The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
Page 2
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·tf-V"- y J*WV f--jy f- ·"·-"-·"s^Tssnr"? ~ ~^r- -»·;--(·· PAGE TWO , THE DAILY COURIER, CONNE1XSYILLE. PA. TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1918- '.,;dlul was held , itheYhome of Mrs. David"Long'm. Mor- : "»Bll ave»ue, Greenwciodw--The: meet- j Tn* :W»»"weH atteid«d andUn addition, " i: Mrs.; Cloyd Poling and daughter, Florence, of ·Pittsbiirgf'ir'e'-the guesu of. the /ormer"s^iK»febts, Mr^and Mrs; ·A. V.'Hart of Crawford ^venue.-West on "Cwueefntioa pt~e:1cav _ daintilyi appoint;* lunch, . ,4r»irinj,.B«u" 1 *-;do»^.:';;T,h?ee: is one · ;to: : which in-' the incoln A jp«eial: ol th«: Young ' " Lwliet* Sod*lity will be held -tW»-'e»'e~ i; ; ainir at 7.30' in tie. Parochi»li,.scnool ; ;; auditorium. . . : ' . - . .:; . 3Uun*r-,Th.Tir*J»r wrvicejr and the" " restoration d* the Holy Cbmrnimion' "' ' - ' , daughter; · Hortsnse; "of " Jrwin spent Sundij-iUriai'Mr...!^ MrsVAdim KaiU of Sycamore 1 street: '. ;;, ·.. ; -: :Mr;'n»na MrTT i. W. jHankins* and son, Robert of Royal, wisre ..guests of Mrs. Hankins' parents, Mrj and Mis. 'P. f A.,Leiberger of "West Peach street Sunday. ' - . , : . . - ., : . .' ' ri!We 'all know tliera is,,a warrgoing on» but.-.why nbt,..brace jap^and dress .np.'. and"forget;'OBr"troable§! '' , Episcopal; Rev."AI; v S: _ ol£-~t£z Trinity; Episcopal :churc£ ' ~ ' n : 'i- Trjio wi»h'to arte~ad,'if - theW o'clock street CM- will: jiriye' ^ : Scottdfcle in \tini» for the s«rTices.'iPre- '~ '. p«r»tpry services ; to tht: Holy ComC: , : muniokoaJBaster SundaynrUl'be neld .~ 1 Friday night In St- John's German '' " will b« no sermon. a»is« E*ti Coiborn' will- entertain the 1:' C. : T.' Fancy-work club this eve- nmg at her home in Morton avenue. ' Announc'eiDeiit has been made ol the engm^ament o[ Miss Ann :Bliia- t«rth Roberta Thomasi daughter of Judge and Mrs. \TOliam X Thomas . ol W*»tmiMter r Sid., and XJeutenant 'WillUm Ritchie Eemans, son; of Mr. and Mrs. Thorais B. Semana of Uniontown. The engagement will 'termi- Cohen, Tailor. 1 ^ ! iG. S. Conneir-»nd.J. 'J.^Biittermore are.' at.-Beeclwoo'd,'.-W;-uFa.i r today on business;.'.v-'.r^r'-'i-'. '"^^.··-': · ·' ... \ Mrs,- H. B. JMgiian "otvEast Craw- ford-avenue)'a^^nshier/ Mrs. Oscar Johpabn"of-iDniontowa,Vw«iit'to Pitt- . Th^ pew. ; tan ^Oxfords and the new dull Oxfords Downs' Shoe Store i showing;is the -season's lateit in footwear for .women. ,, See their diaplay at once.--Adv-23r3t. v .,., Mr. and Xcs.';S. W. Metzler anson, Billy,' or'Unidntpwn, have returned home-from!. BarnesviUe,., O., .where tfiey*. vefe- jrae»ta ;of · relatives." They were accompanied home by Miss Judkins, a sister of MrsL Metiler. "Mrs. "A. Gable; Mrs. Thomas Herbert and Miss -Margaret Herbert- of Dwson; have returned!; 'hpme from New Salem; where they visited Mrs. Elizabeth .Murphy,, who (tell from a, porch on last Thursday suffering painful injuries. : n»te in «n eirly-Apnl weadjne. Lientenant Sem«iw"ia"located^srfv' Camp · " " - ThivPopiar Grove ' the~Hed- meet tonKrrow.''aftenioon; :": at Out hoHe of Mrs. 'C."Wl j!Groeclc;'; ~ '- EmstrCoanrilsTillo to dierit-".'