The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

rs- itTAGE EIGHT. THJS PAJOLiI COCTK1JSK, :PA- TUESDAY, MABCH 26, 191S. ; CANNE CO AL HAS FILLED A UNIQUE i PLACE AMONG Fim a High Price Demand B RICH IN BY-PRODUCTS t at a higher, temperature or of crack- ng .,or. .otherwiseI'converOng' the.:oils found into the oil* desired-.the .distillation oeVcannel coal-will not furnish " large, supply ot gasoline,benzene, toluol; in'd::oUier.'substances: that are now so greatly needed! It is hoped that this" paper ; will not only furnisn much valuable information but that it wiljl stimulate some one to study the technical problems of the! distillation : ot:cannel coal/i It s pubLrted as Bulletin 659 Cairael Coals of : the;TJnitea:states/,"by George H. Ashley, and can be obtained from the Director United States Geological Surrey, Washington, D C.. ., inMBd In 3btt*rv*(l* M to DcpM- 'Ml ·»* l***» SwHei b a »«1- i ? - teUi fat**4 by tk* IhalM Staler · Gwfegksd Swvey, X»w AiaUaUc. LIFE HELD NO JOY FOR HER ,; :Ca»n«l coal has long been: a will-o.'* $ i'tte-wiap to coai. men., and. to many ~-,of tbem-Hi mere mention, brings up tViataea of wealth. The reason becomes bu» wiieu its price on tht market .,-_, ioniipared-with^ that- of -ordinary f · Mtuairnoua coal, for in days post can? jial "coal has sold~ln the New lork" 2 at a prico about three times i Jkat of the best bituminous coal and [ CBertaps double the price ol anthracite. j ;J«ls high price is. due .tcijoldlcauses-- |:3iiong demand and weak'supply. ' | if At a coal for use in o«c« and house- iiojd'gratci, as an enricher ot coal gas, ^3U^d:aai a .'Quick-firing coal/.for 'use in Ore ·ngine* and otberwiae^ canvel bas -filed a unique jKace, and uae* eoapled with, rts icaicity the earth nave made it an abject ^-miichi search and of'.many ^ d | jtoiBbnerU!, because whever it is found ^ inhere has usually proved to le-:very ?Httle I Sp-Of late years, howerer. fewer grates ai* used in the offlce- and the home. ;ani water gaai.enriched : with* ell, has rjelaced the old type of, coal gas, so ,that-when the European war broke onl the idemand for-cannei coal as ;*uch had"-]argely_di»api)«ared. Thsn jiwme people- remembered that many jears ago before' oil was struck" in- ·thte country, flouses were lighted with (ill oMalned Iran cannei coaL 'They ^rjoiembered .tbat on distillation can- n«l coal yielded more oil and gas|tfian 'coeldi be obtained.from, orain;irT bit- :tunlnous coal. They realized that the , , .donand for,, high, explosives i la -BM in the war required the utUiia- Etoa ot the by-products formed in the ;'9liUUation of coal, and-.they argued. I that if channel'coal... when., .distilled. yielded more oil and gas than other coils it should be very-rich in. the by: products from which benxtoe, toluol, a^l: other explosive basea are made, so a; Junrinil was made for information* (Mat cannei coal. ;To supply thls'in^ fimattoa the tOTemment, through the O«oloclcal_SurveT. has^just issued, a report oa the cannei coals of the TJm- U* States, describing cannei coal in Matt and'telling-where jt van be found TU» report refers to ; every, place wkera camel coal baa been found or where it is said to occur. It contains rX«nnces to nearly a hundred and Mty such places in one state alone, Kentucky i T*e fact Uu»t cannei coal does yield iris quantities ot oil and gas is con- grmed. but it is found that tais oil, , tfceogb suitable for ordinary buroing, _ at a tempwatara so low that | SiSeTOBUge of.gasolme, benzene, SBdrotktr iKsired sobstances-it con' f«»»-i» very small and until some way-Sas bfc-n-dlscoyered of diatilling tfUSPAIN IN 5 MINUTES A PHYSHWS1REAT- MEHTFM CATARRH, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS Slmplj obtain a small-Jar, ol ForlfoJa Jelly--«.« good drugeiatl have It an* allow about one-auarter of a tea»poon- fill to slowljfroeU In yoar-moutli In a lew jnlnut«**a gentle glow will be lew and all that hard choking clogging matter will be «a»lb coughed up and expelled- A. short tut steady treatment (or a-week or 1» days -will r.d you 6f disgusting catarrji- forever Deafness IB-often.caufced by catarrh and. sufferer* ^are adrlseS ,to Insert a email.piece of.Forkola. Jelly/on a piece of .absorbent motion Into" the: ear. .