The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 13
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The Sportspicl By EDDIE MaeCABE BUI Wwtwick takes off for Germany tomorrow for a couple of week, to while be ii absorbing the Bavarian blessings. we'U uie hii tent here and tee what trouble we can foment . , . wjjio we can annoy and what muddied waters we can atir . . . secure in the knowledge that he'll be back In t couple of weeks to man the cannons. Ordinarily at this time we're over on the back nine playinf the Golf Bag, so well hit some shots from this tee today. c. - . Bob Stlmptoa and Doa Davldsoa are back from the Canadian Amateur at Saskatoon and both played well enough although both were beaten in the first round of match play. r SUmpson played consistently sound golf, and lost out to hot round, 2 and 1. Davidson bad, putting miseries in the qualifying rounds, but he got it moving in his first round match. He had a medal score of 70, and he was alive until the final green when his opponent chipped into the hole from well off the green to oust him. We hope to be able to have a "sports night? for them next week, and as the plans take form, well keep you posted. , Nick Weslock and Gary Cowaa are playing the finals for the title out there today. Weslock has never been one of my favorite persons, and golfers who have played with him are less than enchanted with his manner. ' ' fuf he can play golf, and at 46 years of age he's going for hi third Canadian title, and his second in a row. But early in the season, back as far as the Masters In May, he was sour. ' That Is, his game was spur, "end be decided to work on It ' ' - SOME CHANGES MADE He couldn't unload off the tees without hitting' the ball off line, but with some help he arrived at a new position and be says be can now hit the ball as hard as he wishes. r- He pushed bis hands forward towards the bole at address, making a line between clubfsce, bands and his left shoulder, In that "set" position, he can unload with confidence. He noticed too, that the high-octane shooters on the tour had evolved a common method of putting, so be abandoned his old wristy style In favor of what he calls "band-push' method for the long approach putts . .". anything over IS feet And so far this year, he's had six tournament wins and one third place. He'll be one of the Canadian at the $200,000 Carting world golf championship at Oakland Hills Country Club, Birmingham. Michigan, August 27 to 30. The others win be Al BaJdlng, AMe TlMeapsoa, Frank Whlbrey, Me Nomas, Wut Homenulk, BUI Wright Jr. and George Kmsdsoa . . . sH pros. - - . ' There wiU be 140 to ISO competitors from aU over the world with $33,000 to the winner. ; , , T""t" For golfers wishing to "make" the .American, circuit there's a dale In Ogdensburg coming up. aL ' . " , . They have husband and wife tournament scheduled on August 30 at the Ogdensburg Country Club oa Route 37,, just west of the city. r ; ', Husband and wife play as a . team with a couple from another dub, matched as to handicaps and travelling distance. How they'll navigate the pitfalls there Is their own business, : . SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1064 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL - . 13 but that's the plan.-; , And couples wishing to enter should send ra to ea van teewaament chairman. S10 entry fee' which includes WUck following competition. "'. HOT BLOOD KEATS A TEAM season. Ralph Bask some Last neti h hot blood . . . young men hungry for work . . . and by the time the season ended the new hands had worked to with the vets for a sound unit t New blood . . . tougher competition for job ... an eager atmosphere . . renders mileage. Complacency is an Insidious disease which can wriggle its tentacles Into the healthiest btouob, - Tbeea transfusions guard against such epidemics. A few niw faces keeps everyone aware that changes can be made, and the new ones in the Hamilton lineup appear