The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 21
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 22. 1W Days ANN Dear Aaa Landers: I have been engaged to Bun lor so many yean I'm ashamed to tall you tha number. Wa were supposed to get married three mom hi ago. I had my dreia bought and my hair fixed. Then his horse got sick. I am still single. Burt spends ever spare miauls at the barn. He has broken dosens of dates with ma because his horsa didn't look right He'd rather sit around with the vet and worry about the horse than be with me. ' 1 like horses, but I like i people better. 1 am beginning - to. think Burt is different. Ha eats, dreams and thinks ho razes. He even smells like a By MYRTLE MEYER ELD RED . . In the, last few weeks be ; lore' school opens parents turn their attention to school clothes and dentist's and doctor's appointments lor their youngsters. Tha mother of a five or sli year-old who Is to enter school for tha first time contemplates readiness la I other ways as well. She may ask beVself if her child has, had enough experience in getting along with ether children, in sharing, taking turns and pulling his weight in normal five and take with youngsters. And -bow content and comfortable will ha be In playing away " from noma when she I -not there? . -.' ' I His self-reliance and will- bigness to do for himself may ha questioned. Most children of this ag are able to sip. and button and tie. shoes for themselves"' if parents give them a chance to learn and do not do it for them. they can cross neighborhood streets safety (not busy, Intersections) If taught property. IS HE SELFISH But iTyou decide your child la, dependent and lacks, self- iftdenca, .la somewhat sel fish and disobedient or lust immature . and .dings to you. don't begin now to, emphasize what be Is to do and be with talk and threats. It Is wrong to aay. "You'll . learn batter when you get to school. No one! will dress you there." Or, "What, a selfish hoy, that' will get you nowhere with tha children. Or, "The teacher will make you mind or put you In tha cloak room until you do." aaw aaa sva i -WACK-TO-aCHOOl.- m-trst ia mebivalb aoao . Amm rraa ctty view ISA 1 COUSSS BTBCBT CiiMn Flaae. rheae 1S4S CENUINE REDUCTIONS ON QUALITY FURS , Chateau Furs UMTTED J "Sirving Otntrotion ef SatUfiti CtuUmrt Ief Baak St, SU-777S Ottawa's Largest Selection of 0lt PAINTINGS tt PICTURE FRAMES r it ARTISTS SUPPLIES & PAINTINGS RESTORED A PICTURE and PAINTING RENTALS Wallack's Oart shop and GALLERY , M Bank St ' ZSMSM YA M f c BUY YOUR IACK-T0-SCH00L SUPPLIES AND "CHARCE-IT 3 CREDIT PLANS! 7 4 Til By School LANDERS Left at the Post Horse Lover horse most of the time. Any advice for me? DISGUSTED. Dear Disgusted: It a pours that yea have beea left at tha post, Dearie. If yM are rowing aa pearly before ssar-riage I'd any year cbaaces far getting aay atteaiiea whatever after marriage are abevt IM to aaa against. Aa far Bart, I suggest be take saliva east. . Dear Aaa tamtam I've en joyed your column for many .years and now I want to tell you my story aa partial re- payment for the enjoyment you have given me. Often widows and uomar- Such remarks can only arouse fear at the prospect end create new problems to ha overcome. A child can mature rapidly in a new daily, environment with different guidance and other children to Imitate. A parent can do tha most -now by encouraging aa attitude of happy anticipation. ''School will be fun. you will Jearn . to do so many new . things. she should say. "the teacher will Ilk you.- Remember how' pleasant aha was; .when we net her last Spring?" And "There will be lots of children ,tp play with and you'll make many new friends who will come to our bouse to play." ONE FRIEND . Self-confidence 'can be encouraged by arming children like the others, simply and casually as , is customary In tha particular locale. Every child sHould know someone will be in the same class and make hint feel lass alone to the new group. . Deulls,"' like -marking his clothing (full name) and knowing his address and telephone number snake him feel aura of himself. Explain a few facta about; school routine so be will know, what to expect. Than alt back, loosen the apron strings and let hit natural, . , Independent- spirit flower. .5. He will learn the ways of others better if yon do not hover, guide and Interfere . continually. This includes discipline. Be "with" tha teacher and encourage adherence ' to school rules. - e ' Mrs. . Eldrad has prepared a it-cent booklet called' "Ready lor School?" You'll