The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY MARCH 27, -THE DAILY COTIRIKK, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. "lever expsode-al tie visitor.- -CM V,Mesa yoal Wtmt has* torn so do with the matter? KMeban -win have'to ride ' tor hie Bfe In tea mlnates aaxlyoor · pro-party wID-fta eajaet So TDD tad b«ter «iak« yeoraatt raady to go with ' Be* Boaa shook bar head. "Eh? Wkat alts jo«? Jftad do 700 aspect to dor -I akan « mrKb Battbaa." saM tte ajrt. - TMs calm ia-aJKEsateiaent seemed jtq . etasjifj TM ·Caatuo. He sat krwc : aeavffy la tke Bearcat chair, andVwlth Ma wet handkerchief poised. In one ,pa*d(y hand he .stared Sxedly at the His eyes were- nmndaad7 , the sweat itrenmed unheeded ihls teniplea. He rewmbled.sorae ·' fjueu bloated Marine raonster Jost eaaers-ed froaa the esu and nxunentarUy ojasaled by the light "Ion--- Yosrre lead," be finally .laaped, 'Tsleaan. till Tin what It toed -OTUUty. Ifartt ralaed nora iba a million doBanTand tmrr Cn- bu dear auk«r In (be United atatca ea a yart of Wa wcsea every -week Co »e "earner Tfia beat blood of Cnba talathaflcht latfa K abawt bated; cant ataoA the ttraln." " predia tkerTI qnlt (Hham a* m m O»y (at InDKarj. Jte fowrn- nMof kfiitartlBC tbaa out. ^Havener, they*** wwrnd TIP ear attain tor the ttroe twint. and--'* XT. Cmrttr oare- faJly ahttted the poatBon of aO Inkwell, a calaDda* and a paper knlf e-"tnat brief* Ta'to a coaaldenitloo of your aid my afctrs; doekit it? Abetn! Tua remember oar bantalnT I waa to alr*-70« a cna»« ao4 you were to mak*.- good baf on yon -- ar-- planned ^^r-- aatrloJoolal fooltabaeai wltlt '/:'· B»t this Zsteban ejrald net do," for · '·.*··. himself bad noi · the iTalnleat .no- tloa of triuit wm» ta 9Corefr Jibn. War Mnwd to Ma a glortaoi thtnj ; he bed IMCB told tbat the tni» w«*e-p«pled ·with patriots. H« -niftery .jmatg, hj» - bcart vas mbUjywlU liatrtdifor, the ' Sjantards »n:l for-Pmdio " v peto He There Jcre he "»ald: *Bu«a shall do a» . rtie pltnses. H we mast be exiles i« ih»B (bare each otter's tardsbip*. It win cot tw for long." .' .n«e«"atormed tbelatriUn. "BH- t«r that ycrn »BTe hereto the atarks. *How 9»n S*T*rtoo. Thore'to DO.:I»W, for wisrien outside of the . The lalaad is In in.iiriiy. These pMitata yon-talk about are the liUiclra, ta« ··laUuu. ttt" . lowegt. lailfat.'aaT- a««ataCaba." /. Cw JUrto'- the ftrf "I taoaot aarry yo«,'! 1 lev* another Tm oetrothed to fTXellly, ttao American--and lie's con- laa; ba«fe to marry ate." Be Caatano twHteO aliaself laborl- ua»V oat of hb chair and waddled toward tm* door. He .was pnrple'.with rage sad iimill'Vattop., On ae threab- eU a» patued to wheeze: .·'Verr well, tbto. Go! rmdose with both of yon. " I afonld have lent you a Sand with this I Ooato. bat now he .will; fall heir to joes- Well, It.Js a ttae for bandit*t I--I--" T/nable to thlak *f a parting speech "snfflclently ; Utter match. hl». disappointment; Doer Jfsrio plnacedont into the « 'llgni, mnlterioe; and stammerlnr to Wlthla an boor' the .twliui- were on sir" CTB«my Wl'tbai the moment bad come for Wa carefoUr-re- iMaraed speech; bat, tmhappily, -he eonld not remember how^the gwtn- SODC started. Jti. Outer, too, win.trn- accoontably gOent. Another moaMnt dragged-pait, Qiao- th«r ckarutiL "I bare an nnolnaaant-- " ·. Bach