The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 1330. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVU/ J3, PA. PAU-HJ MOOT PLEASANT COP DOEWTJm JOB George Kastner Tfnflora Resignation. Fmv Hours Alter doing ou Duty. REV, BULLION TALKS TO KIWANIS Special to Tha Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan, 17.-George- Kas-tner, fleeted patrolman at the Monday night (onncll ,*meeting, waa sworn In Tuesday evening and ff ·wont, on duty. Yesterday morning ho Informed Preldent ol 1 Council Dr. W. A. Marsh that ho dlc\ not wish to bo an ofHcer any longer. When a-jkcd what his reason for wishing to give up tha position he tald ho had not given It enough t h o u g h t before ho had lut In an application. Tho hook aud ladder company of tho flro department will hold inspection of -Sta rubber clothes at the borough building Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. School Tests Begun. IsxamlnaUons wer* begun today in tho Bchools.* In the high school they will continue Monday and Tuesday. Botjuiftiis on "Visit. Tho Rotary Cliib went to Conuclls- vil'e last evening where it held a joint meeting with the. OonnollsriUo cltih. W. L.. Wright ot Trauger tho aker. Aflilrossof. Khvunls. The Kiwanls Club held a very hiter- osting meeting at tho Bank building las.t evening. There was a 100 per cent attendance. Tho program coiu~ mittoe, Dr. John H. Madden and Dr. I). Allison Walker, waa in charge. The speaker was He-v. George J. Bn3- lion of St. Joseph's Church, who spoke ou Mount Pleasant as he saw It today. Tho talk was moa. interesting. Tho cutertalnera for tho evening wero the Mardonls--Mr. Mardaiii, a sleight of h.ind performer, his wife a mind r «tdor. At. the. close o£ tho mooting \VilUam Itaknsin uimounced thai the chamber ot commerce extended an iu- v Ution to tha Kiwaiils Club, as well i ( tho Rotary, to attend a luncheon ;u the Bank Hall on January 3D aim N . it'.bo to ho guests n i tho [armors' inBti- s ! ilr* at tin* Ovaml Theatre tvom 10 u n t i l I o'clock on Thursday, January Hntlortroes OportiUoiu J o h n Cabsldy, « h o makes hla homo \ . i t h Mr. and Mrs. tlalph Nelson ot M r o u ^ M a l n streot, underwent, an oper- i t i o t i at tho Memorial Hospital, FARMERS WILL HOLD INSTITUTE AT MLPLEASANT Siuto CoIIope mid Other Experts On AirjL'ieuliui'ul Problems To Speak. DINNER WILL BE SERVED MOl'NT PUCiAS-ANT, Jan. 17.--A fanners' IfitHu o will !x he-Id on 'I hurt,daj, Junuj.ry ."(», at tho Grant! Tb-eata'o. under llio uuspluea of tlio UanUar oE cotntnorco The agrlcul- UiTal In oharse- Js inaclo up of -N'olh-oii 1'oorhatigl', Glenn J. Woav- cr, Brooks Homer, K O, Sumii'.y, O. }!. Shmpo, J. M. Ixjlgkty tvud Frank D. X. Barnh.irt. Tho speakers will bo Mtes Beatrice V. Eostorllnoof tho Woatmoreland and Fayotlo Couutv Kxten«Ion A».soc:ift»p lion's homo economics department; J. M U u f f l n g t o n , who will discuss m.irkct jjirtloiili!2;; 11. 11. Ohnstead, 01 d.iiry cdttlo UH|rovem7it; John VaJi- dorwort, p o u l t i y . Tho last three- arc from State Col- lotre. \V. K. Mo'fottoC tho State Chain- her of Ooinniw f will also speak. A dinner w i ' l so served at noon at t h o Bank HiUi. There will ulao ho an ontortainuKnt program In conjunction with the Institute. A curb ·will )o discus sod at this mooting. LOCUST ANSWERS MATE OVER RADIO fiy IJnltoil Tress. JJKRJJN*. Jan. 17.--A malo locust t a i l i n g to ite mato over t'he radio got an iinniediato reliction in un expert- mont conducted hero. A temaio of the species who In another room "r.uriod ln"on hte aotig, mudo a hee-llno for Iho loud-ipeu'ker. I^ove at tho llrst note was her trouble uud without a inonient'a hell a t l o n , the fontUo locuet, deluded In tho interostK ot science, E lunged into tho hom-shfued niouthpiace. Looking ror Bargiilns I Head tho .idvortlaernenta In Th« Daily CourJe- 1 . Sometiraer. in earlier years. It comes wlicn a ccitnn gland grows weak. That is what modern authorities fnd. And physicians t ic world over now combat cause. The mctluel thev use is ernbothod in Munnola p 'cscription tablets. People have used them for 22ye.trs--millions of Loses of tbi m. Now in every circle you can sea wlur.slendcr figures, what healch and vigor )J5at rightmethod biinga. And nil without ibnormnl cxercibC or diet. I3very bos «'f NLirniola contains the fiirraulil HH'l facts. Usera know the rca- ··orts for t ' l guuel effects. In fairness to i, u"i elf. 4 t i v M.irnioln. Watch the i..',ih '.A I Jniggx^to supply it ut ?! nbwx. "LIE DET ?f Prisoner Cfhargea Inhuman Methodj| Employ-id by SeaIe Polics. Soattlc, Wash.