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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 24

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 24
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THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 'l SATURDAY. AUGUST 22. 1964 SATURDAY. AUOVST 22. 1964 1- KHANH BEGINS VIET NAM OVERHAUL Into Action' THE WORLD President 'Galvanized By ROBERT TRUMBULL IC) UM New Trt TtBM arv HONG KQNG - South Viet Nam appear to be on tha threshold of a dynamic new effort with heavy United State assistance to attack the growing Communist Viet Cong Insurgency on all fronts "that' key country ' of Southeast Asia. Tha Saigon government seems to ' have been gal-vanixed. partly by the significant extension of Washington's commitment to defend South Viet Nam by all measures necessary. Including at-tacks on Communist North Viet Nam. However, in the knowledge that the war ultimately must be won by the Vietnamese people and that the outcome will be decided hi the south dent Nguyen Khanh has embarked on long-needed overhaul of local, civil and military resources. jpmmmmmmmmimmm i . isssnai a umm'mi'mmmvmm f. III... IjoaoffiXionooOQ 1'. 'iiliH'',W:lli i Crime and Punishment in UK By NICHOLAS HARMAN .' f The EcesWBsjt! . Vhen Charles WUson beg so hi H-year prison terra a fe-f months ago, be boasted to' hi wife: "No )aU will hold me." Early la tha morning of Aug. II a (roup of his friend walk-ad into tha maximum security prison near) Birmingham, England, where he was confined, and took him away with them. Hi boast was, so Ur.Juatir.a4. , Mr. Wilson (no relation of Labor leader Harold Wilson) bad powerful friend on hi aid. In last Summer' Great Train j Robbery ha and til tana aot away with over $7 million. Only fUt.OM ha been recovered. Nobody in Britain rss mack surprised when the minorities let. It be under- .stood that one of the prison uards had probably been bribed to Help Wilaon to Tee the crowning hv rusticeMs that he is now by way of becoming a popular nam. joins al: In thk role Charles Wllsi Joins tht remarkable char- JobsTigh : I " ' : - In European Market Area C MM Mm am UnUm BRUSSCLS Tha cost of living Increased mora than , three time a fast last yr in the European Common Market ' as in tha , United Bute. new report publish- ad by the elx-ntlon economic community Indicate. ' MtanwhUa, Common Mar-: kat employment slowed lt m.' r . : : luefl year aa tha member nUon ' PRISON IPELl. ' vT Wt Germany. Franca, . A (ury(y youn, hootigsns Ittly, The NetlmBel. ;.rrtil- ,fUr tM, a' alum and Luxembourg- In- . ... Coked , antl - inflation - pro.Br1ta Miitr resort. IW. Itm. Th coAttrlctlon of Summer em to hot that a new; inh oneninea wa feH PIt ht prison can mak a aeoaclallv In irieultura. whara tha number of peopl amploynd on farm In th' community fell by 650,000. . Reviewing social development In tha community, th , study by th Common Mar ket Excutlv . Commlslon't raportaa a total population.' Increase of two million dur ing IMS to level of 177.1 million. . - "About two-thlrd of thi . gan represented a natural increase, with one-third c-' counted for by new immigration from pon-member countries, which continued to be ubstantial," th report aaid.v ie Contract CHICAGO (UPT) CW penter Curt Moberg I on hi neat bhviof.- After nearly three years of marriage and on year' p- ; ration, Moberg and his wife hav been granted a yar-' long trial reconcillatloA after sltnln a 31-nolnt eontract. : . Moberg pledged to work 40-hour weeks, giv up bowling, submit to visits from his wife's family and give up hunting and fishing trip. The uncertainty of Khanh t hold upon the country's leadership has given extra urgency to his task, which In any case can be only a beginning of a long struggle before the Communist influence In'South Viet Nam is brought within manageable bounds.. STAKES TOO GREAT However Khanh's efforts may turn out, Washington has clearly determined that Saigon is not going to be permitted to lose the war. Tha stakes for the U.S. are toe great for anything but "no lose" policy, in this theatre of the, worldwide -struggle-against communism. . .South Viet Nam is of small consequence to the U.S. In terms of real estate, the loss, of the small country on the vast Asian continent, where a few million people produce some rice and rubber, could . - be