The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1930
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLf VILLB, PA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, ISt'tO. Fate of Youghiogheny 'Rwqr 1 Improvement Program Depends On Proof Presented Monday ®- Immense Taskfj Eesls With Those Actually in Need of TMewnlejj Service. PACTS, FIGURES ARE ESSENTIAL WASHINGTON. Jan. 1G--An energetic campaign in which all congressmen from Western Pennsylvania will participate 'was opened' here to link an improved Youg'hiogheny Rivar with the great waterway systems of the country. Arf Interested leaders laid plans for (i meeting In Pittehurg Monday before District. Engineer 3. 3. Bain, at which the needs for the- irnprovomont of the YougWoghony will bo presented, these developments took place: Farm Calendar ( r-7-r--j -Timely Rornlntlera From The Pennsylvania Stato College Loom Gardening' Methods--Up-to- date information on pardoning may be obtained "by studying bulletins and clr- ciilars and by consulting tniccenaful gardeners. Recent publications Issued by the Pennsylvania State College are Circular 120, "'The'family. Vegetable Garden" and Circular 122, "Vegetable Cordon Inseeta." Theee may be ob- talned fre-o from your county agricultural agent. Mnkos Swine bred ewno have Profits -- Good puro- male money for PetwisyVrania farmers. O.n-e anan who purchased n \ State- Pann Products Show rose-rve' chnn-piou raised nine The W«r D«sn,rtment gave notion ])!gSj w l t h w jji c j, } )e . won $183 in prize ' that it was watching Iho movement with Interest. A statement \va* leaned declaring WcKtorn Pennsylvania congressmen nftver before wore so united on an important project. Every manufacturing and and mining enterprise in the locality to be effected by the Improvement, was [·ailed to hav-o representatives .present/ at tho I'i'ttsbiiTK m-eoting. Assurances wtre obtained from the proper Senate and House committees that any legislation proposed would be given earnest attention. The- people generally ol the Yough- iogheny valley wore asked to cooperate in whatever way they could to in- Hure the successful carrying out of the project. With the f u l l support of Senators money at his c o u n t y , fair aivd th£n sold live of the pigs for $350. Hour Educations I Talks--Turkey raising is growing in popularity with Keystone farmers. Several of them will tell about their experience at the Poultry .Association meeting at the State Farm Products Show in Harrte- burg, January 22 and 23. There will he talks on other farm activities at the 20 other association meetings during the show. I'iiint Graiio Arbors--Grape' arbors can be used advan-'ageously in malting the home grounds attractive, Carefully plan tbo locaCon so that they will appear to gool advantage. Members v Mnst He Loyal--No cooperative ' organization can succeed without loyalty on the part of its , , members. They must believ-3 in co- David A. Hood and Joseph II. Qrumly,! j)er Uol1i httve . ponfklenco In the man- tlie river improvement scheme^being age ,^ enti fea i porRm ,al. responsibility, and gradually learn more about the policies and activities of the organization. Feed SflUige Promptly--Frozen silage ehould bo fed itnuedlatoly after it thaws. PROMISES ROADS OF CLAY HARDER THAN CONCRETE STATE COLLEGE, Jan. 16--Roads harder than concrete, cheaper than macadam, and easier to lay than either lathered by Congressman Adam M. Wynrit of UreMisburg, Clyde Kelly-of- Edgewood, and Samuel A. Kendall of Meyersdale. Kelly and Wyant joined in a statement declaring tho project wa« ou ite way to success, "Tho present fate of this much