The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
Page 7
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TUESDAY; MARCH.26,; 1918 THE DAILY COURIER, gONNELLSVELUE, PA. SJl'VJm. fjirH ? - . T3f/aOff '772A/L ~ "ZfffSPOOLERS HABFEtt. AND b«t one never knows what, to believe There Is fighting in Santa Clan and Miiceo sweep* westward" Takiug the unaddnwed letter from his pocket, Esteban sold "I have *n other message for Colonel, Lopez.' "Tl»t Lopez I He's here today and there tomorrow; one.c*n never Onu. him.'* "Well, yon most find -bin, and Immediately, Asensio. Tills letter con tains Important news--so Important, In fact"--JEsteban; laughed llghtty-^-'tliat If .TO« find·'yourself, In danger from the Spaniards Id advise, yott to chew it up and awaUaw tt s* Quietly ss yon can." ni remember that," said tbe negro, there's danger: enooirb. SHD, I an'Bi;deatb/'-aii(l;cah bear.'-me out'in. everything I say. No, Poncho, you overreach yourself. .Now^ then"--Esteban was quick-tempered, and for years be had struggled..against an Instinctive distrust and dislike of the plantation manager--"remember that I cave .bfr- come tbe hed of this house, ud' your employer. You will dp;better to think of yoar own affairs thanof mine. I Intend to have :a careful reckoning wttt yon. i'tMnlt yon know I hare a good bead, for 'figures."'- Turning, his back upon the, he 'walked ·way. :Now It did not occur to Coeto; really to doubt .{he boy's Innocence, though the circumstances of ' Donna -Isabel's CHAPTE-* IV. Although for a long time Donna Isabel bad been sore in ber own-mind that Pancho Cneto, her ndministrador,- was robbtnff'ber, she bad never mustered: latloDS let us htive no more, of the** miserable suspijon* 'of each other «ct ns entirely 'orget this unpleasan/ misunderstanding.-, unoh - be, tht* same food'frlends'as-before.'* ~- HaTing raid this PanchoCwto stood illent a moment to polite expectancy i eonras* to call him to a reckoning, NsTertbeltsa, D«;Caa*«no'a;blaBt'acco- sation, codprtd., with; her own' ; urgent ''meeds, served ;tO;flac-her resolution,- and. - .m the day. after: the" merchant's visit j'."«ne sent tor the overseer, who at the £:-ifine v?os living on one of · the plan^ '"tattoos. ;- Caeto was. plainly curious-to learn why be had been sent for, bat since ·be"asked, no", questions/ his.-employer; . was foreea-Jotopen the: subject her-" self Through drv white lips she began "My dear Pancno, times are hard. The plantations are falling and so-- Pan _ebo Cneto's eyes .were set close to his :»ose. his facejVCTS. long and thin and harsh; he" regarded tfte^speaker., with such a sinister, unblinking stare that she could scarcely"finish: ,'Vrand so t--can. no longer aitord to retain you asadmlnlst radar." "Times will improve," be iaidl · / "Impossible! f tell y'oa I'm bankrupt" ', "So? iThen the remedy is simple--j : lien a part of your Jand." [ .pp^,^ Although tbis suggestion, came ntii i (Tally enough Donna Isabel ftr-a^d cold · land felt, stiffen into a gri- Imace. 