accepted calmly in Washington. .The acquisition of the territory. on,th other hand. cter Alfit Hind. Last month Mr. Hinds, serving the last few weeks-of a 11-year sen-(ence for taking part In a robbery' at a big London furniture (tore, won a libel action again! the police officer (now retired) who bad handled the '- case that led to hi conviction. The police officer had laid, in a recant newspaper article, that Hinds had taken part in the robbery. Although the Jury at Hind' original trial had, found him guilty, the libel, jury now. said that it was damaging to assert that ha 1 had actually committed 'he erlme. Tha policeman had to pay S4S.0M hi damages and court cost.. .. The (ympathy that many British people feel for com celebrated criminal has It leriou side. There I a real - debate In progress about what to do about criminal Indoor ' society. Two men, convicted of a brutal murder, were hanged. in British Jail last week. ' They may -Well be the last to die kv-th nam of British en, ' ...... ..' II a. utoor lovininmii w .elected In October, the death penalty will almost certainty be tboUihed, even lor those few categoric of murder ft hick If will applies. Thar fe wUI be no mora "final solu- matter how her-. tha crime. ".- fundamental argument la thi. Should tha law pro. vide punishment (or criminal so layerw a to deter them, and. other. Ilk them, from such deeds?Xr should society strive to reform tha triminel? In the tougl old day, when heniin : ad common, 'crima cp tlaued: ssvertty wa torrent then. New aa erlmlnsl go back 1 1gm again to prtson: JrU fai no cui for drlma. - rl 'thu hero In th eye ttl hi -fellow thucr. V-But almost all of ns, now,-, daya, are tempted to crime. ' .Driving abov th pd limit, or driving whan w hav had a few drinks, may have con- equence that mak them nu lociai a in expioiis of any bank rob her or teen-sser hooligan. If speeding led at one to prison,: or drunk driving to automatic ' social . disgrace, how many offenders would not. be deterred from these crimes? - -' Many "of us m Britain know that the old cod of harsh prison conditions and execu tions cannot solve th problem ot' crime. But than ca the most thoughtful .reform real ly ehang the nature of ''pro-'' fessfonal" criminal . lik Charles Wilson wh poasta : that "No Jail wilt hold me," makes good hi boast, and la widely admired for It ' The problems of crime, like the problem of (for mstance) ' living with the Russlsns, will not b solved by ' (logins, . whether the ilogan b Get '. Tough or B Nice. Sttme peo.' pi In Britain are starting ta understand this, and wa arr scared of peopl whs rgu In -logans. But I wish I knew what to offer In their place. Vmn ui i n iaMisia abet bnti would be of enormous Importance v the hard pressed, economy of over populated North Viet Nam. However It is believed In high American circles in Saigon thai If South Viet Nam were lost, the entire Southeast -Asian peninsula would toon come under the sway Peking either as Cot nist or left-leaning, neutralist countries. - No doubt this greater lose could be borne too in physical terms." as it : was when the Japanese overran the entire territory In the Second World War. But the political consequences of such a setback to the U.S. policy would reach much farther. t LEAD JAPAN ' -j - ,. a, f I in expulsion of v. . prv- senc from Southeast Asia Southeast would tend, to propel. Japan tions after Communist torpedo towari th-hlriesaphert!boMsjtt The Philippines would be destroyers, were one Indies-weakened as a pro-American tor of U.S.' determination in outpost, ,,' ' the area " Australians would be asking , . Aa even stronger Indicator, Year the Yankees The Neilsen Rating By, RUSSELL BAKER - ' (O tsst tw f Tkws sm swrtM NEW YORK - No on took; It seriously, of course,. when ; the Columbia Broadcasting System, upon purchasing (he New York Yankees, ' Mated that network opera Moos would aot be permitted to become ; intertwined with th Ynkee maaagamant .' ', On th other hand, no one quite foresaw bow drastically network philoaphy would uHi- mstely change the nature of baseball Th reader will r. call that shortly after CBS bought the Yankees, the National Broadcasting Company mapped up the old New Yi Met and th American casting Company bought th ' La AnlsDodgr. MURDEROUS V-' COMPETITION . . Ithln the year, the net works were locked la a mur- dtrous