-Do Uili at bedtime and sec how a few Tights' trcatiTientiwllI felle»c you. *-r** There's .nothlng'that -will so! quickly gl-ve relief to catarrh sufferers an Ba.- corn'5 Forkola Jelly Eer druggist In this country guarantees Jt oh the 'money back if dissatisfied plan --'-A4L Dawson. . . nlgta, lm»fc^*. Chest Crids »n* ' 8»re Throat XideJ in Ball tke Tiiw it Take* Otkei Be«4l»t. BIG BOX ONLT 25c Mult\Hne won t blister--ft fa always teady for use--It 3 grandmother 3 old- t«»hHn«d mustard platter with other · up-to-date pain killera »»l*ed. ' The b*st and quickest remedy in the ; \vorld for lameness, aort muscles allll i ne«k, crafaps- In let; earache backache : headache and tco'jiach* s ftfys Unstarlne--ask for It by i na»M, *!» -nade of real honeat, yellow mMihrd--not cheap substitute* *Os6 · U4r*cly to draw the pa(n from th.ose : nr» fee--It's sreat for chilblains, too, i *a« tor frosted (e«t--Adv DAWSON, March 25 --(Misses, Carrie and Harriet Painter of Greeorturgare spending a -few-days here with-their aunt, Hiss Zola Henry: B, A.:Neville-was a ; Fittsburg busi nw* caller Saturday: Jilr.-'and Mrs. T." A. 'Mclntjre spent the,week-end -wit-arMr... and vMrs. · W. Ambrose at. Mt. Braddock. Jttrs George C. McGIlI was called to Scottdalc Saturday by the death, of her. niece,.Miss AdaJIne Anderson. .Mr. and Urs. Martin Haason of Con- .Isville spent." Saturday and Sunday here'wilharierids: Charles'- Rusb.'~of.' Unioritown ^spenl Sunday here with" his motier; Mrs. Anna Hush ol the" Hushf House, George E. Moore spent Saturday in Pittsburg on .business. Miss Margaret Hamsder iras the guest.of: her brother, HeiTy;: at East LibMty Saturday r _ _ The t Woman g Work society will meet Thursday ; at-2:30;p.-Di:i withiMrs, TV. -B ]*urnell at tie man.e - The PhilOfChristi class, of the Pres- byteriaa ^Sunday . school. presented:. a service flag to the church Sunday at the mo"rnin"g "service, the Hag bas four stars to represent, the young, men, ol the congregation who have,gone to war. airs.. .Lawrence 'Parkkill teacher ol-the- claM^mader'the-flagl-.- -Dawson also has a commnnity - scrnce flag containing 48 stars. Uftwain i to haro all this week week ot-Scripture ,s(tuity and prayer. ·Tie' e'yents.-:or, eachi;day.':in the lasl week, ot the lite of. JesuB on earth will he presented and explained. Services eico' evening start promptly at 7:30: ;jlaibe ; yo* ckn satisfy .your conscience by baying a 150 00 Liberty ·Bond,,biit.we sort.of doubt it. Try our classified advertisements. laturjul Gastritis r«t CoBiittutton. TuiUc Thnrff 0»t Uf e Line. , Bertha. KoMer,, ot All«ntpwn, _ay« "I. had chronic .catarrh bf-tfce iead; .throat 'and.'atomach;;.catarrhal- gastrWs the doctors called it, but it' certainly turned me into a miserable wretch-without a single Joy of life 'I was alwaya hawking and spitting up the phlegm that formed in my bead and throat, my appetite -was last leav- ng me and TChen I did eat anything he -dtetrese : was .almost moreithan I could bear. 'I would get severe pains in my stomach and would belch up great quantities ot gas and bile Oh. I was n misery all Sr, and all night "1 tried this and I tried that and I visited I don't know how many doc tors, but I simply couldnt get relief I got Tanlac The" results were woadtrful' I began to feel better right away and to look at me now you'd nerer known I had been so sick .'My head and throat 'are clear ,of ,jlegm now, even in the mornings my stomach is normaLagain, my appetite "has returned, I'ean eat what I plena* and I dont have any more of ^he gas or belching from those awful pains" Tanlac is now sold here by Connells Yille Drug Co i Tanlac can alao be secured in Dunbar at D C Ea«m s Drag store--Adv RrCHCONHELLSVTLLE BACHFLOR WANTS WIFE people, have blamed me 'tor not getting married. Since childhood T Have Buffered from stomach and liver trouble never being able to gei any medicine or doctor to help me Now that ^layrs Wonderful Remedy has entirely cnied me I am anxious to get a wife" 'it-is a simple, harmlces preparation; thati removes the, catarrhal mucua from the 'intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically JalUstcmach, Jliver and : . intestinal ailmentsi .including appendicitis One does will convince or. money. TUfCXB SAM 5EZD9 TOU. lie Ifanls Inn to He 1 ? Him Eigkt Here at Ucmt. The service, he asts of you benefits y»u miicB as it does htm. He wants you to "OUT War Savin SB Stem pa He .pays liberal interest, and the anoney is to be used to help wm_the war Stamps .on sale and full information at the First'National Bank o: Corinellsirille.