The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE ,TEN, . Basketball H o 1 C* I i 1 P* 1 igh School Girls TfiUfl 'jOAJfLTir CODKIHK/CONNlLI.SViL^E, PA". THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, ISStr. By JAMES M. DKISCOLL. mwling Freshmen Encounter Jwiiior Quintet in preliminary Game. LARGE CROWD IS EXPECTED SpommrrS Carnegie Tech fn 1 F" « 1 Hash today _BY J A C K SORDS The 'tfttfV basket'ball toairitr.-bJ tho' Connelifcvij-Io and Dunbar Township High aoliools will inaugurate tho. 1830 campaign 'tomorrow evening when the two combinations-clash at the High Srool g3»mnasium: - ' ' CcmsWerable inieroii-jia.manifeet in tho annual series::ot :i t ; ho -tweraextot's and a largo crowd is, expected" to bo on hand for the openrr,:. with'-the Orange and Blacfc -lasslee us- hostesses. ····' Neither of .the .outflte has - as yet participated In. a real,contest-and, the relative strengths o£ the aggregations i:i not knownc ,Ho%yaver a Coriuen«i- vtlle-Dtmoar combat alwaye IB assurance of a .hectic battle and local fan- «lom ie iully-awaW'of tbia. '·'-·'--''·-· ·'·' To m-ako the program complete «i very g.oqd, preliminary, ganio has been scheduled, The Dunbar Freehmen will meet tho Junior High School quintet in what .should be a thrilling flghl. B. M.' Bearer, tutoring tho [ froah at Licieenring, has developed a] fast combination titicl the Cokers w i l l j have a difficult time with tho powerful Red and Black yearlings. Followers of the popular indoor aport .are in for a real treat .as both conteeUs give every indication of being replete, with thrills and action galore. SUPERINTENDENTS TAKE OM) CONTEST v FRO£ELECTRICALS Suporlntonde-nt's Office took 'tho odd contest from the Eloctrlcca Department In the C.ipstaii Glass Leaguo. Dushaw was high for tho . winners with 442 for three games and he angle gam tally o£ .169 also carried honors. Quinn was h i g h for tho Eelectrlcale with 182 and J:J2, :; . ; The-scoree: : Superintendents Dushaw .... ....... _____ .163 lia:, 13p-- 442 R. yoiUinl!n^TM.-.10e-"lB3i,«0-- 399 nitenojir -^vl^-^^i'onia?-- 382 McNaniiira ^_.ii ; ;i»-i.--Kl .^io'fr- 424 iVloormtjn _ ; ^iu-.:U. "luS · 106 : .«"tiW-rr 41C Sheering _jpf.v^.J07;- HS|'il|-- 104 M ARY. K, BROVmE, national women's tcnnla champion in 1912, 1913 and 1914, arid runner-up for tho national woman's golf championship In 192-t. .war. recently loln- statoil as an atnatcur golfer by thn United States Golf association. Mlsa Browne was declare-1 Ineligible for amateur competition by tho association In 1026 after touring with C. C, Pyle's profesaionnl tnnnis troupe. Totals 1I__.:.._^.. ! .803."- 78i i ';7'8!?--24C7 J. Gebe _i. Grouse -S. Ofrbo -- Soleaon _. Quinn Ambrisco . Electrical . . ..._.__1 127 14G" T'tS-r- 415 ....-...·i.-. 108 " S-i 110-- 300. _ 125 94 148-- 367 ,,... 145 117 125-- 3'S7 _._._ -iS3 147' 152-- -iSZ ,,.,,-:... 1»2 104 150-- 38ti Totals SIS 092 827--2337 ACCOUNT ANTS-WIN FROM EAGLES TEAM IN CITY CIRCUIT Baltimore Ohio Accountants trip- [HHl tho Kagle-s three consecutive tlme-3 ut tin? Elks alleys 'in tho City Industrial League.-, Welsh ,was high Bearer w i t h a total 1 ot 474 -tew: tho evening. Tho ecorce: 1J. 0. Accountants. falco : l- r '0 164 1'IS-- -162 Flerschnallor '.. 144 Baldwin _ ._1'19 Whlpkey 147 Wolsli _-..-.