tioocled Improvement," their statement Bald, "rests with those in Western j Ponneylvfinia, who are vitally concerned. "Local Engineer Bain has ordered a hearing on January 20. At that hearing th-e case for this' Improvonwrnt must he made. Every manufacturing and mining eaterprie whlcli neede this additional transportation must be represented. _ "Facia and figures will aloae be of j ot, ir o promised in the »ew ma- wolght. Everything depends upon t h e ] t e r j a j developed liy Prof. Joceph B. proof of general Interest and thojgj,. i w an! My r ij :. Shaw of Pemwjyl- rcasons which so abundantly justify j vall j a state College. Details of the the Improvement of this river. , manufacturing proeefiB will be re"The task rests with thoee- actually 5n need of the service to be rendered by a canalized Youghiogheny river." vealed by Professor Shaw, who is head of the ceramics department at the co ]i ege/ ^t the nveting of the Amerl- Plans i'or tho PIttsburg meeting j cun Ceramics Society at Toronto next wore discussed with Wyant and War j mon th. 'Department officials by W. M. McKeo, j Tnese now ro «d« s^ill be made of secretary of the McKe-esport Chamber j ]ulgo i )r j c i c6( a s largo as live by 20 of Commerce. He «ild George H.; tcet aml elx to ci ht inches thick, laid A-:-,!oy. state geologist, would be pres- j on n gra i e a erth surface, just as th* at tho hearing to give the results \ preflen t concrete slab roada are, the of the special study he has made on Hie potential production of coal, llme- *fono, lire clay, and gravel !n the ricli territory served by the Youghiogheny. Penn State ceramist said. Tha paring material may bo manufacture!! anywhere that deposits of clay or analo are found, no special quality of raw materials ing required, as for As in evidence of Its interest In Die project, the War Department will ( preaent paving 'brick. Once the kiln 1« Ktiu.l Colonel E. L. Daley, formerly j bll]U| tho manufacturing costa will be d l H t r l c t engineer at PHteburg, to Mou-! 6 m a l J i he 8a id, b'ving entirely mechan- day's meeting ae an observer. | tcalj t h e pro( . esfl continuous, fuel costs Others, in addition to Wyant, Ken-.h ow nn | uttle labor required, d u l l and Kolly, who will be there will This new materiaal was developed i n c l u d e Clwrlcs R. Shaw. McKoe^port j nt the p r o m p t ( n . ; of u n u e d States banker, president of the Youghiogheny j senator W. B. Pine of Oklahoma, who I m p r o v e m e n t Aesoc.tatlou; Major John j rocent i y flpe nt some time here with K. BlaUe of Connellsvllle; A. M. Stev- p rote6fior Snaw - studying ' tho new unson of West Newton, and Major J., pl . occas ant i maierial. E. Moorheu! of \V-eet Newton, techni- j .. Tho p a v c j ro ad6 In which we take cnl adv:t-:ef to tho association. ·eucii pride today," the senator wrote Anioiif; the ictlve fiupportere of t h e ! p ro f esa or Shaw more then a year ago, f,i,tiH.ll/.ation of -Die riser are th-o Me- j . w jij j, ltt s ^,. ve !1S an appetizer for the Increased width of incredibly greater Koc«port Tin 1'lato Company, Cur- [ ( j en , alMl to com. n-ogio Steel Company, Plttsburg Coal i j,ig] nva y a a n ,1 Kxcliange, Natlontil Tube Company, J II)i]oaffe are ft ,v:.lting only a new pav- Jones , Lntig-hlin Steel Corporation, lng iuatorial . ^^^ material must be Crucible SU:-o! Company, "VVheolln." - ^ Stool Corpt'fation, AVeirton Steel Cor poratlon, Y^utigstown Sheet and Tube Company, JMUslnirg Plate Glass Cora- vxvny, ami i.ho American Steol Wire Company. Seven in Ten Past 40 Need Hiis Special Treatment Writer Explains WomU'ous Value of Doctor SoutlnvorUi's "Urataljs" And Invites All. to Try Them Without Cost Unless Pleased. W i t h mhlc'llu riixc alluiciHs attacking over t w o - l l j l i T l s ut those past -10 e v e r y one who notices siteli distressing symptoms (is l-iimciifss, Tains lu back ami d o w n t h r o u j f l i K'roltus, ncanly but t ro- _ fjii.