The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, J.050. THE DAILY COTTRUSR, CONlSTELT.ySYIL.Iv'ffl, P A.. PAGE FIVE. Knitted Sweaters Again in Fashion ) Needles Once More Clicking ' Away Fashioning Varioun Comfy Garment. ; It tho knitting craze keepj HP, the [ okl-fashloncd sewlny-bco mr.y be re- 'vlvcd, observes n fashion w r i t e r In the I Cleveland. I'hiln Dealer, j Kemlnl.tiliy has taken to the knitting i needle w l l l i veritable \vhlni uuO vigor. I t u r n i n g out u most i n t r f g t i l t t K assort- I n i o n t of himtl-knUtei) awoaUrs, stnrfs ' and bore?-i Unit even grnriUmoUiet I would l i n v c lulmlrod, HacUstnj,"?, in ( t h e Ci'iorusvs. they're k n i t t i n g ; behind I shop counter. 1 * snlosgirls are surrep- j t l t l o u s l y VtiUtrn;;; nm1 sonic bridge ;pirnes are iiiiiUiuliledly luslnj; out to-. k n l U I n j r . It a l l bc-A'iui w i t h tlif vogue for sweaters and U I O K U f c a t h o r y lama so for sjiortawenr. W o m a n - Dame Fashion! Smiles By Grace Jewett Austin It used to be considered In school work foi' children tlie "three r'-i"-- rending, 'rlUng and 'rljthmetic -- what simplified spellers th'oy wore !n those days ! -- were t h o inundations of nil t l i l u g H t o b e 1 « n r n o t\. Paine Fashion meditated tho other day on the Idea Hint worn- nn, In fior dress plans has "ihree fa" to consider-face, f o r it) a n d Silk HOSE A l l Shades ' I l k a , It im cli.s'fi'ivered i l i a c k n i t t i n g was n H U P :irt w h i c h prove* Iritorcstli.^ arid useful o'f coiu-!ii, It WIN the raju- In war time, lint now tha in-actico is s t r i c t l y u i m i t t e r of self-ndomment. Nobody cnn h a v e enough colorful f e a t h e r w e i g h t svculers nowiuhiya. Von see t h e m nt evecy event, one Kaycn- than the other. 1'roving thnt c o u t u r i e r s have nlso cast t h e l i eyes rofleellvely on k u i t t t n i ; . conies a novel sports creation. Tills was a new sports ensemble In Muck suede. The Hhort J a c k e t closed down the- f r o n t rind down tin- outsider of tho sl'.-evcs by rnearw "f zippers, When t h u sport becomes vigorous, t h e Iden Is to ho n h l e to open iho sleeves to cive the arm freedom. '1 rouseiM of the Nonvesilisn type so w i t h di!.- cost time, UmliM'iieflth thl# Brand New Dresses! Over 400 Net/jf Spring Styles'. All-(New j Fabrics--All New Colors--Offered in Four 1 'remendous Groups! [ra] a Seating Costume--Velvet Skirt Two Woolly Sweaters. and i f f ; voxhic, however. Is where the . k n i t t e d idon Is carried out In H "so- .vi"s" «f sweaters v.-orn one on top of . l i r e o t h e r : The sweaters nre four )n a l l , of. I: - n d - U n l t t c d , very, very t h i n wool. .'i lit: llrst, worn next to tho sUln, is :\ i n l e t , q u i t e high In the n';eU In front, v i l l i a long c!i|ruelion cap attached n l the bauk and with sleeves that come veil down below the wrists. Over this n y e l l o w sweater, cut · s l i g h t l y lower In t h e mvl; in front, 1mlf nrc inch shorter at the sleeves; over this a blue sweater, still lower In front and a n o t h e r h a l f Inch shorter «£ the sleeves; over t h i s a red sweater, w i t h a "plastron" open front and sleeves, again, h a l f an inch shorter. The "tout ensemble" is that of a n n r .row rainbow. The Rlovrs and socks uro h a n d - k n i t t e d in wools to match. A chnrmliiK ni'w (skating costume ;has n wide velvet skirt and two woolly sweater.! to Insure w n r n t h . Yellow sucks and black shoes complete tho ' Grace J. Austin. "fi'lr.aes." The last la not ii specially pwtlc n.'irno for hair--i*wt It I. 1 ; the only one to lit the "£" plan. Of them n i l . the "Mxitea," or the color of the tmir, und the color of tlie eyes have been .supposed for yours to j .set tho keynote for thlni?a to !p worn or let severely alone. The red-hnlred woman is almost sure to took her best In green, and so la In n.u!te good luck this year. The pure hlondes In pns- tels, w h i c h are especially emphasized Iti southern w e a r ; t.hd b r o w n - h a i r e d In nonrly every .shade but gray, and the real b r u n e