The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 12

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 12
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. .371 V.: dates back to the tay when tne ciud war Burghs Trace History to '83 By JEAN SOUTH WORTH ol The Journal For nearly M years tennis tias had an important place ' in the activities of the Ottawa New Edinburgh Canoe Club. The club itself can trace Its history to IU when the Ottawa Canoe Club was founded. In 1914 the OCC amal gamated with the New Edin-' burgh Canoe Club, .an organisation e number of years Its ' junior, and the name Ottawa New Edinburgh, Canoe Club was adopted. A campaign was Immediately launched lo raise funds for 'the erection of a new club-bouse and plans for the building were drawn up by Col-borne P. Meredith. The First' World War intervened, however, and it was not until 1923 that H was completed. Meanwhile the club operated in , quarters a . short- distance up -the Ottawa River near the point where Acacia Avenue merges with the NCC Drive- OPENED W lta The gala opening ' of the present clubhouse took place Aug. 4. 112). when the club was host to the Canadian Canoe Association regatta, an event which drew throngs of spectators. The commodore at that time was Dave Gill. Early in 192S It was decided to install tennis courts on the level ground overlooking the river beneath the present Rockeries. The official Opening of the courts took place in September of that . . year, the occasion being - marked by a program of exhibition matches. -' Tennis membership h4he club grew rapidly. During the late 'twenties and early thirties the courts were often so crowded that players were ' lucky to get .In more than one set a night. In those days street cars Van north of Mackay Lake to a point near the location of the RCMP barracks.. It was considerable blow to the , c'ob when this service' was .discontinued. '- . The commodore during the : tarly year of tennis at the " riurgh" was C. E.'Mortur-lux. who headed the club for WITH - THE QUICK KICK j Last time we reviewed how the kick can win ball games. We purposely didn't even mention the quick-kick it deserves discussion all on Its own. , , . With the wind advantage it's strong offensive plsy. ; When .you're past midfltld, you can quick kick deep into i offensive territory, push, (he opposition back on their own doorstep and gain ball control. .If you're In your own end gone-with a good wind and a good defensive team behind you, you " quick kick and avoid an offensive mistake that 1,A CLUBHOUSE ON Ottawa New Edinburgh t Edinburgh I , eatt of the I icia'-Ayenua, J. Ottawa River, nearly a quarter "Mori." as m was ki was a great entht siast and a keen long-distance paddler. During his regime the- club gained national prominence, particularly in war. canoe competitions. It stifP has in its possession the Birks Trophy which it won , outright in 1929 after ONECC crews . had captured the Dominion halt-mile war canoe championship two years ia a row. i Subsequent commodores have been Cecil Powers, Hehrl St. Jacques Sr., and Pierre . Cuibert, "who has held the office since I9M. ' RELOCATE COURTS Relocation of the tennis courts became necessary in 1931 as ,the result of in the vicinity of the NCC Driveway. Four of the original clay courts were retained and seven new red ones were constructed. Four of the quick drying courts are lighted. -i . The club now has close to 271 tennis members and about 4 boating members. Paddling was discontinued In 195 but an attempt is now being made to revive this phase ef the chib's activities. There has been a. gratifying increase in the number of Junior tennis members this , season, .Lew Leach, who is serving as club professional, conducts classes for both juniors and seniors. Bill West Is Tennis chairman and Ken Barron tournament chairman. , A small building was recently erected close to the courts to serve as a shelter and as play control quarters during tournaments. Earlier this season the club was the scene of the National Capital Lawn Tennis Association Intermediate Championships. The Morturetui Memorial Tournament, aa open competition m-' stituled six years ago, will be held .Sept. 11-19. The clubhouse has a spacious dance area, which waa redecorated this