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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 17
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.1.' 'Jo J' SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1964 OTTAWA JOURNAL 15 2Y00 Canadians Reach Fihfrls Jh Junior tennis By JEAN SOUTHWORTH Hit Journal Two Wet Co st players emerged yesterdsy as the only Canadian flnalisU in singles vent in the Canadian Open Junior Tennia Championship. The tournament, which has been In progress all wwk at the Rideau Lawn Tennis Club, waa slated to wind up today with program of II final anil two aemi-flnals. REACHES FINAL Bob Puddicombe, winner ol the boy 18 closed Canadian title, advanced to the final of 4he open even, when he defeated Luis Garcia of Mexico S-7. 119, 6-4 in one of ihef closest matches of the tournament to date. Winner of the other semifinal was Armiatead Neely of Tampa, Florida, the No. 1 foreign seed, wno won 6 3. 6-4 over Mexican Junior champion Marcella Lara. Roger Skill inns of Victoria, Canadian closed boys 14 cham pion, made the final of the open event in that age group by defeating Rick Frrman of Hamtramck. Michigan, 6-4, 6-1. vIn the final. Haled for this morning. Shillings, was to meet George Taylor of Houston, Texas, who also reached the fir all of the boys 16 tingles and the boys 14 doubles. DROPS FIVE GAMES Taylor, who was runner-up tor the U.S. national bovs 11 title this year, dropped .only five .game m the lour rnches he played on the way to the boys 14 Anal. He lost only 13 game in similar number of matches in the boys 16 singles. In the final of this event be was to meet top-seeded John Hainline of Detroit, who downed Michel Leblanc of Montreal 6-1, 6-0 in the Connie Capozzi of Middle-town, Ohio, the U.S. national girls 14 champion, advanced to the finals of ths same three event in the girls' division. In the final of the girls 14 singles 1 Lady La H. taiah Heather . . 1 LUly Aaworlhy S Sunny Hill Fay S Irish Jim . -. 4 Tempo Directly 5 Lady atari .... she was to meet Emily Fisher of Hamtramck,' her partner'ln the girls 4 doubles. She defeated 'Miss Fisher in the semifinals qf. the girls' 16 singles yesterday , i The other finalist in the girls 16 singles is Marilyn Aschner of Jamaica, NY, who defeated Vicki Rogers of Rye, NY, in the round of four. r . Susan Dykes of Hamtramck and Louise Gonnerman of River Edge, Nj. advanced to the final of the girls IS singles when they defeated Iris Dick son of Montreal and Mtss Rogers respectively. BOYS 12 WINNER Alex Mayer of Long Island, NY., took the boys 12 title yes terday when he defeated Harold Solomon of Silver Spring, Md.. 6-3, 6-2. Amy Kiertanis of Hamtramck won 7-9, 6-4 6-3 "over Nancy Ornsteinof Washington to capture the girls 12 championship. At least one Canadian final ist was assured in the mixed doubles event, which was ' in the semi-Anal stage at the dose of play Friday, but all spots In the Anals of the other four doubles events were taken by foreign entries. In the semi-finals of the boys IS doubles Neely and Tom Karp of Los Angeles defeated the Vancouver team or FUd dicombe and Victor Rollins, while the two Mexicans Lira and Gsrtl beat ' Pierre La- marahe of Montreal and Barry Shakespeare of Halifax. In the girts 18 doubles Misses Aschner and .. Conner mR beat Miss Dykes and Rosemarie Fletcher of Ottawa 8-7. 