The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 15
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Hamtramck, Michigan, 6-4, 61 In the final, slated for this morning, Skillings was to meet George) Taylor of Houston, Texas, who also reached the f)ral of the boys 16 tiniict and the boys 14 doubles. DROPS FIVE GAMES Taylor, who was runner-up lor the U.S. national boys 14 title this year, dropped only five games in the four matches he played on the way to the boys 14 final. He lost only IS fames in similar number of matches in the boys 16 tin gles. In the final of this event be was to meet top-seeded John Hainline of Detroit, who downed1 Michel Leblane of Montreal 6-1, 6-0 In the semi finals. Connie Capozzi of Middle-town, Ohio, the U.S. national girls 14 champion, advanced - to the finals of the same three events in tne gtnr amsion. in the final of the gis 14 singles i -1 SATURDAY , AUGUST 22, 19M THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 15 Two Canadians Reach Finals In Junior Tennis Tourney By tWi SOUTHWOITH i f Th Journal Two Wctl Cmil pliycra emerged yesterday si the only Canadian flnaliiu , in singles vent in the Canadian Open Junior Tennis. Champftuinhipi. The tournament, which ha been in progress all ww-lc at the Rideau Lawn Tennis Club, was slated to wind up today with program of II Hnals and two semi-finals. REACHES FINAL Bob Puddicombe, winner of the boys 18 closed Canadian title, advanced,-toi the final of the open event when he defeated Luis Garcia of Mexico 6-7, 11-9, 6-4 in one of the closest matches of the tournament to date. Winner 'of the other semifinal was Armistead Neely of Tampa, Florida, the No. 1 foreign seed, wno won 6-3. 6-4 over Mexican junior champion Marcella Lara. wJtoger Skillings of Victoria, Canadian closed boyi (4 cham pion, made the final of the open event In that age group by defeating Rick Frrman of she was to meet Emily Fisher of Hamtramck, her partner "In the girts 4 doubles. She defeated Miss Fisher in the semifinals of the girls" 16 singles yesterday. The other finalist in the girls 16 singles is Marilyn Aschner of Jamsic NY, who defeated Vickl Rogers of Rye, NY, in the round of four. Susan Dykes of Hamtramck and Louise IGonnerman of River Edge, NJ, advanced to the final of the girls 18 tingles when they defeated Iris Dick son of Montreal and Miss Rogers respectively. BOYS 12 WINNER Alex Mayer of Long Island, NY. took the boys 12 title yes terday wnen he defeated Ha rold Solomon of Silver Spring, Md . 6 3. 6-2. Amy Kiertanis of Hamtramck won 7-9, 6-4 6-3 oyer Nancy Ornstein of Washington to capture the girls 12 championship. At least one Canadian flnaj- 1st was assured in the mixed doubles event, which was in the semi-final stage at the close of play Friday, but all spots in the finals of the other (our doubles events were taken by foreign entries. ' V In the semi-finals of the boyi IS doubles Neely and Tom Karp of Los Angeles defeated the Vancouver team of Pud dicombe and Victor Rollins, while the two Mexicans Lira and Garcia beat Pierre La marche of Montreal and Barry Shakespeare of Halifax. In the girls 18 doubles Misses Aschner and Gonner man beat Miss Dykes and Rosemarie Fletcher of Ottawa 8-7. 