The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 26
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I ! I . i I 1 1 , r. 7!" y I " " I. AUGUST 22; 194 i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, 24 201 un. run to in tCoal- tram FneMUc Columrl AVAILABLE iDTIMIII. MOD-ara .-.bedroom aoaj-lmenta. 405. 1! Roy Street, vfrtghlvslle. .77-list. T AVAILABLE, I . ItDIOOM apartments, ISO McArthur. Eut- iR. lii-SM. saa-eau. AVAILABLE. 1 1IDIOOK arxertment, eleetrtcaUy equipped. Weal tad. fTS inonthly. tit Wi-llr-iton. j AVAILABLE. I-BEDROOM UPPER duplax. parking. IO. lt-lJl(. AVAILABLE mMEDIATELY. PR--vate MUlm. heated, cmnblna-tkm IWIni. dntlng room, stove and nttHmur. 1 bedrooms an eeeond floor, 1 addition) room on third floor, Olla- lix-axii AVAILABLE. UFPEB O UP LEX. private entrere--a, but CirtW Adults. CIS-roll. AVAILABLE. l-BBDBOOM. quipped Drtvowoy. Trunk. 443 CM-MM AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. UP-pr duplex, t banroosna. equlp-, aedL Rlliemont area. 003. 733- AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER. Menottck. a rooma, bath, p r l-' vete entrance, yard. erhool buses. heated. .tinted, equipped MO AVAILABLE. OCT . QLOUCES-. Mm.1 i. ImiIimib elacti-l- eally equipped, clean IIS. 1XS- ana. AVAILABLE. 1-1 BEDBOOMB. electrically equipped. 110 up. Vtclntry Tecbj-ical Rlrh School -X. BEFORE YOU R VISIT THE PARKWAY TOWERS Comer of Richmond Rd. ad New Orchard Ave. J 725-1393 - AVAILABLE, 1 BEDROOMS. targe umr room ana a icav haatad. narka-ia. chll- etren accented 003 til Murrey street, aMm. o-e. AVAILABLE. MODERN 1 BED iTaiuieke, ban a men. living room. kHrh trlcaUT equipped. Oct. 1. Weverley, corner Elgin. I Kttcaen eiars 1. I7. ZOO . no-ma. AVAILABLE SEPT. 1. LARGE S- bsdroora Dertment. nvlnl roc orparato dining room, (rant and mar balcanlaa. garata. odatrol location, adtuta praswrraa. oio CU-40IS eveningx- AVAILABLE. BACHELOR, Cl trak a 134-11 tral. equipped M. Ml OUi -J07X. AVAILABLE. S4 ROOMS. HEAT-ad, lighted. MO- Oa-lltT. ivin.inix MODERN. SEMI- baaamentTi Teoorocan. a o a t r a I. 000. 234-1341. , AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER. I BED-room. electrically equipped. perking, aaar Qua, m auea. UOIIlDl APARTMENT. RTLEC- trtcalljr equipped K4. Hi Oil- BACHELOR APARTMENT. SELF- ooaulaad. vara aantrat. soo-iasi. 01 MateaUa. - . ' BASELINE, NEAR WOODROFPE. 1 BUS. Prao amig-ta aerklng cueteea drapes for tivtng roam. vame gioa, tort lee Dint At LA TOURAINE And I 1 THE R0XB0R0UGH DAILY . WEEKLY MONTHLY Call 2344U WURIZx'and ELGIN BASEMENT APARTMENT, oao. immaiiiaia. , BeH BAYSWATEB. 1 BID ROOM, electrically naejiil. park log. pi, tar-iiii. BESSERER. a ROOMS. BALCONY hot aralar. elderly lady. MS- CARLINOWOOD. LARGE I . BED roam bi rrtpiex, equmpea oa- awaaA. Tav-XJea. CENTRAL. a-BEOBOOM APART. TU-1141. cxirntAL. av and 4 room aaartmania. Cooper. CXITTRAL. MonnM BACMOXOR ha Icon 7, caraatad, TV I o o s O. oaa. mh 1 . CENTRE TOWN. MODERN. NEW-ly domrated, wall ta eraO ear- CXURCHILL . CARUNO AREA, trtplex. a bedrooma, dining lie. tng rooma. waaher, dryer. Oeto- oar. plow, oil-oaat. OflTRCIIlLL AVENUE. SHE rooma. let flaar, Oct. 1. !