6-0. while Miss Rogers and Sue Leyden of Hamtramck won 84x7-9. 8-3 over Nancy Green of Toronto and Andrea Martin of Montreal. Slated for this morning were the Anals of the boys and girls 14 singles, and the boys and girls 18 singles. Semi-finals of the mixed doubles were sched uled for noon. tjUINIU-A g . . C. Cob S-l t.l I BlMooett 4-1 . 4 4 S. WlUuuns 4-1 . S S S J. Daonb 4-1 . 7 S S J Boron -l . S S S O. Knlcht 10-1 . 4 I A Pyke . l-l . T 1 O. McMUba 15-1 SSCOND Mlb, Tras, pars lt CaptUI R. 11 Easier NlmlU 1 4 T T Stormy Pan Am 1 S S I Bdroy SSt S Vounond ... S S Orand Adam , 4 S S S Homestretch Bandy IT S Lucky Cy S S S THIRD MB. Pacs, pars SIMi Commentator . SYS I Lady Harvester C. 1 1 4 S Billy D. 4 S S 1 Golden Boy ...... T I S S Oreek Warrior ... 4 T S 4 April Boy ' S S S 5 Ore C .- ST S it s V. Hiurhae - S-l O. McMillan T-S Y. Demera 4-1 V. WaddeU 4-1 a. LeRuah 4-1 W. Huseoy ' IS-1 P. Church 11-1 H. Zero IS-I 1, Blsaonatt 1-1 C. Deajardlna 4-1 W. Demera S-l K. Kerr S-l W. Pyke Jr. S-l O Rockhlll S-l K, Morrison s-t P. Mean v FOURTat , pace, perse Sisei QVINBLLA 1 poplar Kin S t W. Pyke Jr. S-S S Leel Chief S S S C. Coke S-l T Chuck s Delivery 4 S S . R. Gemmm S-l S Mr. O'Bmuon .... T F. Bettlsoh S-t S Whirlwind Vie .. S a S P. Reen lS-t-4 S Victory Direct B. .. S Stephenson 11-1 4 Senile's Pride ... S ST McDouseU 11-1 S, rrankfara) T T S R. Roherlao 11-1 FTFTB MUe, Pare, parse lies: , I Th Llttts B. Deatqr S 4 1 O. McMillan T-S 5 Mr. Elpp ....... - . 1 a. Barnes 4-1 S Battle Pick S S S R. OemmlU -l Menaret Haranoay T T S C. Coke S-l S Dick Johns San ... s S 1 o. Johnston S-l T Win rrelafit ... STIC. Deatlardia S-l S SUMnm . ..... T 14 V. Lulman ! trbh Cllan ....... 4 4 J Btaaonetl IS-I SIXTH . Pace, pars STMl BUI . PP Winoworaok S. T S s T Hurricane WIU .1 I O LaRush J Everybody . looks t v the person behind the wheel of an OldsmobUe. Nice feeling, . too, 11 you're willing to accept the new position an Olds will bring you. It's a successful feeling. . And at Myers Motors, all this month, you have ths best oppor- ttmlty to put yourself In the S Superior fMn. S Heather Direct I Bybr Hanover S A. W. Le 4 Blue M. And. St Mr. Madrid St Maasb H. Oral lot Duke of Clalr. . NINTI Waytw Brook Adlos Direct tourney The boys 16 singles Anal is called for 12.30 and the girls 16 single! for 1.30. Also on the docket for this afternoon are the Anils of the Ave doubles events, .beginning with the two under-18 matches at 2 JO. Following fere Friday's scorer BOYS IS SINOLXS Beret-flub: Boh Pudlconsbe. Vancouver. ef Lula Garcia. Stale. S-7. 