The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR: '·' '.' '?'\ ".'..'" THE DAILY COURIER bbNNBLLSVIli.E, PA. ' . . . : ' - . ' ' . ' THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1918. Sbf eaiiy . . ._., dwr aad Editor. 1179-1UI. Tim cbrausn cootrjunr, K. JC-iSKTOBBi. 5 ;-' ' . . . . JAR J. DBIBCOttt ud TT.MUW. Biutuen - -- - - . BUtor- . .. WALTER 8. STIlOtKL. « ' City Editor.' i MMB rTNNE B. KIMCBIJ* · · Soctoty Editor. ·,,' MEMBER OF: " ' Aarooiated Press. , ·'· AmdM ·Burou'of Clicul»tlo». . . . . hla.. conecajcatlori . Sntf the'comr, ·3iunIty'''Kave. suffered/ a : lcfci, v that .(can- no;: be tuny ·»uppliedexcep't'£yc : Jm6tKef: ·who ' possesses the Eam*^/(iuall£ie».' of- raind and heart." :· - f . / y ;ri.. ';-:; r ? r - - - v . »s »«r u TCcoad clau mmttsr at *»· . . RALPH J,- SIJGBB, ,»- : ..: . . . , Camp L«e. Petersburi, Va. b sea: -A-,^r · 'jVrp.-' .' · ; -'^v.\ :,Emptr'er;3Bm h»sjlfii0i,'a trifle prtmaT Jure Ui Decorating HtiKlenborg and^hla sfaff ./wJOC'fhe 'iron .criipsXwHh. grolderi rayji, for-"tfte- "ereat^Yictory'.' tbaf.haa , ; ItHBtor .C TW A*»dat*4 Preu. "^ -Tfc*..JM»o«lat*d..;Sr««f. '.lit .«- ·cliislvelj entitled' to the -uat' for J-epubllcaUon, .at ..aU'. ; new* . di«-; ^pa.teh'is* credited 'to U ot not credited, in .this. paper . . ' . -aercin- · THE 71-MLE GUIf. e bombardment of Paris by a Ge'f- cannon; located. V 76 miles distant eemed-to^ most -people .so remark- »W«, doubted the: ilithenticity; or erca; ofll- . cial^reportif "of thfe ~~6xiaxe*Cf;- : Some 'ueii»p»peJk ; lacking ^a'cilitiei! 'for s'e^ curing prompt aiMl« accurate news of ~ ' ' the^war,~fi»Te' betir 'disposed ,tp;-jr|di- culc the whole affair..; Th'e tact'"remains. bombardr melit has taken irace^and tb! source whence the projectilei.'vime lias been iefinltely located, as Veil as other facts confcmiBg' the infori^tion ttiat vas first given to the ! woriii .through 'the medium ol'-ihe Associated' Press. Incidentally otiter information, has become ·avajj»ble wkiiji shows j that tfie^only myitery cdjicernips tire long-distance boniiardmiai .was that thrown' aboiil It by the Girmans themselves In the hop* that Ojsy'TTOuld'jmyotify aad-ter. roriie the pioJole ot- Paris and inspire few- and dread in'.all; the cities and at both. France and England, by l.^ this uncanny mt'thod. destruction.. ereT, tbat.what.wu. by some as a Jules Verne weapon: ot incredible power and range 1* l^Khtnjt roore than the natural re- stiltjofTrseriesr bf 'efforts made by in- ito class As Arly ai 1904 J. H. Brown, a P«ut- ijrHula tBTMitor, built a gen on:his ownideiiiibs at u Iron works" in Keating which on a teat by th' Unite* State* government at the Sandy Hook proitng iTOHnds dereioped a\taeoreti- cal range of 59 miles. Subsequently he Solrt another which b«t 1 he per- ronBanc«« ftrat, ..... mui, erfdeniiT iaaiSUng Brown's'jys- tcm^tb . fb« coiutriicUoii of nioAiter coo£ ~efOlpp«d tnree warshiis, with pm«T»ei«hinK 22 tons which, »:anele- Tatkpi angle of 45 degrees;' gave a nine ineh; 1 proectil£, weilhlmg 428 pounds a nige of 60 milai. ' : iBl'.TMrw. of .tlncM lacts,. which, are maltjiirs of record, and taking.into ac- and 4«B*iBi-wMet hiVe'TfeeWfdVijreat sttmiltu doriBC the war, the shelling ot Aria ij- a gun 76 miles ' dlstanl lo»*(f iti tmcannlness, and, lacking in eBeetfiencee, also loses