The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
Page 5
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ttMLPlEASAHT Class of We w member « to be Initiated Into Pyttitan '\} Lodge Tonight. ' BUIGESS COPES WITH RBJJURS TIB* «M1» IB?**** f« Fint Meue, i *3» l«r Seeori, 3fUe M-DBT jail »··»«·** taTeM «Hrt w TMri Ap, pawnee; Otter lUwsT Hapf mlaga. . .·pecial to Th« Courier. . . . ~. MT, T1EASANT, March , ; 26.-- Tlie decree- team of the Kai»bU oi Pytlria* ;M ScottdeJe will come to ML'plema tW evtmtnt and : conler'the flrfct'de-- · :f?t* at the .Pythian .hail : here to a /number of new member*. · \ · \ · .· :: · v P»»isk»»t Tnftttilit. ' Ciarlea CaBBnlngs : waa arrested [the local, police Imsterenim; 'tor 1«- 'il( drunk and *»ordtrry i n d w a a taken In betor«-the buTfeK and given ::Uk*r |1A fine or 38 day*. Cinomings *;.«··) at - UM -retiilari and : these are atrn. U» irat time tBey'comt up, |20 t-Wimoad IMie they com* nj and 30 _,daj» t»« tMrt time. This wiU do away ·:vttk til* recnlar.drunka'cbmlng.eTery week rir to 'lor a bearinj. "..""·' : Caatefa Jack S»cak». . , ;, QlpUta JmckkSDeBeaotort ,t»e 'Captain Jack DeBaaotort* (are , a Uriaa - church last evening. A large jcfq/d .from Scottdale, whert he Tiad : laetured a tew 'week* ago, coiae to fc'htjur Mm la*t ayenin*.' He held hit ^aoaiece.from-Uw tteeltnat he. Begin i 'until he completed his leAare. ' ' " be spent with his mother, Mrs. Elizabell Cox and other, relatives' 'and friend*. -: . . . . . . . ; . . . . ' . : -a';. ' - . ' H. ;A)driflge; Saturday for a-.Jew;; days'-Visit",wHJV| relative* and friends in Martlnsburg, " -V J. M. SchlYcht of Sunday here -with h er atreet.' ' · Mr. and- MM. Johnstown , spent family on Ollns- Robert Critchneld and two children of. Rockwbod .were Sunday visitors.-at the*home of Mrs. Crltchfieid's -parents; -Mr. abd- Mrs; John B. ShardL .;·?·;.:/;··.-:'·:··· ';:"··":· J. E. B»rnhart of.Baltimore spent Sunday a guest at the home of Air. and' Mrs.: D. fcFriedline.;:./- .^-·^·~'. Joseph 'Dunn of Akron; O., Is' visit ing' his..mother; Mrs. Margaret Dunn. · : . Ml»« Beraadette Crowe 'is home' from, a, few.days' Tlsltiwith'relatives' aod friends in Somerset;-'' " Miaa Mary : wai, a student at California State Normal, it here for the F«rt«r vacation with her mother, Mrs. ir.VGi 'Will; ··. '-'.'·-''· : . v . '·'·..'". :.."' : -\ .li'Mims Vcrna Baer oa« retorned from It '.week's" -vlalt with, '.relatives and frifnds in i"ro«Uurg, Md. ···/·'.-. I. woutd be hare the boys who are dodging shrapnel in the treuchea give their, ·nvarnlihed ojcHli- ioTi of .the. man at home who's 1 haggling orer a ; matter of one half of one per.-ceiit. · · - . ' ' ' Patronise tkoae who adrerUM. . ;X H. C. Morrison returned yestertay : from PitUburc wtiere he apart sereral " · ' " ' " ' Joseph Stefl ;has returned from Tp, Ohio, wire-re he visited friends." r ', Joha Mollen'left SunJajr to apend ' nro weeks in Sbamokin ' -tritli his wother Bert Mallwi. : . ' Clifford Mullin of Greenabcrj visit- .r|3d trithds here yesterday. · · ' ^' '···'· Sirs. :Fted Hellena, Jr, nnderweirt a. 7err Mdou "operalton at tie Memor- '.al libsfital here. ... . . ' . , . SORES ^uajhicT Dng c«, StO* a« Oi**Mt -- ~ ~ i Can Ikut It a Eo»l It inaUan not bow old, peraistenl V jctomom the sore «s, San Cura ; the powerful antixjrtic vrill · oat the .poison' and "* · ' pi flrfs are tire owaera, the Medical Co;, that tner iave srir** L*oinr«T Drar Oo^ Con- tj^tfj. or Bread»ar Pmg Co., ·aoakale to retnra th« paixaas* price K fl^a Clan Otntmeat doero't do all r J»aj» Jt wffl do. , No fairer . IWM covered wrfli JTour raairte* noree awl rvolren to Ik* Mtaral «ii«: San Cura Olnt- ntt*fvA.the pain;, dreia- out- tbe --tnm aa4 t»ak*d the arm IB an in- cre«W7 abort time, "to tte «reite»t ooaaycnnd loc beaitej I ercr vuM.'