-ut and b u r n i n g U r i n a t i o n , "Oettlngr- U i i - N l s ' i t " - " Nervous I r r i t a b i l i t y ami L:ii;U of Force -- should at once try tho atna;;lns "ftiua of Ir. Southworth's ·TKATABS." \ V i i i i e r. ew to m a n y , the t r u l y ro- nui'U.i'.iSc v a U t o of U t t A T A B S !UIH boon tliorouyi;!..- I.II-UK.III t'.v r.-i-'i\- :hati -SO - l u - i - o p s f u l u!o In tin p r i v a t e f IT, I V . C, t , i - i i i t l , ' . v i j r l i i . U.- n rio.-toi's t.'ror.t a U k o mpany. Wheeling . c i ieaper than^nuicudam and stronger .Volrton Steel Cor- ! Uuul c e i n e n t i » Professor Slww was of the opinion that the specifications,could be met with vitreous day products, and with hia son started his experiments. An entirely new manufacturing process had to be devle^d to meet the requirements, and a new way of handling the raw materials. The foreseen result will be "bricks" of unprecedented eize and hardneeH. Large majsive clay products 'maybo produced which It is Impossible to wake under any heretofore known method. Other applications for this new product besides road paving, for which it was developed, are being considered. Among them are pilings, facings for sea walls an,d Jam«, foundations, floors and facings tor huge buildings, beside*) opening a new attack on tho "processed" email house. MaskedFliers of Cold^ r U. S. Army aviators who are taking part in the cold-weather flight from SelMge Field, Mt Clemens, Mich., to Spokane, Wash. Adjusting their snow-proof masks prior to the take off of the- 21 planes. The pta-pose of the flight, under Command c f Major Ralph Royce, is to determine th a effectiveness of men and planes in cold weather flying. wysftft«/»«mfywvvwwwkw«^^ Homo of the Vitaplione Pictures Today, Tomorrow and Saturday ins Highest Honors Romance and Action! BETHANY OLLEE MEETS MICHIGAN CAGERS TONIGHT BETHANY, AV. Va., Jan. IS.--Fans of Ohio Valley basketball are In for a treat tonight when the champion Bethany Collegs passers meet the fast Ftepping Michigan State quintet at Bethany, Being as this is tho first appearance of the visitoje in thin section of the state much enthusiasm haa been aroused over this game and a capacity attendance is anticipated to turn out to see tho Bethany ahampionB in the opening home floor tilt of the 1930 campaign. Bethany will line up with Tlush and Balce r at th-o forward posts, Talfair will jump center while Captain Damschroder and Fladdlng will take wire of the guard positions. The game will start'at 8:15 ami will bo -preceded by a preliminary game between tho senior and freshman quintetn. COLONEL -RDPPERT SAYS BABE RUTH HAS COST HIM MILLION NEW YORK, 1G. -- Ruth cost GoVowol/Jake Rnp-pert one OTllllon | ·dollars In the past 10 yeara -the own-er of thp Now Yon'k Yan.k-e» revealed Jti explaining why ho is -bearish regawV- Jng the Wg ba.U player's aa-laxy tor 1,130 and .1931. l:i-em: The ftnim of 5125,000 paid th-o Boston R-edsox .for the Babo in 1920. ·Item: Sunis agsregatlii-B $62 ; 0,000 paid R u t h as eailary since that time. Item: A !iitt!e matter of 5375,000 loaned to Harry Frazeo to persuade . the formor owii«r of the Redso-x to' sell Ruth, a siwn which never hns been The Pararnoun t A real all-youth caflt is seen in "The Forward Paea," the First Mational and VHaphono all-dialogue p cture of college life