The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 9
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 9

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 9
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 2VIW4 -. 4 , - Bjr X V. MAHAFPT Research by Contract VVHETHE IT IS the development of new type of breakfast food, the analysis of the aroma of brewed coffee, the mystery surrounding the pink stain in tarrazzo floors, the measurement of the legibility of carbon copied -:br production of free machining steels by special alloy additions to the steel heats all these and more come under scrutiny by (he. Ontario Research Foundation. ORF ks a setf-governlng research Institute that engages hi Fassarsli and development on contract for auaufao-, tarera, departmenU of government, and aa Its owa account. 1U revenue comes largely from Industrial clients for contract work. Toe foundation is made up of .nine, main departments. It carries out basic and applied research for small, medium and large companies including such firms as BA Oil, Du-pont of Canada, Imperial Oil, International Nickel, Lever Brothers, Procter and Gamble and Union Carbide group research for associations and, groups of companies, and abort-term investigations. . In the field of physical, organic and materials chemistry,' for example, a number of small companies nave assigned all their technical work to the foundation because this is mora efficient than maintaining a small Isolated laboratory with a staff of one or two. ' Assirn Project Large companies, with extensive research facilities of their own, frequently assign a research project to ORF, ' either because it is a new field In which they do not have the experience or the equipment, or because they wish to have an independent Judgment The foundatloa also offers a wide variety of management, engineering and technical-economic services. "Tech- " nomka" was coined by ORF to describe technical-economic studies r designed to give appraisals and comprehensive answers to specific questions on business opportunities sad manufacturing situations, - Work for government agencies baa included development of a flexible sheet (for Defence Production) which would yield a foamed-in-placa abetter under Arctic eon-'ditions; a project sponsored by. the Army Development Establishment for use of kraft lignln as a reinforcing agent .for synthetic rubber, and a long-term study on standardization of garment sizes for the Canadian Government Specifications Board, In paint and varniah research, the ORF laboratories have looked Into use of nepbelme syenite (mined near Peterborough) as a new extender pigment for. paints; studied chemical changes m foods during storage or processing , with Infra-red spectrobhouhnetric and gas-liquid, chroma- phic techniques; investigated new methods of upgrading Iron orat and pUot-scaV-production of. steel sheet directly from iron ore by the direct steel process. ' 11 SKOL International AN IMPORTANT EVENT in the corporate history of John Labatt United m the fiscal year ended April 30. ' 1964, was the formation of 5K0L International Limited, the company's annual report says. Labatt's Joined three major European brewers. Allied Breweries of Great Britain, Pripp Breweries of Sweden and , UNIBRA of Belgium to form the new company. The group operates more than 78 breweries In 10 countries. The new company will produce or license production of "SKOL International Beer the World over "to a uniform recipe and strict standards.' V . " DeveloDinr Managers THE DIFFERENCE between managing a business 10 years ago and today is as great a change as leading a primitive tribe and heading a modern government. This is the comment of Walter Thompson, r associate dean of business administration at the University of Western Ontario, on the critical problem of finding and grooming future managers for Industry. He is quoted in en article " by Gordon Wesley in' Imperial Oil Review. John Betford, Massey-Ferguson's personnel and industrial relations vice-president set forth this view. "The rock bottom difference between one enterprise and another in the same competitive economy is management leadership. ' "AD the factors' of production manpower, produc-. tion facilities and equipment, raw material and the sources of capital as well as markets and their potential