The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

fAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, COJmELLSVILLE. PA. WEDNESDAY,; MARCH 27,1918. ASOLWER WAS IMPRESSED BYSHTSOFCITY .- from:-Pma* ; On**. 1 I and you dlictmr, to your ln- k lorpriK, that you are riding In *~.*ubway^ Judicious questioning f y» information wher»to change', exprtu to local and flee versa, M. KAIEMFF, BOLSHEVIK! AMBASSADOR TO FIAXCE ad- thus alight at the pout nearest rtoft* yon want to to If you at- J' »pt to follow your nose' or · the vd, without aaking-_uvDqdv /who know* more about it than you do, jrao're likely to find yourself in Erookrjm. or other small' suburban* 1 "Which la unfortunate, in ^ you. dcy not want to consume too en-of yoar lea\e in travel hither ·ad Uiither-wien you only want to go "iila»r Ton-would!! tvthink a bush leaguer :omld get soroetling for nothing in Great Big Wicked; City on his first would you' No Well, I know |one:;who did.and he .did it ~veiy; simply, It was nothing more thrill- if_than.^walking down the steps of :bv subway exit instead of the en- :raae«, onto the, train platform, thus ling the necessity of .passing the ,'and paying ajnickel 1 do not- why more people do not adopt lia method of getting a Iree ride. Ta% city eonsiatA of streets^running thlsTway "and that In air directions :»ll; buildiagB. trafflc, hotels, ^theatres ^.people. It is rea)ly-.amaxtn5 the nnrtber-ofthe latter it contains:'- It'iil on Crawford ave- me^nlx.ais^eat. deal mpre'_so. t Contrary "Of the general opinion do. not lurk behind' the street irnera.._ltt"fact, T did ;-;notvsee = a .gunman during mr:stay. .There. ;holdun.'-ineif'atohg.~BTO*dwaT'3en- thutre tickets at a premium and rdlfa In"th*restaurant 1 cloakrooms r-conduct'^ their; business ;withr air of-refinement and..something; (MHO The gunmen, I have read, rougher, though perhaps not any ·· successful. spent- a · considerable portion of a huating for tbe well~known rich village, only~to nnfl^lbat Green Parrot, Red Lion, I oily s of the resorts f you jread ibont In ·'Peppy Stories-and the like r -tr« clOMa. prpbablyj-because the leton._w anted to get something ·at on .-Sunday. 111. say this, they're picturesque:.places so. as exterjorx'go." .Instead' ot a. lot Boiemuuis,.. people .-1 saw -thsie ltd to be just ordinary foll£ 'A" 1 told me inost\of "this here Bo- staff it all hunk." Big "City tbMSwTbave' it 'ill ortr "Dave" Trimble's pride hut they 'caarg. more. I cant see that the 11 Kaneuoff, the recently appointed ambassador ot the Hubsian^bolsheriki goreramCfBt-to Prance. He is a member, bt^ the: executive" committee" of -the Soviets; Stop Itching Eczma * Never mind how of ten'you have tried and iaPeoTyoa can stop burnin'fc itching MORE RECREATIONAL ,, FACIIJTIES NEEDED FOR SOLDIERS ABROAD Will Be Supplied ly Tke Knignto »f Criunbas; Bnildlajrs to be Erected ,, i and Saeret«rie» Swelled. WASHINGTON, D C., March 26.-That acre is tremendous need tor more recreational facilities" tor the men of tbe American Expeditionary Force is tnc_conlext of a cablegram Jurt received Irom. Neirton i ^Baker, Secretary at War TIT Colonel' P H Callahan chairman of the "Knights ot Columbus' Committee on War Activities. Secretary Baker says this need is constantly increasing Hiring to the magnitude ot the operations o£ the Amer can Overseas Armies Colonel Culiahan has cabled Secretary Baker informing aim that the Knlghti ot Columbus' will redouble 1W efforts to supply social, recreational and religious facilities tor the men abroad as well as lr at nome-,By April 1, a large number of Knights of Columbus field secretaries and auxiliary chaplains Willie in Prance, and recreation. centers i"ll be established which will extend f"om Paris to the ^battle front ; : New ibutldiiigsi'are': constantly. .being erected by the Knight^ of Columbus in the AmericMi .ampe and it is the ntention of the organization that the the same facilities in that they have in the ._ . - « * - . ·* _^i . · . . . . " . .7* T^TZT^*" -*r __ - ___ i ,» t _ VnlIxM-«.l r\*+ i h l n nimtn . akm dagaserwill be rciuortj. For deannj tbe «ku» and making ft Tigccously healthy, always