Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 13, 1976 · Page 11
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 11

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 13, 1976
Page 11
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I l A --June 13. 1976 Sunday Gazette-Mail Ounces Of Prevention. . Open Minds How Loud Is Too Loud? Heed, Hear Precautions ii Elderly Woman t/ i j Human Condition /)cnr Editor: My problem is I am alone in a six- room house and am so depressed and lonley. especially in the evenings. My husband died about a year ago and I can't get over his death. 1 am 64. I have two children, who are good to me. but they have families of their own and their troubles. I have been to a clinic and am taking four or five Valium daily, plus four Elavil and a blood pressure pill. Can you tell me the name of some good antidepression pills and help by telling me what can help me? I better tell you that 1 was nervous before my husband got sick, and that other things happened which also made me depressed. I hope you can answer this soon. One Alone Rexpundents' replies: Dear One: Your loneliness and depression after the death of your husband are understandable, and it is not much comfort to you to know that many other women are experiencing the same tremendous sense of loss. You are fortunate that you have two children who care about you, for while you don't spend a great deal of time with them, you know they are there and that they are concerned. 1 cannot comment on your medical needs, but after a good physical examination 1 would urge you not to i s o l a t e yourself from others. Although you may not think it possible, there are many opportunities for you to meet people, to make new friends and even to help others. All over the state there are senior centers where men and women . ..· i' v cry background gather for fellowship and community service. Many older West Virginians have told me that the centers were the best medicine they have ever had. Counselors are available to help if you want to discuss the possibility of giving up your home or getting a congenial person with whom you could share it. You may want advice with your budget or other personal matters. At B4 you are young enough to have a Water By Dr. Paul Brucker Thomas Jefferson Cnirersily QUESTION: My ankles retain water. Can you tell me why? ANSWER: Ankles can retain water for a variety of reasons. Many small vessels in the leg are responsible for maintaining an equilibrium between fluid in the tissue and that in the general circulation. Several things can disrupt this equilibrium and cause fluid to accommulate. Normally, the leg muscles contract and milk or squeeze the vessels directing fluid toward the heart. This in turn allows them to refill and accept more fluid. U n d e r some c i r c u m s t a n c e s , t h i s rhythmic contraction is decreased. For example, individuals who stand in a single position for a long period of time fall into such a category. Another factor that can disrupt the balance occurs when the flow of fluid through vessels is retarded. Such things as tight garters, panty girdles, or the pelvic congestion t h a t occurs j u s t prior to a menstrual period can do this. Certain diseases result in ankle swelling. These include varicose veins or phlebitis, where the vessel is diseased; pelvic tumors which slow f l o w : and a f a i l i n g heart which can not accept the fluid and. in turn, results in backup pressure in the vessels. On rare occasions, the protein content within the vessels is decreased. This protein is responsible for drawing or trading fluid into the general circulation. Once severely reduced, it too can result in ankle swelling. As you can see. the reasons for ankles retaining water are indeed many and complex and need a doctor's evaluation both to determine the cause and the proper management lot to look forward to. and we'd like to help. If you will send me your address or phone number. 1 will ask someone to call you. Louis B. Gerrard, Ph. D. Executive Director W.Va. Commission on Aging State Capitol Charleston, W.Va. 25305 Phcne: 348-3317 Respondent: Many people find themselves in your same predicament. Especially after losing a spouse, and the children have grown and left home. I would suggest, first of all. that you get involved with civic, church and social activities. Don't wait to be called upon, volunteer your services. There are church groups, hospital volunteers, health organizations, garden clubs, women clubs, senior citizen groups, etc. Join in. Fill those empty, lonely hours, by helping others, thereby also helping yourself! Secondly, concerning your medications. The Elavil you are taking is an antidepressant. 1 would suggest that you only take 3 Valium per day and continue taking the Elavil as you have been. David E. Wallace, M. D. Private Physician Madison, 25130 Phone: 369-2671 Hare (i problem anil irnnt expert opinion? 1) rile In Open Mind*. 1217 St., E., Charleston. I f . I ' « . 25301. Tlii* column is n serrife of the Sunday Gazette-Mail and the Community Mental Health Center oj Itetiion III, ithich proride* nicnttil henllh fare for Floone. Clay. Kanai-.'it. .-id I'ulniirn counties. Ife are nnnhle to an*iri'r nil letter* in this f i l t i m n . llou'cier, n mental health /jni/i's\iorm/ from Helton Ill's staff \iiil rcplv to all letter*, provided the writer include* a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The .opinions expressed are those of the professionals nnnied and in no icay neee*saril\ re- fleet the opinions of the Sunday C,n- zetle-Mail or the Community Mental Health Center of Heginn HI. By Marion Wells .-tnicrictifl Physical Fitness Kfstarch Institute A tremendous volume of concern about '.I'.u SST (supersonic transport jet) has been how much noise it would make. While that query is important, it's just as vital to hear and heed precautions about noisemakers much closer to us. precautions that may all too often fall on "deaf ears." The answers to the question. "How loud is too loud'.'" may affect your hearing, your health and the quality of your life and m i g h t even have a bearing on cancer. How 0 · * » SCIENTISTS believe the effects of noise to be of increasing health consequence as sound intensity increases or exposure is prolonged. !X'oise around the home may actually approach industrial levels, giving our ears little rest. The autonomic nervous system, which regulates digestive, heart, circulatory and involuntary muscle responses, may react to noise. It can trigger a rise on blood pressure and may also, to varying degrees, create annoyance, disturb sleep and interfere with relaxation and normal conversation, with implications for both physical and emotional well-being. It's been reported that " . . . in the opinion of experts, ever-increasing noise pollution is the single greatest cause o hearing loss." Exposure to excessive noise levels can lead to permanent, irreversible hearing impairment which may go unnoticed in the early stages. Noise-induced hearing changes may also include distortions of the quality and clarity of the sound you hear. » * * WE CAN even begin to go deaf at our leisure. Raymond E. Jordan. M.D.. notes that "There are a number of scientific reports showing nerve damage in teenagers from exposure to live rock-and-roll music." It seems loud enough sounds can be hazardous to hearing even when they're music to your ears. Noise may also reach high levels at discotheques, amusement parks and speedways. Other significant sources of noise may include snowmobiles, motorcycles, minibikes. moror- boats. lawnmowers, home shop tools and a blaring hi-fi or television. What can you do? Give yourself frequent quiet breaks. It's been noted that " . . . if noise exposure is interrupted by relatively quiet periods, the hazard is reduced compared with continuous exposure of the same duration." Be alert to the following indications that you're being subjected to hazardous noise levels: (1) the need to shout to make yourself heard during noise exposure. (2) pain, "fullness" or "ringing" in your ears during or after exposure, or (3) dulled hearing following exposure. IF YOU USE noisy equipment on the job. at home or in your sport or hobby, ask your physician about appropriate car protection. Make use of protective equipment and follow safety guidelines set up at work. At home, plan to reduce the number of noisemnkcrs operating at any one time. Buy the quietest appliances you can find, and bypass needlessly noisy toys for your tots. Note that closed doors, drapes, carpeting, appropriate ceiling acoustics and well placed outdoor shrubbery help to muffle sound. 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