11-S. S-S; Armietee Nnll. Tampa, oei. Marcella Lara. Mexico. -S, t-4 BOVS I SINOLBS Beml-nnale: OMrae tylor. Houston, oat. Michel table ne. Montreal. -. (-1: John Mainline. Detroit, eef Stephana Valine, Montreal. - 4-0 - boys is sinolb Beml-nnale: Geocr Taylor Set. Tom Suher. SprtasReld. S-e. S-O: SnlUlnas. victoria, oaf. Rick rerman. Hamtramck. -4. S-l. BOVS II (INOLB rtnal: Alex Mayer. Umat Island. def. Harold Solomon, Sliver Sprln. Md . -S. S-S.' OBU IS SIMOLBS Seml-flnala: tuun Dykoa, tlam-i tramck. def. trie Dickson. Moot rent. e-S. e-Sr-boulee- Gonnerman. Riyer Id. NJ, del. Vlckl Borers Rye. NY. a-t. -e oim.s i aiNoi.KS Quarter-Snala: Vtcfcl Koeere def. Andre Martin, Montreal. -. S-I: mariiyn Aecnner. Jamaica, nr. def. Sue Baser. Vancouver. S-l. a--. Emily l-leher. Hamtramck, def. Jade Schiftman. Birecdale. ny. -. -e. Seml-Snab: M. Aaehner def. V Roeera -4. S-O: Connie Capoaxt. Middletown. Ohio, def. B. ruber (-1, S-S. GIRLS 14 SINOLRS . Quarter-Snala: Martorto Oenr- ler. Long Wand, def. Suae Baser -i; uonnie capoexl er. Amy Klerteale. Hamtramck. -. e-i BmUy Fisher df. Jade Schltlman . e-4. -3: jane OUara. Te nant, def. Mlchell Carey. Van couver, a-. 7-B. Seeai-Snala: C. Capaxil def. af Gentler. -. -l; B, Planer del. J. O'Hara. S-l. -l CUBLS IS SINOLBS Pinal; Amy Klerlaals. Hamtramck. dec Nancy Ornaleuv Waahinton. T-a e-4. -s. BOYS IS DOUBLS ' Querter-flnsls: Victor faaUlna. Boh Puddicombe. Vancouver dot Chuck Bralnard. John Mainline. Hem tramck. s-4. t-4: Pierre Le. marche. Montreal. Berry Shake, spear. Halifax, def, Jim HobeM rullerton, Calif.. Turner Howard. uMxvuie. s-s. s-4. Beml-nnale: Annsteed Neely. Tom Karp. Los Ante lee, def. V Bolllns. B. Pudilicombe 7-1. - S-S, 4-4: Vlckl Rosen. Sue Leyden Hamtramck. def. Bee Rich ard. Meida aVernalt. Edmonton. S-4. S-l. i . Beml-fkiaU: Marilyn Aackner. Loulee Oeniwraua def. Roeemarle rieicbor, Ottawa, and Suean Dykes 1-7. S-4: V. Rosen, S Leyden def. N. Green. A. Martin -4. 7-S, S-S BOYS 14 ROUBLES Boest-Snal: Tom Buher. John Adams. Haverford, Pa . def. Rick rerman, John Lamerato. Hamtramck. S-S. II Brian Gottfried; Cape CoraL PI . and George Taylor def. Alex Mayer. Harold Solo mon S-L S-l.- .X GISULS 14 DOUBLES Semi-finals: MarjorM Oensler. Jade Bchiffmaa def. Emily Kler- tenia, "Plume" Bart kow ice, Hi tramck. S-S. S-S: Connie Capo Emily Pbher def. Janice Ttndle. Buaaa Baser. Vancouver. S-4. S-S. MIXED DOUBLES Second round: Nancy Careen, Mike Hamman. Ottawa, def fjev Purkb. Toronto, Oram Elliott. New Zealand, 11-1. Third round: Connie Capexxl. Turner Howard def. N. Green. M Hamman 11-4; Suaan Dyke. Marcella Lara def. Boeemarl rle teller. John Halnlln ll-s. tfuerasr-aaale: Maureen Watb. Vancouver, and Tom Karp def. Robin Lee Monroe, Bruce Braoka, Ottawa. 11 -J: Loulee Gonnerman. Bob Puddleomb oaf. C. Caporxl. T. Howard 11-10; S . Bykea, M. Lara def. Marort Geosler. Brian Gottfried 11-0; Uixbay WalU, Bob Moffatt. Vancouver, dot. Irla uicaaon. nell HcAIfer, New Zealand. 