. Jie'.'nitetiiiigi'as'' an 'tmpprtajat one »a U«"»Tticles mustbe' : completes and r*»dy to be tarned'iri.on.Frld;iy.' ' Jt^is-jlopetl tluit'ereryj niimT;*rr nnlt ;'M well juf otler^»S£e3i^ mimity interested "in. "the welfare of tie soldier; boys attend.- _·· ···-'· A prayer meeting for women 'will b* hel afternoon from 2:30 to :4:3a'fiuiUveVla-»CBipiUk;^rurch,l.n r 7 " p ^ i ' th»"cln«rch »ril topJc of prayer will Prom 2:30 ,to;% JSfeS-.i Bible class wffl -haTe^'cliaiir 'of the topic _ "Prayer Tor piir StridSers '.-. and Sailor iBcy^^JProm 3^ to. 3;*" ' the Ladles;.Aid soci.etyV.;jwUi;;.hav '.'. ' charse,o( the topic ' "Prayer for "our i- "Church" 3?ron- 3:30 to 4 .o'clockthe '."- L. "W. clME -will h»ve;. : charge! bfi the 1- tofic, 'TSMs Way*to-Victory,"; JFroin4 '*'-. "to·t:JO'; the jnsKTon Gupa( ."will .have, - charge of the topic, "Pr»Te:r^for "World .";: Wi*-Victory-JSor'Cbjriiir-r j'-..-;-,-- '5 · : Me«nfe«r«"e^h^aiit;iiaTVyin'TJnlt' _· .. to the Charleston"eosrfortiTBranca of ;: the NaTy-leagufe inet last night at the 1^ home of 34rs.'.V r " ° **i..i_. ct._i_.». street, Greeixwp _ .;: . juntkaltHBs;for^tlie~s«ilors..Th.e;nert ^SoutS :Kififfi? : stf tfefc Greeo' The marriaRe of ·. Miss Aujia Isabelle- Reynolds, .daughter, .-of- Mrs. l«ui»e "Reynolds, /»i?. : -;S. ' Irvine Shortiss of "\V31kes-Barrej will '· b«" . Mrs.^Airaa Schmltz of W«st Craw- fbrd avenue is' tai'-'PlttsburiE: today. : ; ··Have you ·seenfDowns' .-Shoe .-.Store's new display of yomen's 'pxfordB^kad pumpsT. They, lire right-up : to_ the ,ltr. and;Mrs. Smith .and TEN DAYS IN CELL v : . · · ' ' ' · ' *. Is r»msh»«nt 3tet«d hi .TTayor to 74- I'ecr-OIl Xt: Pleasant 3T««. .·Three prisoners were given 10 days in cells by Mayor John JDuggan at poUce court this morning. Dave Toonrey, 74 years old,.of Mount Pleasant,' arrested : for being;' drunk and disorderly got one of tie 10-day doses. He was' charged .witU oreaking. two plate glasses in the r ;Haas Hotel val- ued'at about J125.' ; A. J; Smith arrested Jjy Patrolman Geiger for begging on the streets got 10 days. Mayor Duggan is determined to break up begging and every offend- ;er;xthat appears .before him/ gets a heavy sentence.'..3*e 4 . third* ID-day sentence was given to Ruzh Cover. TEACHERS RESIGN Tfcrte Qnit to BnllsWn'Tow»»hip; An- ": .'other in the Draft. ' ' ' - township this'week is losing "a number of its ,23 teachers. Miss ;£iiher Greene has resigned the primary, grade at. Johnston to., accept a position in Washington. ,the resignation becoming effective yesterday. She left.tiim morning.. Miss Eva Coftmaa, 'jpHncipal of '".the Joh.a5ton school also ,retirei.Testerd»y. anfl will'follow other JiissiHaze]- Bowifir, -teacher-at the Rice school, will give up- her school today to accept a-'mbre'lncnUre post ,tion.::;The' township will' soon lose ;Johh;p. Etling, teacher at-Ore.Mines. -He.Ii;in the.draft .; r AtoO JTUJIBER HARES. Speeder'-'Will be NottfinV to ippesr for Heufng at Police Court. An automobile : bearing.'; a license tag. No. 219654, tuis. been reported to the .'police for eicee'dlhg the speed limit.. "The owner will be-looked ' =u ..»^^-:MoDd.y .evening,Ap'ril.l, " d .«?ed-_ ;Tbe crusa-Je again«t,vlo- at -7 o'clock in the home of the bride- lator3 . ?,' th . e ^ a . u . IOCJ 5 . 1 ' u ?. ordinance is ,.l Beedsville, Pa., in- the presence of l-^L^^^' 9^"* arresta » rc »bo«..50 gue^tn, .incladiig reIatives| D5 ^ e *£. o ^^. : ------ -·'"- " '-f -· 3r to'rtaSe, the*n5rnbers of offenders, and ther will get notices 1 to appear"jbetbro. the^iiice.; ;-·-:;;.