The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVtLLE PA. PAGE- FIVE. . JKiS OF THE DAY ; AT IT. PLEASANT' BRIEFLY RELATED Dhtrlet Board Crete Order* To8«n4 6O M«o to Cwnp Lee Kwtt Week. LAWC WILL SERTE UfflCBES »»«a»l BattiMn ft Okb Tnte ilXihlii U !··*· Ac** at ·Vat**; CMu«4 Untie** from TM» I*c*HlT ta Iraaw; Othtr Nens. *c*clal to Th» Coorur. '· KT. PLEASANT, March 27.-- Mitrict Bawr4 No. ( of wmowntud county with acadQuartcn af the local armory aw receive*. wwd that bO TOW will b« the quota to leave front Mt ntauat on April .IvJttu''. 1 :,Th*y-,'rr!l limy*- on a special B ar O train at 1Z-1S o clock noon. Tb« ladle* of the Unite* Presbyterian Red Cr«»(jnit YUlxuraiih a box lunck for tlie boys vho 'leav* la (him draft lint MaiTthOJ Bert. ·Liaalenant MewJe MnlvehiH and Mn. MnlvehUl wre tbd «ue(t oC the latt*rt ptmita, Mr: and Mn. John C. Qwna*U," ever .the week ' end, ,'Mr. Mmhrabill won}, nis commission at an aviat'omj . aebeol recently CDMhwtet IB New York. 'Lieut Mul- vthill will : report at M«mphu, Tenn.. am from there will be given an as- rftai 1M S«dctr. :n« regular mo«thJy meeting of the Ho»pJUl Aid Society war held at the lto»»*til yesterday afternoon. Bills ·vrtr*. paid and regular rrutin* bnsl- neo was transacted. Cttmi Ttntttn ;hwr. Mr and Mn Amby Laaiz ·( Smith- ftH itreet hare rec«tred a letter that their tea, Carl Laatz,' iiriomewbon ja Tr«»ci Carl La'nti was OB* ot the two lr»t colored draftee* to leave Mt FlMiant: He te a mwnbtr of Company r, IMUl Ekfineers and writes that h« fe w»ll cad letting along fine, thxt he ia» aw be«a tick a day and haa gain- s'td *» fumi*. All that ke wiihes for toi UM ancy !· mail tron bone flrrt and Ihca a«M tobacco. rlrtfavt F«i WMtnL TTifcMTiTiW ire on In hill iwtg for ;th« «la«r»i that the Ic E. 9ndtb Unit will «lve ia the Graad opera boms B on icit Monday evening . for the , Red Croa*. '. Nerer la tha history of ice · Sroitt factory . ias . aaythins ' tiiken aiace that to* employe*! b»ve shown . Mck txtrmt to a* th« coming raln- · " ' ' At ti» rax f'····~ntB'- RODGH LQVKR."--A fiT» fait /'Rwbird; feature, ,, tn: which JYaBklya Jarmom appear* in the l«adl»« roK i» b«ing shown today. Tkia !· a light farcial eonedr in ·kick rraaklyn Faranm I* caat in a dodola: rota, one that H o t . a. mild mercd Student, and the other that of -a prize tighter. The identity .of thece very different characters be come mixed, and a number of amus situations result: The star appears Bret as Richard, who has but two : puaioini in· llfe;.;\one.his desire to master calculus,-and the other to win tlie love of Helen The girl re^ turns hia lore, bat" wishes be were IMS fond ot study.' The, scenes occur on a beach and Hichard is suddenly made the object of attention by a countess with nothing to occupy her mind, but an uninteresting, though jealooj, huaband. -She pursues Richard, who tries to avoid her in every way Finally he o"res into the water aad pretends to be drowned At this moment his- double, /'Brpeze" Boltbn, tarns 'up and the couAtess' gets after him^who is challenged to fight a fluel by the count The situations are eoinplicateil.' Jiihiata Hansen in -the role of Helen is attra-Uie Tomorrow Kitty Gordon will appear m The Wa»p F ". a five part. World feature. Friday »n3 Satnrday Clara Kimball To»ng will be starrec, · in "Shirley Kaye," a.tense story of 'American life with a sparkling and winning comedy tonefc Mary Garden, "Jie celebrated actress, will appear: aoSn : In"Thais. a wonderful Goldwyn feattre. ' SOISkSOX THFATBt The third W« week of the Jack Ball Stock Company ]i now- under way and rainy who have witnessed the per fonoances gVren- are unanimous in proclaiming the Jack Ball .Stock Company a wonderful organisation. The waits;. between', the acts'- have been cut down to the'satisfaction of the patrons. Between the: acts ·'·special ties have been introduced and this alone furnisher the price of amusement As one bits in a cafe cr hotel ordering meals Jt takes time to pre^ pare -the food--the same applles ; "to the theatre If vou wait you see something- that. Is pleasing to the .eye. The people come to be amused so ill oBer to carry oat tie ideas ot the .author one has to elaborate on the ImajinnUoB. Another thing the boys hare been caught In the draft "and help ·ii-searce-^good help.