6-0. while Mist Rogers and Sue Leyden of Hamtramck won 6-4, 7-9, 6-3 over Nancy Green of Toronto and Andrea Martin-of Montreal. Slated for this morning were the finals of the boy t and girls 14 tingles, and the boys and; girls 18 singles. Semi-finals of the mixed doublet were sched uled for noon. The boys 16 singles final is called for 1X30 and the girls 16 singles for 130. Also on the docket for this afternoon are the finals of the Ave doubles events, beginning with the two under-18 matches at 2.30. Following kre Friday's scores: BOYS It 1INOI.ES Semi-Anal: Bob Puddlcomn. Vancouver, def. UHe Oarcla. ktra- s-7. Il-e. -4; Armuuad Neely. Tampa. def. Mareella Lara. ataxic. -l. S-. . . BOYS IS SINOLXS temHaote: Oeorte Iwylor. Houston, dof. Michel Leblanc. Montreal, e-e, S-l: John Halnlln. Detroit. . dof. stephan Venn. Montreal, e-e. t-e. or it singles -finals: Gaorn Taylor oef Tom Sulwr. prttVM e-e. S--. Bkluina. victoria. (. Rick, Firman. Hamtramck. S-4. S-l BOYS 11 ElNSfcBS final: Alex Mayor. Lone Island. otf Harold Solomon. Sllver Eprtnf . Md. S-S. S-l. ' snu is INOt.BS Beml-linala: Suaan Hinv- tramrk. oei.Irte Dickson. Mont-root. e-S, I t: Louise Ooonerman. aire idfe. NJ. Oof. VKkl Boson. Itye. NY. S-4; S-e. OWLS IS IINOI.BS Quarter-anale: Vtckl toeora f Andre Mart to. Montreal. . S-S: Marilyn Aarhnor. Jamaica. NY. dr. Sua Baser. Vancouver, S-l. S-e-, Bmily riehor. Hamtramck. def. Jade Schlffman. tUvardaa. NY. S-l. t-e. Seml-nnals: at. Aschner del. V Itoser S-4, S-fr. Connie CaooexJ. attddietown. Ohio, del. ft. ruhor e-t. e-a. . OIBU 14 tINOLBt Ouartae-nnala: Marloris Oene- ler. Lons I aland, del. Suaan Baser o-e. o-i; t-onnie t sporjn . nor. Amy Katrtaiue, Hamtramck. Bmily rtaher dot. Jade Sehlffman -. e-4. S-r Jane OUara. To ronto, dot. Michell Carey. Vancouver, s-a. 7 -a. aemt-Saale: C, Capolal dot. M Gentler. S-e. S-l. ft. Fisher dot, J. O'Hara. -!. e-t t. eiaxs it aiNOLBa rinali Amy Ktertaul. Ham tramrk. oaf Nancy Ornsteia. Waahtnf ton. -e, a-4. S-l BOYI It DOUBLBS' Quarter-finale: Victor JlWUlna. Bob Puddicombe. Vancouver dot Chuck Bralaard; John Halnlln, Hamtramck. S-a. a-4: Ftorre lav uiercu. Montreal. Barr t apoare. Halifax. , dof, Jim H Pulierton. Calif.. Turner Howard. amoxvuie. o-a. -. Seral-Anale: Armatead Tom Karp, Lot Ante lea. dot. V Bonus. B. Puddicombe T-S. e-e. Luta Garcia. Marcella Lara, dot P Lamarche. B. Shakosoeere, a-I T-S. , GIBLS l DOUBLBS Quarter-Hnala: Nancy Green. Rideau Carleton Entries FIBS T Mile, Pace, pnrae l4l Poper DoU C I 1 Lady Lo It. t Irish Heather 4 t S t LUly As-worHiy I t t Sunny HIU Fay 7 I S 1 truth Jim .... til 4 Tempo Directly 4 1 I t lady Maria T t ( TRUtD MUe, Pace, puna Met: 0 Commentator I 7 1 1 Lady Harveatar C. t I 4 I Billy D. T Golden Boy ... t Greek Wsrrtor 4 Apt-Ill Boy ... t Great C t A. . M.. IIXTB MM T Wll Pace, i '. PP S. T win. it S t a T t 1 I t I FOURTH . Para, perse tie: I Poplar Kin ..... 