^;-; ·.-------: ^-. . ;b««n-~dbmestic; sciepce h'igli -school ,for d , ha»: a ._- vrf ft* I ;i jion"" takes, effect"; tomorrow. : Mr. £ Shortew is head of tbe'.phytics -de- ·: pirtment .of the "Wilk«jBarre high ;: jehool. ' " .-v. r u.x.C' ^f:H - · '"-·' '.: Tn« KntttiiE_.Circl« '.of;,tb DnH'ed- :;. PrMkrtcrlui. Sunday «chpt.l .will ,not '»': mwt this ;eMBlSs:onr.-»cco!nilr-of Hhe '-'- Pusioa ITeek serriceg but all ·-mem- :" b*n u-e Mkod to speed np : 'on 'their -«.'work 'to aE't" bE*ft.-t i^fi l *t''i n ,' fi11 fifiti- " : " 'H»SlHT^K^rwWie»TVApril .4.' : ' 1Hiil« _ Till «' Bi r Sberbondy- and: - " ' " ^5«iicher. - Cpliege . .at- Baltimore...; for. their JEairtgr.vacjatioii.7-.v" "; '". '·".: :,,· . The best place to .- shop '.'after .'all. Browuril Shoe Co. -- Adir.'^ ,. __, ___ a(r».:B;;B.' Smith. anil son Returned hom», lut nisht from:; ; : Et Hevernon mer" p OK*. ·-, - y .ta'd been ;vlait! bg. the Jor' ' " r-Mr. an'd:Mrs;';iaTirjffarflS.o!! Union-: "16W afe^receirijig v .con'gratula'tionB on-.the. arrival of a,' lOrpburid sori|:born Saturday.. :Both ','mpther 'and tab/ are..getting.aljo^f.:ciiely;.,' Tlie ;i|tt5e stranger is; : the ;irst. cbllijl' arid;;liE3 been _named. Glenn liucius. iirs. Mai-tin .was. formerly''Miss Estella Rafter jf Oliver Np.-l:ji^ .··..'-_'-'. ' " . " . : " -; : Pent Sffll Floyd Perry, Bon; of .W.^r. Perij of ^ariiK St»tion, 1J who ratsappe"iie"d" from his .hJme there'; Saturday' afternoon at 3. o'clock- ha«.;not : yet been located.; The; police here;; Lave been on tl, e lookout',.f6rX:bim:-f ~H'e-is"' ; wearing a corduroy. sniV-avtap 'an'di.'guip shoes. TJ'efl In Cmmfcerland. ; . ..Charles "vyulIa'm-'Dnrhani.a.nd J BIG THINGS ]GG;ON AMONG BOYS OVER 3ut There's So Use Writing It-- The : ; Censor-vym Surely .-(Cut it-- S»ys · r - ;'· tetter Home, . - A . letter, .written/ by "William' Ball, vrho is now "at c'cjnp, somewhere in France" was received, this. morning by; Herman Pranks, oC-.'JetCeravh avenue, a'eousln... The letter Says he. is mighty gUJfi to get. back 'on. the old soil once more and- also carries 'a recitiest-for candy, cookies, soap and, razor blades. :- '"We- are Jiving^ in tents now", .says .Ball "and i.i: is-Tather-pleasaiit.'! went Into the village the other night and- got a haircut ; 'ior 30 centimes; or six cents jn United States money, and shave for,:f9ur .cents. .Received a paper today announcing my obituary. , I certainly was surprised. We heard abodt the' sinking of t'ne Tuscania while we were at sea:" Wij certainly tiad a lucky time" 'f . ." ' ' 'rrhere .is much I n-wilo, like to tell," he- writes-,- 'Tiiii it' would only 'be de- .stroyad by, the . ; ceisor, so. what's the use.". . BEOWJSMEM) BOX AMONG ; THOSE KErOBTED JHSSCTG. The ,'name of Laiuorn · Shaw, fireman, of Brownflelfl, appears among the missing from the American, destroyer Manley as a result of her recent collision wit', ha British warship and the ^consequent -explosion 0 : ot\ a depth:. bomb 'on .board; ; ; :· : :'· ; MAlWDfG TO FIT. Harold McCartney, who is in the aviation service, has been transferred from Dallas, Tex., to Houston, Tex., where he will take instructions in flying. McCartney is n soa of Mr. and MrsY G. W. McCartney of East Fair- view.averiue.