114. , I, " Richelieu Results i Tint Mile. Trat,: Klmbertey uon. v e. o.vo; -a.7; xmpiretia, 100.. S.0: Pane Girt. 4.0. Tun. S O S-t. Prince WayCsumpttr Ed. Dawk, Shadydale Atrwya. Mlaa Anna Mir a lea etarted. Second Mile. Paea: Drummond Chief. IN. 70. S0: Mifflin Hanover, t , 10; Joe Symbol. S.I. Tun. 104 S-S. Scotch Plain. WhH Plame. CalUn Key. Mlaa Bather Tempi. Dee Da Ad lea ale started. Dally Deakle: S4.M. Third Ml b. Trot: Direct John- ay 7 J. s.T. 17o: Mr. Crlcnel. 4.1. 00: Sena lor Pete. S4. Time. I OS 1. Banjo Pick. Jennie w. C Steve Martin, Mlaa Plant alas alerted Fourth Mile. Pace: Duke of i ..w : . . i Royal aba etarted yy - QalaeUa: SI I J. Quaab? orU SlSS. iJ'S tuttrai mwrai, W Win iMr IdLe st ripM OtaBa ntMart .Us, Rideau Carleton Entries FIBST Mlb, Pace, pan si! Paper Doll C .v. MONDAY S S 4 I 4 S S 4 T 5 11 S IS S I SSVSNTH H, Pace, pane llHl T September Mom C. 1 S I S laotla Be I S S Chester Brow ... all larl Eoaasn S S S S Hal Bars T I S I NIoM Hal C. .... T S S S Julian Joseph ...s. 4 S S 4 Hal Bomb .. S 4 SIOBTB H, Pace, parss stsi HN . P ' 1 Direct M. Adtoa 111 1 S Brown Hon S 1 1 4 , Sf Ken Frlao , . a It 1.1 1 f Silver Orat. D i T 4 IM Ben Oay S IS S S IK Miss Royal S. I IS 4 4 S Freddy Pick ...S S 4 t S Nibble Blue S S S I S Inea Rls .... T S 4 T T Lucky Vie . I1J I I 4 Danny Boy !nd 4 T I 1 a Mishiy Midniaht I Brother Hy t t Rica Liner ' '.,. T . Bdsasreud Key t Billy HaUUby ... 1 riaahy Z.. I TSNTB Mlb. Paea, pua lis, S aba CIS I S Utile Etaetr '. SIS T Oulnir Boy SSI 1 fern Johnston .. I t 4 C. Mb) J Lark N. Currsn B. Clifford H. Zero B. Aubrey D. Duft R. McLaaa 4-1 S-S S-l S-l IS-I in IS-I S-l t-l J Lock ; - S-l K. Kerr ' ; IS-t O. McMillan is-i 4 Kay Harmony. s S S O. Plooa 4 . ! ' .Vi " ; '.' f ... ' i y ft. Paua . 1-1 D. Csmer s-l J. Loch - , S-l K. atorrboa S-l A. Carkawr s-l I. ran , S-l D Sine ' S-l P Laeceeter a-t Everybody's Looking. Olds "class of 'M". -Throughout .August Myers Motors Is pushing . Oldsmobile. ; ' For you It" means maximum trade-in allowance on your " present car,' excellent terms, su preme service, happy feeling.-Recogniie an Olds . . others 1 win. ii Myers Motors Co. Ltd. ' ELGIN AT' CATHldtTNE 113-8411 i - v started SlaU Mil, Pace: Two Lumps. SS. loov Meuntaia Way, IN. S: Mountain Way. Masai. 44 Tim. 1 S. Mirhell C . Mai- aetm Mart, ttey pwbbb, Adba Aba also surtod. Direct Bud was errstched Seventh Mite. Paea: The Br-aen. Sl.l. S SO. I M, Lucky Seven. I. IS: Nettle Herbert. 40 Tun. I ll Mlhty Moore. Dec WIN. Dtpiomet rial, cap Hanover, coueK Newport also started. JalneUai IS. IS.. Bifhtk Mlb. Pace: -Lord Pare, la. 1.1. lee; C. i. McKly. 4 10. I SO: Hal Volo. 1 P0 Time. 1 1-S Btddetl IS-1 Direct Nohb. Catona Hanover, .. i Ben Direct. Dab'a Bay. Duckey s nulNKlJ.a i Breeae also started. . . I Ninth Mlb. Trot: Curly Lam. von - -i ibert. 4.S. S S. So uscknow a I. Norrts 4-l Prlnc. 10. SO, 10: Palacona. 