season, and dances are held about every three weeks. The social chair-, man this year Is Velma Durant. :. - .' can kill you. And you can win ball games with it Last year Hamilton was playing .Ottawa In the Eastern final with the tied 10 to 10. With 30 to go, we ran one play and quick kicked. That was the ball game by a single point, ELIMINATE TWO YACHTS 'NEWPORT. R.I. (AP) -Nef- ertW and Columbia were eliminated from America's Cup competition by the U.S. selection committee ..Thursday, leasing newly-built American Eagle and Constetlatjon ia the running. J i2 ; .1" I THE OTTAWA 'JOURNAL ' ' SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1964 f.,v V:'Vr ,-Kt V,, -1' 4 r'V'-. - .: -V - - i 1 . u . . I i i -. c -ac-ts." i n r :cj The dubhouM of th Canoe Club. locatCfoihe Junction of the N?:drtveway and Acacia' Awt ' .- vW9 I. A. A, v-v- THE OTTAWA r paddling organization. The opened in 1023 when the Canadian Canoe Association 4V . 4 Fir cA ; . 1 "BURGH" TENNIS PLAYERS ) -4 . Enjoying a pause between matches at the ONECC tennis courts are, left to right: : Marg Wagner, Ursula Mackay. Joan Guenauit, Pierre Guibert, commodore of the-, club, and Marcel Carrier. When the National Capital Lawn Tennis Association Intermediate championships were held at the "Burgh" earlier this season Mrs.,' . Wagner took the women's singles title and teamed with Mrs. ' Guenaull to win. :' the women's doubles event : " '' " ' i . " AH' I - , S t J 0Kv, A building wai officially ' club was host to the regatta. 7" . . ' 'I , .v. - Art. TOURNAMENT TIME 1 mm - 1 1 r ! Shown here'are some of the red tll-weatier tennis courts at the OlUwa New Edinburgh Canoe Club. The wooded area at the rear leads to the Rockeries In Irl ' Bill West. ONECC termis chairman, congratulates the men's doubles finalists In the club tournament. The players are, left to right, Brian Larkin, Jack Hambllng. . Denis Delisle .and Jem RJvartt, .w.,., ,,...1-. -4-,-' , ':. . T-'-: '.- y. - '- t ',' .... " ' t v 1- 4 I M - COURTS WITH WOODED BACKDROP WATER SKIING ' Correct Method for Slalom Course -With CLINT WARD '.Most sk ers when first attempt ng to run through a - slalom course will ski directly to the buoy.'nkake a turn, ski directly to the next buoy and so on. This method is wrong and . makes progress at the higher speeds almost impossible.- - " -. Skiing directly to a ' buoy and then doing a hooking type sharp turn leads to falls at high speeds because the skier Is sometimes forced to pull during the initial stages of the turn, causing his ski to "climb" and pop out of the water. A hookint slalom sk'er: often has' to contend with slack rtmt which Is the aemesls'ot air slalom skiers." Finally at the h'gh speeds the skier that skis eirectly to the buoy will always be behind the course and will usually only make two or three buoys at 12 or 34. .pipit, ' s"' 'BEHIND COURSE . If a skier is forced to make his turn after passing the buoy he Is "behind" the course. In the slalom event Split seomds are vital and the skier should devote all ef his attention to not losing precious lime by turning after passing the buoy. - The correct method then Is to ski wide of the course and turn ahead or before passing the buoy. This msy sound simple but m practice very delicate timing ia required. Many a sla'om skier has begun his turn too anon and passed inside the buoy. .- Let'a consider the slalom run buoy by buoy. The most imnorant buoy is number one. This buoy gives you year "send ofr and if you are not perfect on number one you will put yourself behind right at the start. Cut through the gale at as sharp an angle as possible building , up enough speed to carry you well wide of the course. Drift up to number one in a wide sweeping turn and just before you reach It hee'n the putt or acceltra-linn. It Is Important that you do not begin the pull until you are actually starting bark toward "the wake - which should' he at a point ahead of the ball. v,: . If you time the final stsges of your turn right. , you will pass, close to hv brush It If you can, and heading across course, pull only to the wske because as soon as you pass over It you must begin your wide sweeolnt turn e a c e aiain. This will carry you w'de of the course to a point aiead of ball number two, where-you aea'n beeln your turn back, accelerating out of the turn and brushing past number two, beading across course. This should be repat led for the remaining buoys. Macs rope m comroiiea ny the wide sweeping turn, during which the skier should be decelerating.. '.