UM aemo, tbe penetr*tingr»nteptic liquid^ It is not a iTcasy does not itara. When oaten-fail ft is the one-dependable treatment for skin troubles of all kinds. The E. W.BoeCQ4Clmted.a York, and it is believed that this quota will be 'doubled before the drive is Who to Fatroaije. Merchants who advertU* tb«lr cood* Tin Dally Courier. i; aad. Mown./. The Crawford monument fisa't aa lam aa Grant'* tombe but Jitfs faihioied' out o* jut as good r atnff. The Tough many not be as V* as .the Hudson nor : bare as j; may ships on it but it's made of the MBM kind of vat»r. ·Bavlni atisn«d myself about all yM*. I await coining excursions into likwwa lands with eagerness ant! u OMB mind. iOrTIpD OF STATE'S ^POTATO CROP IS STILL IN HANDS OF GROWERS : B«'« .Tfartett* o Xucb 1; Fayette C*»aty Bad VK B.»6*ls. =«ore than-IP 000,000 bushels, or ·foje-third of the Pennsylvania potato Pcrcp ot 3MT, remained in the grqwers lntcB-on- 'March 1, according-to esti- I abates received by tho State* Depart Km«nt'of Agricultiire'froni'its.icorpi of- joxperti in tSie State / 1 census taken In every count} of »the state shows that 33 per cent ot the $ crap had-not oeen marketed, the first f. of thla month. This condition accord[ to the department, was due to the i f jxtrenely cold weather, impacsatu* ids and the hope of man) g- owers" f higher c prms pnces--a hope that £bas held back 5000.000 bush. Is 'o! E whetvinr Pennsylvania. ' -JThe report show* that Fayette coun- f «X.grower~ had 7(^85 01 almost one-- · tb.trd ot last years crops on hand In · WWtmoreland county the stock, ou jhand was 158,946 bnshels or X per [cMt, in Greene county 135,332 t bush- l SJlf m 4S per cent ' _. rlurc ibonld be no potato shortage \ la?P«nn»ylvania boJore the nen crop ic«an-aloag. and with the millions of rtnsneii now on the market, potatoes. fslRnild soonW extramely cnea] PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY ·BLTJEBIHD PRESESJTS :FKANKLTN TARNUM' IN 'THE JROUGH LOVER" IN S STIBHIMG ACTS. 1 ALSO · THE L KO COMEDY IN 2 /ACTS. . --TOBOBEOW-- ·WMTA:: BRADY pBEsssirs KLTTI GORDON ; IN "THE WASPS" A~W.OBSXT TaODPCTKW'EI' fACTS ALSO ."CUfiKBNT ; BTO2»TS" SEE A1O. .THE LATEST.'TOAR NEWS ILLUSTRATED ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY ,. "William Foi Presents GEORGE.. WALSH in "JACK SPORLOCK-- PRODIGAL" Sec the 400 'Pound -Bear Act 'THE -MUTUAL 'WEEKLY ·TWIN BEDS TRADED FOR A POUR-POSTER" J3ee Clever-and ; Captivating ANN MURDOCK --in-- MY WIPE 1 ijtorrtia, foj it^ia our"e!aaalflcd col- One ceat a. word. i ,, S2HJ22ITSVPOPHAM-8I ASTHMA MSMCINE _«., SOISSON THEATRE JACK BALL TODAY JIatiace Daily ' 'Down In Maine" V Rural Comedy With Special ties Between Acts NOTE--LasJ. week of the Jack Bali Stock Company Added at- tractipn-^Dack Ball in. his' famous" Negro Preacher act. Country Store Friday. Tnorsdur, FritUr, Saturday "The Girl of His Dream" A Musical Comedy. 'Big 15c tinee DJ.I at r30 .Krening Clean, ' Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --T«PA\ EVANS'ALL GIRL REVUE In tae ,Funnie*t of- All Bfack Fact Comedies, v «OVER THE 'PHONE" u - 'ON THE SCKEla AM* JfttK WOUAX" _ BUBY BATIS, The Blonde Soabrett* CKABLIE BATIS, The "Wizard ot Joy DOLLY MCDONALD; Some Singer and Dancer BILLY McCOT, In Bark, That'm All ZEE'S DANCING FOTIK more. OLD BOND'STAMPS pay 4%\ on every $100 you spend Get them with evearji purchase ot lOc or B UY IN CONNELlSVILLJB at Ck)nnellsville's foremost store. Complete stocks of fashionable ·Jfiateter clothes' await your choosing. Prompt Service to Those Who Have Deferred Easter Purchases Until Now ' As Easter approaches the need of new apparel becomes more real. .Months ago this store considered your Easter problems and planned accordingly. So now, when needed, you'll find stocks complete and inviting. Comprehensive assortments of fashionable Easter appareVfor everyone--and correct accessories to complete the costume will be at your disposal right up to the very last minute. Famous TOILET PREPARATIONS From the Leading French and American Makers It is a pleasure to invite attention to such a. varied and comprehensive assortment of elegant Perfumes and Toilet Waters They embrace names long associated by discriminating women with the most delicate and delightful of cxjors PERFUMES! --Mary Garden at ?2.50 the ounce. --Lady .Mary at $1.50 the ounce. --Pianette at. ?2;00. th ounce^ --Azurea at |i.OO the :· ounce. -Lilas'at |1 SO the ounce --Houbigant's at }2.25-the ounce, --lily, of .the .Valley 'at ?2.75 ounce; --Garden Fragrance at'f 1.00 ounce. --^Lilac Mauve at.