t t e In black anil g»ld creations Hud tlieir best charm. There la a little secret, a b o u t the uneven hemline. Dame Fashion him just learned it. but It seems highly reasonable. It is said to give Illusion and r h y t h m In a d d i t i o n to befn.i; rnfM-o becoming t h a n n stnilght-oronntl nu'kle-lengih yown. Tho unovfin hern- l i n o takes awny that flutter of anxious thought w i t h which many a woman hns stood op tiptoe before h e r mirror, questioning, "Does my dies'- hang straight r' Dame Fashion not so long aj.o had an opportunity for observing (he gowns of about W)0 women w h o had asserulilctl from all quarters of u large s t a t e nt Its capital, to spend twn days [ -lit a. civic iint! scuii-pollticnl c»nvon- | [»1 lion. In t h e i r business sessions there were m a n y ensemble suits to In. seen, with three-quarter length coats often hoiivHy trimmed w i t h Jfur. The governor's w i f e receiver! these ·women nt the executive m a n s i o n w i t h nn evening reception. A m o i ^ g the company In general, hlack venlng gowns predominated, followed In number by red ones, and then by ;,'old or golden tan. Luce was a f a v o r i t e material, and w«s more In evidence t h n n velvet. The hostess received In n gown of cold brocade, with four Inset flares In the long skirt, which had n pronouncedly uneven heinllna. Ono of tho noted political women present, h o l d i n g on oflka In ci.ugross, woro eggshell satin nnd lace, ,-tudded wllh pearl trimming and rhlii'-atones. The president of the convention wore a long hlack lace gown, with pftirls us jewels, while n national committee woman, imst strikingly frowned of all, woro an evening ensemble of ' l o t h of j gold, h a v i n g wide (hires inset at both i aides of tlie skirt., nnd her thtve-finar- j ter cape of the ensemble edg-'d with j ermine. j But after all, most of us aro more j Interested In pretty wear for tl.e homo i Icltchen than for a governor';* drawing room. Not so many mornings ago when the day was exceedingly gray and cheerless, Dame Fashion saw a young woman conic out to sweep her front walk. She wore a ami ck t h a t was simply glorious for Us m i x e d designs In b r i l l i a n t color, modernistic or Chinese or whatever It inny h u v e b e e n . It gave such a thrill of phw-'ire Just to see It for a moment. A r t i . - t a were the adopt the smock--!ut how about It? Isn't nearly every ;,'irl nnd women in these day.s an artiHl In l i f e ? t(c). 1930. Western Newepapflr Ui'ion.) Group No. 1 Group No. 2 Group Group No. 4 Come Tomorrow I Get Your Share of Tliese Savings ! Daytiinu dresses in inuumcraWo clever modified silhouette offer ts -- even In pr drftsscs, afternoon frocks, Sunday iii^M modes, (sports Iress\s! Dresses you need HHV -- ami drossus you'll -want for Spring! inio -\vojirf Cliooso yours tomorroAV -- join tho host, of vi luo-alert women who have found this T l l K (JREA.TEST .illlESS SAL!-; (M; 1 THE IN'KW T K A I t ! Vint crepe, canton crepe, georgette, chiffon, pay prints and n o v e l t y fabrics !y the doxeu-- a wonder 'ul disjilny of new Spring: colors-- c o i ' t i o n a l l y line w o r k i n a n s l i i p and siyiiiiM'-- AT l-'OUB NOTiV 5I/Y LOW FKIC£S! Don't delay share tho sayings. Sizes for Juniors, Misses, Women, Little Won ten and Larger Women f^xmrmtts^Tsys^aKfmf KOI;EX Sanitary Napkins 12 to Box (Nelson's) All Reg-. 50c Tooth Paste Fotyeco Seureco ]i ] [5 j [s j [S j [i j js j (5 ] ( ¥ ForLuns, etc. (Nelson.'sJ Girls' Sport Dress Hose Socks HI [§] [n] OH ni (Nelson's) Women's and Growing Girls' Novelty Footwear Up to $5,00 Values The majority arc BLACK COATS with black or contrasting furs--fashioned in either wide-wrap, straightlino or Haired silhouettes. Fine broadcloths anid lustrous broadtail fabrics. At this price they're a worthwhile invest- m e n t FOR NO\V AND NEXT WINTER. Fashions for misses, women, larger women. An Ensemble of Tweed Is Approved by Paris New Princess Negligees Are Cut Surplice Style Mirny cf tlic now nrlnccss noj;llf,'eo3 ' n m l lioaso robes arc cu; in surplloe '.stylo M l t l i cnlhirli.'HB-lKniiul necklines. 