The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DArtrr cotrKiEK; coNiTELISVlLlM,;'.PA. · ' J. "THE GUN WOMAN. 1 * In which s«n ; In the , leading rote .ud'iclwtM MB are being "Tlie .TtsrKar/'.-fowia, "Devil'*; =.Kit- ch«," the btstni and. tough e»t'»alooii »ni daiicrjiall-in Ihe wlfole hell roar-. ' :»a.,-'Hate«t and (MU-M ~by,-litT ipctioni; ike, diaws Oam . nererthel^^'iijtivtle.-iipell of . lud them withiher, hittli when the occa- »lo« lor'"gan 'ptoy 1 arises. i A,ban*l : ai "TThe kept.jher: fEalr ; ; . ,V: glossy, anci : attracthre 'Whonever'Her hair .:A;' ; TrelJ-ta»wii downtown - H»7 boy « . . . '.two :£Cl)e, Gent?' opera' , *»,V ·***»;? IB" Bravo? with the inpnej "and'comw-baS* to offer her tie dance r . .'.hall-', privilege. ami 1 -dishonor.. She draws .but cannot kill. Araonth later having disclosed lo UieBostonlan who '"teettve that .';The;GBnt"is-the bandit "vknoiirn as "TheCollector", both:; Jour- r ner to the saloon atiraT»»nd'TTtt »? "kills"th"e"inan "iriio" Defray*!" ' K- m-. .' TTht Kousa- Lover)" "a five, part ?Wrd feature- Thursdaj; KtttT ,-wiU be stared,in .TThe-Waep.^ : .future. in..4vB;-aets^.,;Fridayi.and:'E*t-. owa comjiny .irili appear in-"Shirlej- .'-iroie ot a joung oman.-3oci^r.~|iirl; qween o£ the ionrg Island, set; V . ':··'·'- TKE SOISS05. . "The Jack Bali Stock company open ed the third big week it the Soisaon ^Tert*rd«y : affleiiio6ii- w«li the great rural offering "iJoiirn ii, Maine." : The play is really an openinx play, as the members are seen to rood advantage -W the ··cenery^ -a«d- -costumes. .· ace .BOthinc short :6* :a. J1.50 ahow.i. .The cad.wai well, oalanced and Mist- ,Vir- iteia "Powell w« Bemvm : a v part.-ili« handled with exc^iUoiiaI care. Clara BeSle Pre w»» on' haiaij to 'show the . feoDle gf : ConaelUTille what she couli *o and played b«r part to B«r- Mtaa Glide jrie:TM^. real .leittnr "roiiTookwl dUftfeiit'aj'a coontrrlad and much credit li doe him for hl« T sple««d"s«tfo:nniaiiee. Mr. Mordant rjjp-.-jlif^tfufrer- scored -blf, .. and;. Guy. AMer made th« most of a difflcurl part. Perry 'Kilbrlde ; hid' the comedy -pafl, a ion burned rBbe,-and had the house -1m an Jlr. Ball as -t£» d*rli«!r v prMieher .wwrt OTW joo" 1 -" Tlian*T."''»riasy. Satur- d*7 mark* the close ol the company ht JJrU jettrrWl««»-U«T .P 1 "" 1 - "* he - . ·^musical ^com- JiS-'- «*'- ; - ' . . T«E-UaCABB. ^: r Charlie Davis, the 'wizard of JOT. i Girl B*TM at tie Arcade yes" "" ""' at. aD rrhe DiiiuiBd-I'al-, . i »blT by. 3Mlrj .McCoy, .._'- c««ric comediaa. and OliTer Knight, :1^ a »atnral Iritto lad, witt sJ;it«»t:^acTO- -*«· iv .. foil-l«ir*-thii''comedians! ill* billed u a girl-show, and th( ·""'i" ----·;blonisis K ioak«' ; a : hand-" '^* -- f««tur»'ol th* ahow^ It is-.'dUBciiifet; aj]. good, but ;j«i»^UBt?abCTre'~^ai' '«2'a» pop«ia'»trt»r wniiain S. Hart" A E -Fod coraedy will aliobe :l»wn. -Tor ' Jack