Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 2, 1974 · Page 31
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 31

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1974
Page 31
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Proper Care Key To Safe, Happy Vacation 7 C -- J u n e 2.1974 Sunday Gazette-Mail Charleston, VYeit Virginia By Irvin Ross A few years ago, a hard-hitting business executive I know tooK a much needed vacation after three years of around- the-clock work. Fed up with routine, he was determined to make every minute count. He jumped into his car, started out to visit friends on his way to the West Coast. One day he'd drive 600 miles. The next he'd be up at dawn to play 36 holes of high-stakes golf. At night, he stayed up until all hours in a dog-eat-dog poker game. He played, if anything, a little harder than he worked. Within 10 days he was flat on his back in a hospital bed with an attack of coronary thrombosis. And he stayed in bed six months. Another acquaintance, a busy, successful salesman who spent his life on the flat praires decided that a trip to Colorado's two-mile high Estes Park was exactly his vacation dish. His heart -- which worked fine near sea level -- threatened to give out the moment he arrived at his destination. He came home on a stretcher, spent months recuperating. In my high school days, I was a classmate of a top-flight athlete who won a football scholarship to a leading university. The summer before he enrolled, he went swimming with a group of friends in.a new lake. From the end of the dock the water looked reasonably deep, and he took a shallow dive -- but not shallow enough. The fractured neck vertebra that resulted kept his head in a vise-like brace for two years and he never played football again. »· There, picked at random from the people I knew, are three typical vacation casualties, symbols of the carelessness that can turn what should be the happiest, most rewarding time of the year into a nightmare. This summer there will be millions of vacation casualties, ranging from the case of sunburn that spoils a week, through accidents, poison ivy, and heat prostration. Many will be fatalities. The pity is that such vacation tragedies are needless. »· Here are the f i v e basic things to watch out for: 1. Watch your exercise. Too many vacationists believe they can go from a sedentary office life right into a round of golf, swimming, tennis, or rowboating without a second thought. The best you can expect from a sudden switch is muscles that creak audibly every time you sit down. The worst -- serious damage to your heart. So it's wise to go into training before you start your vacation. See that you get plenty of rest, eat the right foods. If you're planning on violent exertion, try setting-up exercises to get your muscles rounded into shape. And when you start your vacation, start slowly. Don't try to do all your swimming or rowboating the first day at the lake. Take it easy, pace yourself. You'll have more fun, and you'll undoubtedly live longer. · 2. Vacation accidents. Vacations mean crowded highways, the i n e v i t a b l e stepped-up holiday death tolls. Stupidity, bad manners, and alcohol are the three main causes of highway accidents. i 3. Water accidents. Water accidents are common during summer. About 3,500 persons drown during the vacation months, 200 kill themselves in diving accidents. Here, there are two main causes: cockiness and panic. Out of the millions of s w i m m e r s i n t h e U n i t e d States, eight out of 10 are convinced they are topflight swimmers. But further checking indicated that about one out of every 10 people who go in swimming was really competent. The others could easily get beyond their depth and their abilities. And even the best swimmers can succumb to too cold water that causes incapacitating cramps. Or they can commit the indiscretion of swimming too soon after a meal and deliberately inviting cramps. There are a few tips that can also help to make swimming safer and more pleasant. Never dive into water unless you know trie depth. Never inhale through your nose while in swimming. Water can force germs from the nasal tract into the sinuses or the middle ear, where unpleasant, potentially serious infections can develop. For the same reasons, it's a good idea to exhale while you hit the water in diving, or when a wave breaks over you. '·"" 4.--Diseases -- The woods, are ful of it. Vacation time is a traditionally active time for picking up diseases that can ruin your fun. 4. Diseases -- The woods are full of it. stop at an unsanitary roadside stand to serious and disabling infections. Knowing the potential enemy makes protection possible. Undulant fever -- brucellos- is, Malta fever, half a dozen other aliases -- has recently become the vacation hazard that typhoid fever was many years ago. Tricky, difficult to diagnose, it's hard to treat, may not show up for months after an initial exposure. Only recently has it become recognized as a major hazard, now three or four thousand cases of the disease turn up every year. Two thirds of the cases develop from drinking raw milk or milk products. The rest result from contact with infected animals, usually cows. The simplest way of avoiding the disease is insisting on boiled or pasteurized milk. Take another vacation hazard, spotted fever. This disease is carried by ticks, bag- shaped, 8-legged parasites that start flourishing in the woods and fields early in the spring. About one out of 100 ticks will carry the disease. There are some five to six hundred cases a year, the death rate runs aout 100. You can remove ticks by touching them with alcohol, kerosene, or lighter fluid. After removing the tick, disinfect the site of the bite with iodine or a similar antiseptic. "If you are going into areas known to be tick infested, clothing that-fits tightly at the wrists, ankles, and neck will help ward off the disease-carriers. The skin is extremely sus- pectible to vacation hazards. New Convenience in a Mini-Portable ALL-NEW 1974 RECHflRGERBLE F m/fim PORTRBLf RflDIQ Take along anywhere . . , Plays on or off recharging base! Only $ 36 95 The ROYAL E27Y Take this FM/AM Rechargeable Portable Radio with you anywhere, or listen to it while it plays on recharger base. Recharger base fully recharges radio batteries overnight. Radio features Broadband RF Stage on FM, AFC-FM, AGC on FM/AM. Push-Pull Ampiiflcation. Precision Vernier Tuning. Slide Bandswitch Selector. Earphone attachment for Private Listening. Dramatically styled in rich Ebony color. The quality goes in be/ore (he name goes on* CHELECTRONICSINC. 707 6th Ave, St. Album 727-2662 It's the avenue of attack by insects, it suffers from over-exposure to sun and wind. Prickly heat is a common nuisance of summer. For minor skin irritations -including insect bites -- boric acid and calamine lotion are handy to take along in your vacation bag. They soothe and are mildly antiseptic. . One of the commonest skin irritants is poison ivy and its close relatives, poison oak and poison sumac. The best way of enjoying a vacation free from attacks from these plants is to find out what they look like, then avoid them. If you are exposed, washing the skin with plenty of soap and water, or a solution of potassium of permanganate helps. Heat, a common enemy, can produce two different serious effects with diametrically opposite symptoms, that require opposite treatment. Getting plenty of salt during the hot days, avoiding overexertion are two ways of fore- s t a l l i n g such a t t a c k s . In what's called sun or heatstroke, the patient is flushed and overheated. Best treatment is to get him into the shade with his head raised. Try to cool the patient off by treatment with cold water or ice packs. Heat exhaustion results in a cold and clammy, instead of a hot and flushed skin. The temperature of the victim drops instead of rises. Treatment involves lowering the head to bring the blood into it, keeping the victim warm, and applying stimulants. In both cases, the normal temperature regulating devices of the body have gone awry. In both cases, it's wise to get in touch with a doctor immediately, because such at- tacks can be fatal. · 5. Travel hazards. These involve exposing the body to shifts in environment which can disrupt its normal routine. People are exposed to new foods, some of which may not have received adequate sanitary preparation. It's always wise to boil water you're not sure about, to insist on pasteurized milk. Motion-sickness is a main travel hazard, and it can come to passengers in an automobile, boat, or airplane. Certain drugs will help this condition. Ask your doctor. The word "under" as opposed to "over" is a good guide to follow in all your vacation activities. Moderation applies to all things, and your annual vacation is no exception. 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