are. generally speaking, equally available to alL Where one enter-V prise succeeds, and others fail, the significant-ultimate " difference is the quality of the management." -Training Lags Behind ) Yet a recent Department of Labor survey showed that only 20 per cent of 7,300 companies across Canada have any formal training program for potential managers. Imperial Oil has been one of the leaders In this field; it has been. " operating management development programs for almost 30 years.' What has Imperial learned? It has found there are no hard and fast rules In management development. The company looks for the "entrepreneur" a person with a combination of creative and administrative abilities, says President W. O. Twaita. V . - The company strives for the optimum balance of disciplines. "We prefer a basic engineering education with mora attention to language and economics dun present curricula, provide," explains Mr. TwaiU. - Imperial employs a variety of development techniques. It attempts to rata management candidates; it emphasizes cross fertilization between jobs within departments and among deparments; K carries on in-con pany training and orientation courses. r ..-1 ; ,i . Trainees are exposed to a minimum of technical and operating factors. Mora emphasis is put on organization, '. forward planning, motivation and development of people, and communications. tj . ' , - . . ',. ,,;.; ,. From Here and There . ' WESTCOAST TRANSMISSION Company Limited of ''Vancouver la the first Canadian pipeline company to be -listed on the New York Stock Exchange . ". . Monsanto Canada Limited has announced plans for further major expansion of polyvinyl chloride production capacity at the ' La Salle, Que., plant . . . "Electronics from Canada," the booklet published by Trade and Commerce to describe i Canadian exhibits at the 8th National Convention on Military ,: Electronics at Washington, Sept. 14 to 16, includes a page on Computing Devices of Canada Limited, ' one of the ' exhibitors ... A 22-page booklet, illustrated In color, has h been published by Canadian Industries Limited en titled The f Chemical Industry in Canada and CM." . . . Just received Is a handsome, 354-page volume, "Mexico 1963," containing facta, figures, trends on the republic. , ' SELECT' - FEW 'STORES 6 Available on R Ideas Street and est Exterior a ttaaft rnaa A. J. maaaa LS, la M BMtaa Mart ! roa ntroBMATioif ... LAWRENCE FREEDMAN . . Ault Kinney' Realty Ltd, 2334345 , .; Erenlngs 728-8336 -"'1 ' ,i ) COMING OF AGE town and married young. A good housekeeper In those days had to sew and cook. She made her own bread and cakes, did up her preserves, made the children's clothes and her own. We bad a large family i so I had plenty ol practice." Ethel Anglln had worked out her own "second career" and talked on about H for a good half hour. It was only when her husband died suddenly after an early retirement that she fully realized she was no longer the centre of her family's life. It had taken time for her to change ber thinking. "Before. I had been Herbert's wife; the cait- drea's mother. But then I be gan to wonder who was the real me." - The young people saw no problem. They would have been quite ' happy if she bad spent ber time visiting each one in turn. She tried this and It dldat turn out too badly ' o a c e around. : .'.' They were a good family and they loved their' mother. Bat this was different to aeedlag her. Soma of the time they even treated her as If she were a slightly backward child. Of course, at other times "they , did ask her to bake some of ber luscious rolls for their company dinners; or to make over old coat Into a smaller edition for Junior. ; 'At borne all I had to do was to get my own meals and keep my place bi order. It waan't enough. So I turned to my old love baking. I'd make a batch of bread and take a fresh loaf, to my granddaughter who lives near me. Sometimes Td give one to my neighbor who has several youngsters. They all made such a fuss Over tbat home-made bread that Td get an puffed up over it. . 