The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 2
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PAGI: TWO. THE! DAILY U FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 103d. United Brethren Clfmrch Carries Off Attendance Honors at C- E. Banquet ^fL I . _ .. The. ('i-i,atlan Encl-earor Society of Lho local First United Brethren Church of this citiy had tho - largest numibcr in attendance at the mid-year I) itiquct of the Fayette County Christian KndeavoT Union last night at tho Kirdt Methodist Protestant Ohuvch of Unlontown. A delegation of thirty attended. The local First Methodist Protestant uuion waa second, tweivty- throo d«!ogn'tDS being present. Tho banquet was very well allend- oil, covers boing_laltl for 231. Twentynine aoctoties tn. the county w-aro icp- A. R, Umbel tit Unlontown, 'president of tho county union, presided over the executive session, at which Fa.lrchat'uo waa named as tho choice fov 'tho annual -comity convention in Jtm-o with/ Oho First Presbyterian Church of that place as the host. Reports -wore wibmitted by F. M. Seaman ot Unlontown and John M. K el ley of Connellsville. Mr, Kelley's report i eve-alcd the standing of the · societies recorded on the goat sheets. Tho First Methodist Protestant Union of thij p'.-ace ranks first and the Tent Presbyterian Church of Un- lontown second. At the close ot the business Hev. J. H. Lam'bertson, pas- ·" tor of 'the First Methodist Protestant Church of Uiia city, dismissed tho ser- bloii and tho group assembled in the dinlngroo-m, wbere the bjiciuet was held. Tho Curlsitian Endeavor colors, wero effectively nsod in decorating. Tine Invocation was offered by Rev. Dr. Phnrles If. Beck, pastor of t'ho hostess i h u r c h . Among those seated ut the tables wore- Hue! B. Wojford, president of the Allegheny County Union, \Vister L. Lynch, secretary of tho Sonthw\5ilern. Pennsylvania district and Harry B. Scott, wowner president of Allegheny County. SpouT-ers following the banquet were R-.W. 10. A Shultz, pastor of the local Fir-st United Brethren Church, who np(»ke on "Youth's New'Crusade." and Rev. W. II. McKintiey, of tlie Cen' tral Christian Churcih of UnJontown, vuiose subject was "The Foursquare Life." Supplementing these addresses John Cilrlenai of Brownsville, pointed out tho advantage* enjoyed by the youths of America as compared with tho boys aiul girls in fche lamls across the son. All of the speakers were introdtiv-od by Rollo Varn-dell of Un- lomtowii, vice-president of the county union. Saint Paul's Bohemian Society sang- "Blest Be the Tic That Binds." In (he Bohemian language. ' Mibs R u t h Jones of Uniontown gave a reading. teach ot the twenty-nine unions represented responded with some novel feature to the roll call, some of tho Ideas presented being veiy origi- , n a I. A special feature of interest was tho awar-dint; of certificates to thoae wh,o (Jtirinsr the lo^ft year ha4 smc-ceas,fully passed examinations giving them tho title, "Christian Badeavor Experts." Thofa.o honored " wfero . A. Xl. Uupbel, president of tho county imlmi;' Rollo 11 cC Uu.tontown k vJ'c«-pTes.i- ck-nr; 'Mls Florence Lwiiden'of Con.- 7icilsvine."feocretary; Mias Borothy l, Kern cf Connellavllle, mlsyiotiury su- fHM'in^entlent; Miss Mai-y Bishop of ('·ormelisvlle quiet bout superintend- e n t ; MriS Bc-ssio Beckett, hiterinediate superinteudent; Kssle Williams, junior suieiinteuclent and John C. Bori- rKT, publicity superintendent. Miss Bishop is a member of the Christian Kndeator Society ot the Chrtstiati Clutwl', Allbs Kern, a member of tho First United Brethren noclety and Mis Louden, a member of the First :.Ietho(lat Protestant iocioty, Alttioug^i Avcll aite-nclod, the banquet waa T»f?t tli-o largest in the Mstory of the organixsJitton,^ Covers tor three hundrc d "wowk laid at tho mid-year banqiwt Iwld a lew years ago In Con- nellaville. tfnnfor OTfesJwiary Society. The Jtmibr