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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
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rice Connksville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Adv Rising Medium in the YougK Regipn. VOL, 28, NO. 57. The Weekly Cn«irl«r. l-'oiiniU'd July IV, l47i. · "[· .'Meriyed. The I » a l l y Giiurirr, KuiiiHlrd November 10, 1003.!\ July IS, lllliit. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY .EVENING, JAMJARY 17, 1080 Eighth Annual Convention DUNBAR HIGH BOY DIES AFTER FIRING TWENTY PAGES. First Photo of Gunwoman and Companions Its Sessions Here ®- Thirty-Two Men Hepreseiiting Company in U.' S. and Canada Meet Local Officials. I A BUSY PROGRAM FOR VISITORS The a n n u a l Iwo-day convention o f j (.ho en legmen of the Capstan a lass Company goL under way this morning at the- plant at South ComiDltevillo. The salesmen, 32 in number, who had arrived on the Bultinioro Ohio Railvoiut iu two special Pullman cars, wove devoting tho entire forenoon to n general tour of the plant after which Individual sales and ore-lit conferences were ttikeii up. Discussions on the various phases of tho glass industry wore to be conducted thi« afternoon and tomorrow H3 tho salesmen spent), two lays In tho study of glass m a n u f a c t u r e and Kla6(= problems as related to salesmanship. They left Long Island City last night after spending the firet part of thl« week on a similar intensive program covering metal caps and closures cf all kinde for glass con- tluneiM, cupping «nd automatic handling machinery, processing equipment (for Commercial cooking) and -litho- graph/tig ( f o r decorating the t i n plate used tti making caps) also on the combined problems connected with eell- Ing ·'both glase and closures. These meeting*) were hokl in the new ·build- ing, a recent addition to the factory of the Anchor Cap Closure Corporation, built to house the American Metal Cap Company, tho Paragno Can Cup Company and ihe other ccm- paniefi now merged ·with Anchor, all in one wonderful factory. , By looking at the list, it is apparent that Capstan will be represented by the largest and leet located sales organization In nor history, It is interesting to recall January, 1323, when I ho first ealos convention was held in Connclleville with 1 13 salesmen (11 ot whom are etitl with us) and eight offices, as" compared with this year's array of 32 representatives from 18 citle«. Gearhart, Brown, Corln, Su«w, JoneB, "Costello, Eahlfi, Mills, Crawford, JXngan and Ward arc tho 11 veterans of this year's convention, who were also on. hand at. tho first couvcu- Contimied on Ton. 15, Commits Hash Act in Lavatory of School Building. Rotarians Hear Urge to Get Out Into Open Spaces Members of the M o u n t P l e a s a n t and Connellsville R o t a r y clubs were led out into t h e - g r e a t open spaces--'" spirit--at a. j o i n t meeting u n d , d i n n e r last evening at the Pleasant Valley Country Club, a t t e n d e d by shout CO persons, of whom 22 were f r o m the neighbor town. Addressing tho business and professional men who make up the clubs, Bert Wright o.' Trauger, a division supervisor under the State Game Commission, urged them f.o get out ot doors. · ' · "it you can't h u n t - or fish, go and look at the.trees and hear the birds sing and get som-e red color in your faces," was tho advice of Mr. Wright, who spends much of his t i m e in the open and profits' physically and mentally thereby. Much of Mr. Wright's address was devoted to wild life of the j-ttato, particularly as applied to the .utercst of the sportsman. Among other things he presented a record of game killed lu Pennsylvania d u r i n g 19::9. In til' counties, he said, 22,000 legal bucks were killed, in woods w h e r e In 1911 there was not a deer. The illegal kill amounted to 1,281, Mr. Wright said, .while) 669, so far as reported, were killed by automobiles. The remainder of the kill embraced the following: Bears, 408; rabbits, 2,700,00t; turkeys, 3,361; ringneck pheasant!', 17:5,000; quail, 195,000. There were -53 fatal accidents among the 500,000 hunters who roamed the woods, the speaker said. He gave considerable ti'ttentir a to lliu need of exercising greater Caution on the part of huutera to prevent luss of life- and limb. M. A. King of M o u n t P l e a s a n t presided over the meeting a;id dinner. Vocal numbers wore g i v c ' i by Roy Haberlen of Mount Pleasant and the Rotary Octet of this city ccrnpopod of Rev. K H. Stevens, Charles D, Bailey, K. O. Clabaugh, Dr, tl. C. Hoffman, Dr. C. B. Homer, i)r. W. H. Hetrlck, Grant Myers and William !·'. Urooks. Mr. Clabaugh was song leader. Carl T. Aristine was accompanist and also contributed a number of piano selections. MOTIVE IS · ' " ' · NOT KNOWN HUDSON OPPOSES MINGLING CIVIL, CRIMINAL COURTS SENATOR BELL LAUDS Y. M. C. -A. INFLUENCE AT DISTRICT RALLY Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 17. -- Ju-dgo Thomas H. Hudson objected to ih» Tnte-jrllng of civil and criminal courts together T.'Tion members o f - t h e Bar Atisociatlon and tho oourt gathred this morning to call tho trial list of tho sx:ond week, which opens next Monduy. The Idea was all wrong, declared the jiresltloiit jutlgo, pointing out that none- of. tho other 10 counties in tho State about the saino :dzo as Fayette county had seriously conaidored such a. proposal. The court's remark!! followed the presentation ot a re-iwrt by a committee- of throe bar momibo-ra In which % it was recommended that one judge sit xclus'lvoly d u r i n g tho criminal terms of court on civil-caae-s until the present congested calendar wns cleared. Judge S. John Morrow pointed out tho p r i n c i p a l cause- of the congestion lay In the fact that a low lawyers had most ot' the civil bnslnoss. "Mi-. Iligbee had se-vm cases on tho list ll.irt week and was able to try only four of them," pointed out Judge .Morrow, "If one judge sat thro-ugli an extended length oC t i m e it would permit disposition of diflieulty such as this," he tuiilod. State Senator Harry J. B( 11 of Dawson, addressing the directors and secretaries of -the Young M^n's Christian, Association,' SouthweKiern Pennsylvania District, Thursday night at the Wilmerding Y. M. C. A . , spoke ot the Influences o£ the- "Y", relating how the association of the boys afllliated with th-o organixiition tends to make better men out of them. Suottdu/le, Dlck-e-rson R u n , Newell, 'M-oKleesporl, Washington. Cfreensburg Unioiitown and Johnetown \vere represented at tho meeting. AValtor M. JL/ind- say and George Sharp of Scnttdale antl Benjamin S. .Davles, Samuel W. Inks ami Dr. Harry J. Bell of the Dickerson Run association wore among those present. Miss .Jennie Becker rendered a whistling s-olo while Avis Slaughter contributed a r-e-iidln-g. They were aucoiupauled by Mrs. SV. H. Horner at the piano. Th-e thr-f? are residents of Scottdale. · Judge W. T. Dom ot Greensburg, district president, waa in obarge of the meeting. Mr. Kiehl ot Young-wood was chosen district recorder to succeed Crosby Matthews, also of Yotinpwootl, resigned. Reports on the national convention at Chicago wore given by W. M. Lindsay