The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1918
Page 2
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' s Teill ; meet tonJiiitiat;..Uie homo ot L ''' ; ^'5^natE|S?A.^;fp ·:;':·': THURSDAY, MAKCH 28,!1S»18. soloist ot'th* B«llafleid : Pi«ibrt«rian church choir to iocceed Mrs. William Brickmu, foranerlr .'Mil* £*un, who resigned a few tutir;ot.j*)|j4;,: racifc: ' r^,.. :i ^ . "Tilt play-will be _ . . . April 5, ia the"TIrst Bajtlit cfcnreh unj»r UK auspice.,oT the Sunftay ·'· school. · - · - · · - , · .·:;·.·', ,-j...-.....,..···._ :Buckin«tiaDi, daughter ot Mr. »nd Mra. ' 7ootrarsoii *oi Mr. and Mrs. Ttkoina* Footen at . I'roftburc, -·'. Sid., -wee'iaarri»d"iait evenin»'-ia"Sl- : JUcJwel'm nctorjr at FiCMtbnrf br Her. ... Krtlug. Hietani. O/Nrii, :; FpMo»iiij| a trlrt »omjTtopn\ the rid«j|rooiii will · retorn to Catnp Gordon, wh«re he Trill . nake up hii tfnUcc ta.UM Supply Company 319, FieM Artliiwjr. The bttte ,^111 j'xid* In Baltimore with h«r~«tt- :-ia until tbe-clowof tJh* .war,'"-..".;." .- ·Mrs, J. F. MeGianii, who will leave s'oon for Pitutmri to re»iJ», w»s ten- ]..d«;ed.'« farewell party -Ti«»*u nl at l»r home at Poplar Orore by the Nl.C.' D. ciara ctf theJlrmt Mitiodlit Bpi»cip«l_Sil»Jar icliool of which she ' is a member. .About 20 jueats were enjoyable time -wa* 'had.. Dainty re- fr»btnesU irari ,Th«_re«u]ar ne«ta« of th , Soutfc ' ' " i bees heJ6 this eTeniiii at t h* Iwcie of - " ' -ltr:-«Bd 3i(rs; IhiJWie T. Norton"; has' been poctpoaed to a later date.,. The r«i«)ar m««tin»'ot;th I. H. N. : clams at tb* Tint Mctkodiat £»la«o»al church wlirh«h*lil tomorrow 'aiatt at the panonac* la Soqtb I'ltUburg Mr). John Lower? win entertain th« C. L.. Oirlj club tocaorrow nijht at *« titm» in Pi«s*«rg Twtlr* menfcen and att«n4«l a y» . th« SilTtr TbWMc rtnb at whiefc Mrs: -if U'KMJpia'-wt* h»a*«»». ye««rday afternooa at her home' ia Patterson arenue. The afWraoon v»'*fMnt at tnittrnr for tbe aoMlcn. tNOnty r«- . Carbiien will eatMrtatn'tlM dab W*d- nentay aft«r«oon. A»ril ICth at h«r · BOOL* in Vine street. GoeaU at the club wire Mr»- C. M. Stoae, Mra. Jam** JU^Iy-jJid.JlTa. r jj-lS'lheeSufciT :tdfntSW*r-:a?}|t"p.£« ; r;»r.V Ttee "preiii- - · · . . - . - . Tl!e _ . a ( b l W i . c - t h « iftslar ··GroTe, T7hit ,3o Ue - Ke4 Crosi met jresterday atter- :thoi«.»t Ine home; ot-.Mrs/.C. W; Er- »p«!t tb* afUrinon aewiac _ :;: .A. large itsiow " Coa»o "of tU* , prtMCted last: htght in Baptist churcl by: members ' Mission Guild; . · : »eU ^ven anJwaj. treajly enyed by ' ' " : CM«JirUi-lrailci'"o( the : Navy t*aine ; ; Announcement ftis been made of tbe held ·toiSStfr 7 Jir~tbe rch.- , 'On EaSter members wi ciass coiflrmi'id. of 32 " :' : ChuTch" D»y -will be oba irvai Thursday, April 4 in the Firiit Methodist E?i»cop«l church br the Ladlee' Aid 5oci*tj- »nd -the Woman*!* Borne and fgtftga; JMMSoiuuri;! societies.; The-.Iot- .lowing women h»ve been appointed on tie' commijttse:- to MITT c-l'.incri ttf'l 'eloeJi::Y"Mr9.~ Hjmer Davis, chairman; :Jlr».' j. P, Btttier, ilia. Ia«- " Crawford)' Mrs. -.Win. Coop*r,' : CBnhinjfcani, Mrs. R. J. ni, jilfs. P; C. Co»Tr»r,.3lhir E.-A Christy, Mrs. "W. It, Olaspcrrilri. W.-P. Clark, Mte« Harriet Clari, Mrs; Georie.Cwupkell, MiM Kate Cam-ptwll. Mri/MtierTa Ouster, atrg. A. Jk. Crjw- en,.Sa. iy», Cook, Mrs; : J. -l2 Cochi'wC Mr». G, 5. ConneH/.sirs:, Mr». EIe»nbr ph«t,iStrs:"IaiT.Colborn. Mri. ' Ceurtnty. Hlas Irene Port is speiidini the day ' . . -J. Fteof Kurti ia a; business caller in todsjri The b*at plact to shop after all. Brownell Shu* Co.