much· ot.its terrirr a» a new euslii* of German nsxKT' BKPJtncs jon , .. n "Bcrg'i pfojkwal to have th« gnn»*Hirnia TVatrr rnrmi irrj- rr the lag if defective mains, is all ceptyn-ione'"jajticul»r. Thei cty attouH : not agree' to make repairs in compensation for the re- ot yiinrlew avenues 3'^th of tbcng'jote should be done,. t r . the iMter company and : even when com- llet»J to 'tte of. tie 'city atrtbflritfei^thir del* the.: water ,conir ' has lon« 'ilMf streeti during all, the ye«r»of jta_o«ap*ncT of them win be omly tn part dfscharied. Tfce obHga- aoa 1» XMk« th«s« : repair» B« ;so|e!y 1 wltk '^Oi« water comourjv ' Tha; ." ctty shou|i assume BO part of it whatever: : It B,p«fh»ia too^oroch to hope that tlie iSineral . oKcen-*t th« water cb«i- pany 7wlg '-KBuiUray^ ajpfe,~1o"an^ such ^arrantement a« Couaailman Btrg^»cjwe«3, although- agreeing _to ; do tbjhiB* "aid ' th«n--lorg»ittTnr to "do - this .,, The. city/s- Jeijnl :der: : parttMnt, fertile «' it IB . ents.- ought" to' be able to dey(sr; i ."hwefcyJipinShiiii^caji 'Si r.'done to reKer*. the''city "of tHe^ieceai ji 3ity ' and ^expense of repairnij."'--'the " : damayiB for^wtiich the water .coaapany i : is. dirifcti^ r*8pc.nsible. · .' . .. . · TVe.iwOuld not presume, to. dictate to : the lefal^lepartment what it hcaid or ;· oaa dit'Birt-we 1 oBSTtdr !tiTca£!,faefa- ; tioa tJMs.suggestion: If the water-, : qdmpajiy: 'refuses' to make any street : cepairi. ^or,. such, jejalrt.. a».,e«a«ii iJhaTe tS«;cftr'So\the' worlt aaiL then tie : -c»»t theret*; -Trith interest,- :;.-«-an off-Mt-ajilMt billn for-hv-drint ' '"'·' '- V»-;tew- year* wiUl'fie'ac- 5-co»nt 1» *BWed? ' Ibis aar be a lit; j tl» crudf at a legal propoeltioo bnt it 111· «««ctlre in «wnring justice for! the mafny pastors, who-have eer.yed the . churcheB 'Qt ..ConoellByill* durtiie recenir 'years. .D'one'. : bcslde, the, .ate lie.v.'. C.:B.^'WaKpcr hkve. been. held^. in"hrKher esteem ty' the cpihmunlty at 1 large, or who hiiyouM;eniclo8or;^to'.^.th'e ; hearts'of t h e ptoplp: o f - H i s / . c o ' Lion. Genial and^'fittd truslve in his. manner; ·sincere, . - . .".TBJBTH. Don't matUr U :l)rKen. I.'puy |2.00-.eo »lS;OOijper set. Eirld by -parcel »o«t and Aoelre ..cheolc ;il)i..:r«turn.- .mall.- rli iTAZEKMWK K! JT'.tth; B*reet,.I hllaa«l- plrfa; 1 Pai-t^ -X-o !' S..C/-i;.'.-: Sroar23t» · .. both 'by precept ' and ..example. /.Itf^.hta* ' With the ITkranalns r'etalcins. O'dessW from,-the Austrian!* and"Trotflky' ; call- 'Ti the Russian army to rise and strike while the Ocrinans are busy :'on the is-estcrn front, there are indlca.- t[ons:that the'.RuBsian.peace pacts are' of^np r better' quaUtx^than: aome:.'.other prorficYs "Made .-'liiawmany-.',' ""-. ···-..' '" ·-..-. ' · ' ' - . . A SMALL n : acr'3s^'6rily.:;iBeyen!,jminul'.e3 1 car--ride,''and. til'nr'.iriihii'te's'-wa3K frcim; car '·· Une.. :.-Twoj ; bni]dihffs,v..two. ^vella, yoiinic orch'arti'.snd-'other.'friiit. 'A. : very pleasant place {? Jtve. Owner movinff rnroy and will lia'criflce lor $3,000 d:i ternis or. I2.SOO. ; .casn,·' This .is a bi|!f barcain-ahd \s, Connellsviiln. ·3ee DORSET B.J3AI.TT. COMPANY ac mce. ' ·'- ; . ' " - · ' . . '·-' SSma'rlt ," ,"»?!?. 'or,;* 11 ?' "c not'yeu7be* 'wi 'erei on. 'EB«S: By -Walt.11 FJUUCEBS; T^ie farmers .-'were ;cbmplalninjr.