-' TTYIEB STAFFORD HOME OS FBBIOUGH. . Tweed,.Stafford, a member of the 110th Regiment Hospital Corps, arrived home last night from Camp Hancock, Augusta, Oa., to spend a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stafford. LOCAL STRSE ORBKBEB "TO BE SBABI TOR CALL -M3ss Pearl Thorn- of Eighth street, Greenwopd, who recently enlisted as a Red Cross nurse, has received notice to be ready to leave for active service at any time within 24 hours' notice. BERG WOULD HAVE THE WATER CtpANYJlEPAVE EAST FAIRYiEW AVENUE In Return For-This Compenatloi For Street B»m«sc Citj Wo»ld 3t»ke Other Ucpairs. A proposal to ask" the Coancllsville Water company to "repave Fair-view avenue to compensate the city for damage done by breaks in water mains and general repairs to the company's system by digging up the streets was made In' council, last evening by Superintendent B. L. Berg of,the department of streets. It might be well, Mr. Berg said, to have-the city make repairs in other parts of the city if. the company will repave" Fair-view avenue which suffered heavy damage by the breaking of the main at several places during, the severe winter." .. No action was UfeeB. Others In council were of the belief that before coUDCii acts it consult Solicitor E. C. Higbee. Mayor John Duggan. suggested that Mr. Higbee be taken over the streets. No disposition was made of the proposal to-improve Bavldson avenue and Chestnut street. Frank R.' Graham presented a petition for the, paving, of ChestcUt.v'street. 1 '. In connection v the .imf6vemenCof Davidson, avenue memtjrs."'of council were' 'informed thitTany wo^rk":other thait. grading, curbing . suid?: constructing.: .the . b a s e meet-with opposition because of , . The street -sweeper purchase was helu over.' According to_ a represen- taUve of the Elgin machine there is no prospect. of the city getting . the Elgin at McKeesport at a bargain. The manufacturer,, the re5resentattve...said, ts'»up~plyin' and putting the condition; and (he city Is going to. keep it. . . Bids, were opened'for garbage incinerators.;. The Pittsburg.-Garbage Incinerator company offered-three-types of machines at ?405, 294 abd *2SO. · NEARLY 1,500 BOOKS : MexicaBS Kill Young America*. ;..IAKEA, ; . t -Tex., March...261-r-Glenn .'Neville', IS. years'- old, .was_shct ; seven ;;.i-:';.-So» at .-.JKjKW iris bjrn . . . · ;^ii«ican-.;-wdniari. killed 'in. a-'.Vaid': .,by · b'aiadits on tt'e Nevilla .south S; miles' soutt of. "Van Hora,: " 'Vclock ";thls' : -iqorijng. Doorley. ;-ifas .-formerly" VSHaj?? Trirmu^-sttm'-n^ZiH^L^-.*~'-'*-*-^"'5£i£f!£*r '·; -g^. -Mr. and Mra.. : Boy ,,,,, ,,,.. ¥iull . derbilt; are. tb£-proud;- "pareiJBSof rV; D «'r-B^ri;rborn!'Mbn'day.-mornIngThe ? new arriva! has;·.-beiaijuainiiii-ilitaijl ':^,.^'LuAx\i$:\of''~$i9~iBsiit£ o'.'^oiiceris' in at jMsoonl'ii; :n;;;^fe;l^?»^«^We§;^-;?^iftSf^ for Soldiers Serrice. .E.ook week; in-Connellsville resulted in a total: of'nearly.1,500 voiumea ' contributed for the soldiers and sailors," Miss ";Margaret Whiteman, librarian. p( the-Carnegie library; announced ' ; todayC .The day's .total; was 432;, bato'ging..tfle'grand'1,469. ·- Person's; having dpnatlons ;to'. make 'are' : asked, to bring- them to the 11- lirary. ' ' . . : or the.'fiTst'time-ih': 12-o"r''i3j7ears'' Itheistbrk visited .th'e;irae''of;Mi-. r and ';Mr5r.Grimn Condiff^iiSrst street,' Squtt. iQ.c^n,ellsHlle"yesterdayiiSd;l(Sff-a son/ JEhe.TJajhily.