of Scottdale, John 10. Hughes of Newell and R. S. Maloy oT Washington. It WHS decided to hold tho next district meeting In McKecsyort. Fiorie DeBhisio, .15 years old, a f r e s h m a n in the D n u b n r H i g h School,! died at 11:25 o'clpck Thursday night i in tho Co line! l*vl lie State Hospital j f r o m - a bullet w o u n d in the he-ad, said j to have been s-lf-inHU:(ed. No TOU.SOII could be asaigiiiMi tor the yohth's i act in lli-ins » -25 ca-llbr-e 'revolver bxillet,! into his.hemd \vti!U i n the 'lavatory' o£ | the educational Inatimtioii ut 2 o'clock in tho afternoon. Asked to be oxcus-ed from his classroom, itie boy went Into the lavatory where he flred the shot. The bullet entered the r i g h t side of hU head Just above tho ear « n d in the neighborhood of the temple. EIo. removed 'by Dr. E. B. ("tiile, who lives nenr'iy, to tho Hospital whero an immediate operation was performed. I Burgc-bi I-fnrry Ellenberger of D u n - j bar conducted a personal Investlgn-; tlon I n t o tho *houting thi« morniiu;, j He said no motive or any cau»o for j tho act could te jiBsignel. j "I learned that the lxy had been in j a dejectc-d mood all day," sild t h e ] town's chief executive, lie added t h a t ! w h e n t h u lad r e t u r n e d to school In t h e ; atternoon h« wore a storm coat, soni.o- | t h i n g he had never done before, ovi- j deutty to hide the pistol in lilii pocket, j A girl clattiiniatn remarked i.o lilin, i "vvhtitV: Jhe matter Kioto?" using tho nickname by which he w;w k n o w n . "1 hiivc a broken heart," was hia reply. "CMv'e mo a piece of it then," was tho youngster'*- reply and the lad only gave her a liUu k look. I-ater he attkcd to bo excused and iue fatal is hot was fired. L. A. Evans., principal, said It was impossible for any of the leaching; sUiff or the tsludents to assign a pus- j «ible rcwion Cc v the act. He* had had i no fuss with a n y o n e in tho school, j Neither luul he quarreled at home. | Burgess Kll-.iiiberger miid the boy! Jiad remarked to n brother ut home : d u r i n g the noon lum-h hour t/lial h o i could "btive my wri-at watch," to w h i c h i the other, loj-like, hud re-plied, "I j don't want, your old j u n k . " j At the Hi.-liool the sound of the a h o t | was likencil t'i lite- n o i n o of a long i «-tlck, iwcd to raliie windows, when it would f a l l too tho lloor. Principal j Kvan« did not immediately notluo tho ; gun wlien lie lificovered young De-1 Blasio on the- lloor of the lavatory. H o ! thought the y o u t h had cut hhrifielf.aiid summoned oilier boys to (iHSiiHt him. One of tho l a t t e r discovered the gun u n d e r the youth's leg. The boy wan regarded as a brilliant i student and was on the honor his class. Here is Sirs. Irene Sciirtw*er -I Ben wood, VI. Vm, sought throughout the country as Uio "blond gnn. state patrolman, snapped after her sensational capture near Phoei x, I'hoenlx where she collapsed after alternately admitting and deny- Vcrnon Ackerninii, alias !oo Wells, Glenn Paprue and Sheriff npprelinradcd at the same time after a ITHII liattlo between the EXPRESS COMPANY PLANS TO OCCUPY PENNSY BUILDING A soct'iou of the Pentisylvania Railroad f r e i g h t , house is being retnodeied to ac'.'oininodntc the- ( j u a r t e r s of the American K x p r e s s C t - m p a u y . Oillce Cacilltii's w i l l be pruvid-'d in the building a:u r . it is hoped to have the place In roixdinoss by A p r i l I. ,TV» American K?;priss t ' o m p a u y is now located i n the l n l ! b u i l d i n g . Balto. Ohio Orders 85,000 Tons of Rails Hy t ' l t i t f - a I BAVmtOKK. .J;ni. O h i o Railroad h a s UK* f t»l rails. The o iac«'l -is f o l l o w s : U .