-- Adr. : . J,,V.. .Martin,, of the paid fire der partment, is attending conrt in Som- .anwf. today.""... ' -· ·. .·' Mrs. F. H. Jtbode* and son, aid daughter, Virginia, ot New T ork arrlred here today .for a visit with. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McClaren ot JSsit GfWn atrifset., . ·' ..:1',;."'..*. V":;',';. One lot hich,ciaM,TOile waiti;;ret- miar »».» A-aiu««, .oiii_"EasUt.:-«tal»t ' ' ' ' . . iota jSinraieijnai; of . tlsa'^Wiest ' 3N»ra I-haTe2.lME«i^i guajitj-. clothe*, for lie best, 4r»*eni o? 'tows and"they keep coming .for 'more...Why.?, Dave Coben, Tailor. student at Penn Hall, Chamber»buri, Pa., I* spending the Easter vacation With Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Eaton, of East Cedar, ayenae. . ') , · . -rOnVipt crepe dt chine and georgette. eri?p* waists, values to J5.00, ~ "' waist sale price (2.98.--Adr- ; .. . :" Mr«:7Roy Minerd and son, Penu ot Btihlhr'street, Greenwood, left this mo'raing for Brio,, Pa., to yiait-.the.' fonneVs'.. husband". Dr. . Roy .. ^llnerd^ who la an Interne at ait Erie hospital. A -special lot pi silts in all leadinc »had*s, -values to |30, Easter suit sale price'' »22.50.--Alv-28-3t. those who advertise. f«d ia Cnmberlai*. i "Wilson of Connellsville and jHaJiel 'Bozker of Scottdale and Bd- ^wajrtfi.Bwitalski and , Christfana Lynn ol 'JSmi'thtlcia, were married '·: yesterday at eambertand. "· ' ' .-.'.' . e: busy . so ;i jist :: replied: "!·: ? about BurJtay « n'et;vfould:he ;', .. "pn'^Ws not to -answer: a tel ne«s said IJndley told him. ·' ' ' " s not ^eady'.' : :He 'Vintback er: a telephone call," "the wit- ·' ' Crawtord «T*- ' f ;· tue niornins :WJwvyfca»Wct*Jrt;tp.ifiiijr. 'a John- Mor- JEPT/wkO' aaid thafc.a bloody newspaper JogBd. In the Deleo ofBces'liaddisT appeared ffrom his office -two br'tlae* ' ' ' ' . , . . : S. ffi-flowarAi te«tffl*d 'of : taking a photograph -of :tbViriswprtaton"tbe wall ;betwe«n ; ti6;;»Jghth and .seventh stories of 'the boiWing but jstatel that the ··negative 'was .BO. indistinct that ' he had;:nbtvtaken. : 4he-eOort 'to make a ririg ". ^Mr." "Hwirard : ; alJKr "testified of taking. pbotoi|TaihB..of the, office rooms PtWe;:D.eteo-I«njb«r.;:cpnipanT but when 'the common-worth sought .to introduce those inYevidence strenuous ,6bjeetion was 'made by Attornrr Me- ·Kean.::-::: -..-·' ;-. '·; · . - · ; . ' . . ; . · . · . · .7Cbim»el jor ihe de(en»e contended -that . witfioat "*ju£f "jhere . were contained -in the ptioto»xapl»i many movable oijects and tor that reuon he conteitod their -admiMion. The ftat- tographs were.- t«]cen.. the neit day fol- Ioiwlng 7 ;tho 'discoyery.otrthe. body, it '·te^fled.vien every.opportunity had been giTen to ebanf· the location ,of .the desks and chairs in the rooms. , Jl;none of tie furniture In the roam «r».