--Adt. FAREWELL SURPRISE fileidi of Fooncr Trick S»ji«ri»ttnd. eit 'Felicitate Hte a«« .Vuittr. Mr and Mrs D Leslie Riffle were tendered' a ?yery. delightful farewell surprise party. Saturday, night -when. about 43-ot their friends'and neighbors, assembled.:at. their ;, home at Owensdaie. 'Utr. .Riffle, .who :was formerly superintendent for the H. C Frick. Coke company in the Morgan valley,.lately accepted a.-position with the Lincoln Gas Coal company, which is now developing » large coal tract in Washingtbn: : couiity; Mr. and Mrs. Riffle were active ,.i workers in the church, and Sunday "school and 'their removal from Owensdale is deeply, re- their host'of friends in that community. ' Instrumental' and vocal music was the-prlncipal^amusement of the evenings Dainty refreshments were served. The following were present: Mr. i and: Mrs. David .King, Mr. and Mrs. 'ir:-Dewalt arid:.daughter, - Yi.r- ginia, -Rev. and Mrs. Risley and son, Francis. Mrs. Frank Chain and granddaughter, Charles Chain; Miss Polly Chatn, Mrs John Buttermore and daughter, Margaret, Mrs. Fletcher and daughters, Lottie and:.: Edna,, Harry Ansel, Mrs. Eatofl, Mr. arid Mrs. Rodger King and daughter, Minta, Mr. and Mrs. Wade King and daugliter, Eraa; Miss Christine Geerhing,-Mrs FaVier and children. Glen and: Hester, Mrs; Allen King and , children. Howard, Albert and Evelyn, Mrs. John Laing and ^children,. Dorothy I:, and Ruth, Mrs; .Charles Crossan, Mr. and Mrs. William. Thomas and: son. Melvin, Mr., anfi; Mrs. -Allen Shallenberger. and, daughter, Edna. LIVES 200 YEARS! .T«r inor* thkn.200;y«ars Haarlem OH 'th« .-twnoas; .national^ remedy- of £ol l»i»d, hwt been recognised as ari. lnfa.ll- n»lBieUef from :mlL lorrri* of .kidne 'and bladder disorders. Its -very aff« !· proof that It mutt hare unusual merit. ' If lyott; are troubled with . pains or ·aches:^n~th* ; back^/leel tired, in .the morning headache,:". indipeation, · In- Boninla,- painful-or too -Irequont pass- ase-o£.;tirli»«,,.IrTltatlon,6r stone in the blaSder,-you· will .airrioBt 'certainly/find tinick-'rellef In "GOliDMCDAlj Haarlem Oil; Capsules./ This-;la the \fooA old r«ra«dy that has "scood ' the test for hunrefir; of. years,, iprepared. In the pro'iwrVquantlty and convenient, form ·to--take. · It Is. Imported ,direct, from Holland ilaboratorlcs,. and you'. can get it at-^ahy diruffc; Store. \ Tour money prdmptly-.TBfunded ' doea not relieve you. But be sure-to.«et the-sren- Tiine- GOLfJ .MEOAI brand. '. In boxes three; aizea.---Ad\ If Ton Want Something Advertise for it J ln our ciuwifled column: One cent a word. T Tan will find them In our ad column a TEE CMOHCEST Indian "IT EHTS TTEE SPOT" OLP BOND CTAMPS pay 4% on eyery $100 you spend Get them with every purchase of lOc or more. UY IN CONNBLLSVILl/E at ConaeUsville's foremost store. Complete stocks of fashionable- JSaster clothes await-your cljoosing. Protapt Service to Those Who Have Deferred 'Easter Purchases Until Now .i A» Easter approaches the need of new apparel becomes more real. Months ago this store considered your Easter problems and planned accordingly. So now, when needed, you'll find stocks complete and' inviting. . Comprehensive assortments of fashionable Easter apparel for everyone--and correct accessories to complete the costume will be at your disposal right up to the very last minute. Famous TOILET PREPARATIONS From the Leading French and American Makers It is a pleasure to-invite attention to such a varied and comprehensive assortment of elegant Perfumes and Toilet Waters. They embrace names