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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1918
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IT' Rail Connellsville's Biggest and Beat Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,619 VOL. 16, NO. 115. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 26, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. GERMAN PRESSURE SLACKENS; ALLIES CONFIDENT KAISER'S TRUMP WILL BE OVER TRUMPED IN FINAL STRUGGLE NOYON TAKEN _____ · *L_ . . ' - f RESISTANCE OF THE ALLIES AGAINST MILLION HUNS IS FIRMER; RESERVES MOVING UP ®- CARNIVALS AND CIRCUSES ARE OFFDURINGWAR French Official Statement Admits theEvac- M fNOV J CAPTURE OF SIX, IfKITlSH TANKS IS JimMJTED. 1 VT' L L COPENHAGEN. March 2C.--Ger- tnS INlSnt, DUt man correspondent* report that six ' ' British tanks have been captured. of iNoyon Says Left Bank of Oise is Strongly Held;| USUAr , jU5TJIjLERY AC mm Titanic Battle is Resumed With Great ^Ferocity on British Front After Lull During the Night; Britain's Men Have Firmly Established Themselves; Long Range Gun of Austrian Make Says Geneva Dispatch. RUSS RED GUARD IN PANIC BEFORE GERMANS OX TUB 1TAT.1AX FRONT. ROME, March 25.--"Along the whole front there has been the usual artillery action an'd moderate activity by our -reconnoiterlng parties," says today's war orhVe report. "Sbc hostile airplanes were brought down." That Is Probability As Result of Council man ic Action Last Sight MEDICAL SOCIETY TO DEDICATE FLAG FOR MEMBERS IN SERVICE Exercises Will Take Place at Jltinthly Mwittof? Thursday Mght, April 4. The monthly meeting of the Fayettc STAR WITNESS FOR STATE IN LINDLEY TRIAL TO BE CALLED DURING AFTERNOON 1SE MINISTERS WIN FIGHT County .Medical society lo be held iri . /-v Thursday evening, April -Ith In the au- j JMCVatOr Operator nitorium ot the municipal building, I T 11 r A/I j. C _ Uniontown, will he in the. form ot a I 1 ell Of Movements Ot i patriotic gathering for Ihe purpose of j dedicating a service Dag in honor of j the meiruhers of the society, who are in 1 the service. Dr. H. J. Boil of Dawson. j Defendant and that he- had been informed by bis stenographer that it had been removed by County Detective John J. Srcith. "I then call upon the district at- toraey's office to produce that copy," stated Attorney McKean, turning to the commonwealth counsel table. Attorney Highibec, spokesman for the commonwealth, declined to producc- | the copy until proper legal steps .lad , , ,. i , ! been tak TM- Attorney McKean appeal. ,, . .. ... ... , , .. . i the govi-rnment. Out of that mini- | Burker's Jliinager Relates the ed to the court and Judge Van S nud iVrhaps Lnlil H a r Is at J b n d . b s r n!.ne of the doctors arc from Con- ' b Mayor Heeds '.I'hoir ApjH'al and Ilec- . oiunomlg to Council That There U c L Ti0 f s wi " TM ma ' n M .' tars ' ono , for each mcirrbcr in the active .service J«o I'erionnunrps During tlie lear-j SCHWEIBINZ ON THE STAND^ The honor roll is as fol- By Associated Press. BRITISH ARMY HEADQUARTERS IN FRANCE, March; two or three of 7K-XILE OfXS MAKE iy AUSTRIA* FACTOR!. GENEVA, March 26.--Thft long range guns bombarding Paris, according to a Vienna dispatch received here, are of Austrian manufacture, having been built at the Skoda factory. The gun itself is not new but its novelty comes from a new. type of shell and the ciploeive gases used !n the gun. There are said to be only U i l l E v i l i e . Once again Uio carnival in Con- j lows: , nellsville is under ban while ar. tbej Lieutenant Colom'l Elldott Bard Isame time the stamp of disapproval i 15dio ' ila ^ r Rohort H. McKec, Captain is to bo placed on the circus-- fur this i Alexander Robert Kidd; First Lieu- year and perhaps for the duration of ; lonanus Don uiclclnson Brooks, Wll- | _ . the war. Neithor will be permitted liilm Janu-s Bailey, Ivdward W o r k ; exhibit in the clly. While there i Douglas. Paul Gowl.-y Dick. Jumos i " '""·«* 'dontilii-s Stains on lias Ones 26.