··i!il.-horn SU'i-l Corr HARRY RESTOFSKI SPEAKS AT ANNUAL WEST PENN SMOKER A b o u t 225 members of th * S o u t h e r n Division, \\v3t Penu Section, X. K L, A., enjoyed Uv a n n u a l smoker, held last night at the Kiwaitis C l u b room in t h e Carnegie Library. A n excellent p r o g r a m was provided by tho comm i t t e e , of w h i c h W i l l i a m AM., cat-shier, u as c h a i r m a n . ' A f t e r a comic motion p i c t u r e had been cjhown, Harry' ;ki. assist- a n t j; i n owl uianagor of !hc Wt-rfi P u n n Appliance Cmnpatiy. of l'itt,5liur:4. b-polie- CHI "Merchandising." S e v e r a l accoixllon n u m b e r s w e r e woman" who killed n FoiinnytvuiilH 'Ariz. She is shown in the county k in I? her identity. With li^r, left to t f h u d n x Wrlirhl. Ackermari nn.l Dai I r i o und-ii posse, ickernwn hits be with the Pennsylvania nnin STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN EFFECTIVE AT CAPSTAN PLANT A f t e r THVO Years Employes H a v e O j M ' o r l u u i t y t o B u y o n ;HontliIy In stall in onls. Tho Capstan Glass ' C o m p a n y , in order to'ctiabh- !t« urn ploy us t' ^haro in tho profits of lh« compiiny '»» well us to oncouNiKO employes 10 imlW up a f u n d , which at a Inter I»to mny provide a substantial iu;onu», has in- uusmxiti'd, sitiirting J;m\i;uy, 1930, a p l a n to soil A n c h o r C;tji Corporatioit «;toc!s to ileparimRiit. lioudH, {orenu'ii, and rujmlnr enutloyw (;tll f h o ^ e who h a v o been in pood *Uiwlln; d u r i n g at l«t.nt two year.-, of r e g u l a r waploy- raciit) oh a i m m l h l y puymcni plan. Tho g e n e r a ) pHin providtj.-j t h a i tho price K h a l i hf! a p p r o - t l m a l u i y SMS jjiir libnre. ( A t Die prtwont tim* tin; slouh Is f l u c t u a t i n g from ·!*) ti -JO on the Now York K t o c k KxelwuiKO.) A limit of Id pharos Tor each employe was set with a d o w n paymniU of $3.2-1 per v/huro, "tho balance" to be payublo In 11 monthly Instalment^ ' or $,'!.! 6 per «haro .e««h . nuiivth.' fl'hc title to tho Block remains In c o m p a n y u n t i l the ilviiU ptvym«nt lias be!n made w h e n roil" i'u [regular Hlodt cortiflcat.o^ will bo made ' o u t to tiro employee, gMn 11 at ftht, uro ·tie n identified as a er. former Texas convict and Dagne IH also wanted In con- Craig Heirs Get $37,262 for Uniontown School UN10NTOWX. Jen. 17.---Walter C. CruiR- and member-H of tho Craig oiitato of Morgaatown si.rcet wen? awarded $37,262.01 from the school district, cif Uniontown as dumaKea f r r the appropriation of ihrco -And one- riuarters nrroH of sround from t h e Craig cst.StL-, Ufied as the site for the new Benjamin K r u u k l i n J u n i o r . High School. The verdict, r e t u r n e d by the j;iry, W H H for ?:;S,71.K.7E, as of Kobrunry "1, li)25." Judge Thomas H. Jfa.-lson In- Btructed t h e j u r y , h o w e v e r , tluil ir, should r e t u r n a verdU-t RK of 111.5 pics- cut. day. The jirry retired and turniid a vc.vdiv.t -wiih ihs computed for llva years at six: *· i? n t . The- land, wns MANY CARS LINED UP FOR MONDAY'S RIVER HEARING Citizens "Responding in l 3laniHT to Kequost of Board of Trade. ne INDIVIDUALS ARE INVITED A fine reR'ponso to the appeal'o I 1h^ C o n n f l l s v l l l o Board of Trad-* foi t h e f-ltlaens of thiti city and coni- niu.iiity to t h r o w Iho Influence of t h e i i numbers b e h i n d the demand for improvement of l.iic Yonirhioglve-ny Riv re- j or was .shown this morning who i th- transportation com-jilttce met ;u th Firssiono Servlco Stores and 1iear« .