The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
Page 4
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PGE'FOTIR. ^ T ^T---T^-p^-?7/qpnr-| . , i .THE DAILY COURIEB, GONNELLSVILIJa, PA. \ t TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1918. Otanrirr. HKKRT p. . Poiuttar and Editor, UTI-lilt. ,-.i Mai* p«_«ol»r »«« f" rnont* K P*r mall ft »ald to xtriuiM Kaurii u xoofia cliw mattM t th« poctc-Oto*. .Cpni»il*v1U«. Pa..' '.' ;; TBWMT 3UJL M, MM. t*mff»f»f* , ...TMTM_ P. SHERMAN. - t»l UBlt.L, U. a. A.. Fort KcPheraon. Atlanta, O». RAWS P; SL.IOER. ; - , . . . . ;omjajy H. sUth Infantry'.. - - D. a N. A;, . - , : ' : ; . ' * ' . Camp L«e, Petersburg.. Va.«: ( , : er«ait«l to It or not oth«i-»t»« cruiitod in thla paper and »l»ru* loc.l'if»wr p»»y«*«'l . . 'chesrfully · set forth' to. '·win it back; again. But 'seek ., to ; strip ihte dt his citizenship and ail that , it 'means to him and he will flght to the laat drop Sf-hJiTblood. ^aa-.what citizenship is to''.lhe*'iniivldu'ai;'.honor is; tb';4e!na- "Uon; ~ says the"''Liberti Loan Committee.; v . ;.._ ; '. . .,. . , .. ...... / 'A^aerica has. long proudly stood 1 as the .:home. oi the -brave ^iitl, the lan'd of. the. free". ·-.'·Her citizenry has ehjoyea «H;tKe priviiegcs,_the rights, the freedom ^ and the incideh^U honors of this f ree /coinrtrjf. ·-- : · ' -··-^..--- ·· · ...Yet a comparatively fcnr of. TJB heretofore have been stockholders . in : this country "wis'lpfe,, of which we ; are so ^J^^anS-^5wticbjwe" have' 'lived in ^ch 'unSceBed comfort and hap' ·w It do*s spt'r»nnlre nowiedie or afcffj.-Sci'.i jresi*Uiat' ^S Ajfi'Vfi" ft e . ; great . now waling JOB" ·the western jiglront are cbntbued,-and;tliej- have the JSlortitude and strength, to : hold firm : Sfcr a short time^tha defeat'.ofrthe bar. pltric hordes T confrontingr .'them; -will he "SS ctrtalnty ot no-rsmote date.;: .·«K The skilfull; handling, of, :th British ·^Voopa has preserve^ the. organization ' .*»'»nd maintained the-spirit-of the men. . . , ,, . . . . ... .?*9t!T~wa bare, an opportunity; to he- come-real snareholdens in the govern-. ,ment ~; · r-.c ··'*. '/.'",...;:;...'.·.·..'.' " . .. Buy *a registered 'Liberty .Bond and have: jpur:name::placed;upon'the honor rolte fiiiOi'e'.natlpnaKcspitol. ...So Jegis- danjio'f-be -lo»t-tii.;|Spa; either tfirongh" flre;'" theft, ' nrisp'.'aceemnt or otherwise. ' Only" by In'dorseihcnt can it : 'be trtinaferred from yoor owner- sMpy'-It- is ; more secure than' burled treasure.. -":,,',-' :· ',· -. ·. . .:.. . And for tie .period .of its life it will earn you annually 4 per; cent mr- '.'W!6'"e6irianct-aB.'ordarly · retirement; 'to U*ake..newr positioms 'and /Inflict still »~f wrth«r-. "j* toV«-b*t%B«t'¥estiJt. ;-Begaraiess of oth«juifiD«r of mw tie .Germaiis Jnay «be"aW» toiofce in'io 'their 'drives! the ' .wili;.«hatter the.-Orgaaiza- fftions. brtak down the morale and rer ffdnce .the effective strength beyonil the Hpoint wfiefe successful resistance can fibe- offered'to an blTensive..wfaen-' .the jI'AHIes decide tV ass nine it ;; Meantime there-Till be.a succession. I'-ot Itt-avy'blows .strucfc.