The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
Page 5
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THE; DAILY COtTHIER, CuDNELtSVILLri PA. OF THE DAT I f AT MT. PLEASANT · BRIERY RELATED Many Well Known fomng ·Ton I*»T« Next Tbunday for Camp Lee. THE IBT % Mim. Iihkt/irife ·( C«t*i V. B. VIM* MCT SaMtafr at tiM Age ·! " r, J* Tw*r K*d " Cr»» ·f BtMClal to 1 JTT r"»ASANT,;'March 28.--The ; i» the list/otinen who will next Thursday In tie draft'from Di»trict No. 6: : Carl E. Smif, MeM- mere, NielrSpalaris, Latrobt; "John E. Tfaipierv Southweat;' Thomas ,H. .-j!Ur»k.. Mammoth; -Vincent Thetde,' ^rBt. Vincent, .Beaitj-; George F. Mellon,, Mammoth; George "W. TOsffeld, Latrobe, Frank Grsbiak, Porryopolis X. D , "Walter Bower, 3K. Pleasant; JTkmdore Walker, Tarr;Michael Mc- Gerem, Mt. Pteaaant; Jolua. Noel, r Tou»g»town; John Lojan, Southwest; i Hmines, Latrobe B, D.; Tony , Crabtree; Xarianna 'Memani, , Bronck Koerasky, Jeaaette; "Walter Rolnolk. .Southwest; Michael tort Naaaar. Mt. Pleasant: James Bawae. Mt Pleaaant; Enric Pasqualti, tatro**. B. D.; William Bnfrman, Taoaaatom; Jacob H»n»r, Whitney; J"*a«k Z. WalKer, : Mt. Pleasant; JttJhH Badrck, E»»t pittatwrj; Henry Neaamuc aack ·EdTfafd W. Kaip, Jon** Den. 8.x Bellinger, United; Pawofekukl, ' Mt. Pleaaant; Walter Bolaoifc South. wat; Michael J.Mnrray, Whitney,- f Roy J-. auiil, JOBOT Mills; "William E. Kelly. Transar;.JEmry £. Borna, Ligahler; WllUai Kaach*, ; MpFleaaaia; Ster« IT, Staolatown; Henry O. Brows, Craktre*; Jwepb N. Chtiley, Mt Pleai-. ·ft.'mtmi Harhager, Mt- Pleaaant; BamM M. Croiaw, Talapaiiao, Ini; Main P«to, Mt PleaMnt; Andrew .Mnrartx, Kt/Pleaunt Unity; Geprg* Bjaajlla, Trwia^r^Xjdcar Ai Ilarr, La* ' tnb* B. D.; Augwt Bntski, :.Greena- ^kBUV.S. D., lamer Mllliron,"Mt. Fieaa- aat r -Lawrenci! B. 3h«w, Mt Pleaaimt; JOmu JUmtj. Mt Pleaaant; Nayareno AJbattbn. Baggatlr; Raphael. Jairas, ·Mlkweat; Jowl* C. Ihte; Latrobe; KM* Wetty, Mammoth; Mftv Molcha TMUd; Aha C. Bktaer; Hirrisburg; Mike Uhrla, Latrobe; Jofca P. Veayan- ko, United, ud Joaeati Kttehmark, fluaUiaaat JOtemate* -are Edwartt B. Kalui. Donagal; Elekard Boasart. I««tp««s: Lee MUllrm, Jit lleuant; Doaato DtpaBqaali, "lit.'- Pleasant; : K. Heeae." "Whitney, and Joe Jars. M. B. BwU», ao* 1* T»«s. Oft. T«IT MM inly at h«- College aTe- .MM kon* ·· Tmwoay ni»tt ot acute Mfewttoa. No..amacsmeii.t»..haTe k**m ·! for th« faneraL; BeaidM ··r kaflknC Ca»i. Hnkbs. sha 1 snr- Tfce foUowiag U a report of the in- jattart»« ot ; ki*te4 irtielM heU by tfce KM Creei ebaater: Seottovle, 60 MTMtan, M pairs.of wiMlets, U jtin «T Mdu. «Ml M hetmeU; Mt Haiaiat. n rwaUera, 31 pahn ot Bihtfata. » mofflen. 