The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 11
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Jim BIsBea ..-' SATURDAY. AUGUST 22. called Civil Rights. have,, been President of the United States if It ''had not been for I something His name is Henry Martin Jackson. In the Meld of politics, he if the good boy. He does whatever ha can for his nation sad his party, and some of what he does hurts him. Jack-: son is a brown-haired smller, a United States Senator (or 11 years, and a member of the House of Representatives for I) years before that. '-H was born In Everett, Washington, on May 12. 1911, and he lived in a father plain house with bis sisters for a long time. For years, he was oae of Washington's most eligible bachelors. Then he fell in -. : : '"" "" r" 2t- JM BSHOP: REPORTER Beh love with Helen E. Hardin and, al :4. married her. KENNEDY'S CHOICE? I met Senator Jackson once. It was the' morning after John F. Kennedy had been nominated in Lot Angeles. The day was cool and quiet and the word was out that (he nominee wanted Jackson as his running mate. The word was. loud. In fact, most ol the convention delegates knew k. ' . There was a friend or two in the Kennedy camp I could call, so I asked the question bluntly. "Jack hasn't (old anybody whom he wants,'" they said, "but 'we see it as Sena tor Jackson of Washington." I checked with a few state dele-' gationt and the word was Jackson. So I went to his hotel and there was a girl behind a desk, a lot of campaign litera ture, and a barrel of apples. I took an apple. I "was still working my way around H when the Sentor appeared and I told him what 1 wanted. 1 had written a rather long story the day before called "The Day Kennedy was Nominated." Now, if he had no objection, I would tike to do one called "The Day Jackson was Nomin ated as Vice-President' ' He said he didn't, think he rated all that attention. I asked it he aspired to the vice-presidency and he ' smiled as though caught In an embarrass ment and said yes. In that case. I said, he should know that the word was out that be was going to' be Kennedy's' choice for the Job. He said be was aware of H. : s ' Jackson took me to his hotel' GRADUATION MASS v -.). '' . t X 2 iiw-J' m. m mum:? a i In staetate il Im ScWti it lmk fchfanHy it Otiwi V ; "4 f V j om 6ed SUNDAY, AUGUST 23rd -.100 'fM$:. V I t&tiutpel of !he lio! v V-IRUYERE ST. OTTAWA tv ' ApAREYTSAND FRIENDS ARE -'.'-A '. r CORDIALLY INVITED !;' L'Onhouais; Regional School Board Registration for High School 'students . let 9 r ' ' school terms wilt take place on .Monday, August 31st -and Tuesday. September 1st, e.m. to .m.--' Fur further details consult your parish bulletin of August 22nd and 29th and also detajls in the newspapers of August 39th. ' , . !.. ,-..! Opening of classes September 8th, 1964, 9 i.m. Omer Phuge, ' '"''- Director of Studies EASTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION f ; : OF NEW STUDENTS NOT ALREADY REGISTERED (BY THEIR GRADE 8 " - TEACHER OR PARENTS) DATE: Aug. 28, Sept. 1, 2, 3 . TIME: Afternoons only 1 AT THE SCHOOL: 235 McArthur Road NO REGISTRATIONS by telephone ,'1 REGISTRANTS MUST SUBMIT; 2 -June report and promotion certificate. . Students entering Grades 10, 11, 12, 13 must aim Submit a letter of transfer from the school 'J' ' attended last year. , ; , v vt; '; courses . x., i - Arts and Science, Grades) to 13 lncl. -,.T -V" AcftfleiiJc; . (Oeneral)-. v.:; , Business and Commerce, Oracles 9 to IS lncl. (Commercial . ;. , ' . . Technical, Grades 9 to 12 i; One Year Secretarial, for. students who have ' completed Grades 13, 12 or 11 ' "f -ls'-. , ' .t , fees;,v'''' r..',v; 'r'; , f. ... None Grades 9 to 13 lncl. ; ;f ' RE - OPENING . ' Grade Students M sun. Tuesday, Sept. : . Grades IS, If, IS, ISt IM pjn. Toeeday, Sept. . NO REGISTRATION FOR EVENING CLASSES , . M. UNTIL LAST WEEK OP SEPTEMBER u.f J ' SUPPLY TEACHERS , EVENING CLASS TEACHERS Please send appllcattons (o: : ; THE PRINCIPAL, . i3i McArthur Road , i ,. , ' stating telephone no. and all relevant btfot V.