The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 1930. THIC BALLY COURI'KTR,, U FAG-HJ TI5AVEL HIGH Motorists Pay One-Third More Over Bad Roads. (Ily k. E. Dufly) ' The motorist who pays out n dollar in car operating expenses in traveling over high type roads, fauist pay'$1.18 In traveling the sam distance on Intermediate type roads. Tito travel coat of flic same distance on low type ronda is .fl.HS. Coot of Qravot. These costs, determined by Prof, T. R. Agg anfl H. Si. Carter of Iowa Stato collepa for the "Imaginary" nvernge cnr, clearly Indicate the high cost of traveling over so-called low type roadf. According to their calculations tho cost of driving over gravel and no on fa one-tJilrd greater than driving over tiinootb concrete. For the siike of convenience, let It be conservatively Considered that the coat of driving a car over concrete la five cents a mile. A dclln,' will then buy 20 mllon of travel on hai-d pavement The average motorist now travels noino 0,000 miles yearly at, therefore, an estimated cost of $300. If the motorist's traveling weri, all to be done over intermediate type roads rather than concrete, the additional coat for this "privilege" would be 554. But If the motorist were compelled to , bump over low type roads the extra travel cost would he- $1H-- which la $114 that could be better spent. Money on Improvements. A motorists' association iuis Just pointed out t h a t 10 states t h i s year spent less money on ht;-hwny Improvement than they did lust year, even In the face of m o u n t I r g cnr registrations. Obviously, this cannot he called economy, fur every mile pf unimproved rond a c o m m u n i t y tolerates costs the taxpayer hard cosh through extra car expenses which have to do with fuel and ol!, cnr depreciation, tire wear and allied Horns. Cheaper motoring can only come through more extensive h i g h w a y improvements and these miwt come through the expedient of m a k i n g more money available for highway construction. WEARS TAIL LIGHT AND WHITE GLOVES London Bobbie Takes No Chance of Being Injured. A. London Bobbie on duty at the bot- Wm of tha Savoy takes no chances of being hit by an unseeing motorist. If white gloved don't attract tho motor- Signals on London Cop. lets' attention at ij'pht the rear light attached to the policeman w i l l surely do tho trick. The gloves have huge cuffs, which arc also white, umi can bo seen from quite a distance. Junked Cars Cluttering Highways Called Menace ..-There aro scored of thousands of '.iutoniobllea on the highways today ·which we-'f actualiy disposer} of by Ihelr owner* as Jut.k, but w h i c h were salvaged, put in r u n n i n g condition and- Bold by junk dealers, according to the safety 1 division of the American Automobile association. The American Automobile association points out that It Is a common practice throughout tho country to buy Junk curs for a few dollars, put them In some (.lojiree of runniiie shape aud sell them buck to tho public. "These fiiechanlcally nngnntl cars," s-y-i Uio .American A u t o m o b i l e association, "produce three very baxl results. Firs:-, they create n serious hazard am) intensify the snfoty problem. Second, they clutter the highway and Increase congestion by ren-' son of tholr Inability to m a i n t a i n any- t h i n g l i k e an average rato of speed. And, t h i r d , pi nee these salvaged cars are almost Invariably the f i r s t v e n t u r e of t h e i r buyers In car o w n i n g , ( h e y jret badly Ktu:K and ol'tendmes get soured on automobles In Kenoral." Find Another Effective Anti-Freeze Combination Tho United Stittos bureau of stand- nrds hn.t (ouud another n n t l - f r e o z e t h a t is said to be even more effective l b a n glycerin, in t h a t not. a* much Is neidocl proportionately. Thar la ethy- leno jrlyrol, a petroleum product w h i c h hn.i t h e .adv:ii!f!i;;es of both alcohol and Klyoerln. It COB In more than plyeerln. CHycorln mix**, easily wl:h water and Is kept in I ' i r e u ' n t l o n by ;lie p u m p or tli!