This "was print- s.' spending; a ICKday furioiigh : here visiting;his par.eBts, Mr. arid Mrs..C. B: Ariaon. ; ;: : · -'.:.'; ' . '. ;;",: ... " · · . · ' · Albert : Yohe. of McKeesport- r : spent Satttrday .and.. Sunday'' here visiting !. relatires-ano friends/ :: iMr.v:and; Mrs. George jaugli~:'..are ,receiTtnB. ; the ; cpngratula- t3bhs : .ofiUieir,':.itriendK fodayv-on the. arrival:"of-a boy. /it. is' the ^trst. boy ai : ' '-.. . ; . " . . -.'.·. : Mr. and Mrs; Jam os Grabber of ilichmonil.Va.. are spending this.weet ere'iviBiaiig- relatives..;and friends.. :' .The /a'rmer,;.whb.: ; Duys;Libeity.. Bonds; .s:'.maJting hay for .his 'country · evlai lougji' : the 'weather is, clpuSy:. .. ; and. .Sulphur Compound -now Deeawn It 'toiens ';'- so liaiarallr and ,maly that" kobbdy ; can tell . it has heen : ap-_ pliei^-Ws so .'easy ; to use.; too. ,, You. simply, .dampen 'a comb ..or; soft broah and. draw it throu»li v ,xour : hair;, tat ing- one .strand .at:.a-'.tnne. : :..By morn-.. tog.-;the .igrayr:haJr.;'af»»pper.r»;:;;after ' 9tor«J to iU natural color and loots " ' . . aratlon ls -i -dellghtfal; .toUe{ " requl- site.. : it . t is,not: intended for tie care. mttlesition or pi-mention of diM«je.-- · · · · · ' · " : "-' : - ' . ' : · ' · · ed In the Saturilay,\Bvenlng foot. la lerial:4nd later.'jto.beok lorm.-^It'ii the story ''at a roiing Harr".rd atiident's eiperien'ca.'.begiiiinfeg.'after /he' .had been ; drppped-from_ Harvard becaiiBe of ids escape with .th«. bear. He was a sell-reliant cijip and-wlien his millionaire father lAacnL trim in charge of h'is huilness he »onght ,to make a good^strqke-by liaymg' a'few hundred carloads ot onions not knowing that his daddy had already bought 500 car*. It .works out'all-rigjit"but before the fllm'story is iinfolded.'young Spurlock hass'miiy.'funify ".andKtSrnHng exper- iencee;-, Jtonday.'fAtril'?' 1st. .'Lillian Walker appears in tha'"Lust : of :tho ^Hjerijijeir plan;, inVolvcs a-' closer working ' cottporation between the American Eed Cross- which furnisliea the,seals, 'and the'National\Aasocia- tiok for' the Btiidy and Prevehtioji ot Tubeprcnloslq and its affiliated'orsaiii- zations'. which direct' the sain. TJw tbbercukisls aeaociations and tlie local chapters ot :the Red Cross will wori together ia the seal sale .and thie pro- etMto-.-iirilirgo-.for- tuiiorciilosis -"rork.'tiis yeir .will Dolose, about December lS" : iiH»teaji: ot';· continuing thxougtL.tiie:hoBday». as .heretotore, and ott that dale the tubereuWls or- ganliaUons 'will tarn about and take ah;.active part in; membership drive ot the Red Cross . fThe sale this year will be on nioch, larger .scale than ever before. Already a preliminary : contract; has' been- drairn op for ;the printing pi over'600,000,000 seals. . , PreHnrinary reports ol the 1917 sale presented i to the conference Indicate an Incrattse of over 50 per