* roportfi on t.h-o niiiitber of maclinets rciridomned February ! and persons who have signified t h e i r , . Members of Iho jiiry arrived nt a verdict 1ml. evening at fl o'clock, 't'he court hud retired, however, so lhi» decision waB apalcd and not reported u n t i l t h i s morning. A board of view threo yours I\KO awarded tho Cvaigs the sum of .$22,1300 for the property. 'Witnesses valued the ground t a k e n as low as $7,500 and as high as $75,000. . in addition to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. JanifrS D-cBlasio, there three brothc-re, Gon-, Silvio and, Da'u-to. The borty. was removrfd by f u n e r a l Director .lamca.T. U u r h a n a to Jiiw niorguo whero It was prepared For burial lW,ore leing taken to the ·pa-renttil. honvc thin afternoon. No ar- rangomeijts liuve beMi made word from an undo In California. them f u l l UNIONTOWN COUPLE STRUCK BY HIT-RUN; BOTH IN HOSPITAL Special to The C o u r i e r . UN1ONTOW-V, Jan. 17.--Run down as they walked arm In arm last night about 10:30 by an unidentified hit and run driver who sped away after the acjcldeii't on the Pitts-burg road, near the city road, Mlko Petuski, 20, and Anna ICokiko, 17, are improving nicely In the Uniontown Hospital. Neither is believed to tie seriously injured. The girl suffered injuries to her face and arms and the y o u n g m a n was h u r t about the head, The accident was witnessed by Joe "Mu-ggsy" Ferris, local newsboy -broker, who picked u-p the Injured p'-ersons and had them rushed to the bos-pital. Tho driver of the machine increased his speed as he sent the car p u t the road in the direction of Oliver. Joo saj'vS -the girl was knocked to tho side of the road and tho man. was carried about' 50 feet by the automobile. DONALD HERWICK CHARTER MEMBER ' OF COLLEGE FRAT Donah! I 1 '. Mrs. t). K. H and a senior College, Us DU seltu'tcd for uu r rol'oartlon A l p h a Ivupiui U e r w l e k f r a l e r n l t y . erwii-k, sin) of. Mr. and rwk:k of Connellsvillp at P e n n s y l v a n i a Stale ol' a g r o u p of seniors hai'liu' m e m b e - r s h i p In iil f.-oiiHi!cri:i' I'nilfr'uiiy, I 'si. is a- member o f ' i h e nodal Al.nh;i Clii Uho, in w h i c h lKBS«»HlOll. The "older employes ai\ tamiliar w i t h thu fact that it In contrary t o Capstan's policy to use any Iniinonee whttte-oovor in the personal matters o£ employes. In line with thin policy no one lias b«on urged to buy iny comptiny «tock. M a n y omploywi have d u r i n g the past few yearn requested an opportunity to buy stock, and this plan lias been made simply to give all those who care to own stock a chance to secure It. ou tin eu«y p a y m e n t plan. ' The Capiitun News, tho house organ of the company, makes the following comment on (Hock p l a n : - "The stock being offered is Anchor Cap Corporation, common, which at present, pays $3.40 por aliara annually. The Anchor Cap Corporation IM .the parent company of the Capstan Glase Company, and since It also owns other factories as large or larger thuii Cap- etun, the slock represents a conservative investment. . ' . . I n !'icl, .Capstan held off offering s-tock to il.H employes until such time when it could feel reasonably safe that our employee would not be taking an unreasonable yisk with their savings in buying company Ktock. As a company, w developed, -the Increased earnings result in increased dividends on the common stock,- and a.s a general t i l i n g ' with ·progressive companies, tho value ol the common stock usually doubles in from three to six years, depending upon buslne.s'e 'conditions. - . O f course. SOUKS (-hues in uniKsual coiVlitions the