- the' weather waa so dry: and then it started raiointr from out a Ipaky sky; the rain oarae. down .In billows., mixed up vrith-sribSr and hail; and- by the weep- ins irillijws the t famiors-ralsed a wall. ·Tne, farmers are" allowing the srounri i s ..J 1 .?.^ so... wet, -. thaaL-'. cannot do' the plo*vine--which- la their one Qewt beL They're ..beeQnr and they're roaring. they :annot sow their beans, they ; have to do their' choringr In boats and sub- .niarines..... I've -never known'- a granger .who wasn't feeling sick, -who -wms-tp- Jtrief a.stranfrer, wno"d!dn'Cflie'aTk']'ck;'. The-banker and. the baker 'are 'smningr. v cheerful men, -and e'en the .undertaker will ffambol-now and then." The butcher ; ..and_tho. .srocor will .raise 1 a 'slad hooray.-.when -spring is drawing" closer, an4 like, the lambkins play. The soi- ton_ and. 'ther. pastor- find life is full : :of ·plums,, ahd.-they'll [.'forget disaster un- ·til 'd!sastei:.' ! cbmey.' " The. lawyer and the .tinker, the- justice, of the peace, pronounce .this ,'a,. clinker,- and rllfe- aa 1 slick .as'. -grease. . But always and forever the fanuerfs fffee is. grim: the gods alt. make endeavor to, put it' crimp- in .him.. A song;* of woe; 'untir ' ing. . . a coming. from -his throat.; . the . . planets are conspiring: ip : gather In his .goat. To .- him there's, nothing charming beneath 1 , the, sujjen' sky -- and If" you've- followed - farming, you'll Tcno-w"tho' reason why.' ·WANTED -- TOTJR ^ business. ·'·- WANTED--THIRD TRICK COOK AT B. i O. aESTAOTlANT. ZTmarJt our- classified colnxnns. -TO-AUVEBTISE-U! . TO -_BAl,TrMCBE HOUSE. . . . - . . . . . . . . - ' OR TOUB .UN(CV^/^^-C] 28mar5t TO ACT AS POK- t*r *aad · work in drug atoret Inquire j. q. MOORE. !7martfd nquiework. ,-: 121 street. . ' FOR . North GENERAL PUWbur 27mftrXt. FOR GENERAL housework. MRS. H. J. COI.L, . !0! Sortii. Pitt»BnrEV'str^et.~' ^ "ZSmarJt ·-CYPE wrtter. Calt Bell 13-R, or-Trl-State 31-W, Mount Pleaaant. Zlfebti houvew-ork; good . wages. ' CABPZNTEB. street. 810 South. -. GENERAL ,-Apply Ptttsburg 27marlt WANTED --TEHEE OR FpOB roonja or 'a furnished .flat for hoi k«epln(£T!.Muilt. b« first, yclasa."v Call Bell" 46 tTj^i;:, .:'',,;;i_"J, .:V.^. : ;2 :WANTED--GIRL KOR GENERAL houxcwork: MRS. CHARLES C-M-ITC3I- ELL, 20S '£]aat Green irtrect.. · . - STRONG-. 3!OT, 1 5 years old; aot : afraid to work.' TOUGET CHEMlCAIi Cp^ 121 East Peach atrcot- .' .' · ·' 2SmartC LADY STEN- aiiu. accountant.: .,State-: t ex- pej-lcncft.'.and : salary desired. : AWflr P. :A., care Coarier. · ISmar'tf = ^^AS.^. JEXPEJUENCED ' - ' . . i . . irbning/^oad^wageir. ' 1 . 'Green 1 street; after C.30 in the .evening. · ^ .-... * .-,- -- ..i... ·'..'·ajmartfd.- -ONCB-EXPEBIENC- .' Bate»Jady, -highest .erases; steady position.' 1 : PEOPLES DEPARTMENT STORK, lit North Pittobure street. ' ' · ' :mia ·taayiner, lor: axamhiatlonr to. tlw b*st m}»inr-book^pobli«h«d.'-" tnfc In a.Nutuhe.l.'.Vby JAMEB WARD- Scottdalc, Pa. Price |3.25. · " · ' - ' ' ; KIND "OF whather it : l3.a caljinc : card, sals bill. ^or the finest engraved ·wedding;' .or aimauncement., JWe-prtnt FIVE'. , AND, j'depaTtmerit'store e3c- perieace 'desirable. : '-'^ddre*B, ;-wlth- full particulars 'as t to:eiperience and salary expedtfl'd. ...Box 30,--care .Courlex. " · - '*'. . I^th.."f.rst--«r*«Je.' : " Ciistams .and iiiter.