find help m it. Send for it by enclosing II cents and' a self- , addressed, stamped envelope' with your request tor It. Ad- dress Myrtle Mayer Eldrad, la care of The Ottawa Jour- Ml. .", ' .:-." - : Journal Want quick result. Ada bring Sa?. ried career girls write and ask where all the eligible men are biding. Well, I'm one widow who wishes the eligible man she found had stayed In hiding. Two years ago I was S3, lonely (my husband bad died three years before) and I felt remarriage was the answer. I had lovely bom, a new car, some blue chip stocks and a nice little piece of real estate. The town "catch" phoned me twice a day, look ma to dinner four times a week and told me I was the angel of his dreams. Now, less than IS months later he baa "borrowed" ST,-00 Irom ma and it about to lose a business which I financed. The cook I had for 31 years quit barausa she couldn't stand him. I am fad up on his corny Joke and his boring .relatives. How I wish I were alone, again." watching seven-year-old movies on TV - v, NO FOOL LIKE AN . 5 OLD FOOL. ' Dear Nat Many feoely wV dews whe marry a larsnl tints find, happiness and can- 'twMtagwToMta Yea made a pear select lea, Madame, but that hae beea kaowa .to happen tha first time afauad. tea. . -J New Potatoes . Available Now New crop Ontario potatoes are now available. Of 'excellent - quality, and In good supply substantial ship-menu have already gone out to other area In Canada. Aa an added service to coo-sumers, an Increasing num-. ber of Ontario potato pickers now offer their produce nicely washed and attractively packaged, each package carrying a "satisfaction or money back" guarantee. Fresh, tender and tasty Ontario new potatoes offer a wtlcome , addition to any Summer meal. For outdoor ' enthusiasts !Baked Stacked New Potatoes and: Onions" are proving highly popular. Cut onions and well scrubbed potatoes In slices. Brush potato slices lightly with melted batter, sprinkle with pepper and salt. . Reassemble .alternating one slice of onion with one - el ice of potato.- Wrap hi heavy foil and bake over tha coals for approximately IS to 20 minutes. A pamphlet "Ontario Potatoes" containing num-!ber of tested recipes, with Interesting suggestions and information,. . is available wlthoutcharge from Informa-: lion Branch, Ontario Department of Afrtcultare,' Parlia- meni Buildings, Toronto, LOWEST AREA CAIRO The Libyan desert, 441 feet below ana level, has the lowest elevation aa . the African continent. - APARTMENTS ' Adjactnt to Carllngwood Shopping Contr - If you have a taurte for the finest in Apartment , living', and only the finest, you must see , THE SAVILLC TERRACE"; V Bachelor from 1....!.. " - t 1 Bedrewtrt from $ltZ.80 t Bedroom from ... $1X0.00 NOW OWNED AND OPERATED BY: SERIAL REALTIES LIMITED FEATURING: , ; ; Heated Indoor and oaf- door ncrmminjt pooU Frtoafe Balconies , JfHlti-cAnnaI TV Draperies aTUchen cusfrm itilgntd Automatic bmH overw Counttr cook fops Six high speed $tvator$ It en. ft rtfrigmtori Laundrg facUitiet . Qaief. rtMdeiitMl eras luigned' parking apace FbNIc, aeparete end high sefsoofa Ore btuj tereteM Chare fua 1 r'' --."-J Carlingwood Shopping Ctntrt FaCy landscaped jMnlahetT lobblei TA ' Cerrldora Utxurtoutlf t ehrptfd Walk-to tlothu closet a - 725-2720 i i . RENTAL OFFICE OFEN Dally to t pjn. ftoturday It to 1 1 v, - - eemday II to fM. , - Leasing R spree aatathre v G. H. ItCFFATT J. i ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmm i. t . ' . .' ; ' "' . .... ". v' '- - - - i- -k ,i r - - i - - i - THE OTTAWA' JOURNAL ! L 19 . waa-aawaai ! mmffmmt mjji mini n wa n"iM i ;v. :'( ' ' r !. ;-; -. .. , , t--ek.. 7'-aB- i , ( t eft ... hi i 'iiiiiins iv Creole Chicken - on A combination that is ideal Tor an informal buffet during a busy exhibition week, is tha Latin American adaption of chicken-otHi-bun garnished with a relish of Canadian beans and corn nibleta. CHICKEN FIESTA BUNS 1 tablespoons butter or ' aaarfrusf . ' ' ' H cup finely chopped onioa H cup finery chopped , " ; Memorial FRANKVILLE A pioneer Leeds school teacher, who was also the first woman in the British Empire to, ait in any legislature, will be commemorated when a plaque is unveiled at the Kitley Historical Association's museum, Saturday, Aug- 29. Id the presence of Travel -Minister Hon. James Auld and Dr. 0. F. G. Stanley of .the Royal Military College, representative of the Archaeological and' Historic Sites Board of Ontario, the plaque' wiU be unveiled by Dr. J. W. McKinney of Satdt Sta.. Marie in honor of his mother, Louise (Crummy) McIQimey, Born In Kitley township in 186S, Louise Cinthia Crum- my taught school for- six years in her noma district before going to North Dt-kou to teach about 1881 In 1896 aba married James McKinney, ; a North Dakou farmer who had been born , near Stfttsville. - j After she moved to North Dakota, Louisa Crummy-she always signed her name "Louise (Crummy) McKinney after her marriage' became interested In the WCTU and was an , organizer of the Fight Moth With Cedar -In the Closet ; NEW YORK (UPD-one sure way. to protect woollen garments b to convert a closet Into a moth-repellent storage area. Thia la done easily by lining the closet with cedar lumber especially cut end packaged for handyman use. Industry spokesmen report that the average closet can be cedar-lined in a . weekend project at a cost of about $90. The only tools required are a aaw and hammer. A women capable of handling these basic too la can do the Job herself. . - The closet lining is applied directly Over any wall sur-; face. It comet In pre-cut, eaay-to-handle pieces which are tongua-and-grooved along ' the edges and at each end to simplify fitting. i . The chief appeal of cedar closet lies in its ability to re-, pel moths. The fragrance of the cedar wood, while pleasant to humans, Is deadly to moth larvae. NHHTT-TIME SPECS " - For night drtvers: Specially. designed, anti-glare ' night-driving glasses in aa amber shsde reduce the glare from on-coming headlights. The filtered plastic lenses also are less fatiguing on longer trips through night, rain or fog, the manufacturer reports, I ' : - ZERO POINT. SCHENECTADY Absolute aero, the point at which an mole- cular motion stops, is 4SM de- grees below sere. ... AUGUST FUR SALE mm 1 . ii ii i iran-ir r-T'rrV FOR INFORMAL BUFFET cup flnciy chopped eatery . 1 cup chopped, cooked chlckea or turkey H cup tomato pasta cup chapped, stuffed H taaspooai Worcestershire teaspoon chU t. teaspoon salt taaspoo frankfurter buna to Teacher Erected movement When she moved with her husband to South-. era Alberta In 1903 she continued her interest In the WCTU and was the first president in Alberta. ' At the time of her death in 1931 she was Alberta president and had been elected a world vice-president of . this organization. In her temperance work Mrs. McKinney met so many cases of wives abused by drunken husbands that she grew impatient of the archaic property laws and the inertia of the Alberta government in amending them.' So she stood as Non Partisan League ' candidate and elected to the Legislature In 1917. IXCtfUATtON' .'. ' Dr. McKinney has recalled that &s mother during her single term in office was Sole to get a new Dower Act passed with the help of two other women. 1 These three later Joined forces with two others to appeal the case of women aa "persons to the Privy Council. They are commemorated by a plaque in the Senate Chamber in Ottawa, placed there In 1938 SUN-CITY COSTUME u How smartly band V button detail is repeated on dress and sleeves of Jacket more reason to enjoy this sun -city costume every time you wear K. 1 Printed Pattern 4651: Half 20. 22. MV,. Size 16ft dress S yrds Jo-inch; Jacket IX yards ' FIFTY CENTS (50c) In coins (no stamps, please) for this pattern, Ontario residents add 3e sales tax. Print plainly SIZE, NAME. ADDRESS. STYLE NUMBER. ' . , Send order to ANNE ADAMS, care of The Ottawa Journal Reader ' Mail Uit, 60 Front Street West, Toronto 2. Or. . NEWI 300 sparkling designs, five excHmg fashion and fabric features plus coupon, for ONE FREE PATTERN any one you choose) Send for new Fall-1 Winter Pattern Catalogue, 00c 7 . - a - Bun Melt butter In a skilleL Add onion, green pepper, and celery, and saute until soft Add chicken, tomato paste, olives, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, salt and pep- per. Simmer 10 minutes, , stirring frequently. Fill sliced buns' with Creole chicken mixture, using Vs cup per bun. Yield: Eight servings. iby the Business and Professional Women's Association. The claim baa been made repeatedly, and never denied. Dr. McKinney says, "that Mother was the first woman in the British Empire to be elected to a legislature.' Louise Crummy first taught in her home school ell's). She then went to thf Brick Public School on the Chantry Road, four miles ' west of Toledo; Chantry Public School, and Harlem Public SchooL She was a member of the Wesleyarf Methodist Church in villa (now the United Church). Also- taking part In the unveiling ceremony will be Mr. Peter Walfor-O avis, chairman of Kitley Historical