cent- on the 1916 campaign with a total of over 160,000,000 seals. : ' . '';'":' Snuthfield. _ SMTEHPIE1IJ), iTaPCh 25^r-iMrs. T*UT liam : .Coan ot;Soatb;iGeorgestowash!p drove^in clir her. autb^Sunday; to h«r brother,: A, ,y. Diilaney, and; took her mother aunt, Marjr Dulancy home with her; 'If Mrs. pul^ney,lives until -Mon- ;daj7-Tttrii* l ~3], "aie""w2n be" Sj' y«rs of. age.'I She.Jlsi^ezy/feeble and;hfer- faioiiy;hirfiy;thiiiic\(Siat she:will Uve to *ee herVirtMuj-.'^ unable to »aai;^ijia«sicl£d;;do«iB't recognise her .'oldest ^Jeighborsjthat up-to;. a,-.few k w6eics r a0a-.she could rBcogtUze- at. a ·glance, and; convers 1 with enWtain- 3fr».",ArUmr Pringie , called, on., relatives, in, thei .borouiQ Sunday! J ,; ; ..|-/'^;,v ; ;;.''/ \. ·'-'. '.. Mrs. H.O3eil returned Sunday from several: dayi'; visit, afcat/with".her .p£ · Marion; "inf fGrantiMis Ferry:/'. / ;/.".. -';,/..'- -': .' ··'·.'· ,'·.?·'- ··'·; . Ra.1 ph. Campbell pit .Akron, :O., is -( " jar..'a«d 'His. JOiaer-DDs. in.;.tBiiiroKrpIoyjot;(aie ipov-, ' ' '·Hef.droyeS.thfough; from ' ' ' ; , '·' 'Prink Stnck' of ':Hoctwood;is liere looking for; a house lijritli, a' view to moving here., · The/houte ie occupied at , Rockwood · is soli ..and t he had 'to . -Han''^n'eran : ;ag';Poand mlne'-'threw- np'-ithe'.'Joo and; went:- to digging coat,.becatise there was; more money; in': It He made |52 in five day* "" " " '" "' '" ' ' " "" . . . . . Cj. Al" 'WTiertzel. and Clarence Jones were" In Pairmpit, W^ Va,, Sunday. . MrsVrpbna "Whoolery wnose. hus- bund.wai killed in.' the Gillmore mine .reecntly. was in the borough Saturday : compeniatipn. papers." r and;,!. FVMoore'.mo- - " " ' . . . , . . threw, .np'the ni«Sl;route;fr6tii''tne'P:_p:;;io;ihE-!depot he)fa» lefrwitira: horse that he had no use for. He.dJsips* of 'him Saturday br.a ijame of chance. Ray Feather held; tie -'lucky . mimtoer a'nd got -him fo.r'aOc. ..;:.,;.,-'...·; ·,/ , . i ',:·.;/..., ' ixc. all!;iivja*ing in^tiberty-.Boii.dJB: -^ Dickenon Rim. _ _ . ^ ..^arehZSi-iHer- msn irfson' "of " the;.128th; : DivisiDn, ·CoxDpaoy; C,-.Camp Hacock. Georgia, Wfll ? be Sold,*y »jr«wPi«n This te«. "aipajyi Jo l»d December IS. . .iflHH*G^CON, r ,.aJarch .'ZS.~At; a conference" ptf Ral, Cross; Seal: managers -from all over"Jthe" country just'new plinifor.handling the anritial Ked Gross Se»U-campaign-was · ' ' ' · ' ECKftAJft , ^^ -tvivruwo.. alcerb . HVUIULE FM IM.DS f tken la tlw* Oviw ,C»lcl«m comptwiwl «ur« ciwnblnmt in thla Cmlelum com No barmtui drtum. Try.tbwn to. · · ' " ' 3»r. · · · · ' · · · " -' 50 oote a box, incln£a*- war tax Skin Sufferers tbari; - far tak mlrlcf. · . Tr* viB tot. Try P. p. a. W«»«iuiit«it. J. ,C Moor*. Water Su! Coon*ll*Tlll»i :i EVANS BOTH PHOffES. . Trump ITE LI TRANSFER mm/Ton TitijCK n« - MOVUIO AJID HOIHTUIB PIAJTO* 4 ; National ': · ·;. Gop]'''TOtiJairc- CABS , AHD i and . . . . . . . . 