--Ohnrgln? t h n t the police had subjected his client to days of torture and third degr.'e methods, which Included not'only tno use of a "He Detector" but the Injection of a "truth serum." Attorney Henry day Agnew, representing D enato Karl' Mayer, has obtained a court order restraining Hie city official ·( from further use of such MotJiods Th« ouler caiuo after Prosecutor Kwlng D. OoMn had announced that through the use of the "Me detector" and the "tri'th serum" He had obtained a partial confession from Mayer to the murder of Jntnea ffingene Bas- aett, who has been missing since September 15, ftnd that sheriff's deputies had boon sent to a cemetery In an effort to discover the bodj-. Held as Habitual Criminal. Mayer, who Is being held In Jail here pending his appeal from a conviction aa a habitual criminal, charged that Oolvln and Sheriff Claude 0. Ba- nJek had tortured him for days In an .effort to get him to confess to the murder of Bassett and tell where he baa disposed of the body. He was arrested in California in possession of Bassett's automobile a few days after BngsetT disappeared and was tried and convlcfecl of larceny ol the automobile. Bassett had come to the state from Baltimore, Md. He me 1 Mayer when the latter responded to an advertisement for the sale of ftassett'8 automobile, and the authorities were convinced that Mayer could explain the mystery of Bassett'a dl iBppearance. Colvln said that Majer at first regarded usa of the "He detector" aa a lafk. Use of the contrivance wan con - tlnued for seven days, Mayer being bombarded with questions, most ot them having to do with the whereabouts of Bessett's bot'.y. All questions were answered with a bald "Yea, sir," or "No, elr," until attention waa foqased on certain cemeteries. Smashes Lie Detector. Mayer smashed the "He detector" when he was pressed for answers la regard to the Bothell cemetery, the prosecutor said, and thereafter he was shackled and requires to wealr an "Oregon boot" while b'ilng questioned. By noting the reactions on the reg- Isttirlng device of thd "lie detector" the search for Bnssett'a body was narrowed down to au nin of two square miles, Including both Bothell cemeteries, de«p wells adjacent to one of them, anil a white house on which Mnjfer had paid a $10 rent deposit at the time of Bassett's .llaappearance. The "trufh serum," which was said to produce the effect of an anesthetic by'which the patient la numb In aH faculties except that of speech, was tested hypoderml calif after Mayer became recalltrant. The "He detector" consists of a leather covered pla'o on a chain placed around the suspect's chest to record roujilratlon aud a rubber tube wrapped around an arm to record blood pressure. Reactiotis from both parts of the device are reglatere 1 on a drum of ruled paper which, when completed, la said to show a chart of emotional reactions. Tho "He detector," which IB known scientifically as a pnautno-eardlae sphygmomanometer, was brought here from Jollet penitentiary In Illinois. The "Oregon boot" la a heavy metal boot formerly used v/ldely In the west In transporting prisoners. It so welghta one leg tha- running away la impossible. Diver Wins 40-Yard Race in Three Minutes Honolulu, T. H.