bthind - the acena competition for bssebell leadership.' and alt their resolve ,to keep band off th gam went by the wayside" a vice ptesldents felt the pressure -to raise attendance, or al.'' ,y '' -.?, Th first big change Hor tha CBS Yank occurred after th NBC Mu had btaten them k the box office for th - third consecutive year, ' ', The pre - eminence of tha Mets showed unmistakably. CBS announced, that what tha public wantd w hillbilly bsbll.'v ', .:';.;; iCtlStlnn isnt wm on, v fls Pmnneo ment - to sign 1 of th most ludicrous 'ballplayer in th country fort th coming season and have Yogi Berra Insert them la th line-up Ut In all game In which the Ytnees had run up Insuperable lada., - .The policy wa an Instant tuccSss, and the ABC podgora wrabl to hold their own iy packing their squad havlly with gangsters and who off-tha-fteld. antic kept high leva! of viewer rnwrtsL ' As th quality of baseball declined. Intellectual and long hair protested that th fame ' ws being destroyed. Privately, network executive sgreed. "Look." they told the bitl tactual, t'w ppraciatr bawball a much a yon but tha slobs won't K UI Pay - By JACK GOULD no vt HOLLYWOOD More than $2,000,000 will be spent m a California election campaign that for the first time will eee voters balloting on th futur of tolavldon. - In addition to making choice between Presidsnt Lyndon Johnson or Senator Barry Goldwater, Nov. S, Californlana alio wUI dec id whether' pay-At-You-Se Ule-vUlon (hould b prohibited by law from" thallenging irea television within th state. Sylvester L Weaver, presi dent "of Subscription T!e- Vision Inc. which ha Just . Broad- themselves: "II the Amert- cans will not defend Saigon, will they defend Sydney?" Thus the U.S. security perimeter as a Be'cilic Ocean power would be pushed, stg- eastward per- hap to the State of Hawaii Had ether outlying Islands. Undesirable politicaf effects . would be felt ,m the ,U.S. position' among the Atlantic powers, as well, the Americana .believe. ,' These consideration are believed to be 'at i the root of Washington's determination to save South ' Viet Nam . from further erosion 'by the Viet Cong.- . The recent Incident m the Gulf of Tonkin, where the U.S.' Seventh Fleet blasted North . Vietnamese around Install- : for It. It Is our duty to give i -the people what they want." ', FRESH TROUBLE . 1 -. In no time at all however, th Yankee were in fresh trouble. After losing' th pennant three years In a row CBS was handed a bad scar ;- . when seven viewers of Italian-' American extraction wrote let-tar charging the network with depictng Italian-Americans as baseball incompetents. . They referred of course, to niL - i nree if CLAUDE tfTTON . tc ns n Twa tkM thm ssnto. ATLANTA Three South-, am Democratic have disclosed that they now plan to support Senator Barry Goldatr. tht .Republican nomine, In th coming bresi- denti 'race. - ' ' -'V . ;Tb governors,. H of whom 'had defied' the federal couru en tha Kkool desegregation isue, are Orvl E. Faubui of Arkansas,' George Cl WUc of Alabama.' ahd Paul B, ''Johnson of Mississippi, i Th thro mad known their intentional according to high-' ' ty rejubl sources, at a dosed meeting in Nw Orleans with COTti-nor John J. McK)thn,. of louiin ' and rrrls Bryant of Florida.. v '' rdHnMbtf IrVMl lKk - , . . . . . , . . iiwt MV ivng iuiv pigN their support to President lohnton, who wilt racalv the ; Democratic nominatlott at " . that party' national convention In Atlantic City. ThO'Con-ventioo (tart Monday. Bryant left th meeting early., SECRET CONFERENCE .' McKelthon, host for what U had hoped would ka a secret . ' conference With '- the - chief . executives, tUd hi guests he would not attend tha national ; ; convention. But h w reported to hv said he did not Intend to back . Goldwater, chleny becaus he thought th Kapuoiican wouia low. ' If th three governor go through with their plans, N It likely would obl Goldwater . to driv a wedge through the V- TV started toll video In San Francisco nd Los Angeles, has announced that bis company expected to spend up to tl, 000,000 to persuade voters .to endorse an alternative to tha present system of toon-or-Mpportod video. ' A LIKE AMOUNT . ' Offkialt of the citism eommltte for frt TV, which . Obtained th signature to put tha video Issue to a referendum, said they expected to , spend a Ilk amount trying