4 a L. Chartraod .j I Tim, s SS 4-S. flashy Fnlcht. Bm-R. Seuva -l plre Sons. Intrusion C. Paris D. D. Cemeroa - S-l .aaon. Dark Mission a be started A Bourassa S-l lethMib. Pace: . Lincoln Cat. r. snoasior e-l per. ii l, . 4 10: True Bresss. R. McLaaa la 4 44. SJ; Senator Eric. SS. Tim. SO 14. Napoleon Oratton. J Bsdau SS4.T4. TMrd MU. Trot: rahti If . BXACTA 1 17.7. . 10: Fans. 1 J. . r rvk ei Success Pearl. I I. Time, i s 1-4. J M. Z"J Klitt Le Balb. Nrveb Jamie. Peter aMaeonerie a-1 u..,i . -n B. Lannite S-l ..L. . T.l. S-l 1 t. B. l. mm .... s e, ut.i 117. 71a). J: Alba Veto, l ea; 1.10; Dnndysecrthy. . Tun. i.i -. Altex ChMf. L Marejub. Direct Quean. Mounts in Bspiaal. John Andy als atanod. . eutaeluu SS1.S4. . - rirth BUb. Pan: Sam Son.. II7S. So, 4 00; Hifhoury Ore la. 4 0. 10; aVarbara'a Jamie, I H Tim. SS I- Lord Volo, Oratun nai. c asiewnss. nelly ston. Breexy Dee aH started Slalk Mlb. Trot: Oay Rhapaody. 14 70, SS. 400; Indiana Slats. S 40. 170: Danny K. Peters. 17 Tim. IS. Good Product. Safely Tata Man. Bvn Glow, Dark TMsonbe, Jackie McKlnnty aleo started Seventh s mil. Paea: Bimbo Chief, S I. S SS. S40: Iva B. Rosa. See. J0: Scrapper Chief. . Tim. 1.17 4-4. SVudaeat. ttnsisrl. Taaa. Coronation Derby. Carrie La viuer. anirioy vrooai aia ataraad. . QalneUal (SI.. Bihsh MU. Pa: Hay Jos C M SO., S 74; Direct Duk. 14.1. S7: Irish OandoT, IN. Tim. 107 4-S. S Karon 'a Abo. Chris Bdn, Jo Hunt, Atomic CarL Diamond My alee started Ninth Mlb. Trat: Lady Cere, I S. 1 M. 10: Basal truck Oral- . : WhKa Dress . SHIRTS ' Betebr SS. em .. , NOW ' )lf 9 - , S rsr 1IJS Tip Top "' " ' " lfMM . t". Ml Sparke Slree Westasle sbapptas Centre . M J ' BICYCLE TUBES ts , aWCYCU TIRES 1 If 10." WIN 1 ' c TIME OUT -Yon dan pUced your bet with lot chang, so I thought you'd Ilk your S1M.76 winnings In loos change!" I Lawn Bowling CARLETON PLACE (Special) The annual mixed double tournament was held at Mem. orial Park green and was won by an entry from Elmdal comprised of Hec Henderson and Mrs. Jean Moodie with a score of 60 plus 10. The second prizewent to the Central entry of Allan Swerdfsger and Miss C. Hughes. High two-gam winner wa the entry from Almonte of Doug, James and Miss Isabel Guthrie.' - High one-gam prize went to Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McCauley of Carleton Place, OnL v ATELMDALE Jack Hick's rink won the Mr. and Mrs. Fred Towsley Night competition on Elmdale greens Friday. Playing for Hick were Mrs. Eric Thorns and Walter HerbsL ' Other winners were: Logan; Resume, skip, Bill Armstrong snd Scott McLennan. - .. . '- ' .. Winners of the R H. Bradley Cup was an entry skipped by WrS: .J.: Mayor and which included r ev. lime, a le numinaior, uooae; Mrs. U. n. uier sna jacK nicx au. av mnce, me aurase. tnief a Ray Sarginjon, skip. Mrs. G R.mden and Mrs. Bill .LogsB, finished second with high one- same honors going to Bob Hood, skip. Mrs. Howard Whyte and Mrs. r. Thompson. . AT CENTRAL ' Winners of ths Jessie Brown Trophy plsy