common stock' may advance much faster than this, but this is offset by tinier of business depression when reduction in value "may occur or «( best vary «low.. progress: " . H - l a ' the bIic-f of the officials ol' this coin-pany that if u regular employe siiibsr.ribw- ! each year to n few share;--, of Aneiioi ! Cap Corporation stock t h a t in eight or 10. yearn niich an employe will hi fltirprlaed 1o .find. hlmsielf .in .po:aes.sior of au accumulation of stock' w h i c h w i l l pny a 'dividend."' The Weather COURT LENIENT WITH ASSYRIAN IN LIQUOR CASE UNIONTOWN, Jan. 17, -- Sa.nwel Davis, an Assyrian resident of North' Oallatln avenue, told the court ht had been in "this country 25 years and never been arrested up to last Christmas" w h e n ofliesi's descended on his cellar and unearthed three gallons oC moonshine. He denied he had the l i q u o r Jtor selling pinipofies. He waa flued ?200 and sentenced to the c.ouii- 'ty jail 1!ov a p-e-vid oE turea monUlvs. Jutdgo Thonva-s H. Hudson this morning also sentenced Ernie Williams or Royal -to pay a Hne oi! $200 and spend three -months in the county jail. If lie -pays tlte fine and costs a parole will be considered. Ernie 'had 'six gallons o-f liquor'In bis house when tire .officers raided. His counsel declared he. was a good, hardworking married man ami was not iii the moonshine business. Ernie said lie had the shine in Ill's home for Ills own use. He said it cost him $7 per gallon. Joseph Mitchler admitted stealing to niako the t r i p to j'lt.tK- biirg on Monday. The hearing on the proposed canalization will Ixj held at 10 o':lock that morning before lieutenant Colonel Jnrvts J. Bain, United S"tateH A r m y enlglneor, in Courtroom No. o la tho Post Office building. Tho motor caravan will leave here promptly at 7:.'10 o'clock, and to date 20 owners o? automobiles have signified their willingness to he'-p by driving 1o that city. The committee guarantees trnns-iortuUon acc-or-Kxla- tion for every person who will accept the Invitation to go and notifies each rndivkhia.l to be at the .starting point In South Arch street before 7:30 o'clock Monilny morning. .. Major John K. Blake, secretn ry oC tho Board of Trade, went to M:iseeK- port yesterday and ho will remain there throughout tho rest of the week prepsiriiig w r i t t e n factt for presentation at t.ho hearing. OongroPsmaii Samuol A. K n d a l l asked that at least 60 cl-elegntes from ConnellBviH-e attend. It appeal's there will bo many In excess of that nunj- ler. Owner.s of machines who are willing to drive and others who .may wish to g-o are urged to notify H. C. Haddock at the Firestone Service Stores, Those who have already indicated their intention of driving are Warren L. Wrlgiht, M. J. Rujand John Ross, Otto Koohler, W. H. McElHlney, Dave Colie-n, W 1 . B. Keller,. James J. Ash, Scott Siiader, D. H. Horton, E. C. Moore, Charles A. Crowiey, 0. R. Herwic.k, H, C. Haddock, Charges C. Mitchel-l, F. S. McCalrns, C. R. Oal«i, W. S. Behiinna, Frank P. Welker, Grant Dull, Mayor H. D. Mineril and all members of Citv Council and .1. T. Wiffin JJrofh«rs. Endangered Jis Cliinnicy of IJiirniuf? Scliool Falls. ONE IS CAUGHT UNDER DEBRIS The v a l u e of the regular fire drills which are conducted In a l l ; of the schools in the Dunbar Township Dis- rict was demonstrated' late Thursday a f t e r n o o n w h e n the 52 pupils of Iho Adelaide school vacated the blax.lnR structure: in loss than a minute, maiii- .ainiiig an orderly linn ns they w«?re directed to safety by their two teachers. Tho lives of two ConnollBvJlle firemen, H. II. and John