which Is on th-o screen at the Paramount Theatre. The average age of tho me nber» of the cast is 20. Not a perso i in the picture k over 25, L/oretta Young, who plays he feminine lead is only 17, and DoUf laa Fairbanks, Jr., who plays oppoei e her, is just 21. Other youngsters wl o are in the cast are "PeanutR" Byroi , Phyllis Crane, Dorothy Gulliver, an 1 a host of college boys Including tte entire football team of the U n i w r e i t y of Southern California. The more mature players, who are pa«t 21, are "Big Boy" Will! uns, Bert Rome and J-^vne Chandler, ai young men. "The .Forward Pas«" is B story of campus love and football ri~ airy, ami tho football thrills ive T irleJ by plenty of comedy and a m mber of vory snappy now aongs. On · of these, "Up -and At 'om," is a real a-kt of th-e neaaon and will soon be i ting and played everywhere. Eddie Cline dirertwl tl (s lively titory, and has produced o 10 ol' th© first and host all-talking", all-sound football picture*. Tbo qh er!ii|j of tho crowl« snl tbo t h u d f tackled pl^yors aa they fall to th , turf are thrilling, and add to the nter-sst in the gamoB that ar-o playd luring tho progress of the picture. Tho program aleo includ- a a news reel, all talking comedy and Vltaphona act. The Orpheum "Fast Company" opened at the Or- pheura Theatr-e yesterday amid · gales of laughte-r. It is real amusement of the highest order with comedy of the best rib-tickling kind. Jack Oakie is the main reason for tho laughter. He le a very clover comedian. Tha plot is based, upon a etory of baseball players written by the great American humorist, Ring I/ardnar. Tlie hero, played by Jack Oakicj, is a boastful but lovable slangster who Wise-cracks and homa-run-lilts hie way to the foreground, helping hie team, tho Yankees, to win the League pennant. He falls into the faet company of smart city-bred folks, including a show-girl and some crafty gamblers, and he almost ruins his own and. hia team's chaiices for victory on the day of (ho flnat game of hte World's series when something happene to change the whole aspect of the plot. Oakle IB a now type of comedian on the screen and h-e will' akl thousands of admirers to his string with his swaggering "big- league" comedy capers in this one. Evelyn Brent, aa the girl who spurns him but later warme to W« naive charm, does a great job, as alwayfi. Richard Gallagher, another young actor who has risen rapidly in comedy roles, gives a remarkable performance as the slang-, talk manager of Oakie, Owen Lee adds a full quota of feminine charm, and Sam Hardy aa the manager of the Yankees, le, ae ever, equal to the demand upon hia powers aa a gifted actor. In a word the thrille, tho laughs, the exciting .-suspense of baseball ere here aplenty and (.here is an abundant overflow of clever acting. A movietone net, all talking comedy and sound news reel are alfio being shown. Hury«;. Oaten. Directed lj Eddie Clfno. Wonderful LOTO Stcjry. Five Big Stars. Tlirilllng- Football Game With the youthful lovers of "Fast UJe" DOUG. FAIRBANKS, JR. and LORETTA YOUNG and Lane Chandler, Guinn Williams Marion Byron Vitaplionc Art-- Fred Ardath in "Man Among Men" AH Talkie Serial, "Ace of Scotland Yards" Admission--Matinee JOc and 25c; Night 15c and 35c M.on. nufl Tues.--Mary NoJaml in "Shanghai Lady" Thursday, Friday, Saturday CoJleen »l!oore in "Poot Lights and Eools." wwwuwuwtfitfvwt *fttwfmMweifw#a^^ Colonel .la-ko, however, failed to s-tato how many miilliotia tho bambino was .responsible for pouring into tho coft'era of tho N-ow York Yankees. SPOUTS GLEANINGS Con-tracts were mall-ed- yesterday to Babe Ruith *tn-d ,'iO othor mnmber of tho -Now York Yankee ·base-ball club, n * · Dr. Olarenoo W. SPOJWS of the TJni- veraiiy of Minnesota has been elected hc.