Friday night st the Central Lawn Bowling Club were Miss Mias Ethel Ferguson, Miss Emma Eagles on and Mrs. Anne White, skip. Runners-up were Mias Lois Jarvil Miss Iva fBrennan and Miss Hilda Mc Lennen, skip. , i , AT OTTAWA Mrs. H. M. MscCregcr skipped her rink to -victory in plsy for ths Mrs. G. X Johnston Trophy Friday ntghtSat the Ot taws Lawn Bowling UHh. With her were Mrs. J. S. H. Tvlor snd Mrs. A. R. Austin. nera-up were Mrs. I. Mrs. H. G. Slsde. Rideau Carleton St. Amour ls-l! first mi. Pace: Mlaa CorporaliUn. . S.T0: Heeaa Belena. 1 04 I. Bisasnstt IS-1 Direct. S, IM. IN, AUaa Pick. Tim. 17 4-4 Ben Away. Jamb S. Lock IS-1 S SO. 4 SOi O Keefe. S I. Time.. Boa. Alayn Scott. Lady Brook T . O. Johnsloat a vouairy watt 1 . Ii I, Baas s-l S "Tlncess Dillon . 1 r 4 B. Wllilaaaa . l-l 1 Home. Ire tch Tamie s S at. Bereron l-l an -. lony Airaroruiy. asr. Bod Hanover a la atari. ars. Uraret Carey Tommy j . Tenth Mil. Paea: Market Be- M- torts Jrld a bo aterted. part, s S. lis, 5: Ronnie C . S"' J,1'-!. 'i, ' I H O. S O: Boyal K. Scott. SJ. Ssronil Mlia Pet. a. Stereo lseo. . . . . . . M B. Harn Jr. 4-1 ! Duff. 1. 4 . 0. Booby s Olrl. ( LochineeT Judy BoTer Hanover' f tllil So S,me. i k'ocls11' Bm JohaiaoT wmm evfi tiwe new las. si Byrd. Duk Day Brook ale start- .: S471J). Grant Sweeps Sportsmen's Ball Series Hugh M. Grsnt defeated In-terprovincial Paving 5-3 Friday night to sweep the Sportsmen's Softball League semi-finale four straight. Grants will now await the winners of the Ottawa Gas-SL Joseph series which resumed st the Hydro dismond Sunday st 8.00. This bracket is tied st one win apiece, a M. Grant 310 0100 S 7 2 In. Paving .. 100 020 03 9 3 " Billy Thompkins, Lynn De-wsa (1) snd Jsck McDennott; Steve Hook snd Ted Slncinski. HR Bill Guy. ' CARDS TOP COLTS J ' . ST, LOUIS (UPI) Ths SL Louis 'Cardinals took sdvaa-tsg tjf two Intercepted passes, fumbld punt snd a blocked field goal to defeat the Baltimore Colts. 30-21. Friday fight In th Cardinal Glennon benefit game. Lady Ezra Takes Feature Trohat Rideau Carleton Lady Ezra, a nine-year-old bay mare owned by Stirling Brennsa of Perth. Ont., 'and driven by Everett Norri. won th feature eventual Rideau Carleton Raceway Friday. , The winner trotted th mile m 2 07 45 to edge Bessie Flicks Crsttsn by half a; length. Across-tha-board prices were $3 .90. S3 JO and $2.90. " Heesa Belwin was third. Market Report combined with the Buckingham owned Ronnie C. gave the backers of the long shots a 1871.30 Exacts in the 10th. Ottawa area horses continued to hit th winners' circls Fri dsy night snd with good re turns. The Carleton Place entry of Margo MacDuff scored a win Greenwood Plrat Mile. Trot: Amber Lad 1170. 4.S. 1 10: Uland Son. S 00. 140. Scolty p. H . 0 Tune. 1 1 nit.tnv pick. Determine. Robert Le Jr. Darn Toot in. Lord Dean alto atari. Second A furlense. Pace: Unci Spud. 4 40. S.44. 1-10: Dab Mile. 3 00. 1 40: Danny Le Gratun. 