The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY eOTJRIEK,, GONNBEtSVIIXB, 'PA:'; WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 19B.. · Qfpijr UY« - "TV. y JuekuT irl . «mxn. r ." · T *·*" : F»ma4»r- and" Editor. 1«7»-1»1». . er*4lt«l to tkto »ap«r aid ate* ta. local Mw.»o»ltaaol, ··nla. , ' · - 'Ton : don*C near; many tombaaiic ut tfranoes from Berlin-; these-days about **}»£ i'Mi-ind'-Gotf .»re doing;,on : 1 _ TkV. auouKcmait Iby the BiltUh ». *itborlUM ,UMi- Uw Ameriean the Ger- ^«vo irtll Snort at»Uac« from home.-d N*ai'» v :.-iH» out -* irt«K i^s., . - ^ t - - .--. , , p Sif MTtral -totjP wi»;,th« ·British b*T» been rendering , nllant IM. Other Americans with.the jFrtiieh * dovbilfnvj *rs a; part' of tie |forett "which nare liad.B«TeTal months' ^experience in ib« trenches where ?hivvtf,al»wii their skiU. ^i.darinj to ;tte fae*T7 *coit ot the German* who fvtintured to attack. But whereVer erigajwi we Here ne have the sure .confidence; tiat ;they will.-»»irrt»rn tie, xloriom* tradif JtJon* ^'ihe^Amtrican'BOiiditT toy put- -ti^S up-.the kind'of a. figbt tliat ^tis'proud.that they,are of our Win «chHdrea hum. and plies :: -her . trusty ^ ;:the . peelers'-/pinch nh«- -passing- le ( -Jllm .in,the*cp01er... The 'clutch^iipon; his dime, pale . ( . - . - ^dL^cretion Tested . in him .under, {he JTliird-CIass iGity '"lavs, ' In Srtthhoiding Ticenzea .from carnivals .anil'- circuses 'durin; the coming season, ;, pr^Jor the ituratjom of the war, Major '·» Dtifr ias taken. a. »tep ¥ - that.iriri'Bieet. ·. Very general approVal 1i the'coniJnun- ' ' ' " ^;«m«rjHncr . '.?lia«i»» ·» i ·" ·iafcauld be : canserred; and dfrected gra-Tilr.stMiistiirning onr^natioiriii ;the of _^nnmr r ,the war L biiL : he v ka£ shown'deference to vlrong:]ub- -'Iftc sentiment against the^carnival. « 1 form of public. entertainnieiit" which ia;;-lo«g prevailed amonf thpayhtfu: Ciiz«fts~ol that City He, aiT weH as itbtr» equally Abroad-minded la 1 : their ·*iews. has been aware that the yo^ltlon to the carnival ban not hern .Hue to'a.desire upon th* "part r of'any · ft'dividBal or group to depriViTainy or- fanizatioo in the city of legitimate or op«T.means far ratam*; funds* hut it * i baaed solely ottAUe pvdpost- L the; modern street carniyal i an entertainxaent enterprise, is not flevating in its Influence! nor bne- Sit S» admitted that carriiyal3*LTary long to the two classes iuto M»TOf -Duggan haJrnhnMlf 41- carnlVaTa'aa'd 1 nlTala '-- and cantor, jwrnpela tar^dnTisjioir that'the latter clisa tit often o Tcrjr bad an ^50, become Haply "Horrid.- a«r Co««oIl»TllV..iD4 «kar citlaa aad toTM can aloBdaiiOy awtifrT*h«»it the'oSJectioB^to" them: £jt hag 10 long been the ctutom od ^e volun[eer_Jiremeii_»_organlza,tltin to ompToy"carniVais*"« a"^nieani ol - rmfetaj fundi T«n-Jcf*roltJiiM ; aad other tilt to a certaEft extent it haa not.b*e» thought poadble ,to replace them by may otfcer ayency.v The flrem«ii l have ·xprnved tlwmaeVrwj r _ aa wl»hins t get away from the cnir- ntral as-a zooner-iaialnt propoaitkwa. .. Ta«7 ioYolre a lot at hard work"an^1o not ulways yield rereniie ia proprr- tfon to the effort put forth hy the or.;; fwiiaatiwi