to be the calibre of people to add some Is to the Tabbies. ' .' Any dub losing a Jim Pace, and then a Willie Bethea, would be hurting. , Sazio might be fortunate enough to color It "happy" if Johnny Counts and Bobby Gaiters and Scott Tyler continue at the gait they showed last night; ' B Bellasky. the less than angelic AngeL is kt hot water now for slugging a sports writer, and while many of the sports writers we've met can very weU deserve a playful thump . . . this man was weU into his sixties. It's difficult to justify an athlete in his prime slugging a sports writer tearing bis pension. , V V'. - FINDING IT A LITTLE TOUGHER " ' Bobby Tbompeoa. who played out his option last year with Montreal to go to Detroit Dons, Is finding It a Utile rocky. In an exhibition game again" Washington. Bobby Mttcbel caught scoring passes over him of S2 and 60 yards, and Aagelo Coia got one over Thompson for 92 yards... Against Baltimore, he played the corner, and Jimmy Orr beat him with ease. Then,' too, at 1M pounds on the comer, he was fronting those elephantine guards, and that smarts. ' One of the greatest "animals" In pro football Is San Diego Chargers' Earl Falaoa, a defensive end who stands rs and weighs 282. And can eaove . i . The Junior Football League gets 1 move oa tomorrow with the first Interlocking game at Eastview High School at two o'clock. Eastview Lions wiU meet the Town of Mount Royal . , . Ottawa Soooers and Ottawa Trojans wUI play at Brentwood at 2 p.m. . -.. Former Jennl champion Ahaea Gfeoon, Who is now playing the ladies golf tour, and not making a quarter, will go back to tennis briefly during the U.S. championships at Forest Hills next month. She'd give demonstrations at a dlnic for youngsters; and asked bow the thought she'd do after being away from the game, she Mid: Til forget bow to walk before I forget how to hit a tennis ball." r 5 . Must be pleasant, I'm afraid IH forget bow to walk before I LEARN bow to hit a golf balL , 4 A r',-. i ' ' ' . t We would Imagine that Fhll Una, the Yankee upsUrt who gave Yosj Bern a hard time oa the team bus this week, has invited the wrath of most of the players. Berra Is a respected baseball man, particularly among those men who played with bun. With the Yankees on the toboggan recently, humors wouldn't be of a sort to stride such insubordinations. , The camera work of last nighfs game m Hamilton was aomethlng lass than sensational.'- Every once In a while, some cameraman, or switcher, or whatever they call them, has a romance with a xoomer lens, and aU We get are the tight shots on offence with no bint of the defensive alignments, and 'y ttr gt any trrC"" on the Held. The tight shots , can be interesting , . m small dokeC ", "" ' ' a , - V,;k.- " :' ; .- v-U - oonnxmiamni. ar " ' " Ogdensburg GoK Ckih, with a the golf, morning coffee and a souped up his Tiger-Cats with Tiger-Cats On Sutherin's Four Field Goals HAMILTON CM Don Sutherln kicked the defending Grey Cup champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats Into the win column Friday night booting a record-tying four field goals to lead the Tiger-Cats to a 32-29 victory over Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a -Canadian Football League interlocking game. Sutherln, whose four field goals equalled an Eastern Football Conference record set by Cookie Gilchrist in 1959 while he was with Toronto Argonauts. aUo added two converts on three attempts for a 14-point evening. FIRST FOR CATS ' was the first, in three' start for Hamilton while .the defeat .was the second toss within a week against eastern teams for the injury-crippled Blue Bombers. Tuesday night in OtUwa they wars trounced 46-20 by the Rough Riders. - " . ' 1 J t v v The ballet-like leaps of Delveaus (30) and Hamilton as they leap for the baU are Kaye Yaughan Available For Clash Ottawa Rough Riders get down to the serious business Monday of preparing for Toronto Argonauts, . .. -., i And for the Riders this la