Missioaary Society oE Uio Fii »t United Presbyterian Church will meet Saturday afternoon lu the siliurch. LUTHERAN WOMEN COYJ,RBI).WISH The JL.a4{«£* w Bible "Olasa "of ..Trinity Lutheran Chliir6h7iiet last nigh^ln'the social rooni ot the CJTurch." Mre. J. I. Zlmmormau", president; was }n charge and conducted tlio devotionals. Mrs. B. It. Floto otfered prayer, after which a husiness (.eeelon wae held. Mrs. Zimmerman appointed her comuiltteefi. for the year. Tho cla§« deckled to hold a coverid-dInn luncheon in connection with the February meeting. The luncheon will fee served at 6:30 o'clock. The tahlo committee consists of Mrs. Sophia Carleojs, Mre. George Bleber and Mrs. Ella Miller. Mre. Zimmerman appointed Mrs. Sophia Brick man, Mrs. Ella Miller and Mrs. Margaret Hetssel a visiting committee for threti monfche. Following the business session a social hour was enjoyed. Readings hy Emma Jean St'ange were well received. Ltmch was served by Mra. Charles Bllle, Mrs. John Errett, Mre. Bugle and. Mra. J. L. Prica. VETERANS OF VOREIGN WARS KITE DELIGHTFUL PAHTY A delight!nl social^event of last night, .was tha eighth annuu} benefit card party given by Walter K. Brown Post, Votertine of Foreign "Wars, in the club rooms, North Plttsburg streot. Eight taoiOB worp arranged for live hundred.. High p'rlzee were won by Miss Myrtle ISverharl and W. O. Stirpa and Second, by Mre, Paul Herman and J. 13. H-ornor. Mre. Dye won the door prize. Following tho games the L^idics' Auxiliary served a dainty lunch. Thp ninth of tho serlea will be held Tuei day night, Februai-y 0. 5HSS HKLI \ TRUJiBERTH KNT-:KTAINS ALDINE CLUB Tho AJdii e Club was dolightfully entertained last uighl by Miss Helen Trenberth «' her home In South Con- ncllsvnio.v, Vive hundred was tho diversion of he evening, three tables being occupied. High prizes were awarded to Mrs. Kobert Grimm of Unlontown and Caspar Murray and Sow to Mis- .Lois Kelfer and Hobort Grimm. A (Id[clous lunch supplument- ed the gamci. JUNIOR Cl LTUHK CLUB W f L f , GIVE BfiXKl-'lT PARTY Tho Junior Culture Club will hold a beiie-fit rai i party Tuesday Jtiuuaiy 28, In the Culture Club rooms at jhe Cunif gio Free Library, the proceeds to be for the cotrectlon of eyes ot the iieuiiy children. Tickets may be secured from the club members All ace Sin ited to attend and coup- orato with t h e c , u b membera in rn{U{- 1»S tho pai ty a success. NEKD'LEWOHKDllS arE WITH 3IJIS. C. J. POOLE Mra. C. .1. Pocue entertained the West Hide Nfiedloworkois' last night at her haiui J.U. liast Crawford aveuue. Ttin members and four guouls were present aul spent tlio evening at fancywoik. Tho hosLcsa served a tfainly lunc i. SOUTH CO\A-ELI,SVILLE J'llUiMElS" WILL ENTUKTAIA Dtvotecs of five bundled are look' Ing f o r w a r d to a bunolit card part) to bo given lonlghl by the South Cou- uollsville Fire Department. Tho affaii will bo held in the Suyder Btoio room, South Conuellsvillc. Prizes will be awarded at tho closo o£ the games. Emiuion Club. Tho Km, uon Cluh was entertained latt evening ly Mrs. Russell Vaughn nt her horn in Smith Pittsburs street There we: 10 members and two gaioyts, th Ja/ttor being Mrs. Juu(! Shupe and Mrs. Charles Chamibertahi, present. The attendance. piHzo, d'onatesl by Mrs. James A. Cow^lli, waw awarded Mrs. Fr.wik Freeman. The evening was spent at music anrl cards. Tho hostess sei wxl refj-eshJnet'.bs. The next meeting ^111 be held u Thursday, January 30, the place to bo announced. When Babies C T"V IvY Babies will cry, often for no apparent reason. Yoti may not know .ivhat's wrong; but you can always. p;ive Castoria. Tnis soon has your Httle one comforted; if not, -you should call a doctor. Don't experiment with medicines intended for the stronger systems of adults! Most of those little upsets are soon soothed away by a little of this pleasant-tasting, gentle-aciing' children's remedy that children like. It may be the stomach, or may be the little bowels. Or in the case of oldef children, a sluggish, constipated condition. Qastoria is still the thing to give. It is almost certain 10 clear up my minor ailment, and could bj no possibility do the youngest child the slightest harm. So it 3 the first thing to (hink of when j child has a coated tongue;' won't play, can't sleep, is fretful or ot t of sorts. Get the genuine; it : Iways has Chas. H. Fletcher's £i ^nature on the package. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is a Daily Essential and Millions Know Its Effectiveness in,- Belief of Constipation . ; Perhaps the one simple thing you nve not doing to guarantee permanent health ia having sufficient roughage in your food. Ab- sem e of this roughage la tha direct can io of constipation which results in so many other ills--headaches, hstlessnesis, general depression, in- diftstion and, sometvmoa, Borloua dial at.0, Krl^ogg'B ALL-BRAN is rough- ti{c. It is positively guaranteed to leliijvo both temporary and recurring constipation or the purchase 73ri«:o will be refunded. Two tablespoons daily (in serious cases, with each meal) is tho proper amount. Kollogg's ALL-BRAN also helps ym to health in other ways. It is rich, in i r o n , p r a c t i c a l l y all of which goes into the blood, brinjriujr red, healthy color to the complexion. It helps prevent anemia. Be sure to include it in reducing diets. , Many enfc Kellogg's ALL-BRAN with cream or mllkj added. It is a delicious addition to cereals, fruits and soupa. In cooked foods, such as bran inufllnH, it is just as effective in tho relief of constipation, Kocommended by doctors. Ask your gro! or for Kelldjjg'a ALL- BRAN In tho rod-nnd-frroon pnck- nge. Served everywhere. Mado by Kellogg In Buttle Creek. ALL-BRAN MARTHA NORTON CLASS , PI/A3VS FOB DOLLAR DAY Approximately thlrty-flye merabors attended tho January business and social meeting of the Martlm Norton Bible Class of the Christian Gliurch Thursday afternoon in tho social room o£ the church. Mrs. J. L. Kurtz conducted the dovotionala and Mrs. John J. Enos, the president, had charge of the business session. The class planned for a -dollar meeting to bo held In connection with the next regular session of the class on Thursday afternoon, February 20. An attractive program -was given as follows: Two vocal soios, Mrs. Peter R. Weimer, accompanied by Mis. Leland S. Whlpkej ; two readings, little Olivo Blackatone; two vocal solos, little Bobby "WlUpkey, accompanied by hla mother, Mru. belaud S. Whlpkey. Refreshments were served by the January committee. At the close of the meeting members held a food exchange. [TRINITY HEFORMKD CHURCH GIRLS ORGANIZE CLASS Tho young girls' class o£ tho Trinity Reformed Church mot laat night In the church and organized, tho name to he tho Una Doce Class, meaning one voice. Ofilcern were elected as follows: President, Elizabeth Snyder; vice- president, Katharine liurdlck; secretary, Veina Wagner; treasurer, JIazol Shumaker, Ml»s Elizabeth B. Hupp was olei'tod teacher and Mra. D. F. Wagaman, assistant teacher., Mrs. C. George Shupe, wife of tho pastor, and Mrs. Wagaman wer« elected honorary members. A program for the entire year hah been arranged. Tho next meeting will be held Friday night, February 21, In tho committee, room ot the church. JIOZART CLUJJ DECIDES TO PUT OJV ill l/SICAL COMTKI)!' Tho Mozart Club will present a musical comedy, "Why Not'/," at a dato to be determined, It waa decided at a meeting ot the club last evening at the Christian Church. Tho committee which has beon investigating tho possibilities, of which Ilorbe-rt P. Duggan la chairman, wu,b Instructed to proceed with tho preparations A producing company will have charge af the work. Miss Virginia Holt, Unlontown soprano, sang two minVborij, "In tho Silence o£ Ndght" and "Lady Moon." Miss Helen Grey, hoprano, s,ing "My Peace Thou Art" arid "Clorlnda." Mian Peail Keck