.' -': - 0*» · h«mltng pcnreriv-of San .Ou» Otakoent are little abort »£ marreloaa. It.'stra* reBet, an* i» IBaranteed" to ]M*y «»U rneum, eczema, Ueedinc. ' ItelttnC or profcrudi»g 'piles; ^ulcer* MM, 'earSonclea, ' chapped iKusda and chabiatai, ' In cot, born*. Kalds and : tli^ii. tl; allay* pam andja healim. JOc, iOc wd »1-20 a;jar. :Br'mafl on reedpt oC.jrice tt ronr druwtot ia ; out · if It or d*i*»BOlk«Pit- . :. · . . - - * ' MS CUBAfWiT. . , - ' ': Iw tetoJer, ItcMng or irrttaWe »kin, ·wasi.' i»ita San Cura Soap; th* anti»ep- -tie aoap that soothes" and hoata, ' .mnd / inis germs of disease. Great for pim- ' ·)«·, blackhead* a«d jnakea the eom- : Uradon e'ear and atrractrf e. 26c ' at : Cpnnrtl»TUl« Drug Co.", or Broadway ; Dru* Co.;'ScottiJale. ' Mafl order* tor , San Cura Ointment and soai filled. by, Thoinpax)n ; Medical . Cp..-TitiiaTillc, P«.-- Adr. Meyersdale. I'JIETlBRSDAIi!, March .24.-- Bernard 'Coot of Camp Gordon, Atlanta,- Ga., ar- ::ri«a here Saturday; on. a fnrloush to f^jCN MOTHER CHATS 'll^ll SWEET POWDERS " ' ' · · · · · ' (HUT MEAT ff YOUR KIDNEYS ACT BADLY T*». TaHtay I i«f»l rt Srita It Bwk · , / Knit or Bhiiiir Bottnnu We ire a naUon-ot meat eater* and oar Mood ii «ll«d wttB wic add. S a weU-kicrwn authorily, -who irarni 114 to-be conatanitlir on guard acaloat:kid- ney trouble. ; "" . ' . . ' . . ; . ';':'·/ 'The kJdn«7S do their ntmost to free th« blood of taia irrlkaftif Mid;' but become veak JTrotn the orenrork; they get alonirti; tite elimJnatii-e tiiunc* tdog and thw : thk iraate ia retained In the blood toi jolsoh. tie entire agnttcra. ·WJM : your ltl*nej«'ache »ad : :f«el IBce Knnpa'ot lead, and JDO hari'gUiiai- inj pain* im.Uie bock or tie urine ii clondy, full of setJJnwiK, or.the bla'd- *r te rrrttaWe, obJiftng you to seek relet dwriac the night;, wbea you hare ·evere headaches, nervous and dtaey speUa, ileepieasness, acM stcmach' or rheoDotism la bad rreather, get froni Tour pbanMcin about four ounces of Jad Sarta; take a tableepoonful In a glasa of ,-rater: before breakfast each mornrig and in a lew days your kld- neja -will'act fine.' This fimoug wits is mad* 'from the acid of g. ip« and lempn Jnite, combined with lithla, and has been iued f or generations to flush and atrmnlate clocked kidneys, to ntn- ttalhethe'aclds in urine-so/itTii'flo longer a source of irriuton, thu« en*: ing nrinmry 1 and bladder 'djspraers.' Jad Satta'is Inexpensive and-cannot injure; makue a' deM«h«ul efltrrreBCenl. litoia-water drink, .and nobodV . can make a mistake br taking a. little oc- ca«ibnaUy to keep the kldneyB: clean and active.--Adv. EGG SUBSTITUTES bftea CoMala ITo Efg at All, Bat Are Made of Cora Starch, Bice Hoar, . Casela aai Cotariag latter. Msins egirprices 'through -winter brought numerous egg "subrtitntes 1 into, the market, makinc it necessanr for *ate food authprina to define such products and protect th* public aaaoist deception; , . . . _ : ''.-" ' : In Kamaa no such product can bear a .name'coztaicte^ the s unlees it consist! of at least'51 per cent of whole eggs. Most ot these "·ulMtltutes" contain no ear wnateyer, betna; compoud'of casein, tttarch, l»p- loca, rlce^ poirder, dried lati, and coloring .matter. .The coloring matter JIB prohibited in Kansas/: It glres an'.'it- tractive bue like tbat.of beaten eg»j. irhlie the-starclii.casein, etc., give;a foamy effect and' impress-the: housewife when she read* on the package that:;"contente:are ,eqiialito,S do»en ej^." "Such a claim:is,.