serious business. ?. ' . The club has been pointing to this second shot at the Argonauts since dropping the league opener In the final minute in Toronto and they want this game badly. The long layoff and their strong showing against Winnipeg Blue Bombers in their last start earned them a brief holiday, but coach Frank Clair has served notice the rest wiU be over by Monday.' t . , km ONE NEWCOMER . ' Riders will have at toast one newcomer In the lineup and a veteran star making his return. So some work Is involved in the lineup shuffle.' i - Rough Riders also have a new player in. camp and while he mora than likely Wont get a test against Toronto, the coaches wiU be looking at him as welL -4 The new player H Monty Day. a 64" tackle out of Fresno State College, recently cut by Chicago Bears. The NFL Bears have hit one of those years when they keep turning up linemen but no , backfielders. At the moment they ' report they have seven guards, ; all of them capable of playing first string, along with a strong group of tackles, so they are cutting good linemen. But for this week the lineup Juggling isn't likely to Include Day. KILLET TO, PLAY -J- With the release of left halfback Billy Harris, Riders wiU go with Chuck Killet m that spot against Argos. Killet a Ute cut from the New York Giants, la a blf. strong The Ottawa The Ti-Csts now are tied for third place in the Eastern Conference with Toronto. Each baa two points m three games. Winnipeg is in fourth place in the five-team Western Conference with . three points m five games. A crowd of 19.500. sitting through a misty drizzle accompanied by a stiff northwesterly breeze, watched as - Sutherin kicked placements of 12 and 32 yards in the first quarter and 44 and IS yards in the fourth. ' TWO FOR HENLEY ' nauuacK uamey nerucy, with two and end Hal Pat terson with one caught passes for the Hamilton touchdown aa Tiger-Cat quarterbacks Bernie Feloney and Frank Cosentino poked boles in the Winnipeg pass defence, weakened by the loss of all-star Dick Thornton, who was injured in the Ottawa game. Faloney and Cosentino combined to complete 11 of 20 pass attempts with the irssr 1 "t ' FOG-BOUND BALLET Argqs Winnipeg fullback Jack halfback Tommy Grant observed by Nick MUler . back who has Impressed with his pass catching and speed In Rider drills and be will get his chance to show his . stuff under game conditions. , The other change wUI be ' the return of Rough Rider , captain Kaye Yaughan to the lineup; t , Vaughan, sidelined sinca the exhibition, schedule with " a hairline fracture. wUI 'move back Into the lineup 'and be wiU be avattable for "work both offensively and defensively. y Ken Lehmarmi has handled "the middle' guard spot With Ottawa Junior Grid Teams Open Schedule AU three Ottawa teems in the Dewty-formed Junior Inter-provincial Football Leagae open their regular schedule Sunday afternoon. .' - t ' ; : The three Ottawa clubs dUv an Interlocking schedule with CFL Standings EASTERN CONFERENCE . WLT F A F Montreal ...IS 0 0 70 19 6 Ottawa J 1 6 80 53 4 Toronto ..... 1 2 0 37 58 2 Hamilton ... 1 2 0 47 73 2 Friday's Raantta Hamilton, 32; Winnipeg, 29. Hamilton at Montreal.' V WESTERN CONFERENCE WLT F A P B. Columbia 3 0 1 76 33 7 Calgary ... 2 2 9 99 68 4 SaskatchVan 2 2 1 70 77 4 Winnipeg 13 1-133 132 3 Edmonton . . 0 3 0 28 128 0 Jo Hit soggy baU while Bomber'a Ken Pioen and Hal Ledyard made good on 12 of 25. , Fullback Jack Delveaux, halfbacks BUI Cooper and 1 Leo Lewis snd end Ernie - Pitts scored Winnipeg touchdowns. George Fleming added a single on a wide field ' goal attempt and four converts to complete the Bomber total. - ' ' The Costa ouut up a. e-o lead in the first quarter on -Sutherin's first two scores. Faloney threw a nine-yard Statistics HAMILTON I CP I al the Winnipeg-Hamilton CTL tmtom rrtday:. x ; Wlnalnrs' HuiUUn First tana - li IS Vanki rushing .. las Is Yard fminf .. (a 1M Pwil: IfW IS'SS 11 SO PMM htUre. hjr . I 1 PunUsv. ro T40 4 T S rumblnlatt I I t'm Pmllln: tat. ym. 1-37 S'M F.ol:altr1d Sl 4-4 r.