The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 26,1318 THE PAIUTC COTJfUBR, CONN^LLSVTLO], PA. PAGE 'THREE.-', C £ ' f TCWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN 'SnDin«r-.WelMter -.· titerary Content Will be He' -I L " Here Slarcb 29. ENtOUWG WORKING RESERVE ,»»j» M to 21 to to (il«» Opportuitjr t» aid t« Waatog tat ITcr bj Wort, Of om tit laMM; See* Is Greater TVre J«r : The« Tl«« IB t*e Amy. Chi CourHr. jHXTTCAJtE,',Jlarch 26--The an- nkl Sumner-Webster literary con- ite* ot the East Huntingdon township hfeh school will be held at the Grand _ Ojara HfUi^r io Mount Pleasant on ,* Fiday avemag, March 29 There _w a ,'gbd llnewn ot contestants this .vear aal they;ET.e rery e-renly·'- matched: Tie contestants lor the Webster ao-' ciity arenas follows: Reading^' Loreae '".i'KtHi; essay, Mary Loighty; declama- , ti», Dnaiae Null, debate Howard ·S**l* and Grace Brook. On the Sum- ·at sid* arei' Reading, Birdie Cowan; May, Avis Slaughter; declamation, '- flarenc* Poole; .debate, Alvy Wallace uid Ralph Hough. The question for , the debate is, "Resolved, Thai Perma Government Ownership of the M6» in the United States 'Would v $be Desirable ' Alias Eva Rittenhouse J will; hare charge: of the contest and fi* training the students. j, M Bcaerre C*nf erene*. C. D. Flagle;; enrolling, officer, for j'the National Boys' "Working Reserve, attended a conference o£ the .directors of*a* .Bloya'vWorking Reserve.of V-estmoielahajomaity at Greensburg yesterday, moraine; °~'.This was. held ^ _ with' a -view to reaching the greatest ' "possible number of hoys for : ;worlc f rim"'May .15th to September.or .October; 1st: "President "Wilson's call ot k nflllioc. boys in the United States to^beol service, tn : tbe nation «s discnssed. Boys will he palo* a ·mthly minrmiim, wage of J15 .jier lumth. The'Boys will he enlisted; in ulta'of 5* and oiie or .two boys will biplaced on carefully selected farms, ,-w,ere they will be-risited weekly; by -.tb supeTvisor. -whose work will be tc see that they are: not exploited. at that' conditions are the very .heat pisible. The supervisor .will also ajnst wages. C. B. ITasie at the 1. X-C. A. or J: Nevin-\Vangataan of tis place will enroll boys. Enlistr ent cards can be secured at the high fhool DrY.:M.C:A. The head of the '*Honil Boys* "Working Reserve is .irginf the older boys, to .the farm now instead of the army'as they aremeeded so- badly.' The age is from /IS to.21. ' Stadeats Hrti Tarty. :0ne hundred and twenty-are Fresfi- raan and Sophomores attended party .that was held by them from ;?--7^91jntll 11 o'clock in the high school building oa Friday evening The students were chaperoned by Messrs. 'Waugaman.v and .. Kaufftnaun and Misses Handle and Loucks. A-very Bice pTogram was carried out. games wire"played and refreshment? served. Paellas 1'gits. The ladies.of the.Methqdist.Episco- are packiin; at"the-;home ,04-Mrs. Jefferson Treemah on Spring street this vreetseyeral crates.of eggs to be~sent to the Deaconess' home in Plttsburg. », i FenonaL **J B Anderson ot Toungstown O Is home for a few days. V : ;M!ss Helen .Bosworth is spending her Easter vacation with her school chum, Miss Catharine Harris : 'at "WStshlngtpn, D. C. ' "Mr». M. A. McCoombs and daughter, Miss Alice, of T · Conuellsvine spew Simday here. 'Miss Hannah Kelly, a student ::t .Beaver College, is home for -her Eas,ter vacation. Howard Miner and J. E. Angle 6] the'Fayette County Gas company are spending a. few days hi "\?es:t Virginia ·{ Mrs. 'James Grent- and Mrs. : J.- A. Kaltz have .r'eturietl to their homes in. Johnstown after a visit paid; Moa. Chrtot Marti 'Mrs H P Lee is Tisiting her daughter,-. Mrs. Roy Newton at Ell- jywd City CUD TO RECOMMEND TUB " FINE KIDNEY PREPARATION 1 My experience in selling Dr Kll : «Mra Swamp-Boot has been verrsat lafactory In severe'cases ot JUdacy :trouble it' has been very successful; an* in all unhealthy conditions vof the kianeya,'iber and bladder its treatment has been -very valuable. I have ·carried Swamp-Root in my stock for fifteen years »nd today .1 am happy to ^gVVe it nrjr pervonal endorsement bc- .U*Tln( It to be a very Jlne preparathm. 