- In'New York the girls are now. polishing shoes really a hard position. Tonight, "Down in Maine" closes to give way to the .musical,-snappy, gingery,: sure ire, "Gir]-o£ My Dreams." Matinees daily AKCA1HE THEATRE. DAVIS' QIRI. i SHOW--With an entire, change ot specialties Davis' All Giry Revue" at the. Arcade will today and ·/tomorrow .present: the black, face comedy entitled;' "Over the Phone." The popular, comedian.* Charlie-Davis will be seen in an original cil.racier, ?S»utfy," and Billy McCoy, in the blackface role/, "Jake.'' The -bill is "entirely"'new : to Arcade/patrons and the; comedy aituatfons^are saltl to be 'nproariiihly''funny. ..Ruby Davis, the blpad soubrette. wiil bV heard in' new- songs and dances and the dashing choms of eight, pretty girls witla all new-wardrobe and'feature spccialbes. Oliver Knight -will do his wonderful acrobatic dance: and a .new specialty, and Marlon Grey will fling "Sweetie." Charlie Davia will mtroduee an en- Qrery new line ot coniedy which is H' r* ^ r ADAMS t Pure Chewing Gum $ V a Stick a keeps Insomnia alvay BLACKJACK LET THIS CREAM CURE YOUR PIMPLES For. several weeks:p«st-A. A.'. Clarke has done a big business in selling Hokara. the skin healer-that has-Tvon- so.many friends to "ConneUEviUe. it has. been. lound tir.heal liotj only all minor, skin troubles, s?uch;as -pimples, blackheads he'pes acne scaly scalp. complexion : : blemishes,. Bitching feet piles etc bnt also the worst sores...ulcers or, even- chronic eczema and; sail" rheum: There is yet to be found anj lorm ot wound or disease a8ectlHE~the skin : or mucous, .inem- braae that Httkara does not belp and its action is so quick that those v,ho try It are ampty delighted with, it right from the start In spite of "Hs.unnsual curatiyR powers, ; Uie price is trifling. 1 To convince every one of its merits A A. CJarie Trill' sell. a ; ; libeml-6ized jar Tor 35c. And remember tbat:if you do not think it does what IB claim's, you can get -your'"money back. You certalsly can atford* to'ir it on this plan--Airt · original; and pleasing:-in.his'role of Snuff) --want to buy a horse' 1 Ruby Da'nis will sing "Honolulu, Am T erica-Loves: You!" with a beautiful Hawaiian setting. .The picture-will be William Duncan, and Carol Holloway in. "Vengeance and the /Woman." It is more thrilling than all of the preceding chapters. ^Yesterday Charlie Chaplin proved that he is as popular as ever by pro\ofcing a continuous gale ot laughter He will be on tie Arcade screen every. Monday and Tuesday hereafter as will William S. Hart everr Friday and Saturday; ORTHE Ml THEATRE. "JACK .SPPBLOCK--PRODIGAL." a humorous 'Willlani' Fox' photoplay featuring :.lh'e popular". star, George Walsh. ".It is adapted from the story written by George Horace Larimer, editor of the Saturday Evening Post. Mr. /Walsh's antics with, a big black bear 'he takes into Harvard University one night convulses oie with langhter.: The Mutual Weekly, wili also be shown.- Tomorrow'Ann; Murr dock .appears In "My "Wife." .How to be .happy though married for .cnven- isnce is shown 1n tbl» drama. PERRY WOMEN REGISTER Oldest In Conuinnltr Among *00 Wko I- · Are TUadv lor War V6rk. . PBRJlYOPObie,-, March 27.--The registration o£ v.-omen for war service in Perrj- townsliip the past Jew weeks has: :been very \ eatiafoctory, . 'Three hundred.woinen Hav8- ; registered .in many line's of worfe. "K the registration Is' continued It is iMlieved that the number will reach 500. !. ..In Perryopolis aione 102 were 'reg- IsterwJ. The ; morning registration, he- gaii thefirst'two ^the oldest in" years that were enrolhid 'anywhere in the .township. Thes* wo-' men were Mrs. Elizabeth Lace, aged 72 years, and.Mrs.:Rebecca Piersol, aged 68. They are both expert knitters and both registered to' devote : much time knitting should the war need it. Mrs .Elizabeth Laice was' one of the charter memJjers ot-the W.-C. T. U. which is one of Perryopolis strongest organiia.- tions.' She U one of .the livcst members and is. lattic-itr .otti.the work u afce is on many aridects, Dunbar. B; C. Eason for. wall payer. 