The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 7
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SATURDAY. AUOUST ft f t r eere more Wight ni KMntnf 1 (Ary r .stoned. t V (A Wltrfl Stem it disclosed (e Iditori they My sb-Hi)i letters over pen-no mi. The best Utttr is untUy tA4 thort Utttr 2M worit should o eeUlngJ '0d Sfodc' Case or Ensign Sin: With a million or to of Old Stock Canadians iha North American family story bcgini with tht fighting services, British. Swiss.-German or. afttr 1778, native . born British North Americans. la reading the regimental lists of "British Forces in ' North America II1J-14," aide by side with the UEL Stock in the "embodied militia" and regulars, British regiments on foreign service, we can tee the older side of the family in the roster of the Quebec 'command. The two most often repeated names among' the ensigns, lieutenants, captains, majors and lieutenant-colonels are the Roys, M or more, and the Archambaults, some IS. '. There extstt, therefore! a martial loyalism, a sharing nt the fighter caste responsibility for Canada as a nation. ; . It Is too bad that the bluff. ' insincerity and deception of political "history" of party-ism in Canaa has given these ( stocks and their successors a -'lesser prominence. The schools teem to very slightly sketch in the warrior element of service and survival and, when In maturity most of them learn of k, they have to fit it into that melange of mock heroic called party strife from the ISMs so yesterday . in the House of Commons. Th names cherished, if that is the word, are of those "insurrectot" who, hav I a g - raised volunteers to fight for their parties, fled when the shooting started! The school boy or girl can recite them, in French or English, but cannot recall one Victoria Cross winner. It seems that those who . felt themselves Canadians with a duty beyond self have been in the services and are - the forgotten men of their generations. ! Inside Politics There' nothing Ilk a few days away from tht flat debate to snake one doubtful ' about the opinions on forms tn the hot atmosphere of the House of Commons. I had a ' trip up th Great Lake on a freighter, through the Welland Canal, short stay la an . American port, while the ship unloaded and then the run up to the Head of th Lake through th busy water traffic A powerful impression comes over of busy industry, a rising economy, a holiday-. ing people. Everything teem right in the Seaway world with labor peace on the Lakes, and the vie tout memories of the' S1U gangsterism fading though not forgotten. ' Ottawa and Its brawling hassle over the flag seemed an age away and very tally. . ONE FOCUS Few of th. tailor tented , interested m the Red Ensign .or any other flag- Their in-, tens curiosity on political ' . mantra hat only en focus; ; Hit Banks and hi future. Th odd one wondered "what the hell are you guy up to!" Clearly, this Is on section i of th community that i committed to all th emotions i th flag tsiu is supposedly , arousing - Then I found my constituents atber iadifferent to it all al though there i discomfiting tendency for them to ask: "What are yon ' fellow doing down there?" ' Such querulous line wa -th on consistency I have ' i When one returns from this ' to the flag debate again Id hear Tories exalting the high ; standard of th speeches hey hav made and to listen te ' the quarrelsome interchanges 1 between Messrs. Diefenbaker . and Pearson or the seething ' opinions and . speculation . amongst th politician and ' their swordbearers of " the " press there is the reeling in M that It is a pretty sound country that can go along so well despite . . ' When I left I was ceavlnced Um Conservatives were committing tulcid with their fill-buster. Now I am not sure the , people are playing that much attention. W would teem to V be Involved m more of aa Y Inside ruckus with everyone being toe clever m tactics and 22, 1964 J mm ' mi mil. Hi i -i.i.i -i i 1 " 111 '"-' se.i.stjvae For others, and this is applicable to our area, there it the living continuity of the districts where kinsmen came with the Highland regiments. Gaelic speaking ton ol the defeated Jacobite clansmen. These , soldiers founded a tradition from rebellion to resettlement as loyalists. Their undiminished loyalty was to the - union symbolism of' our Canadian battle flag. In all, officers and NCOS of over M British regiments in the II12-M war were settled between Ottawa and the St Lawrence, including men of the Irish Brigade. You can hear echoes of their speech along all the Valley highways.. Their descendant are the kinsmen of the "won't surrender" millions of Canadians insofar as the-Ensign is concerned ... a decent, self-respecting, quiet folk whose fathers founded the form and context, legal, economic and religious. Upper Canada and transferred to Western Canada Its essence and legislation. And it Is a bald mis . statement that the other ethnic stocks of Europeans who tied here are the agitators for a new flag. If