5- Very truly your, STEEWLVN {ir. AB.CHEB, Druggisfa. C, G.:Gios3, Prop. v November 11,1916. Morgantown; Pa; Newly weds and -;; Let Aarpn!s---"Connellmlle's Reliable Homefufnishers^since 1891" yoiiin furhishingyour hoime--help you realize even your fondest dream* and expectations. . i - Our helpful assisting sales service, our 26 years' experience as Home- furnishers, the convenient terras of payment we've arranged for you, the "satisfactidh guarantee" that goes with every purchase--you can enjoy all these--giving you the opportunity to obtain immediate possession and- en- jpyfnent of a home that typifies'your ideals. Not alone do we offer:the largest variety of Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves and Homefufnishings in Fayette County to choose from--but at Aaron's,you always get dependable, high grade, QUALITY merchandise for less money than you pay for inferior grades elsewhere. Come in now and look around--you're always welcome here. This 3-Piece Queen Anne Bed Room Suite in American Walnut ; Triplicate ailn-or Toilet; T.hle Cn Be Included In This. Suite ,iit $25.75 Estra. Not-alone is this type of.'Furnlture beautiful, in appcaran«c / but it is constructed by skilled workmen from.the most.carefully selected woods and Is -very:highly,.finished. .-Asd at the price;tbr which we are offering It--it's 1 a value you. 1-nn't afford to overlook. · - · . See this newly designed "Kodav 1 * Three-Piece Suite . The very.popular William and Mary design, Antique Mahogany fln- : ish. : is provided a-full size lied wonderfully comfortable because you place a full 40 Ib; mat_ir2.s uvcr a link spring construction surface. " Upholstered in the highest grade imitation leather. ; 9-Piece Queen Anne Dining Room Suite, Jacobean OaK 1.75 The Buffet is CO inches long, Hie CbJna Closet 44 inuhes -wide and the Extension Table measures 48 inches by 6 feet. Six geauine leather slip seat chairs complete Uio suite. · · . · . . This suite is finished in. Quarter Sawed Oak throughout and at this price it is an exceptionally large value. Grand Home Demonstration Sale! : Grt reaily now for a very extraordinary propcnition on the wonderful UNIVEflSAL:Cocnbinatioti Range; Nothing like it ever offered before. To prove the remarkable baking efficiency and fuel economy of the UNIVERSAL Combuutbon Range, we will place one in every home on most liberal terms ever devised. Don't miss this! The COMBINATION UNIVERSAL i R A N G E: OJ. 8. Patent Jmrnti DM. ·; 1«I) is 'the nuage th«t Marion Harris Neil, former Cooking E- ..or of the Ladies' Home Joomal, and National Culinary Expert, recommends ao highly. It is abo "starred" by Good Housekeeping Institute!. Largest selling combination range in America. Burns Gas and Coal : or Wood .--No Parts to Change Beat baking andT roasting range.-. Made of cast-iron and UNJ- ViTPorcelainEnainel --will last', a lifetime. Uses less fnel. keeps kitchen warm in winter, cool in »uinmer. Really gives you two · stoves for the price of one. Watch torrior- row ( «- paper : .fbr-Oaya of Sale. 3f. J. Whlttall JRugs--Aiaurka's Finest^ We're now showing the vory newest patterns of M. J. WhittaU Hugs. As we closed ont all our discontinued patterns, there's no possibility of paying this year's prices hero tor last year's Rugs. Wool versiua Jute Wool Hugs or Carpets hold their color and retain their · beauty. They can. be cleaned and scoured -as the colors are fust. Jute Rugs and Carpets fade after being exposed to sun and light--cannot be scrubbed,, nor cleaned--and look ugly after they are in nse a short while. " Always ask the salesman before buying Rugs or Carpets whether they are Wool-Face or Jute-Face. !)xli Seamless Axminster Hugs . '. ~:~ : I. We believe this Is the best value offered in Rugs ot .th(s high grade in Conncllaville ,tor years--J4i.50 value. $32.00 Connellsville's