-- H took B. J. Hugel thr'e minutes to eiver a distance of 40 .vnrds, but he won the race. It \\tis quite a (.'cat, however, tor the event waa an underwater race for deep sea dlveru, the drat ever held, It Is believed. The contestants wore 250-poand dlvora' emits, and each covered the uavni basin course with the assistance of a helper to pump air to him. Hagel, the winner, received a flrst prize of $J5. Mayor, Chi*f and Cop All Arrested Same Day Gilroy, Calll 1 . -- Pinched -- ail within 24 houn--- the mayor, the chlel' of police and the traffic otBcisr ! Believe It or not, dint's what happened In this tanta Clara valluy city. Mayor "SnilUn 1 Jam Prlnce- vitta and Chief of Police George Kaston H'Bll vl'-tlms to a drive on violation of tho arterial atop law, and each paid $1 to Judge J, M. Ifeesch « i a fine. Traffic Offlci-r Paul Treraaine chuckled ps he watched hia notable vlctinw pay up, bat they had th«lr re- enge when they teamed that Ireuiatne had been cited fey Sta e l^raflic Oflicer Andy Mercer or irregular hend- lights. Sheepherder and Shopljerd It Is necessar/ to differentiate he- tween tdo shceplicrder of fact and the shepherd of ron unoe. The l a t t e r is a gny anil poetic I sure, the former any- t h i n g hut. The shepherd lend* Ills tlock w i t h a song, tl e herder follows tils w i t h profanity, t'h* 1 «li«phprd reclines on a IUOSHJ bunt hens'ath a green tree tuid carols a r lumlclny. The henior looUs carefully i liuut to innke snre lie won't sit ou a luctus, eases his wear lort Itmhs to (he unshaded hillside, nntl t;i\es iits vocnl organs a well cnnwd rest.--Kioui "i iicep," hy Archer H. UllttlUw QwwvwifwuisvwitewwAiw I fe U MajTTel^ns a«w ·wasSier tower ^^a«Ii«jp tf99 EASY TERMS--See them Moms v Rtmi$h®vjf THROUGH NOVEL FUR TREATMENTS SLEEVES MAKE THEMSELVES KNOW N "Do you h.siinic in i u v i t o guests to jyotir homo HUM au^c ol' (he \\i\y your home if flow ahdiil your fcimily.' Vtnl(ln'1 ihoy s h i y at homo i n u r e a n d !, r o mon» enjoyment out of homo life if your honus tins r'arnlshed b c a u l l u j l l y nmi 4-PIoce Bedroom Suites In Walnut · With Other Fino Woods Now is the jtlmo t o soled your bedroom suito, ns pr oea are almost unbelievably low on every suite in our stonk. Roomy Wardrobe $18.00 Oak n a r d m h i ^ ,'ooniv. woll d f a i e n p d Hid s t i n r l i l v ron- Boudoir Chairs $12.50 A(}d to the beauty and com Cor of your bedroom by i;.kl;i£ advantage o£ this excofitiouaHy low prico. 1 t Pieces, in Burled Walnut This is typical of tho p h e n o m e n a l values we are off e r i n g in our belter prarlr bedroom f u r n i t u r e . The most, (.·harming designs t.he kind of ronsivuc-Hon t h a t insures,a lifetime of satisfactory service. S LEEVES, aided and abetted ay all types of fur, have bcotne the plaything ot fashion. Whether it ba the cof-t, the hlotise, the ensemble or the frock, each and nil featlfy to the outstanding linpor- tnnca of fanciful sloe res in the mode. Tiie coatutno in the pic- tut^ is one nmang raejiy In- fltfincei whore sloero^ eay "It" us 3»t eloquently. Thia modish cn- Js ot brown kanha- cloth with brown ustralrhnn, Tha front of the one-plec« draas la rested 'Vlth a clever insert of matching natln. The hat Is one of those novelty bet eta which milliners, If called upon, will mnkfl of the cloth of the 8nft. Tho hemline descends to fourteen IpcUefi above Iho floor, a very prope r and a very conaorv;itlvo niovo for It to lunke, considering the exaggerated tenglha to which dressier liomlincs are going. Pumps nrc worn with this nltrn rhlo isiilt, becntiBe fashion lius sent forth t h e . word that pumps are very {smart for slrcei we fir. ' And^now bnck to tiw original fhczne --sleuves and their novel fur trims. Concorning them one Is almost tempted to any that tliera la a thrill with every sleeve. Certain It Is that when it comes to sleeves, genldfl overlooks uo opportunity to exploit tho unique and the sometimes very fantastic. Among sleeve vagaries one lincls on the new conts niicii undenting ofL'^cts ns bunds of fur winding In spiral fashion up to and beyond tho plhow. Theie nro also sleeves, the lower portion of which develops into a wide bell, this same being rancte of fabric- like fur. Then there JH the cloth sleeve which Leila over an under puff Odd Dressers $12.50 I{ you have been w a n t i n g a new drcosor, got It now and effect a most uifusital FS Simmon Beds $0.50 Up \Va havo a wonderfu' stock for your selection and j o u simply r t u n o t holp but sa 1 ei Vanity Dressers $25 Up tho double purpose. A number of different and attractive Uc'signi? to choose Iiom. You'll Always Do Better At 3om,B furnishers VWIWIVVWMMVItV 1 *^^ ^WVVWWW t#?AftJWVSWWy\JWbr»rfVW^^ of fur, wMrti In snugly bande5 wrist. Qapiitlst cuffs ot fnr flara to extreme