'She wondered if Caeto could be '/feeling her out deliberately. "Sell the ·Tsrona lands F* she queried, after .'a momentary struggle with herself *Es jteban would rise from his g-ave I«o jit was his wish that the plantations jffo- to his cblldrcn Intnct.' ,," nil his wish is sacred to yon.;ehT* ~Cu. _v nodded Ms approval, although ·Ills snrilewas disconcerting. "An ad- ,inlrable sentiment! It does you honor. then receiving no Intelligible reply be Vowed low and left tbe room. To the avaricious Donna Isabel Cne- to's : frank acknowledgment of theft was 'maddening,' -and "the': realization that .she was helpless, norr dependent upon his- charity for her living, fairly crucified, her Et?»d spirit All Say she brooded, and by the time evening came she bad worked herself Into such a state of nerves .that she could eat no dinner. /Some time during .the" course of tt e evening a 'wild Idea orae to Isabel. Ilnowlng.that the manager would: spend the night beneath her roof, she:planned to-klll 'him. ~'At first It seemed « simple thing.'to do-- m'erelr a matter of a dagger or; a pistol, wTtlle he slep*--bntfnrther thought revealed. appnUlngr.'risks. and dincnl- ties, and she' decided to wait : FolHon was far safer v ; Constant brooding over the treurare had long since effected Donna Isabel's brain, and as'.a:consequence sneioften dreamed about it. :Bbe-dreamed about it.again tonlghUand. strangely enlxtgh, her dreams were pleasant. ^Sebastian but for once he nether cursed noi threatened Her and Esteban when he came "was again the lover vwho liad..'coartedr:her. Ini. Habana It was amazing delightful tear these Spaniards leas than the ' death wpre miapldouK enough to raise jaorrtlleros- they are everywhere. Ihey call thenwelv«s patriots, but they are nothing more than robbers. Ikey--" Asensko paused abrupuy He seized bis companion by the arm and, lean Ing forward stared across Jie level garden into' the shadows ctlposlte. Something/was moving, there, under lae .trees u the, men could .see that it was white and formless, and tbat it an erratic coorse What's thatTTgtsrjed the negro. He began to tremble violently and Ms breath became audible.: Hateban was compelled to bold him dewn bj main force. '.'li's old Don Bstcbitn, TOOT father.. They say he. walks at midnight, carrying Us/head In bis tvfo hands.' 'Tqiing" Varona managed to whisper, with some'show of courage: "Hnsti! Wait! I don't believe in ghosts." Nevertheless, he was on tte^point of setting Asensio an example of undignified flight .when: the mysterious object emerged from, the .shadows Into the open mooBliiiht; then bo sighed with relief: "Ah-hl: Now I see! It is my stepmother,, 'She is asleep." For a-moment or two they watched the progress of tbe white-robed figure; then Esteban stirred and rose from bis scat "She's too:close :to that well. There-Is--"' He started, forward; a pace or two.; "They .say .people who walk atnlght go mad H they're awakened When the somnambulist'* deliberate prog.ess.toward'theimonth of the well continued he called her name softty. "Donna Isabel!" Then he repeated it loader.- ^Doniia; Isabel I .Woke np." 'The woman.seemed to hear and yet not to hear. She turned her head to Estebin and she were waiting through i listen, 'but cohUnnsd to walk, the grounds ot 'the qulnta and h was Celling her about bis casks of Spanish sovereigns, about those boxes liound with iron, about the gold and sityw or- naments.of.:heavenly beauty snti.the pearls as large as plums. As he talked ^Isabel felt herself grow hot and j'cbld ah* ezperieoiwd \\ th :nl'ad«d of that dlsjvnte'with Jose Oroz ·v*r the-bonndary to La^Tpya; I have promised to show him .'the : original o««l to I* J(jya anB to ; ;furnlsh Wm better in M ^4 t . lll setae with anticipation of aell ht " ot a sodden Isabel's whole dream-world:dlssolved. She awoke, or thought she. djd. ; at hearing her'.name shouted. .Bctt^.althougb alie'untierweht 'Itne. '" .That .would, be Jawsnlt, wouldn't it?!