« thi.'"ino-s.vphon .system of curs w i t h o u t pin:n*. H doesn't K e l t i c either down or up. so n-: to p e r m i t a n y part of the cofiliiu: sysdMii to fi-i'/.e w h i l e She I'liplne M »'t r u n n i n g . Whsf'll It Bay? They c l a i m tiuini'.y N'n'r n * v a l : sible as it was, but wo notice t h e h i f ' i i n u n Mii! K d i t o r In "ne of ids l i , l p f u l replies say* 11 ·''"''I'Ul plct-v ii:i!vil I S i - ( n u d In llr.-it-class c o n d i H - . u U w n r l t i 00 CI'IKJK.-- ; l ' t l ' i N^«5- 1 "STANDARD" Gasoiine a test st re s nderf FROM THE ROARING INFERNO the distillates pass into tho huge sopa- ratingdrumswhi hoavy fractio and Impurities removed. Noihi roaches your mo except pure, ru n o w - p r o c e i s c "Standard" G^ oline. BUiLT TO PtEASC- THE PUBLIC Huge are the giant cracking stills «rect :d to produce a popular-priced Qasa ne bettor than any now sold to inolorli «, Hollor than rha fabled Vulctii 's furnaeo is tlio soaring heat that litere !y "loars" tho pure, rich gasoline from the heavy oil. No wandar this inaw- 3roces»ad " S t a n d o r d " Gcnollno l» i iDoother- powered. Skyscrapers ol poured comeril--in which Hit; pure, crystal, new-piocessed "Standard" Gasoline ii literally "cracked out" of lupar-heatnd and compressed heavy oils- Night and day, thase huge separators turn out Mori-test "Standard" gasolfn fc flll the ever-growing popular demand. NO HOLIDAYS Day and night the refinery is alive with in- d m t r y . T h e m o n s t e r f i r e b o x e s never cool. Tho giant cracking coils are on twenty- four hour duty to caro for tho tremsndous increase in new- p r o c o s E f l d " S t a n d a r d " GajoJJ/io con- 4 sumption. F : TER monrhs of patient 1 experimer tation and the installation of entirely .new refining equipment, we offer the motoring public a truly balanced gasoline--a gasoline with no one quality sacrificed at the expense of arty other. The new-processed "Standard" is no better rqerely on one or two points, it possesses in a balanced combination ALL those qualities Svhich experts agi se go to make up an all 'round superior motor fuel, Quicker i tart-ing. Quicker pickup. Smoother power. Less knock! ig. You can judge the new-processed "Standard" on anyone of these specifications, or in combination. However you test it, it sets a new record in motor performance. And yet you pay no more for it than for ordinary or infer or gasolines. Sold everywhere at all "Standard" pumps. Test it today. Quick Starting NO GUESSWORK in Ihis "Standard" control room. Trained exports conjlunlly watch Iho bt^-faccd rtielerSt Hoqt and pressure can deviate no mora Ihan a point or Iwo boforo corroclnd. Chocks and rechec'i, tests and ro- toils are continuously mode to insura a con- slant supply of uniform new-processed "Standard" Gasot'no at no oxlra cost. Best Condition Means Maximum of Efficiency. With the general trend to- higher compression engines, the portance ol' kc-oimi;,' tho spark pl the best condition cannot bo ovev phnslzod If the n i o i n r l s t would e the mnxlmtun of cfflolcrit cnr oi tlon, apcordlUK to an euBlnecrinc letin, which nays: "A surprisingly Inrge perceiii of poor performance may be tr nnd often ellmlmiiod by an e.tni- tton of thn Rpfir\ plugs, which often rewponsihle for online tr coming unclor the following cliiss; tlons : Troufala Classifications. 1. Kngirie hard to stnrt -- niisR. low sfipods, filiigKlsli. 2. Knglne loses power on long at high ypeed, on hlils bard i ' "Conuttlous described above niii due to fouled, worn out: or \\ type spark plugs, or to I t u p r n j i i " Justnifnt of sparU plus caps. "If the plujjs are fouled. nlvl. t h e y should ho cleiineii, nnd If out they should be replHced. 