The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 3
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* *'H ID AY, J ANITAKY I Y , l y 3 0. 1-lE DAILY C O U R I E R , CON^ELLSVILLE, PA. JPAGK THRBK'. SCOTTDALE WANTS ALL WAGE EARNERS TO LIVE IN TOWN Trade Board "Frowns on Outsiders Not Helping Pay Municipal Cost. CHAIN STORES UNDER FIRE . ; P-clal to The Courier. t-..UTTriAl/E, Jan. 17.-- People who -Ira"- t h o l r live H hood .from Scottdale ita industries and business enlor- prisHNs-- -should Hv-o within tho corporate limits and help boar tho expenses of the -rramlclpallty. This -was the. sonso of discussion at a mooting of tho hoard of trade last evening. It was miffgestcd that people who d-erlvo tholr income Irom -tho town .should move into It Another discussion dealt with tho chain stores. Tho consensus of opln- jon was tha.! pcoplo should patronise tho homo merchant and Icoop their money at home. An -exam-pie of tho damage to tho town caused by the ·c'haln storo was cited In tho Porter Stono grocery, which has closed after au exlstonco of 4S years, because-, it Is said, of tho inroads of tho chain grocer. Tho breadwinners in four fa / milths lost their omploymicnt as a rosTilt of tho closing of tho store, It was palntod out. Education was sugjiC-ouMl as a means of getting people to patronuo tho Jiomo mor- t haut. A committee to o'vor the by-laws and «oo If they" arc b u c h as should SOVonTi an incorporated body. T'lio romlrnttee uppoiutod is niado up ot Attorney .loiin !. tiaut, Jesse Cook and John U Ruth. A vote of thanks was extended Al'orney Oaut who secured tho charter hist November and declined any \iay lor his service. Burgess C. I 1 '. Lewis was asked for suggestion:*. He FU5£;e^ted a inarlwt where tho farmeis could dipos-o of their wares. No action was taken ou this. Firn lit lilpfcrtown. Tho flri' f p p a t t m p n t was called to Klefertown ycsloiday aflernonn when a stovo at ' l c home of Tqny Do Ross become o v c v h c i t e d and set lire to tho roorii. Tli!' loom in v iiich the flro Ijroko \\arf destroyed, w i t h its con- t e n t s . "HKsioimry llcpfiiifjr, The U'oiuen'tf Mifi.sionary Society of St. Paul's Lutheran Church met ou \Veducsday ovenlnc; at the home of Mrs. K d ' A M i d Anderson in A r t h u r avenue. Mrs. John Kritsehtjau was j o i n t hostess w i t h Mrs-. Anderson in entor- talning. Jlrh. J. 13. 1 ambert W H S (he leader. P.ooK Ciiih .\ci\«. Tho Book Club met at tho library on Wednesilay evnlii". Mr?. J. H. Campbell l e v i e w e d "Pis R-ieli " AL Ihe close ot t h e mcctliis; :i social h o u r M as l i o i d . v. l i b Mi.-. Homer S m i t h md A i r 1 \ V i I i i a n K i i n d i i t p l i at, ho-'tcbbCfc. Mi··^ Sloiirr lln^lc^-i. Tin- \ \ o i n I M ' S ^ l l s s l o t l , l [ ' Su(!e(v of I n n 1 1; s rtt i i DM ti ( ' t i n i 'i w ,11 i i t i r- .lincd 1 1 1 c \ i nn; , i t !'ir isoim- ot M i ^ i s I n n i · I'tM in M u ' l ) " r , - - l i c o i ' a h i t 1 a ' ^ a n d - iii i i l 111 1 C ' 'lix. \1 ( lirislrnn Church. 