3 helmets and m fotn of aoeka. WliTTOUSTO , PIETERT APPBHHOTIS CnnnattarUle ·people should know akBfle InckUwre bark, glycerine etc.. aa aMxed in Adter-i-ka, tuches .the aatfcre fcirnel tract » eompletaly that aa*a*aViti« la nrerented. On« spoon- fa) tiBirl fra r*H«ve» any ease, aoiir atoaaadi, gaa or constipaUon becaiue It mnoTW ail-foni-maiteir. which" c'log- ga* md poisoned your srsteia. The iBetaot action iorpriaea both doctors ··4 jatieaU- A. A. Clarke.V-A.dT. ^ LAHOR^SfflPMEKTS I., MH Baartri a Tetal *l "Water and : land carriera which inai oAfrom . .the Lake dhtrlet fcandled 64,«7.0eS tana in 1917. (H this figure, «2,- 4tM*l to»' ^ere shipped by lake and IJM.iel tone were hauled directly by rail from the mine* to consuming aotate, aa qbowa Vytne :offlcial sta;- tistka contnllad by The Iron -Trade , Tke all-rail shlpmtnU show a stead Oy flaticaataic Imprrttinrn In niilntiin la« the pig iron output of the hlut · riataam Iribotary to tie Lake r 3uptr- Mr*district. : ; ,TI»M. direct shipment! ·am We» cioae to 1,000,000 tons both ia'JWT a»d In 1»1«. while 30 Tear* ago UHL joraiit movement was only MO,- NECESSITY FOR FOOD CONSERVATION TO BE IEPTBEFORETMVELERS P. JL R. to WiptoT -Series uf FoMon IB C»r» Ttat WDI be S«» fcjr.- -, MO^MO Pe»»le Dally. In coSper»Uoo with the ;: United States Pood Administration, the Penn- ·jriranUi railroad uystem has arranged 10 provide space in'its'passenger curs for the display ot posters tb. aid In tellim" the- Vnb.lie .the facts as to th« necessity for food conservation _ The fatter* · will be placed 4n the coaches on all ]tortion9'-;of the: Pennsylvania system, both east and west ol PittAurg, and will .be the first printed" matter ot any Mnd to be displayed in Pennsylvania railroad cars. Approximately 5,006 day coaches, baring a. total seating capacity of more than 300,000 passengers, will be available; tor the display oc the fodd-^say-, lag potters.,' .This' will-tervevto'rliif:. 'the' salient facts 'as to fine iecessity; for food conservation -'before more than 216,bOiD,00'-persons a year, . or n«arlTo600,008Va^diy. L These figure*. are based on: jne;jaseeigerB traffic the P«l»7lTania.Ilailroad System. iniSlT. 1 The' joajersy-iini be changed from; ·time to thnej'.ii' order p'reseiit. ; neiir phases ot the'sub'ject:^; food SB-ring.' In- additloi to the postere-'prepared .for use lp. ; the "dayi coaches, 7 special car* irllf be aiaplaywMn the restaurant cars and restaurants ~ setting forth the .fact that Pennsylvania-railroad system i» ajmeinBer of the United States Food Administration, and pb- serres all .the regulations laid down' by {he Adminiiitraiton. Jor tlie saving o f food.. .":". '·'''.. -' · · ' · · ' . ' nrcLE six SKEDS iror. B Wanti Ton to Help Bin BJgkt Here atEoBie. . Tie ieryice he aata ot you benefltiT ywu Just a» much as it" does him. He buy War Savings Stamps. He paya liberal;''lntenat; ' a n d - the money is to be used win the war.: Stamp* oo ««le and fuH in/or-, niatioa at the Firm National Bank of " ' "-Adr^.-.:'. . V - " ' · ' - ·"· ' all-rail shipment* in 1917 .show ot only 0.73 per cent; or 13,534 ·»« 1»1«. Ta» lake moiement a lou of 1S3SI tons, mak- lac tke Mt loss (or the year 2,221,463 to««, «c JJJ pw cent · ' '··"···'· A* VaU 4 States Steel '· Corporation »Mj»i tSjmffn tons-last year, com- Bwradwltti 31,673,131 tons, or «.34 per c«A acataxt 47.52 per cent in 1816 and W ttr etui IB IMtt. - ' Practice *l JhfckiJt* f.»