-ad football coach at University ot Oa-egon. Oollego's basketball team has won 10 straight games. The n-oxt encounter is -on January 25 wb,e7i Bsth.any College will .bo the Th-e Was-h-J-eff basketball team last night ctefeatecl Carnegie; Tech, 33-24. Alverton Helen caller r.-i -'t' -.'tic-; c-'-'iiviiiciiig T f.- i ; ' i !:n vu l u . c r '-n 1 fr ·.' -.MST: u n t i l ··t:H.V: ; A!;rf ai-o Uu- -K-r U'c.,.1. .-ies.'s a i n j '" iu^ -1." "N'i m o r e -.1 Vr.ATAI'.S. )r:-H.-n,M-'! I hn', c i S i . n - k n - ' t u v ! . n» invi-"' j ' ! 1 - " - "" tn-i-.-o i!;\ily tMuViui i u;i -nie:!! yr U O H ! ' . ! ' » - u p - t i i y h t . s , I no-.v ^ i - p si'iiiullj- « n r l K;t »r» In the inarnJiiH- f u l l uC pe-j)--thanks lo UHA- TAti.S."--This Is amazing uvlilenc-o! N'o m a ' i e r h o w loi!j^ ycui I m v e bccsu t r o u b l e d or liow sstiiW'oi'n your case may HL-CI-.I to le. a. 10-'.luj- test of Or. Southivoi til's UKATABS offora c o m T o v l iii:U r e i K ' f and you can i n a k o l i i o tesi w i t h o u t r i s k of cost, tur U n i o n Dr»K Co., or a n y g;.6tl t l r u t f K i s t w i l l s u p p l y you ou s i i a r u n t f o of mor.ey back It' not cattsilctt. Try u r t A ' I ' A U S toitay!--A1- ALVKRTON. Jan. 16--Mrs. O'Roary of ,S ottdale was a hero Sunday. There will he a Christian Endearor Rally In the ('hurch of G«d in Mount Pleaeaat on Thureday evening. Tbo .society of thir place expects to attend in a body. Mrs. EmuM Quartz and daughter, T'ciH'e w-ero t-'c-otldale tshoppers Monday. Revival sei \iccis in tho Church of God will l)-i.'gin on the Hrst Sunday in February. K u v , Suavely of Hagerstown, Md., w i l l be th«evangleis,t. James Hort:;e was a caiiur in. Scottdale on Satu-day, Mrs. Vandnle Morse wa3 a Scottdale shopper Satu\xiay evening. Use our ci isstfifcd advortiseraenta. Joseph G r ' m i n , young son of Mr. and Mrs. Ca-1 G r i m m , who ham been seriously ill for tho past week is im- Droved, UNIONTOWN LEGION PLANS CELEBRATION ON FOURTH OF JULY UNIONTOWN, Jan. 1R.~With the determination lo give the- people of Fayette county in general and tho residents, of Union town, in particular, one o£ the largest Fourth -oE July celebrations in history, the committee on ways and menus of Lafayette Post of tho American Legion met in (he home last night and worked out plans for the fete. Chairman Matiy Bain announced t b a t among SUo features would :)e of monster parade with many expensively decorated floats, bugle; corps, bands and the like in line ot march. The route of the .parade- has not yet been decided because of thu intention to have it tintl at the High School stadium where the contest for tho many statewide and near-slate bugle corps will be staged together w i t h a contest between 15 or 20 children's bands and corps expected to participate, w i l l be hold. Ltao mil- "wa.nh" Th on,-inn ds With Po r, Wealc Stomachs IVoiv Tiikinaf.-. In Now Liquid F rm. PHARMACISTS PE USE IT Stops Acute Kind in Few Min- utes--What.a Blessing. Here's a delight tul lixir with plenty of real po-psin, so no menthol and just enough of · se- eral other fttoniuch correctivos to n ake It capable of putting almoHt an; weak, rundown, abused stomach I: first class shape--and it tawles lilu the -most palatable nectar. The men who created t supreino- ly good formula know tl sir busln'fesB --they don't believe in i asty tasting medicine and tho peopl t are with them for, Dare's Meat .a Pepsin-that's the name--is ha ing- a tremendous sule ail over the country. They havo passed along the word to every druggist in the co tutry that if Dare's Meutha Pepsin t oesn't bring serene comfort to' any v ornoul, rundown, sickly, gassy ston ach that Iho owner of t h a t most iini ortant internal organ can have h i s ' · r her money back. Stubborn indigestion o years s-tand- ing is hard to-got rid ( f, but Daro's Montha Pepsin will do it; one enthusiastic- druggist asBe Is.