the effort to outlaw the Union symbols succeeds, the division which it now evident will become a split of tragic personal consequences te the old stocks. There is still time to reconsider. Any flagj we have must hav heraldry and a past if we are to be people of tradition and worth; mindful of our father who fought to found it. HUGH MACLACHLAN BELL. 23 Patterson Avenue, Ottawa. imp sessions On Vacation By Douglas Fisher, MP in mterpretationt of the situ . . ' 1 ation la his ogr-nftvor. From thosewithln to whom I make these points comes the argument that I am misting the real situation, that Port Arthur is not typical. IRONIC RESPONSE Of course, tht irony in these responses It the absolute certainty of each, whether Liberal or Conservative, . that their party has a winning stand. Conservatives say. and I believe them, that the response for the Red Ensign bat been overwhlemlng. - One Alberta MP says that Joha Diefenbaker1 stand has guaranteed his re election for three future elections, not just one. H limns a picture of a militant citizenry aroused to' fury ever th attempt to foist the Pearson pennant upon k, denying them their heritage. A Liberal from a -small Ontario city assures me that hit electors are fighting mad. .over Tory, obstruction. Give Mm an election now and he'll canter home the winner. This mounting, inflexible assurance that their side has the winner makes it both difficult to compromise and pushes inexorably on the likelihood that no solution can com out of this but an election. As the debate began months ago, waa interrupted and then resumed, 1 had the feeling that the Conservative were really not serious about their threats to block and block and block. ;. " On a parallel line, I did not believe that Mr. Pearson and th Liberals were so set on having the new flag now, this Summer, and In exactly its It was a misjud it on i my part. . Ha th debatC been good? Again, the view depend on th party. The Conservative believ they hav revealed themselves as sincere, sound ly based on history, and in tune with English speaking Canada. Everyone ls thinks tht debate hat been repetitious, boring, and full of inanities. Certainly, th speeches would give any teacher of 1 English a mine of sampi cliche, and platitude " As on former history teach-; er listening to another to Alvln Hamilton, I was bowled over by ' his reach back to the Crusades and th banners which waved ouUid of Jeru- Japan and Cyprus Sir: -Why does not the UN appoint troops, of one nation to bring about a halt to fiui. ther disturbance in Cyprus? It would not be unfeasible to seriously consider, replacing the units of the various countries with men from far-away Japan. Well disciplined, these troops under subordinate officers responsible to a competent general, would be under the supreme .authority of the, UN. 1 CLEM BRAGA. , (Ml Angus Drive, Vancouver 14,-BC. ?Uo Buses South . Sirs: On behalf of a large percentage of citizen who happen to live couth of Lam-downe Park, may I ask the OTC why are we receiving such poor service at the conclusion of Rough Rider games? On leaving the park Tuesday evening there was a string of buses bumper to bumper that was reminiscent of a troop train and. all fac-' Ing north) But a very different situation presented itself when crossing the, .road, for those worthy prospective passengers who were heading south! f" Not a busNin tight and it was II minute before a 1A put . in an appearancej and an additional three minutes elapsed before a No. 1 pulled . up to the stop. We packed, ourselves like sardines, far beyond safety limits, and at that left a long string unable to get -aboard who have. my Sincere sy nips thy if they had a similar wait for the next bus in addition to the time they had already waited at the stop. . For Ottawa South ' residents, H. R. A. 98 Mailes Avenue, Ottawa- . - ' - . : salem for his argument that the Pearson flag was regret, tably atheistic. ' " Then be dotted the 1 on this argument by noting that th Communist Party of Canada was a staunch supporter of th new, unchristian pennant 1 think any reasonable person will agree that when Christianity it dragged in on one aide at atheistic communism is' allotted to th other th possibilities of a calm Judiciousness on the issue disappear. It only remain for t b Liberal Id rebutt with the . argument that the three maple leafs represent the Holy Trinity. MAN REBORN Through all this John Diefenbaker seems a man reborn. He is full of bounce. Ther is no doubt he believes he has the initiative. He has carried ' his member with him to th degree that Leon B a I c e r seems to hav faded out and -th other Quebec members of the party seem to be going along with it all. . It it hard to Judge what Mr. Pearson thinks about all th fuss. Certainly he i not behaving with th verv end panache of his rival. But then ' be never did. It I also obvious that h has his membeia . with him. . . "T The members of the other parties' want a compromise desperately. At least the members from English speaking areas do. Both Tommy Doug- . las and Bob Thompson hav been proposing possible ways out of th dilemma and have been getting very small re-" spons to their proposals. ' Th big fellow are too set towards each other and too much face I involved. ' ."Th possible . alternatives seem to be reduced to three. 