Glfliii, brothers, were endangered w h e n tho chimney fell. II. H., or "Pat" as he is familiarly k n o w n , is a mmeber of. the volunteer fire company and John ia a city fireman. They were working together wlien "Ike" Eastholm yelled a. warning to them. John stepped to on-e side and avoided tho falling shower of bricks and mortar. One struck the hoel oC his shoe, however, and ripped It open. "Fat" ran directly away, going in the direction of the falling chimney. Although ono more step would havo cleared h i m , he was caught by full force and went down under tho debris. His companions thought ho must have been killed but he was stirring when they reached him. His overcoat had been virtually rJjiped from hl« back and there was a large gash ID tho »ack of his head. Glffln was rushed horn by automobile, given medical attention ind then removed to his home. Ho was able to be about today but ie- '"=·"" soro through the body. His right arm is nearly black from Uralses. The structure, a two-story six- room, was completely destroyed by the llamas which were believed to have originated in the belfry. It was thought likely t h a t sparks from the chimney ignited tho shingle room. The belfry is located above tho front door. It WHS said t h a t the stoves did not become overheated. Only two of tho rooms were being usrd for school purposes, both bclnu located on" (he first, lloor. Seven grades wore- romhiiM.efJ in the building, the e i g h t h jrraders being sent to Trotter. In 19.U the Adelaide etruc- t.uro was moved to a q u a r t e r of a milo d i s l n n r ' o from the p l a n t of the burg Wood Preserving- Company, lip to t h a t time it had been located j u s t . ncroKs a roadway from tho plant. While there was no immediate danger of the sparks flying to the huge creosote tanks oC the company, the firemen remained on the scene. The creosote Is valued at $100,000. Inasmuch as tho blaze had gained headway, there was no chance of any portion of. the building being saved, ft was estimated that the loss, inc l u d i n g the building and oqiiipmcvii., would foe between $5,000 and $6.000. Superintendent R. K. Smith today was endeavoring to secure a buildini; which may bo used n? temporary q u a r t e r s for the ' school children ifho for the present will havo a brief vacation. Mr. Smith hopes to have arrangements worked out soon tor tlio resumption of classes. Pending a conference with the members of the board of education it has not been di- t e r m l n e d as to the action ou thy reconstruction of the building. Tho teachers at tho building are. Misses Mabel White and Mary Alatus- chak. With the aid of several pupils they were able to salvage a teucher'B desk, a talking machine, records and many text books. The students hurled tho books out of a window. $·10 from his brother-in-law, John Ray, at Revero. He has paid back Bin-bans, the last named ol DunHar, $27, lie said. He was ·sent to jail for 3'0 days and (Mrected to restore the reiua!u-d-er oil the amount. P. W.VA. AGREES TO B. O. TAKING OVER B/R. P. REV. STEVENS WILL ADDRESS SPORTSMEN Hev. K H, Stevens, pastor oC the First llaptist Church, w i l l , be the speaker this evening at the meeting of Conhellaville Lo:al, Fayette County Fish · Game Protective Aasociation, In the B a l t i m o r e Ohio Y. M. C A. SCHROEDER WOMAN RAVES OF BROTHER KILLED IN ROBBERY WASHING-TON. -Jan. 17.-- -The l-'il'ta- burg West 'Virginia Railroad withdrew UK opposition to tire -Balttaioro Olnio tirlau Co acquire tl.s.'-Buttalo. 'ROTARY ENDORSES rg Railroad at a | _ , ^ , , « . , nn ^ ,^ ^^ Rochester Ptttsburg Intea'stato 17.