January 20. The annual convention of 'the National Canners Association IH a t t e n d e d by close to 10,000 people, who are In tho packing and canning business, «o that t h i s ie one of the best opportunities for the company and its representatives to meet with its customers ftnd keep them .remln^e-l that it has a tremendous quantity of high grade food containers which It is anxious to eoll 10 them. Due of the hlg-h epoU of this convoiton each year is the an- n u a l b a n q u e t ' b y the Anchor Cap Cor- lioration for tho entertainment of Anchor and Capstan cuetomors on \ evening of the convention week. Thte year, does to 1,000 customers will be entertained. Tho tl eta I led program follows: Todftj- 8 A. .M.--Breakfast at A r l i n g t o n . (t A. M.--Assembly, mooting room; genp-ra t o u r of plant In ono group I n d i v i d u a l Baled conferences and Indi- v i d u a l credit conferences. l2.-4f P. A!.--Ivimcheon at factory 1:45 1'. M . . -- Assembly, mooting r o o m ; "Summarizing Performance!:., ProspeclH and Competition," H. 1!. IJ»- Merell; "What Should Our Stilosmon K n o w About Gln«H M u m i t u c t u H n j f f U, Fred Uletnun, tun! "Factory CIMBHOH," j iK.uidw-.lixI by H. IJ. Hrown, W, I./. Me-1 Niiiiiai-.i, K. M. Ywnildn, r,. P. I'lnzzoli, j L. .!. .Moorman. II, A. A t k i n s o n , A. .M. i .loiiift! and Pa ill Alexander. j «:;iu I'. .M.---Dinner su PU-aa;iut V«l- i ley C o u n t r y C l u b , Tomorrow S A, M.- J i r e a k f u i i t at A r l i t i ^ t o i i , ii A. -\I, A i - i i i i i b ! y ; " A i n n i u i i i t U i i i . " S. I!. l i K . \ U - r t ; I I : " I ' r e d l l a . " i. (.'. Slum*; · "i''.U.'U l-V l ' ! ; » a j i i , " .Uul y t i i u l ' . i l t l t n i M l a - ! I :-15 i'. M.-- A s s e m b l y ; ".Suiin.' I i u - ; l o i ' U l t t I ' o t l t t r t for l-'urLih;!-.if." H. I!. I . k ' M r K j i l , und "Obj-.'t!v.'i," i i . Krt-U V : 2 f P, AI.--Ti-.-i In !lau-. d i n her e n ' ipiiiriofe w h o .-ii-f HMPtKling t h « ; Hi I **.-i.)*SfHrt.':- f « » l i f n l j O H ill t l l s j t;tu Glass Couiimtiy jjlaiit here. (V. Y. State Legislator Minority Leader Dies WIRELESS HAS BIG PART IN CHINESE WAR Air Clogged With Reports But Wires Cleared for Business. Peter J. Hamill, minority Democratic lead or in the New York State Assembly, who died following an operation for appendicitis, which took place a week ago. Two blood transfusions wera of no avail. Hamill succeeded Maurice Bloch aa minority leadoi when the latter died of; the ailment a, raoutk suca. pleasure stationM follows: Atlanta---'!'. E. Man w a r r i n g . BciHlinore- -M. I I . Pearson. Boiiton -- C. V,'. ( i e a r h n r t and Webster, Jr. J. A. o--/,."G. Co.iiello, K. K. LeMay, K. S. Ketehum, Ti. K. .DeMerell. Cleveland- -H. 11. Jones. Detroit--^'..H. Elliott. Houston--I. K, Nolan, fjoutevllle--H. Brooks Brown. Ixs Ansel ·«--L. C. Leo. Minneapolis--W. G. .lander. Newark--·:'. F. Flaherty. Now York -D. Conn, 0. F. Wird, II. Kelly, II. J. Carr, J. Sheehan, W. H. Wiseman and M. Raney. Pittslrurg- -S. S. Shaw and D. Ml- lano. Philadelphia--A. V. Hlgbe, Rochester --M. L. Cook. St. Louie---J. »I. Pahlfl. San Fran l isco~»H. Q. M i l l s and H. (Crawford. Seattle--!·'.. J. Garvey, · T o r o n t o -- . ! . 0. Deegu.n and \Y. P. Wilson. Ohiopyle By D. C. BBSS. United Press Staff Correponilenl. PIMPING','Jan. 17.