broke off at the echo 'of Kit ow» words. j' - ,, "What*/ thitr teQglied U» importer SELF DEFENSE Defeat Backache and Kidney Trouble With Arraric Many people* .n Pennsylvania have ·otTered from rheumatism and bdnej tronWe.SjBd ;: have^foue^.Aanricc.fd be the aaxiueseful remedy to overcome these painfal and dangerous ailments 3ie Ineky people are taose wbo have. aaffered, but *J*JD are now weft because' iey hnded natim'a warning, .signal in tin* to- correct": tieir.tronble. with that wondorfnl aew aiseovery of Dr.'Puree'e csllefl "Anu-rle" (drabte strength) You fihonld proicptiy heed thesejfrarniBgs, Heoe of which are dutzy spells, backache, irrefulanrr of ^tlie^ jmno or the pamfol of rsenmatfsni, sciatica or Imn- bago . T tlelay mar --«i« jxia-ibl- "-- dangcroiiB iroraia of kidney disease, a* Briffct'i disease, diabetes or ntoue, tbe tlaSder. Jf you^wanfc qiuck v ^ buy it now--or sead Dr V. JC ] Buffalo, N T, lOe for trial pkg Thi will prove that " Annne" ebnmatea nne acid aa hot water n^efts flapu s M«ny^ -tbonsunil Penniylvama folks' a(iec with Mr. Good who says ' -- r NMOOPICT;, PA. -- "*"JLIU regard to the t^il package of "Annrlc," double strength, ·would say, that'I have . ncveT' : taken aay medicine that topped me more 1. had been troubled witl kidiiej troabJe and Ismo back BO I cbuia-. not walk, straight, .and. WM not feeliBK aWo to do, anything,".'but after taking the Anuric Tabluts I feel Un a new au. r am 67 years old and kave workeVi all gammer, and give Annric the credit for it. I would say to all tlsfhavi! bdxey tronbta. try Anunc."-- JACOB O»D, Kescopeck, Pa "I wo* thinking how Jncky it i« tbat you ..and Elan, wilted. Hm-ta ', Very fortmutte" Agtln Mr Carter rear- langed him desk OtUnct "We aome- timec differ, EI«a and I, but when «he ·eta her heart on a thing I see that aoe get* It.' even U I think ahe onzcta't to hate It. Whatt the^ae of bivlnf children H you cant 'spoil 'em, eh T ^He .looked , up with a. aort of resentful and wbaa his Ilsteacr »p- peand to agree with aim be al(bad with 1 satisfaction. ,-B*rly Dtarrlacea are «niyrHat ahe c^ems to think other- wine. Maybe she's right Anyhow ·he's, licked me. I'm done She wants to be married rltbt : away, bef ore', w« ; fo west That** why I waited to aee yea at once. Yon won't object will yon? . We men have to take oar medV dne." v "It'i qnrte out of the qneatton." gtammered the nmbappy O-BeJlIy. " "Coaje, come' It'l tough on yon, I know, bet--" Johnnie had a horrified vision of hlmself^being- dragged mjwll- ll'egly to the altar. ."Eta la (olaf to have what «hewani«, if'lhaveto break soraething H* yotfn be sensible ,rtl stand behind yon -like a father «nd teach yob the biutnes*.:' I'm getting old, and 'EtheIbert*conid r neTer learn It. OtoerwH*-- ·' Tit* old man'* jaw ·at ; nil. eyna beg«a to (learn aacrlly. "Who la-- Bthelbertr faintly in- giilred O'Beflly. their way m-.: tlfe IiaBOTl,: tow«d : th« | - .rpn^^aOTnat' He'a the fellow JPre bon«e ef Aseiislo and Evangellna; :f«r , bee ^ teltln aboot Hrt uot ^ tt w» thltk* that they MWrallrt^,, ne \, an(toi ··,,.., ^.j,, » ,, I, It wsa well that^they bad boy _ ' b.-.^ · .v .. j ._.