Association; Reeve Charles W. Sands of Kitley Township, and Mr. John Matheson, MP or Leeds. The Montgomery log cabin the first building on the museum "site will be open to the public Mrs. Stella Chapman will give an outline of the history of this building. Just a Few More Days to Save in Our AUGUST WHITE SALE A Colorama Handsome Towels at Tempting i- . s rTICeS! "J Martox Deauty Bonus While Mtii 20 Colourt in Toweli, Accessories : ' CueatTewel 1 ZC 'Fmgertip or ZC Itx24 laches I.OJ Was Cloth ,OJ lath Rue 7.95 ML 3.00 Bath Towel UsU Inches Terry -Batft Mat ; : FRwll '.?.; -Lemon Amber . , Dinger , - s Chamois Hibiscus. Platinum Black .' ' rf O.UU .3.95 Antique Gold Dusty Butterscotch u Misty Bitter Olive Lavender Turquoise Pearl Cafe au Lait Pistachio The low August prices . . . compelling invlutiop to transform your bathroom from the adequate to the elegant! With thades created by Martex for marvellous colour harmony. In towels with famous Martex quality features: sottj1 thick, thirsty terry, '. aeceni ted Fill f?.r Successful Living by DORIS CLARK i A Canadian Social Worker Helps With Human Problems DEAR DORIS: In your reply to "Folks With B O." you were not nearly emphatic, enough. Bathing alone is not enough. Shaving and regular use of a deodorant are also necessary to control odor from pinpirauon. This applies to men as well as women. I work in s doctor's office and am continually surprised at the careleunesi of s o m e people in these matters. And it is not only the non-educated. One couple that are the worst offender! in this respect are both university graduates. After such patients lesve it it necessary to use a deodorant . spray before another patient caa Jx brought uuo the ex amining room. So please. Doha, advise both men and women that bathing alone is not the solution. Anyone who is not using a deodorant, buy soma at once, s(art using it regularly, and see bow your popularity improves) . Nureie. To which I might add for any who .read this, that if someone close to you offends in this way. be a real friend by telling him about it) Or perhaps clip this item and take it to him. DEAR DORIS: i What is wrong with long hair on a boy? Do you believe it's as dangerous as they say in England? A Beatle-Beester. Nothing whatever, as long as you live in the eighteenth century end like she Tomj Jones type. Dangerous? Only if you Nnd it overpower 1 n g (a la Samson). DEAR DORIS: My sister is a very good Back to School -ryith a superb II -A i sU -' set -emt I 7 SHAPING - FREE! V I lVrl For yeunswtm an sdioot- mtx lhirl as tcnu. a nwcnl wrvk Jj Lit WWJll Trimming, utwrtns ana i . I l ItuptiK at NO CHARGE ' ' ' wtwii mu a'sMw ttyte tJ ' 1 j-M tot ymt. Bs. SI " ' . O'Connor at Vtm Oswa of with wide chevron borders. Hurry and save! .your thtrvet with bedding, , table lineni, ore. at August uvings. 1 Telephone orders filled. f " 235355 jifarphg QambWi fourth Moot s' ' A aX awafcAaMawaaaK a a a w m f, looking woman with a family of tfiree fins children and a . very good hubnd Jhkre is only one thing wrong, though, and that is that she weighs around two hundred pounds. No matter what anyone tells her she does not stick to any diet. She even went to a number of reducing clubs and lost weight but gained it all back again. She sometimes doesn't want to go places for fear of being made fun of. When I aay anything about It she Just gets mad at me. If you have aay idea how 1 can get my sister to reduce and have more fun out of life. Please write it in your column. , ' Big Preblem. N6"caTofli chart in th world can lake weight off your sister without some cooperation from her. Has she heard about TOPS? This is the Take - Off - P o u n d s-Sensibly club. TOPS aids and abets the overweight, providing sociability and prizes for progress. ' " If she'd like to learn mora about this miracle-working international group, get bar to write me herself, asking' for the address. She could certainly have more fun and less fatigue if she weren't carrying around all that extra poundage. . -J On Feet: Having so car licence because of your handicap is no tragedy. Lota of people Ilka yon meet girls and marrv and live their lives withounsYiv- ing a car. Have the spunk N get out and help youttalf STICKY SOLUTION Use a quick application of clear nail polish on an envelope flap when normal adhesive doesn't stick. - sl4s..aa. Ulfil ISA Sparks -' M2-1717 Parte TOM1 aa Caraar Tears. Bm. Air CaaSOTaaaa Ensemble Roee. Robin Blue Mint ' Rosebud - Blue Mist . L, i . i, "; 1 (.1

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