- nal revenue : ;r'April. :- 20^h: '·; Mca * and women "desiring clerk«tilpsVat TV»ah- Engrton or Pennsylvania write -for.Tree; particular? to J. C." LEONARD;: formei- ernment examiner), KenofB; Biitld- r. Waghlngfton, P. C.. '. ··28riia.r2t*.! 1 -'? Vrimn* the ; . : Beryl6»i5 ot ; ' REQUIRE hly cxper- «Doe ' . . . . l«enf..ot.-'CohnensvlUe Cpraferrad. - Ap- to! Mftr:-A;; J;. KOBACK13H, ' - .. FOK-- RUNT'' OR," SALE--BJIOH1; room'aVelliaff^-202 West'" ' " -" ' -£WOR-'-": RKNT-- ONE', - DESIRABLE storV room formerly occupied by. Mean:j 'Murphy; Inaulfe FLORENCE SMUTZ. ' · ' · '' ·' FOB. RENT--FRONT:', .OFFICES ON ecorid floor ol .Bunn. *.' Erana build- be. Inciuir* of HARRY DUNN. · - . 8jan-u^d FOR RENT--TEN' ROOM HOUSE, South CoonellsrilJe, one aqua-rc .from 'car line, nico clean .condition, water' and: sas inside, toilet- outaide. ·" "" Empty now.. JOSEPH. ' A. Second Nutlonal Bunk bulldlne- 118.00, ·; MASON., 27mar?t ·r«; FOR SALE--ONT3 FRESK COTV. A. ,: BLAIR, Dawtfon, Pa. 3Smar3t FOB. half mile ejtst. ABAM SWINK. ' . . Marietta' form. 23marSt- . FOR'- SALV-O^E . PLVNO, condition, price reasonable. MRS. J. F. McGlXNIS. Poplar Grove. -.--* - -.-. · 28mar2t · : ' FOR " SALT-:--TWO TON TRUCKT. cheap to quick buyer, on account.oC being' drafted. Tnfluirp ~ 3 0 4 North Pittaburff street. Bell 340- " 23marSt" FOR SAL13--HORSE .WeZGiUNG 1200 pounds, wacon and buirsy at rqa- »onab!e pries. DAWSON BAKER 3T. Dawaon',. pa. . . 23raai6t FOR SAL'S--IW7; PEERLESS EIGHT soven"piBBen'g:ar'tourIni? car in splontStd condition. Bargain-to quick buyer.. Js A. Mck:REARir MOtOR CAR CO. ~ '"· · " FOR · SALE--TWO SMALL GAS stoves, coofclng .move that co"5t; 539.50. »oven months aco. . RftfriEerntor com 517.50, uved- seven months, fl^-i Eaat Fayette atretsi. - 2Smar3t FOR SALE--STABLE sex* 9, LOCAT- ed on lot l;06r!65 .corner of. Meadow Lane and Church Place. Aluo throe double houses on ftanie lot. Inquire JOS.. £. ST-ApEU. '; . 23roartfd : FOR SAtK--SIX LOTS OX FRANCIS avenue;.! haase with 5 "rooms on Kay- elte street; house and lot on'Plltaburg- and. Francis a n d - n e a r Sllgto jnllK Inquire of CHA3. WEtl-tE, 423 Johnston avenue. 26mar6t-eod FOR SALE--30 ACRE FARM ON" White Day Cretk, MononBalla County, yf. Va.. underlaid .with 3, 4 and 5 foot j velna .coal. Kiffht acres cleared. OH and 'gas rentnl paid (luarLerly.'. P.rice ?800. ' For f u r t h e r Information ·write F. L. TRAVIS, R, F. D. 5, Bex 1, Fairmont. West Virginia. 26mar6t-eod* FOR SALE--USED CAR BARGAIN ,Saxon Six touring, fine conUItion, only run.-". 500 mllw. : Slnxwell " RoadstoK brand new, 300 miles on tlrca, 1917 'Ford Truck, covered, body,-blc- bargraln. Country Club "model, well known make. Soe Ralph .Hyatti at CENTRAL MOTOR COMPANY, Applfe atreeu '-,-· : . · ' - - . ' . 28iharl£ LOST--PARTY. FINDING- AUTO License plate No. 209076.^ pleast loave at postofflco, or K' v e - to parcel pcit-' rier. Lost on streets of city Wednesday: A. E. DUMBAULp. 2Smarlt« Kxecnlrlx' N'vtier. .'-.ESTATE OF JOHN S. MILLER, LATti -of the'Lownahip. of Saltlick, coiiiity ot Fayette and-'atato of Pennsylvania, dc- ·ceaeed. ! Letters testahientari-.' on Lhc above named eBtate'having been. Brained to the undersigned, notice *5- hern by given to all: persons ihdebtod l, 'said estate, to make inxmed.a^-e; payment, and · to those having- sltLime against tho. same, t o * prescni: - t h e m properly. authfoLlcated for Eetiilnment. ELIZA .MILLER, Executrix', : ;!nd.:r:n Head. Pa. H. G. HAY. Attornor. · '.'