- Information - - V J ind the Scenes By JIM BISHOP Thers wilt b little rssl excitement In Atlantic City when iha Democratic convention occurs, There will be shouting and sweating and parades and placards and heaping helping of patriotism, but every dele-git knowa' that be Is present to vote for Lyndon B. Johnson end to watt patiently until the President passes the wont about lb name of his Vice-President. , Still, i will think ol the dele gation from . the State of Washington. No special spot light will be on It, but In that group will be a man who might I living room. There he set with' a few aides. He explained that I was there to write s story about the vice-presidency and the other men said "Oh" and went to the front window to whisper. The smiling Senator stared at a telephone. He stared so long that I asked him about it. The smile died. He said that if Senator John F. Kennedy phoned him with any news, jt would be on that phone. . . We stared at K together. It was silent. We talked about the beauties ot the Stite of Washington. We spoke of the remarkable Job that Robert Kennedy had done, not only la holding the Kennedy delegates together, but In holding the other presidential aspirants oft; Only one delegation Robert Meyner and New Jersey remained off the Kennedy bandwagon on that first ballot. The clock moved from I a.m.'lt went trom I to IS. I ate another apple. Senator Jackson became . tense. He knew that, if Kennedy wanted him, Jackson was waiting. All it required' was a phone call. Kennedy was an early mover. The call should have come at S. Now the bands ot the little gold clock moved toward II. The telephone set mute. "Is there any chance. ..1 said, "that he might-want someone else?" Jackson tried his smile., "The nominee," he said, "should be permitted to select his running mate. I hope it might be me. But then, who knows?" '..','' ' -'" ' The two aides left the room. Reporters filled the outside office. They too waited. Jackson dreaded to go out and say hello to them, because he knew the question they would ask. I ana no oia not snow inc anwer. At noon toe pnone rang, aena- i tnr Jarann fonMd aentaa that room. GETS CALL. ' He was perspiring, but be put the smile on his voice. "Yes," he said. "Yes. Well. Just sitting around. What's that?" The smile became wider. "Oh. I n oais.ieave ngm now, ie. juh put on a lacaet ana anve over. , O.K. I'll be there m a lew i minutes.' He huag' up. 1 y A asked If that was the Keav . nedy camp.- He nodded..: Was he going to be Vice-President? He -took a deep breath and stared St me. "1 doot know.", he said slowly, and. I knew be did know. He knew because J the news'was good, they'd have hold. ..him ever the phone. If the news was bad. they would want to explain It to him to person and teK him that be must step aside "lot the good of the party. . .w Senator Jackson stepped, aside. They didn't want him. Tbey needed a Southerner, a strong Southerner who could counteract the strong stand Kennedy bed taken on Civil Rights. They needed someone who could balance an overly liberal ticket.1 Jackson was not the msa. Lyndon Johnson was. And so. when the convention is en television, you may listen to the speeches and the hurrahs. I will be looking through the crowd et'a silent hero ,V (Copyright) : , V DROVE WHILE SUSPENDED Marcel Forgoes. 