26mar27U -Adv -VINOL MAKES CHILDREN STROM And Invigorates OkJ People Any doctor will ten yea that the 1 incredtent* of Vinol ai printed below contain the element* needed-to iro prove the health of delicate cbtUren aad restore itrenfth*to old people. Cod Lirer tut ft*t ftfUtm. boa . AmmoniaTM. CllnU. linn, and Ml Tho»e who hare pony, ailing of run-down children or aged parents * mar prove thil at our cxpente. J Be»ide* the food it doea chiUred and. the aged there la nothmg like Vinol 10 leitore Mrengtb and vitality to weak, ;: nervous ' women' and overworked, nni'dowxi men, % Try it ft you are not entirely «at- iifitd, w« will . retam your money wiThonf qncataon; that prove* oar Cairnea* and your protection. Millions of people have been convinced Jiia way. Laaghrey Drag Co M Connellsville David C Eason, ,Iunbar, \flnd*zt the best drug* store in every town and city in the country WMH Your Quarter* Will Help Win the War Buy Thrift StahipsToday--On Safe at Coupon De«li-- Main Floor. » , I Silk Gloves For Easter j Complete lilies horc tor your.! "chopsins--heavy Tricot- Silks or ] Jfjelanese Silks,, in .grcy.-.-ipohgec, .black'or white. ' Plain or heavy .embroidered eflcctsJ Special at : 59c, 69cupto?1.50 KOBACKERC m " " ^* TtiE BIG STORE New Easter Neckwear fimart styles to complcta Mi- la/ly's Easter attire; . Collars ot Satlb, Filet Lace, Geor- gettes and Organdies--latest roll and square styles · . 59cupto$1.75 Vcslees of Pitjue, Satin and Sport Stripe Silk's 85cupto$3;00 ConaeHsville's Greatest Easter Miflioery Display Featuring a Wide Selection of Exclusue Styles at Popular Prices. · ie ,DW« ea] it you .want millinery of distinction at a popular price come direct to our Second Floor Department and see ::he Tvonderful collection of Trimmed Hats we have assembled at, prices ranging from |4.9o"to $10. Hats for young ladies, for nuitrous and misses- Many unusually charming-.Dress Hats and iiltr* smart Tailored Hats in' black and all colors. Pokes, Colonials, large and xaed- iu-fa sl?,e Sailors,: Mushi-ooTns, Tricorns and high crown liats to choose frora. . . ' . . * . . . . will welcome this event with Easter a few days away we Actual $32.50 and $35.00 Suite at a price that would be attractive after Easter Always alert to give our cMtomers -what they want Tvh«n they want it and at the right price. "We feature this Easter Sale of Suits that should bring to this store dozens of Connellsville's women who have not ai yet purchased her. Easter Suit. The styles include motlels for every type and occasion in popular materials, and colors. the most Street and afternoon /models, in new colors, $22.50 $25 values $19.75 Clever styles in Taffeta Satins, Foulard Jersey, Serge and, combination ot Georgette Crepe. Many' new ideas in collars and the new flowing sleeves. In original styles specially priced for Easter week-----· ; / -- Tailored and dressy models for all occasions--street, travel, motor, dress," etc., Entirely new style features in coats in higa-waisted, semi-belt and pleated modes of Fashion Fabrics. ' Easter Sale of Blouses $19S lovely new blouses just fresh irom tie ^makers' needles. . Georgette, Crepe e Chines and new Novelty Stripes and CbecVced Taffetas.. Stunning New. Spring Blouses Featuring smart- models of Georgette, Silks, Satins and. Crepe de Chines, in many ' new- styles. Special at $5.90. ' .'· ' :' / Women's New $ JO Boots $7.95 Latest Brown Kid lace styles, Louis heel, 9 in. tops. Special at $7.95. Women's 58 Smart Boots Brown Kid leather, 9 in. top, lace style; Lools heel. Special at $0.45. ' - - . : . ' . : . . C O L D S H»dorclie*. T' Rri L-ANS WLES! PILES! PILES! ·wT fcaa hiate *--» · ^ *^ WILLIAMS'*!LE OINTMENT' Absolutely Removes For BIM, w«da g md iti*;n e pa» _ ,. .. * . · For udeb» alldmggisli, m«il5Qctnd$1.00. Indigestion. Druggists \VIUUAMS MFC. co.,p~p^,a^j«d,obio. jpooooeoocooc WEAR Horner f s refund money if it fails Per' sale hy Connellsville Pros Co. NO VOtXftH'T HftVE ft ftU. **Y SPftRE FOR SMOKES FOR MENRy i CUESS I'JJUHE TO KHOV4 ^^:!LLi]sLi^^

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