^J)K)lute)r',un-;. true; aiad the housewife migirt get ei- ac^. the'same effect br mixing Tip. a little cornstirch or rke^flouV with: casein.. , : ; . ^ . - v;;^.?:":- ;".';/ .n; "sabeittutes" are soM at fancy prices and:profits, and food aiithorl- inmi»t tkit thej be labeled in ways that do not dtceTv* porcnasere; ; ; '' : ' ' : ' : Cart of Tk'wikfc'. ....;/''_-.;.-. .. jWa diiaire^to extend'your.:-thanlC5 to the Irietds who kindly asaiated in dor- late bereavement/ the; death' of our beloved lather and husband, Albert A. Newbold. ;Eap«clally : .do we wish; to -thank 'the. employes ..otr the -;iyest. Pehn hop» and all frieada who sent flowers and: offerings of /. Mrs,^Afteft New*old ; and · ' · VMjr flat broke oat in small pim- pU. which seemed «o dry m, but more .would, come. ,M; hall also ice .would, come. ,M; hall dry, and ftnalry 1 noticed mj»he»d wma gMdng foil of something llie fish- ·catoa^ and there wa a terrible Uchlcg. The praipleai were red, and icalea : Iqrmid on them.' My hoc vm* In a terribl* condition and I did not like to 1 go oat. I jo« rainld my icalp bjr . . . . '^TlMtroubfe tailed about fom weeks and I uMd ogpe box of a. certain EO»P, andtwoBoxeaolointmait.biitTeceiyed nobauftt. Tbtn I notkid . Cutkam _ Soap and Ointment adveftlMnMttt and wroo fbi a In* aamplfc' The itching. atovced ao I bongt it more, and to about three weeka I wu i boded." (Signel) tlord Cobba, 41J9 Warmi St. W., PtoU«d«)phl»,P. ; ; . · · UM time Kffi'-amaty emollienta tor «r«rj-day toih* pnrpoea and pit' ««nt time dlatrcMing trouble*. B~k Tn* fcr M.U. AJtoii vort- Manhattan ·Cafe ' -- THE -- EVERYTHINQ COOKED LIKE ;: . . AT HOME. - Strictly Fresh, Clean and i?nre; ASK FOR OUH SPECIAL CLOB BREAFAST .'· ' ..··· AND ^SUKDAY DINNEll. ."Our FaMri«» Are Dellc!ou;i Be; cause fhty. Are Homemade." ;NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN /.'/ : TTAITING ROOM. Just Over the Bridge CcneliiTlUe /West Willard StRVKL SIA1ION Gaiioll IBattery Co. A Factor! Trailed Battery San.' . Classified Ads. . One Cent a Word. Uriild Profit Coupons With All Purchases--Save Them. Children's Easter Millinery Trimmed .and' Ready-to-Wear Hats In a splendid assortment of' besoming styles .tor the HtUc.miBB, $1,48 tip to $5 ^'Showing New Styles in Matrons' and Misses'Hats .-, Stunning Easter Millinery The last Hoar Fashion Hits From Sew .Tort Specially Priced at . $4.95 $6.50 Plow'cr Trinuncd Hats, Hibbon Trimmed Hats. 'Wing Trimmed Hats, Burnt Goose Trimmtsd Hats. The most popular shapes .of. the season. Large and small Hats, as your fancy pleases--in Black and all wanted colors to choose from. Big assortments at each o£ these special prices. New Spring Untrimmed Hats For malronos and misses--all tte latest shapes in popular straws, priced at $1.48 up to $10 "Corn-less Day" far Feet, Every Day TTtt "ffrtft-Xt," th* GtMt Coin Dia- oorerjr 1 lUkei ConM Pert B%ht Off! Look at the Illustration below. Se* the two nnjers peeling off a corn. u though it were a. banana p««l!: And Ui* man la vmlUns- while tc'» 'flotnr It! AIL done painlf-wily, momsnt "G«tJi-It" tonehvs a corn or c*llu» th*.'growth Is doomed. It takes bat two MC- ond* io apply ."OttB-It," Thft com- piln U ·aaea at one*. You can sit at your doak or walk about, dance. tMnfc, IOT* mud work with absolute ^ntw.