-Co»iff;-"Miss- B«w wa» included in the vbotofnvks. Attorney McKean. said he -would withdraw:his objection to their admlsaion PERSONAL;; · mto 'the e*Mem«. The eonnnomrealth, ^ Professor .Tfrlta Her*. - i"rofe»»or Huff 'of the Slippery Rook NormiPStbool, of the" department of s c t e i ' ' w i i i - t - - . yisiior-at -the -high schppi-.'here r^sterda'y. .afte'rnoon. :. Son at .Skaw Home. .. aA Mrs. Howard L; Shaw are recVivins; congratulations upon the birth'j'of V son Monday.. Boj Fucnl C»r.: Funeral Director J. E. Sims has. pur- cawed a handsome silver gray funeral ear.; ·'.;.: ·' ' · . . · · · · '. Save the Shipping home-mjule prod- j»rf» instead of import*. If yon are a coffee drinker you need not deny your- ,»elf a rich, coffee-like cup. Instant Postum u nuule ia America and pravidec · delicious drink, really superior to coffee because free of the coffee drag, "caffeine." At Grocers Everywhere made no-other effort to unwrap tlto photpcrapha. · -..A.coBTeriailoii between Undley and Bnriwy about 8 o'clock on the evening JBurkey waa.tffled was related to the jury by Miss Allca · Gandoin stenographer-for the Delco lumber company. Miss GcndoHl stated that she had been called hack to the oBce on the trening ol the fatality to take some dictation from A. L. Schvelbiax, manager of. the company, and, that she wma; wilting for hta n*en LhxBey came into UK oOee. She Mid that Barker was there at the time and Lindley asktd him if he was Imsy. "Hot concUrf ,'the witness said Barter reeled, ."I hare to. go to see somebody and wlU. be hack later," Miss GandoKi said Lindley. stated as he left the office. Crow oramlnaUon of the slenogra- pW by Attorney McKean produced ley were apparently on good tem« at th* time sna that no hard wordo were passed between them. Tirtwvl adminioa that comparison ot finger prints will not constitate tbt connecting link .in the chain of related circumstances the conunonwwlth is aiovrly developing in its' efforts to convince the jury of the guilt of Lindley wan'made in the testimony introduced yesterday afternooa ta the afc- sorting Ifgal battle before Judge J. Q. Van Swearjngen. The photograph taken ot one bloody finger print pror- 6d. to be so indistinct, it was testified, that' no print had ever been made from the negative and the bits. of blood-stained plastering taken from the wall at another place could not be analyzed to ascertain whether it really contained human blood as witnesses had testified'it gave the appearance. . Dnriag the cpursp of County Detective 'Smith's testiinony '"he admitted that he had been unable-to have, an analysis-made of the blood smear he scraped .from the wall' of the Second .National Bank buildraK. 'He saki that he had .approached a chemist named Fleming on the Subject and had been! told that not sufficient' material -had' been secured from which to make an analysis. ·' ' · . · ; ' . ' ' ' ' .: Inability ot the . commonwealth to produce either the clothing worn by. Mr. Burfcey when his body was 'found or'the Wood:.siained copy of 'paper found on tie table in the offices of the company with the other docu- Our stocks have been replenished in all departments for the benefit of the '- late: Easter .shopper*.«· ·: ··· ·.-. - .: '.-' -.;' Owng to the late shipment* by manufacturers* aiid the poor deliveries by express most merchants have been poorly stocked with merchandise for their Eaiter. trade. /: This is not the case with the E. Dunn Store as our New York representatives have been on the job and rushed th'e 1 manufacturers to get our merchandise out on time and we now have it in our store ready for you to select from. ' Oar stocks of .Coats, Suits, Dresses, Waists, Skirts, Muslin Underwear, Petticoats, Millinery, and all goods pertaining to ones Easter dress, are complete in every