-'-.itf. now . ccrapose'd of two 'boj's'Sand'a'girl. .· Mr.';Condiff is 1 ;emf{. iplqyeoiat.the yest Penn : iipwer : hpu'se." Ribbon Sashes a Leading Fashion Note There is a yogne for. sashes and girdles tor wear on .tiie new suits; and, dresses: : " ; . The Tibbpn section-. lias prepared, for it and now presents a great inany specially, designed. wide ribbons, for the rie-wsaslves- ; Silk Hosiery . : Quality yarns to start with, latest model knitting machines to make them, the closest ol inspection that keeps all but ab. solutely perfect goods out of the stock.; Such is the policy of the knitting mills making our standard .of,silk hosiery, and as a result people know our silk hosiery is the best that can be had. T' Sweaters For the Spring Dame fashion tells us that sweaters are in 'Vogue for. the costing season. Our sweater stock is complete in every detail 'and we are showing everything'that is stylish at wonderful prices. See pur sweaters'before buying elsewhere. . ITS A SEASON OF DAOTTIf The daintiest rolling collars of organdy with cuffs to match, smart guimpes and waistcoat effects are in demand everywhere. '. · · The neckwear section carries a full assortment of the newest style -ideas and will present . a special display of the season's newest tomorrow. Petticoats for Spring No Easter outfit is complete without a nice petticoat to wear with your Easter suit. Our stock of petticoats this season is large and our prices are very low. If you are in need of a petticoat see ours before buying elsewhere. * an On the arrival of 50 Suit«, 30 Dresses, this morning we are starting our Easter drive. We are well stocked now with all sizes and all the leading colors and are ready to sell you anything you desire in Suits and Dresses at the lowest possible prices. Do not fail to see our stock y of Dresses and Suits before ; buying elsewhere. Butteritk . Patterns HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE! (69tol33.N PfTTSBURG St.) CONNELLSVJ.LL.£jP!ifc The Store Ahead CARNIVALS AND CIRCUSES ARE OFFDURINGWAR Continued from Pace Ons. the carnival problem when Hev. J. 1* Proudflt, Rev. G^irge "W. Buckner and Rev.. G. L. C. .IUci.ardson, the ministerial committee, walked into - the chamber.-' Mayor Duggan. at once went into conference with tiie committee and members .of'. the flre department behind''Closed.,doors."' At.-.the conclu- sioa of th«'conference''the mayor said that .for this year, and for the period of/the war,'perhaps, it. would be wiise to refuse admission,to,either carnival or circus. . '. '":·' The ministers, he said, are anxious that the ci*^ be rid of the shows for the period 1 vf the-war. -The Bremen, he added,.are just as anxious: The mayor said he felt satisfied it is the proper move and'advised his colleagues to "cut. them out." ..Iea and horses.about carnivals and circus*s could be put to better service on tie. farms, remarked Uio mayor. The aerial artists would make fine aviators.. Stake drivers- would be very handy in digging trenches, .while even th'o hbocbee . koocliee . : dancers might find, employment as Red Cross nurses, some one suggested., . Firemen Jesse Cypher was instructed to telegraph a notice to the "Billboard" acquainting the' .amusement companies that, the city will not be. in line for any carnivals or circuses during the summer. : The collection 'of additional funds to finance tlie .volunteer flre department's" annual trip to the firemen's convention In August will - be made I by 'the'-mayor and'Fire Chief W. E. ' DeBolt. Business men . who · .have talked of contributing^ to the. fund are asked to forward .their checks to the department. - · .,' ·' ·-'. : ;. - ."