--China's .military men ha-v-e taken to wireless -with -great enthusiasm. Radio has been used by a biradir-ed genora-Vs u direct' tho ·movement of t-h-eir Lrwpa in tho rc- wnt large-scale civil war. v Tho atmos'pher-e over Cltina has ·b-?en IlMod -with so many w1rol««-3 tiiessag^s from ono general to his Hulwrdlnatos an-d anoth-eu to his Tti*n in tho fic-ld that (lie "radio fan" lias had an unhappy time -trying to pick u p Far Eastern stations. Probably the most devoted wireless supporter in CHilna has Ixjen th* former "Chi'istlaai general," Miirsl ;tl l-'onp Yu-aia-n-K. Several hirndixid miles f L'om his nearest troopa, Marshal Feng renvaineil iui-etly at a Uttlo mountain re-soiit SO niH-e-s from Tninia.n-fn. the c a p i t a l of. Sha-iuvi produce, hi tho tar .'vort.hwcs't, but kopl In constant touch w i t h all his generals d u r i n g the revolt (tgainst Chiang Kaish/tk through his t wo wireless fitatlona. fenyr 1'riilscs Mar-shal F«ng look flescribing- Ilia wir'Bie; -or-elgti correspon'dents who vls-ited iiini i-n his mountain -retreat. Ho -de- rlaretl -that by the nae of wi-dio ho :i-o- i-eivod hoiirly reports of tlio move- men-ts of his troops from di.ata.n-t .provinces, and sent ins-br'Uctlons to lita generals 'more (iiiickiy than ho could havo d-on r e if he lind remained ulo,so tehln.d the trout linos a few years agq. The. Slunisl wfraloft* brouikjastiug station has bcuu 'u««fnl also in .send- i n g out "oflicriai. com-nuinlriues" trora tlio Feng Yu-sfkmg 'noaikiiiavters. Not ·long: ajfo, It wris d-iffn'iilt if not impossible -to iiliBfover Ui-o actual progress of civil -warfare in China. Tho existing goverirniont ruthlessly .su'pp-essed "rebel re-ports" and) issued coimminiq-ues oE their own which wore not dis'tinguJshed by Impartiality. But new-style r-ebols ca.ii. send their own "u-ews" to tho ou'tald-o world by wireless. M-arslial Feng, for -example, hud ag'tMits In all t h o ' t r e a t y ports with rc-ceivJiig sets of their own. They j in touch with tho Shun si I broadcasting stotion, and Isau-eil imports to cor rospoiwJe nis. Development of wireless by |1ia 'militarists has proved a gT-eat .blessing to 'the Chinese telegraph administration. Not lon.g ago tho telegra.pb l:injs were ·clogged with "official .mes- SLig-es" -during clvl] -wars, so that ordinary business snJforod, nvessageB tieliig delayed for hours, -oven days. But now each .inill'Ui.rist has his own wireless set, and loaves tho telegraphs alone, muc.h to ihe r-olief of tho ofll- oials in clmrge. ' Cannot Bo Conspred. Wirel-es-s is naturally more useful la wartime, ·becau-so it cannot -be n«n- aore-d. Censors ate established at every telograph station, wlio watth every m«a-8«ige' which la filed, "But censors cannot stop trans-mission through tho air, and the militarists have wasUviJ no time .In discovering this fact. Tho Indiscriminate u«o -oC radio by milltarifi-ts Ha« turn-otl tho « i r Cliiua. Into confiiHlon, Sooner or n Btrong ceivtrai ft-O'^'OTiMD'ont ragrulu-to tli« ; iiKiii of w.lroloMw., inuuntlmo bustneuH m n n iu'e Tho fetegi-a|i,hK un i«ft tti.tliotn, and their mBHuiisoa.Jire not iho-Idud w h i c h will Lo sleaped by tli« wHiHor, Tins nwui hi Chtn-a, -like the inlU-r Uo- EW HAAG BALLOON OLD STYLE WR8HGER ROLL OHIOPY1 -E, Jan. 17--Mrs, R. C. Holt spent Wedi'Csday shopping in Uniontown. Mre. Ralph .Pottor entertained the Ladies' Bible Class of the Baptist Church at her home Tueeday evening, a very plei-ahnt evening was onjoyad by all presi nt. Mtosets'ICila and A n n a . Brady wore iimotig tho ConnellBvllle Bhoppore on Tuoaday. Mrs. Bifrnh TloblnBon }\M roturnod t o Johnetowu. uftor.a. month's vlalt In. 1 OhlonvJe w i t h lior duughtors, Mr«, 11. C. I l o l t a i ) i 1 Mr«.-JV'l. U. Houhstolloi', Robert "Holt, J r . , l« i-iufi'ering from d badly cut f.*jt s u J f t u t n o d w h l l a at work it tho ll'ol' Dralntlle factory, Mrs. .Mejuiy .Mitchell In a p a U e u t ac the F r a n t x Hoapttal at Coiill.uen.oa, Mrs. We.,lay Mlllei'. and iluaghter wero i i n i o r x tlu» recent visitor*) at 'Thin Blue Line" Is (if Atl't;. iilu-rl'tliuil ' ' - »-, » _ xirii.