under whose aiuplce* the . eihibitlons afe helffT In caatlE^ral^utrTorra^-jBiBbstitTite about the only method dorisfa'ered np to this time has teen to solicit..irab- ,~ scriptions frotn dti7:ena. This plan is now being trfed and Is meeJing wilJi a fa r defree of -scccefn. It should have such ra4asure of iupport that therti win beiao AouU of JU ; Th« opportunity Is pretfMted '"Persons who Jhare oppA«A c^BJVali and 3Bgff**t«t ralslnj nHHMfr for tli* : ;lr«nen by 1 to show their approval o^ the airtion, r-iot tte mayor' la placmg the h*a\on tkki kind of nt«rtaimct9t,^ kr ·*- : »crJtiag to the fund. Mor*ot«r Jt ;i :· *«t fair to th« flremfi;" wko^haTi a;i- ^»««t«d to · rkMe tn ihe plan of rat- ||:;r»4r money and who hare inaugurate!] * cew paa flf popular «uS»crlptloii; C ; tkat .ia ample sum be proiridtd. connection with" flwrncing the firemen's needs the sug- IMtion'cf Ckraiciimw TJtte' : 't6;proVlde facilities for bpfiiT'air concerts'.on.tlie We«t..S!d« '· Is':-: deserving-.. of ' ·'.very .. : .. . though Lful consideration, but 1| should^ ' ' . . , - . sUilr *ndt the cittzente.of "both, 'pacts *: cdt*?S«tirmrid*a' iwithl S*jWAKTEITTfCHRE13 p --OK'. FOUR-'UN- fiirhlahed* rooms. ! Wri te-. .VXYZ,','.' .Courier.'-^;:'.;'/!;.. : .' :'·".-·*;"'·,;· StiroarSt*- the^ place pt 'the CBrniTal, must hare tlre^iBtereat armpathy and^9Upport-bf the people it Cfctw woiild Iree: them- 1 --"W;pt;tfieacciiisation.;that..might r be JfiiffBJbst-lthem that'in^..their; oppo- ion*to^ carnivals they-: are J inore 'Sel- fiah "than public spirited, .'. Mf at th* : .' doctors. !l «t*rry emblem.;.. ^\ ' f . ... · Tha w«»ther :itimn: li T tk»t- the ijlarch Etylw of fashion - . tinM two blti, UMM.days. along- with the other piArfetic 'aerranU of the na- loo.'. '/.'. ·-: : . - - - : ; : - ; - , . ' ' . ····· '. ··''.. With'. : no r clrcua 'in proapVct this sum- «E;.TriU. b«: a-loni one; ; to the small T- As that' m«asB. «lso a. lone va-. catloh'-th'ere ^'wfUrbVae me .consolation iii ·mjaa'inir tb« iannnal yisit of · the ete-' " : · · ' - · · · ' ' · ' " ~"' "''·' Th«r hW«.. »otparaed, . except that sereral fiundreti thousand. Biins have nas»ed lo th« .Great Beyond. .Iront. ;^ he'.doivorm of "the l.SOd, books for ·tha ooia]eri",liaTe'tJi«'"Jatl«f»ctlon-' of knowing that .they -h»Ve provided In- stmction andi' entertainment : for .eev- eraj , limn that number of :,the;boj«.^ .; rorini'tb reajiie that war itT". roiralnVr that·- every, minute 1 ~ ne Utoa^-thlB:. blood .in rillaJa js*f- 71itn|pr*^fo alonjr -the , old .way as .tbty've" b*en~^g ! olns : ial- wjiys; . the lawy«ra climb, day* after day; their grimy stairs ""awl hallways^ TWf .little' '-boys ·· are"playing /all, - as art/-the- larger ;fellows; and . In the musty : tn.iislcVhaU.,the public apeakev b*lloW8. -The..^otrchatit prince, is after k«le, as though : there were no battles, and'.now--he .springs a baxgraln- anJe. of »tTe«;.and baby, rattles; .', The mayor cries,'"..^TaCke .the traan-'-a-Hrayr. which scfi*me the 'town .tn"dors«s; '.'Jim Bill- Ihjrarans his yellow dray,.and -wrhalea his lary horse.' The idle rfch,-the upper ^crust, ride by in;. cost]* : . "niqtors, aud*^'th'r6Tr' r .tbair "clouds", of "ch'oklh? dust-ori,tired and.plodding:voters. The candidate^, proceeds to .chew' his "rag In -old.ttim^manner.'