1 1,1. Leoia Chief .... 1 4 1 T Chuck's Delivery..- 4 1 I t Mr. O'Baauon S t e Whirlwind Vk .. I I I I Victory Direct B. - let 4 Bernie't Prtde ... t I T B FrenUard Tit SleSt 1 The Little B Darby 14 1 B Mr. Zip ... . I Battle Pick t I 4 Marsaret Harmony T t I t Dick Johnston ... S e a 1 Wlnood Fraasht ... I 1 I B oyeibbOfl . .J.-aa-a.,, T S -4 bwh BJIen 4 4 t I 4 MONDAY ' . QUIKBLLA C. Coke - S-l J. Bleaonett 4-1 B. Williams 4-1 J. Daeonaas 4-1 J. Boron , . e-1 O. Knit hi lO-l A. Pyk IS-t O. McMillan 1S-I ircoND Mile, Trot, pane liaet CapiUI R t t t V. Hufhea 0 Eaaler NimlU .... t 4 1 G. McMillan 1 Stormy Pan Am 1 I t Y. Demon 1 Boras- 1 V. WaddeU t Vobnond I t I G. Grand Adam . . Hotneetretch Bandy Lucky Cy Huseey . Church . Boron 1-1 1-1 4-1 4-1 ' -l I S-l 11-1 u-i J. Blsaonette l-l C. Deaiardina 4-1 W. Demen -l K. Kerr S-l W. Pyk Jr. 1-1 O Rockhlll . S-l K. Morrison a- P. Keen qurNitXA W. Pyk Jr. t-t C. Coke S-l R. Gemmtk . S-l F. Beilliek S-l P. Been 11-1 Stepheneoa IS-1 McDoueaU IS-1 R. Itobertao ll-l O. McMilUa B. Barnea M. OemmiU C. Coke a. 1-1 4- 1 5- t S-l 1-1 C. Deatardina t-1 V. Lutman S-l J. Blsaonette IS-1 O LeRuati J. ' Superior Prla. . Heather Direct Byler Haa A. W. U Rlu M. Aa It Mr. Madrid If Massle H. Grat. lot Duke of Clair. . NINTI Wayn Brook Adloa Direct Mlshty Mldniaht J. Brotixr Hjf - Rich Liner .'.,.. Bdsawuud Key v.. Billy Hauiday Flaahy X., , ...... TBNTl 1 tilt e te i a le i kVIMTB H, Pare, pane tistt V September Morn C. 1 1 leotta Ben Chessar Brow ... x Bori s .Bnaajn ..... S Hal Ban ..... 1 Kibble Hal C. . T Julian Joseph .... 4 Hal Bomb a t BIOBTB 4. Paca, parse smt HN PP ; I .Direct M. Ad lot 1 '1 t I Brown Hop .tit , at Ken Frteo r . 11 I f Silver Grat. D I T lot Ben Gay . ' II I lit Miaa Royal . 10 IS 4 t Freddy P4rk.,t 14 S Nibble Blue ... S I t Inea sures ...i Tie 1 Lecty vie Danny Boy tnd tlM: B GlrerWroad Man til 1 I LitlloBteel 1 t T Cuinn'a.Boy S t S t Fern Johnston . I T 4 4 Kay rlarmany , S S a I Country Watt .... a 1 S Princaaa Dillon I 4 4 I Home. ire Ick Tarni III C.-Hk J. Lech N. Curran B. Clieord H. Boron B. Aubrey O. Bidden Durty McLean 4-1 S-l . S-l a-i is-i is-t 1 It. Pause ' t-l 4 D. Cameron t-1 1 J. Locke . t-1 4 K Morrlaoo S-l t A. Carkner l-l 4 I. Farr , 0-1 1.0 Fine a-i I P. Lancaatcr t-1 1 It. Amour IS-1 II -.1 f t I. Bissau site IS-1 4 T 1 t B. Lock IS-1 B SO. ti , BXACTA C. Cokm S-t 1 Biaaonett t-1 R. Lancille l-l O. Johnston s-t o. ptonff a-i R. Seuv ' a. S. Wllluuna : l-i M. Baraaran lo-i Everybody's Looking. "Everybody looks t , the person behind the wheel of an Oldsmoblle. Nice feeling,.