--It's real pepsin in liquid form--tne r i g h t . w a y to taks p-epsln. Union Drug Co. a l ways lias a big nupp,1y ( n hand.--Advertisement, mud. 6.--According u-e^Dr. J. H. juotes an im- :iim ho had plane of Mail miles west of trace of Gra- Report PliimB ¥ LOS ANGELES, Jan. : lo telegrams rsce-ived h Hastingts, Pioche, Nev.. iiametl man aa telling found ilia missing mon- Pilot JVlaury Graham, 1C Bribtol Miia-s, v/ilh no ham. CRUSADE AGAINST UNLICENSED DOGS ORDERED-STARTED Wholesale prosecutions of owners of dogs who fail to purch-aaa license tega for them is threatened by John M. Hare, 'Fayette county representative of the Department of Agriculture, according to an announcement made today. It te said that many dogs havs been unlicensed for years in Fayette county. Last year elxtcon thousand license tags were issued and this year it Is expected' to have the total run up to twenty thousand. Dog owners arrested for tailing to provide licensee may be iin-ed from flv-o to one hundred dollars, or tentenced._to thirty days to Jail. 'ALL TALKING omorrow Saturday You can't keep n p with the laughs in JRJCT.UB Also All-Talking Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound News Confluence Found Dead. DIXON, Ky., J a n . 16.--After a desperate digging and -learch following the reopening of t! e Carl Melton coal m i n e , tiealed toiler ing a lire-Saturday, the bod left of two entombed men were recovered la e last night CONFLUENCE, Jan. 1C--C. T. Smith of this place, installing officer for the Knights of Pythias oC the county, accompanied by Cyrus Cronin was at Somerset Tuesday evening ^installing officers In the lodge. Those from a distance who attended f.hc funeral of Mias Fanny Lenlmrt, held ut Undertaker C, B. Humbert's funeral parlors Tuesday, were Mr. and Mrs, N. R. Burnworth and daughter, Ada of Unlontowu, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dowler of B,lcheyvilli», and Mr. and Mrs. Glair George and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burnworth of Pittsburg. Mrs. Belle Butler of Joliuson Chapel was a recent visitor- with friends in town. W. S. Rafferty, claim representative for the Baltimore Ohio railroad, at Conne-Ilsville, was a recent business visitor here. George W. Lenhart of Glen wood was here Tuesday attending the funeral of Nancy A n n , the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Laytou. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanna were visitors to Rockwoocl yesterday. Mr. and Mrs .Calvin Brown of Dawson arrived here yesterday i'or a visit with friends, Mrs. J. I-,. Burriwovth and daughter, Gevaltline, went to Cumberland yesterday to visit friends. U :STABLISHED IN ,'1900 1 N FAY E T T E CO U NT Y i i* (: i i K y "$ I L' I ! There are many men who have never been able to get ahead financially because they were unwilling to make early sacrifices. Every little economy and prudent saving count. You will appreciate, a growing account with this Bank. TITLE TRUST COMPANY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CONNELLSVILLE.PA, The Only Bank in this C o m m u n i t y that originally paid and has constantly p a i d 47o on Savings Accounts ·V"

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