Reliable ARONM Housefurnishers Since 1891 See This "Special" Three Room Outfit .at only $265 Every necessary article' to furnish X complete rooms is included --that's why this "Special" Outfit will fill every requirement. , And every article included in this Outfit is of the usual Aaron quality--guaranteed to give complete satisfaction at all times. At this price its really a wonderful value4-a great saving over Trhat it vrould cost to purchase each piece- separately. By taking advantage of our convenient charge account 'system--which makes the matter of payments; easy--you can immediately enjoy all of the comforts of -a real home. Our salesmen, will gladly explain it to you fully. t1··«·«»··«*»«««»···* I You Get Better Ccugh Syrup by Making, it at Home . famous home-made remedr only iac S3 «s compared with made kind, tut you will also flSVi . haTfflP more effective aotl dipcndablb icmdy in tverr way It overcomes the visited Ills usual cocisln, {hroat and chat colds in j \rovnrc 9i £4 fejun--^celievea even whooping coUKa terday to serve as a juror. :Mtes Reba Pore .who teaches/school near .Mt, Pleasant visited her paretits, Mr. . and Mrs. : D. H. Pore hejra over .Sunday. Eoylliller of ;CpnnellsvilIe was a visitor, with frtehds here 'on Sunday.. The Lutheran Sunday school is preparing, for an. Easter service here nex?. 'Sunday- morning.. E. flollinger'w'as a'-busine'as visi- kehy? of.ittairnedsViile. Mrs.. Bruce" Sleigllter oil Union'toMrn visited her. parents". Mr; and Mrs. 10. '\f. Dcbilt at. Charleston. Sunday. Reverends .AVJii. Brackea, and H. G'. Trimmer were visitors with friends at tor to Connells^vihft yesterday ""**"" H. .Thomas;of Alarkleysibr daughter, Mrs. : H.-: '.P: Gtt ZV, onncm of Ptnel (80 cents c, Y. Y. Uliat Swaaij-Koot Will Bo For Sead, ten cents to Dr Kilmer Co, K T, for a gacxple^ftiie It wjill coBvJnce anyone. Tou no receive a booklot ot, valuable 1 pound of , from any good dnur atorc. poor It into A jwnt bottle and fill the bottle I with plain granulated, mtgtr lyrup. t Hen you have a full pint--a iamilr t auppl^-oi^. the MDoat: .'effective' - couch; j syrup that JBOBCT can boy--at n tort of | onrr 60 ceata or ku. It never ipoila. I Tie prompt and, poaUm remits siren by tin pleasant tastine cough iymp { have caused it to be used in. moie homes than any other ranedy. It quickly fecal* tin luniincd neabrane* tut Iina the throat and hroocKisl tjbevand rebel eo«a ahnost immediately Splrn- did for throat' tickle, hoarseaeu, bron. chitia, cronp^uid; broncbtAl asthwa. a higklr concentrated corn- Norway pine: extract, ' * J v · tw jstntion The ^lon »e sure] t .Daily bjr ties tor sale at alt s-- adv ikine your ist for ^t. ounces of Einex" with and don't accept P»tro»iie those -who. a*?ertis*. rt, or irnmey promptly rrfunded, WfpawttoB. Bw Bnex Confluence. CON3FLUENCEiMar6b. ; 26.r-Mr. ani Mrs. A. C. Brown of. Da-wsoii have re4 turned homo attei "visitmg ttii for mer'« mother,vMrs.^ Ji--R; : ?Bronnt; Ur,i» GoUer went U) SomonMi, yea- ntce Mdon^of yesterday on his wayjito Somerset to serve as a juroKthis iiveek. Claude Ankeny' of E^st Pittsburg has .'returned home: after^a .visit.wlOi ;Ws: parents, -Mr;, and Mrs/Calvin An- : MrB,:U: M. Philllpi left yesterday [or .a visit ;with friend6 ; at Rockwood and Somerset. " 4 ,Tiere's.a -n'hoie loL.moro behind -"a Liberty: Bond than .the.'actuaf- money investment. Think it;over. Kill That Cold and Save Health Dunbar. .-E.: C; ; Eason for-wall paper .- 26mat27t. Patronize those'who-advertise. CASCARAfipUiNINE ' The old fatuity remedy -- La tablet form-- «afe v tun t cat? to t«kt No opiate* -- DO uoplcMRnt after effect*. Cure*coldiina4tioun-- Grip o 3 . Oetthe T»ed Top and Mr. Hill'* pictMi-e on i SAVE THE HAIR A'nd get more of it. Use Our Bald Head Hair Grower It truthfully will grow hair on Bald'Hoads. " See Forst, Scottdale Druggist. : - A Drug for the People. . . . . . PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVEETISE!'

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