Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 20, 1975 · Page 21
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 21

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 20, 1975
Page 21
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July 20, 1975 Retired Gold Fanner Hit$ Slot Machine Jackpot at 80 RENO, Nev. - * - An »-year-old retired gold parer has won a $70,238 jackpot at Harolds Club Casino here. Club General Manager J. C. Jordan said he believed it was the largest slot machine jackpot ever paid anywhere. Charles L Caldwell of Battle Mountain, Nev., who bagged the big prize just before midnight Friday, said he had been playing the dollar slot machine for about three-quarters of an hour and had a $150 payoff before the big one hit. "I was just absent-mindedly looking around when I beard the bell go off," said Caldwell. "It's been that way for 15 or 20 years. If I turn away, it hits. I never stare at the reels anyway. It's bad for the eyes." Little Trial Juror Exception To Defense Demographic Rule Apollo-Soyuz Beginning Of 'Great Journey 9 SPACE CENTER, Houston UR - On this day six years ago, when Eagte landed on the moon, America looked across the sea and smiled smugly at the Russian bear. It was "one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind." Now, an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut have bearhugged in space and the Russian called it "only the beginning of a great human journey into outer space." Their words at the celestial summit were eloquent. But no more so than the images that lingered from the political space fight called Apollo-Soyuz. · » * A WORLD ATTUNED to men in orbit and no longer struck with awe had a new triumph to ponder: a bright flash of two- nation cooperation where once there had been only the darkness of national pride and suspicion. Americans went to Baikonur, Russia's secret launch site for its death-dealing missiles, to see cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Valeri Kubasov lofted into space. Russians, who never before would come to Cape Canaveral for fear they would have to extend similar privileges, were there to watch Thomas P. Stafford, Vance D. Brand and Donald K. Slayton, lift off in pursuit of Soyuz. Richard M. Nixon, who three years earlier signed the agreement that brought the spacemen together, no longer was in office. But his successor, Gerald R. Ford, joined with Leonid Brezhnev to praise the effort. Detente was alive and well in Washington and Moscow still. Six years earlier, Neil Armstrong's soundless footfall certified man as an interplanetary traveler. This time around, the display of the Stars and Stripes alongside the Hammer and Sickle indicated he may be able after all to bridge the continents and jealousies of earth. From the first unearthly beep of Sputnik in 1957 the two countries had gone their own way in space. The race to be pre-eminent in that forbidding environment was as costly in money and effort as the hostile environment of the cold war. RALEIGH, N.C. - * - A juror picked to try Joan Little for murder startled both prosecutors and defense attorneys when she blurted out her belief that the 21-year- old black woman was acting in self defense. « "I understand that the jailer had assaulted her and that Joan protected herself," Hilda Lipscomb, a 48-year-old white farmwife, said in court Friday before the weekend recess. Mrs. Lipscomb added in a softer, embarrassed tone, "I understand he was trying to make her perform an unnatural sex act." Miss Uttle says she stabbed white jailer Clarence Alligood, 62, in self defense as he tried to rape her in her cell. The state has charged her with first-degree murder, contending the jailer was killed during an escape attempt. Mrs. Lipscomb caught the defense by surprise because she did not satisfy the criteria applied by their team of experts who rate prospective jurors on the basis of demographic data. HER AGE, RACE and occupation did not give her a high rating as a potential juror for the defense. Although the state had approved her, defense attorneys were trying to get her excused when she offered the opinion that Miss Uttte had killed a night guard at the Beaufort County jail in self defense. Demographic data can't tell the whole story in jury selection, defense attorney Morris Dees conceded, and the defense has to recognize exceptions. Mrs. Lipscomb and another white woman from a rural community were the exceptions among the eight men and women impaneled in the first five days of jury selection before court recessed for the weekend. The others, two young white women, two young white men, an older black man and a middle-aged black woman, fit the pattern of demographic qualifications prescribed by the defense's jury selection team. The team has done its best to refine jury selection to a science. Potential jurors are quizzed at length to determine their attitudes toward race, women, rape and authority. Nearly a dozen psychology and sociology students keep scorecards on each potential juror, rating responses to the questions. O OMEGA Hearsts May Try to Block Book Soyuz launched from the Baikonur, Kazakhstan launch complex H+7h.3Qmin. Apollo launched from Kennedy Space Centre. H+ttLl4min. Apollo Command and Service Module com pletes extraction of Docking Module from launch vehicle H+13h.12min: Apollo's first phasing maneuver plane and horizontal establish standard geometry final approach to Soyuz. H+32h.22min. Apollo phasing correction maneuver to correct any errors occuring at previous stage. Second phasing maneuver, to adjust Apoiio's attitude with respect to .In .to Corrective v / combination maneuver. Controls phasing. differential altitude and differential plane between Apollo and Soyuz at coelliptic maneuver point. i H+49h.S5mIn. Coelliptic maneuver. Establishes orbit which maintains a near-constant differential altitude between Apollo and Soyuz. H + Wh.15min. Final undocking of Apollo from Soyuz. Mission completed. H+S1h.55min. Docking Apollo-Soyuz. CHICAGO (AP) - Patricia