· ..- · 21fcb6t-,",hurs Ohxrter Notice. . .NOTICE:_1B HEREBY, GIVEN ,,THAT "ah- application- .w\JI ' v nijide by'; A. ..C. Stlckel, 1 : Sarah E^jStickel and \6i.etano Corradb to tho uoverno'r of Peionsyl- vanJa, on :FrIday, April 19, ISlS/.at 10' ·o'.cloclc.f A. M., under tho. proylshtna o£ r an- Act:"-of 'Assembly entitled "An-Act .to. iiro'tf.iac for the-.incorporation and reerulal.ioD · of certain' . corpbraUlona," approved thtf 29th clay of April, JA. D., 1874, iind . the :supplercnts.'-.the're .to, for a (jharter for an; iatci/ded. corpora- -tJon'.ttipbe.called'FmleyVille ; GaJs Coal Cpmpsjjy, th^..character and object of ·Which'/Is "the mining of, c o a l , - a n d - t h e manufacture ; of the same into . coke, 'andjthe.-fiale of coal and coke, a;nd'for ·thcflQJ'.puTposes to. have, possess and ehjoyii ^11 the .rights,' benefits' - and. privileges by said Act of Aascmbly, andi tiie.. Bupplements-" thereto '· conferred. HTBHLING^HIGBEE MAT- THEW.S,. -Solicitors." . . : ' . . - . '·,,·'.- ;·' ·-, " " ' ' ' " ' " ' " Waiitedl ; BOOIOCEEP- .·EH~i; MUST BE EXPERIENC- AND COME WELL 7'RE- TBLI-STATE' ": OANbY-; CO^ANY;: ·' Operating Coal Mines A woll ,es;taWi»h»d Jobbing; «nil ; ;ShljiiJ.ini,CoinpKir ,wlli: iiab.e. ' - .liberal-.adywieea,."-loans;, orr-inrtlcipa'to In 1 pcrsoanwit' flnanc- -. ing on raisonable-terms-, to »ctui.l f ,-oier«itlEg;-»ad. KhSprlng ceal mfscs with si^xtrack* and regular .tipples. ,'. ·-. . .-· OiTo factg « to locctipn, name'and thickhese ot vein, it]rut ' capacity, buiseii oa mine, Jtlsb'Hailroid': cftr^raiins aiid- financial "requirements. 1 : - .' ., '-v .' .' ; . IntornMiUon'wiU h« treats :m«»trtctljr confiientiat; - ;;';'.. . ·'.;: When You're in Doubt--Ask lDqes : yoiir battery need charging? ·".;' Does, your battery' need water? Do connections need tightening? Are : / · . you sure that your battery is being kept right up to maximum efficiency? If you don't know, ask me. Three minutes'test will tell you what is needed; may add weeks of useful life to your Willard Battery, ' Ask, while you're here, about the Still Better ' Willard with Threaded Rubber Insulation. ' '· Carroll Battery Company \ Connellsville (West Side) _--.--,---A Factory Trained Battery ftSati--- FOR SALE--JUST RECEIVED carload, ot mszA notatoei?, Karly Ro Early Ohio's. BorbaiUca, Royal yew j -Yorkers.. Next door to Dull jb Company's-feed store. Peach street. FAT- ETTE WHOLESALE PRODUCE CO.. | Both Phones. .- ' 27martfd Service Mo ft The man in the fighting .top of the battleship represents the mighty armed forces of the Republic. The man on the telephone pole typifies the great army of industrial workers whose loyal service is preparing the way for Victory. ._ Every root and branch of the Bell System 'is animated by a spirit of keen, unselfish devotion to duty. In the present great emergency'die workers .here at \home are as eager as are ".the seven, thousand Belt men .wicKjhe. colors to meet .'promptly and effectively every Government requirement and to count nothing as sacrifice when national welfare is i n t h e balance. · · · . . ' - Save Food and serve LIBERTY! The Central District Telephone Company G. H. Fulmer, Local Manager ' · JohnBtown ( Pa. MMM $1,295] The