- 040o, Tin-itni. FOR OTTAWA'S JJNEST APARTMENT PLUS YOUR OWN I PRIVATE " COUNTRY auB TURN TO PAGE 3 701 UTi, RATS TO HI tCont. from preeedlag Car-uaal CLEMOW-BRONSON. 1-. S-BED- room apartments, equipped. g3g-4401. lAj-1737 COMPLETELY REDECORATED 1 -bedroom baeemenl apartment, equlpnad. parklni. M0. lt- DUPLEX. MODERN. SPACIOUS, qalpped. J bedrooma. f arafe. raaldentlal. Oct. ). PAS-WIt after . EASTVIEW. I- AND t-BEDROOM flau. newly decorated. Apply 30 Barret te Street. 14 eo-juoi. EASTVIEW, BLAKE B O U L I eard. 1 bedroom, anrilttti. rafrKarator. heated. I 1 1 a t e d. couple. SH0-U7O. EASTVIEW. BASEMENT. I mat, heated, parking, m La-iola Street. 140-104. kastvikw apart. ment. TS. waanar, dryer. 140- eauv. EASTVIEW. I-BEDROOM APART- ment. ISO. T43-OU4, 100 aeneeV EASTVIEW. LARGE 1 - BE Of- room apartment, refneerator tore, ground floor. US-ISM 201McLeod DESIGNED . WITH YOU . IN MIND ' 12 floors -of Comfort and Elegance. SEE OUR DISPLAY APTS. ANY DAY FROM 2 P.M. JO 9 P.M. Spacious 0NE-BEDR00M APARTMENTS I Start at TELEPHONE 23M221 lmmndiota Occupancy EASTVIEW, SM. HEATED 1-BED- room apartmant naar every T40-17M, I JO U. WATTVIXW. 1 BEDROOM. parking. SH0-e404i SHO-tOU. ECHO DRIVE. GROUND FLOOR triplex. 1 hedduaw. dining room, decorated to choice. September October sue. Boa eV-OM. Jo-ar- ECHO DRIVE. 411. 1ST FLOOR. I bedrooma. modern kitchen, heeled, parking etorag area. ovotianet lew. aae-aaie ELECTRIC STREET, t B E D--rooma, MS and 004, equipped. adtuta. OHl eairi nanmaa ELGIN AND LISOAR. NEW SBC- Hon, 1 Oil. ELGIN. VICINITY ARMY HEAD-" quartara, bidraim, 100. SM. OUU. FIRST. FLOOR, t BED- roOme. nvrng room, ominq roam. kitchen, aanrleo roam. Ballahla aduita. gao-oio. . WEST END 1- BEDROOM SUITES t 2- BEDROOM SUITES $100 . and $106 t , Batmeea WaatgoM 0ml Carilnt-wood Bhnpplng Ceo tree JeaPor aaralno. Electrioally eqa'pped. Fraa narking. Boa tranaaoru-tkm at door. 2S2-T41 EvES.722-110-T22 3fll3 GLEBE. 1 BEDROOMS. ELEC- trtcally nqutppea. oao. aja-naaa. zaa-iaao. naya. OLEBE. S BEDBOOMB. HEATED. ugh tad, aqalaped. 000. ioo-owoo m woe . mnu AajAnTlavar Mien oaiwroom. ejqoeyooew pww- BJUJ. B OBIO. GLEBE. I BEDROOMS. SUN- parr. amtna room, eqeippea, aerkraAL 0a3: a tumn, gr flaar. ammg room, eqalaped. perking. 111700. October. SM- aaio. GLEBa I OR t BEDROOMS. enodara apartment equipped. OS and too. laa-oioo. OLEBE. 1 BEDROOMS, ELEC trkcaiiy equippea. aao. xyn-ai la. HULL. 1. t-BEDROOM APART' mania, electric eteva. 00 000 TIT-4100. OtUW&'l . finest Apartment Building Is Located at 100 BRONSON The JULIANA 100 BRONSON Oom TlD 1 p m. v. : . erPSrV aanMlflaf FOR PUETRER m FORMATION ' Telephone 233-7719 $105 A' 201 ins, wis to in (Coat, tram Oiaeaging Coluaonl IRENB CRESCENT. 