--There is reason to believe important events will be record-1 ed within the next few hours which may lead to a betterment of j BRITISH CAPTTJKED TASKS the position of the armies which, are stemming the German on- USED AGAIS8T THEM. slaughts. Events Leading Up to IHfferenreg. BLOODY BLOTTKR SHOWS to exhibit in the clly. is an ordinance providing for this form of public entertainment tbe mayor will exercise his uI.'H're^on and will refuse to issue the required license. This announcement ,w Lester'Junk, James Basil Carroll, ali j of Cnnnollsrillc; Major Charles M a r - i vcy Smith, I'.apUun L'lark .McKwan \ Luman: F!r?t lieutenants Samuel j Ausfln Balu;, Benjamin Perkins Doran. Found IVhen -Murder was Uiscover- eil; Counsel in IJVcly Tilt Over Evidence j*rrBciit«d »t the Inquest, made by Mayor Dugsau last evening ! Robert Harrison Jeffrey, William A . I w oslcy KJng. night operator of the following a conference at city hall j BERLIN, via London, March 26.-- j ity of a resolution. McHugh. Jr., George H. Robinson,! c-lcvator of tbu Second National Bank with a committee representing the ! Carltou Harold Davidson, David Karl ! building, and star witness in the Lind- Connellsville Ministerial Association i Lowe, Horace B. Guihor, Samuel Ear! ley-Burkey murder case, was expected and alter members of council ha.l ap- ! Lyons. George Fulton McDonald, -\vil-; to be called early this afternoon in the proved the proposal without formal-i 1 iam Proudfll Patterson. Charles Cal; ITM' before J u d g e J. Q. VanSwearin- i vln Ryan. E. K. Wells and Charles S cn - In Uniontown. It was King who, fiehtinc desneratelv ha-d against time On German tanks, reinforced by captor- i. AS a means lo aiding in the finan- ! Dana Blerer. j according to his testimony at the lathe first dav his reserves wprp reduced to V divisions At the' e d BriUsh ""*"· **** tbe -eTM- 0 ®^; cins of the nrcmeu's anmial-'tr:p to | The following mombrrs have been! Quest saw Lmdley leave tbe building tne nrst day niS reserves were reaucecl to - divisions. At tie! statemcnt tol)3Vr jn Sunday's fighting the convention Councilman C. W.. 1 commissioned in the.Medical Reserve the nighl of the murder. end Of the second day some 40 divisions fropi the reserve u a d ; ^ the weBt .,, ook a !eadlng parl i n l U U B proposed Uia erection along : corps but have not beeu called for an-1 The examination of A. L. Sctrwoi- been put in. A heavy German attack yesterday, about Ervillers | breaking the brave enemy resist-1 North Seventh street. West Side, of was completely smashed by the British artillery fire. | ance." i a band stand. This, he said, could -, «»TM~ ^, , *., ~^ ~ ., , . ,, . I · · ibe located opposite the Crawford LONDON, March 26.--Exacting the heaviest toll for every jJUIERICASS nKMOLlSir (school building whtre u.e Pittsburg foot of ground the British line continues to withdraw slowly be-1 MOHK Ht'N TREXCHKS. Lake Erie Railroad company has tore the pressure of the German masses, Reuter's correspondent j WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN at British headquarters wires. Over a. large part of the battle i PRANCE, narch 26.--The American zone the retirement is being made voluntarily, so as to maintain j positions on a 'certain part of the Tau Uivo service: First Lieutenants Harry j b 'nz. associate of Frank A. Burkes- in Brady. George Torrence Crosby, Wil- j r n e Delco Lumber company was coa- ' Ham Sturgis Frankenbcrry, Ebeil Ru*- i eluded at 11:25 o'clock. During his ; sell Ingraham, George "Washington j testimony i Lang, Jesse Lazier McCracken. John j of Burkey in unbroken front. Prisoners say the adVance of the Germans 'ront were bombarded with musUird gas shells at Uiir-rate of six a minute but ineffectively. The replied with a j ' i w e c n the hand giving the concert fOILIE MASCOT I possible. They com-j heavy fire and demolished segments land the firemen. No action was taken i " ~ ' ' ' _ _ . , -.,__,,, ,,-_ Pany on Januj Of lack Of supplies andlof the German front line and other In this, regard but It is believed there! QF HOSPITAL UNIT L IS ! devt ' lo P menls '. The weather remains points. wi,l be an effort to have a stand be- | " ' "«£ « » · " j the purtnershi HONORABLY DISCHARGED RED GVASD BREAKS BEFORE HCX ADTASCE. STOCKHOLM, March 25.