~ "jj-jg if [ B ] OTe tritt! another maa? b tbat what yWroeenT" ·Good Lord, yea I Don't yon under- made haate, for as they rode down Into · the valley, up the other side at the Mil - froan Xataaxaa came -i «quml of the- .Qe-ajdla Qvll. ,and :at Ita tead rode| 1!tiu)a r-agiiahr i aft think yond Pancho Caeto. CHAPTER V. , A Cry rrom tha:WIMerMsa. New York seemed silmost Uke afor- etga dty to Johnnie OTteiUjr/when he,- stepped ont 1 Into it on. the' jnomlnr after his arrl-val. For one ; thing: It was bleak and cold tie north -wind, hail- Ing direct from Baffin's bay. md teeth, snd It bit so crnellythatTie va» glad . WH4H' he fpnDd.sbirtter la the 1 biiadina-' which honaed tie.olBeea of the: Carter.. Importing company The troth la Olleiny was not only 'cold .bat. frightened. It was not the effect of bl§ report. caacenlac the fh-m's onpro«biWe-CD-; baa coonectloaswhlcB be" feared-- Sanael Carter ccnia take caloaly the moat dislTrrblng Jinaodal reverse -- tt wiia the blow: io his pride, at Irarnlny -'that anybody coald prefer anctber girl to his oKUghter Johnnie shook, his | ·hoBMkn ,and stamped his feat, tmt the chill In Via bone* refnaeil. to go. I He went to metf Mr eontoyar aa a -j man marches to eaecnaoo. f^ '.':·:. Bto heart siak^ farther at titas wel-^ code he recelred,. for .the. Iniporter (are him a veritable embrace; "he pat ted hint on the back and jnqalred ttree times t* to els health. (XRelUz ,va« !" aaytMng hot cold now; he was per»?tr- ln» profnaeiy, and he felt Ll»,(»j!«r growing limp. To shatter thll ola ·»!'* eager hopes would he liko IduUafi · -child In the face. Carter, hatt ne-rer been so enthnslnstlc .« denioaitni-. rive ; there was »oinethir;;alnio«t theatrical In his greetlnf. : "Well, my boy, TOO made a Ezxle of It; dfetn't you'" .The tone wis abaost cOKpliinentary. "tea, ate,, I'm a bright and shlntni: take tt K bird-- I ,wa« going to.mnke a place for yoo here ID the oDIre, bat of courae^lf-- r:3ay! r What the'deqce alls yon?" f v i / Stmuel 'Cjirter stared with amaae- meut, for the Injnred . victim -of hi* Qanghter'a Bckienew had leaped to hi* feet and wa» abakfug hit hand vlgor- "Now, doa't "ye*, air 1 ise. . friends, aren't weT Good If- Understand. I Soo't blame-yon in the least--' It's that idiotic revolution that t-poiled our bnstnisa, .Ton did iflendldly, an- der the arcacastancea," ^ * "They '-bare reason enooj* to, ra- vritr-oppr»«9i6n, tyranny.. torrajWon.? (yBeilly mumbled the' familiar/ words In a nnnrt pornlys*ts at Jlry Carter's Jo;.- »lal famiBarity. f "AH Latin coon trie* are corupt," nDnonnced the Iracorter-- "aIwan:.Save beca and always wiD he. They thrive under oppresalcm. Howner; I dam xy tal3 np»islB« won't lart long." ; Tohanlit veadered why th* old aaaa (et down to eaaaa. ~Vtn DMT* :tb»a a* ·fofaiBC, air," ka aJ«. Th. UM east eii* tt tt» Maa art »ka» r J left "Am You Cr*xy/or A" II" Ha OIM- rled. mialy,ra«ea while (IMa aonuk. that ae«raed»to «l«alfy relief, plwunte, delight-- aytntac ei- cept what the oldraan unacted. "Art yw% eraay, or am ir'h»o«»- - read he bad wrltteb. He bade- Eora preitare for his return and th«lr Immediate marriare, ·. love iir-as u-iUailtwl; Ms. troit In the, girl was absdnte He knew, moreover, that Klie loved and mlrad*-ra,phenoniBnon^ which never ceased to amaze him'. 