- 129 Mullln Perry Township Cagers Win Game Iii Last M|mite Tho boya and girls 1eam5 ot tho ferry Township I-li^h School, camo throiig-li .with iriuij-phs over the a:« basketC'rs of the Bontioyvlll-e Jligh School at Uw JatU r'ss floor Tiieday evening. In tho prelhnina -y Parry's sextet chailketl up a. 30 to 14 cl-ocision yhi!o the boya camo through iu Uio main attraction, to check t h e powerful Bent- I'yvtilQ oomibinaticn to tho of 14 to 13. .A .."Frante. Mordwell" act -with Swctts playing tho lea-ding rol-e lurnefl w h a t soometl an inevitable defeat into n. victory for Perryopolis. With livo -.^con-els-to-3Iay-h" a u n k a field goal with a beautiful t h ' list from u-ear mid- floor "to glvo Porry a single point advantage. H.!s. ciul- was tralHng by a similar margin at tho time IK heavxnl for tho net. EontleyvlUo has a fr»rmila.b1o aggro- gation a« is attes'd by tho fact that tlio quintet has .b- en tearing throu.ff)i tho strangest :o:ulI-nationa In tho MonoHgahela Val! A}'. .Charteroi, California ac^I other: have boen iMateo. by tlio tcnim which had -chalked up six straight wins bel'wo Porry shattered, tlio mark. PITTSBURG, Jan. 16.--Following their close battle with Wash-Jeff Wednesday, · the Carnegie -Toch quintet must get ready for tho Btrong Michigan State outfit will appear hi the Skibo gymnasium Friday night. Saturday Coach Bob Thome's Grove City eharp-Ehootera meot the Tartano in tho lattev'e gym. It la a significant fact that eysry one of the games dropped by^Carnegle this season hav«3 been by close scores. Weut Virginia, Pitt and "Penu State havo defeated the Tartans lit succession by narrow margins, but tho Sklboe have been improving in evory gvtnc and from now on they will be even tougher to vanquish. . The big handicap of the Sldbo quintet HO for ha« boon .tho lack of point, gettore to help out the stellar Captain Neasc. When this boy ia bottled up In a contest, there seems to be no one to carry on the burden on the off-MieivQ. The. tetim has been performing brilliantly* on the do- fensivo, even tho highly touted Pitt team beln,-j held to the low number of 24 points. So good waa the Carnegie defense In,that encounter that at the ·end of tho flret half Pitt had scored only eight polnte while tho Tartniw had 14 to their credit. Two boya who ho-vo oomo right along under Coach Hogan in recent contests have IKHDK Marvin Fox, Youngatown, Ohio^ youth at center j a n d Jiruray Leonard at forward. Po^ j was not regarded highly it the outaet, j but lately ho has been getting t.ha coll [over Ralph Morten, elongated center. I Leonard haa aoen eervl'Ce both at guard and forward. Ho Is a sspeedy youngat-r who can handle the ball well, but, hie email etfUure counts greatly.against him. Next Tuesday (.he Skibos will! go to BeaTer P«Jla lor a game with Geneva, who In turn will come to this city on March 1, the final date on tho echod- ulft of the Tartans. SORDS P Q I N T S * · « · · · « Former Detroit Huder Signed by Pirates REM CIGAR TEAM DEFEATS MACARONI COMPANY BOWLERS Tho Ronzi (Xgar bowlers to UtU.;. two osit of three gainow f r o m tho GonolUvtUo Macaroni t«un but failed to hav-o tho total score margin in jv d'ickpin match on llie West Potin all-eyfl. A roll-off wu.-s rcgulrod to lo- termirio the first tilt, Th-o acoros: KK.VZI CIGA.R. N. Sa.n/ono _______ 110 12'.'