The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1030. J COURIER, GOHNEktL SYIWiEJ, PA, S. Noted in" History,- ...... .. ANDREV JACKSOK !JNA710N-A1 HOTEI/ ON PENN. AVE. WHERE CAME TO HIS- INAUGURATION fK 1857. 4iSr."j5 PEWN AHERICW ERECTED JN 1859-6O SOCIETY. THW. E CHOES of bygone days will an--f has be»sn in continuous operation.-t-'by a seepage of sower gas Into thef-assassination ot L i n c o l n was swer the blow oi the wreck-1 it has attracted th( greatest states-» note l- ^ was at the National that I planned in room No. 228, which ^'^K^^^JS^'^r^^ z**" 1 "*·*· HTM. ^L^ri!^ toiirt^'S^r^^^^t ai an old .omlding in Washington, an1 all the great, vrho apprecmted and i)the , f a m o u s mcri wcre v W .» Booth. D. C. And a ghostly convention magnificent cufsina and a subtly tors , o n j j suitfti N o 82 w hich wa* The birthplace of Flnnrv Watt or- of bygone figures will assemble different atmosphere. Its visitors' | ,, gathering place for the great, . son. the greot editor und politician, for a last farewell of the place book is a rollcaal of the famous. xi,, e banquet rooms of ~ th* Na-1 at No. 35" Pennsylvania Avenue, i* that was for many of them their, To the National cam* Andrew' tfonal have rung with the inspired also to be razed, as is the building favorite earthly habitat. i Jackson when he arrived in Wash-, eloquence- of such speakers ax, erected by the American Colors!za- When the National Hotel ia torn ington for his inaupration, a n d ) Henry Clay, Danie! Webster, J o h n j t i o n Socic?ty, wherein w?a» held t" down to make room for the Capi- no doubt he enjoyed the wonder- c. Calhoun. John J. CrUtenden, i me.-.-tinjj that led to ihe foundati tal's proposed Civic Center, it will ful food that was S'srved at various arid Alexander S. Stevens who was of the Republic of Liberia in W mean the demolition of a buildine that, aside from the Capitol and the White House, has seen the making of more momentous his banquets in his honor. The night of his Inauguration he dined there with John C. Ciilhoun as his guent. President Polk wa.) also a pre-in- tory than any other edifice. Since auguratlon guest, us was President opening ion 1827. since when it Buchanan, who almost killed . Vice President of the Southern Africa. Anothe* old foundation West building to Confederacy, Charles Dickens was j go is Hymen Hill, whore, it is visitor to the hostelry and has {John Quincy A damn · t n in ildcd. Ilia given a vivid account of the l i f e I house was? built in 1800, and con- there in the first edition of "Anicr- tnina elaborate carvi«gn. ican Noted." It is aaid tba't HOUSE INQUIRY INTO RAILROAD HOLDINGS TO BEGIN NEXT WEEK WASHINGTON, Jan. 1C.--The inn u i r y of the House Interstate Commerce Committee- Into holding companies controlling railroads is ex- poctcd tobcgin early nest week with the (U-Bt witnesses ·.ovoba'bly offlctals oi' tlio Van Swerlngen and Pennsyl- vitnUiJ.ntei'Cfits. C h a i r m a n Snell o£ the House Kulea L o m m l l t o e said thu resolution author- i.l«S the inquiry will be appi-ayed by hi.! wHiimittee anil he predicted swift' iMUn'oval for the unopposel measure by tlio House Itself. Chairman I'urker of tho Interstate Cvinmeroe Committee aaid the inquiry would b o - n e c e s s a r y ' b e f o r e tiny legla- IfiLion on railroad consolidation could b conakJoreri. Jfccnuse (lie measure was intro- diiced on thu rccoinnicmlatlou of tho Inlerstnto Commerco Commieeion and has been given the full sanction of the commission's legal department, among thu first -witnesses to bo called by the committee will DO ofliclals of the Allegheny Corporation, u holding company for the Van Swei-lngen interests