'Moderate charge/ . -Careful drivers.. . Moving; and- hauling. , BeU Phone £47. SUIT NEW IIIT IIOLErlH SSlOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Fin* Drew and PEOPU NE6USENT ; IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Power- 1 f ul To Sa«*s Teeth awl . . . - . ; Prevent Diseases up -with a hol»~ln-ljl» 1*t 6i ·arcacm- '*.' crl r »t * yoanr msn friend wh«»e in-'- Intpttftt ~nm m»w · U* pubo- ,,_ ,- _ ItiKht ·noarli, ---* yo« pl*aM, Jf rou.op«ik TOUT a" dcoarcd' »it of twetli- .. and* .rJa-bt; there.} in ..tb«. aho* .for jou. both "to man «od woman. ; -an ytmnc ,ni«B.,-.jroM to** 1 batt tha.adjnimtioa which woold ba atwet-' towarf' you if you h«v« Wd. t«*tli. .Tou'.^ou't ^k* . ,-plMMlnf .. .with. ..a mbutbfnj' 'ol'- .4«oy.-' : To«;' eui't ib h««ltJir ' «lth.r. Th. mndltlon o( Jthe t«.th h»ve «. ttOla* In- flu«no«.-.on oUiMr. onE«i« of B*d t».th affMt tfc. aoh. hMLtt, and *TML . . ,oal BCiflno*' HfcMrl that bad -tovth. pro- '·ftnr imhi^tltrr ooadlUoo* an ov«r t« Put* K roul ·ctwiUfloaltr prapand prc* lT* of Fyorrta** -- thwrtt'a -no n*«d ( (aUlac a mr to Ih«m Ul- Mo JDnd of tm-rSa* i.monOXml of 4 on a of . · tMla the d«a«lr l*rm» bo* »tll« !ctiu»« to cnUr., It they nbouU^uUr *h«y can't «xllt kni:undw lu.tkar- bu«k fU.Tnrirr .ftDVirtlM.-.- Jt, -a «»r anl pivrmttM of dl f th« teath It !« aoritlratir. i « . '·'nuiri'i' ------ chnld b tnatud by .your daotjat- ·" - · · ; . . · . Ua* Mmvoo' Tooth Pa«t« M a pr** frvntatlv*.. .. Aafc y*ar dmttat U you iahould not: par all attantjon to joor '^Mth. Of O0nn* w« .woKt aar aur' Tootk Pa«u trill eon Frorrhai. II you abMdr bar* It, yodr aMrtlM Is UM ' dostor. S3rm U . you ar* WBIoted.: with hi. tirrtbln AMMO ·»- prveo TMKA Fa«t**wtn iMlp you to («t H4 of It. with nur deutl»t'« «~Ut- taaca. Bwt.w* don'L v«nt you t« ·Ob* timet awr 'all£n«£it of tb« miwUi and luttfc. nor »· Ton- AmU tamer. ·· ,A 9WMiUr 1« tar IwtUr tbao · t^rr* tbftnach th* trial* Of a oora. 8av«-.yo«r loath br B«nr*e* :Tootll fPana an* th« Droba-bQHY la that roa ,wOK't:)m« to Saal with fool and pain-? jtal ftl ..... ». By laliiiu: aicatl«tean of *your lavCli rcm nugr-^iaT*: ·tomaelv (of * liit vCli rcm heart tmbtu. tutb ' » «Q prvaMrttoa to kMp/elta tM a ,»d do tt *rim BvnintCQ Too k% tfc* tetMt dtoeovMrjr ot AMU fr«* K yoti ic and Tat;/ C Greater Confldenee In To»rS«U It may surprtee you to see how nmch more confidence a bank account with us will give you to ac- cnmulate money. By .getting the habit o£ /regular weekly or monthly deposits, you will soon have a good- size fund which \is steadily working for you at interest The only bank in this community;' paying 4% Interet on Savings Accounts. J)B. 38. W. KACKEKZLE HJTTSX1TIIIG SPECIALIST Chronic diseases of men. and women; Diaeoaca of the blad- ner and kidneys, weakness and .losses succepsfuUy .treated. Diseases ot tho'skin, worn-out run-down men or w o m e n , no matter what your ailment may be. call. It costs you nothiny. .Free examination. : . Here In Your Home Town' . EACH TVKBWESUAV OAXY XKW STAC HOTKL.. · . 