. S-apan aro ------------ 138 A. n«iii:i ____ .1S1 n. R.EJIZI _______ 1157 Me Wo/^J 7-7 FOR. TAB SAME TEAM SHIPPERS SCORE CLOSE DECISION OVER OFFICE CLUB FORMER. o i P(TCM0R W Mo Wl LU Kis oeour TAB PlfcATBS /ieXT SPRlMf , . E f JACK SORbS ; Central Pft * Bparls Cartoonist-Writer, W ITH the idea t h a t Ltl Stonor, former Detroit pitcher, might have *aro.d better with th, » Tigers had conditions been different, the Pittsburgh Pimtea signed t ic husky right-hander, hoping that he will prove his worth as a big 1 aguer in tho National league next season. Stoner Bpent considcitiblc t me in the Detroit uniform but never shone any too brightly. Hi- woi ced under the regimttK of Cobb and Moriarty which might h;v had iomothing to do with it. "Whatever Lil'a eucccss : i the won and lost column for Detroit, hn was and !:tiil in reputed to be a smart pitcher. Possessing only a fair fast ball, hn depends on * good curve and a,thorough knowledge of what his job is ull nbout. 87 10 i 3«4; a 21', 111 J.20 |N. Ht-nzl ____ Bxtru Hand ___ -12(3 131 .... 59 3751 3SO ! To! a1s .... OONNEL. .f. Ouneo I R u l l l i Ma-nzoLli Falcone Kxt-r i Hand 1 Totals ....739 542 573 1730 rSVIUC MACARONI US 125 118 3M 143 12.8 '.9C 370 132 !7 110 345 ,~i 117 i::0 108 345 News of "Rh'hardD." Death Cawes Sorrow to Fans Of Basketball Through Region PANTHERS SWEEP THROUGH BEARCATS IN IU 0. LEAf E The Panthers swopt t through tho Bearcats in tho B. 0. Depot Bow, Hug League at the- Elks alleys. Mul- ·' liti was high w i ' h «. mark ot 448 for three games. Tho scores: 124 Itt) .... 44 13;', 416 Young- Son of Veteran lel'crce Wwll Enoivn Since I urly , -.715 037 570 ISfil) NATIONS LEAGUE IS CLOSE WINNER OVER JOE'S TIRES Tlio League ot' N a t i o n s won two out, of . I h r e e games from Joe's Tires In tho City D u c k p i n .League last night on the Ellcs alleys. Driscoll was the hoes 101 .-- 24 S 140 132-- 421 100 111-- oG7 211 134-- 474 120-- 128 Welsh _ 12C 140 112-- 378 fteud ( J7 10U 134-- 340 Baker "1_.._ 7'J 78 00-- 247 H a l d w i n Id 106 103-- 370 McLelland i 121 143 139-- 403 HAD OFTEN TOSSED FOULS The death of Richard J3r JUi .Laird Wall, 13-year-old sou of Mr uncl Mrs. 1), Edward Wall of Seottda a, yesterday at the home- there wna . shock to Uu followers of basketball The lad ha« been well kuowu to ] votees of tho game evt-r since- ho was big onougii to hold a ball. frcK] a e u t l y ap- poarlng on floors where .la "dad" would bo officiating. Youn . Dick had bowler with 175 for ono 419 for three games. JOE'S TITU3S. Driscoll -151 275 C u n n i n g h a m _ 68 108 Dummy 100 100 Halfhill 10G 149 j Fisher 118 140 93 121 100 141 143 and 41!) :too ·106 a special luiifor .n ho woro Totals 719 728 051--2098 Totals 88-1 57G 578--1738 Totals 543 )72 603 ISIS LEAGUE OF NATIONS. Bugles , McNulty _______ ........ -.... 13'i HI 13§;-- 411 Snpnco ....- ................... M3 122 . .1,21-- 386 Hebttr _______________ ........ 109 106. 12Se- 840 Kiiuth .......................... 125' 15flj: -llffA- 393 Sohonago ...... - -------- 109 14 2 : ."123-- AU ] Mullin -.. Quinn ....... Lziinma i.Fiilco I'Dummy ~ 153 172 123-- 448 100 107 107-- 314 115 I'll 133-- 389 H _. ...... 