1 . BEDROOM apartment. $M. O-bedr a a m apartment. II OS, equipped. Sapt. 11 Parkloc. U4-la LOWER DUPLEX. 1 BEDROOMS, patio, carport. USD. 1W-4M MACLAREN NEAR RANK. 1 BED room, living, dtnmo. naicenr,, narUng. couple. October. Ho MARIER ROAD. BEDROOM. heated, ago. 740-lwa. lao-ieui. MANOTICH. I BEDROOM. AT- tractive, ncacco. iign. A' . floor. aoa-UlS. MeLEOq. GROUNDTFLOOR TRI- pie, equippea. v.a-.eit. MODERN HEATED I BEDROOM aparunent, perairej. w m w r. waaher tnd (acllltlea. 1101. Apply lis Richelieu or 140-4451. MODERN, GROUND FLO O R. elf-oontotnea l-oearoom. sen ai. Andrew. i-ewe. - - NEWLY DECORATED. ELECTR1- cally equippea. a oeoxoo-ne. e Charlevoix. Eaatvlaw. 74J-40OJ ONE - BEDROOM APARTMENT. parking, no children; aoa. e Laurence St.. altar I US-SOia ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically equipped central UO-lSll, loaal 4. S M ta p m. THE BRONSON j APARTMENTS 200 BRONSON AVE. WITHIN EASY WALKING DISTANCE OF PARLIAMENT HILL. OFFERS BACHELOR. 1 -BEDROOM and 2 BEDROOM SUITES RENTALS FROM $83 w $139.50 SUPERINTENDENT ON PREMISES 232-4082 236-5093 ONE . BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically equipped, pu. aai Gladstone. OTTAWA SOUTH. I BEDROOM. electrically equipped. aeptemDer. 000 saa-Maa, SU-14M evenlnia OVERBROOK. AVAILABLE.! large I . bedroom, atove, gioo. m-tsu. PHONE UO-03M FOB DETAILS ea modera 1-bedroom apartment la Centre Town. Boat, light aad parking lac laded m raw rent. bUEEN MARY APARTMENT. 411 JOgln. Muaataw ana, largo S- oidrnnoi apartment. Hvtng amng It. RICHMOND ROAD. I BEDR O O M, modern, aaulnped. 0O0: bachelor. oa. Parking. 710-O011. IU-1100, eaiai SANDY HILL. I AND I BID- lu-aiia. The Comfort a Offerwd AUGUSTA A new 0-rtocay, 04-untt oprt-mcat building now aearlng completion at tha onraar of Rldaaa aad Auguata. I anj t kidioomi from 4100. i Modal aiavtmanto nana from 1 ta a-aakdayo, 1 la a work iV 233-M11 74J-T2M L ORDER Y raama, equippea. iWy ' , i rtd Cmveaiences by tha . ' AND RE1 ' AfiTOUiKewnents 111 Blrthl tog . Deaths leg ta Meat or la aw lata Adversary Mam 100 Cards at Thaaka 100A Sstlstlm and Ledges 101 Faairsl Dtraavars log Cemetery Mamarlalo 1S4 Ceaae to 1MB ISO Last 1O0A 1)0 111 111 111A Apartrnents Ml ApartanaMB. nets aoa ap BY PHONE 236 - DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! : Ad-takari are en duty dairy S oat. M a pm fTharaday Wl 10 pao. autardey am. as I pm. aVmaay a pm. aa g pm. AT THE COUNTER ' rticles for Sale Mt Ai krtlelaa far Sale Arrielea Wannad ' ' an Boats aad Marino - OOA OarOanlng . Land ate a4 rarm imaismanm l ang Fuel tor i ' Sale Market Baakat UHlW aoa . Trad lag Peat Personal ,la '- . 441 Naratng Remea Employment . Ml ' Mala Help Wanted MIA Sal cornea Bad Agaato At Ml Female Help Wanted 000 ranlenvml Wanted 044 ' Teaehan Wanted . 7511 Floor, ankssys from a oao. M am. M IS of Thanha, Aam.aimry Meat. fklalaieai ChaVoo 01. 