---The front NEW LIBERTY BONDS TO BEAR 4« PER CENT; AMOUNT $3,000,000,000 is behind their schedule . . Jag n( . t The tenacity of the British resistance, th prisoners sa J% | American'. Exceeded anything the Germans deemed possible. They plained of great privations on account Mrtrerhe'weariness is also telling heavily iry, thus favoring the enemy . BRITISH HEADQUARTERS IN FRANCE, March 26.--Reports from all along the front indicate that the German loss of '.He yesterday was heavy. The enemy advanced against allied i ot the Finnish Red Guard has be«n gunners who were firing with open sights. Last night British \ broken ana they are fleeing southward iirmen took heavy tolls from the German infantry in Bapaume. j ' n P anic ' avc= "? toB lo re P° rts received So.official figures are at hand but from compilations made P ei | aeHverecMn the lonally the correspondent-is convinced that'at least 130 German | moveraOEt on the ^. t pumula station u'rplaiies have been brought down in the last five days. j has been occupied. The Red Guards · _ , f t r t ~~^--I i , . , _ i f ; are reported to have left behind th-im -LONDON, March 26.--Yesterday was the supreme day for, , arge ^ orcs of ^ ra ,, TOJ . [fll(ta ie British gunner says Reuter's correspondent. Attacking from · ^A ammunition, as well as many pris- xorth of Ervillers to the point of British contact with the French j oners. ie Germans were held up ne.arly everywhere by the ceaseless! ntenaity of the British artillery fire. . Masses of enemy troops which, coming forward in waves, sgain and again, attempted to reach theip'objective met the same ate as the Old Guard at Waterloo. FRENCH FRONT IN FRANCE, March 26.--Entire con- tdence reigns that the Germans' last trump in the world battle rill be overtrumped when the proper moment comes. , The Allied military authorities were fully cognizant that the nemy's supreme effort would cause a retreat until measures ould be taken to check the irruption into the Allied positions. is always, the attackers possessed the advantage of knowing I am xactly where they would launch their onslaught, while the de- j"' enders were compelled to await the development of the battle efore meeting the onrush with -counter measures. . i will be f - or ?3(M)0 ,o M ,ooo and all over- There is every sign in today s situation that the terrific at- subscription and the rate of -interest acks in which apparently in tae neighborhood of one million [four and one-quarter per cent, · termans of all arms are engaged is slackening. The resistance j The amount is to be $3,000,000,000, a f the Allies seems firmer a..,.! 'he arrival on the scene of French ---'· ---"-- "-· ··--- ··-- ----- eservea, sent up to the. southern 3ank, brought welcome sup- ort to the British who sustained the first powerful rush. ; , PARIS, March 26.--The battle continues with the greatest iplence and th3 Germans are making still greater effort along ae whole -front between Noyon and Chaulnes, the war office an- bunces. . . 1 ' " Noyon. was evacuated'by the French during the night. The ft bank of the Oise is being held firmly by the French. : The statement follows: : ; "The battle continues with great vidjence. During last ev- nlng and in the night the enemy multiplied his "attacks on the rhole front between Noyon 1 and Chaulnes. The French artil- \ry, well established in the, region of Noyon and supported by inr infantry, is retarding the German thrusts. Frequent coun- tr attacks hare been made and heavy losses inflicted.' on the aemy." : . . ." ; ' . . '. . · i "Moyon was evacuated during the night in perfect order, he French are holding the left bank of the Oise firmlyT" ' : LONDON, March 26.--The fighting died down during : the igh't the war office reported. The British established them- slves in-new positions east of liloye and Albert. ; The Germans this morning oegan new attacks against the bmbined, French and British forces south of the Somme. The erman losses have been so;great that the enemy has been plfged to. bring up reinforcements from all parts of the western :ont. 