153 14» 145-- 4415 79 78 90-- 247 Andurslty Doer/lor .. Dummy .... Edwards . Quinn 97 152 100 147 101 100 152 118 137 118 100 116 153 327 1571 aoo 41-1 3 Si) ; as a baby and would he K: oetod with j uproarious ayplaufiD when ho trotted ' o u t betwewi the halvea. "K Idle" Wall, ; votoran referee, tho fathci . la known \ t h r o u g h o u t Western l'( nnsylvanlo, liaviug liuudlccl sevral Ih uieantl college, high school and ndependeiit } floor con tea In. Dick r ,v;is Ed WallVj OH!: son. Prom infancy the oil!cial "coacl 3d" the lad in the game and Dick wius growing up a ' s t a u n c h supporter for W. J. Col- ewkjkley To'wnshlp High a^ Veteran College Outfit; May Upset Circuit "Dope -o The Shipping Department defeated tlio Main Office, two out at three in tlio Capstan League at the Elku alloys. Raleton was high for tho Office boya 182 and -135, while SwaJlop and 'feloom tied for total honors for the victors with tallies of 374. Bloom was high for one game with 143. The scores: Mala Office Cunningham Miller Cohen Ralttto Sparry 114 82 129 140 91. 87 127 117 163 08 'JOS--- SOS 77-- 286 186--381 133-- 435 3.13-- 302 Totals 550 591 500--1707 Shipping: Depnrtmeni S-wallop 125 113 136-- 374 Smith 107 140 111-- 358 13. Duehaw 124 106 110--340 R. Moorman, 107 Bloom " 133 114 143 90-- 311 DS-- 374 Totals -- 596 818 54-5--1757 SMITHTON TRIUMPHS OVER PERRYOPOLIS; MARGIN IS 239 PINS Perryopolks bowlers wan!, to Smithton where they woro defuSited by a margin of 239 pins iu ano .her of the set-lets of duckpin match gnraes. Tho scores: Smithton M. Vldale 132 158 Brandy 125 Crist 144 Fieher 175 1.45-- 436 164-- 431 130-- 435 Alvln 133-- 430 · 460 Totals ... Balcar Prlmufi Stelner March Snydor Cooper -- 101 111-- 432 143-- SIC Totals 587 7C8 660--1902 LOCAL BOWLERS DEFEAT PERRy IN CLOSE GAME Connellevillo's tcnpin bowlors scored a close decision over th Perry- Four Atlilctcs From 1925) Toam Form Nucleus of Forinid- ahle Com?)ination. MEETS TEST ON FRIDAY "Watch out for Bewlokley!' 1 Thie is tho warning that is being broadcast from Herminie, the seat of that Institution which is expected to cut quite a flg-ure in the race for tho championship of Section XII of tho Western Pennaylvania Interscholastio Athletic League. Very little heed has been paid to tho basketewe of that Institution and heretofore all of tho "dope" lias been that the honors lie between Dunbar and Perry. Well, there may be a Mg change In that phase of the story as SowickJey ie believed to bo bent on a great showing ia. the circuit this sea- eon, sey the dopesters. Although the club tripped Bello Vernon and then East Huntingdon it wae generally conceded that Sewickley atill -bad. to show something, as tueso outfits ai-e regardwl as among th3 weakmembers of the division. However Sowlckley i67i't only doing its fine work In the league, as can bo visualized from BOMO of its brilliant activity in the exhibition contests. Boasting four regulars from last season, Sewickley luiis demonstrated that it is a formidable outfit. Camp- fleld, lyatimorc, Lougbner and Pelri aro those who are back with the club, while Ooodlin hae earned for himsolf Ihe fifth position on tho beam. Paul Ncsbit, Wejta, Hoplcinson and Epperson are capable reserves. Sewiokley will be at Perryopo-lis tomorrow evening to meet the proteges of Cllffoixl G. Diclreon. Perry alefl hae four boys from the 1920 roster ami the result is expected to be a corking- battle. Perry ia determined to knock tho prope from under Herminie and got Into at least a tie for runner- up position to Dunbt-,r Township High School, which will be at Unrest gymnasium to meet Mount Pleasant Township. Whether Sewickley will in reality figure in the pennant disposition will be determined when tho (juintet lines up against Perryopolis. Should tho Dickeon clan take thu visitors too lightly, there may be u rude- setback administered to tho Perryopolie boys who arc confident they will oven the score with Dunbar when. Shearer takes his outfit to that floor. While Sewickley plnya at Perry and Dunbar goes to Hurst, Bast Huntingdon will dash to Belle Vornon for tha other content in. the section. And what a treat in the cage sport for a eingle evening. 