* I »he.felt the flrst swttt fright of a per- I son aroused .to strange turrooBdings, iitn myself/K;:'; .-'· she knew on the I that sbe mast . . . . - ; still be asleep; for eveTytbing. about Custo.!lftea;-an.atoon!tory hand, his j ; her Wdtro and dark, tie sir was cold i _,t_i.i. . ,1.1. A. ^_s i _i 'iianier - , 'Dont be alarnied." he said, reas- eurlngly. · .'It 19 only Esteban -- ^Doooa iBabvl! Stop!" Bstebiu aprang forward, shouting atithe top of hEsjvoice, tor at the 'sound of ber name Isabel .had; abruptly ..swefvwl ,to ber. .right, 'a movement which broiiKht her dangerously the;llp oi the well. "Stop ! Go bat;k t" . screamed the young man. : "· . Above ..his -wariiing'vtherB came - a shirlelc, shrill and iiKcmtMd-- i wail of ;sneh Ubysmai .tensor ijis .to. .shock the night birds and tie liioecU; into stillness. Donna Isaii»l slSppwl, or -stpro- bled. :b .her knees, jibe balanced briefly, clutching at : raDdcra while the earth and ^ crombllng cecient- gave way 'be- .neath.ber; -then.sho slid .forward and. disappeared, almost out from between Question:.In,-any rniad; but-lii view of Esteban's threat' he thought It wise to protect himself by setting a back- Ire · ' - : . ; . . ; · · . : " ; ' * ; - . .: -. ·;' Aa he iat on an old stone bench, moodily replctnrlnff the catastrophe as Esteban had described It, bis attention fell irpon an eaveiop nt his feet. It ^waa sealed; It was unadthresaed. . Cueto- Idly broke it 'open an.', begun to read.; Before he had gone,far. he started, then ne cast- a furtiye gianc* aboat Bet the-place was secluded; he was unobe-oncd. ,When he flniehcd 'reading be rose, smiling. Be no longer feared Esteban. On Hie contrary, he rather pltlod th* young fool; for here between his Sngera .was that which not only promised to remove tlu' boy from his path forever, but to place In Us bands tbe entire Vardna estates. One afternoon, perhaps a week later, Don Miirlo de Castano came pnJGQng and blowing.up to the qninta, (it.iwnd- teg\ to see 'Hosa without a moment's delay. With a dlrectneira unusual even in him, Don Mario began: .: · "Rosa, toy dear, you and Bsteban have been discovered! I was at Inch with tbe commandante when I learned the truth. Through friendship I prevailed upon him to give yea an boar's grace." - - '·;· · "What do : you mean, Don MarloT" inquired the girt. : "Come, come !"tl» planter cried, Impatiently. ."Don't you, see yon can trust mc7 Heaveul 'The recklessness, the folly of yima; people I Could yon not lea re this insurrection to your elders? Or perhaps you thought It a matter of no great Importance, an amosrng'* thing--" "Don Mario r Rose Interrupted. "I don't Icaon- what you are talking about" · . ' - . : : . · -Too. a«rt, chr The caller's wet cheeks £rew reddar; he blew Hire a porpoised "~-ea call Bsteban o^ilckly 1 There Is not a moment to int." When th«.