1 40. Time. S OS. Stewart Dlllard. Becky Dorwood. Carl W. Oratun. Andy Couneel. Pt Th Tramp ale atoned. Dally Deekta: S4I.7. Third Mile. Pace: McCarr Has-aver. I, SS. S o: Superior Lee. S I. 170; Lharv Son. 4 SO. Tun. SSI S-S. Johnny Dab. Tar-part Am. Irian Blue. HoUyraod Riehar ale aUrtad. Lai aerate , Joe Dillon J Fourth Mile. Pace: Sa- Carllth. 14.1. . 40: Arcyel Sam. J 40. ISO: Gallant. 40 Time. 11 1-S. Scotland's Van. Jeff Dillon. Jasper a Gokl. feueonl Direct D . Kllly Kin. i also started Fifth MUe. Pace: Bennte Bay C.. IS M. 7.10. 40: Mlrhty Lady L- ... n. ii.h. B A. lu - Roy l Time. 1 II 1-4 Piper Bay Dartei WstU. skip, Mrs. Ed Resume.; "r'-Topivsrt.Nobb Aioi. Lyn-Mrs. Vi Dover. Bill Armstrong. i'lZ't;: Th. mcn-..1 ikip, SUn Churchward and Bill so. i s. io; Midntht a. Gratis tr j n .1.1. n i Un 40 1 SO: CryaUl Duke. S eo , Ed Mrs. Tim. I IS 4-S. Roy McOrecor, windy City. Armbro Bcllpse. Judy 1 Chief Q.. Money Down sieo started. OalneUai S1S.S. , Seventh Mlb. Trot: Sprtt KM. 1 10. SS. 10: Betsy Herbert, 1 10, 10; Denny Son A.. 4J0. Tim. S.I S-S. Aroee. Casnn. Peaches Atom, also started. Lai acratch. Csnsdisn Intrusion. . Bishtn s-lS mlb Trot: Scar Way. SS.S 14 40. .4: Glldde Han- Avaloa Celia. Fair Nancy. Empress Rodney. Just Jamb. Tim Son. Mim Barry Prom also stsrted Ninth Mlb. ssce: Cssres Volo. II M lis a sa. SM 1 s . -n 10: Colonel C Vol. SS. Tsm. II Superior Richard. Roany C. orana. Lyadaa ChbC. Lata sceetohee, Dolly Date B.. Bnsir Dillon. MONTREAL (CP)-Canadian baseball Juniors beat Cubans -2 n an International contest Friday night which put them ahead S-l In an exhibition series. In th second race with Don Cameron driving and the vic tory was worth (10.60. Fabric K came on to win the third for Cornwall owner Jos Amard and ths payoff Waa $17.70. One of the better returns of the night came In the fourth with Hull owner Rene L compte winning with hi J. B. HaL Peter Dan is waa the driver and . the - return $32.70. . Market Report however had the best price. $3$.M for win ntng the 10th. iSwsn Song in ths fifth was the other Ouawa winner. Don Booth's horse, driven by Robert Silliphsnt, edged out Highbury Greta st the wire for thst victory. Racing continue tonight st Rideau Carleton with a pace for $1,000 featuring the card. Entered in that one are Vinegar Boy. Innocent Bob, GENERAL BEARING SERVICE LTD. 71 FLEET ST. Xtt-IMI Way. Lucky Ston. Peter Bomb, Harry Johnston. Billy Rhythm. Prima Pick-Post tune for the first race is scheduled for p.m. Windsor Enters Softball Final Windsor House defeated Capitol House 13-7 Friday night to win their best-of-flv City Inurmeditt Softball League semi-final series 3-2. They will now advance ' Jnjo the league finals sgainst Fin' Flowers in a series scheduled to open Wednesday nighU,at Sandy Hill. Moe Saxe pitched the win with GaiV Craig catching. Weedmark was the losing pitcher. Stewsrt homered for th - Pleasant ' losers. A. BETHEL! Jk SON LIMITED CINDER BLOCKS COHCROE BLOCKS CEMOdPCOOUCTS PATIO STOKES feed