-ind : teU».^howvinuch he'ifl '«;ladJy~3p. ; to'-save -oirr .tiircatene'd 'b'a'nher/- "Tfie "'s'cfifcol · inarnj: makes the death.- : alone.'can sever:, oh .thing!*'.go On.-; in/^h'Ii : .ster]l ;: tlniei- about thfr/same Jnasfl -A: 'Gueat. ''' t '.^.t*-;^:qrp : ,THE Let TIB knnw about'the .war, let UR ahare^ its s-rief and. trlory.. iy.e'Vthat wait^arid^iierve at home have » · *- righ't. to'hear its story; · "·'·/ They-"arc 'our -boys-over there, 'tis our .-..- Flat; that flies- above- them;^ r , '. "We'll-be-brarer; .Tve'll,.l)e truer lf;you'Jl . tell u« somethinE" 'of tbqm.' In dispatches. that are.iu.mcless' fs it All, the'joy- 'and/-'.all " t h e aptendpr.- that ;:· ;'would cheer some little mother? If.;h'er:.boy has : claimed distinction by some .aralJant. deed of daring:, Let'iber-proadl^'rfiare';the-ff!ory of the -ribbon · he in^-'wcErlnK- blanks and di hes can we keep .thCi-home fires burning;, .Though;,;three., thousand rnlles 'divide us; : our hearte.are turn 1ns- Quard joTir army secret clo ely but when .there's a bit of glory: : That woTJ.ld;.streii,irthen' us :fo'r' ser%-ice ' nartWiCoihe with the.stora' . In'Thi* Daily.; Courier al result*. --Try -them. V-*l«r SBALEP BIDS WIXX BE ed for 127 000 Otf in Taxable ^ per cent 'Borifti'"of ^th'e -School -District' of the City ~of" ConiieHsvlYie; at 'the/office · of the .School Board;JHigrh School.- Build; ttia*.v.-Falrview* ^.avenue, until noon; MaroK :2tth. ; l»l8.--:fSchool: Board ·rTe».:-thft^t;ht..it6. reject..any or all" bid*. -mar 13 20 27 VTATBHlHfT- 0*r ClRCVLATlOff. Stat* of Tenrisytyinia.. Couritir..of ^ay ,ett*, aa.-...'." " . - · · ' .. · . . - , · i --Before-met the-subscriber a Notary PuMie within-and for *aW County and St*t«,:p«r»onally : appeared.'J.·, "Wylie Dri»«olV:'WBo'.'beihif "duly »wom-. accord- In^rto'-law, did depoae : »nd say; Tfc*t:he;Ja -Aflaictaht.JhCanarer; of Clr- jdilaUftniirfiTJijuCourier, - daily .new: paper publlah*d.: in /Connellaville. Pa.. and that..the rfUnab^r^oCpapera 1 printed duri|ic v the week ending .- · Saturday March 23 1911 war a* follow MartV 18 ,S;70» "^ffarch 21 6502 Marc»i IS .i.500 March 22...fl.S66 March. "0 .6.08 March 23:;.8,853 Total-. Xally ^ ayeraire ~6,S1S. That th* daily circulation by month for the t year 191 to date waj as fpl lOW! * 191* - Month Dally A\ January _ ». 1"5 963 6 526 IflbruJirT^,, % , 156.165 6.507 Thau tMK.daUy T circnlati6n by monthfl for the y«aT ifiT to date waa as fol low» ·~ r * ^" 1911. »t ^, 1 Month. Daily AV January*; t * ,357,261'' 6.034 F»brnaW^ ^,130;852 «.45J, March .U»,«l S.S3I: April; . .139,1** 5JI5T. ^ , ;149;162- 6.524 July Ananaat. 9*pt«mb«r u: »r C.143 1 1 lie 6.li5 5.127 1,234 Total s "* 181343 S.Sl And- forth«r/*ayetti *. noU J.- Vr.fZXE , DBI3COLL; ·wQrn»:to^Jind"anbKCTib«d-,:befor«v£ -WANTED -- YOUB BAS3KR1"G bualneas.- '.RENUINE'S. -'' . V. tf -. .rWANTED--TH1RD-.TBICK COOK J.T. " ' .'. 27marJf. v O TAOVJ;RIISE I our cla'ssined columnar. '.. . ; , : " . . · "WANTED--BOY TO ACT. AS'POR- ter and v/brk in druff store. ^ I n q u i r e jrC.'MOORE. ' · : · · · · . 