^don w h o Ui u jmtionf. at. t h o ) v,-aptured at Last Krautj'. 1 td i j i l t u l ; Coatluimi'u tii'u (jliid j ' '-- -to k n e w U:,it iilui Is lin])i'ovlii(4. toy t ' u l i . j d i'l^an. I!. .Mlu:ii -II w i t s u visitor ia ( , V i n - i liUST d K A N U W , N. , / . , .(an, n-- ·ji Tiiuraduy cij'iei'- ! A d v u n t i i n i f utrti li«s «:u|)turtd Uit- '"J'liin · i lllutj Lltiu" htiva, ; At |.ha rt!(iutibt of s u r v i v i n g if ITzal Hodd tarlat, (.he. u-nfversat "niilllitry regardless of your previous ideas of how t eautifiil. and efficient a washer could be, we ]/. now you'll change them v/hcn you e.w. the ama-/.- i ig new Haag lino. One or the other of these new Haags is ideally r uited to your requirements, no matter what they j lay he. There are three designn, three prices-- f no for every home and purse. Once you've seen a new Haag at work--seen how quickly, safely and thoroughly it removes ; : ]1 dirt from heavy or sheer fahrie8--you'll not 'ie satisfied "without one in your home. The three new models--75, 65 and 55--differ ·lOS'Sauth Pifctsburg Street, in design, size and price, hut all are of the same high q u a l i t y In construction and performance, Haag quality is the etandard of rxcellenco wherever washers are sold. All three models have smooth -finished pressed aluminum tubs--easy to keep clean and bright. All model j are of the submerged agitator type, created and perfected by Haag. All havo the modern direct drive and grease-packed gear cane. Models 75 and 65 have the newest oversize wringers, with balloon rolls of soft dark rubber. Come in soon and see these marvelous washers. Free demonstration gladly arranged. Connelisvilie, Pa. Bridge, ort H u e m:*: a n i i o i t . Mrs. C. ,K I I . til xilit w l l ! e n t t - r t a i n t h d ! A. A. ..MI! - M . i f s i o n C i r t - i B of i i i o U u p t i t t ' «( )itt- [ionitt Uii-.-- eve C- I'l-'Ktiui \VHH ti I-KC ! ( « ; in ! so \it tirti , (I. a p p r o p r i s l i o n Civil War v w r a n s ' A. H., the i;i!y',; f a r . il w i l l l u r n o r t o vet;., to v c l e r f i n e . l i i o Suaiiisli W a r ; ''wsjif 17.--Thorn (us Ooian «f Hci.ilt'.tah; «! -jut tJiinilay with Ills'i'ailiBi 1 , W i i l i a n s l.)i tan, und broiher, J o h n l.O'lau inul fain ly. -Iti;. nn\ Mr-s. .Q. J, eiausti-er and c h i l d r e n , Chariot-, w a r K l i z K 'l:!fycr. Mrs;. CniU* : vifritinp i ! Hie horn- Mr, arul .Mrs. Wdw-aji Bnyd-or en duj', Misses C t u r n HIH! Alberta of Or-eieiittluwg ^v-a-iHi vls ; il.lng ptii'eutH, Mr. and Mrs. b. J on Marjory and MTB. A n i r i n d a nice find childir-en, IStiisou, C U m r i o K und A l i e n , h«iw returned fi'oui u visit M'ith the t'nrmor's on 'I'liujv.tlu/y, 0, W, How-a-li \Hiih-.! |i-ttini-nnt. Anie-ricaUB li-wld t h e i r lieru, ttsr, M'.Bii M u i ' g u r u i t v i l l a vittlitM 1 . HI (in) liorunttj, Air, HJ:,:| Airs, mi Everson of M r s . ' sister, M r s . Myriio 'Hatch i n son r i ne wan E U.|ver lf her parnnt.s, i drait a n i l -Mrs. K a v l M a r d i u ami c i i U - fC . l u n i n i i i I'jt-itiiig .Vlj-.j. a - j Hui-iUn's brupie.p, (dilwavij Buiitl-ey aiid K V K i i S O N , . l a n : I? a u j A'ii'.tor'ui \Vi c r i i k lo t n i i o i t u t n ii o ii'r HI )itn- a t t h o h n n i - o f i h who i; (iurii IIHVH d i i i K 'rueiidity f a t h e r B s m o u Mi's., Mary J l e w t i t ; i f l i a l l i n u i i - H , Mil., H r e l a t i v e * hen'.. Kliiu-f V, \Vnai,. )· h r j r k of t h ( f \"i l'-trnti ' '.ynu and '»', «f Cum l i n n i o tit .John Ji'lniiit i l l l l i 8 M I I , HI I'ft V ull«. I l l M ' t , W i l l ] -·lll;V- r« i\\ -11)1

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