Hearst's mother says the family will try to block publication of a book by her former fiance if the book is detrimental to her reputation, The Chicago Tribune reported in its Sunday editions. The newspaper said it was told in a telephone interview with Catherine Hearst from San Francisco that such a book could jeopardize any defense of Miss Hearst at a future trial. "Patty must be protected somehow and she's not here to defend herself," Mrs. Hearst is quoted as saying. "She is still Trade Activity Promises Sizable Foreign Surplus our daughter and we are looking out for her welfare. If that means suing people to protect her, we will." * * * THE CONTROVERSY began when a one-time book collaborator with Steven Weed, the former fiance, wrote a magazine article detailing the couple's three- year love affair before Miss Hearst was kidnaped on Feb. 4,1974. The article told of the couple's use of drugs and other intimate details of their life together. After the kidnaping, Miss Hearst renounced her family and said she had joined her Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapers. NEW PROFESSIONAL OFFICE BLOC. EXCELLENT LOCATION 1-77-79-64-Ampl* Parking NOW LEASING WRITE BOX M249S C/O Charleston N*wspap«ri Inquires Confidential WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's trade activity is providing an unexpected underpinning for the sagging U.S. economy this year, offering promise of a sizable foreign surplus. Specialists once expected a merchandise deficit equivalent to last year's $2.3 billion, but now government and private analysts agree that the turnaround is likely to result in a surplus of about $5 billion this year. They say this happened because the United States plunged into the worldwide recession first and is apparently pulling out first. * * * EVEN THOUGH the current surplus at an annual rate of about $8.9 billion is expected to narrow by year-end, that surplus has already helped cushion the recession's impact; the nation's trade is helping withstand the shock of sharply higher oil prices. Oil imports may account for a quarter of the nation's imports, which will run an estimated $100 billion this year. And foreign oil may be in greater demand when the economy picks up later this year. Meanwhile, exports are expected to hit $105 billion this year. That would represent about 7 per cent of the nation's total output of goods and services compared to 4 per cent 10 years ago. The government estimates that every $1 billion in exports generates 50,000 jobs for Americans. It is these swollen exports which have allayed fears about the mechanics of pay- .ing for foreign oil. "I don't think we feel any great concern on that score," said Derek Hargreaves of Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. * * * ; IN UNDERSTANDING what has happened to U.S. trade this year and what is in ·store for the future, "the biggest single factor is the interaction of the domestic economy and abroad," said Lawrence A. : Fox of the Commerce Department inter- ·; national economic policy office, ·recession when the oil producers jacked !up prices and the Arab nations followed ·with an oil embargo in November 1973. · Demand slumped for the Japense television sets, German cars, Italian shoes and other consumer goods which constitute the ^bulk of U.S. imports and which react 'quickly to a drop in demand. ; But since most other nations maintained '.a respectable level of economic activity, · the market remained strong for the heavy '. machinery and other capital goods which ;constitue the major of U.S. exports. · And since orders for such items are ; usually placed far in advance of delivery, · the nation's exports continued to feed for · months off orders placed before the reces- ] sion spread worldwide. Movie Director's Brother's Status Listed as Serious ; FRESNO, Calif. -UP) -Denver Peckin- ; pah, brother of movie director Sam Peck- inpah, was listed in serious condition here . Saturday after suffering a major heart at- · tack Friday. '. A spokesman at St. Agnes Hospital said ; Peckinpah's condition had stabilized dur- · ing the night. He underwent surgery last · week for the installation of a temporary ; heart pacemaker, the spokesman said. · Peckinpah, a Fresno County Superior '. Court judge, received national attention ; when he sentenced four staff members of the Fresno Bee newspaper to indefinite '. jail terms earlier this year for refusing to ; reveal the source of information contained · in a sealed grand jury transcript. The sentences were staye4 white the case is on appeal. '' How Apollo-Soyuz was timed. On this flight the Astronauts and Cosmonauts timed something besides their own positions .'.. they timed the arrival of another spacecraft and a crucial docking that signified one of the finest moments in history. The Omega Speedmaster has been standard flight .equipment for Astronauts (and on this flight for Cosmonauts) since 1965 because it proved to be the only Chronograph that could withstand NASA's gruelling pre-f light tests. $235.00 See the Speedmaster and other Omega Watches at · DOWNTOWN Next to The Diamond · KANAWHA CITY 3716MacCorkle Ave., S.E. JKWKLKRS Merrill Lynch is bullish on West Virginia. That's why weVe opened an office in Charleston at the Kanawha Valley Bank Building, 8th Floor Charleston is our kind of city. Bullish. And growing. By growing with it, we think we can give even better service to our West Virginia customers. Call us at (304) 344-8081. Or better yet, drop by for a visit. We're at the Kanawha Valley Bank Building, Capitol Lee Streets, Charleston. Meet Al Adornetto, Resident Vice President and Manager of our office, and all our Charleston Account Executives. They can show you the many ways we can put your money to work. Common stocks. High-yielding investments. Over-the-counter stocks. Municipal bonds. Corporate bonds. Commodity futures. Mutual funds. And more. We think it could be the start of a better way to share in America's growth. Merrill Lynch Pierce

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