~byV.the . Gerr ; -probably: t» made Slit always at fright- ·S'ful cost and,ihey nfiU ; be laced by v a {^determined toy, in .goml .fighting^ . pu ; forces^w»ll.;itt jiji* and;.:;; £or latW OiHtTKag-e %iir ' "where the time an* circumstances will ;i»Tor a lorn in the tide/and the Allies SJirtil be quick to sciie the advantage ^Jsnd In condition to force it with - .t'Tengeance. .. '^ , ../ .,,.; : : if The more assaults the..Germans . J'mafco 'and the longer:, the lime 'eiapa- J-lcg^until the Allies consider an"offcn- lilTe opppTtMne.-theJe»« able-will; the · ^:Crenaans be to successfully resist ; : Notwithstanlinsr th! boasts : that; the vifirst driT* of the'GarinansJs.but one }of a series;, each''to be more T p^nrerfui · inan the preceding,, it is oseles for iBetlin-to deny'that the supreme'effort jhae not be»"xaade and'quiie as.tool- Ijjh to assert that all^Uiat cpuld r be tietaat lor t»«-Alflei TaOi nrtTbeen done |loe'of koainds ot thousands of,men las JooKjS* etfaoited tile "strength of 'the Hu» army", bSt: the'fajjufe to ac- "omiplish the objective, after a.prep- aration unparalleled in the htsto.T of warfare, aa* tn«-airfnl ctut the Oer- ·ang hare had to pay for their effort, If* shown that it does not lie within '£ae power of German" army "organir- jaVs and engtneers to forge a hnman .w»tg* that can be thrust through' the Bnea of the opposing Allied "army when and where ttcy Wlll;-They.feve 'entered the thin.eif« but they, hive ihns far been unable to |»tnt 'of rapture of the Ali'ied lines, while file increasingly certain proe- j|ect coafToots theni.of haying: .their stremgth~»p*art : Wore' iher can · wlth- traw theTeaina»ts:of'tlielr"mucK bat- terefl Implement' " """ : for the jTompt action of tire _._..--_-^ comiaitie»--i*- the Fayette . Karii-BuraattVthe^iiamers fSt/tXrette OMmcy. jajshi-hare very considerable iMcuttyliT procuring a supply of seed ' com for tie coming season's planting. ·To awet the f tmusaal. conditlojis arisiaff HraaL-:.rttre~"discfvery'.that last' rear's, crop :will-«ot^IU3pnish- seedVof. JJie fi .'high ' ' : ; "- ; ' " · · - - ' - ·····' e--* , T fc. 1 *'-^A'^.vtfc fcM^,.uviti;nii has purchasljd^a »nMlyrir6wnini:«i,secV tlon of the jjtite vbjjre"the, conaltions'- as to length orseasoii are quite similar ; to those ih'ibis seataonT'.Taiis-seed «lf ' be supplied to the farmers at'coit, as was djne iast;-ye8r .with; potatoes,beans sad backirheat, thus Insuring »· supply of dependable seed for/the next :'. sroji. Tojseciire thinr- quota 'isrmera must make Vekrly . arrangement? with . the Farm Bureau. y :; : .._".'..' : : : . .". .£. " "With this squrce.of supply^'atvOielrJ . '·: assume ;the "risks' · of 'purchasing seed : in '" .· :ry, and perhapji^nndar conditipns Tery moth unlike JUiise , pravailinj h«m. Neither. »bX)Ul«'£h«/; maKe/thetticfiitK " ; - t t ' r , ; R , ; - . · ' Jjf · 'Tie ^fajmeTs^of 'ibe'. mountaln'-vbr : |.?ihprt:-.-'i»a»oi.-»«Uoi!»i' at'. toJ-J'eonntjv J will: be 1»3 fort unaJe than tlio»»fliv-; n: : tlH!\ central 'ain^western; towii- ' This will make it Beceasary for .the fanners in the eastern townships to continue the teats of the coin they hare on. hand until they haie lonnd ·ufficlent fertile seed for the next 'planting. Theieneed b*^» fear that the seed corn situation cannot be met 1n all sections lot the county if the farmers act-Tiromptly upon the aducc of the Aim Bureau This- agency has made a very thorougb investlcatlon and has tiken sicpa todnsure a supply of seed iScotar as-the bureau Itself can act. remains urith. 