- Yon .can apply "Gets-It" con- *r*»iently nimoat anywhere where I--* can, taJca your tthce and *toch- WtStott tor a moment or. two. "Qota- ' It" dri*B at once; then put your shoe wnd stocWrigr on. ftiraln. Therfe'a ao further *xetise for vuffering- troro corn* and' corn-pat n». . · '*O«U-It" I*. Mid a.t all dnipslBta · fyou n«*d pay ntf moro than 26 cents ' » bottle), or sent on receipt of prlco,- b3t 3E. ^Awrencc Co.. Chicago, Dt .· Sold Irv ConnttlBviiic and recoramend- cd tat the worWt bf«t corn rflmcjy by X^tiffhrey 'Drugr Co.. A. A. Clitrkt*, Cort- n«ltMVlllj Oruc Co. . COAL For Sale COAL 82 acres of Frceport coal situated on the. P. R. R, at Upper Middletown. .Siding granted. Coal self draining and at tipple height. Offered at a reasonable price to a qalck buyer. NEVILLE Finrt. 5aa«»al Kant Both Ptioacf 790. COrTVEIiLSVD.T.rVr'A.- PARAMOUNT fHEATRE TODAY TRIANGLE PRESENTS TEXAS GU1NAN IN "THE GUN WOMAN" · ' . IN 5 ACTS. :' . · H. ALSO A GOOD CO.VIEDY IN 2 ACTS; --TOMOKKQW-- BLUEBIRD PRESENTS FRANKLYN.'''ofAENUH IN ft! THE ROUGH LOVER" . IN* 5 .STIRRING ACTS-. ' .ALSO THE L KO.COMKDY IN 2 ACTS. , . Big 15C Matinee Daily ·; at 2:30. . i Evening Stows at 7:30. and 9:15. Clean, Progressive' Amusement for the Whole Family. FBATDBUrS. BUBX DATIS, Tbe Blonde Soubrette. CEABLIE BATIS, Tbe ·'Wizard of Joy. DOLLY MCDONALD. Some Singer and Dancer. BILLY McCOT. In Dark, That's All. ZEE'S DANCING FOUH. ZEE EVANS' ALL GIRL REVUE In the Musical Travesty "THE D M r D PA1AOE" . O N THE SCREEN: CHARLIE CHAPLIN And Fatty Arbuckle in "Tile Champion." Tturakful ptople itll vrlimt mr treatment AH donr for thfin, bur I piihll»fa rti* nnmcx. Kverj'fftlni? xlrictJy confi- dentlaU " AND WOMEN ~ If yuo arc troublrtl with blood, n^rve and n k l n Ui^castcR. perhaps hav«* jrlvtin up hopu of.rolJef. ^1-i cures you quick. I. want ynu to caU. . *M* advlct^B will bo ontlreJy fron. I wtl'l (fire nn expert opinion, which ifi CDnfldential. Second to none In the coantry- I use the^latent and most scientific methods and m«dlcln*a. My SUCCORS has been romarkzxlilo in the most stubborn 'ca»M of both nion anS women. totiN. nnd nil nntl nfcln dlxc fon ebrontc, Varlcocel^-IIydrocwlo and rupture treated .without pain and no detention f llrora busln^as. ; :EF YOU HAVK · Rheumatism, skin scrofula, out-, -eye, noire,' Lhront, blood poison, lung, heart, atomach 11'Cer , kidney .or - bladder troubles; or If you have a_n'3£--of Che foHowinsr: Dizziness. '· wea,kn'i?% , loss of mcinpo'. · spots ·'- float ln«r ·££*£»,« itlm eyca .dull (Ushaartcned .-"' miiia^-'-liick'- of onergTt nervousness,', ^constlpllion, . / ' ' · ' " *' ' ·' COME TO-'MK/ · '''1 " ' ' ' ' · · * If I treat your cajse-chargGtr will be reasonable. ovorytbinK .strictly confl- dentlal and the, nicst possible', treatment. . " ' ' ' . - ; ' H«re In Your llom« Tovrn KACU WJ-!1NI2SDAV OXI.V. . ItemciKlior tlic l)ny. XEW JJTAO JIOTKL, 114 H. Pittnburrr St. ConiiellnvUlc. Kourx » A.'M. to 9 1*. 31. S01SSON THEATRE «JACK BAIi TOBSDAY, JTESDAT, 3LUJCH 25, 26 AST) 27 JTatinec Daily "Down In Maine" A Rural Comedy With Specialties Between Acts NOTE--Last week of the Jack Ball Stock Company. Added attraction--Jack Bail in' his famous Negro Preacher act, Conatrj- Store Fi-fday. Tliursdar, Friday, Saturday "Tie. Girl of His Breams" A il'isical Comedy. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY WU. S. HAST IN · ' "THE APOSTLE OF TBKGEASCE" Also a Good Comedy. T O M O B E O T T ·William Fox Presents GEORGE WALSH in "JACK SPCKIOCK--PKOBIGAL" Adapted from Tlie Saturfu.r Brening Post Story in Five Acts. ; Patqnize Home Merchants I ;i Who Advertise ia Tills Paper\ Classified Advertisements Ic a Word. STTBBS THE EXECDTIOJf---BED TOOK A ! BIG CHAiVCE iltilAtoUifts.%. t iwJtfcJL-sti- * ^1

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