27fnart.ta "WIANTEO--GIRL FOR . GENERAL housework. 3S1 .. North, Pittsburgh' streetl - V . '. . - ' · 27m'ar3t WANTE1--SECOND HAND TTPE- wrlter; Call Bell 13-R. or Tri-State 9J-W.-Mount Pleasant ZSfehtl ' TV ANTED--GIRL FOR ' GjENEBAL housework; cootl- wages. Apply H. !·· CARPENTKR^ 810 South .Plttsburg street.^ .. , "· ---" 27marlt- ' WANTED-^-THREE -'OR POUR ,rooms .o'r a. furnished flat for housekeeping.' Must : -be'first " class. Call Bell -HI. . . 26martld -WANTED -- AN EXPERIENCED girl for housework. No washing: and Ironing. :· .Appjy at 404 iBast .Green street. ' ' · 26martfd WANTET-SEVERAL . MEN; FOR work .In repair shops, 9 hour shift. Apply MASTER MECHANIC, West Penn Railways Co. ; . 23raar4t . . LADT..STEN- ographer' /and ; accountant. State experience and salary des\red. Address P. A. care Courier. . : ISmartfd ·WANTED--AT ONCE EXPER1ENC- ed -Baleslady. highest wivges; :steady position. PEOPLES DEPARTMENT STORE,. Z20 North Pittsburg street. . · " ' . - - SSnrnrtfd . ·WANTED--^MINERS WANTED W3O are studying for examinations to get the best mining book published. "Min- ,ing In a Nutshell." by JAMES WARDLAW. Scottdale, Fa.' Price |2.2(. '* 8feb*4t . WANTBD--OLD FALSE. TEETH; Don't matter if broken. I pay 12.00 to S1S.OO per'setl Send by parcel post aiid receive check by 'return malL Ix MAZER, 2007 a Fifth Street. Philadef- phla. Pa. . 5mar2It* TTNTED--KOBACKERS 1 REQUIRE the services of a thoroughly experienced and accurate stenc£ra|hcr. -Resident of Connellisvllle .preferred, · Apply In person to MR. A. J. KOBACKER, .'·' ' · · " . ' . . ' , ' SSmartfd . . WANTED--ANY KIND OF /PR1NT- Inff,' whether It is a calling- card.'sale bill or the .finest .engraved wedding invitation or announcement.- We prlnl anything--everything--do it prom^t-ly and do it right. Call the man at THE COURIER office. Both phones. S7-tf WANTED--LA11GE FIVE. AND Ten cent syndicate offers opportunities to .few- young men to , : become store managers' after proper training: must .be.well, educated; cKnartmenb store experience desirable. ViiJdress. wlt'i Cull particulars oxperlence and sal (expected. BOT 56. care Courier. . - . . . 2Cmar3t FOR RENfT.' :.OH SALK-^-EIGJIT room "dwelling." 202' West Washington venue. ' .' ; -:·'.:.'. ': '· . · ' . . : ' · · 27mar3t -FOR RENT--TWO LAUGE DESIR- able furnlshed.-.r'bbihs fop light house r keeping.:-jAll. conveniences. 410^ North ti*biirl£! ' ' · ^/ : ' . : 27marlt. ^/POH^; ; .KBN i r--OI*E;.. '· DESIRABLE store 'room" formerly'occupied by Meana Sc Murpby^Inquire FLORENCE.SMUTZ. ' : ^.X- .···.,-- .-;. v i - V - , 28febtfd FOR RENT--FRON 1 !!?. OFFICES ON second floor of D!lnri A Evans build- ine. Inquire of HAKf.T DUNN. ' .: . . . . · - . - ' · . 8]an-tfd of the I city of Connellsville; county of Fay'ettc and state of Pennsylvania, .de- cea.sed..'' .'.· · ·'. . .";·· ." ··- ' " - ,- .' L Letters Testamentary on .the above named estate having- been, granted to the undersigned, " n o t i c e is -heroUy given to all persons Indebted to said, estatje ,to make immediate payment, and-to those haviugr'claims again at tho same, to present theni prpperjy 'au-' thentBcatdd for' settlement. NANNIB J. RBID, Executrix, Connollaville, Pa, H,. G.'MAY;. Attorney. 