1 opolte team hi a recoil! lege, and his mother had sewed to his | locftl a u ayfi . A margin of uniform those loiters. He recognized j separated"tho two clubs. tho greatness of Charley Hyatt, -atol- Th-o scores: lar Pitt forward, however, and was hia 1'errj'opolis ardent admirer. Ho met Charley ami became his L'riead. In Mfi delirium in contest on 23 pins tho past week ho often called for the r_,e'fty star now ruled, at; tho greatest player Minick Snyder in the Nutlou. From his talk Tie was laboring under tho hallucination that ho waa playing a forward position with Hyatt in tho gumo against .Montana. He would yell out to llyatt and would laugh in glee as ho imagined the star nuido his boekots from his (Richard's) passes. Many times.during last Saturday, Richard asked for "Charley Hyatt." His requests were gratified Saturday night when Alex Pisula made a quick trip to Pittaburg, picked up Hyatt after the basketball game and rushed him to the Wall 'home In Bcottdale. As Charley stepped into the sick room the little fellow brightened more than lie- had for several days and weakly greeted him with "Hello Charley.'? "How aro you feeling Richard?" canio back tho PiUsburg star hi cheer- to bo a good player. He 1 new all tho '· liig umoB. Total3 _ 6SO 670 ·«2~0--1D70 Totals · 599 047 . 598--1844 ""U'so "oar classified u-dvertlsemen'ts; Amateur xBoxing Program On January 28 at Slavish Hall; Six Bouts Arranged Totals G14 5G1 «23 1S01 AMERICAN LEGION IN BOWLING LOOP "Oh, not eo bad. That was a great game you played against Montana, Cherloy-. Tlmt'u the boy." . Within 15 minutes after Hyatt had arrived tho little fellow was sleeping eoundly Co i- the first time in several days. Tho Anwrlean I/pgiou won the od'tl from l.h Partimouivt In th-o City Duokpln Leaguo. Dubson wa's high for ono ganve wiith lilt) and Eisenhow- »r waa. h.igh for thre gumes with 493. AjVIBRICAN I/BG10N. Six bouts will appear on tho flstlc program which will be presented by the CoiuiellsviUe Athletic Club on Tuesday ovotilng, J a n u a r y 28, «t the' Slavish Hall, according to annouuce- ineiit today. The f.ird ot sSnum-pures !a b e i n g so iuTv:.i;«xl UKI: there will be plenty of a c t i o n t h r o u g h o u t the evening and ono "of the largest a t t e n d a n c e s ' i n the hi.-rory of a m a t e u r b o x i n g hi C'oiniolliiville la a n t i c j p a t i M l . Ihi.U bout i s i t i n : ' caitlmkir, I n t i l : Chai'loy is not a: fi who lias I'lu'il t o uuy o r g a n i s a t i o n b \ i t boon \v,jrkh:tj nu w i t h tho J;.Htif!ii'fvi'.-j, is scbtduled 10 R o d Vlsiia n t Wost N e w t o n in should bu a Umlli.uc baltlo. Johnny Ro'jk, Connellsvllle's hard hitting tonsoi'ial artist la matched with Edcllo McCafferty of Uniontown In the first it the double wind-up. The countys- a tor is reputed to pack a terrific rii ht and in view of the diet t h a t R-.'k curries a mighty left anl right tl ere should bo a real light. Others on '.he program are: J o h n n y J i . c k e t t s , U n ' o m o w u , u n a l lach.ed, vs. ' '.'