'Occasionally a friend would ask me to bake something (.pe dal, and would offer to pay for it. But I couldn't charge. This made It a bltuncomfortable for both of us." IN BUSINESS Urged on by ber. friends. Ethel decided to make up -a list of ber specialties and set prices for them. After that, she had no difficulty keeping busy. One Summer, when things had dropped off a bit, she" made some pickles. But It was Christ mas cakes that really put her in .business. "Tbat first year I made 130 pounds of Christmas cake. made it from a recipe 1 bad worked out for myself over the years. Of course, I use only top quality Ingredients. I buy wholesale; then I sen at the same prices as the bast bake-sbops. Now I have It down to a science. I know how large a batch I can bake at a time. I know small cakes sell b e 1 1 e r than large ones and so on. "Do I make moneyf Well. I'm here! And I nave some orders right now tor next Christmas." Ethel's profit from her little business varies from month to month but. tt nets ber enough that, when fancy strikes ber, she can make tracks for such places as Bermuda. - - Something she didn't fores e a was the affect ber activity had on ber family. They are proud of her, naturally, but mora than PROPERTY OWNERS . Guarsnty Trust Co. . . of Canada .Offers yon a complete and ' efficient j - PEOPEBTY MANAGEMENT T! SERVICE ' IM Bank Street 2S2-2M1 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL that. They ere consulting her, once again, about family problems. When she geti a bit more to do than she can handle, one of the younger people will give her a band preparing .fruit for Christmas aakes, chopping pickles or just .washing, up. When a customer just can't call for an order, one of the family delivers It. The exciting thing as lis is. Her Cooking Pays This weefctj cefcuna Is dedicated as the alert and Bvsly jmta aad wemea ia the ever. M age bracket. Ia it SaOy HamlMM, with expert advice, offers tips aad guidance ea many subjects. It Is purely daughter. . ad timely. , By SALLY,. HAMILTON We were m Bermuda 'waiting for a floral pageant parade. Seated on specially constructed bleachers. The woman beside me might have been a young 71. Her graying bair still show ed enough auburn that there could be no doubt of her fair coloring; and she wore a bright print dress that might have been borrowed from her grand . She was a Canadian. Said her name was Anglln Ethel An-' glin that she was a widow I was travelling with a friend. She had wanted to see Bermuda became... "I have a special interest in countries of the Commonwealth." COOKING PAYS V j She was taking this .holiday because, she said, "I'm a good cook." Then she smiled.- "You see, I have) .a small catering business now mat I'm living alone and h provides the extra money for me to travel a bit." She had- grown up In a small is they see ber now. as a going concern, not as a dear old lady who needs to oe pampered. Sally Hamiftea has obtained Mrs. A's recipe for her Christmas ease. If you'd care to try it. send Sally lie, to care of The Ottawa Journal, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed eavelepe. ' YOUR HEALTH By Lester L. EXAMINATIONS ' ' Are you one of those people who, wben. he awakes in the morning rttuaflftlcally performs a personal health examination before be embarks on a new day's work? There are many who do. Spurred by fears and anxieties of many, non existent personal conditions, they begin their scrutiny with af careful examination of the eyes. They inspect them for bloodshot sppearance, and then routinely, examine . the tongue for color, texture and moisture. The body . i-Aen superficially felt for - a n y "Lumps" that may have arisen during the night. Bleeding from the gums is, of course, a diagnostic symptom of -belt-induced concern. If. then, one's name is not ready for the obituary column, a deep breath of satisfactions token with the hopeful anticipation of another day of survival. " . It does sound preposterous, yet thousands of people "die" their lives rather than live them. They live in constant fear of acquiring diseases that they , probably wUl never get- Coleman, MD This is. a pathetic waste of energy and an unnecessary source of snxiety. in the light of the hope that lies in present-day accomplishments of American medicine. Such unnecessary fears need not thrive in a climate of great scientific progress. . it ' ' There' are few more gratify-ing moments than when your doctor gives you the comforting assurance that your heart, lungs, blood pressure, weight and general body condition are excellent tor your age group. . Health examinations at intervals