-too, I If you're willing to "accept the new position an- Olds will bring , you. It's a successful feeling. And at Myers Motors, all this r month, you hare the best oppor-j-tunity to put yourself In the Olds "class of 'M'V Throughout August Myers Motors is pushing Oldsmoblle.. - . For you It means ; maximum ' trade-in allowance on your. present car,' excellent terms, su. 'preme service, happy feeling. '' Recognize an Olds,. . f others "' WilL , '. A . ! ' i, Myers Motors Co.Xtd. ELGIN AT CATHERINE 13-8411 S-S. 's-e: Vlcki nosers. Sue Ley den. Hamtramck. def. Bev nice ard. Malda Bamatt, Bdmonton. - S-l. eml-nnala: Marilyn Aackner. Louiea OeauMman del. Booamarie rietcfcor. Ottawa, and Buaan Dykoa s-l. S-4: V. Bosom, S. Leyden del. N. Oreen. A. Martin e-4. 1-e. S-J BOYS 14 DOUBLBS Bemt-analea Torn sjuhori John A da ma. Havertord. Pa., net. Rata rcrmen. John La mora to. Ham tramck. S-l. Il-a; Brian Oottfrtod, Cape Coral. Fla . and George Tar-. lor def. Ales Mayer. Harold Solo mon a-i. e-t. OIBLt 14 DOUBLBS Beml-SnaU: MarJorM OMitler. Jade Bchtffmaa def. Bmily Kiev tanla. '-Plume" Bartkowica. Hamtramck. S-S. S-S: Connie Capoeat, Bmily riaher dof. Janice Tlndia. Buaan Barer. Vancouver, e-4; e-S. M1XBD DOUBLBS second round: Nancy Oreen, Mike Hamman. Ottawa, dot. I Purkla. Toronto, Graeme DUott. New Zealand. It-IS. ' Third round: Connie Capoazi, rumcr nowara oer. N. uroen. at. Hamman ll-S: Suaan Oykea, Marcella Lara def. BaeernariS Fletch er, John Hainline ll-l- - Ouarter-nnaU: Maureen Watta. Vancouver, and Tom Karp dof. Robin Lee Monroe, Bruce Brooks, Ottawa. 4; Lou lee Gewiermau. oo Kuoucomoe aef. c. Cape T. Howard ll-llh fl Svkaa w Lara def. Marjori Gentler, Brian Gottfried 114; Lindsay Wetla. Bob Moflatt. Vencouvor. dot. Irie uicaaon. Neil MeAffer, New Zee and, ll-e. , Richelieu Results Pint Mile. Trot: Klmberler Don. 14. Sift, S7: Bmptretta. lose, see: Fan a OIrL oo. Time. S OS s-t. Prince Way. Sumpttr Bd. Dawk, Bnadydale' Alrwyn. Mies Alma Mir alao atartad. Second Mile. Pace: Drummoad Chief, a; 170. ISO: Mifflin Han-, ever, l 10: Joe frymbaL 1 10 Tim. S.0 S-. Scotch FUme. White Flame. CalUn Key. huaa Bather Temple, Do Dee Adlea alao started. baUr Deekle: I4SJ. Third Mile. Trot: Direct John ny. TJ. 170, 1T0: Mr. Cricket. 4 10. t ee: Senator Pete, 1 . Tuna, 10 1-1. Banjo Pick. Jennie W. C. tev Martin, Mtaa ruun ttarted. ' Fourth Mil. Pace: Duke Frlaca. S4.4. Ill, SJ0: K. I. Direct, ll.a. 0 70: 10. Tim. S I. BUmli All. Sir Prince, The Mirase. Chief o noyai a no etane. .nmelku II1SJ. rutnv miu. race: peter oun, 10. S t. 170: Blue Ansel. 4 7. TL'J'J"" : pT-d-V'."orSo: uVr. L Monroe, lue Power, otiawe.1,, Hc , n- oem Direct niaal tarte Sixtk Mil. Pace: Two Lamps. 10. 100T Mountain Way. 1 SO, too: Mountain Way. Hem). IS. Tim. s S. Michell C . Mai-ooton Hart. Kay Pebole: NAdlea Alan aam atartad. Direct Bud waa arratcbed. ' Seventh Mile. Pace: The Bera-en. U 10 t.40. 14: Lucky Seven. ls ee. a SO: Nettie Herbert, t ee Time. t il. Mlshty Moor. Dec Will, Diplomat Hal. Cap Hanover, Count Newport also started, alaella: INJt. Rtthth Mile. Paca: Lord. Dan, lao. s ee: c. J. McKiyo, 4.1. 