10.1 To par word. (MvAtarma Caorgd .. ' :,ee. '- . I 1U iKtc Ward Each Hmag eervtce available Tha ii ml polmtag. Mam a tram a ANNOUNCEMENTS mote. Cards Ta par aMraT gnaerammax aa awcial aaaa. ' Box NiAmboro VVh uood count ai three (3) wortU. u 1 word. Toiephooa aunbsr, 1 worth. Coat of atailing oee Name, Adiroag and TamtxtotM Number for tettar '-.. 1 Va own to wtts twin wa Haaja hiwt . - Ad for ........... dajrs. PVmm fliid ericloood uAder baadtruj No, ' ' . NAME .............;.....'.'..',.;.. ADDRESS ...o. ti No. ............. f, ' ' v. .'Mai tat CtASSIFItD ADS, THaJ. OTTAWA JOORNAt, U7 Qemoa Strwit, Ottawa. ' Wrfta Oaa 201 ilTL RATS TO LEI tCont. tram Pracadlng Xolimn) imANDY HILL. 1- S-BEDBOOM apartmanta, equipped, p a rk mg. rcaaonable. 4- SANDY HILL, SUBLET. 4 ROOMS 10 mlnutae' walking dtetanca Centra Town. Stove, refrigerator, heated, clean. 41 Temple- ton, api. jo. tsa-itoa. SANDY HII r. APARTMENTS. 100 UP, 4ara mat. 200 UP, 4arklitg. alevator. laundro- Laurier oaat. uo-iaaa. SANDY HILL BACHELOR. I BED- rooma. u aweetland. 7U-T71H. FOR A LUXURIUS APARTMENT AT , REASONABLE RENT ' VISIT LE VERSAILLES - Model Apartment Vow Open, ! 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 27 HENDERSON AVE, ,'OU Healed 1 ' , Free EWrtrldty , aVarlmmmg Pool , Seune Baoho , Parking and Laundry Fedltttec Phone 234-8705 1 SANDY HILL. SPACIOUS 3-BED- room, electrically equipped, flu 134 -U 10. tia la iiaBra rtraf av lr roome. M4 Llagar. iia- ToeOj evenlrura. SPACIOUS. EQUIPPED. LIGHTED, air conaiilonea, rcaccoratad, beeemant, garage. tU-saoo. - SUBLET ONE-BEDROOM APART- ii ail I - - ' AauMtMA w A a k. tag factllllea, lurking. Winter niua-ma. rnona laa-i lAa, artar a jw in ., SUBLET. 40 DALY. APT 0, I BED-nam. heated, rig. tU-0411. 0-10J0 evenmaa. THE FAIRCREST Ottawa.' Largett and rtnut Must Be Just What People Want Suttee Available la -Autumn -01 tor Suiuo AvalUble m iamutry . ... Ill Suttm A va liable NOW 04 Smyth Rd. at BlmaMo Drive i 733-5911 Miaiaal by Montreal Traet - SUBLET I BEDROOM, EOUIP- ned. laundry, heeled. 1M. IU- aaaa. SUBLET APARTMENT 001. ONE bedroom, wall ta wall fail, beautiful view of city, ocaa- paney Sen4. I. 1134. Ivmlnga, -1114. aayilma UO-O&40 THE SIDNEY TOWERS. I BED- room apartmant, 0100 SM-IIlg. TWO - BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically equipped. Apply 04 KMjeau nrraoa. Ape. o. UPPER DUPLEX. 4 BEDROOM, cleea. healed, prlvala entrance. ana. raa-vrao. UPPER DUPLEX, t BEDROOMS, 0110. 43. Mutual. 740-174. cDUR ECEI1 JOURNAL IVE ONE ." , j 1 t J $IM Free 1 1X19 Free ' . - ... ., -, .- ..... - , U M IM Free Vll Free I . t ' l'"-' -- I t 11 Ji IM Free . IM. Trm " t o t j - ) ,11 j .7 IM Free 141 Tni - I"" . 14 M U Free S.7I ) Free I - I I - . II J U Free M Ffwo I I M I I " I U j H , IM Free CM Free ' I - t I I I I U IM 1. ) Fraa M ) FroT I I - I I I 1 j IjM .7 Free M Free , I l - 1 1.14 XU Fraa MS free" ' I I I IJe M Free $M Free .'V MINIMUM 20t apis, run to in Cnnl -worn Piouefllni Calumm UPPER DUPLEX. 