The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
Page 6
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TJIE DAILY COURIER, C OffNELLSVILLE, P. ELABORATE PRBCAUTION* T»K, ·;^ IN AT GOVERNMENT POST*. 3am Furnish** an Excellent to tin Cewrtry la ThaV · ' 0 R»»»cet-- F«w Loam by Coo- .- - '$£!' · flagnttonalntlwAnny. · ! - , - ,-i the low percentage of flres ajth» army It · directly doe to the «£t that guard duty la n«T.i- siis- riJfct daylight and dark, dariar peace a»4» U»e ot war, armed aeitrlus walk %ft posts scattered everywhere orer j|* garrisons. Falling *41«p while on aja%rd 1» a serkms offeoce | Therefore Mi cwrda are always alert. .Merer )E*»; sentry mounte'*m a jqswttk: nl a caution trtloo^oat for Itres. TaDna ottlM first charges in a guard's (·kcral brttrs Is'one la which he Is Mfttkn« .keep a sharp wtteh for . SHH. Hi* first duty. In case a.ljulldlns . t£oecaMd. hy humanity. Is to warn ' «**' ocmjNBta. Next h* turn* In a ·literal alarm. 'Ana when nro'eall'is MaVn by the trumpeter at tlie main ·aard hoa»c r«ery ,mal« member of ·is gairisoo, except the guard. J« aaaayJIed to harry to the se«ne of the ··¥*. no matter where he i*, aad-no jaatter how a» ^ar«a«sd. _£ ' ;.-''· . tfc la not neee««ary thai a ' man sks«ld b* tn ncoJarJoat uaifnm to respond to .call. Military area *; act -wilt - for antajnnlafs In tall ' **aa psraas ccatvmea, any. mor« tian . Kty flrw pTocrasttnate wan* the mem- :Haa'of tin department ma** carifol i a *eek,~aotMtliisea of tamr, in unitary ..amrrtaua, lirce·.- -or : thro»ghooi the country, and are.aereral hundred at home ·MB* la ewr posaeeekms, a tra drill 1« ;a«M. Not a tool aaTe the command; iaf officer ia adrtsed of what hour of ta» day or night or on what day ot tj«i- week a'fljr* can will tie i blown. 4»;flre« do not glre warnlnjr of their . OBBilnf. .writes Monroe WooEe; 1 So In- avgaace £ngineerin(, it (· obriouilr ·irantaa^otia that a fire drill' ihonld b»ia» nncwtato. · : ' ' . .SBTiem' the ftre caB (oea, cltlKT'ftn- drffl or for a flfht for lite nnd srop- etty. the loMien nah out of their aaartfti. leaTe their poata to the rom- aa»y kttcheca, aa on the Jrfll (raoadi. pickteg op fire bocieU and UnC axe* u they go in 'the?raceltor_ : J*Sfire aUtioa. Some marJbeihaUeaa,. ·elBe coatleaK and . othen" a"hlrtle»a,: Biit It la .an honor to be ai»D«Vth» ' BSrt to take hold of the ftrc .neat. . · · - ' · - JA31 the: officer! dash for the fire. ·lioiae, too) and the hlchaet ranktair of- tifiir preaent uaumee the duties of tffe-'chief. A run Im made *-lth chein- leal enciaea and hand drawn-.So**' ejurla and hook aud ladder trnc.ka r for a'lraiWlns'designated,a» thoiceno of" tlM-fbre. When the-equipment 1» out' f w ' a fire drin theInen"take-ikdraii- tafe ot the ocea«16tt -and play water »·}the irtndows'of-»«ilijinf,. them a food cleanint. " - . ·'·!'' ·^JThe amormt of fire^Sghtlng .» atni furnished tho;posU b;f tbs gcr- ,*rnment for their srotaetion lir reeu; USCd. of cearsereBtlrelJ^by.^aie itee aBdraeeds of each port. --· - ;;.:"";".; Pittsburgh's Forenost Blouse Store Tlw woman who.