1 40: Hal Voio. t oe. Ttma. 1 OS 1-s IS-1 Direct Nokia. Comna Hanover, t oen sstroct. ueie s noy, iaucny-t nUlNBLLA Breeae alao started . TT Ninth Mile. Trot: Curly Lam. Coke , t-llbert. 40. SS0. IN: Luoknowt Jt. Norrt 4-1 1 Prince. 10 ee. ISO: Palacona. see. L. Chartrand t-1 1 Time. 1 03 4-S. Flashy Fnleht, Bm-B. Seuv S-l , pn Son Intrusion C . Paris Do-p. Cameron , s-l aMn. Dark Mlaeton asm started A. Bouraasa 1 S-l lothMlM. Paoa: Uncola CBp-P. Lanoastae S-t I per. 11 I. 10. 4.10: True Breea. JR. ktcLaaa le-1 ' 4 ae. a.-. Senator Brie, s SO. Tim. IPs 14. napoleon oratun. Jose-dale On Top. ruck a Bnalfn. Mr. Champ B. Cindy Date aim autrted. axaetal aaa.i. a. 11 Ri Third Mile. Troti' Faerie X . IT 7 . IJ Fane. 1M. tBO: Suceam Pearl, t ie. Tim, t ee t-a. Kllu La Sail. Novel Jamie. Pet,, Pelrex. .Haati Peach. Caroliaa Mike am atartad. Fourth mil. Paca: J. B. rial. Bt.TO. TJ. S.S. AUe Vol, tea. S 10: Deadyerorthy. ese. Tun. 1.11 44. Alteat Chief, Le Mareukt, Direct Queen, Mountain Fiero, John Andy ale started. Aalull., ... - Fifth till. Pec' tsraa Son. 11 T. 100, 40; Hlf Itbury Greta. 4 0. t SO; Barbara's Jamie, I t, time. 10 t-. Lord Voio. OTattaa Hat c . anawnee. neuy atone. Breeay Dean alao started Slam Mile. Trot: Gay Rhanaody. 10 70. IS. 4.00; -Indiana Kate. 140. 170; Danny K. Peters. 17 Tim. 10. Good Product. Safety Than Man. Even Glow, Dark Pcitqinit. Jacks McKlnncy a loo started Seventh , utile, Paca: Blmoa WW,, a a. I o: rva B. Bom, too. ISO: Scrapper Chief. 40. Tim. I. IT 4-S. BudaeeM. Tin! Jam, Coronation Derby. Carrie La vnsn. enirtey orooa a tso atartad. seiJyS. Biehth Mil. Pee: Hay Jo C. asso. ie M. IT0: Direct Duke. 14.1. 7i Irish Gender, 10. Tim. I0T 44. Sharon Aba. Chrle Boen. Jo Hunt. Atomic CerL Diaenond Hy esse atartad. Ninth Mile. Trot: LsMty Bira. 3 S. I at. I SO: Boats FUcka Oral- : White Draw SHIRTS A 3.79 j S far ilM Tip Top TanBt - , Ml tparka Street -Westaau tkopptai Centre . IT BICYCLE TUBES 89c V BICYCLE , TIRES 169 : raEy i r i 10.WIN TIME QUT "Yon your bet with CTiange, ea I thought rnar'd lake jrour Sltc.76 wtanttags ta lanee raUBgeT I Lawn Bowling CARLETON PLACE (Special) The annual mixed, doubles tournament was held at Memorial Park greens and was woa by an entry from Elmdale com prised of Her. Henderson and Mrs. Jean Moodie with a score of 60 plus 10. The second prize went to Doug.- James and Mist Isabel Guthrie. " High one-game prize went to Mr. and Mr. W. S. McCauley of Carleton Place, Out AT ELMDALE Jack Hick . rink won the Mr. sad Mrs. Fred Towsley Night Logan; skip, Bill Armstrong and Scott Mc- 0. . . game honors going to Bob Hood, skip. Mrs. Howard Whyte and Mrs. F. Thompson. AT CENTRAL Winners, of the Jessie Brown Trophy pity Friday night at the Central Lawn Bowline. Club -were Miu Mist Ethel Ferfuaon, Miss Emma Eagleson and Mrs. Anno White akin atunneia-uft ere Miaa