long associated by discriminating women with the most delicate and delightful of odors. PERFUMES! -Mary Garden at $2.50 the ounce. -Lady 'Mary at $1.50, the -dunce; -Fiancee at $2.00 the ounce. -Azurea at $1.00 the ounce. -Lilas at $1.50 .the ounce. --Houbigant's at $2.Z6 the ounce. --Uly-.ot the Valley at $2.75 ounce. --Garden Fragrance at $1.00 ounce. --Lilac Mauve at $1.00 the ounce. --White Ron* at 60c the ounce. Pre-Easter Display of KAYSER GLOVES Showing the New Styles in Silk and Chamoisette So pronounced'is the vogue, of the Fabric Glove Uiis season, that this announcement w31I interest the majority of women. And these Gloves nre tlie-famous Kayser make, with the smart style, shapeliness and serviceability that the name asrsures. Prices range from 65c to $1.25 TOILET WATERS! --Mavis It tl.OO. --Mary Garden'at $4.25, --Azurea at $2.00: --Ljlas at .$2.60. --Lady Mary at |1.50. --Djer Kiss at J2.00. --Finance at 12,60." --Lov' Me at $1.00. --Melba it $1.00. --Melba Lilac at $1.00. --·White Rose at Jl.OO. --Lilac Mauve-at $1.Z6. --Lily of the Valley it --Rose Jacquelin at (1.16, Special Easter Displays New Neckwear Silk Hosiery Kid Gloves Handbags Toilet Goods New Ribbons New* Underwear New Rugs Carpets Curtains New Silks Dress Goods Wash Goods Footwear Draperies FASHIONSNE COATS J The most to be desired of the season's smartest garments are shown in this display of "distinctive 3 Easter styles. Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Waists and Children's apparel. The newest and the best at mod- § erate prices proclaim our leadership as outfitters to women and misses. Easter costumes should be-chosen now--today--to permit time for any needed alterations. Unusual Values in Easter Suits $19.75 $25 $29.75 $35 $39.75 to $79.50 Suits with the distinctive style and tailoring needed for Easter--together with, the splendid service -required for the months of wear that follow. Suits for the woman and the miss--with special consideration, given women who require extra large sizes. Strictly tailored, semi-tailored and dressy tailored models in tricotine, serge, poplin, silrertone, burella, Poiret Twill, wool jersey, checks, mixtures and gabardines. Medium Price Suits Featured at $25 and $29.75 Women's and Misses' Dresses $14.95 $19175 $25 $35 to $69.75 Your Easter-Dress may be any one of a score of materials \ and different colors and still be correct, for Dame Fashion has been very liberal in decreeing the new style trend for Spring. Street and afternoon styles for women and misses--in georgette.crepe, serge, wool jersey, foulards and pretty combinations. Tailored effects" and dressy styles in all new colors. Two special lots--at $13.50 and $14.95. Distinctive Styles in Coats $15 $25 $29.75 $35 $45 to $79.50 Some women choose a coat for its STYLE; some for BEAUTY of material ··OF color.; some, for UTILITY- Combine all of these and you have the ideal coat. Easter shoppers a^e finding ideal Coats here-^distinctive styles in-wool velour, tricotine, Poiret Twill, gabardine, bolivia, burella, poplin, serge, mixtures and taffetas.. The many'smart colors is one of the. predominant features of the entire '.collection.'····All sizes for women and misses. Girls' Confirmation DRESSES For'girls of 6'to 14 years, there are 'dozens of the daintiest ·· little White Dresses in good qualities of organdy, voile, net and ;: lawn. Some trimmed with beautiful lace and embroidery Some quaintly smocked... Mptherfe and daughters wiU be doubly pleased when they learn the prices--$1 95 to $15 · Correct Easter MILLINERY The displays of Easter Millinery are fraught with deepest interest for women who delight in the charm of changing fashion. The designers have expressed a harmony of design and color quite unusual. Your quest for a new hat may not begin here, but it is certain to end when you have inspected our showing. Three Special Groups -at $3.45, $4.95, $6.95 EE THE Attractive Easter Displays of Skirts, Blouses, Petticoats, Sweaters, Lingerie, and all other Apparel. c ·* , * A. \ "" s. ·-* i ^i,-jX * ^^£-*,. fjti S4 «*-* ^

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