- - H a l l i m o r u onltrcl S; ·dors h a v o been .',000 ion* t t r o i - n t i o u ; riL'.OIUl g i v e n by M i c h a e l .Martneci of t o w n . u U'est i'oiiu employ* . I n a d d i t i o n there were *;-v»;ril solo dances aiul u very eiitci'l. iuiiij; por- 1 by u n i a g l c l n n . ; , i i » l u i K . ' l i , I ' O i i s i ^ t d i i ; "' .s.-iiid- f S , o t ' i V P t i . I l i c k l P S . I l l l p l ' 1 . 1 - . i ' . ' O ia. enk % and ctfl'H» w;i: s e r v e d . '. t h e r v a r c t w o oilier C o n n e l l K v l l l e l.)oy«, t - n i o n : Joint Kdmuml*. and Robert H y a t t . hearing- tipday before th« CoTivmereir Conrmission. . W. S. BrouKon, attorney, for t.ho Pitts-burg- West V i r g i n i a , said tho w i t h d r a w a l is in c o u f o r m a n c o w i t h the corn-mission's f i n a l consolidation w h i c h i allocates tho TtutTalo. Roc-li-osler PHtsbiir-p; to tho Baltimore Ohio. The mei'gei' l.s still opposed by the AVabash 'and th-e Delaware.' I-Tnilson. YOUGH PROJECT The Rotary C l u b , at H.s j o i n t UHH-I-, I n g ' w i U i the M o u n t Pleasant c l u b la^t evening', pai3H;d a resblulion e n d o r s i n g , t i t h e c a n a l i z a t i o n proposal and ;.irged all 1(6 in-einliera to attend the h arlng M o n d a y . ( liiiiiincy Klr«'. Kiiv n e p a r i . n i e n t w;ir- c.alUxi ; f h i m i i e y fire at the honu; if ! Snow t o n i g h t and S a t u r d a y : c o l d c i [ S a t u r d a y is the 110011 weather t'orecawt ; for Western .Pennsylvania. · Tentporntiire Kccord. I 1»30 M n s i m i i m .'!M i n i i n i i t i i '.' .Mean - , "(i Killed, I ALTOONA, J a n . .17.--Clyde Amos, a U i r a n e m n n e m p l o y e d I n the J u n i a t a i H h o p s o f t h e P e n n s y l v a n i a R a i l r o a d , i was k i l l e d today w h a n he c a m e in. ! c o n t a c t , w i t h it h e a v i l y .-barged e!e \ \ i r p a n d w;if t h r o w n f r o m h i s 3 o n t o u Dila of uielai, Killed Oy Sl»t« Slide. · ALTOONA, J a n . 17.-- -Edtnlston ' Wertz was In u serious c o n d i t i o n in the hospital today suffering f r o m in- ' j u r i e s In a p l a t e slide w h i c h f i t n l l y ! i n j u r e d his f e l l o w w o r U n i a i i , S-i.innii'J · L-ons, fil. as the-t.^'o men wore w ^ r k h i K ! Hy U n l t e i l Pross. PHOIUN1X, Arix., J a n . 17.-- Irene Suhroedor, the "blond trigger ·woman of Plttsbnrg," raved deliriously Ju her Jail cell here today. Deputy Bherifi's said the woman apparently suffered from lack of stimulants. Tho ofllcersj amid she continually talked of a b a n k robbery at Coleniiui, Texas, autl iudi- catc-l her brother, J. W. Crawford, may h a v e been killed in a gun battle there. * P U U K M X , An-/., J a n . 17.-- A married couple who k n e w Irene Scuroeilar "ever since .she was a little tot," J'es- torduy I d e n t i f i e d the "Blond Trigger Woman of PK.L.sburg." II r. and Mr:-;, A. Caywood of Phoenix, who lived n e a r Irene ScliroederV hom-e in Wheeling, W. Va., said they were- certain that: Hie w o m a n captu.rt-Ml n!ar here w i t h t w o m a l e companions after a w i l d K U I I chase WHS Irene Sehroeder, Mrs. Cay wood M-pnlu; to tin- woman in her cell but ruce-ived In return only abr.upl douitil.s of aciquaintencosliip. .Mrs. Caywood told details of the Keh rood* r f a m i l y h i s t t i r y . Iren-i- Schropd-e-r. to/ifther ·«·!· h Oh-an itaffiic, her a-j'.-eri.ed param-sur, ; n d Tom Crawfon! liry brother, .ir« n l o n e K U i r thi?- road i i n i m l v . lx. e o r G a n n n vnsturdai 1 . 1 'rci/k, j w . - i p t o r l ni for till PilB«

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