Lois Jarvis. Miss lva fBrtnnsn and Miss Hilda Mc- Lennan, skip. 1 AT OTTAWA Mrs. H. M. MaoCregcr skipped her rink to victory in play for the Mrs. G.S. Johnstone Trophy Friday night at the Ottawa Lawn Bowling Ciub. With her were Mrs. J. S. H.xTavlor and Mrs. A. R. Austin. Run- nera-up were Mrs. I. lVrbv's: rink of Mrs. K R. Savtt and Mrs. H. G. Slade. Carleton First Mile. Pace: Mis Coryoral, Un. S a. IT: Moaaa Behatn TO. anract, av. so. i ru; Auaa nee. lime. 1 vr e-e nee Avra. aasnsei 401 O Keere. no. Time. Rose. Alnyne Scott. Lady Block T -. Tony Airworthy. Mr. I Bod Hanover ale atartad. Broeurh. Marcaret Carey. Tnsnauri . mis. - -- aa. f.1"!' .. ill. -. Beyal K. rrir"'- lr-JfV' "rritlme. to IS Nancy Chart B. "rrta Jr. 4-lOu. 11. JSC. : aV.oby s O.rl. .AT Jody. Boiler e-a.a.l. J: Icllnea a OO aime.i I. Farr J. Lock :' " t-1 K. Kerr IS-1 O. McMillan IS-i HIM S-Sv Major's DoUy. Clarence- mot avoy, mwswh csew Ms. soni Byrtf. Puke Dor Brook also start- Bxecta: S4T1J. Grant Sweeps Sportsmen's Ball Series s Hush M. Grant defeated !n- terprovinciai Paving S-3 Friday night to sweep the SptMtarneaa Softball League aemi-Bnala four straight Grant will now await! 3 the winners of the Ottawa Gas-SL Joeeph aerie which resumed at th Hydro dismortd Sunday at 8.00. This bracket la tied at one win apiece. R. M, Grant 310 0100 S In. Psving '. . 10002003 V, 1 Billy ThoeTipeuns. Lynn. De-wan (1) and Jack McDersratt: Steve Hook and Ted Sincinskl HR Bill Guy. ' CARDS TOP COLTS . ST. LOUIS (UPQ The St Louis Ordinals took tmVat-tag of .two intercepted psieea. fumbesd punt and a blacked field goal to defeat the Baltimore Colts. 30-21. Friday sight in th Cardinal Glennoti benefit game : : Lady El ra Takes Featu re Trot at Rideau Carleton Lady Ezra, a aine-year-old bay asare owned by Starling Brensaa of Penh. DnL. and drives by Everett Noma, won the feature event at Rideau Carletoa Raceway Friday. .. The winner trotted the aaiVs to 2.07 473 to-edge Beasie Flicks Crattan by half a length. Across the board prices 63 90. t3M and tX90. ' Heeaa Bel win was third. Market Report combined with the BiKfcingnaoi owned Ronnie C. gave the backers of the long thou a SC71J0 Exact in the 10th. Otuwa area horses continued to hit the winners' crrdc Fri day night and with good re turns, n The Carleton Place entry of runt Mile. Trot: Ai 117. aee. IIS: Island Bona. toe. 1 ee. Scott T P. H . tie. Tune, t IS . n - - ...., the Central entry of Allan Jr. Towuoc Lord Dean Swerdfager and Mist G. laiao aurted ., , Umohm J '" 1 furlenee. Pao: Vncle HUgnet. pspud. S4S. to. 1M Dale Mile. High two-ajne winner was1 lee. Bee-, txasny Leo Gratua. ie. the entry ' from Almonte of : n h ' nainaaa cari w. firatton. Andy Cauasil. Pwte The Traanp aate eaerteel. : tst.1. Third Mile, Pace: McCarr Han- ewer. tJ. ). t : tuperter Lee. tie. tie: I eeharv Bone. 4. Tketev UJ -. Ishony Dal. Tar-pert Aver. IrUh Bhse. Molly reed Bioherd ease atartad. Lata ecretc. Jo DtueaiJ. i I - rowrut Mile Pace: Bar CarUln. 