was accompanist for Miss Holt, Mtsa Virginia Graham Cor Wins Grey. Mrs. John J. Jihios was leader. Mrs. Catherine S. Campbell of Race street waa elected a member of the club. 1'RO.UEVENT BRIDGE PLAYERS ESTKIUOI) IN 'COURJS'AMEJVT . A largo number of prominent players, Including somo ''of national reputation, are partidp.iting in'tlie second annual Trl-State bridge tournament Which opened yostorday at the While Swan Hotel, TJuiontown, The tournament Is being conducted under tho management of R. M. Noedham, a nationally recognized authority, ol GreenevUle, Pa. The flrst session of the play was devoted to the qualifying round of the contract pair championship In which 64 entries compelod In two sectione c-C 16 pairs each. Mrs. Gerard Bryce of Mount Pleasant and Mrs. Jolm J. Singer of Greonsbnrg are among the players qualifying iu the championship. Otterbeln Guild. The Otterbein Guild of the First United Brethren Church will meet tonight In the home of Mra. J. W. Collins, 401 IDaat W«fihlugtou avenue. The executive committee} will meet!a.t 7:15 o'clock!, The wonder hoi of th« December and January iesiiite of the of iihe Evangel will tx a par£ of the program. The Young People's Mission Study Class will also take part In tho U. B. AI1 SOCIETY PLAft'H The Ladles' Aid Soclt United Brethren Chun day afternoon at tho c the regular business Richard TUtenour was i ant secretary, to sucni ICuhns, who 'reafKncd meeting. Plans were i lwship tupper to bo t utght, January 20. In t) 11. FJ. Kie-ppa, the i^rt charge, SARA MARGARET GJ ENTERTAINS Ths Junior Bridge night in tho homo oL garet Ctomas, North West Sld«, Two lable* for the traines. High by Miss Catherine Dro by Miss Iflvolya Donn ments -nero served 1 Tho next meeting will home ot Miss He^iua street. Mrs. K. E. Sly Mrs. K. K. £ly was regular mooting ot th OiasoC thi) First Pi-es last jilglit nt her horn nellsvUfcs Mrs. 0. ( proaident, was in cha jiasa ssfirion anrt alsi dovotionalH Mafrtor tutturo wcro tra IIP act- sorted, , * # With -Mrs, Marietta. Mr«, Oharloo Marietta will entertain the Busy Twelve Club tonight at Itor liomo In Iflaat Crawford ivenue, Hoynl Circle (Jlnon, The Royal Circle Clabt) of the United Brethren Church will moot tonight at tho homo oC Mrs, Harry Younkiu oC (112 Bnyd«r atwet. .Urn, Shollioj- HontoHs. Mis, ,), Frank Hhelkey entertained :ho M, 1-J, C). Fancywork Club WednoB- Jny night at liar homo in South Con- iiellsvillo, Beven members w(ru preh- unt, Fancrwotk \uui onloyed, uftt-r which tha hostosii hervad ft dainty nucli, The next jmisullug will be held In tile home or MTB. Alary Whito, FOR SUPPER ty ot tho First h mot Thurs- turca. It was sosalan. Mrs. elected assist- ad Mrs. Harry at a previous Hide for a fel- 3ld Wednesday o, church. Mra. sideut, waa In MAS IRIDGB CLTIB C l u b met last liss Sara Mar- ICIghth Btreet, wore arranged prize was won vning and low, idlo. Hel'resh- y the hostess, bo held In the in Aetna hosto ; « ait Ijhe J. L. J^roiwlflt 'yterian Oliur«h in South Con, Harmon, the go of the biibl- conducted tho of a routine d. launch wis Shicldh-Grj ifitlt. Mr ami MTS, B. V. SI leMs of Greensburg announc! (Ho in irrlage of tholr danglilet', Dorothy Jo .ephino, to and Dr. Alexander Harai) on 'Griffith, IT, of HTkoley, Oal. Tin owemony wua aolornniKed on New "i ar in the parsonage of th Moth cldst Episcopal Church of Philadelphd i. Dr. OrlflMh IB an Inturne. at thi Pennsylvania Hospital, where Ih© b ide la a nurao, Man Licensed. Oscar "William Vale tine of Meyersdale anil Amelia. Ijyr ia Merchant cr£ Salisbury woie licun ied to wed at Cumberland. . SEVE31E COUGH fire SPELLS QUICJtLY ENDED IHstTesslrig- coughs cannot tire out and wealcou you thii winter 1C you take Foley's Honor and Tar Com- pouml. Kach doao car les the curative b^-lBaoiif! virtiieB of uro^ pine tar, fresh demulcent hoi ey, with other valuable oouRh boa! as iugredients, into direct contact w th the Irritated throat surfaces, covoi ng thorn with a heallugr, st^oth'np coa Ingr, ending the distressiuft oough. Its quick medicinal action Is jiot hinde-rei by opiates nor chloroform. Is mildly axatlve, quickly effective, dopendabli for coughs, tickllnfe throat, hoa -senoss, croupy and bronchial ooug IB, troublesome night coughs. Ask fc r Foley's Honey and Tar. B\)r sale b C. Roy Hetsol, Woolworth Bidg.