Pilot' $1,295 UnOl^prll ist "The Car Until April 1st f -Tbe Pilot Six-Forty-Five iB a fiuality. car of superb appearance, and enduring r'uggedness; It stands the test. The first Pilot was built eight .years ago. and is running today. Forty-five horse power, · sis . cylinders, 119 Inch wheel base, real leather- upholstery, full stream.' line body, with its powerful silent motor, and painted to. suit your individual taste, it is a luxurious car-to''.suit tho most discriminating. And then-the ]Jrlce is ?500.00.lower tkan.' cars of equal class. . $695 "The .Wonder C«r" ! .-'.The Metz ivitli.its many.features o£ ficoaoray arid ease of operation | is coming, stronger with, each geas;^ Full stream body, 4 cylinder i-' motor, 25. horse'. power. ; dlrect drive,, -with no gears to r strlp, and no ], ..clutch to slip, it is the last -word in cars .ol-its price.. 108 inch wheel · base, 32x3^.wheels with.demountable.rims; It has power on the hills | and speeo,oc..tlie level. . '; . . -,, . ... .'. . . 1 '.',-Iaiinedia.te .deli-^ery.of either Pilot'or MetK cars. ,' '., .'^aey payment'tenris' arranged to suit .the'purchaser. '.-.:· Write,.phbiie 1 or;ca'U;'....:' ·.: ;··.;·' . : . ' ; ' - ' ! . ' · ' . ' . , ; ; - V Botli;]Phoiies Ofls, "Gasolene-and. Tires., Ba|teries.;Ee-chargied. Do yon know that oatmeal makes delicious puddings and other good things? Of course, you know it is a good breakfast food, but it is even better fixed up for dinner-or supper. It makes excellent puddings, wholesome bread and cookies, an appetiE- ing soup for a cold day, a baked dish for dinner in place of meat. is planned at the Union Supply Company Stores. You must see the many Easter novelties in women's and misses' wear, all the new styles. in all the different lines are now in. It old custom to have a new outfit for Easter, men and ·women, misses and children, everybody, wants to wear their best on Easter Sunday. The Union Supply Company is offering wonderful inducements and they will offer many novelties for women and misses that are exclusive, and/can only be gotten at our stores. It is to your interest to visit the nearest Union Supply Company store for your Easter shopping. ·3 Larjre Department Stores, i . Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. , · X The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with our »tj1« selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customer*' satisfaction. · Call and see some new Shoes. :COAL For GOAL .''"·· 82 acres o£ Freeport. coal situated on 'the" 'P. a. E: at Upper. Mid- -..dletown; ' Siding granfed. Vcqal self; draining ''and at tipple height.' .' '-'Offered at- a'reasonable ; price to a quick huyer. NEVIIXK ;W^URTZ, V · Pirst Jfatioiwl Bank Enililing, · : · : ; ; . BoH. Piones 700. '. -. . : ? ; ' .CpHlfiEUDSmiiE, Ri. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST ^SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUT-W. S.S. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY " · - ' United States Government KABCH, 1918. JAS. 1, 192 $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 TOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNELLSVILLE, PA. IF YOU W^ANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One J Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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