..-, ^')VIiss Edna-Statiffer.-.entertained at a prettily' appointed.; suppier - Saturday her'home i'n.."Artliur""avenue, Scottdale,. to announce the engagenieiit of· her sister, Miss'Lou';Stautfer;;;tO'L.; U: -/Alcorn;';; Covers "for"12;-'·were;' laid' ^, .and white;- ^'appoint 1 |men"ts' predominatea. ; Vocal S.'solos by JMTS.; Claud'e^B. Mur-phy and kriitting Vere tbe;.amuserue'nts .at'the coticlus- ion.o£ the'supper, -i/-'- ::.·'·'·'·'.·.', ··'·,-! . ; Rerer^ ^.'and . . ' . s k u f f i r / ^ 'gTant"ed?aSicense ; £6' ; weC' in f;Greens- : "'-;4M·;.'"·. ..,::C.ui^.::^^"v.S;;;^;^!^^»s^^'S^ift^^|Si ''-f, Charles .Cramer; game, wardejii'^was' making-his;''rou'nds;-;at Dawsbn'' : Satur*ay,. looking;.' after .dogr.-running at }afge : :Withou'i."licen5e. Several with'pjit iicensc. ; .were';'lcnied!"." .,--' ; ;.' -'· .··;.';''·'.' JIKS. ANTHONY BONNER. Hrs. Mary A. Bonner,-"57 ysars old, one o[ the best known residents of Lower Tyrone townsiip, died last evening at 7:30 o'clock at her home near Dawson. Mrs. Bonner had been in poor health .far the past 1 , year, but was able to fie about until Sunday, ts-hbn her cctodution became more" critical. Hequiem high mass will be celebrated Thursday, morning at 9 o'clock Irom the "Sacred Heart Catholic church at Dawson by Rev. Fattier K. A. Glennon. Interment In ch2 Catholic cemetery at Dickiirson Hun, with Funeral Director W. H..ParkhUl of Dawson in charge. Mrs. Bonner was -the wife of Anthony Bonuer. a former policeman at Dawson anil now- watchman for the Touglj- iogheuy Coal company at the Florence mine. For a number of years te family has resided in the old McDonald homestead near 'Dawson. Mrs. Bonner in addition to her husband is survived by' the following children: John Banner, somewhere in France; Jesse. Bonner, stationed at Cajrfp Gordon;. James Charles, Margaret and Ellen Bonner at home; her. mother, Mrs. Bliea- p'Donnell, two sisters, Misses* Blizaleth and Ellen O'Donnell and five brothers, Andirew, Daniel, James, Maurice and Claries O'DonneJl all of Lower Tyrone townsiip. MISS MARGAHET McG-ARITT. .Following a Jtogei'iag illness Miss Margaret Adelia M«Gartty, 22 years old, daughter of Henry and Margaret Noilea McGarity of 403 Highland av«- _ true,' died at an early hour this morning at tie home of hsr uncle, John?] Nolen. at: Sandy Bottom, near Mason-'! town. Moss McGarity's illness dated back to.. two years ago' last June,' and three weiks ago last Saturday she was 1 taken to her uncle's home hoping the change might prove "beneficial to her; . The body arrived here today and was/ removed by Funeral Director J. Uv'-Stiuter to the family residence. Notice of'-funeral iater. Deceased was bprn at 'Broad. Pord, residing there until : seven years ago when the famdly moved. to.. Cbnneilsville. · Miss McGarity. 