'I'licsc fet'Tii (itilte trying n f t c r the vu- rkiusly t r i m m e d riocU.s soon In piijitina coats and ncrellfj'-'t'S of o\wy fiinilnliio ;»ir. A liniul.somc cout f u r t h e boudoir | Is one In 'iveh him. 1 !: v o l v e t , strikingly plain v.'Itli. bul a lliiriup: line at the limn niul open slecvoh-. A scJf-bow is jilacod nt o i t h c r slilt: In mj)li!iBb.u the 'ni|ipc(l-in \vulstllni:, Ttu-re aro oqunl- Iv as lovely robes In t l i N style de- sl'.;iu'il from tnmsj»:ircnt velvet In suc-Ji soft sluules (is liu-mylso Hud blue, i)Ink, Ereon and aaUiiort, Simple Trimming Marks | Millinery Tliis Season j The new h a t s an. 1 so simply t r i m m e d i t h a t wo iu't ciuitu likely to overlook | (lit: I m p o r t a n c e of t!io trlttimliifr. Hut ' Its very simplicity makes tho trim- j m i i i K iraportnnt. ; Soni!) of the felt l i n t ? are trlnuned i w i t l i pert H t t l c quids mi,I feiifliors, ·' suirm.'stlve of llio t r l m n M i i f ; of 1'oior | 1'itn's hat. Many are iritniuecl with Paj.-ima Enoomblo Imnd.s of velvet, o f t e n (ouibined with ; One of the sinnrtest of tho i r i n i n i i i t s strips f t ft.'lt n m t c h l r i K t h a i pnjsiraa onsouiblcs is a two pleeo a f - !mt---t:ie velvet in n d n i l ; e r or lighter i J'»ir In cut vclve.t of chartn-'isc green, shad.'. l"ne hows formed jf these, j F l'«e trousers aro of preen m-pc;, bor- t.a:)ds of v r l v e t and f e t e nre tint, not j doretl '» Panted K«orf,-eUe, as is tlie . v e r v l.t-,'. nsul excowlin^'y smart. cent, which IM t?«t on prince.^ lines. H«re you will find, a wonderful selection of flno footwear, very moderately priced, in, 'patents, vol- ycts, satia aud cotnbi- natlons. In tho vary latest patterns. All sizes. AH lieol styles. Misses' and Children's High and Low Shoes v l)ig selection of misses' and hlldren's winter shoos, in high ,nd low sty!«a, in all wanted eathera. All wlzes 1 to 8, SM; to 1; 11% to 2."' Women's and Children'a Low ami High Arctics Illghar priced arctics rcdfcced to tficse unljollovable prices. Sovorul shad«a. All si/.es. Boys' Sturdy Shoes and Oxfords .50 to This event offers die -utmost in hoys' ahoea and oxfords. All well known, makes, in. tan. aud. black leathern. AH slues to 2. Girls' New^ Dresses 96c EXCEPTIONAL MILLINERY VALUES Assorted fast prints --Sizes 7 to 14 (Nelson's) Boys' Sheepskin Leatherette Coats Beaver All siacs collar. (Nelson's) Men's Work Trousers Dark patterns, all regular sizes (Nelson's) Men's Winter Suits Showing a dresoy flnsemfel: in gray and mauve flecked tweed, a rtcant arrival from Paris. The f e m i n i n e fatouac and soft eray fur are practical as well as elegant. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS I f ,vi..ii lu l u t s . -; at ilu a uell : i^ U h t t i i t i - r o r U u L i H i I f i ' t . . \ a l i i r u l i',ii:.'. c i t y w iter. si-hok.-l iHiil r h u r c h . Dlio m i l e i r u m l i u s i l l c d a iti.St.rti t of .le; a. /.-minute i m l i c y rido, A u i c u locution fo · u l.ian homo. Imjutro of O. li. Mc(,'orrnk-k, i. O. llox U 4 , ! Ioni ' . : . . Pu., roaldcuce. POPLAR GROVE Elastic and ecru, 36 to 4G ... ribbed. Sizes (Nelson's) Regular $3.00--Choice All new Hats! Out of - 1ho ordinary! Beautiful pastol shades with, deft touches of straw -- · a pin, etc. -- New p o k e bonnets, brim less models -- -\ Hats with tucked crowns and self bow*-. Large , a n d small sizes. Muimery Selection lit Couhellsvillo. Tells of Crime Discovery Gensvieve Maguire, Camden, fl. f., 10-year-old schoolgirl, wns the first v it ness to take ·lie stand st the rial of Gladys May Parks, wards. The roll till111 Wlt- ·jffi'S told how she accidentally stumbled ·iver the :-kuil of one of the bodies, which led to the gruesomtr in- \-cstigation Tho young tprla oataide the courthouao at den, N. f., \vaitinp to be admitted to the opening: of the trial of Mra. Gliidyu May Parks, 36, former cabaret entertainer. Mrs. Parks Is uharp;ad with Iho murder of Dorothv and Timothy s, Ef;ed 4 and 2, respectively, her wards.

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