ore featnred sleeve propngamin which is no on. Just to keori op th«ir raputa eccentricity .sometimes only on ia furred, tho other being qr qt the which In the r going Ion for i sleeve te fnr- The unlQUP !u sleeve ertecl i In expressed In thut certain types »f llttlo muffs «re BO designed that ti oy raa.y olttier be onrricd or flijped vw the arm so as to f«rve (is « cuf on the one sleeve, the other re-main ng cuffl- lesis, Very oJtan two fiiis nre mployed I In this working out of tho umiarunl I sleeves. Thin is enpecluUr true of flat furs which are in-wed togothor with R8 much CUSP ns It tt ep were fnbrir. Seal lu used with e inlna to carry o«t tht modish blnck-i nrl-whltft touch on cuffs trimming t 10 black rloih or roivet cout. Again fashlon- fifola color con trust takea pt. ce when heist- cnrarnl conihlnos with jrowu In deslKiiful fllOeve elahorntlom The jieivoat thing: holns that of white fur touches on hlack the de- .signor exploit n (he Idua b; coniple- sleeves with r'«rt b ws oE er- tied around Die wrls s c£ the cloth or velvet mat. .IOWA BOTT MIiBT. ©, 33X9. Weslnin Ntwapttpsr Jnlnn.) VtfMWWVWWWVW^WA^rfWVVSW^ VVWWWVWWV^^ I I ' « ; Hoards Found by Soldier* Jinny hoards of ancient and medieval coins were found by soldiers during the World war while they were digging trenches. Not many years ngo at Brescelio there waa dug up a hoard containing 80,000 pieces of gold, all dattag between 46 and 38 B. O. Gold coins are the most desired by numismatists, bpcnuse gold shows no etfect frpm burial in the earth, whereas silver, especially if burled In volcanic soil, turns bfa^k or renclx (o mass or slio'vs a crystalline change that makes it brittle. Bronao tends to oxidise or to become covered with an accretion of verdigris. "· the hand-splitting operallf ns, and while there «re several dlar lond cut- tinR plants In New York the; J are but three splitters and there la uot work enough for this trio. Wo tor In pr Was A Doubtful Kvporimont Vi Ilcsi in Those Uar- Wliii Twenty Miles An Hour Was "Bumpi^ Up Uio Ruul!" Even Avben ,you bowgltt (ho Inlc.sJ, modp] of Uio nMV»st on- t » o n l y yrarw or HO ugo, there ivns .sUJI an clement, of uut'M'( i h i l y and risk u l i i c h may lmv« afidoil zest to your early motoring' pleasure hut w h i c h more likelj resultol hi bothersome stops along the route. .But today the modern automobile has hopn mntlo safo »nil rirpcmlahlc for almost nullniUod milcugrc. /Viid now you fan ho aiss»rol of Mniliimr aloupr many thousands of trouhle-ifec miles In siiiy » n r of t h c sorviceahle. used cnrs advertised hy rosponslhlo coin'orns In * D i a m o n d Splitters The business of the diamond " p l H - t e r ' Is a dying trade Hy un intiimito knowledge of tile stone's construction thU person waa enabled to split a diamond na a preparation fur economical cutting, and when this was clone auc- cwsfuHy n considerable snvlng on lab o - a n d nintoi-lnl resulted. At one t i m e evjry e a f n b l l s h m e n t whem diainntid^ w e r e cut hud cue of UIPM- experts, hut IJH\O ilL Comfm-t ia Iho Oe« rt. A train rlda through soi ia of the southwestern country, ofter very unpleasant on acoount of tl o intense hent, la to be mgds more t lerable by the use o? ruilroad couches thnt liave been made heatproof to « constder- nblc degree. A specisit wit dow glass Is innde use of which, ctitr off ranch of the ho»at of the sunshln -. It also cuts off some of tliu light, nit in this open country there will b sufficient for all purposes. The wi odworlc of i h r car Is wlw treated to resist the action of heot C o l u m n s of th- Classified Fit-si Mounlod I n f s u t r y I i i f a i i t r j 1 uuniutod for transportation but relJilnlng the ctu ructerlstlcs of ini'antr.v, a l s i f i i i u n t i n g n ncllon end H p l i t i n g us t t f i l n c d , \\~as Introduced ( l u r l n u (!u Boer wi'r 1SOO-] K)L. are the nacst. la ttte city--a most desirable location for that NEW HOME you're 1 to build, $110 UP 'CO $1,000 Fine Quarter Acre Building Lots--O",cy w i t e r ; schools and church nearby can bo purchased for as low aa $110. for f u l l partu ulars write C. R McCormirJi, CormeUtYtlle.

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