--A vertlsement. MRS. HDTDLEY HOSTESS TO J. YT. M. CLUB The J. W. N, Club was entertained "Wednesday uigM by Mra. Alfred Hindley at her homo at Trotter. Two tables were called Into play for five hundred. IHgh prize was awarded to Mrs. L. E. Welling and second to Mrs. Jolm Collins. Tho guest prizes were given to Mre. S. B. Mong and Mrs. O-. Seighman. The 7ie»t meeting will be hold in the home o-f Mr*. Sophia Oa/rffton. ot Jefferson street, Yandorbflt Class Offtceiw. Mrs. Roy Boyer entertatued the members ot the Faithful IMends Class of tho Christian Bible School at Vandorbilt Tuesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L,int. New officers of Uio class are: President, Robert L i n t ; 'vice-president, Harold byna; secretary, Mrs. Roy Boyer; treasurer, Mrs. Grace Lint; pianist, Mrs. Walter Free'd; assistant pianist, Mra. Grace Lint; teacher, II. G. Blair; assistant teacher, Ruth Allen. E. B. Martin Class Meets. Tho B. B. Martin Bible Olaas of the Fh-fl't Bapllsl, Church met last nlgiht in tho homo or Mlsa Jjuilu Bailey, North Pittsburg street Alxmt fifteen mem- hera wore .present. The class is planning to serve tho noon and ovaning meals to those In attendance at the imid-yeanr mooting of the Monongahela Baptist Asaoc!fl.(.lon Thursday, Janv uary 23, In the local church. Hostess were MUw Bailey, Mrs. Eva Blttner and Mrs. A. R, Boyer. Marrlag'e Announced. Mr. and Mra. Samuel N. Sapper of tho McClellandtown road, near Uniontown, announce the marriage of their daughter, Helen Elizabeth, to Orran W. Rider of Buffalo, N. Y., which took place Tuesday, January H» In Buffalo. Mrs. "Wilson Beors Hostess. Mrs, Wilson Beers of North Dawson entertained tho Westminster Guild of (ho Presbyterian Church at hor home last Friday night. Smlthton Girt Licensed. Edward B-eers of Ron ton and M!ar- garet Kallsh of -Smithton were lioerteed to wed at MORE INSURANCE FOR DAWSON FIRE FIGHTING FORCE The Dawson Volunteer Fire Department, at its meeting Thursday flight at whi-ch time the annual reorganize tie n was effecte-d, dlseuesed the advisability oC securing added insurance protection for all of Its fire flgtetors ami the omatbor was g^.ven the approval ot the entire assemblage. According to the provisions of the new Insura-nce plan arty of the flro- meu who would meet with, death while combatting tiro would bo covered and 51,000 paid to their beneficiary while SI'S a week would 1e paid to ai»y vohimteer, a (member of the organiza- Uon, who may be injured while on duty. It wa» said: that, this policy is in addition to the regular compensation thajl. is required of the fire company. The folio-wing officer's "Were- elected: A. V. Mong, prealdon/t. Frank VanMoru, flrst rice-president. Harry StUlwagon, second vioe- prealdent. Jw K. Hoffman, eeoretary. L. J. ShalLenbergeT, flmaucial «wor- tary. D. A. Ansell, treaauror. Jolvn T. ]andyanoro, caiptato. Jwniep SproM, first lieutenant. C. J. Gaal, second lieutonant. Tho flre chief, Stanley Mong, has bean retained for another year by.or- der of 'borough coun/clL f The firemen »d»itted the revised by- Food Sale. Tho Ladies' Aid Society of the Church of the Brethren will hold a food sale In Fox' Wallpaper Store, Saturday morning at 0 o'clock,--Ad- vertiaomeut.--17janlt. Patronize tbotte who adrertbm. HHICHESTER S PILLS *»' ET-^ THIS »1AMON», A THIS »1AMON», Ipdlml Jtfkf»' Drug-Mitt lor i Chl.«kc*.t«r)l IH.raon Jllrancl VIII. In R.d »nd Uolil netilll ulod «ltb niu« Ribbon. fiber. JBny of Tour . . . 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