- brother appeared D«' Castano blurted gut at Mm accusingly: "WeU, rir I A fiae fix you've pat yourself In, Perhaps yon. will be Interested to learn tbat Colonel Fernandez bas IssQeil.or-: ders to arrest you and your ststsr as ·gents of the losumctos." "What!" Kateban drew back. Boea turned viilte as a lily and laid a frot- terinit aitxi ocoa' her toroat. ; : "Too w» will steep; tonight in S*n fcnalao." grimly aanooDced the ro- tend-visitor. "3fo« know Vhst tbnt Bosa tittered a smothered cry. | . . _ . - "Colonel Fernandez," Don Mario j 7^" Before she:could half realiseher con-1 rattle pt rock and pebble and a "great I 9rocecled, impressively, " this vI-itQ;.the?raer,cjes of. thrtt rascal,"'-Jie- said ^jolpusly. " !*No.'T shall go on as I am. ; ;«T.»n'at a sacrifice to myself. -Llove : - Iwn. JEsteban's .·" my .very /·-^o'lrnf -And ypul senorn*- 1 -"- -.- · , " . - . Isabel knew'mat : she mustSwln a. leoraplete victory at once op accept lr- Tetrlerable defeiLt. -^ -': ; i '·:-. : ; " "Xeverl" she interraptud,'·' with a tone of fiuality. "lican't accept yonr sncriflce. I ain :: not jvorfly. :Kiadty arran^ to turn pier ynur books of ac- ·count at oiace." '- . Then Paacho Coeto did an unexpected thing: be laughed shortly and:| same material. Eittetian put Jhe letter ·book his head. . i In his .pocRet without addressing- it ronna Isabel was ready to faint and i.I-etring himself out. into the;nlght,;he -ber voice quavered,, as. aha ;wenf-on: took; the ^patb that'--led to .the . old "Understand me, we, pnrt the ,b«st:of j sunken garden. He passed close by "f- Irlerids despite all 1 have heard agaiiwt I thc-well; and lbj:gap!ng .mouth,' -only _^L ·. j. --^ ,._,,._. ....,,-.-.-__,'._ I half : pratect-e(J by the broken coping. ditlon, she felt .herself plunged into space.'7 She \heard herself ^scream hoarsely, Jearfully, and knew, too late, that shte 1 was indeed awake. Theii^-- whirling cliaos--·· A sudden,, blinding crash of lights and sounds-- Nothing more! »·, ',Esteban Tarona sat until a late hour that night over a letter which required the utmost care In its compoaltloa. It ? was; written upon the thinnesfjof. 'paper, .and,when it was^finlaned the writer Inclosed'.lt'In an envelope of the yo*.* 1 do not beUevn- these stories people tell, for "you 'probfibly have en- j wnlEded him' tbat he had -promised eroles. Even if all- 1 they .said -were KoBa to cover Jt will planks. Id, Its ~ · ·· - i- . . . ' ' trne, I should force tny.9elf to be leni «nt because of your affection for iny ·kuiband." -, . - . : . . . . . · _ ·'·· The'mau rose, Mill smiling." "It t» I ·who have been fenient" said he. "Eh2-- Speat pluinly.' it ;was.a''fliecace to unitnals; tt not/ to hnmun "bplnja ivno vrere. .unaware. iDf Its -presence. ^ .-.^ . ·. '·:· Seating Jbiinself "on- one of ' tne;!old ' " stone ^benches,' the 'young: men dg«rette . · anrt-. ; .composed^- lit" . "Giauly. I have long saspected ! that i wnit.. He sat .there, for a/long-liiipe, Don. Esteban hid the deeds of his prop- j srtunbling Inwaidly, lor : tbe nlgtt ;wa» exty witi the^rest o£ his valuables, and ·now that you admit--"_ ·' ' , -.-..,· Donna Isabel recoiled sharply. '"Ad-mit! Arc yon mad? Deeds,! _^niat are yon .talking about?" .Her."eyes met his bravely'enough; but she could.feel' h'W lips-trembling loosely. '-.'_..,··"· '·'-. Casting, "aside all pretense, -the' overseer exclaimed: "For el amor de'Dios! 'A end to this-! v I know .why.yon .sent for me.' You:tbink tibave oeeh'rob- biog you. ' Wen,"'t»'D« .honestiv-So'-I have. Why stoolcl I .tola as lido^whlle ' jirri and those twins .U;f« here :ia"'itn- ur,y and; idlenese, sguaiidering/inoaey to ! which-yon have no r5ht?"