'He; did ·oot.dream'tlMt'every man had felt the vague -wonder BO tire time PBSB«I rapidly But, :e to cay, there came no answer to those letters. O'Be^lly cursed toe revolution, which-had'made, communl-, catloa eo 'uncertain;, at lengtn be cableo,: but still, the pays dragged on with no remit. Gradually his Impatience gave- way to apprehension. Great was Ua relief, thcirfore*wtien one day a worn, stained rarelope'od- djreased In ^Roaa'a hand^waii laid upon bis desk The American stamp the Key West, postmark, looked strange, but--. Her first letter) XBaily wondered If his first letter to her could poealbly have moved her as tt Is moved him. *jle kissed the envelope where her llpn-ned'caressed It"In the' ? sealing. Then with eager flnj-erj he broke It cpen. It was a lenerons epistle, ,'lonc and cloeeJy written, bot as be-read lils keen delight tamed to dismay and when be hsd turned the-lsst thin page his brain WOB In wildest: turmoil. He thought he mnst be. drrafflinr. Cottid lir be that he bad misunderstood ny- th!ngj He. turned to" the besfnoinj and attempted to. read,.lint bis hsnds shook aoVthathe waa obUf»d to"Jay : the letter flat upon his desk. My Dear Beloved: It Is wltli aUfldeno and Imitation th«t, I t»t» -mr p«B In ;out: ~ · - ' - " · · ' ' "* OU , ·-- fufltfv«r,. bbtduta/ UiHnc' In tb» mant- . i I £T»n«f!llumJ. tormtr our fotntr^.B'jch poverty. *ach ' ctrcdmXuccst But they .war* 'our only -frl«nd».. and. they .'took u« ln v wb«a w« wcra non»]M*. «o vW« Iov« them . It Utl.' Ittttr^TTJKtw jro»-uia,I-««iifl It .with : a -prayer-- wtuU'th«n?- t dttre not. thfnk.'too'loQff ot-..thxt; -for- the heart* of nMn -'mrt 'not-*ln[«. r th« heirti of^wonMo;' .What wnl TOO »«r when TOU .team th«t th* BOM. -.T*ron», whom you f iivor«a. wltn your. adjnlr«tl6n-l« not-.tne HOWL 'ot'to- I bear rott murmur, "The girl for- · But. oh, tna atiuidmrdii of ft ; loo«'-mhQ-iBl7 .'.roiierv* i* igOBA/toor.-I em a.' hunted -cttatur*. Hosa'had conrpelleil heraejf to Mart with the death of Donna I«nbel and to- Klve elm a sncdnct. ccconnt of .all that 1 had followed, OTHerily read tie (rtory,' fasetnaied. | -'-That 'im bow we : cuoe to'lrvewtth AjMnalo? and Mi ,wlte. -· Iraagtm Ml A boblo. hidden ^awfty far up.tb«"rumuri;.«iiA.«o In' . no kntt*r people of eoastqiMaea or an- 'thortty;" eur. aafity depanda uptm : oor In- Th» whoto cOTntrril* l»:ch«o«. Thero li no work^aothlai. btrt'iroipiclon, hatred. mnd vlolenca. . Oh; wbstt deaol%tlon .this w»r. hu.wnnchtl' Zeteban: ha« alrosdr btootne m. gBarrUlero.. He bas iftolfln a eow;';*nd' so .we 'bare minc'for.'our coffee; bat; thtre. u;6n|r.'a.;bKndfQt''pf jcofCee ! lett.-: Md lltth bopo of niora.-. JUr«uJln« mmdi of.'' 8panlard* a*B"..everywh«re, :" and 'the. countrr.'. people teU-atroloiiB'.'.taJafl' about teem. -,.H(vw;.wtll. : It. ·ndTi' : :How.MBatr.. before they wDl dlacover us and. the worst .'wl]l' liappenT ,It 'only.iyop were"'het«~-/..Ob,:-nyy'd«itr- u«n! It orJy,yoa.w«r«;hre-- to take In ycAir arms apd banish tbte *v«r i;edn«tantrterror:4t'-my3heart;-- It only, you weT«"4ie» :to- tin. m*. tbat' -you- lov«-;.ma ; itt!n.|n'.splt» 'of -'iny ; misfortune. -See! .The tiMn-are..}^^^ «a :; I' writer 'jTou-wfll. re-: turi. -will Tou:wit? I ; cpiia libt^write like Bd* .ft 'I'.wer* snr«'-':tti^t.