'fhe war omce has established the fact that more, than ) Genrjui divisions, in the neighborhood of 840,000 men, have iftn erigaged. : ·" .. ^ · of the American officer. ,UOK jatEBT IS TAKW · Although it- was . supposed at the · -. TO · 6EB3UX PRISSX C\3Cf. time a party oC Americans and Brit- WASEONGTON, March 2S.--Major Ish trying to escape', the Gsrman oc- the blotter from tlie desk _ _ was submitted lo tbe jury vacant land. Public subscription i Liniisey Messmorc, Walter Teed .Mess- ! as exhibit .N'o. S and Scbwcihi:;:: iden- would he sought to erect the stand, i more, Arthur Keys Od:bert and Karl j titled the bloodstains as those seen The firemen, it is understood, arc will- ! Cleveland Sberrick, the last of Con- there when he opt-ncd tbe office tbe ing to buy a thousand chairs. A nom-; aellsville. Inal charge would be made .for seats j and the proceeds would be divided be- | morning after the murder. In his concluding testiraony Sch- weihinx told of his becoming manager of the Liadley-Burkey Lumber company on January 2, 1917, and of later iwuar- iagen issued an order directing that the copy o-r the inquest proceedings be produce*! in court. Tbe report wris handed to counsel for the defense following the afternoon recess. Indictments returned fay the December session of criminal court charging Lindley on three counts with misa;t- propriating to hi.s own use a total of J4S3.60 of partnership funds were read to the jury' during the course of examination of A. L. Schweibins the third witness. When the witness reached lhat part of his narrative when he was abo-jt to tell why he was going ro Uniontown, Attorney McKean objected to his continuing on the ground that Ihe court records wore the best evidence. Judge Van Swearingen sustained the objection and ths ' court records were read to the jurv by Attorney S. Ray Shelby. Three separate informations were made by Burkey before Alderman Fred Hunk at Connellsville, charging Lindley with taking partnership money for his own personal use. Ths first information dated October 28, 3916, accused Lindley of appropriating to biii own use two checks for. a total of 5233,69 made payable to what was then the Lindley-Burkey Lumber company. The second information, dated September 23, 1916, accused him of issuing a check on tbe company payable to J. "\V. Butterraore for $120 and recording only $20 on the company's hooks. In the third information Bur- ihlp between the two men was dissolved. At his suggestion the name was changed on October 35 of that year,to the De)co Lumber com- A. L. Means of Carnegie avcn'33, testified this afternoon that the morning of tbe discovery of the body Schweibinz manager for the Delco ; ., , T . . r ,. . , . , i Lumber company, rushed intc- Bis- ! w , I' m r i , 3?e mmy "op's restaurant and asked him and Conrier Alts in Finding Jlan Sought: Westmoreland and Fayctte county | Cari Bjs ,, OJ) [0 go wjti ^ lo [be by Ohio War Veterans. itooys, oas been, discharged f r o m the On_tliai. date, said he, | key accused Lindley of issuing fore summer arrives The old stand . in Carnegie avenue was wrecked by | the big storm of January 1 , lll(i ,.,.,,,,,, Too Fast on Armr Fare Council was in the m W f t of an ad-| ., ,, ,,, ,, - , ,, ,, :. , journal session and was discussing j Continued on Pitre Two. i ADAMS FAMILY LOCATED iihil H Ul Live in Hetireiiirat in Scoltdalu Until Close uf the IVar. \ By Associated Press. j AN EMBAJ1KAT10.N CA.MP. ^farch ' 24.--"Wow", tbe collie mascot ot Hos- check for 5100 to J. AV. Porter and with cashing the voucher and applying the proceeds to his personal use. The three informations were presented to the grand jury last December and indictments returned signed by H. R. Cr3*t, foreman. Through publication'of a letter In j The Courier C. H. Scott of Dayton. 