setiroen er For Penonaliied Service Can "AV Bthn (Pres.) ; ltOf LAPERRIERE AVE. 723-42M FOR ALL BALL Bad ROLLER BEARINGS A HULL ARENA ICE SKATING 7.30 to 10.00 P.M. ADM. .50 TUESDAYS THURSDAYS SUNDAYS CHILDREN ONLY SATURDAYS 2.00 to 4.00 P.M. ADMISSION ,25 ICE TIME AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL. DURING THE MONTHS OF AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER... SEE; THE - EASTERN CANADA HOCKEY SCHOOL IN ACTION. NATIONAL LEAGUE FLAYERS IN-STRUCTINO, t.M A.M. to t.M PJrL Mondays to Fridays. INTER-SQUAD GAMES Saturdays, 0jM A-M. to NOON. ADMISSION .0 - A. aaaatJsSaaa I aBMaw e' -ssors.-,.. , ,-sist Kwme wpsnsmi .ia)MSaji ! nn ant ) !,'- ,'., I arV! .. t , s. , . . - (if j I "Put yotfrMlf in the picture I FROM OTTAWA 235-2912 There's room for you and. your family "In the picture" at the Carleton Oolf and Yachtlub. We have completed our clubhouse facilities, we're starting work on our second nine holes this Pall, and now we have room -to accommodate more members. . We would like to meet you and Introduce you to the friendly people and first class faculties at the Carleton Oolf and Yact Clubj ; ; a. Play a round of golf on our challenging course, then enjoy a pleasant swim in our heated pool. Try the relaxing Sauna baths in our bright, modern locker4 rooms. Enjoy a meal or a snack In our comfortable dining room. Stroll along the marina boardwalk and Inspect the beautiful cruisers holiday-' lng on the Rideau. Chat with our capable recreation staff, they'll be glad to tell you about the many supervised activities available for the youngsters. Or, if you like, Just loaf for a while on the lasy sun-deck of our new clubhouse. To give you the opportunity of "putting yourself In the picture" at the Carleton Oolf and Yacht Club, we are opening the facilities of the club to non-members on a daily guest fee basis. Our fees are $3.00 on weekdays, $4.00 on weekends and , holidays. These daily fees Include the golf course, swimming pool, locker and sauna bath facilities. For your most sue cessful office tournament' or swimming party, arrange to use . our facilities. For those Interested, annual memberships are available, no initiation fee required. - . . Come out and spend a day with us soon, well enjoy meeting you. -.'.,-.,.',.-. :-. "'':'. ' Oh, by the way, the "hacker" In the picture is one of our . members, Channel 13's Dave Patrick, putting on the seventh green during a recent match. - He missed the putt and then ' tried to tell us the camera made him nervous! CARLETON GOLF & YACHT CLUB . MANOTICK, ONTARIO ' V ' Th Carle ten eit and ViaM Ctak ta asrate en the wt atae of the BKea Waterway, leas than thirty sahtalee frees Ottawa, an rest rear -ssllsa seat, af afSMtlrk. hlsns will suiaa van as ew anaraaeh the Jrapertr via Blrnsie Drtrs). preeceu Bllkwejr ft. 1 the SaMraea Bleat Bae Prei FROM MANOTICK 489-3742 -1 i k;4Cur sJ ..tMt.M. - 1 i

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