6mar8t-wcd FOR RENT---TEiv" '- ROOM- .HOUSE, South 'Connellsvillc, one squaro from car line, nice clean condition;- .water and gas inside, toilet outside. J18.00.' Empty- now. - JOSEPH A.-:' MASON. Second National Bank building. . 27mar3t FOR' SALE-^-FRESH 'COW, . ONK Kalt milo east .. of .Marietta, farm. ADAM-' SWINKS. - ' 23marGt" 'TOR .;: SALI^-rHORSE : WEIOHITG 1200 pounds, wagon and buggry at rea-. aonable price,..- DAWSON EAKKRT. Dawsonj Pa. · 23mar6t. FOR i3ALE--STABLE 90x49, LOCAT- ed on lot 106x165 .corner of Meadow Lane -arad Church' Place. Also three double' 1 .-houses .o'n'same lot. Inquire JOS. L. · STADER. ' ' 23martfd . FOR SALE--JUST -RECEIVED . A carload- of. seed potatoes. Early Hose. Early Ohio's, Bur-banks, Royal -New "Yoriccrs; Next door to Dull. Com- panyTs i'eed store. Peach street. .FAYETTE WHOLESALE PRODUCE CO., Both Phones. .. . 27inartfd TOR SALE--USED CAR-BARGAINS. Saxon Six touring; .fine condition, only run 500 : miles. Maxwell , Roadster, brand new, 300 mile's on ; tlrtJ9. Ford Roadster '-· 1917 model, run 800 miles, K'DO,^ £wd . tfrea,j excellent condition. 1917 Fordv -Truck,' covered body,, big bargain. Country. Club ! .model. ; . .-well known make.. See Kalph Hyatt.'at CJ3NTRAL MOTOR COMPANY, .Apple atraei. ' .' · ·."·' ; ·' . aimartfti IX3ST--SA.TUMJA.T" NIGHT BE- iween Woolworth's" 6 and lOc atore and west side of .bridKre. black, pocltetboolc containinr sum of money.- Reward If name IB returned to address on card Inside pocketbook.. 26mar2t ; . . Charter Notice, ·~NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN-THAT an application will .be. made .by .T. D. Gardner, N.. E. Gardner and.C.'A; Port to the Governor of .Pennsylvania,' on Friday. April 12, 1918, at 10 o'clock A. M;, under tho provisions of an Act of Assembly entitled "An Act lo provide for the Incorporation and regulation of certain corporations.'.' approved the 29th day.of April, A. D., 1874. and the supplements'thereto; for a charter for an Intended corporation to be called SYRIA COAL COMPANY, the, character and obieot of which is. the mining of coal and the manufacture o f ' t h e same Into coke, and the sale of coal and coko. and .for. these purposes to have, possess and enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges .by. said Act of Assembly, and the supplements thereto conferred. STERLING,. HTGBEE MATTHEWS. Solicitors. · . . - ' . - marl3-20-27 TET OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS. Ic A WORD. YAKD CLERKS, TRACK CHECKERS AND CREW CALL-, ERS, P.: L. B.. RAILHOAD COMPANY, DICKBRSON. RUN. GOOD SALARY, STEADY EM- PLOYJIENT, RAPID PROMOTION. APPLY TO C. E. '· SIN- HARD, GENERAL. YARD MASTER, DICKBESON RUN. PA. Ready Money! Operating Coal Mines A-.woll established Jobbing and Shipping Company -will make^, liberal advances, loans, or participate in flnanc- hig on reasonable, terms to actual operating an^ shipping '.coal mines with side tracks and. regular tipples.