$1.00 .the ounce. --White Rose at 60c tbe /ounce. Pre-Easter Display of KAYSER GLOVES Showing the New Styles in Siik and Chamoisette 36. pronounced is the vo'gue.of the Fabric Glo've this-season, tnat this announcement will interest the majority of women. And these Gloves are the famous Kay«er make, with the smart style, shapeliness and serviceability that the name assures Prices range from 65c to $1.25 TOILET WATERS! --MaTis : .St r-Mary Garden '«t.|4JE. --Axnrea at J2.00. -Lilas at J250 -^Lady Mary at I1SO. --DJer Kissr at 42.00. --Finance, at |2.50. \ --Lev 1 Me at »1.M. --Melba at Jl'.OO; --Melba lilac at --White Rose at'f 1.00. --Lilac Mauye at --Lily of the Valley at 11.25. --Rose Jacijnelln"at J1.26. Special Easter Displays New Ribbons Curtains New New Silks ·New- Neckwear Silk Hosiery Kid Gloves 'Handbags Toilet Goods Dress Goods Underwear Wash Goods New Rugs ' Footwear Carpets Draperies FASfflONSNEWE COATS DRESSES SUITS The moist to be desired of the season's smartest garments are shown in this display of distinctive Easter styles. Coats, : Suit8, Dresses, Skirts, 'Waists am^Children.'s apparel. The newest and the best-at moderate prices proclaim our-leadership as outfitters to women and misses. Easter costumes should be chosen now--today;--to permit time for any needed alterations. Unusual Values in Easter'Suits $19.75 $25 $29.75 $35 $39.75 to $79.50 Suits.-with.the distinctiTe style and tailoring ne'eded for Easter--together with the splendid service required for the months of wear that follow. Suits f^r the woman and the^ miss--with special consideration given women who require extra large sizes , : Strictly tailored, semi-tailored and dressy tailored models in tricotine, serge, pop-~ lin, silvertone, au^lla, Poiret Twill, wool jersey; checks, mixtures and gabardines: Medium Price Suits Featured at $25 and $29.75 Women's and Misses' Dresses J $14.95 $19.75 $25 $35, to $69.75 Tow Easter Drees may be : any one of a score of materials and different colors and still -be correct, for Dame Fashion has been very liberal in decreeing .the new style trend for Spring. Street and: afternoon styles for women and misses--in "georgette crepe, serge, wool 'jersey, foulards and pretty combinations. . Tailored effects! and dressy styles: in all 'new. colors. ,Two special lots--at $13.50 and $14.95. Distinctive Styles in Coats $15 $25 $29.75 $35 $45 to $79.50 /7/j^ Some women choose a cbai for its:STYLiE; some for BEAUTY of material or colon some for UTILITY Combine all of these and you have the ideal coat. Easter shoppers are finding ideal Coats here--distinctive styles in wool velour, tricotine, Pqiret Twill, gabardine, bolivia, burella, poplin, serge, mixtures and taffetas. The matoy smart colors is one of the predominant features of the entire collection All sizes for women and misses Girls' Confirmation DRESSES -F'or girls of 6 to 14 years, there are dozens of the daintiest little · White Dregses in. good qualities of organdy, voile, net and lawn. Some trimmed with beautiful lace and embroidery Some quaintly smocked Mothers and daughters will be doubly pleased when they learn the price.8--$1 96\to $15. Correct Easter MILLINERY The displays of Easter Millinery are fraught with deepest interest for women who delight n 'the charm of changing fashion The designers have expressed a harmony of 'design, arid color quite unr usual Your quest for a new hat may not begin 1 here, but it is certain to end when you'.have inspected our showing. Three Special Groups at $3.45, $4.95, $6.95, * gl EE THEjUtractive Easter Displays of Skirts, Blouses, Petticoats, Sweaters, Lingerie, and all other Apparel. r 1?-« f? ., i-Xf.- v.-'-Jviuj. H^u~~ e

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