4he farmftrs to avau thcmmrVes of te opportunity BE A STOCKHOLDER JS TOCE tOBSIBY. Citizenship is- one of* the proudest possessions*. of the arerage American. Neit-to life itself he 'places his rights as a citizen. : :_Between.. them , and ' ' ' Conservation take* many strange turns these days. some., popular- -and some unpopular, · But no patron of the West Penn will disapprove.'of the-sav- Incr- .In-ihelr. ovrn..and .^the^conductors' ",tli»e^;tKTpt£ffh? taJrtniri.pne 1 ' conectlon ;ln- stead of fouV' netweon here and Tjriion- town. :The only danger^*? that passea- g.er5_^enrput,e. for," the. County.. Capital "may; mistake'P^unbar for their destiria- tI6'n,?.'ahd'~ debaric. there .after 'the one aad~pnly collectioii has-been ~ Tliey '^avo. -not 'passed . ·^'The order toV're'mo'v«^the""Xo War Talk" sisrns does-not mean that license .Is given .engage in. Peace at Any Prico confabs. .The Germans are less In nted of. loiiff an^e suns than.they arb ofOongr-Uved The American engineers may not yet .have had/the .pleasure of shooting at 'x'he.uns. but ; thT.onKh thejr. skill In railroading they .Kave. been making a dlBtributlon and keeplnff:'up a supply of ammunition'.that hail! kept .the Tom- mies'.busy's«rvln'ij;.thc srune. . Xot :much danger of- any of the Crown' .Princes-' jretttng, close enough to .the ffr^n^ llnris. to fa« in danger of capture*", '!Pa" .se-ts to 'it 'that they do not venture' for. 'enougA r . fro'in their bonibrptoof-.quarters. to.;endanETer their pre'clous; skins.-, ·' · -v ' '-.';.T!hfty'.Vill .notTpasSi "·.'.'.. . .:;Th«. harder tht^Goi?if.\n3-,hanimer on fhe'.,Westernvfrpht the.'.'easlcr win tho 'nextXiberty Lpan-.driva'.ffo through' all the,line« of- opposHion -Lsre .at home. :;:' ;Are \.y.o\i.-^ei^imtnif :'risalfee Tvhat "-':. Tlie-,.meiiftl)ers' i p'f tJ»a'' city...-army of M tann«rsr-ouffht to astRbHsh classes in First Aid treatment of blistered hands and sore muscles ibefora they venture forth oh the Spring Drive. :In slavery days the most..brutal overseers were accustomed to drive lazy slaves to work "voider the lash; The- blactznakc whip came to have an evil renutation. It.vras the sy bbl of the cruel side of slavery, long since done arway with in .this country, think:;Obd.^-.. . -. ·-. :. .: '- f J Among the^..Ge'rmans- the....biack.- snake whip is still in use;"and is more infamously-employed than ever. Margaret SBodgraBs,CoTTciponaing Secretary of the American Federation of Teachers, ,has;th'is i :to:,Teport::.;y', : " ....."I lave before me, as I write, the official text of proclamations of the German and Austrian ntilitery com- maAd.ln,th« recently occupied districts of nprtKirn-'ltaly.-' These proclamaT tions" require 'the. inhabitants of. the «gipn tp r givevupjill food supplies '.at every kind." "All j^rBpns'bver fifteen years of ago are stnnmone'd to'work In the fields under German task.'