4 ROOMS. bathroom, heeled, ninied. ae-Iwaaa 0-0 avanlnga, 700-0004. VERY CLEAN. I BEDROOM apartment, cloae to vanaporta-Uon. ahopplng. redecorated 720-1404. VER IV LARGE. ONE BEDROOM apartment. Hanover kitchen, alee- trtcally equipped, parking. 49 Mean Avenue. WEST END. VACANT I - B I D- room apartment, tea euit couple, vary clean Central. 12&-1040. avanlnga 110-0100. WE8TGATE. MODERN a - BED- room. 0110. narking, acnoola and hopping. Oct. I. Convenient. 7U-0631. laas Coidrey Avenue. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT IN modern bulldlna. Centre Towa. parking, beat. lulht Included la low rant. 101 Kiag gdwaro. I BEDROOM. ELECTRICALLY equipped, heeled 100 caron Street, Apt. L 111-1011. I BaSROOMTBALCONY, HEAT- ea, itgntea, lev. iot at. Andrew 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT. atove. frigldalra. parking, no children, aeu. aa LAwranca Street: alter I. U-OOII I - BEDROOM APARTMENT, 100. available tmmedlataly rent free month September. Apply Super intendent, Apt. 1, 1100 amlllng t BEDROOM. MELROSE NEAR GladaUMia, 070. aiS-HIO. I BEDROOM. BALCONY. EN cloaeg aunroonv grd floor. ,8om araal naar Lyea, , Mllura orluiur. 070. TU-euo. S BEDROOM. CLEAN. QUIET, parautg. oca wnite oainera, .ev- Ult. S BEDROOMS. DININO ROOM, kitchen. ISO WUlow. S BEDROOM APARTMENT. Me- Arthur Plaaa. electrically equip ped, heated. T40-O7O0. S-BEDROOM APARTMENT. EAST . view, immediately grauna rioor. 000. 144-0404. S-BEDROOM APARTMENTS. 005, llvlna room, kitchen, bathroom, bailment, fraa parking, plug - In Deeter. 7 je-eov a BEDROOMS. DEN. STOVE. RE- frigerator. heated, narking. Cam bridge. Evenlnga H4-0O4J. S-BEDROOM apartment; 000 A moolh. ro-ooeT. t-BEDROOM APARTMENT. OCT. I. 74J-J1J1. BRITANNIA PARK -, APARTMENTS Where We Offer : MORE FOR LESS New 1- and 2-bdroom apart-"menti peady for September occupancy: a Wall to wait windows a Comfortabla dining room a Large bathroom with vanity and extra counter apace a Unea cloaeta a Full wall cktthoe cloerta a Provincial deetgned kitchens with moat modern appU- a Sound proof bulMIng a Carpeted halls O Choice of colors, tiled and counter top finishes ' Fraa electricity and parking a No extras ' Rents from $109 ZEPHYR AVENUE ' AT BRITANNIA PARK - Models Open Dally From , I pm. la p.m. . 28-2144 WANT AD 4 OR OnH Tuition Md Baby Isrrleaa Ml Foal tlona V era at Rooms i a id Mt ooa . Wanted Real. Estate Ml . a. ToiA Apos. far Sola loa Bouaea for Beat 1M Baasao Wealed to MSA Bern is Wealed M I too OrfleM Storao to IMA Pi opart m Beat Faraas far Boa) aad Rent BY MAIL i pleaed by im tie lit 111 Til TU aoi log ana 201 ., MIL HITS 10 10 iCaat Irani Praoedtng Column) BEDROOMS, BTrCTrtN, BATH-room, second floor. 