1 \ ^ \ J o h n ( ' C i u u o . jrislor o f the I ' V X ' u n ( lui" li, !MH a n n o u n c e d i ' i i - I o ! i o A , . i t s i p r v i i o . t o r his i l i t i r h o'l SutuKu · M i b l p s c h o o l , ;jf» A M . honiioti, "The l'nrli!'i:over- H! J e s u s . ' at i n ;m, t u i i r d p a r t m e u l H jf C l i r i h t U i n Kiido-avor tit li.JS'J o'clock; r \ e n l i i K p i r u h l u c ; ^evvioesi at 7::'fl I'lic e v M i n i c KCI nidii .subject " i l l lie 'i'hi- ( lin I ,if I ' M ' I . · ' T h r i c ^ l l l he li'i u! i n n u In a ( | i n r l o t and u \ l o l m · j ' o i t Mil or P M S . V o u n p pi n{»li 4 « i _ f k W i l l bc^ ob^ ( · ] \ c d l l i i U ( ( j l ( til J a n u a r y "G al I u n i t y K e t o i t u ' d C i t u i c h .Mr. and M i s . Cl.ur T r u x e l t of Lfti- ' f i r i l o w i . v i f r J o d v ith l i lends nn \Ved- ·H sday. .Mih A l v i i f ' r o f t ot [r \ i i i s i ^ i t i d ,1 iond-5 ou U ' c d n e - j d a j Information of Value in C)ld-Time Scrapbooka Keeping a scrnpboat; 1« notiiins Mice ni common ns It once was. but still a lot of folks, cling to t h e o'd-tlme practice of ptese.'vlng newspaper clippings, bits of poetry and other items of interest In this way. Uow t h e scrap- hook hobby started no one Appears to I, now, but for generations i! has been iMistomnry to save tilings for ready inference. The time was when nearly everybody kept a ficrapbook, and no doubt many tilled volumes could be uncov- · i CM!, hidden away atuonc I'hinjis sol- I'mn SPWI or used Tiie old-time scrapbook v,as called upon to settle r mny an argument, for often the 'crapbook contained m u t t e r of a controversial tifiiuru. In the eld dnys it v-'aR nothing uncommon fo 1 a public t-peaker to run afoul of a chronic pcrnpbook Ureper. Ciftcn the keeper of a suapbook specialized In proscmtiK m a t t e r nf a i c r t a l n U i n d , and the praclice - t i l l is Kept up. Sfinpbooks of t h a t type mn.v bo filled with a lot of valuable Infor- mntlon pevtnlnlng to ft specific sub- iect. Often n scraphook Kept for n lifetime Is nn index to the diameter ot the Ueopc r, and in that w a y de- ·cendimts hnvp learned more of their foi elnnrs. -- I.tuit.\ ilia Com 1-,-r- Journal. Martha Eaton Brickman Scqres Great Success In Pittsburg Concert Martha Kat»n Brlekman of PiUs- burg-, formerly of Connellsvlllo, scoVcKl u great success as soprano t,olo!st In A concert held Sunday afternoon at Iho SchjUiloy llo-t-ei. IHttwbitrg, by they Yost StfJiiK Quart 4. Given tin dor lh« auspices of the) Pittsburg Chambe-r Muklc Society, t'hc concert was attended (by a large gathering ot tho cJty'a music lovers Artbm' Shepherd, whoso "Tript ch for High Voice and Quartet of Strings," was the outstanding feature ot the concert, was honor guest. Ho was so grossly lmpr-es'9od with Mrs. Briclcman's singing that he engaged her t appear in Cleveland next "month. Mrs. Brickman was 'hig-hly honored when asfced to .be the assisting artist In the- concert, sho having beon tho first person fjoni Pitts-burg to have had ihat privilege. H-oretofor-e th« artists have always 1een trom Nw York. Stoo was accorded a grout ovation by UK* nuislu lovers. Tho following are excerpts from Pittsburg news papcr» in reference to Mrs. Brick-man's rolo in the concert: Post-Gazette' -- To Martha Eaton Brlckiman, soprano, AV-ent signal j honors Jor her interpretation ot th.o Fashions Three Chci-rs ior T r i u m p h a l Tlcturji ot Navy By PRANCES PAGBT Copyright, 1S10, by Stylo Sources NEW YORK, Jan. 17--Navy blue la again emart. Taris has boon sponsoring it for ·R inter, a most unusual procedure for tho formal eeason.. Off- fehadefc of