- : v;-.-...."-. , "Have^I lost my reasoii?" gasped tlie wlilow.-f'No right?" : ; , .- ····-;.·.$'"·. "'. "At least o better, right ..than... f . :Ion't you understand?, fda have no' title to'these pl«nt«fllonirl.';:cbejj'are;.j. mine, for I hayo pafd^thp'takes-pnt of. my own pockets now ; ,tn.ese?'many' years." , . · ' - . ' . - '·./.-'.·' ·:[;. "-.:·· ·,.''_·;';·: "Tuxes! "What do':'jonimeanT! ; .i . "Iipiild them. The receipts-arei'In s«y-name." - · ' " '.', . . . . . . · - - ' ; ' " : : ' "Etatyen! Such 'perfidy I And you who knew him.!" · '-. ':: '·' '5":^ ·'..' ._ '.Ta» deeds' have b«ij lost/tot-'ta (long that the property, ·tvouJd^hav» r re-, Vertsil t« th« crown hail it not been for ate. loo doubt tkat," en?;".Weit~ap- peaVto tbe emit and y«i wOl find tkat It l:j v tro». Now, ta*n, M as be frank. InasnVucb as weW;bo«(tjiiv much; the sur present arranvesMnts?'! B« itared .. unblfaklngly at hi» Ua*«i«. .V.'fOh, I i it I Is ttVnot .better for yoa to wltk-.what ·i^r.-.ftnenislty-' ^n»:'to-.'a1va,.-;ra'ta«r.;tiian;.t«' i lor Mk by gnuping for too hr .· -'-.'-::i ; * "'" : i' ! i,;'·-''.·;··:-rH-;..:- -:rr»e-ootrai«!''-' : I. rlcn thuiOBjj jrmr *Ualin(." M with «ssr do you: Wh*a-aVt»ban saw how pale lrt« sister bad grown, he took her In hU arins, ::"fmsprry,,*ear. It's all "^ i .to' ; .tn«j:inereb«nt':, r warn-TIS." :".\ aamp and h» a jeiaM.hlmr :Tke end officer ol the (Manila Clv*l may arrive ' 1 ' net leve rTM.'tHxi splosh for below; a chuckle of little stones,striking the water, then a faint hobbling:. -Nothing more. Tbe stepsoc stood In his .tracks, slok, blind :With horror jj-he was. swaylng-over the open-- ing when Asensio draggid him back. 1 . Pancho cieto, being a heavy sleeper, was 'the last to be roused by Esteban's .ootcrles. Wh«n he bad slipped into his clothes in response to the ponndlng on tls door, the few serv-i onts that 'ths 'establishment snppOTted? ,'uad becn ,thoronghly. a'wakeoed. Oieto thonirlit :they. mnst be/ ont of ^thelr minds '-lihtll be learned what had befallen the mistress of the house. Then, being ax man of actloh,jhe too.tssried' swift orders, 'with. the:.resrilt Uwt by the time he: and £5tebau':had .ran to. thVwcll a ibpc anfl lantern were ready for their -.use. '.'." Before : Esteban . conld form nnd fit a loop -tor his shonldsrs there was g'ufacien,t Jielp on h.ind to lower him into the treacherous. abj-ss. ·'That yips a-'gnji-son;e-tii'sk which fell ,to;Bst«ban;.fpr ho well had bfen long npuaed. Its Mde* wcr,«"qoxing slirae, its waters were stale and black. He ivas on'the" point of fainting ivKen he finrilly : .clinTbed \opi, · . leaving the .nesroes to hoist ;ihe'tlripplng, Inert weight which be . find found at the bottom. Old Sebastian's corse hafl come trueV Ionna Isabel .had- met the fate bVliad called down npo* her that day when he hong "eichansterj In his chalo^ and when the ^fller \tcjhnented him! The'trensnre fo'r which th* : wom an. hud Intrigued, .so. .tirelessly Md been her death. ;rurthern)ore, ( na ; t . In ; grimmest ironyrbhe 'ijiafl b«*6n rwtm'itted at the ; TetT-'last/to"' nrid-it?, .Living; sho had ;searcledvto ho pnrpiwe; vrhatso- eyer; dying. j.sht, had; almoBt igrasped iVlfl-her arais.