17, of 241 Booth Street, was sentenced to IS days in County Jail and fined $73 and XI costs or another II days 'Thursday by Magistrate Sauve in Ottawa Magistrate's Court. :, He pleaded guilty to driving while under suspension and careless ' driving. His driver's licence was suspended an i ditlonal year. - Forguee gave himself up to police efter be abandoned his car which had rammed a hydro pole. Police said Forgues lost Ms licence last March far failure to prove financial responsibility. . Shock absorbers dampers in Britain. are called ixsvu to mnocr max "ct&R ? r r-J?5m t W FRED N. GARRETT fUNERAL SERVICE " .". A Reasonable, !' ' , ...V , Courteous, Efficient Sertrica ere havs seaetet J 23773 V' Sftt Somerset St West u THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Journal Cross-Word Puzzle ACKOSS I Taaai far awaU: 2 wards. s Keu. . 14 Rachwlsr's wakwirwu. 15 Amar awrssaw-'' teeirt 2 wwk. lSOvarUlu. , 17 Straakad. . IS Ktasha valcaaa. J? Afiariinar Inat. 41 A dessratiMi , Akbr. SPlflrfl CSMT. 21 Fertik ipsis. 2S Of siskt V baia! Abb. T Kjad el party. . il Irratiaasl, as a aambaa, M Vhai assay' started aa. M BUekuWa. 37 Ani una, la - Ssaia. IS River law dw It the thntiaa: wares. 41 " Ma Us." 42 Twiat, Mr. 43 Kind mi hsaaas' , 44 RheuM rim. 45 Saaad assk. 1 wards. 47 FirM Man ia I fcasekalL 45 Za dcaiaca. M Vaodt, N.H. M sUL 46 GeU U tka B. CMaaay. kt Escilcs. 41 ay asaia. 2 Roamed alrnl. d Maaabw i a Iratrniat Mder. . DOWN 1 DaKaporf. 2 Ssaes aMaker. ' 2 Black: Prefia. 4 BaoaaM tirsd. 5 PaaeefaL 4 Keep lata ha an: 2 fk. 7 MailiiiMic 5 OfUia ' rceordiag. DiiDatc. 10 Infold: PaeC ' II Say. 12 McAalile's. eah. IS baeM pan. IS Espiaiaadi I wards, 20 Assises anh. 22 Wkara la gat away iraaa it all. 24 Paury. 2$ tinek awaauia. 2Tas , 27 SapenuHual ," ' briaa. - -X Ca(luda. ' .0 Baeaas -II TwL Saah Maria. M Fit wards St . UHiah an 40 Laqaariaas. Paddler.' 46 Prepared, i 47 Dwlaias. 4S la Uw diaUaea. 49 Kiad al raaW. M Thaaaaa saws. SI - , Easlaad.' U Rak ia bhaw 54 PtZcr sweeaahr. 55 Riitr of Bnotaiil. 17 Emhraes. Mialer, at a ' . Hiada. , . I 2 is . 14 ji j 17 I J4 It lift 111 jl! J - t . 2IZ" i . ""T""7"T 2S 24 til """ a """"2"! 131 ' i j: 32 "" 3J , 34 ' . ST - - ..j- " T"" """asl """"'T"" It t "" " r " " """ 4; "" 3" sT" iZ T "" 53 lb Ii5 3" "" """ 57 T'mmW"Tm jj- - ., -" " - 53 t - Solution of, this puzzle will be published Monday. 1 ' - ryT''""""!!''"'""f .y-w" H"T"' " rtOT.lf- fW jsaaaaaaaaaaaaj v rWV' v'' W'f STUDENTS FINISH EUROPEAN TOUR Dedtf1! Serfks ' InUertw isms ' Hseft , kliftta trriMi Is ted , KeM tarrkt (man hr ikI smsI) Mrali (sktrMtt br mci afksf (e These five students are among 60 young Caaadiana who have Just finished a six-week tour of Europe which included a four-week French course in Switzerland. From left 40 right are Roger Rowley, of Camp PeUwawa; Graeme Raymond, of Mount Royal, Qu.; John Stephenson, of Camp Pstaws Tina Hird. of Ottawa, and John Lovink, of Rockchfte. , . (DOT ;: .OTOE NURSING HOME Opening September 8th, 1964 If you are looking for en ideal spot for chronically oi, convakscuig or aged -people's nursing home, you am welcome to come and visit Mont St Jude with its bright rooms, all equipped with the latest hospital furniture. ACCOMMODATIONS I IsTft iiltriaajl 2 nauUm mm rrtlT rails era mn lerpMbf IcantiW lenitt Wt m tf I. i i,Uimm m MfOBMimi aw icavinoi uil- 04-5311 1445317 '';' '.' ., From to II ajs. Freea I to S p-aa.' " ' ' ; : y L . for good taste in smoking? ' for good taste in smoking! '' Have you noticed how many people are . changing to Canada's most advanced cigarette. There is a good reason. GRAVEN MA" filters besk ; , ' ; for good taste in smoking. .HMMOMMHOMaBaaaoioaaBBaooaaMBaoaaaoaaBOOOHaiMovBaaaaaaaoM ' ' "' " ' ' ' - " " . . '." ' '' 1 ,.-'-,tM r ' wmeiwta, cieaatTTts ' '; r:'-' .'".'''' "' r-;- . ''ili'S ,Hr-v(v,- v.:"' . ' t ( a ,S n U ,V -V Th original ' 1 v. WV a premium brand at regular price A 3

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