and tho Ponnrond Comrany. In Its annual report to Congi-cei the Interstate Comntorce Commission named three aneclflcully for Inveetiga- ECZEMA Itching Skin IE yon want i n s t a n t relief just apply liotei'soHs' O l u t m e u t . Tho minute Ih'la soothing and !;reat healing ointment touches your inflamed, Irritated skin--yon obtain blessed comfort. Generally you need only a few applications to completely end this lis- trngsing condition. Always have Peterson's Ointment on hand. Can't Unit it for quickly healing chafed. Irritated, erupted skin, for eczonm and bad -oases of pimples and blackheads. II. A. Danlc-k ot Hartford, Conn., writes: "For H m o n t h s I was bothorcd w i t h eczoinn---it would itch so I could tear It to pieces, I had lotionn und different ointments which dirt no good. L ;iaw your ;-.( in tho Hartford Times anrt 1 wont und Rot a bos ot Peterson's and In ono n l x h t it almost disappeared." The m l p h t y h e a l i n g power of Peterson's O i n t m e n t ovei i-oines ecucma und one ."-rH' box w i l l ;rovo i t -- a l l drug stores.--Advert ^cmiMit. CITIZENS DO NOT ALWAYS APPRECIATE WORK OF FIREMEN "The. patriotism and BeH-eacrlfice | re-fleets the honov anil credit to t h e ; men wtyo serve so valuably and HO conscientiously to prot'-ct the property and lives of their neighbors," declared Congressman S. A. Kendall In addressing tho gathering at the annual banquet of the Now Haven Hotio Company Tuesday evening at -the- Greemvoot' Methodist Episcopal Church. He likened tho work of tho firemen to that ot tho soldier. C o n t i n u i n g Mr. Kendall said that tho "laudable- ambition of Uie young; meu in a community Is to b come- members ot the Fire Department, to sacrifice eat'oty and sleep, to have the courage and desire to "be ,of uso to their community to protect the property and lives oi that community." Taking 'the other sldo ot the "problem," Mr. Kendall declared that too often the citizens do not appreciate the offorts of the- Ilrenion and fail to respond as liberally aa they should when that organization is seeking assistance BO that it m.-iy be able to successfully culminate various drives, euch as to raise fund* to purchase uniforms, to secure in.-;trumentB for the band and tho like, He urged that the residents bo as loyal to the live- men as the volunteers are to them, Recalling tha two (Ires at the Capitol I n . Washington, D. C., Congressman Kendall deplored the work o£ photographers, newspaper and motion picture, who with the uea of ilarcrt, torches and other devices were able to misrepresent thu actual scene. "Using these articles they were able | to show flamea leaping from tho j windows and from the root o£ thu j Capitol Building wherera euch a t h l n u did not really occur," bo said. For Southern Wear So smooth and mild you can't destroy Wi delicious flavor . . . a yen b y b o i l i n g . A u k your grocer to s*nd I R.C. WILLIAMS C O . , I N C . PJtUburgh, P«. ANT) BETUIlfl SUNDAY January MOUNT MORIAH TO LEAVE CHARGE Ads. . Results (iu-letoy follow. J'atroni'/o who advtsrtlse. , Jan. !!.--Request of lU-v. it. H. Day to le rslleved of -tli-e pastoraite of Mount Jloriah Chiirch was ve-colvod and a«ce-ited sit an .ad- joiM-nwl meeting of th-o Redston-a Presbytery held In the First. Presbyterian Church, U u l o n l i n v n , Tuesday night, llcv. Day asked t h a t ho bo relieved of his Mount Moi'iah charge on J a n u a r y I ! J . _ The Preibytory tlion j.'ppo-inled Rev. Dr. \V. Scott Bowman mottorator of i h o Mount Horiuli cou..n'Rgatlou and ins-ti'iK.'1-oti him to flclM-p tli-o p u l p i t ', iicant at his earliest. :i:iiv-oncnoe. Tho next meeting- of ( t i e ure-sbytery is it) -!H-held In the Oorit'-a! Presbyterian Church, Ms-'C'iKs]H)i-:, AprH 2.1. Bhorter evening wrap, na A favonid by southern josort wear, IB llluntrated In this model worn at n charity fashion show by JD,orotliy Shepherd, New York society glri. Tho wnip is a Patou model or ermine and white fox. It Is worn over a lovely track ot white silk with long:, dipping panels. It is interesting to note that certain shop.'