-: Give facts as to location, .name and thickness of vein, output ; capacih" based on physical mine, also Railroad car'rating and financial requirements. . ' ' . .. · [ · Information will be treated as .strictly con§dentiai. . ADDRESS, '·fi.EI.UBn.ITi:" P. 0. BOX S22, STnYTOBK CITY. · » · ' - . No Other Fine Phonograph Offjers These Advantages T HE any-record Brans-wick opens a broader Geld of music--ajl limitations are removed. Come in today--choose any record you ·wish.-- whatever make--whatever artist Hear, it on The Bruns'wick to gain a new appreciation of tone values. ' f For The Brunswick is.equipped with two reproducers, instantly interchangeable." tlse any needle you like--jewel peint, steel, fibre or sapphire ball. A-reproducer is provided for the 'world-famous Pathe Records--^hitherto barred from!many homes. All without extra cost Faultless Renditions Another distinct advancement gives The Brunswick firot place in reproduction. This Is the acoustically-perfect; sound chamber, built like a violin. \ In this one feature we gain for you all the previously lost overtones, mellow low notes, the clear vibrant "high C," and delicate ahadings Nasal, metallic tones are impossible in:The Brunswick. Whatever artist or'rendition you like may be .heard incomparably better on The Brunswick Make Comparisons Hear this marvel-instrument play your favorite record--now Note the difference Now fiat the final-type phonograph--the very best--*s obtainable ·why be content with less' Remember, Brunswick prices are somewhat below othei models of 1 ke size Come in today--we are always glad to show you, but you are not placed under the slightest obligation to buy- PLAYS ALL RECORDS , PRICES $32.50 to $190 Peter R. Weimer 127-129 E. Crawford Ave., CONNELLSVILLE, PA. mea-j - " D o you know that oatmeal makes . ^delicious pudding's and btlier good things? Of course, you know it is a good breakfast V food, but it is even better fixed up for dinner or supper: It makes excellent puddings, wholesome bread. and cookies, an appetiz- i ·.,ing soup for a cold day, a baked dish for din: ner in place of meat. * is planned at the Union Supply Company Stores. You must see the many Easter novelties in women's and misses' wear, all the new styles in all the different lines are now in. It is an old custom to a new outfit for Easter, men and women, misses and children, everybody, wants to wear their best on Easter Sunday. The Union Supply, Company is offering wonderful inducements and they will offer many /novelties for women and misses that are exclusive, and can only be gotten at our stores. It is to your interest to visit the nearest Union Supply Company store for your Easter shopping. IT Y ° ^ -Union § ·1 Laree Department Store*, Located In Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny , -M Counties. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with our style selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE vith Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customer*' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUT-- w. s. s. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MARCH, 1P1S. MS. 1, 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNEUSV1U.E, PA. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Resulta.

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