1 Either Mr. Pearson cave In ' and effectively postpone th ' wbol issue by referring k to committee or the debate ,'drags on and on until .some ; new assessment of th people' feelings registers With the two feeders or the dangerous, dls- tntstt ui mood worsens until an election it called. . I tend to leaa toward th last a th most likely possl-ibility but my Judgment kt ' clouded by tny wishes. iv, Several months ago (.cams to In opinion that ths Parliament was so bad that it -deserved an Election. ' ; ' ' " ' t .' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Alderman Kay Replies Sirs: In order to keep the record straight it is necessary to reply to your editorial of Aug. 19. Your article indicated that a motion of mine suggested one steno for each alderman. This was ridiculous. What the - motion called for was one steno to be located In the City Clerk's office to assist- all members of council. This practice is not new. Other cities have found it assist the administration. , , As far as your .comments regarding a motion which would have department heads the Flag : Sirs: It is apparent that the issue of a "distinctive Canadian flag" cannot now be settled by rational argument,, but It should be possible to-. avoid the gross misstatements made by supporters on both sides. In particular I object to the statement by B. O. Breton (Aug. 11) in his letter to th editor that "an overwhelming majority of English-speaking Canadians wish to retain the Red Ensign" . Such a statement might be true if confined to certain regions of Ontario, or other places having a typical population, or' it might be true for English speaking Canadians who art over, say, SO. though I doubt it. For English-speaking Canadians as a whole 1 havt seen no reliable fig-' ures which would show that even a simple majority favor retention of the Red Ensign over a new flag. Although English born. I have been a Canadian for more than 10 year and feel that the adoption of a uniquely Canadian flag Is long overdue. After all. th Union Jack which Wr. Diefenbaker wishes to keep a our symbol -Stand for a union which was completed In IMI, long before our own confederation, and in addition it the flag -ol, at-" other country, albeit one of th "parents" of our own. Surely a son should aspire to be more than th bearer of hi . father' name! Th flag proposed for adoption now can hardly be called a inspired work of art, but then what flag Is? It has th I merits of being distinctive, and 'easily recognized; a natural symbol, It is easily drawn by school - children and will help them develop an awareness of their country. Perhaps only a minority would say that it It - the best design, but this would be true of any design suggested, and It is now necessary for someone to choose on and ask Parliament, to adopt it Thi Is' what th Prim Minister has done. D. A. j. MILLAR. iiSS Regin Street, Ottawa. White Lake Sirs: My last letter lo you, published in your newspaper on July 22. regarding tht water wastag from Whit Lake, was apparently read by many, leaders in that. part of Ontario. The subject of th latter has promoted widespread discussion and th reasons for the wastage ana tne means mn Its prevention arc being oe- bated by all concerned. A cer tain gentleman who did not give me hi address, wrot to m. He is obviously a logger with a guilty conscience and I reproduce his letter, verbatim, herewith: 1 "I see where your fishing expedition In White Lake hat been hampered a little by logging operations. I don't think I ever read anything so stupid in a ptper. How ar the logger going to get their log out. which Is a much more Important operation than a few city duds to spend a Sunday or a few day fishing. Try and get a better centre and leave th logs alone. How do you know they arc an insignificant quantity of logs. (?) That It all that Is wrong with th country today. There" isn't half enough lumbering and logging going on. Times, were better in thi country when lumbering was at its ' peak. Co fish semewhere els if you hav the price., (?)" The above letter la truly Indicative of th selfish attitude of a few of the loggers. Th writer of th ebove letter falls to realize, (a) that In the past tourists have com from as far afield, at California to tpend their holiday at While v Laj,, (b) several generations of scores of ftmllit have camped at Whit Lake and they know what I going on, and (c) property owner on the lake surely have the right to protect navigation on and th condition of the lake. . V. Jl. WICKHAM. . Ill Connaught Avenue, ' ) ' -Ottawa.. in attendance at regular council meetings to answer questions and provide information to council. I see this as a good safeguard for the taxpayer. Council would get tome ttraight answers, which would add up to a more businesslike administration. To deal with my motion which would have the OTC -zone fares done' away with, this motion iit, in the opinion of the city solicitor, in order and will be reintroduced by Alderman Henry and myself. Why should taxpayer in outlying areas pay zona fare, while residents of Eastview ride on our system without the zone fare. ALDERMAN DON KAY 190 Tweed Avenue, Ottawa. 