Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 13, 1976 · Page 2
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 2

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 13, 1976
Page 2
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2A --June li, 1976 Sundav Gazette-Mail Charnstin, West Virginia Playing Chess Against Men Might Aid Women Competitors Edward M. Foy In his CLR article last year dealing with the 1975 Womens Olympiad (won by the USSR), Pal Benko wrote. "American girls have talent and would develop better and faster if they played more against men in open tournaments . . . there are fewer women players in the U.S. now than "there were at the turn of the century . . . " Women and men are both judged under the same USCF rating system. Players are invited to the U.S. Championship tournament on th basis of their USCF ratings; In 1975 Pal Benko (2490) finished last but the top-rated U.S. woman player was Ruth Herstein (2051): U.S. Women's champion Diane Savereide had a rating of 1926. * + * LAST YEAR ONLY 9 or 10 women were among the 370 contestants at the U.S. Open in Lincoln. But Ms. Savereide took part in the U.S. Open and the American Open, scoring S'/z-S'/i and 3'/i-3'/z, respectively. There are many strong USCF-rated open tournaments held each year so it is possible for any chess player (good enough) to gain enough rating points for admission to the U.S. Championship tournament or invitation to other closed events. It takes talent and hard work to achieve one of the top USCF ratings: 2400 or better. Last year there were only 27. Diane Savereide's rating of 1926 is better than that of the big majority of American players, men and women. We can only remember one woman competing in the W. Va. (open) championship tournament, but there are always some Your Bridgework By Jackie Wllcox North dealer. North-South vulnerable. North S A 8 3 H A J87 D A Q J 9 4 C 5 West G D K 7 5 © 5 3 2 (D2 O K Q 8 7 4 . East,. ^ ® J 109 2)4 GD 10 8 6 5 3 O . I 9 6 3 South S Q 6 4 2 H K Q 10 9 C D K 7 C A 2 The bidding; North East South West 1 diamondpass 1 heart 2 clubs 3 hearts 4 clubs 4 nt 5 clubs 5 spades pass 7 hearts pass pass pass Opening lead: King of clubs. Today's hand is an example of reaching a grand slam despite bidding interference. The contract was a good one but it fell one trick short because East held five diamonds to the ten. Just for fun lets shift the eight of spades to the South hand and the spade six to the North hand. The contract i can now be made in spite of the bad d i a m o n d break. South wins the club ace. ruffs the deuce of clubs and draws trumps. He leads the queen of spades to develop what could be called a Super Coup. West can't a f f o r d to Mrs Wllcox t ' uc ' t so ' le covers ' which sets up two high spades for East. Now when South cashes his last two trumps East has a fielders choice. He can either unguard his 10 of diamonds or set up South's eight of spades as a winner. LAST WEEK'S W I N N E R S SUNDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE 1. John Caylon ond J. R. Bird 2. Dob Allen ond Larry Logsdon 3. Mrs. Austin Miller ond Mrs. Chariest Lemon 4. Linda Donley and Jim Sorrenl 5. r. B. Long and Kurt Pocsl BRIDGETTE CLUD Club Tournament NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. Russell Van Clcvc nnd Mrs K. H. HIM 2. Mrs George Woo and Mrs. B. N. Kissinger 3 Mrs. J. A. Galens and Mrs Walter Spears EAST-WEST I. Mrs. L. M. Gilllsple nnd Mrs. R D. Patchell 1. Mrs. W. L. Pylc and harry Welsch 3 Mrs L T Snider. Jr. and aMn W J. Wlscnmann OVER-ALL I Mrs. L. M. Gllllspie AND Mrs. R. D. Patchell 2. Mrs. W. L Pyle and Harry Welsch 3. Mrs. Russell Van Clevc and Mrs. K. H. Hill 4. Mrs. George Woo and Mrs. B. N. Kissinger 5 Mrs. J. A Gatens and Mrs. Walters Snears MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE I. Mrs. Ann Pollitl ana Mrs. Austin Miller 2-3 Mrs. and Mrs. John Chapman 2-3 Dora Grubb and Kurt Pocsi 4. Coy White and Tom Moore 5. Mrs. D. 3. £akle and Roger Meadows TUESDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE 1. Coy White and T. B. Legg 2. George Love and Bill Lonesome 3 Dora Grubb and Mrs. Tom Moore . J. Mrs. J. G. Miller and John Caylon 