navy arc quoted; sometimes it is tho darker tone, midnight, oftnor It is the m-lght navies which show a slightly gayer effect than true navy. Navy Is to spring what black is to the winter s«nson. It is a standby color, it may b » extremely emart and c-xtrcmoly popular at the some timo. U is practical, but in its choice of fabric and combinations, it may bo charming ,13 well and It has alwaye the appearance of be-mg in good taste. It is not marked as aro tho novelty colors which stand out ostentatiously in the crowd. H (nullifies for the separate coat aa v\ ell as the etreot Biiit, it combines efiactively with all the clear f r a n k colors ao well as the pastels which ma;, ho introduced In blouse*, [t is i workaday color suitable for echool and businet-fi frocks but it may be Uyled to havo utmost (lietinctlon, for the street ensemble, the afternoon froclc and Its prestlgo is exalted this se:ison by its personal Micceps for evening wear. Na\y blue is eligible for strong sprltK promotion. It will bhiiro i fair proportion ot t U o attention directed to Miits, t h a t b clever selection ind distinction ot )MIC« it may spread ita Mice* 1 **) from popular, though moderate priced 'o jcluslvo merchandise. l!ut there an m a n y shadce deeigneteii as navy and for the sake ot tho spring harmonica m i l l i n e r y , costumes and accessories ebould agreo on tho promotion of tho imo tones. triptych, (jon-e is t h a t oltJj beto noir, off-Ire y. Every 'top note wont sailing down tho grooves antl in intonation, ni\kslc!uiiship, wusLalii-od uole-, and tone color hlio was t h o r o u g h l y .ippiobativc. 'I hero w n s gr-eat b r l l h a i n ' o in her top in "i/ight, my I'ight," and 'tli-evo was many a tender contraltoefirjuo tone in "Tho Day Is, no Moro." .She won imore aixilalm yosterday afternoon in on-o oE Sh-c'ixhord'.s difficult linos than p'ho hat in many seasons oC studio blah-blah s-ougs. Slio wns iutelllc;ciit aud maido \\onil and phra^o count. l''or an oncore eho gavo an offoctivo reading of Wagner's "Tni.urive." P.res«'--Mrs. Brlokmiin is tho (ywner o!' a vory ilno voice, more on 'Ihe dramatic ord-or, alt.houg'h lilie Is perfectly at liom-ft in th-e upper reaches, bo tliey ever so high. Sho sings with In tellIgenc-o and .in appreciation of the texi, rwialing Ivoisclf tho exceptional arlis'to. With nn outran'-cing qtinllty through its entire range, her voice' pioved an excellent foil In tlie "trlp- Liah," each one of tho soii'gs KO well written that it almost sings itsolf. As an encoro sbjet glive "\S r « gneiss "Dreams," in Iho vernacular, saipport- od. by tho strings. FAYETTE LODGE OF PYTHIANS HAS NEWJFFICERS Sluff InstalkMl jii McetliiR of JTayetlo Iiodge Hero Last TV iff hi. V/. C. RITCHEY CHANCELLOR I' a !', · i 'I.- e-meut. DOVIDOV, LEADER UNDER CZAR, TO BE BROUGHT TO TRIAL Cliarffo 23 Vcars Old Will ProJi- ably 3Iean Sonlciiec of Dentb for Him. SENT HUNDREDS TO THEIR DOOM Bj U n i t e d Picss G O M K U Whlto Jtimia, U. S. S. R , Jan. 17--Ak'm Dovidov, one of the mort toare-d men Iri this region, is to b- brought to t r i a l here BOOU -chargod with h a v i n g orginized a program of the J e w i s h population of this city 23 y-oars ago. fl-o a l = ' ),·! ac ·u'sed of bru-tal persecution of revolutionists !u Gomel o v e r moie. t h a n u doca.flo. The charges, both In the category of counterrevolution, make it almost a foregouo conclusion lio \ 111' bo sentenced 'to doith. Kleveti others associated with Do- v\dov In the tlaj , of his power u n d e r t h r i ^ a r w i l l bo trifd w i t h h i m . 