detail. '' ;: Our styles are right and owr prices are wonderfnl^considering the prevailing high cost of merchandise. Tke HOME of QuALfTXand SERVICE! to9to"l33lN.Rl7t3BUR5Ati BOARD NO. 2MMES YOUNG MEN WHO GO INDRMNEXTWEEK Klfty-fear Aro in the Mst, Somo of Them ITolI KBOMTI In Basfntss life of City. ·I."' Austin-B. iniier, PonnsvlUo. JS*'rnni" Harold Lflfflsy, ConBoUs- viJle. £»KO-N"BS 3LiJK CHIEF STATISTJCAi ClEBJi Corporal Harry J. Edaioads, now with the Headquarters Company, 110th Infantry, stotionocl a.t Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ca,, has been made ;Many -well known young men of jcliiet slaUsUcai clerk to the regiment Connellsvillo.are called to go to Camp I a DoslUtm created .by Uio reorganiza- Lee next laureday in the list an- jtion ot the regiment. It carries with it nounced by Draft Board.No. 2, which ·,, scrscantshin in evidence. severely, criticized by pit. .McKean during his croRS-examinatlon of County Detective Smith. SKETICB IT SCOTTBJUE. Xembers of local Episcopal Church V1I1 Attcad Tonigiit : Rev. Milton S. Kacaga of Uniontown will conduct Maundy. Thursday services and "the celebration of theHoly Communion · this evening at 7:30 o'clock 1 in S'- Bartholomew's Episcopal church at Scottdale; Members "of the congregation at the Tfln tv Epls- | copal church will attend. t Tonaotrow evening Good. Friday serviciw will be otoMrved. by the Trin ty Eirfscopal church, w th Rev Kan asa in charge. SEMIOB C03EKBBCLU, C1A8S SEE CHABIJES CAUSOZK OFF -The 3criior.cbmmerc!al',:class"bf the .high, school was' dismissed "for a tiine this mormnf in or^er to go to the Baltimore O'uo train leaving here at 9 25 o clock, to bid goodbyi to Charles Carson a member of tlie (lass lea iag for Columbus, O Oarsoa en listtd on Monoxywitbrthe mtdiciil de "partbient. of, the United : States 1 army. follows,:; Andrew Oppman,'Connellsyille. .Lewis E. Killmgtr, Emerson. Biagio MagcUo, Conneilsville. John Elmer Anseli, Oweusdaie.. George Richter, Ooiuiellsrillo. Walter Murphy, ConneHsviiie. . James McGinley. Itewson. Clarence P. O'Donovan. Connells- vllle. . . . ·...Edward Herring, Un'iontoiwn. :Abram Clark,.Freed. , " Fenorchiot Sanlo, Oawson. James S. JVlinnis, Conneilsyille. Joan Basile,'Kew\ York City, N.' Y. Clarence Reckner, Stauffer. . Robert. Swaliop. Connellsvillc. Haley, Connellsville...;' scrffeantshlp. Sergeant Edmonds, who is a sou o£ Mr.'and'Mrs, Thomas H. Edmonds of East Francis avenue, will be back of the tronchcs, aelplng .to figure out Vr'liai movetneiiUj or where movements ui'O^to be mudc. MSS. BERTHA G1KARD MOSIKK. Mrs. Bertia Girard iloiser, 2-i years reach her bedside. JAMES PATTON. Jam os Patton died Tuesday evening at his home in South Brownsville. Funeral services.-were hsl old, -wile ot Harry Glenn .Mosier, of j afternoon from the famDy. residenca. Uniontown, died last, evcait-g at 6:301 . -- - ' o'clock at the home ol her mother, MRS. niANK LONG. Mrs. M. E. Girard, 405 East Cedar ave- Mrs. Prank Long, 61 years old, a nue, after illness of two yiars of a we 1 !! Joiown resident of Brownsville, ^complication of ailments. While the j died yesterday morning following an Mosier home is in Uniontown, -where attack of heart failure, the husband is employed hy the Bell Telephone company, Mrs. Mosier had j been 'under the care or her mother here for a year. Mrs. Mosier was a daughter of the late David F. Girard and was bom at Brownsville in June, 1S93. She attended the Conn-ellsville JERS OF SEABBS TOAVSS' WITH SO, 3 QUOTA Oleu J. Carson, R,I\ D. VanderbES; Peter Jagioko. Conuellsvillc; Richard, Lammie, Jr., Ed-gar ' Morris, Andy Throat 'Operations. Helen Buyd sn year old daughter . erf Mr juid Mrs 3 L Bojd of Eastj Palrview avenue;' and Eleanor "Wissel, four years old daughter of Mr and Mrs J H Wissel of East Patterson avenue,.