to outlaw boavoffic in th noma. - Tha expenditure of $2, ' 000.000 for th conduct of a political campaign involving JLJFCAfftVf 1 JLO . - , i Ad :'.;: however, is the serious consideration known to have been undertaken in Saigon and in1 Washington as to the, tdvls-' ability of direct action. against North Viet Nam should the military situation in the "South, deteriorate. " It is understood that any decision extending . this cony flict beyond South Viet Hem's" border would be triad in Washington. However, U.S-' Ambassador Maxwell D. Tay- ler elated, .publicly In Saigon last week that, "interdiction" of help to the Viet Cong from the outside . that is from North Vief Nam , In border crossing operatioBS that also might Involve Laos and Cam-. bodla must come "inevit- ably" and "would have an important bearing on theeeut- come. He added however that "the most important factor in success will be- the elimination,, of the Viet Cong witjiin the boundaries! of South Viet Nam." Mr, Bcrra, the Yankee1 anchor man, and to Joe Pepitone, tht Yankee ' first baseman, and they charge that CBS wa insulting Italian American everywhere by depicting the men as member of losing team. L : CBS promptly dropped Mr. Pepitone contract, and hired a new first baseman named Jones, who wasn't much of a ballplayer but ' wa blessed with a nondescript far. . - mocrats onc-oUd south from Ml. ' souri to the Gulf of Mexico ' Pck up Jl electoral vote in in process. .: - . Mississippi' 'and Alabama already have been considered virtually certain to go Republican In November for the firtt time tnc the reconstruction era. Their 'Cover- nor' endorsement of the Ari-son conservative, whose view on Civil Sight and States'- Rights , are . highly popular among, deeo south wnites,' would remov any doubt over the election's out-. 'come in those states. - . HUEYS HEIR Governor McKoithen, heir lo on branch of the political organization founded - ,. tha rn-(:r,nra - He- wanted ta work out a solution to the political dilemma they all ehare in thi ' Presidentiel campaign. H and th other are seek-Ing to bold their atat Democratic organization together in th face, of the pro-Gold-water sentiment (weeping the strongly segregationist areas of th deep south. . Their congressional delegations hav a crucial (tak hi th matter because Democra-' tlr disloyalty in response to pressure at home might cost them their committee chairmanships m Washington. Other southern governors were asked to attend the con- , ference to help establish a united Trontjbul sjHirned the mvHauon. it was learnea, tor ' example, that Governors Carl, Sanders of Georgia and John 'Connally of Texas let it be known that they woulOold a Governors , . . conference at the Democratic, Jspsn On can llll e th convention to work out "a r- quaint old nine-Inning, n irresponsible course." .: ' '. .,. .'man sport known a basebalL d itional Election C hoice M television In a lngle state compares with the Republl- . can natlonsl committee' estimate on Saturday that It Will have a presidential campaign budget of about 113,000,000 for 90 states,,.! .' " : v. ; , From present indication th volatile TV Issue appear,! likely to be kept out. of the partisan Presidential an'd Senatorial race In Call- . fornix , ; ,- ( , DIVIDED GROUPS Jl . ; " " Th Controveny has dl- . -vided labor leaders and buti-' nessmen' alike. The (tat , Democratic organizations declined today to tak Und ; on th matter. Current steps In Saigon toward thi end are significant. " President 'Khanh I deeply engaged in measures to -strengthen his government by "ringing in wider represents tlotv In the person of quali fied individuals. He also has moved to streamline the military command structure for more efficient use of weapons and manpower. And he is proceed ing with programs to win coa fidenee and anpport of the peasants. ' These steps are being undertaken with American advice, encouragement and material- auistance. The U.S. . military complement of advisers and other is to be increased from about lt.OM men to more than M.0M, and the personnel of the civillsn U S. aid mission will be aug- mented by a similar percentage. There will be a corresponding increase ', m U.S. financial expenditure. Lost Race " ; Th networkx reasoned that : While retaining Messrs. Berra and Pepltonejprould not hurt the box office, the corporation