14.1. ta. 4: Arfyol Sans. S.L 1: Gallant. OS Time. I la l-S-l Competition On Elmdal greens Scot laodi Van. Dillon. Jaapera Friday. Playing for Hick werelJTVaned ' Mrs. Eric Thorns and Walter rmn kin. Pace- bwh Boy cJ HerfaaL , ". ' 4: jaunty Lady L. 7 , 'to, .tie: Ucht Bliytnm. 4. Other winners were: Roy, rime ate s-t. Finer Boy Danes Watts, skip. Mrs. Ed Reaume. , T "fj" Al- Mrs. Vi Dover Bill Arrratrorig., tJM The McN'ah. 1 skip, SUn Churchward and Bill tee. iee. see: Miomcw a, Grat- . D..... .bi. u t tan 40 IS: Crystal Duke. S. Ed Reaume. Mrs. Ml -S. Box Windy City. Arwabr Bcltoee. Judy asset c-Miasy Been ale atartoa. enmeBu sij. Seven tl th Mite. Trot SorMe KM. Winners of the H. H. Bradley; Bri?rtJ" Cup was an entry slapped byii.i" w. csss'.ie. Peocne. Nancy Icott. i "- Mayor and which tr:luded! Atom, eleo atarW. Lot, acretch. iZ-EZ Mn- D " D"r "d Uck HicK0Tfi Kay barginson. SKip. Mrs. u I way. as s te ee. .- buoeoa bums-Ramsden and Mrs. Bin Logan 'iJrZ,; finished second With high OO"-, Avaiea Cena. Fair Nancy. Baa ram ttedney. Juet Jamie. Tun Soo. Ninth Mile. Pace: Caeree Ma 1 1. 70. IT. IS. Frteo La J, IM. ir. Ceieswl C. Voaa. SB. Ttaae. 11 Bupaiiar Richard. Banny C. Grattan. Lyndee Chief, lata anaimaa, Dolly Dem B, MONTREAL (CP Canadian baseball hjruort beat Cubans 3-3 an Internatkmal contest night which put thera ahead 1-3 tn an exhibition aeries. i n v !: X BB r in the second race with Don Cameron driving and the vic tory was worth (10.60. Fabric K came on to Win the third for Cornwall owner Joe Amard and the payoff Was $17.7vV One of the better returns of the night came in the fourth with Hull owner Rene Li-' cooipte winning with his J. B. HaL Peter Dan is was the driver and the return was $32.70. Market Report however ha'd the beat price. $3840 for winning the 10th. i Swan Song in the fifth was Margo MacDuff scored a wuTtf-' . toT ." Greenwood the other Ottawa winner. Don Booth's boras, driven by Robert Silliphant. edged out Highbury Racing i continues tonight at Rideau Carleton with a pace for $1,000 featuring the card. Entered in that one are Vinegar Boy, Innocent Bob, Pleasant Way, Lucky Stone. Peter Bomb. Harry Johnston. Billy Rhythm, Prima Pick. Post time for the first race is scheduled for t p.m. Windsor Enters Softball Final Windsor House defeated Caditol House 13-7 Friday night to win their best-of-flvt City Intermediate Softball League semi-final series 3-2.'- They, will now advance into the league' finals against Fins's Flowers in a series scheduled to open Wednesdsy night at Sandy HilL . Moe Saxe pitched the win with Gary Craig catching. Weedmark was the losing pitcher. Stewart homered for the losers. Ae BETHELL 4 SON UL.ITED CtKDaRLOCC CWCHTt B10CJ3 CMKIPWOUCn PATIO STOKES teed ealectlen of comari and stars For Personlixd Service Call -Ah" Bethefl (Pro.) IBM LAPERRIERE AVE. 722-42N FOR ALL , BALL and ROLLER BEARINGS