'was. a member of tJie Immaculate Gbaception charch and had a wide circle of friends by. whom she was highly, esteemed:,' In. .addition to her parents : 'sh"e'is,'fi!vjrviyed by- four, sisters as follows:;.. Mrs;, iiastasia Rocks of Un-_ .;, liiasei^i.Lpraine, Catharine' l.'at. home. '. from the home tomorrow afternoon at I 2 o'clock, with interment in Mount Auburn cemetery. · MRS. CLARABELLE EREH.M. IWs. Clarabelle Brehm, 54 years old, died Sunday night at her home in Uniontown following an illness of complications of diseases. 1IRS. JANE KEYS BEN STON. Mrs.. Jane Keys Benton, 7!) years old, died early Sunday morning at her home in West Brownsville. Funeral services were held this afternoon with Rev. Charles R. Harmon officiating. COOSTY EXAMEiATION. USEORRINE DRINK HABIT GOE Doa't wait for the drink habit to g too strong a "bold upon your hu band, soa, or father, Tor it can 1 broken ap quickly if Orine is giv him. You have -aotbing to risk and. ever: tiling to gain, as Orriue is sold undi this guarantee to refund the purcha: price It you get no beneut. Orriae is prepared in two form: No. 1, secret treatment; Orrinc No. the voluntary .treatment. Costs on Jl.OO a boa^ Ask. us for booklet, JKUG co, M'. Crawford Ave. RE-ELECTED PRINCIPAL Bnllskin Students to he Put Through Tests Jfext Satnrday. The annual county examination for high school certificates for the pupils of BullaWn township will be heJd Sat- -yy. K. Mllcr to Head the Schools urday at Ponnsvllle. Tbo oomnrittee on examination is composed of W. E. JUller, supervising principal J. G. Robinson, assistant county superintendent; James Bair, supervising principal of Upper Tyrone township, and J. M. Keofer, principal of the Furnace school, Dunbar township. " A large class is enrolled for the tests. Jt was said there will probably be 30. Baby EOT Born. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Heinbausb., Jr., of East- Liberty. . °. ' ' Bullskin Township Three Sears. At a meeting of the school dfrei tors of Bullkin township SaturdE W. E. Miller was re-elected supervi; ing principal for a term of thn years. This will be bis second terr he having served three years. Members of the board express* themselves well pleased with the pri gross made in the-schools under U direction of Mr. Miller. Numeroi changes for the betterment of . tl schools are credited to him. Classified AdverHBeraenti Bring results. Cost only Ic a wor JPLOKENCE : LORAIN STEVENS. ; 'Frpven'ce, ; 'Lorai"n' r StevenB, two years old," daught'ef of' Jack and Florence McQuiggan. Stevens^ died ' yesterday afternoon ; at; 1.15. tfclock; : at tie family- resideace at ;fuabar. Funeral In time of need Every woman should know the comfort; and experience the relief of a reliable remedy that can be depended upon to right conditions which cause headache,'dizziness, languor, nausea and constipation. At such times, nothing is so safe, so sure and speedy as PILLS Bui-tog the past sixty yean, millions of women have found them UH*y«! P ^ £ m r g ""^strengthening the system, and for regu- J?£H stomach, hver and bowels. These famous pills are entSly vegetable and contain no harmful or hablt-forming drugs. Use them with entire confidence jor they ause no ijnpleisant after-effects, and will not fail you KncSaat rf Sp.«J V*W to WeaMa aro Sold ty aruggirt, thro.«hout th. world.

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