decided by yoor physician are a wise investment in health and productivity. - . w These columns are designed to relieve your tears about health through a better understanding of your mind and body. All the hopeful new advances hi medicine reported here ant known, to doctors everywhere. Your individual medical problems should be handled by your own doctor. He knows CAPITAL QUALITY HOMES I Immediate r Occupancy y THE MOUNT BEAUPORT DOWN thk covnuntnrr wcKmvg rbbati A I QUEENSWOOD PARK Drive out Montreal Road or Queensway East to , Orleans, Look for the Capital Signs. - NaVan 2471 Collect J ( Capital Homes offer 4 other locations for your . BR00KFIEL0 GARDENS IEUI CREST In Alta yista , 731-5285 733-17881- whwawBsssswawawMssawM REDWOOD PARK CARLETON GOLF ft . C t ah inln YACHT tUJI . 8?20 489-3321 CAPITAL QUALITY HOMES lieamsters To Stick By Hoffa MIAMI BEACH. Fla. (AP- The Teamsters union executive council says it will stick by President James R. Hoffa while be appeal two convictions on federal charges. I A statement issued by the council Thursday after a closed session said Hoffa is Innocent until be has; exhausted bis legal rights and that the union will do nothing to deprive him of these rights. ," The statement did not say what would happen If the convictions are upheld. Hoffa said the statement was very gratifying to me. It is positive, living proof of no dis sension in this union." Not all "Mutual rands' arc alike. Canadiea hmeuutut Fond it die "DOfjMT. j Co lode -f CANADIAN INVESTMENT FUND "Savings for Growth" Plan Provides a sound, completely voluntary, ao-penaky method ef taring nd boading Capital. THE PLAN IN OPERATION Thoe figures are not hopes or esnmatea, but actual proven Growth of from fSJOOO to 114,0)) in lA yean, and from S7J0O to 12SJ44 m If yean, and beat of an. in II yean from 115.500 to 1 14&249. Tbcss figures are "net" snd may be the beat "Savings for Growth figures in Canada. Growth plana stay be ftartsd with at Hois as (200 snd regular pay-mcna of SUI per month. Once ttarod, s Growth Plan it a wonderful place for wisdfalb", as any smoanr over $2f may tnca be ecpatasa. Enaam for fug pnr ocabfs, without obligadon. Many people mainram two Ac-Uuwiaa a Bank Account for "cash" aad a Growth Plan Account for Saacas Boa Motaat Pwadt Tefepbone - Coma ia - Write Jail Crakapj J VsVsvWlsBBWr sUswMfHI . : OTTAWA . ziz-uia Harold Gibbons, who resigned dent, read the statement to re-last December as a top per- porters. He said he saw no sig-sonal aide to Hoffa but re- nificance in the omission of any mained as a union vice-presi- declaration of confidence. Attention PROFESSIONALS OFFICE and SHOWROOM SPACE New air-conditioned building 1 Rideau and Augusta $3.50 sq. ft. , 233-3611 749-7248 aaoaia atoms raoTBCTto Investment Dealer and Stock Broker ..-"requires Experienced Salesmen. Offices Coast to Coast ' Resume and Telephone Number to BOX E-558, JOURNAL' Employees notified .of this ad. ANNOUNCEMENT Teron will have for rental, for October J occupancy, a new concept of 3-bed- y room town houses, around a courtyard, which we call court houses, featuring private garage, l'A baths, playroom and family room. They ae located on Richmond Road in lynwood Village, adjacent to both schools, churches and shopping and with easy access to downtown Ottawa. Our court house model will be open for inspection soon. WILLIAM TERON LIMITED 828-9366 f let ECONOMICAL insur e I Insuring your sizeable investment in your outboard motor, boat and trailer is just food business. The Economical Outboard Floater policy protects you against practically all risks excepting wear and tear, mechanical failure; etc., anywhere in Canada or the United States... whether you are afloat, ashore or in transport. Give your Economical agent all today! Ask- for 'INSURANCE by ECONOMICAL" Estaalishea: 1171 i jfis!h: I MOMI IbuSINSSSJAUTqI All Canadisa V v" msa orricSi ancMNta. omtm - '"- OtUwa Branch Office: 46 Elfin Street, 232-4205 THERE ARE OVER 1300 "ECONOMICAL" AGENTS ACROSS CANADA. roar Mcontrmical Mutual Inntrane iptnti Are- Patrick KcGrath Tir, Aatomobfla ararancs " "299 FlfUi Aventie A. Gordsar IkUaaaa ft Son v ttuuranc IS Nepean Street 23M133 W. H. Scrivens & Sob Ur.iled rOD navronee 6tee 270 MacLarea Street 23-9101 - 1' mM" T:srTlasrTJsr,)r ' -wtm J&m--m

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