CENERAL BEARING SERVICE LTD. W FLEET ST. m-iui HULL ARENA . ICE-SKATING 7.30 to 10.00 P.M. ADM. .50 TUESDAYS THURSDAYS SUNDAYS CHILDREN ONLY SATURDAYS 2.00 to 4.00 P.M ( ADMISSION .25 ICE TIME ,': AVAILABLE FOB DURING THE MONTHS OF to NOON. ADMISSION .SO M. RENTAL AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER ". SEC THE EASTFJUV CANADA HOCKEY SCHOOL IN ACTION. NATIONAL LEAGUE PLAYERS INSTRUCTING, a.t A.M. to i.M tM- Mondayi to. Fridays. INTER-SQUAD GAMES Saturdays. AM. Ienfc,.e---'.-1ois i.''- rt.-r"': -irM!rsr w eSM: r.WVa m) . it - - - ti rM. w mm isHoSsl i FROM OTTAWA 235-2912 yourself in the picture' whPhem frw A.i mA tmiiP 4.m. fViA tnlntur" at dVUClC 1VUUI IVt TUU IWUl imlAJ ua . wvwwua. - thif Carleton Golf and Yacht Club. We hare coinpleted our clubhouse facilities, we're starting work on our second nine holes this Pall, and now we have room to sccomrnodste more members. ' We would like to meet you and Introduce you1 to the friendly people and first class facilities at the Carleton Oolf and Yacht Club. . . , Play a round of golf on our challenging course, then enjoy a pleasant swim in our heated pool. Try the relaxing Sauna , baths in our bright, modern locker rooms. Enjoy a meal or s snack In our comfortable dining room. Stroll along the , marina boardwalk and Inspect the beautiful cruisers holiday-ing on the Rideau. Chat with our capable recreation staff, they'll be glad to tell you about the many supeirised activities ' available for the youngsters. Or, If you like, just loaf for a , while on the lasy tun-deck of our new clubhouse. To give you the opportunity of "putting yourself in the picture" at the Carleton Oolf and Yacht Club, we are opening the facilities of the club to non-members on a dally guest fee basis. Our fees are $3.00 on weekdays, S4.00 on weekends and , holidays. These daily fees Include the golf course, swimming pool, locker and sauna bath facilities. For your most successful office tournament' or swimming party, arrange to use . our facilities. For those Interested, annual memberships are available, no initiation fee required. :1 . ' Come put and pend a day with us soon, well enjoy, meet- . ing you., . v v -. ,,- ,v; ... j,.; ;.i' . , ,. rv Oh, by the way, the "hacker" in the picture Is one of our members, Channel 13's Dave Patrick, putting on the seventh -' green during recent match. He missed the putt and then ' tried to tell us the camera made him nervous! ' - . CARLETON GOLF Cr YACHT CLUB MANOTICK, ONTARIO v The Carl Hen Oetf and Yneut Ctak la taeated oa th treat aide of MM, Biden Waterway, iee than tklrty maintea from Ottawa, and Saet an , mile sent of Menottrk. Bltna wul.sald ye aa yo sumroaek the we. r ii ail. a v. sik ,2 ,k. ntvee Bead tsuverssne i FROM MANOTICK 489-3742, s ?. 'I , " . . " ' "- ' m - - 1 , - - "L . - - e.e.j .... . f - - .... .. -....... e ... e . -t - ' - ' - "? i - - -

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