-you wooltl-Tead th«M : Bn««. . My hlghtlr praysr-- But' I' win not tell you of mr prj.y«r« for fate iniar, iuWl«:iWa )«tKir to. yon. ansr:«Il. and the ·heartB:''of'iji«n 1 : flo^chanie^ . I n thaaft dark Hours' when ^nrf:dt*ubt« arlnn I .try to" ten; myself, that, yva: will surely coma' and; search, as'ioat:: -VThen Ton return to Cnto»-- see, my faith U tttaag again-- «.vold liatamu, tor your owm -sake -and'- mine; /Don XUatinf. wanted. to marrr n« to save me thlx exile Bat I, retased; -I told.hini '-Iswas: pledsjed: to: yoo. and ne wu fprkms. He Is power- '.foU'-h* .would: balltvyott.' 1 and: there -.Is'nir air; deUriow. If* t*l» war. iflrifn efcaaaad nr mtadrtoi" aweetaa|--- O"Bentr ehofcad, tten been "fta ^ «o! r;a«t aamk. ·( teat at BJUBBkl It tonaMl'Wt fcaHaa. than. I paa»«W 7 tar- to e-awadsd. aad I aaa, M-^tM Mt ,. CrtUOly a-part ttat nnaH.)'t» wilt- lac a loa« letsas to ·earn Tsiaas Ottew Utteaa «Npt UsarnM la. «·» ·ei-saas^-^ile.!!.*. ^yjjajsgtgJS^ . . If I could come to you, X would, but I am marked So If TOU stlir desire me you must aeareh roe ont. Ton win* I pin my faith to that aa to the Crass To doubt would b. to Wish. If wa should h»v« to ·^lace, and that 13 al we.r llkeiy, you can learn or our where- akouU from Celowjl Ixipex. A ·" Alu! -If "yon had uked n« to (o with TOU that dayl I wanld have tollowod you, for my heart, beat then aa It beats today, ferTau alone, . -. / *i* * The omaU la burnlnr lew and. ft win poem %· dayUffht. anrl then tbla latter nrast Beam tta lonff uncertain journey I trust tn« many Note upon the paper win not It*» »eor» wjeng Impresalcm of mr wnt- fbr^I aan noaty and t writ* sdeatr: »· Ink Irpoorand tkara Is very Bun J« Htna o^anytWas;. ) BtvaKHOeapt tMra^p* ytt ava toe ataity to«pl«aae J"n, formca^d* nor llke^teara. l I try 'o smite a» t*ttA xmeif,. law tost** ant jpaar fattMul Domestic Rugs DfiveHas --Viitli an- ^ttacK on Uae Pric of Rugs which, will clear t3»e , -way- for the army of: -.prudent, ·womea- -who' this Spring hoiisie^ ' cl'eaning time must-HiaKe-'every. dollar count. . · ' , * · . - G.ome'anfl^See 1 -what-beEsutlful Tap'estry-Brus- se]s; Hugs · in 9x12 -ft.i sizes we. 'are.'selling riow" at oivly : ^...... We'll help you with" "easy- terms as well as witH.";low. prices, ec y.Qu'll .scarcely ieel'the .COSt. . . ;_ ,!. " ".._,,· · ' , t Our large Rug Department also offers you the ad-vantage of a complete selection. Youll-find all sizes herr-in all weaves, aU patterns, and all colors ,md tones The low priced Fibre and Grass Rugs, the moderately priced -Wool Beversibles, Tapestries, Brussels and the luxuiiously beautiful (though at this store inexpensive) ''Wiltonfe and'"AxSfm- sters in a variety of domestic and Oriental designs that wil* delight the most fastidious. SPRING IK HERB^ALLi NATJJRE'IS AWAKENING-r^LET'S NOT NEGLECT OUR HOMES--OE COURSE' "YQL"LL DO' BETTER .AT.':.THB, RAPPGaT-FBATHERSlAN'COUP ANT." - - . ...,:.:.- It's Important! --more'important to YOU than it ever 'was before that you have a Refrigerator that. Trill prevent -w-aate and keep all foods swfi3t, palatable and wholesome! Let .us remain you of* .tho way people, talked last siimmer. about, the Refrigerators ,, they bought at the .Rapport- Fcatlaernian Company. V We Are Delighted to Announce ·that : this'.year we'sboll! sell tho siune wonderful'line, .and many peoplft'are'.making'tfioir .selections. NOW.;. Come and. see the one and only VANTI-BAMP." No dampness, as mildew because there's a perfect circulation