(::;!· Mancui'o, ConneUs- v i l l ' . - , XI-.' [i l l l d - S . !?annuy j\ ao, r u i o u t i w n , 7;;. Pete S!iCr:n;ui. C » i i r i n i l s v i l l e , 1.18 pounds. Kus: Sidles, West X.-.wton, vs. llu i i u l l i , f . ' o i i i i ' - l l s v i l l e , J2(i p o u n d s . Kid Craw '.ey, \ Nowtoii. vs. Joo --------------- 1S2 117 113 Buttormore . _________ '..US 150 123 Dubson ........... ...... .. ..... 110 100 M5 Bisenhower ..... . ....... 1SS 1137 1,'iS Riehtor ........... _____ ........ MO lai 113 412 397 4-15 -133 B80 Totals 744 740 G4S 2127 PARAMOUNT R. N i x o n 123 111 03 ;{27 Wairner 133 130 107 :?«« Oallasher 97 110 1:?3 340 · IfiO 1SS 147 49ii t U i 144 1S1 4'11 Although ho was conscious at he never -· again mentioned He had seen Charley; and complimented him on his wonderful game ot. basketball aad was satisfied, Kuffdale , line points of the'game am with it had ! learned to be a good epor sma.n. Such j cloae relationship belweei father and son resulted In a heautifi 1 friendship and the hearts ot .Eddie's friends ache with his because; o£ tho void left iu hie life, Iu CoiiueUsville-'the tatis still talk about the little- fellow v ho won a place in their hearts .by hie earnestness in trying to tos.s a I ig basketball through a net that was- -oh, so higii above him at first.. Thof a regular at- tondante remember whe ( h-e could barely scud the ball to ' he bottom o£ the hanging n e t ; then in another year he would be able to etar 1 directly beneath' and sometimes drop' ono through. Applause wou d shake t'ho hull. Bach (succeeding year as Dick grew taller .and stronge hi«. accuracy with the. ball buctiiue j nprovetl . and f i n a l l y bo could Bland back o'u.. tho f o u l lino iiiwl drop them hi' with rarely a miss. .Not only was Dick le r n l n g the fine points at basketball. Ho became a ' member o£ the Coy S -out troop tor wliicli hiv-i f a t h e r wae a and t a i n e d by Mrs. Chester I/eighty a t her of 42-41. 115-- 309 1GO-- 461 127-- 38 G Flanigan Wiaterhaltot 130122- 321 ·ioa Totals 603 620 6G3--1376 Peter Spiko Rulll Vonersky _.. Conn ,, .---.. 122 Connellsville 11-i 122 _ 131 130 _. 08 ..,, 194 111 137 1G4 105-- 341 149-- 470 107-- 308 140-- 471 135-- 411 Totals , G59 714 036--2009 Art {Tho Great) Shires has been ·suinriuoncd to ap,p?a/r before Judgo K. M. La.iwMs, the high aomimisskmer of ·baseball and his summons there Is seon by Uwse who have, been watch- Ing th« antics o£ the big fellow as a tad'eout to his ring Notre Dtniio's basketball quintet ia looming a-s a strong oo-atender for floor -lion ore arid will be on-o of tho bright spots on the seh-edulo of tho Pitt Pauthor. The clash will be on Saturday nigbt, in Piltsbu-rg. V Q 0 Casey Club Cans w-ire delighted with the show'ins o£ the young Irish team at the i^tivte Arniorj' last night. ' If tli-a Caseyw and Corner outfits tie up in the noar futu-re, there should be soin-e good spo-rt- Other sports now.) on Pago Sixteen. 1930 HSKINfi LICENSES ARE NOW AVAILABLE HARKISBURG, Jan. !«.