.mal- ters from1 o'clock in. the morning li];- ^"DisbbeSenc'e will be punished 'in ~~ following^ manner: Lazyrworkmeh. ;.accompanitd;^£n\the;work and 'itched : byi'clenBan£l After'the harvest:; Uiey; will, be Imprisoned for slit b3pnthsj.ana;every'thjrd.:;'day,-be given, nothing 'b'ntVbread ! ;and iwater. Lary is-oinen. will ,be.pbuged-tp;.work, and after,-the, ; S»ryest-^ wili 'receive'-':..sli^ mbnWstopftspnmentj^iaiy; children^ -wili: be punished by-' beatingrThe~,cbmf ! nwiillBi th'Jre? areiVtbohgands" *ot : : ' ' Classified Advertisements ·^--TOtTB, BARBKEUNa' BEfDDiB'S. U Oit.FOUTL'UN- Write : "XTZ.',' -care 26raar5t" WANTJEI-^SECOND . HAND. -,TYPE- writ^r GB B»li 1« R, or Tri State *I-W, Mount' PJea«ant - ' SSfebtf . . O R ' : .GENERAL AouMrww)cr i MBS..C:HAKLES.C. MITCH- .205 Bast Green rtre«l. I 26mar2t-eod WANTBD-^-TO RENT A SIX ROOr.1 bouse with conveniences,, tti good Io- cs.! Ion, South Side 'preferred. Tri-Statc :812.. .' ..., . .-. . · . -· 35mar2t.. ' SAI05--HOR6E 1^00 pound ,~vr»g'on and bwegi at rea Bonable pr. 6 DAWSON BAKERY Dawaon P '3m r6L .FOR. .SA£J3--BUJDIXG TO TEAR dOTT-n, lumber in ,£cmd. condition. In- tiilir*. MRS. .J. B; CABSON,',102 North TJilrd'street, TVest Side/. ;· 23mar3t. FOR . SALE--A MODEBN- '. FRAME hpnse. South .aide, n i n e , roonjs and : b»th.. 'Hav^d street. -iAir'convenience; Good bargain at »5.,EOO.. -Write H-3, SGmarlt' od bJirgaln urJcr.liofflee ;,.WANTE.D : -^THRE:0.;'.. OR. FOUR rtxni3 -.or.V a. furnished -flat for house- Kecpliig. "''aiust be first class,- Call ·JBeIIV«li'. ; --- - : Sttmiftfd FOR SALE--SIXiLOTS ON FRA'KCIS avenue; 1 house with 5 rooms on Fay- ettc street; liouse and lot on PHtsburg. and:Franci3 and near Sllgrb.mlH. Inquire o/ CHAS. "WE1HE," 42S Johnston Avenue. ·-· 28mar6t-eod ' ·;.WANTED -.-- 'AN.. -, EXPERIENCED jirl-for houseTVork. -No washing: .and JrontnB.. Apply a^ 404 East ;· Green street. " : ' 26martfd -VTANTED--SEVER Ai: MEN FOR work .in repair shops, 9 hour shtCt. Apply MASTER MECHANIC. West Feni. Railways. Co. 23raar4t FOR SALE--STABKE 96x49, LOCAT- ed on lot lOCxlS-' .corner of.Mciidow Lane, and Church Place. Alao .throe dabble houses on sfi-me lot JiiquJre JOS-.X. STABER. · · · : · ' / 23mai'tfcl . FOR SALE--PAINT $1.50 PER GAL- lon; 6. foot, chicken wire · 15c yard. . Garden yakes 36c. PEKN TRAFFIC 1 DBPARTMJ3NT STORE, 807 North PHtHburg street, third store Croni corner of Peach. .· . " ' 2.mnr2t WANTED--YOtJNG LADY . STEN- ojjrapher and mc'countant. Stat*.^ ·!- P*rioftce and salary dfljiircd. Addraes P.. A., care ^Courtar. -.'. . . ISmartfd .. -WANT: TO BUY A s'malV farm., handy te ^nn«H8Vl31et with good buUdlnps. . What hTC you to. offer, TTrlta ."WTT, ' " ' ' ' ' TVANTED--AT ONCE BXPEBIBNC- fd aalAsluly, Mj5h*«t wages; otwady posltlon. ! . PEOPLES DEPARTMENT STORE, 220 North PitUbary stre*t.; WANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO art!v«tadyin« for examinations to get the best jnLnin* book published, "Mining "in a NuLah*!!." by JAMES WARDLAW,. Scottaal*. Pa. Price 12.36. - BUY A GOOD SIX to eight room house in South Slde'djs- trlct. If'you have a modern ho'umiiat a reasonable price and .want to make a nulok'sale, write'J-2, Courier offloo. Itmarlt WANTED--OLD FALSE TKKTH. Doo't matter if broken. I paj" f2.60'to JlS.tK) per 8*1, Send by parcel post and receive check": by retorn. raafL L, JIAZER, 2007 S. Fifth Street. Philadelphia. Pa. - ' BmorSSt* VE--KOBACKERS 1 . REQUIRE the services of a tlioronehly er.per- lenced and-accurate etenographer. Rea- tdent of CanheUfrville preferred. Apply In person to MH, A. J. KOBACKKR. · ' 28martfd WANTED--ANT KIND OF inff. whethftT It 1 !