1 Cordon Btraet. - - 1 ROOMS WITH BATH. NICE, bright, - electrically equipped Would euit aoupb. aai-sua. ai-iiil. . BEDROOM 1 APARTMENT, heated, cloae to school, private entrance. Navaa, phone MW. - ROOM APARTMENT. HEATED, unequipped. 70 134-1101. OS BEECHWOOD. t - BEDR O O M apartment.. 1 chlldraa welcome. 145-3U. 1 II 4 ROOMS, BATHR O O M. electrically equippea. wrge 001-cony. fee parking- 1-I0ia. t 1S. I ROOMS. LIKE NEW Nepeaa. in-IIU avaoings- 00. SANDY HILL, 1 BEDROOMS. electrically equippea, aouiw U4-9U1. VOYAGEUR your Wast End add rem only 4 minutes from Carllngwood Shopping Centre. Croydon at Pjctanond Road Your living of aulet and eomfort ta aasurea at ia voyaaawr. iamiai on tmth hue Unaa: Carl- mi Ave. ana oiKnmonn aa. FEATURING: . i ftlgh-tpeed elevators . Prtiturized eorriiort . Drapti in every uite . Broadloomed ftatli . Okmnajtum . Woodworking hobby ihop . Children' wading pool , Indoor heated pool . Sttam room . Recreation room . Multi-channel TV aerial . Built-in oven . Counter top ttote . It era. ft. refrigerator j . tu music piped into each avartment , Waaher eni dryer on . every floor . Interior-exterior parking . Decorator appointed lobby ,' Restful malic in main lobby ' '. Constant exchange of froth air . Beauty talon . Tuck thop -' ' . Close to tchoolt, churche. thnpptng . French Provincial decor WE OFFER: ' 1 Bedroom com t J 02.50 maicing- at .. 2 Bedroom com- J 25 mencing at 2 Btdrwns, 2 Bath t35 room cofprnencinf at OPEN HOURS: lam. ta 0 pat. Man, thru Trl 1 pja. la 9 p an. Sat. and Sua , Leaiine; RopreoenUtlve MRS J. RAMSAY .828-3117 . U inter New Msnaaemi-ni Owned and operatei by StRIAL RFAUltS LVD. 7 TIMES Farmo Wanted CMtagM for Sale 110A Cottagee rnr Beat v TIOB cattogo Low far Solo Cattogao W sated IIIA Raaarto Ballasts OpportvntMo , nnaaetal - ., Warabeeaa Speae ' Used Cars s ' Awtaa for Sam ' Aatea Waated ' Truoka aad Trailers 1 Miscellaneous Lecat ' Auctlaa aatft Ihruulh tha eoavealeat only. M OBetiwrmma 4 e Tth ToM TVimo lami ' 'deadlines ' ; ' Cleaaifved Ada Imelied bafnro I pm (10 am. Tmrradsy. lam. Saturdayl naay ha sasartad tha following publlmlsa day. . 4aaniiananata 10.41 am. for ooaw day. - . .. ... .. . ' - " - ' CORRECTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS - . i' shaald ha ordaraal hernia tho sa oaa ba Biede for ana II I Incorrect enoj may be Mncalied far neat day ore raoalved eefere a p m Mondsr to Friday, 1 poo. Saturday . and a pm. M 0 pm. aanrlay. RafunnO will ba given ea oottseg ar MnraUad bmnlims Whan eaneelnng aa Ad demand 0 KuT a wan st. Om etlsnsasl aa etair Flgurei bi groopo, each hiHIsI, abbfwoUuoni, siEns count , Box Replies, 10c not reruivdabla. It it aOvtMbla 16 romilta. Rates apply to prfvsta omtfarUaars only. - ... . - rn o A '-' f-I IW tJ v.i I Imoli it I fc j Warao (l 1lrao( I lawea I-WORD AD 201 APTS, fUIl TO UT ICont. from wia-sllng Column) T : MINTO Canada's Moat Honored Builder n FOR OTTAWA'S LARGEST SELECTION OF OUTSTANDING ACCOMMODATION TURN TO PAGE PARKWOOD HILLS , MINTO Canada's Moat Honored