1 Garbage Service Sirs:-! desire to express my appreciation of the efficient work performed by Mr'. Moe Hoffmann's Sanitation Service since it started picking up garbage four years go. The employees have always been prompt and obliging, but the other day their truck did Inadvertently pass us by. which was highly unusual. We phoned the sanitation office, and within a matter of minutes a courteous young super- , visor In his car came round to investigate, and about 1 minutes later a truck made a return trip to pick up the overlooked garbage. J R. 0. SPRECKLEY. 171 Cartier Street. Ottawa. Let Mom Do It Sirs: May I offer my mother as the solution to th current parliamentary crisis. Her maiden name was Mary Ross. She is not directly related to Betsy Ross, but in times such as these our country can't : afford, to quibble about details. . . Mom's eye aren't what they used to be, but her sewing performance on a set of tea towtls last Winter showed she hasn't lost the old touch. If Mr. Pearson will simply forward the necessary material to Mrs. C. U. Miller ne Ross). Boa 3n. Wey-bum, Saskatchewan, she'll have finished product delivered by return, mail before he can look up filibuster In the Concise Oxford Dictionary. She'll require only the red, whit and blue materials. Her houshold allowance will cover th needle and thread. On second thought, perhaps Mr. Pearson should simply give her a carte blanche to buy material. Th tree fabric of a nation is always exposed In a crisis, and there's bound to be argument on what It is nylon, orlon, cotton, visco or terylene. Considering Mr.' Diefenbaker's wide knowledge i of miracle fibres, the debate ! could rag on and on and on. Should the present discus- . skm stretch out another week, 1 it'll only be logical to make , th flag out of rubber. Mom's a seamstress, not a vui- CJmircr. H s leave It up . E. ROSS MILLER. ISI-Second Avenue; . Ottawa. Two Good Flags Sirs: There is far more Important business .to talk about and make decisions on, for th welfare of the Canadian peoples, then all the talk about French and English, and a flag. We already1 hav two good flags that t h majority of Canadians respect. GRANDMA. Ottawt. ILs ' Plebiscite Sirs: As an English-speaking property owner in Quebec. I would bleme the blundering bureaucrats in Ottawa for disunity the Liberals have done more to further tension, disunity and waste in this land than anyone before, or t hope afterwards. The bilingualism commission is, a waste of money. Let Que-becers speak French by all means, let them have a un-ilingual stale, if necessary, but allow us the freedom as individuals to speak one language or It. As a victim of separatist vandalism 1 offer a simple solution to the problem: Let's have a plebiscite to decide the flag issue end to determine whether Quebec should separate (under our terms) or continue as a province of Canada. RICHARD WHITNEY. ,. St. Patrick. Quebec. Simple Solution Sirs: The inconsistency of the ' Government flag makers reveals to the Canadian electors that many of the. members- ar bent on destruction of both of the very symbols which inspired the builders to create, Canada. Canada's National Coat of Arms makes the adoption of a flag1 design one of the most simple operations which can be conceived. On the left the Lion supports the Union. Jack and on the right the Unican With the flag of three fleur-de-lis on a blue ground. The unification of these, two produces the flag best suited to Canada. GEO. H. ASH. RR I, South Mountain. The Sabbath Sirs: As a resident of Ottawa I do respect the Judgment of the Canadian National Exhibition to close down for Sunday. It gives the workers the opportunity to worship and also does not draw others away from the churches that otherwise would attend. The Lord still .honors those that honor His day Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.. MRS. R.. SCHARFE. RR No. I, Ottawa, Wooden Heads Sirs. While looking through a magazine I cime across a rhyme written by J. H. Reaff about the French and English being unable to agree on a flag. So I suggest. We lay to rest J This difference of opinion. -Let East b East and West be West. . ' Leave the problem to the , Indian. The totem pole, our emblem, new,.. As stately aa steeple. It represents the wooden heads Of French and English people. -rS. JONES 1227 Livingston Avenue, -Ottswa. BIRRS DIAMOND RINGS ' Finest Quality Best- Value : Largest Assortment FROM $100.00 UP . st Tartsa Avatlakte not vim stuit and ' i. 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