-; .,-· ; .,-. . - . - . - i · . Once the Ast excitement hftd abated "and ; a messengsr had been ,- sent to to.wrj, Cneto drmv Bsteban *stde and' questioned '-hint -. : 1 . ' .. , . ; · ;; ^ .-."A eliockingitnigwly and: most p«^ ienllar," said' the overseer. "Nothing could amaze m»' mot*. : TeM '-.IM,- how did .you .OKU* to bs then at inch an hour; 'ah)":' , . ' ; . ' . .': ;,'· ; ..;·· . '' , · E«teb»n saw the malercleot cnrtoa- Ity In Canto's facr and started. "I-That-'U my'aflalr. Snreiy yon ffon't '' ' . · ;^-"·^Conie^.conl·t:·.-To^l An; rrnsft me." The ovirseer winked and jrnlled. · ··' · . "I had .tmainM thlt^tWoi'iBe there,' ' busl- Sd ojwnly now.. "\VeIl. l'don*^nilnd feilln»yoa Donna. Iwbel's'dxith'li nofflisappolnt- nwht to nnyoae,: i«ybo4i wold sse ' ·".' · . "Brop I" , JDsMian wa» turning niUr- ' ' ' ' . n«tely''roa:.sid'^nit».'' Imply" ' lei"«* 'Toii'' seem to favor, knowing me to be a suitor for Rosa's band. In spite of bis .duty and the evidence he--" ,."Evidence? What evidencef" Bste- b^n asked sharply. "For one thing, yonr own iletter to Lopez, the rebel, warning him to beware of tbe trap prepared for him in Santa Clara, ;and ; dvlslne him of the government force at Sabaallla. Ob, don't try to deny It! I read It wltn my own eyes, and It means--^death." ' Row said faintly':' "Estebanl I warned yon." : . - ' Esteban-was taken aback, but- It was phdn that-he was not in the least frightened. "They haven't caught, me yet,".ha laughed. ' .' '.. , - ' 'Ton say they intend to arrest'Tne also?" Bosa eyed the caller anxiously. "Emctlyl" . , - . - - ' . ' "Who accuses hor, and of'what!" Bstebari demanded. . -.. - : "Thnt also I have discovered through the courtesy of Colonel Fernandez. Your accuser Is none other than Pan- choCueto.". "Caeto!" · "Yes; he has denonnced both of yon as rebels, and the letter is only part of hie proof, I believe. Now, then, you can guess why "I am here. I am not ·'Your Aocus«r Is Non. Othar Than '. -',- .':.;' Panoho pu'ets.".: ; : -;. r .'·' .; without rnftMDce'; I can Mve Boss, bnt for. yon, Bstsbni, '·· I fear £;can, do noth- . , , , ing; Ton 'mmt look ont for yourself. ' r;a food rWng t»; naVe:flu ; ~rlght kind o a frtafKl.' m rnarrr Bosa within; an biro, and I finer my n«m« win b« -a ""'"""··Hor wou!dj Napoleon^ have given for oiie Uttle two-passenger car? ! . I . · '.:' --JonnN.WiUys Mobile oils, heaYjymeeiihn aisd light in lots of 5, 1C gallons, lial^ barrels and/barrels, from the' barrel only, per Jailon . 1 ,, ; :--.... _..,-- ..--.- 60c Buckeye Npn-SJtld Tires, made by the Storing Tire CompRny, Semiring, Ohio. We lire using these tires on,our own cars and a number of people in Connelisville. are them and getting as good--results from the use of Buckeye tires-as tbeyare from the guaranteed tires. . , 30 x 3 _ _ SO x 3% . 31 x 4 32 x 4 ..... ,,;_.: $10.9o 1 S15.95 . $16.45 Other siiiea -- prices In proportion to the aboye. . . · - "We carry' a fair stock of automobile accessories. , Ve charge your battery. " - . · We wort six mechanics in our repair department and can do j-onr work to y«nr i TUlcanize your tubes and tires. "We sell Hudson and Overland pleasure cars and I/itfle Giant Commercial Tracks. The new models are in. Look them over. . , Yokr -telephone and mail order -win have an immediate attention. 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