- ' " -of Winnipeg (24). The Hamilton Tiger-Cats won their first game of the 1964 season by defeating the Blue Bombers 32-29 on a fog-shrouded, rain-soaked field. - - (CP -Journal Wlnphote) Vaughan had last year ' In solid fashion so the veteran Vaughan win be spotted The other possible change could be In the defensive . backfield wkh Larry DeGraw rounding Into shape. The Canadian American who ' turned m a standout Job last season in his rookie year, has Just rejoined the club after a stint in the Army and could get into action. If the coaches decide De-Craw kt reedy, be would likely replace veteran Gary Schrieder m the defensive setup. ; three clubs from Montreal. Defeadlng .champions Sooners play Trojans, formerly St - Bon na venture, at Brant wood Park at 2 p m. and these two clubs are expected to be Ottawa's strongest entries. Eastview Lions play Town of Mount Royal in the Bret of seven Interlocking contests at the Eastview High School held. also at 2 p.m. Sunday. Eastview rates as a bit or a question mark. They took over Gatineau's franchise when Gatineea dropped out a few weeks ago. However. Lions have had large turnouts to their workouts and could be a con tender. NEW YORK (UPl)-Don Doll of the DetroH Lkms holds the NFL record for the most yards returned after Intercept iomv Ml yards on 11 IMerceptlons - m IMS. rcauat jtuj.aarjtfc Win pass to Patterson in the second quarter for the first Hamilton touchdown. Later in the same quarter he completed a pass to the speedy 'Henley, who scooted into the Winnipeg end zone. The play : covered 51 yards. RUNS REVERSE FOR TD Delveaux smashed over , from the Hamilton two-yard line in the second quarter "and Cooper ran a nine-yard reverse for the second touchdown in the third quarter. Lewis went wide to the right for the third Winnipeg score in the fourth quarter and Pitts closed things off for the visitors. - Henley got his second touchdown of the night in the third Iquarter when Cosentino. who had come into the, game to relieve Faloney. tossed him an 18-yard scoring - Pats. Hamilton used two newcomers, Johnny Counts snd . Bobby Gaiters, in their back-field and both ran well in the Bob Hyn Field by By CLEM REALTY J of The Journal 'Bob Hyndman showed his heels to a large PQGA Junior Field Day at the Rideaa View Golf Club Friday to take home the top award by a healthy four-stroks margin. Hyndman Is no newcomer to the winner's circle in Junior events. SECOND THIS SEASON . He's won st lesst one field day a year for the past three seasons snd yesterday's win on the demanding Rideau Vie acres was his second this Summer. Hyndman (s a member of the Larrimac Golf Quo. - He's 18 sad entering his second year Commerce at Queen's University in Kingston this Fall. . After nine holes the winner was even pat 37,- hitting sll holes in regulation. He did not have one birdie on his card for the 18 holes. Coming home be lost four strokes to per. T Last , year Hyndman was a winner at Rivermead and the year before a winner at the Hunt ' So his presence at the top of a field, which numbered slightly leu than 100 teenage shooters, wss not at all extraordinary, Bill Stocking, of the Chaudiere, managed an 80 over Rideau View's par 72 layout which gave him second low gross. Ted Fenwick, Jr., of the Rivermead Club, was 80, snd he took the top net award. Fenwick la a 12-bendicapper. . The final golf event for Junior shooters is scheduled for the Royal Ottawa course next Friday with the ODGA cham pionship at suae. Winner Car and par lor tha eouraa: -v Ryadman " ' ' Out; SM 44S MS ST I Par Out:. S4 44S S4S W """ht: S4S SM 44S SS ST TS Par tn:- SM S4S 444 SS SI TS Followlna ara the top acoroa and the prtaa lull . a; jtM.t,t.Jt Jutc. jtist " ' ' '2. t Column slippery going. The two are recent National Football League cuts. ' Hamilton totalled 124 yards on the ground and had 186 yards through passing. Ploen was the best ialong the ground for