Builder In Ottawa' t Popular West Snd PARKWAY APARTMENTS ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY-SAVING SUMMER SPECIALS -r- - Comfortable parkland surroundinga t Convenient to Shopped City, Carlingwood Shopping Centre, and . new Trades School , Public and Separate School!, and Churched Free plug-in parking v ' ' " BASELINE ROAD JUST WIST OF WOODROFPE AVE. (naar eUuarpore City I OTC BUS AT DOOR -RESIDENT MANAGER A. ROTHSCHILD 28.M 420-2979 Visit ear rurnMhed mode la an I lap lay ovary evening .(md Satardsys) ta I. Sunday HI a. MINTO 14 Blocks From Parliament Buildings SELKIRK APTS. BACHELOR $75 I BEDROOM QO dUa. S BEDROOM $112 Inaa FURNISHED ON REQUEST DAILY 14-0; WEEKENDS IV ; 746-7755 r " Corner Monteomery sn.f Selkirk ate, ana block snui of Rldaaa Bt yaat peat Camminva BrMga aoer Eaatvlew I hopping Centra. MINTO Canada's Moat Honored BalMer THE NORWOOD Centra Tana Rceerved fnr Aavlta Only ' t BEDROOM SIM Extra Oceania woo to yours tit tho NuTwaod Apes with outstanding eomfort evident in ovary well -planned feature. You'll love tho delightful do alined rooma, work-eavlag COB kltchea. rertmie bathroom tho bedroom wail that lo'ds out Into opscinat rlneets. tho lustroui parquet' tloarmg. the fuU langtk aa cloeed aslcoay. . . JUST OFF ELGIN STRfcer . M C ARTIER STREET . i , 232-7670 V. ' ' Dally" l-l: Weekends lb-g MINTO 7 - J Canada's Moat Honored BulUrr , Close to Weifasle Shnpptng Centre . westvieWapts! V BEDROOM . . $82 ' Modern a partinanti dose to Carling Avm, shopping, schools and churches. , - Corner Lapeuleio snd Cold ray jnet oat Klrkwood. . . ;V ;-i'.. ..v 722-204! , . MINTO ' - Coaado'l Moot Haaarad Baitarr j- 201 APIS, RATS TO LET iCon fmm prc-dlnf Cttumiit US BTEWART STREET. PHONE , 1 34 -07 30 Managed by Ault-Rln-nay Realty Luf NEAR CUMMINOI BRIDGE Backelar Apartment aFtem 111, ' i IDEALLY SITUATED NEAit Eaatvlaw anoppipg centre, close to OTC bus, thia suite offers yuu big. briihl rooma electrically . equipped, worfc-aavlng kitchen, floor to celling closet, plus the convenience of a sparkling laundry room. Mre. McCloakey. 10- 71J4. WgiTOATB AREA IIJ HERE IS A 1-BEDROOM ACCOM - modatlon at lu very neat, ree-turlng such comforhraa on olec-trlcally equlnped work-saving kitchen, brighl rooms, ceramic Hied bathrotunand floor to ceiling eloeela In thrVheriroono. Wonderful convenience with nearby schools, churches, and Weatgate Shopping Centra. 111-1041. THE NEW RIDGEVIEW APARTMENTS "i Centrally Located at 311 BELL ST. ' Between Carting' Avo. and tho Quaenaway FREE electricity, fabric dranra. aarejuet flooro, sauna baths, ymnmium. Individual ther. moatata. (nlstar TV antence. private balconies, aun geek, carpeted corrtdora. ' SEMI 1 BEDROOM, CQ 2 from . . ... J r . ONE BEDROOM, Qg TWO BfOOM ft 1 ) -) from "Cannot Be Beaten For Value" Furnished upon request Model Apia May Be Seen WEEKDAYS 0 A M. TO a P M. SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS 10 A M TO S P I 230 4257 233-7102 - - BBONgON APTS - 900 BRONSON. MODERN SPA- , cloua bachelor. 