1 gap Is ton wiilf It should bo adj to .025 Inch for average entinoh .020 Inch fur hlch compresslot- -.vard Im- g In v-em- njoy iern- bul- aced - i l n a - nre ibla ;ilrn- should also bo'cTeaiif-tl or rnnowe'd and the ' g u n sot at no Irss thtui .010 Inch or more -tlinn .020 inch In moot cases. Cleaning Eanily Dona. "In the case of fouled flrmrlc plugs thnt nre comparatively now, cleaning' Is easily done.: "Fill tho lower .pnrt of the pluf; with alcohol, metal polish or p^tia! parts ammonia and water, nnd let It. stand for a few seconds. "Rub carbon from Innnlittor with stiff wlro or small wooden peg covered with ono thickness of cloth. Then wipe tho plutf'flry. (Mean the n p n r k f n g points w i t h emery rloth. A d j u s t t h o gaps. Car mnnir?nrturcrs recommend that spark nlugs be reuewod every 10,000 rnlles because worn out plugs cannot be restored by cleaning." UTOMOBILE NOTES y bn rong ad- - i i s l y .vo/n tin 1 sted a n d o;»- Bad Roads Have Fewest Automobile Accidents Tho most common excuses given for road accidents are bad rondo, foggy weather, poor light arid defective brakes, nowever, according to tin- statistical hurnnii of the N n t l n n n l A u - tomobile club, these c l a i m s nre tint borne out by official report. Out of 1,827 ac;ldon(s d i i r i n g one single month, 1,.ir'l took phico on perfectly dry roads; 1,238 in clear weathor, and 008 In broad d a y l l p h t . Out of 2,778 vehicles Involved, In vc;stlKntors. f o u n d t h n t 2,050 were In pood c o n d i t i o n m e c h a n i c a l l y and only 20 wi'i'e fo\iud ( D have defe.ctlvn hi"ili(-s. The chief i-pnaons for the nc- c i d i - i u s worn reponp'i » / , | n onrctcss mid reckless driving. Rosolvo now to have n-o money worries during 1930. Pay aH your oaiatanding nhligations with an rasy-to-gct, confidential loan obtained here, \ r ou cati borrow uji (« $300,00 · on your own personal responsibility without outside sitr»ierB, Pay us baclj In small easy-to-me-ct iinyinriiffi fltted to your income. Start the New Yair right. Ix^f iis tell you about our dignified loaning plan without oblir^afion ami our service which extends over lil years in Groonsburf?. Inq'.iiro about our Bonus Plan. Call, Writo or PHONE 1-3-1-3 t.laf.nnoH toy h o . y * n ( r Open « to SiM)--«nt. S (.· n. 1.7: « tire covers, especially. I n . 'summer The sun scorches .the- life out of cx.pi aed rubber. -. ...,!.. . . . , . . # . * ' * -.'. · r .· ·· · A loose battery, couiieotlo'n la tho first thins to. look for. when the heud- llgii bulba burn' out. ;:,".' V · - . - - · · · · » * · « · · : . ; · · ,..',"..' Ti e spnrlc shouid -be retardc-l when cnu klrig'.b.v-h'ri'nd',' 'nnd aclvtuwtelS when-; usii' !· the seif-st.nrter. ' . - ' . " .."···.' ' , ' . . , ' . ' . . , . . » ' . ' . ' * . ' . * ... ..'. ....... ', A i y i c e , ; to., very yb.yng 'm' ;Whyl' hon' your horn futilely In, trafllc:jnins2. . Wh; nor talro' up dvlatlon, nt'S,6S jnlles" an 1 our?-* . . .. . , . ".' "·;',: . ..' ··# * * .............. C e n p . o i l hna riot the reslsl ii-n'ce to chei ilcnl .'chhngCB which produce sul- p l i u lc acid Hint a t n o r o carefiillji made oil lossesses. .. - . . . . . . . ' .:' '- * ' . - . ' . * " * . ' * ' ' L ibrlcutlng oil -' that la sold '.at a ver. 1 low.- price 'cannot, have t h e . q u n l - " ll;y rhot.greBt cnre find ,laborloii8 at- tout ; OTJ niToni. ' : . . . ." : .... A RE ;,\ E (.'.I? 8S A R \ . K ( R ft () 01) H K A LT H ; .PLATES -- BRIDGE WORK .,/;';: V A'I' liOOK BO'l'TOJI- KO W h e n O l h o r VVorJi Is Done. EASY PAYMENTS First National Bank BUI;;. Boom 204 -- fjecond Floor, GREENSBURG, PA. PATBON1XK THOSE WHO li»'K«TUvK IN T H K COURIER. \^ L sec where n. foriy-ojglif-yenr-olO tral ic victim was referred to recently n "agi;d p e d e R t r l a n 1 ' by n middle- n e w a p u p e r man of twenty-sovcn ! " 'evlmps tho propo.ierl 200-pound i n u t mobile w o u l d give the pedestrian '· |,, w to c o n t e n d w i t h . " \Ve don't know : i A 1 ruiilil.vri «lrl was taken tn the bos- ! p i n i rt-cunlly n f l e r b e i n g run over by a t- iby ***··*·*· f-r+-*++*.r*4.H H +0 f .

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