could not risk an ftaiian--. American boycott of Its soep snd hors operas. Mr. Berra) : was asked to change his nam to Berra more and given ' a position permanent panelist -on "What's My Line?" NEW CRISIS , .. This crisis had, scarcely .'blown over when th Daughters of the American Revolution denounced CBS for having a left fielder- on Its pay-. roll. In. the ensuing congres-' sionsl invesrigatioo, Tom Tresh admitted that he wa th mploy'in question, hut ststed that b bad drifted Innocently into left field before anyone knew, that television wes going to tak over base-; ':ball. V-Ji-:,-.,:-::,: :.': , i In a brilliant strok. CBS persuaded NBC and ABC -to Join It In-abolishing left field. It wa a position, their Joint statement (aid, In which there was no mass viewer interest due to it remoteness from th camera. . vY v REVOLUTION .' Th 'revolution In th gam occurred the . following year Yankee would discontinue ve pateball.and that all their games would be taped. This, the network explained, would enable CBS to. take an entire six month season in three month of concentrated Win- . ler play, thus cutting cost and permitting the network 'to edit out long stretches of dullness which characterized so much live baseball There-slier, they announced., tha game would be. celled Tele- ball. tunr ...iki. uMmmA mu and topped CBS by announc- ing that it had assigned Hunt ley end Brinkley to manag th Met and narrate th tapes. -' In an effort to recover, CBS. ":' announced that it wa recall- ing Yogi Berra mo re frem . "What' My Line?" and team-' ing him with Roger Mudd to battle NBC In the rating. With General Elsenhower managing and narrating the' toped, -.ABC Dodger, Tele-ball became the biggest TV ' gam since Tbe 4,00 Question." ; - .; . . - ' ' . . The ; bubble finally burst V when the producer w r . caught 'rigging th tap to ,, stimulate viewer Inter!. Telebotl ha never recover- . , ed In (hi country, though in - In. announcing that subscription television' board of director had decided on ; ! Thursdsy to conduct an c- tiv -campaign. Weaver agreed that It wa unusual for a corporation to allocate . . capital resources to effect ' , the results in a polling booth.''. . " "But this has become ' ; an Incredibla- situation," ha said. "I never thought Fd' be running a political cam- : paign, but that' what It I . ' now." -' - ' - Weaver' adversary In th , campaign I th Citizens,. Committee for free TV, largely financed by motion picture theatre fearing the ' competitive effects of new - , " ; . i ' A page of news analysis ' yind interpretation aAAVMaAVMMWMMUMMf In Defence ' By Warner Troyer Second Guess Practical One J To the frustration of many industrial firm here and in the United State ' and the relief of most reflective defence critic Defence Minister Hsllyer and hi advisers have so far avoided making any sudden decisions about new hardware for Canada' armed force.'. ' . I tilt. Hellyer ha said ' he, ('won't be i panicked by any Imaginary tlmectocka. The defence minister has . carefully, cultivated the arts of reflection and Of the Mcond guess. This nation has not, . therefor, been saddlad With 'plan, gun' and ahipa h might well find useless or Impractical wlthly , month of their delivery. V , PATTERN EMERGING But earn pattern now emerging may tndicat - th trend of new hardwar purchases, oaca Mr. Htllytr ha trimmed enough fat from defence department overheads to permit ffctiv purchasing of atw equipment - . .A clear intent ia ,'to seek equipment and weapon systems which combine versatility, ruggedness and easy maintenance.' What Canada want in terms of weapons I a sort of Model 'Tap, proech: W want equipment'; which can perform a variety of task, which -can operate .in mud or on pavement. , figuratively peaking, and which can be repaired, on-the-spot, with bobby pin and wad of bubbl gum. ''..,' H-. 