1 and a bed-room apartmanta, electrically equipped,. Within easy walking distance af . Parliament Hill. Priced from MS- Qy appoint- : ment. 131-0 10s. or op ply to building superintendent on prenf-laea. 1140704 I los.44 ATTRACTIVE PRICE LARGE bedroom and large -living room, atrctrtcally equipped, raaidentlel 0.-00. Route ai Ukea you downtown la 14 mlnutae. Interested? Phone TOI-elM. THE . ' Acadian 153 NEPEAN ST. Just east ot BankjSL" Modem Mam-storey, twia-rle - valor building featuring balconies, dlahwaahera. fu-.'y draped apta . and many other faaturet. Semi oao badroam. oao bedroom, two tQ7 CA bedrooma. from tOV .Jv Opaa for Inspection dairy. Mrs. Hogarth. U7-106I. 137- THE tvr ) -.'.), A-T ' Du Barry r. SCO ST. PATRICK ST. at CHARLOTTE, A modern ana one) two-'ml-room apartmaal building -wttd for economy minded (Qfl people, from . , " POU . Furnished $100 AU as rv tree Incruded la rent Mr. Pre. ley. SM-44M. Owned and Managed by KASSEll REA1.Y LTD. AI Kaaouf. F. Ellis ' THE ENFIEI.B 111 Ollmear Lceaveerleatly Located Near Baak SI. IN QUIET SURROUNDINGS. Brand now building with parking aad balconies, all eultee draped, eievstor. laundry room. Janitor loArkoro. Bacheiom ond one bediaom. frma 000. Reaul office on premises, ar phone 133-7140 THRSCMMrT , tog WUkrad Street Laxary Alt Caadhlaard B4CHELOB. 1 AND S-BEDROOM aultm. anana with a bathroom., laundry farllNtea alevator. parking an premiere m 3n-tao- - I SANDY BILL ,J I and I Belts ems ., 1 LlVtNO ROOM, DINING ROOM. balcony, electrically equipped, Krklng. Apply S- G Mecy and n. "Realtor and Oanerol In-eu ranee, aoa Lsurier Avo. East. 137-laOA : i t)ARANTY TRUIY CO. OF CAN. S to S -eattoce- T1I-I40I ' Aaal-tVAemiA Far Rent WEST CENTRE TOWN. TWO BED rooma. living room, atning room, kitchen, apaoeheatar, goo. October. 134-4240. . , , LOWER TOWN. ONE BEDROOM apartment mt aeenno -1 1 e e r. IM. Octohar. 133-02U4 APARTMENT. ' 14- SPRVCB Street. I bedttmwa, kllchen. 134- OoM. UPPKR DUPLEX. SM LISOAR. Aug. SI. M. 131-7340 ovwnmae. . , THE ELEGANT .' EDGlEWORtH .IN OTTAWA'S ,-. DESIRABLE - . .' WEST END '.'.'". ' . -, Superbly Built and Designed 1. 2 and 3-Bedroom Suites, An a-tccptlonal mcattoa, ad . rsialng tho Woat Xndl aauet - prmtljioue residential oraa. , Eaotlieat achoola close by and churches and ahopplng oantrea - aithla oaay walking dlrtaaeo. Cfuck acceea ta the Queena-way aoraao only, mlnutae la downtown. O T C. hue only la 1 blooa, owqy. Your tens rent wtU love tho ' h3doov rwunmlng pool, rooftop 1 aun deck, games reonv and 00 una hath. . . , V'THE'-.'1' ' EDGEW0RTH 10 Cdgewttrth at Cirtlng - Jiiat Weal of WtxjdretTe. 7i--laS79 236-Ct50S Open 1 to S.30' Weekdays . t t to S.30 Weekemls t Maneoed By M correal Troot ICnntlnued aa Neat CMumnl

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