· a calllnc cord, eala blU or the finest *fiRm.Y«d *«Sflii.r Invitation or'a.nnbunevme'J.L We print anything--everything--do It. pronfttUy. and do It right. Call the m*n mt TIES COURIER, office. Both* phones. TJ~tt ·WANTED--YOU TO . BlfT -TOtfTl furnlture/'carpetR, ·window blinds, lac* curt:Un, paint, varnish, chicken w)re t grai'den tooln, etc.. at the PEXN TRAFFIC , DEPARTMENT STORE. .30" North Btttsburc street, .three doors front PeaIh street. Cheapest place in town. . . . 26marlt .LOST--SATXTRDAY NIGHT . BE- twecn Wool worth's 5 aad lOc atore and west- side of .bridge; Wack poukctbook containing aurri bf.mon*y. Reward if n a m e ' I s returned to address on card inBlde pocketbook. ., - , . · .-26iviar3t . LOST'--.BROWN. EOCKBTB)OK containing: sum of -money and ' receipts with: natno of owner, ..between Fayette street and East Morton irre- nue.- Reward it returned to Courier ofltce, . . ".. 26mttrU WHEREAS; IN AND BT AN A C l o K 1 this General Assembly of the Con-tnon- .wealth of Pennsylvania, approvei] .the 17th day of February, A, D. IBOV, Its supplements : end am*ndmentB. . it IB made, tho duty oC the .County Con.-imls- sloners of everj' county wlthfn this Commonwealth to ; give pablic not:ce of the spring- primary ejection, the time of holding the same, and the names of tUl offices for which nomination!? are to be made; now therefore,- in- obedience to the said. Acts of Assembly, we. Jush. Georg-e P Hoorer and Charles K. Nutt, Cbniioissioners of Fayette county, Pennsylvania ,do hereby make.known, publish and give pubic notice to the electors of:the county of Fayette, that on. Tuesday, .May 21, 1918. beween the 'hours of 7 o'clock A. M. and 7". o'clock* P. jt. a primary election known- as the sprtns primary, will be ; .held in the several election' dlfatricta-est'ablished.lDX law In t n e'. said county of Fayette, at which time they will vote, "by .ballot for candidates for- the several public, offices.'to be filled at the November-election 1818 viz Governor.- - . J Lieutenant .Gorornor. Secretary of Internal. Affairs. One Judge of the Superior Court Four Rop"r*seata.tlvea In Congrcss- at-Larec. .., - . . Ono Representative in ConRreBS, [23rd District.); Ono Senator in tho G-eneral Assembly, C32nd District.) ! " Ono Representative in .the Central Ansembly, (.1st District) Throe Representatives In. the General Assembly, .(2nd District) . There are also to be elected, at the spring primary election;' by each politico! party: Two McrnberB of the State Committed. Two Central Cwimltteemen in each elc.ctton precinct Given under our hands.nt our office in' Urvlontown; Ponnsylva.n!ia, this 19th day'' of March, 2918. LOGAN RUSH, .GEORGE P. HOOVER, CHARLES H. NUTT,, Cornmlsaloners of Fayetto.County. Attest: ROBERT POWELL, Chief Clerk, mar 19-26-apr2 · Wan YARD CLERKS, TRACK CHECKERS AND CREW CALLERS, P. L. E. RA1LROAI) COMPANY, DICKERSON RUN. GOOD SALARY, STEAD-Y EMPLOYMENT, RAPID PROMOTION. APPLY TO C. E. REINHARD, GENERAL YARD MASTER, DICKERSON RUN, PA. WANTED--tuVROE FIVE ANU j Tenl cent syndicate offers opportunlcieK | to few young.njen to become stor? ; managers after proper training: be well educated; department 1 ?: pcrlence desirable. Address, i\ particufnrs as to experience aiitl exiiected. Doi: 50, care -Courier. . . · -SmarStT FOR RENT--ONE FTVE bouse, smU earden, ffas and bath. E. SOLES, HOBB Addition. ISmmrtfd FOR RENT--ONE ' DESIRABLE atore room formerly occupied by Mean* * Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMBT2. : . ZSfebtfd FOR REJBC--FRONT OFFICES ON vaeond floor of Dunn k KvnB buUd- int Inquire of HABHY DUNN. .