-were- operateoVion"-for throat trouble this morning Mrs Fred Howard of Scott Haven'was.admittea last night for an operation Christian Louderfield, South : Con- Paul Gaddis-Wagoner, Conncilsvillo. Dominic Aauilla, Pittaburg. Terrence Murphy, .Cotinellsvillo. ·Edward.-L. -Hstuer, Sonth Cbnneils- ville Harry S. Cochran,.Connellsville. Luigl:. Gregori, Scottdale. Gennerro DiLelia, Cbnnellsville. George Arthur Casaraore.'Dawson. David Zavorella, Scottdale. John-. O jczeuasz,. Bverson. Lloyd .S.- McClellana, ConneUsviUc. Gfocbndo Sens!. West Scittdaia. Baeffalle Napoli, Scottdale. Robert Struthers Kerr. Vanderbilt. Joseph D.'Hood, .CoiinollsviHc, Dorscy B. Urback; Dawson. John A. Harry, "Conne'nsville. » Stanley W...Mong, Dalwsori. Isaac 3ush. Conbollinrille. ·John. Kilpatrick, Connellsville. Daniel Henfcel R D No 2 Con nellsviUe. Rail Tissue Mill Jlun Charles John Black,:'Connellsville. John Frank Chenock',? Dawson: Ernest -John- Fosselman,. Connells- , ., , Gracho, John Edward Shuanar and Steve P. Pretreneliik, all of Star Junction;. Arthur B. Lint, Gilbert Sieley, Joseph Stnkula, Benjamin P.. Scott, Jesse L. Eskcn, Perrycuwlis, Clark A. Hood, Stove Gogoscal.'Layton. and .Robert Hay, Banning, arc among ta'e draftees from Third Payette coumy district at BroTOSVillo wlio will' ieave Monday for Camp Lee. COKEOR.U "JACK" HOBKWMZ IS H03IE UOM CAM? LEE Corporal J. E. Horewitz, who has been in training for several months a.t Caiup Lee is home on a thor' furlough. Horewiiz is in fine heaK t DM!A. WBIGHT H03UB OS LEATK Lieutenant Dana "Wright, located ai: Camp. M'eaiie, Md.,. has written home that he will probably, get a furlough oy tlie end of the week. , He is.' expected home. by Fridu'y or Saturday. high school and later was graduated from Douglas Business college. She was accomplished muscian! For a number of j'ears she had been^a member of the Methodist Episcopal, church. Besides her husband and mother she leaves the following brothers and sisters: William, at home; Harriet and Francos, nurses in Uniontown hospital, and Edith, Julia, David F., Jr., Bd[ ward, Mao aad Fred at home. Funer- I al services -will be conducted at the home tomorrow at 3 ojclock with Rer. G. L. C. Hichardson ofciating,assist- ed by Hev, W. J. Evcrhart. Interment will be in Chestnut-Hill cemetery. , IUCHAED AHCH1BOLD. The body of Richard Archbold was shipped, to Pittsburg today by Funeral Director J. E. Sims and removed to the residence of a sister of tlie deceased, Mrs. George Ferry in 13eech- viewavenue, from where funeral services, the notice of which will te announced later, will be held. Caught Between Cars, Charles Trump of York avenue, was aimiltcd to the Cottage State hospital t!rls morning for treatment ol injuries suffered last night -when he was caught between two cars at. Davidson and crushed: Trump was a trepasser. i His condition is not serious. Soldiers 3£arcli Tirongh City. A train load of western troops, .bound for the east, got some exercise Jiere today when they detrained at the Baltimore Ohio station and marched through the city. Te soldiers numbered about 750. ' , J0£ Wao aterebants who advertij* their good The Dally Courier. -Head our advertinmeDta, ville r Milton Bailey, Connellsyille. 