( - - ? j PRACTISE METHOD v . Practise lh ahova method at low speeds and as soon ts you have mastered It move the speed up by two mph. By doing thlt you will find the ' 1 '-n n ? - o i. . . f j v-. 'j.". ,.-. -r If. Rockcliffe Park. On the other side of e courts Is an attractive park area bordering the NCC driveway . along the Ottawa River. . (Journal along the Ottawa River. (Journal higher speeds much easier and also you will fall less a bonus you will learn to ap preciate at the higher speeds. ' At the early stages of learning slalom, It Is a good Idea to spend an hour off' the course for every hour on. It is oft the course, where you are not .concerned with the problems' of turning at each The Amerkan Lawn . A V'..l' ,, mm f cial magazine "Bowls" In a recent lsaue offers good advice to U.S. cornmunitics which certainly can be applicable to Canadian centres. ' Boosting the sport of tion to serve all ages, it made more abundant for THRIVES IN CITIES I Lawn bowling clubs thrive In major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada but H is . .in centres of M.tM populatio) or less where there Is room for expansion. i The . writer suggests new clubs could be included in major recreation programs . and housing projects are also ideal for the development of this sport. Today, the word recreation seems to spell only one thing, aa area developed, for the leisure .time of children and young people. What about the senior cititensT The article points out that at Army rehabilitation centres ia the U.S., greens, have been made available , as an excellent recuperative aid to patients. Even certain industrial firms have added lawn bowling to their recreation program.' ' Many large firms In Ottawa, In new spacious quarters with beautiful grounds, . could p u t those lush lawns to useful pur pose without sacrificing the trim surroundings. r -Aside from some service clubs who devote part of their budget towards the welfare of older people; very tittle is done for the recreation of men and women who have reached re tirement age. In many cases, there Is nothing left but bore dom. . , i . . i The sesson Is nearlng Its end but there's still a heavy schedule ahead for the lawn bowlersi On Thursday,' Aug. 17, - the District IS 'championships fori ladies trill be held on the greens of the Ottawa Lawn Bowling Club.., At stake are the triples. doubles nd singles titles. The Towsley. "Trophy, donated by Mr. and Mrs.' Fred Towsley will be up for play In tht triplet. The Nettleton Trophy will be I f . . l Ptwtoa t Domiaioa WiSel . buoy, that you can le control your ski smooib move back and forth the wake with a good rhythm. . Besides,' "free, slalom", be hind a boat off the course Is good exrc:se. as you will end up doing your turns for a longer perid of- time than on the course. f;.i".r' .thj IUCEL SCsKOII Bowling Association'! offi lawn bowling as a recrea suggests that life could be all its citizens. V swsrded to the doubles winnert and the Birks. tor singles. , Next Saturday, In Brockvflle, the mixed rink event, for the Adams Trophy will tiold the In terest of the bowlers. Gerry Chambers, representative for Adams has donated a fiat trophy. This Is open to all District It clubs. Ken Fulford reports entries coming In nicety. Any overflow will be sent t) Prescott greens. This . Is the highlight of ths Brockvillt sea- son. 4 i Cornwall lawn bowlers will also be busy today with-the playing of the O'Keefe Doublet; Brockvillt won the event last year. Chairman for ths com petition Is Jim Sharp. '' 1 Harry Moffat, a member jm the Cornwall club and one of the top players In District II says the sport is lagging lo Cornwall and he can't' see why, -we nave a good setup at the Whitham Club which Is relative) 1 new. We are losing old members and not getting any ne ones," he ' explained. I . TIME OUT! -1 ,. Hmt. my vacation by aettina n' wife out In a boat where' she eaa't shop." ' 1 and -across ' definite i, V00SMIM.TT ' lr C r

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