--PisWnff. license's for 1930 aro now available at any of tho offices of ooun-ty ireaauirers throughout tho Comnnonweaith. Tha li'ice pem«This tho sam-o as last year, $1.60 pluH an issuing fee of 10 cents. The Boai-.l of Fish Comanissionors in'gs all iis-herm-en to take out th'eir license early ao that tho construction work at the now luvtehorfcs can ba coutlnuci During tho last year it has boea possible to put two new hatcheries in operation, ono at Ttonosta, Forat county ajul tho other Reynolrls^ila, Beflfoi'tl comity. This will materially increase th* output of ll-sh. Tlvia i« the eighth year the liconso has 'been in effect wild during that Uine great strides havo leen mad-e In the propagation of flsh, ofilcittls sa,id. Several h-vnidred thousand legal «ize trout arc now available at tho hatcheries for dtetribiiition .to' those who mad« arrnlteatkm d u r i n g 1929, and providing hinds aro available, will lx placed in pu'blic wafers in plenty of tlruo for the opening of tho season. Guard German Cities. BERLIN, Jan. 1C.--With live dead and 20 seriously wounded in rlotf. staged by Communists in varloue BCO-. tioas of Germ-any yeslerduy, DerliJi and other large cities are virtually armed camps this w l t l j armed polico patrolling tho Htrcets t«j prevent further outbreaks. Casey Club Loses First Home Encounter to Latrcbe Quintet After Red-Hot Contest, 42-41 The Casey Club basketball team die{ tied at 40-40, tho crowd swarmed cut playud a tor rifle punch laBt night on tho floor. It was noceseary to stop i when it led the i rack batrobo Mur- Tot ah; 661 Geno Tumif-y continues to mak-e s a t - isfactory progress Vn rocove-ring; f r o m his r«cout or,t-vtition a.t tho Presby- Hospital in !aw HUFPSDALB, Jan. 1C--Jerry Stoner wlio lias been a patient in tho Mera- orall' Hospital at Mount Pleasant returned, to hie Jiomo Tuesday evening. Coniiinunion 'iservicet; were held at the Christ's Reformed and Lutheran elmrriiKt? Sun-day morning. Funeral service waa held W.ednes- day afternoon for Daniel 'J'. Heckner, GO years old. Interment wms made the i'aivr cemetery. The Ladies' Bible Class of Chri.ft'e dock club right up to the final minuto, Reforniutl Sunday school woro enter-j only to be nosed out then by a score in that organiniitlMii w. s learning tho home here Tuceday evening. line points of citizensh p and o£ boing a gt'ixi m a n . The tin no tat.her-and- aou iu:i3oci;iUon was elaitied there and the lad wns a fir. t clasfi Scout. J ^ r i e n d s of Ed Wall c- nUl never talk to him w i t h o u t hear ng something about IXick'e latest conipliehm.ertts. . Before a dandy crowd of fans, the margin waa maintained at about the encountor and put tho spectators back before it could bo finished. At the half the count was 24-18, with the CVweys out in front. Tho Whi-m just a llctlt} i Mow Dick wassail, n«ar Hunker, Tueeday M-r.s. P a u l Gas-kltiH uin! daughter, youngsters who have been wearing same ratio until tho closing mini;tea Katie, of Derry visited relatives here! tho colors of the- Irish, showed an tin-, when Crowe crashed through for t w o Tuesday.. . . ' ,| expected strength and made Clcm'douhle ply counters and the sonro- Clementa was. a busineBS Crowe's proteges from Westmoreland board vegietered 40-40. A Ixitrobo forward slipped ono in from the sUlo and the bessl tho Cat oya could do was (jink a foul shot. caller Jin Mount Pleasant Monday. county do a lot ol hustling. A. number of people from HuflVidaie It waa -0110 of those .clashe-s which. attended a dance at the Tate'i-s dance get the fans rigln. upon their toes tuid ia the last, niimilo, when the score

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