of cold; dry air iirough the food chambers of an "ANTI-DAMP." The Building of a Nation Depends Upon the .Care of Its Infants. Foster the seeds of robust health in. your child by giving it a daily outing ·while it' susceptible to good effects, but choose its carriage with care so tba tit rides iu comfort and ease. Set- Rapport-Featherman's Big Display The money-saving possibilities we offer -will please you and our. *asy terms of payment will relieve you of all monetary, -worries.. ~ ~-~ Sidewalk Sulkies, Collapsible Go-Carts, Reed Carriages -and the n,*west panel-body, reed trimmed, Injuriously upholstered carriages all very reasonably priced. '. · · . . . . . J A Real McDOUGALL Kitchen Cabinet is' woman's deliverance from long hours, ot toil. : McDougall. : tlinersaTing features, cut your:kitchen work in halves. Why go on working long hoxirB:-on your feet^vflien you can secure a Jlcl^iug- all for -A Single 'Dollar This is toe only store In Connellsville where you can. buy real.McDougalls $1.00 Ca»h, $1.00 a Weelc. will pay for this 'GAS RANGE in the easy way ind ; our/ specially: low lrice is only---$18.95 It- has large oven--I S by 17 inches, four, burner top and bracket shelves on eacli side. It Does Make a Difference Where You Buy Your Columbia Grafonola Come-to the Happort-Feathcr- jnan Store anil you'll sec. why; We a're the authorized Columbia- agents: Wp'll put any.Graf- onola select in your. home on very ensy- terms and THERE'S NO INTEREST TO PAY AT THI3 STORE Tapestry Rockers Are Very Fashionable Here's a Beauty For On Here's a Beaiit.y For Only $19.75 Easy; Tftrms, $1 a Weet. ThiE:r(jckcr-is. an.exauJsite. combination. Jr- 1, .comfort and dura'bility. Daintily patterned tapestry upholstering which blends,wonderfully with all -parlor and living room furniture. A- Matchless alue. Comparisons Always Prove You'll Do Better at ConneUsville's Most Dep endable Furciture: Store.; In Making Out Income Tax Returns A ffrcat many people were at a. loss IO.JUKTM Just what tbelr net irctfme was j 4. dilemma that can fee avoided by .paying all bills by check With the recoid of receipts and expenditures before you that your check hook shows its a comparatively simple _matler to make a. proper tas return Large or small your checking account is cordially invited MIOML BANK 129'W. Crawloril Ave, Councils-Fine. "Tae Buk Ibat Does Xhingi lor loa" i--. ^ ·It may surprise, you to see how mucli inore confidence a ·.baak-,aeeoxmt 'vvitli .us will give you to accumulate money By getting the liabit oi regular weekly o · monthly deposits, you ·will soon have a good size fund whifili it steadily working foi you at interest , The only bank in this community paying 4% lateret 'on Savings Accounts LOCAL jUTD 10Jf« DISTANCE MOTDTGS. . . ; Bell SIS. ' Kesidence 101 3fca S A-re^,. OCri-State 573. ' . COXKtilSTItXE, PA. ! 1 J ! H , 1 ; i i 3 I ! i ·) 1:1 HAVE YOU TSIED OUR CIAS3IFIED' ADLETS ?| J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY fUBUiC AND HEAL ESTATE. MeaJo»::L*ne. '~ "'-«iEjS; ; ':-?:' : ' COAL For Sale COAL 82 acres of Freeport coat situated on the P. B, R -at Upper Middletown. Siding grantod. Coal self draming and a£ tipple height. Offered at a reasonable rcnce to a qoicV buyer. -- '

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