«J»n-tfd FOR RENT--THKBE NICELY FUR- nlAhed rooms for light hou«ekocping with use of bath. · 1217 Sycamore street. ' ZSmarlt FOR .SAiE---FRESH. COW, OWE half mile- eoirt ' of Marietta farm. ADAM SWINK. ' . ., ,!3mar6t': FOR 'SAI-Br--30 ACRE 5°ARM ON White Day Creek, bConongalla* County, W. Va., underlaid with ?, ,i .and B loot veins coa].- Eight acre* cleared. .Oil and .eras.'rental.'paid .quarterly, prico 1800. . F o r further 'Information write F. L..TRAVIS, R, F.'B. 5. Box 1, Fairmont, "West Virginia. . 36mAr«t-eod* Liberty and Olkcr Aoentut The "Jonasson" Label in a Woman's Suit, Coat, Dress or Waist has come to mean a certain quaEty distinction, that is similar to the 'Sterling mark on Silver. Write "for Dress Sketches that will enable you to purchase Ijy mail, direct from our Pittibutgh store Wait! Please do hot wait until Saturday evening to select 'your Kirchbaiuji suit for Easter. · V Come in earlier in the week. Make your selection leisurely and give us plenty bif time to make the n ecessary alterations. ; ' · ; ' ; ., ' . ; ' . - . . . . . , · · '; · " : "-'~ ''" · " , ' · . · ' ' . " ' ' . · ,. · " . ' · , f Usually it doesn't require anything but adjusting the length of the trousers, but a lot of these jobs on Saturday evening is liable to swsinp u*;- ; and we · don't want to disappoint anybody. · .«arIy( :: ;For, ; 'ia; small 'pay-: we; wilT g^-^e^;wftl^ine * : ,the;smt^n^^ sure you of prompt delivery Saturday. Pa. Do you know that oatmeal makes delicious puddings and other good things? Of course, you know it is a good breakfast food, but it is even better fixed up for dinner or supper. It iaakes excellent puddings, wholesome bread and cookies, an appetizing soup for a cold day, a baked dish for din- ' ner in place of meat. isi planned at the Union Supply Company Stores. You must see the many Easter novelties in women's and misses' wear, all the new styles in all the different lines are-now in. It is an old custom to have a new outfit for Easter, men and women, misses and children, everybody, wants to wear their best OB. Easter Sunday. The "Cfnion Supply Company . is offering wonderful inducements and they will offer many novelties for women and misses that are exclusive, and can only be gotten at our stores. It. is to your interest to visit the nearest Union Supply Company store for your Easter shopping. IS Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJleghen?, * . ' Counties. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased wita our style selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE ·with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customers' satisfaction. Call and me some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-- W.S.S. War Savings Stamps . ISSUED BY United States Government JUBCBt, 1»1S. JAJT. 1, 192S. $4,14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST C03VIPANY CONNELLSVILLE, PX ttc 'fav the Ujll airJW ies of tlHi coonty; IF YOU WANT Anything, .Have Anything for Sale or Rent, try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word, They Bring Results.

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