'Iho CJomel popiorn of ISIOG grew out of the murd-er o a policeman whobo death \\iis a t t r i b u t e d to Jewish revolutionists. Dovidov-, it is alleged, «6 leader of tho " b ' a f k h u n d r e d s " took a prominent rolo in the s l a y i n g of liundre-ds. Officers of Fayetto Lodge No. 239, Knights of Pythiiw, wero installed at this regular meeting last evn"iug ill tho lodge rooms In tho Citizens Bank Building. Tho following staff waa in charge: C. Li. McDonald, grand chancellor; J. A. Lame, grand vice-chancellor; A Chapman, graml prelutu; K O. Lint, grand master-at-arms; E. C. I»oudon, grand Inner guard, and V, L. Butte-vmoi-e, grand outer guard. Officers installed for the ensuing te-im follows: W. C. lUtchey, chancellor commander. C. L. Shannon, vice ch nu'llor. W. T. Smith,'inaster-a 1 . .UMI. 0. II. Bowman, prelate-. li IJ. Corkran, Inner guard. Carl Zernick, outer guard. H. C. Snyder, matter of work. Tho now chancellor commander made a good talk for tho good ot" the order, defining (ho duty of a Tythiau. ^ l o (ippointod tho following comm u t e d , : Delinquent--W. G. Koffcr, |j. \. Larue uud 10. C. London; ortter- I t i l i i n c n t --J. A. Ixarue, (J. I,. Me Don^ i i l d . W. 1). Kcaton, It. M Ciiorpenning, J K . C. Louden and L. II. rtobertBon; ' reception -- J. A. Lame, W. U. Hot ton and C. L. McDonald; and publicity, C. L, McDonald. After the installation they hold « emolfer and lunch was served by the entertainment coinnijltea. It -was also decided that they -would attc-iKl tho Past Chancellors meeting tonighl at Ucottdalo in a body. Those going by trolley w i l l leave on the G : 2 i P. ]U. car. C. L. McDonald, president of the Past Chancellors Aa«ocla- tion, has receivwl Information, that 75 pa-t chancellors havo voiced their intentions of attending the meeting. Scottdalo has eont word that thoy havo made wonderful plans for their entertainment. Vanderbilt Uoi-nKs ! Sure\! Wbon you use Classified Ada. In The D«tlr Coiirior. Tho cost is sonaJI, results are Wg. Mfe Preservers COD-LIVER OIL i, 1 Whipped fo ct Crcatn ' \' f TASTES \ ) O O O O li i D O E S GOOD/ /// GIVE IT A TRIAL U\ , Jan. 17. -- The Daughters of America mot Wednesday evening, with a good attendance. Mrs. J. TI. Hazlott was in Piltsburg Thursday on a business trip. Tao Christian Endeavor Society u ill be reorganized at the Christian Church Sunday evening under tho direction of tho Faithful Friends Clare. All t h a t \vant to take part and aro interested In Chiistian Endca%«r are asked to bo present. Mls-i Warwick of. Uuiontowu vleited her sister, Mrs. Thornaa Shrenko, Wednesday evening Ri5V. Thomas Wood af Baltimore will fill the pulpit at t h n Chrtetlan Church S u n d a y m o r n i n g and evening. lie m a candidate Ku- t h a t place. The Ladles' Aid .Society of HIP Chrihllan Church elected tho f o l l o w i n g o(Ilc=rs ior f h o e n d u i n g roar: Presi- d e n t , Mt». W h i t m o i c r . vlce-nrcbldent, Mrs. \V A. Freed, Kccietarj', Mva. Tfiva I l o r n e i t , asblelaut hecietury, Grace Moo.