'Joseph Petko, ConnBllsvllle Bomenico Pecdraro, Scottdale. Harry..Hingler,'Counellsyiilo R. D. Harry Edward .. Bittner, . AIcKees Hocks. Joseph'Girard, Connellsville. William Stbll; R. D: ?to. T, Connellsville. James L. 'Slay, .SoutKConneilsville. James Xankey/Acme. Say B Li\ engood, D»wson. HOJtb JROU tJlBAKKAlIOJi t U!F. Josopn -JUley, who is with the engineers, stationed at, an embarkatipii camp, .arrived librae yesterday morning: to'' spend' a ; b.riel furlough with, Ms, parents, Mr.,'atid Airs. John Rilsy. 'ELMER- ELLSWORTH COLEMAN. The funeral ot Elmer Ellsworth Coleman "Will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the family residence in Morrell a-venue, Greenwood, With Rev. Wilbur · Nelson,, pastor of the First Baptist church officiating. Interment in Hill Grove cemetery. William. Coleman, who is witii the Headquarters company at Battle Homo from Hospital. Miss JIaralloj-d Slillwagon, who un- ·lospital, Pitlsburg, about three weeks ago, returned to her home in Lincob; avenue, last evening. ·· Says His .Prescription Has Powerful influence Over Rheumatism Dlneorerer OVU* ConndlMvUle UrnR Store Sot to Take a Oni^of A»y- one'H 3Ion«?j- L'nl*-** Allcnrhu Completely BnnlKhcs AJ1 KJtcumatlc P«tn« and Tirinccn. afr. James H, Allen auffercfl- tor years wiih : rheuinatiHm.- Many time* this terrible disease left him helpless f»d unable to work . He finally decided, .after years of ceaseless .study,, that no one-can be t frcen from r)JcumaiiEm until "iho "ac- Creek, Mich., arrived home this morn- cumulated Ijnpurittes. commonly call- TO 60 OY*R. Misses Catherine aad Rose 0 ; Conr^ and brother P. J. O'Connor of East Crawford avenue,.left last night VUlt tlieir brother, Edward, '.who is .wiih. the . engineers, stationed, at at\ embarkation carap. He leave, soon tor "Over There." -. -O'Connor; is a.' son of ;Mr; and. Mrs. ..James -O'Connor,,' He was- among th'e-first "of'the draftees -to leave for Camp Lee,; Petersburg;. Va, iu-g to attend his father's funeral. R. The : funeral o£ R. A, Burd, veteran West' Penn raoionuan, vri]] be held Friday at 2 o'clock from the Second Methodist Protestant church in Un- iontO'WTi, with. Hev. T. f Vf. Colhouser, the pastor, offieiatijig. . . 31RS. itAJllA DUNN, Mrs; Maria Dunfc, mother of Mrs. C, S..Stanyard of .the. West Side, d:cd at her McKees Kocks hoiae yesterday lness. morning following a li ;d uric acid deposits, were dissolved in the joints and muScics and: expelled from.the botly. · ' "Witli this idea in minl he consulted physicianB, experiments and fln- alJy 'compounded ^. prescription . that quickly and completc-Jy banished eyei-j' sign and symptom o£ rheumatism from ' his system. . . . He freely save h'.s discovery to others who took* IV with what mi e ht be called marvelous, success. A-fter years of urging he decided to -,3ei sufferers evcrj-wjiere know aboat his discovery through- the newspapers. Con- neysville £it)£j store has b^on apioint- ed agents i*or Allonrhu in this vicinity with. ,ibn undersianding that he .vll freely return the purchase inoney 'to J-* *"

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