'Alt of tth abov mean chiefly that Canada I most unlikely to boy, for example. more airplane of the CF 104-Starflghter type- These aircraft, extremely (ophittlcat-ad. raqavire aa' appalling amount of maintenance by masses, ot sdper-trained per-sonnet rmd with complex support equipment. Lik any thoroughbred, they are vary. umPm"wl'.. c,!u1'1 hulkling world police-keeping role militarily, want dependable work hors with a good show of speed when If needed. - " w .v An airplane" which aeam ideally suited to Canada's newly oriented poDciet and future need. Is th F-S, a ilgl ' seat, twin englned. fighter produced oy the Northrop company in the U.S. With less altitude and speed than tha Starflghter. the F-l (dubbed the Freedom Fighter) also lack both the price tag- and maintenancej . problem of th 1M. . . I Specifically, H needs -much less than half as msny hours of maintenance , per - flying hour. The F4 baa - greater range, can perform all tha duties required of an aircraft in tupport of tactical army formation, csn actually operate from a tod airfield, despite It great speed, and can be easily adapted for launch from newly-devised catapult systems which permit operation from tiny landing strip. . , MAJOR DIFFERENCE ' A major difference ht that th F-S. unlike most new airplane, I not straining after tha boundaries of speed and altltud. It is, Instead, a plan designed weH . within the bound of experience and o firnli and iport attractions being shown In tha home for a fa.-.-':.-, , ,' ' TYPICAL COMPLEXITY Th background of Pay-TV In California and the campaign arguments are wrapped in the complexity typical of televisions. "' Last year tha California Legislature - authorized pay TV to subsequent crie of protest from theatre owners, restaurant, parking lot operators and other businesses affected by . public stay-at-homes, , -Weaver Company receiv. ad permission to put cable on polea 'and under street' did not create great new technical problems which ra-quired complex Instruments and maintenance procedures in their solution. SUITS NEEDS - , Specifically designed a a fightes. (or us by U.S. llies who could not afford and did not need the ultra-sophisticated aerial destroyer, th F-S suits future Canadain needs. .insofar, as they can be pre- dieted, a though tailored for us. Apart from economy and' performance, check these advantage: It' very nearly th tame airplane at Canada' newest ; jet trainers, the T-38. end so mechanic trained on the T-1S can switch without, additional training. It's , available in a modified twin-seat version for advanced Jet training, a major plus to our flying planner, ' Th F-S haaalrcady been' ordered by Norway and la being considered by meny other net Ions: Canada is pledged to help in th provision of quickly mobile sup-., port in NATO on the flanks' (Norway, Greece and Turkey.) Thi role would be greatly strengthened by our employment of aircraft the ' am a those used by these nations. Canada I. in addition, anxious to develop a co-operative peace-keeping role with Norway. Again, aa easier chore if we (hare similar equipment and" thus, defence staffs with simlJsr training and role. Unlike tha very most sophisticated new U.S. Tight-; era. th F- would not likely present tuper-difflcult technical problem which would p r v n t manufacture of plane purchased by Canada in Canada.: under contract from the U.S. parent firm: so purchase of these planes would almost certainly mean a shot In - the arm for -our sumetime sagging defence industry. - Plan Change In Measuring y 111. - fjf I img Unit wl ' (C isas M Tat tmm sm wvm PARIS Th bad on which unit of Urn are cal- . culated Is to be changed thi ' Fall. . For tlsmisands of years th basis of time was th length of the day. or more specifically, the time It take th earth to spin one. In US, because tha spin rate of the earth Is variable, tha basis wa changed, by international agreement, to the length of time it took the earth to circle tha tun In th year 1900. . Th new basis wilt almost certainly b the vibration rate of th cesium atom. Thi follows th pattern of recant year in seeking to bas , measurements of alt aorta on physical constants, accet-.. , ilbl to (dentist anywhar,. rather than on apedfic mat- - . rial object. to relay lu programs directly from a central point to it subscribers. ;-, ; Tha nss of wire to carry, presenutlona to the cus- ' , tomer took subscription telt-, viilon out of th direct pur- view, of tha Federal Communications ' , Commisaion, which bast ita authority, to regulata broadcasting on tha us of publicly owned air- " wave to- carry programing; Th object of th referendum I to appeal over, th : head of tha legislator to - tha people of California for : nullification of tha authorlza- T tioo' jnd tubttitution of a law to ban Weaver, operation. , .1..

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