0., j has a co: he was searching. and b"y this tkne ought to be ! back in Scottdale, getting his first glimpse of civilian life. "Wow" ha only his been put In touch with the son of j f """,' "' "»"'·"""«· ""» »·""".) ,mrad«ln the Civil War for whom JTM*" «| ""ue for the fact that h, was searching. Some time ago ; **. _f ^.B° » *'«»«· . H « f « ! Mr. Scott, who is a brother of Mrs. J. Lester Gilmore of East Fairview ave- j too fast- His size made it a problem PRELIMINARY MILITARY TRAINING HERE AT HOME Cuplaiu'Cox Will Hold 'i'wu Drills a «» ·"»'«· ** th'« «»P ** ·nue, Cpnnellsvllle. wrote to F. T. ] Adams of this city inquiring about' children of the late William Adams (soon became evident that there would be °° TMy of getting him on the Irani-| Delco offices in the Second National bank building, saying that "Burkey or some one else had cither cut his throat or shot himself.", Schweibinz was recalled. He saiil he did not recall making tbe state- IVw;lc While Traininir the First ment but might have done so in the Platoon ot' CorajHicy 0. incitement. | The draftees ivho will shortly be Patrolman D. H. Turner of Councils- f sent to Camp Lee have an excellent dnr- 1 opportunity smaller limit than has been but nontheiess, a reasonable one ia view- of the over-estimation of war expenditures. The convertibility privilege stops with this issue. Previous issues may ; ne converted into bonds of this third issue--even, bonds of the second issue that have been given in exchange Tor those of the first--tout hereafter conversion Commenting on the interest rate of four-and one-fourth per cent,-Chairman Kitchin of the House Committee on Ways and Means said: "It the people are not willing to lend the! government money a t - t h a t rate in .these 'times, heavier taxation is the,only alternative/' 1 A measure to encourage sale oi Liberty Bonds by removing the -limit of loans which national banks may make, a borrower who wishes- to .buy bonds, was reported to the House yesterday by Chairman Glass.o'C the Banking and Currency Committee. :.- . . DAHM OFFERED FORTUNE Speaker at loyalty TVeefc Eallj- Here Promised ?500,000 by Pro-Germans.! By Associated Press. " ST. LOUIS; March 26.--James H. Dahm', former President of Typographical Union.No. 6 of New'York la an address before the Central Trades Labor Unions here, said that prior to the entrance of the United States in only living son of Comrade Adams. Mr. Scott did* not give his'reasons for wishing to know ot the whereabouts of the children of his former comrade. LOOK FOR MARKET SJTE Comnijttee Appointed at Farmers' 3fectiii|,' (lues Over Cily. The cpmraittec to prepare for a at the .-meeting o£ the business nien ! and farmers at the .Masonic temple \ last Friday, went over the city' loday to · look for a- site. : On tbe committee are 1 1C. T. Norton, F. \V~. Wright, Mayor ,lobn Duggan, William McCormick, T. M. Kern, A. C. Oglevee and J. W. Blair. of vision aroused his-anger and indignation. The same way with females. * r \Vow" snapped and snarled at any girl who tried to mako friends with him. In view of this ij: is to be expected that iiis new surroundings will cause him to fret and fume until he becomes accustomed to the unusual order of things. · "Wow 1 ' is sorely missed by the unit, officers and men alike having always made a big fuss over him at all times. SNOW OK SUGAK tOAF. I root. Ohio- Tickets on Sale. Tickets are OE sale -for "Odd Bits From Life", a home, talent novelty revue to be presented, Monday and Tuesday evenings, April 1 and 2, in tbe now high school au^iitorium. The reserve, sale of seats'will open Fri- day'morning at Hetzel'sd rug store. Tickets are selling at 50 cents and there will be no extra..charge for reserved seats'. rarjr C. Emery, the Yale^professor cupation of the Aland.:islanas were i the world's war he was offered $500,k*n prisoner by the Germans "«rthe, captured that they would be taken to j 000 by pro-German interests to disrupt imd Island, h»s been taken . on a German prison camps, this Is the Drst in»»n transport to Dantzis, Ger- official- information that Professor uy American! Minister Morris In Emery. actually -was-.'taken to; the rtdec reported to the state depart- camp at Dantzlg. He -was an officer int..toda)r that the Swedish foreign* of the reserve corps and recently was tee ual ascertained the whereabouts married in Russia. .war work in America and that a friend of his had been offerod' a million dollars. Dahm spoke at the labor! loyalty ' J' Cloudy tonight and Wednesday is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. . Temiieiature Eecord, 1918 1917 ' The Yoagh .river fell .during TJes on I-,lcvution "e pyle, Reports SHV. OHIOPYLE, March 2C.