«sw«rk. ' It ham been said" that the practice of. medicine at beat is simply a game of gnesBwork, because the action of dragB varies to a great degree upon different individuals; but when, a medicine tas ;lived for forty years, constantly cniwlnK In sales and popularity there «an be no peater proof of its merit. Sluch a.mediclnc is Lydia [ B./Plnlrism;s;A;;Veg«tflJle Compound, tl*t\ famous- old. root; "and herb ·'rem- edy, now recognized from shore to shore as the standard remedy for female Ills-- Adr. ' To* win find than la cmr ad. colnmat: Don't Neglect your stooMcb. Keep jt strong and well When food dis? grew with it, strengthen it with BEHHAM'S MILS *··-· ****·» "H«*« *«. wdit, -rarr chap-foil *t kal tte, cMllw Ntmid, Ik D. D. IrritltkB .- Bw*. Save a Quarter Each Day and Invest itfin War Saving Stamps--On Sale at Our Coupon Desk-- Main Floor. With This up to $5.59 Trimmed Hats . L, $3.95 Large and small stapes in the very newest trimmed * styles and colors to suit every taste THE BIG STORE ithThi e | Regular $2.50 French Kid Gloves : $1.95 Plain. bl«ck of Viack with rour rows o£ emoroidery 'wliite, all sizes, Special $1.95. ,March 29 Extraordinary Values j No Phone Orders, C. 0. D. or Approvals on Coupon Items. Please Bring Coupons With You. In order to make tomorrow a Record Breaking Coupon Day -we offer choice of brand new merchandise from every department throughout the store at famous Coupon prices. And coming as it does just two days before Easter makes a special appeal to all thrifty women. 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CONFUJJJCE, March 28.^-The Man- hatian quartet of the Coif, Nelson, Lyceum Bureau, Pittsiburg;. will-'.glve : a first class entertainment ; ln the. Lutheran church thla" eTeningV: , ProceedB. for tte local. Red Cross-'- chapter: Mrs Milton Long has retameVl to her home hi Somerset, after- visiting: her brother,-Silas Hlleman and family of the West Side several days Mrs. 'John Hunter and, son,. Ira, o£ JohdisbnvChapeli :Pa., : were" here, yesterday on. their way to Connisllsville: "J-.-WvCIouse contractor of : this,.place who ;has ha3; a large ciintract building houses'for a'coal.coiopany at Ohiopyle expects to complete the saime.,.in ; the next week or 10 days , 'Rev. "W. M. Bracken, pastor of the M. K. church will Sunday.everiing next preach a sermon -appropriate · to,- the dedicaition o£ a: service: flag for those:who are.ih the service from the church. JVIrs;.."vVm. .Lediow o£ Braddock, Pa; and Miss SopMi Hilaman o£. ASdMoa, Pa., are visiting their brother Silas Hileman'and family cit the Vest Side at present. Mrs.- Sheridan .Hunter has returned to her home in.Ohiopyle after visiting friends at Somerneldr Pa. Thomas JetfreyB.of Addison,--'Pa;, was here yesterday .on ' his. .way to Pittsbtirg, Pa., on business. Lottie Lancaster, was.ber.e yesterday on- her way to her hoine in Somerfield, ~, aftcv,.visiting friends-at Somerset, Pa., a few days. .. . ' : ' . . , Julius Butler of Somerfleld, Pa., w"aa here yesterday on his -way to Connells^ .ville, Pa., to visit friends.'. G. W. Lenhart a well known merchant of Llstonburg, Pa., was her* yesterday transacting business. Mr. andilrs; P. E. Vincent of FoiOi Hill was hfre /«et«pd«jr .. . _

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