- buys a'--HosenbaMm .Blouse Is ; secure In tliiir knowlw l»»^lhat ;tt -to ixcluiiive--our leadership. !l reofgti.lnd' amMfl women ;who appreclaU excluslveness and our,Ia«g«.".'vfi»luri*»V!of bwlneas..enables us'.to ofrffer w«la«»' rf highest quality at Ortr^mely 'moderate prices. THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1918. "THE STORE AHEAD" ^ Pittsburgh's Most Beautiful Store : /50 Years of P This' is our jubilee year -- 5 the people of Western Penn: Northern West Virginia-- for enjoyed the confidence. -of its a confidence that we retain able business. methods. - iblic Service ) years devoted to serving ylvanra, Eastern Ohio and 10 years Rosenba urn's have ever increasing clientele -by fair, honest and honor- Newest Modes in Spring and i JcL ·. i ^*-.y : · · · .,,__ ! ' . · · · · · · · · · , . - . . ·· · . . - - . , · TV Tiff A T T Order By Number---Sat!sfaction Guaranteed^or Money Refunded. 'Moist Complete Blouse,Store in Pittsburgh' I. "IVaXTir, Tlw "Bvtar f.1 «lr to bur- »O« «.«*- M ·« f "AMJNB, 1 WUU TrmA BlMuw. · !%· · Id I.M ' »lth Wlnr · I "I · Von' ' 4 . : -ATlS," J.M-- , 6 . ."DOltOTBT." Mtncttn Bl«.«. rf c.fc.«J , Bnc' Frendi Tril. wtui l«z i4nwl'col- lar, r*T«rs mod vectvc f^ni with Flkt Im and Cc»p. rf. C . B 1 « a t e in )ir*aft*d elect. Tfai callir IIM (oar *4htt- tsd» m[ V- "ESTHER," and laVM. Bcccm- iaT* iuck. -,. "BETTINA." !.»8 1 -- FrHIr little .time *lnb«iaUtr trtmmed lni«rU«ni and * of VaL lace. "GEACE," 1.58-Voik Illoiue irltli £**! lalloc ul- lar «nd frllla of oa- kroirterni roll rdcrd wlUi widi Flkt Ian. Very attraetiT*. 3^ "DAISY," 1.S5-- Smart and praeao^ little .liportr of bhie and · | white gtripcd nunjalBette, w i t h and raffi. ly pHc«d. Moderate- 10. "BABETTE," II. "MABCELLE," 5.98--0 u a 1 n t HU1« 2.98--Lrttic* teddns round neck mod4l of txtA tier pearl b«t- . pink crcpc do chine. t«i« -. effeetirely tztw front -embroidered in ths collmr. caS 1 * an^ pretty deiicn. Larce Te«t of Utli 4intr revnd eollxr. white vvHe bl«iue. Sg»VICat AMD COCRTBST--Wl»)kr . ir T~ afcw at'tjn rntfn, kr amaU or talavltone, T"» will alwarl «». ta. aajM.kldi rn»4 f«r. r~r ptraanal waltara and aarMactiati tkal kaa dttrxtartaad that Slot, far kmtt · j_ ' Confirmed for Rhcumntlain. :IfeT. Joshua Kimber, In hla "Reminiscences," 'tells the foilowini; anec- doje .01' the Ixte Ksnop Horatio Pot- ter- ' · ' ' · · · : . ' : - ' · - . .'^e had been, Journeying up tlio ea»t bank of the Hudson river, sioppiEr; for · eori£rmatlon each day : at ' ad:foluin;' parlihes. When" he 'reached ' Poagh-' kcepsle he BTT a -woman . at tae rail wilting for conSrmitloh Vhoie face he wa^sure ha recognized and -wa*] some- 'wliiit familiar .with.. He wi.3 al«6 certain t!m£"ibe' ha'd! been coaflrmed tritltln the week at; another plica. The bishop ·whispered -'to Bef to Vrariata a?ter ; service, and : '/»id: . - ·'".T"a*y dear madam, -what do ytQ.mean 'for poa,Brma.Uon*";Vl ,am. ' £· V plica' -'Did 1 notT" ·'·''- -· ; -,;" She" fiatd: ."Yoa certainly did. I Bare been fololwlngr you up the rlrer and hayg been, confirmed every day _thl«";w r eet". . ' " " . ' . . . ' "He. astonished, said: "Why do yon aho-replied: -"Beeausel- ;'"j it -yraa good for rheumatism.'" Hired *· Stick. ; · The 3ttry;'after lonn .Vdellberatioii, aeemed -unable to-'agree in a perfectly clear case. The judge, thoroufhly el- asperated at- the delay, siilA: . : "f discharge this jury," .'» One ..sensitive . juror, ioditnant. t A trip to Pittsburgh is never Complete without a visit to 'The Store Ahead" BACK OP EVERY PURCHASE yo» ha-a the rnataiiiUb of tfaii ^0 year old bnilnesi--a bcam*»i founded en IVMI- e»tr and InUcrit?