114 S.' Pltiubm-E S*. Con.cll^-lllt. TCourMi » A. W. to » P.. fll. : ooooocoooocoooooooooooocco j. B. KUKKS, § -'. NOTARY ;PUBtiC O *ND HEAL. C»TAJt 'f Na * teuth M.adew .. Cmn*ll«lll« Pa. map " RUGS V 01PANY FURHITORE "The Big Store Near The Bridge." STOVES 154-158 West Crawford Avenue.Suceessors Leonard Furniture Co. Busiest Furaiture Store 'New methods, new ideas and new low prices are making*the "Big Store, P^ear the Bridge" a scene of activity such as is rarely observed in a furniture store. If you have a furniture or floor covering need, by allmeanseee the New Store's display before purchasing. Spring Housecleaning Means New Hugs ,. And-New Rugs.natarally means the New Store. -Nothing old jn .floor coverings'here. All spic span newgoods--latest patterns an^i colorings and every one bought at prices that enable us to sell as low as the lowest. · - Extra Special--Ten Wire Seamless Brussell 9x12 ft. Rugs. Elsewhere $40 to $45 . At The Zimmerman- Wild Company Clever new styles in satin stripe effects in the celebrated Rome one piece continuous post Brass Beds, and the latest wood effects such as circassion walnut and quartered oak finished in steel and iron beds. We shall deem it a favor to show you the display. Prices start at $5.75 Zimmerman-Wild Co. Are Exclusive Agents For Sealy Tuftless Mattresses! The Sealy Tuftless Mattresses are absolutely guaranteed ' for 20 years -- they are tuftless, easy to keep clean and wonderfully restful. . . ..:.La J ^..i "Sleeping on a Sealy is I/ike Sleeping on s. Clourl." For $12.50 Semi-Felt Mattresses in a Higfl Grade Heavy Art Ticking. TMs Week Only. 1918 Refrigerators at 1915 Prices * Notwithstanding the general a dvance in all lines, early buyers of Refrigerators will find the old prices prevailing on new stvies at . the Zimmerman-Wild store. Take advantage of these low prfees and reserve a refrigerator from this stock. A small deposit will do. The Zimmerman-Wild Co. Are Exclusive Agents For Sellers Kitchen Cabinets See TheJr Big- Pagre Ad. in This Week's Saturday Evening Post. READ THE COUKIEB. Want Adsr-1 Gent a Word. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE CONNELLSVILLE; PA. (WESTSiDE) PEK3I1T JfO DIFFICULIEBS to thrust you aside from a just purpose, to which you aspire. : Luxury offers' many temptations to be extravagant, but economy is always a faithful companion. Start an account with the Union National Bank. °% interest-1'aid on Savings Accounts. UNION NATIONAL BANK THE JOB DEPARTMENT OF THE COURIER DOES ALL KINDS ' OF'COMMERCIAL PRINTING. i C5OOOCOQOOOOOOOOOOOOSOOOOQO oocooococoooooooooooooooooi! DI3flK-rrT J ».'?. JlresfliMker-Knns-.'TJp the SUVTS -- TK»CK COLLARS AMD

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