the Bombers -and averaged nearly 10 yards a carry against the tough Tiger-Cat defence. Winnipeg totalled 192 yards rushing but could only manage 98 yards through the sir. Hamilton's all-star guard Hardiman Cureton was helped off the field with an injured knee during the game but it was not determined bow bad the damage was. Summary: FIRST QUARTER, 1 Hamilton, Field Goal (Sutherin) 6.55 2 Hamilton. Field Goal " (Sutherin) 12.11 SECOND QUARTER 3 Hamilton. Touchdown (Patterson) 0.55 4 Hamilton; Convert (Sutherin) Ray White Wins Quebec Seniors Golf MONTREAL CP) Ray White of Chtaoutimi. Que., won the Quebec seniors golf championship Friday with a 75 score. White. 54. went out in 42 snd back in 33 with birdies on the 13th. 1 4th and 17th holes at the nearby Cascades course. - Frank Des Rivieres of Ottawa Rivermead was second in the Class J for golfers between 50 and 54 with a 40-3878, Baxter Taylor of Montreal KanawaU came next with 39-4079 and John BirU of Montreal Laval fourth with 41-39 -80. ' . Tied at 81 were Mac Clarem beau of Montreal La Salle. Bill Mayo of Ottawa Rivermead and H. R. Holmes of Ottawa Chaudiere. Clarem beau won low net with 72. , Romeo Trudeau of Laval won the Class 2 aged 55-99 with 77. Bill Taylor of Kana-waki and Cy Anderson . of Grand'Mere, Que., shot 80s dma n Tops Junior Four Strokes O M ! n ib se s 71 so is es SI II 70 SI T 75 U S 77 SI IS 73 n tti S3 S 7S Bob Hyndman. Lari ... Bill StocklnaB. CM Td rnwtc. ir Kn Chipmnn, Lor (. Harrorka, CH .. i Bnaham. CH B. Lathcm. CM Pater Mayo, Hl D. Bloaaly, Hon S3 Richard Addlomaa. KM V as BUI Cmra. CH S4 S 74 S 78 PBB LIST BOTS IS Pint low aroaa. Bob Ryndmaa. Ur. IS. aoroad sraaa, BUI Stock Ins. CH. Third (TOM, B. Harrocka, CH. I -9 . ' .... X. ( tii iln - - i 'T ' odnoaa.Qjonoaonanaaai'l i in- ,-nSal ' JUNIOR WINNERS 'j . Jane Richardson, left, and Sob Hyndman, right, 1 were the beat of the -Junior golfers Friday at the Rideau View Golf Club.; Hyndman, of Larrimac, was ' .-' the boys' low gross winner and Miss Richardson topped the girls. ' ' '". f: : Jt alis t')atorrja:- 5 Winnipeg. Single (Fleming) 2.2S 6 Hamilton, Touchdown (Henley) I,,,.'.... 8 JO 7 Winnipeg, touchdown . (Delveaux) 12.05 8 Winnipeg, ' Convert ' ""' (Fleming) ' 1 THIRD QUARTER 9 Winnipeg, Touchdown (Cooper) ....Vt. 10.09- 10 Winnipeg, J Convert . - (Fleming) : , 11 Hamilton, Touchdown (Grant) 14.00 12 Hamilton, Convert (Sutherin) FOURTH QUARTER 13 Hamilton, Field Goal (Sutherin) ...... 1.13 14 Winnipeg. Touchdown (Lewis) 7J2 15 Winnipeg, Convert (Fleming) 16 Hamilton. Field Goal (Sutherin) 15.09 17 Winnipeg. Touchdown " (Pitts) 14.36 18 Winnipeg, Convert (Fleming) CFL Leaders BAITSRM TDCro a pta e as e is wautins. o see auuwrin, h ess Onto.. M S HatciMT. ft a e e Stewart. O S 0 S TMten. o ..- see lucim. o a s i t IS e te a Pta S 3S s ss e se e as e is . is e is e is t is e is Bwrttia, it .eft wasmN TDCM piamtns. w e is e RoblMon, C SST swift, bc see cooper, w e e cmpbii, a s e e Coloman. C S S O riemina. bc ... s e e uwh, w e e Thomas, S Kompf. BC e S and Dr.' J. F. St Germain of Laval 81. . D. Robertson of Wentworth had a Vow net of 70. . . Let Clegg of Montreal Whit-lock took Class 3 the age 60-69 category with 77. M, F. Rogers of Royal Ottawa bad 80, Rene Laporte of Montreal uuesmere 81 and Jim Burnett of Montreal Summeriee 82. La-poirrte'i 67 won low net Ernie Elton of Montreal Marlborough won the Class 4 70 and over with 86. Wet-son Yuile of Royal Montreal was second with 91 and T. J. Jones of Royal Montreal third with 93. Pint tow ni Tad ranwlok ir, ttv. as. . Socood nrt. Kan Chlpmon. Lor, 0. Third not, B. Lathonl, CH. TS. OIBLS IS Pint low croav Jona atrbard on. Mlo. PS. rim low not. AUaoa Wurdock. a7 CH. lot. BOTI IVIrln : Pint low eras. It. Emm. Lar. 4a. First low not, P. SUOwUl. Cam, as. OIBLS N1NS Pint tow sroaa, Lyna Wataoa. Lar. 34. Pint tow not. K. Oat, 33. . (jpurnoi rneoo y DonunM VMt L, A I : 4 .1! i.

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