--n biutnew, t±«t rts- fttini the confidence of itt Shop here by nun with ytrfte Winning the Debutante's Smile .Anyone who incs this plcscast tasting homc-raade couca · Byrup, will quickly undorsuind why it'is mod in · mare homes .in the United States Mid . Canada thitn any. other couch remedy, i j The way it takes hold of an ob«t;na£o i [ couRh, umas immediate relief, -vrill miko j you regret iiat you nw-r tried it be- ; lore. It ia a truly dependable cough ; remedy that should be kept handy in. '· every home, to use at the first aien of a i couah during the ni»ht or day time. i Any dru^cist can cupply you with i 2% onneea of Pine!): '(SO cents'worth). ! i Pour this into a ^j!»t bottle £11 tbo . j bottie TritU nlam Eranulatcd,. suxor : syrup. Tho totaL cost is about OS cwita »nd yoa have n. full pint of iiu roost fciicctive remedy you ever used. I The quick, lastms relief you ect. from j this exccUent cough srrur ^vill rcaJlr ! surprise you. It promptly heals tfci ; Snfiamqd membrnncs tlmt lir-o the throat and air passages, stoua the annoyinsj. tbrojit tickle, looflrna the ^hlejrm. and ' soon your couirh stops entirely. Spltm- . did for bronchitis, croup, whooping coii^a ; and bronchial asthma. Pinex is a 'li(fhiy_ concentrated com- i Doraid of Konvay pine extra m ct, and ia : FamouB tho world over lor Its heaun£ ; : effect on the mpmbrnncs. · · To croid dlsapriatntment ask for "SW! ! onnws of PIn.x" vith full dm-cHoiis i and don t.accent anvthinE else. A Knar- j anfpe of alifloluto oatifiriLctfon or money ' promptly refunded coeB with this prep- ' ·»r»tloa. Tho'-I'inti Co, Pt. Wayne, i frocks, and here are two. erf .them designed, for the young girl, that -will make her more than gtad thnt flhe Is allre In a stilt and cotton eumioer. .An, the pretty,". old-amo -glpgliam pntr 'terna 'haVis been Interpretcil' In?" taffeta and Tofle and their Inventor* of 'long' ago would be delighted with tbetr'ele-' gnncc and .dalntinean 'In tiiMfj '.fine- grained fabrics. .. Some of "tlio - pew ; In plaid or crowibor taffeta go ' to the length of 'eopylnjr. apron styles "certain Uttle rreitrtotlona and added toachea to prove tliafc tJiey.Bro : not serlpns.minded end JiiTe no idea of foHowInij ·'-ther^-nseftti; career of aprons. ' . ' The'-^pretty .frock- of - eom-eolcvred, eToesbsr taftatfi-slipwn at the left of the picture has the plainest and slm pleet of pleasant wotata, made of plain' ijorn-colored taffeta, 'with sleeves of georgette-crejjft,; 'It b*a«.patch pockdU .raffled, across the top, : tiiat: fleign to' what he considered i" rebuke, fitted I riimind ns of the aproa poelts,. and the Judge: ' . ' '·';' . ' ' ' . . .,. an ingealocs cnllar muda .-Just to suit «m't disehiwge me," -ha; said j Hie 'frocfc.? '.This little .with a ^one o£ coavletioB. fieri .with.'a plain, straight and IBOTFOW .-- -And why not?" .imjuijea tk JaJga .. sUiit, ttat lams neitiier to -the r-jgut "". i'Taecaiiee?. announced the ti the lawyer- for-.the faat Hwza ; JoairoaL'., man ·i. ? nor to the- left, -but- pursiies 'its . -. tjndlstertied'by ruffle' or 'taiifc," to tiis ankles, of'jv wearera,.'.' li 'prbelaims- tte .stralKhV silhonette and leaves us The walat : buttons unfler an overlap- .nliig panel, at the front, and the collar must resort to snap fasteners on the'.shoulder. ; A pratty dress at thd right Is nude of'jjne; voile orer-a slip of silk. The skirt of,voile 1« gathorttd at the' waist line; so thnt .It has constdereble fu!l- npH^ but It. 1ft not drapftd. Just nt the right-It. IB split and CTt at the bottom so thnt-the .