--The highest point in Fayettc .county in marked on a on' Sugar Loaf Knob, 'a short distance from Ohiopyle. A number of reports say a foot of snow can bo'seen on the knob at this time. Crossland 1 s Plymouth Itocli H'ch .ppro- priation of partnership funds at. the Men now at Camp Lee who have had time of the shooting and that a cal- previous drill O r training, even Ior endar addressed by Lindley to short perio'ds, find it greatly to their himself at his Pittsburg Forbes street advantage. In many instances it has' address was found in the offices of the | been the means o£ securing their pro- firm the vas fouu mornm g the body was discovered. The calendar was not there on the previous day, it was testified. Two eon tracts, "their contents, as ycrt unidentified, were also found in the same room, the ^commonwealth giving intimations that they were duplicates of a compromise offered in the em- bOKZlerncnt action. As the commonwealth's case commenced to develop d'aring the afternoon objections by the defense became more frequent and upon poinis farther removed from the vital issues ot the] case. Tilts between the opposing motion as non-commissioned officers. A few vacancies remain in Companv G., which it is.desired be filled as promptly as possible. 'Wnen the roster is complete physical examinations will be held and shortly afterward tne men will be mustered into tho state day. every step by the coma^.^ ^TM^»^ l t^°°]^: not clearly brought put bringing forth strenuous objections from Attorney W. C. McKean, counsel for ~Lindley, and his associate, D.. W. McDonald. Before'much testimony had been taken and. when it was apparent that every step in the case was to be stub- Five-Ounce One. Nicola of Grassland Station ; bornly contested, Judge J. Q. Van ' Swearingeii ruled frora tho bench that so-cailed technicalities'were not to obstruct the trial. "W. W brought to The Courier office this morning what is undoubtedly an enormous Plymouth Rock egg. It measured eight and. one-fourth inches in circumference the long way and six and two-thirds the other. Placed : on the scales it was found to weigh five ounces. i BROTHERS IN LITIGATION Saltlick 3lau Sues to llecover 1'art of S::Ie 1'ricc of Coal. In .an action in assumpsit fihed. in Tjyon's Condition Crave. There is a slight improvement today' in the condition oE J. A. Lyon, -who ^underwent a serious operation at the -Mercy hospital. Pittsburg. "Word, was received last night by the family that the patient was failing The first tilt of' any proportion between opposing counsel came during the examination of Dr. Baum. When he had testified on direct examination of the nature of the wound in Burkey's head, Attorney McKean on cross examination sought for intbrraution relative to the coroner's, inquest. Coroner Baum stated that he had held an inquest hut when asked what had become, of .the stenographic report of that inquiry, Attorney Highbee objected on the ground that it was not prop- rapidly anfl at midnight Mrs. Lyon er examination. Judge Van Swearin- and R. C. Lyon. it brother of J. A. ! gen permitted the -witness to answer I night : from 2.40 feet to 2.30 leet. rally in Conuellsvllle in February. copy was placed upon file in his office George Barkley of Champion, Saltlick township, seeks to recovered half the sale price of coal underlying land he sold to his brother, J. 3?. Barkley on July 10, 1903, for 51,353. In au instrument separate from the deed for the farm .was a agreement whereby j. p. Barkley.promiscd to pay over to his brother hall the proceeds of the sale oC the coal if it should ever he sold. On December 17, last, it is alleged, J.-P. Barkley sold the coal to George W. Deeds of Westmoreland county for $2,700 but^has tailed to make settlement ivilh th^'brother. LffiEBTYlEMlliiERE Boys Scouts AVill Soon lie Awarded - With Emblems for Service. The "Liberty" medals to be awarded Boy Scouts of the city for their work in the last Liberty Loan drive have arrived and they will be presented at a celebration to be held in the near future. There are. 29 of the medals lor local scouts-

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