-e. Tho society will moot for an all-duy {{Hilling ever,/ week on Thursday at the church. Advertisements Bring i-eMiRs wliou placed in the columns of Tho Dally Courier. is a prescription Ior Colds, Grjp], i o, Flu, Dengue, Bilious Fe-tcr and M«lari«. It Is tho moht spotulj remedy known. Berkey The KE WOOD Group For be LtM*g Room Ootniort mfcle, colorful, inviting, nt convtxitaat -- chtjo pioccj should h»r- monltw dttlig vtfally in every living room -- A 'dunning combination of Qaacn Anne i ad Carolaan stylet. Tho entire gn up of eight plcccj can fee purchastsl for " } ^5535.00 Home Complete Ensemble )*· th" nmy bo acquired i idlvldutillj ! ...... ................ ..,. ........... $1 amir ....... llnsj (.'hair ...... Arm Chair ._ ........ ... Sofa Console, Mil for Occnslonnl Table .Smoker -Tnl le 7:5.00 !8-0* 91.00 -18.00 42.00 29.00 »!).00 10.00 The KENNERLY Suite for tlt Dining Ream Hoipltallty radiatM from avory pteea of tK« Kenn«rly mil* -- lioro U Elizabethan furnttare nuthtnticolly tra minted for tft« modern Lome, witk tho many feature* of itylo authenticity, convenience, and axqoisite work- mnnnhip found only la Ecrkoy 8e Q«Y furnltura. $310.00 For the 8 Pieces Sideboard, Extension Table, .Host Chair and 5 Side ChaJrs H ERE is * new nod original idea in furniture designing which TrJH double tho thrill of entertaining your friends -- The Home Complete Ensemble. Created by 35erkey Gay, America's leading furniture stylists, the cnstmbie comprises three furniture groups for the three important rooms -- each possessing marked individuality -- each a master-piece o£ graceful lines -- beautiful woods, finishes and coverings all joined by a subtle, but unmistakable relationship in design -- yet without sameness or monotony. In short, the ensemble idea today, the dominant note in the world of style, has at last been pleasingly adapted to Complete Home Furnishings. A new idea, a practical idea that every one seeking originality and distinction will want to see before furnishing or ze-;£urnishing his homo, Complete Home The KJ ;NMORE Suite ft f tbt Redvuovt Van wttl \am tlu Kearaore for it* true Queen Aan« ntyla, it* me 1 low finish, and tho many li«i« totichc* o? conv«D enc« and exqtuiiito ·worfcfflan- »hip to in koopiiif ·with Berk^y Sj Gay qOttUty, :J398.00 FOJ tho -I Pieces. FulNMzn Her, Bnrcati, Highboy and ') ollet Table. jVl«-ht Stand . ....$28.50 additional Clmlr . , -- _ 28.00 additional Bench 25.00 additional China l 12,00 ServIiiK' Cfiesl * 18.00 addilfoiinl Prin.ce Brings Royal Fiancee to R ome Closeup of the roya pair tipon whom tho eyes of the world are f some r..n.;/ become. R hen tho couple nppcarrd upon a rnlnce b*1TM«v focused as, they npp ared driving from the railway station to tho i the huge crowd in tl j square below broke nuo cb^u^a ihat brought Quirinsl I'aUu-.e, whei 3 Crown Pr.nce Humbert introduced his fiancee, smiling aclsno.-.ledgmsnt iro.a ciio royal j.uir. rrincess Marie Jose if Belgium, to the peopla whoso queen she will I PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE Children's c l n t i Inp m u c t be rnrn- ffr t a b l e A l l B R - m e n ' s , rspcf l a i l y p l a \ p n l l c shou'1 r f i n u t freertnrn iftad natural m c \ - m c n t of tb« body, GEO, W, CARROLL FATKQJH7ZE HOST! JIEKt JUJTTS 1VHO A O V E H T I S E I» THIS COUIllE», Come to The Courier

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