-voile'falia ,lu a cscndo. .The .bodlco 1(|:draper) from the ahonl- ders nnl blansed at the wolMllaa. The popnlor cheffilsetta !» Indlspeosa- bis In a waist draped in this way, and appccni less In fll*t lace over taffeta lace oveir tndeta stli. The sleeves are.fnll and fiathered Into a Uttle frill ttbeVe tha elbowi. There Is a soft, rfabon glrdlCi -pith long ends looped over' at Hie front. It takes Blender bead tuKBelu to weigh the ends so that thai' will Jinag.'properiy. A spray ot small ganlen" flowers Is .Incited into : ihe. eirdia at'the 'front, and their pretty, quaint suggestion .Is strnple-' mented ly rlio'oitra luogtii of the Blilrt -wnlcli'reKches 1 airaest to the Instep. Momtng Exerclsee. Callathenlcs token In the early morn* Ing do ranch to keep up the- general health. Standing, warmly bnt loosely clnd, at an oron window and Inhaling deep breaths of fresh air win (fllrrmlnto the Wood (jnlckly, This mlgut bo fo! r lowed .with two or throe easy ererclses. One roleht consist of dbuhiln^ the fists, placing them at tho . shoulders, end then thruKtins them out at arms' lonfftli swiftly. ,Aftc«; that It would be well to heed, trying fa touch the floor with. the finger tips without- bending tho knout. · These calisthenics mtcht bo contjiaded with a final one of feneaHnR and bending forward tho floor from ·the waist. The whole porfortQuncv need not take more than five.minutes, tend win do more to make elrcnleUou lively and muscles In goad condition flicn any amount nf niedictne. M«umlRB tho Departed, The newest thlug in mourning Is darlj Wire, It Is not for -She nod half of tlie menage,, bat for the widow wlis /tiBBgices with her other half, who seeks tlio courts to mt tha knot, guoh ft.person was SBeu yosteprlay and wkea j naked If she hud Inst eome one replied i "Ins, .my. iihsbaad." "When flicl he cllBf "bon't imdefstand," "I fll- voicod him. I felt for .a Htne Ihftt. I should ratira quietly, ami BOW that I liayB emoraed I wear a. coraBromise eolop--hlua. J Didn't-really cH^ficfl ipy hustmnd, bnt} had to (Jlvoice Iilra. ffllie mourning, (a tail* ft" 1 him aurl half for the memories. Biit, poor boy, he IMP- rletl ugnin. His stenQuraphflB."--New York d A QUICK way to weaken efficiency, dissipate money, * * waste time, and get in everybody's way, including your own, is to go without an automobile." -John N. Willys ' Mobile oils, heayy, medJnm and light in lots of 5, 10 gallons, half barrels and barrels; from the barrel only, per gallon ,..._.'..... '. 60c Buckeye Son-Skid Tires, mate by the Sabring Tire Company, Sabring, Ohio; Wft are asing these tires on our own cars and a number of people in Connellsville are them and getting as good rest**s from tlie use of Buckeye tires as they are-from the guaranteed tires. !!0 x S 30 i 8} 31 x 4 ·SS-x 4 .-.- . $ 8.75 . $10.95 !. §15.95 . $10.45 Other siie -- prices In /proportion to the aboTe." We carry a fair stock of automobile accessories. We charg-e your battery. We work six mechanics la oar repair department nnd can do jour work to your We can vulcanize your tubes and tfr'os. We sell Hudson and Overland pleasure ears and Little Giant Commercial Trucks. Tlio ne/w models are In. Look them over. Your telephone »nd m'afl order will have an Immediate attention. We will tront yon the best we iiww how. Why Bdt g!v« us a portion of jDor business? Advertise your -wants in Daily Courier. BT C. A. VOI6HT THKOVJU AU. tXEAR-- » SOM'T »W AX trtAi-P THE TIME

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