5. Mrs. Walter Spears and Kurt Pocsi 6. NSrv K. H. Hill and Mrs. Charles Lemon EASY ACES 1. Mrs. F. C. Gall and Mrs. Roy Monroe 7. Mrs. D. B Eakle and Mrs. B. N. Kissinger 3. Mrs. W. J. Wischmann and Mrs. L. T. Snider, Jr. 4. Mrs. R. 0. Marhham and Mrs. L. G. Huston EAST -WEST 1. Mrs. W. D. Roll and Mrs. D. L. Grove 2. Mrs. W. L. Pyle and Mrs. K. H. Hill 3 Mrs. J A. Galens and Mrs, A. C. Rogers 4. Mrs. John L. Harris and Mrs. H. C. Rlley BEGINNERS DUPLICATE I. Mrs. David Thomas and Mrs. L. M. Gillisplc 2 Mrs. Mick Kaiser and Mrs. A. J. Sankowski 3. Mr and Mrs. Sam Zacks KVBA Club Tournament NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. J A. Galens and Mrs. B. N. Kissinger 2. Jackie Wilcox and Robert Bailey 3. Mrs John Bowes and Mrs. J P. Engle 4. Jurt Pocsi and Austin Miller EAST-WEST I. Jndc W y a t t and Jim Morrison 2-3 Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Snider. Jr. 2-3 Mrs. Tom Moore and Noll Cohen 4 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Spears OVER-ALL 1. Mrs. J. A. Gatens and Mrs. 8. N. Kissinger 2. Jado Wyalt and Jim Morrison 3. Jackie Wilcox and Robert Bailey 4-5 Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Snider, Jr. J-5 Mrs. Tom Moore and Neil Cohen 6. Mrs. John Bowes and Mrs. J. P. Engle Bid and made NORTH. SOUTH I. Dora Grubb and Jade Wyatt 2 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey 3. Mrs. Harry Welsch and Bill Sentman EAST-WEST 1 Mrs D D. Smith and Mrs. J. A. Gatens 2 Jirn Morrison and Link Young 3. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Soears BRIDGE CALENDAR Week ol June 13 S U N D A Y - S u n d a y Night Duplicate. 7 p.m. Morr Harfey College Union. Public invited. MONDAY-Brldgelle Club. 10:30 a.m. Home ol Mr Har f / Welscli. Public invited. Monday Nlghl Duplicate. 7:30 p.m. Home ol Mrs. Ha ry Welsch. Public Invited TUESDAY Tuesday Nlghl Duplicate 7:30 p.m. Mm Harvey College Union. Public invited. W E D N E S D A Y - E a s y A c e s . 10:30 a.m. D. S t r c e South Charleston. Closed. WV State College Duplicate. 7:39 p.m. New Dormitory. Public invited THURSDAY-Beglnners Duplicate. 10:30 a.m. Home ol Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invlled. r R I D A Y - K V B A 7:30 p.m. Morris Harvey College Union. Closed. S A T U R D A Y - B i d and Mode. 7:30 p m. Home ol Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. girls competing in the state high school and junior high school tournaments. Margaret Gibbins of Barboursville and Beth Keahey of Herbert Hoover each scored 4 to 2 in the 1976 high school event; and 4-2 is a quite respectable performance. Among W. Va. women players we must mention Mrs. Torn Snyder, a talented player with an unorthodox style. * * * OUR GOOD FRIEND Robert Stoeve of Minneapolis has sent some games and bits of information about other women players: an exhibition game a Mrs. Anderson won from Dr. Emmanuel Lakser at the London Women's Chess Club in 1898. An exhibition game won by Mrs. F. W, Lynn from Dr. Lasker in Chicago in 1902. An exhibition game won by Miss Rosa Jefferson from Frank J. Marshall in Memphis in 1904. (She also won exhibition games from Dr. Lasker, Maroczy, and Pillsbury). We received additional information on Miss Jefferson from John Hurt in Memphis and from a reprint of a "New York World" article in a Sept. 1905, issue of "Lasker's Chess Magazine." Indeed Rosa Jefferson deserves a whole column. Lineal descendent of Thomas Jefferson and widely known as a musician, chess was her recreation. The "World" referred to her as "the champion woman chess player of the world." Miss Jefferson advocated teaching chess in the schools as an aid to education, stating, "my knowledge t lf chess has made everything easier for me." C uiss'liin! Aiivcrl'ii'i'i J48 4848 C.'CdM'iijn Dc;ur!n|Mi! J J S - S i S ' -M; Oth.'r Deportments JJS-5140 ^ shop mondays and fridays 10 to 9 other weekdays 10 to 5 Phone 346-0981 HAPPY NURSES: they must be wearing; T H E Style 324 SHOE SALON--Street Floor phone 346-0981 MAGIC LADY SUMMER SALE your choice 3.99 Regularly 5.00 The perfect figure controllers are knit from the lightest, most powerful yarn in the world. 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