! stress (ii! white for evening wear la Oiclv showings for the ·mi HI THREE MEN HELD FOR .STEALING MOTOR PARTS Special to The Courier, : MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan., I'L-- Justice of tho Peace 1*'. P. Etcher .sent throe men to the Westmoreland couii- ly jnll in (Sreeushurg on a charge -ot larceny.' They arc waici to Havo taken .some automobile appliances. The " t r i o are: Loo Shoemaker, 2-1; Howard C. Ileesc, 20, ami Harry Stout, 31. IMnnwl 1'nilor Sivusagc Maohlne, ' AVHEBLING, W. Vn., J a n . 10,--A' 200-pound (sausage-making muelune slid off tin- truck carrying It to the shop of Clyde Voorheea, -IV,, Wheeling butcher, laft night, crushing «nd. probably fatally injuring Voorheea bonoath. it. ii Co Best treated without dosing--Just rub on FKO.U COMVELLSVfLLE SPECIAJ, THAIS Will Leave at 1:85 A. 3T. Consult Ticket Agimta "Finders Are Keepers'' Found a Faulty Ada g MIl/\V.AUKEE, Jan. 14-- The adage- Uiat. finders . arn keepers n-ot apply hero Leoa Dlxon dlscov after picking up a .510 bill from street. : Fred .Ban- had lout a $10 bill was (searching for it, whou he . Dlxon make the 11 mf, Dlsou r«fi to give up the .money and Durr sta civil euit. A jutlg-mcnt W,-R obtained aga Dixon w h e n it WUH brought out 1 be-faro lliKiingH an; k e e p i n g j - l t ie i e«aiiry to alvoi-tise for t h e owner n o t i f y the county clerk and then \ a year. At the end of that time If owner \a not found the money ma divided evenly w i t h t h e cot treasury. s====s= JOO ^ o r t h pitisbnrff Street OyEg-tytVIULION JARS USED YEARLV 4 old oe« red tho ind aw sed ted nat hat ec- to ait the be uty Freighter Slns Buries, N K \ V YOliK, Jan. 16,--S oven Pt in- eylvanhi Railroad coal barges e ink lute last night at'toi 1 a "ollialon in uhe Iv-'itjt Klver with the freighter 3x- · orooke. Two men, hurlod into :ho river, by tlm collision wore roncuc-d l : irn,g restii.ks! when jjUu-ed i n t'iw t ol- itnm-x fif T'hn f l a i l v ("onrtei 1 - rfi» lime We aro eager to supply you wltli nijiy and .ail ni'ticioft in flic lino of food you muy desire. 8ar« your time aiid strength by sitting at homo and ordering over tho · telephone.. .. You :get tho sumo considerate service as ivheh you call In person nnrt all deliveries are mude promptly. SEVEN. All flavors 24y 2 Ib. Sack Fruits ad Vegetables Stayman's Wiubsap ami Baldwin C o o k i ii g Apples, 4 Ibs Oranges, ptu- dozen Cttlit'ornta Celery, 2 stalks Celery Hearts, large bimcll !5c 25c Head I/ettuce, 3 heads Somerset Potatoes, peck Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds New Parsnips, -1 Ibs New Turnips, 4 Ibs New Carrots, 'J bunches Double Dutch Malt, can ..53c Scratch Feed, 100 Ib. sack ....; : $2,55 California YellcAV Cling Peacher, can 27c Wisconsin Earlj r June Peas, 2 cans 25c Neighbor Milk, 10 tall cans 98c Franklin Pure Can 2 SUGAR 25 II). Suck Cloverfoloom and High Grade BUTTER Per Ih. Neighbor Pan Cake Flour, pkg lOc Lily of Valley Sauer Kraut, 2 cans 25c Monarch Catsup, 2 large bottles 39c "Our Own" Brand Coffee, per Ib 33c Dried Apples, Ib, pkgs., 2 for 35c Calumet Baking Powder --and Baby Doll Free! 29c ib Pastry Flour, 5 Ibs '. Pjllsbury Plpur, 5 Jbs; Dried Apricots, per Ib Castile Soap, 3 cakes Swansdcwn CAKE FLOUR 29c pkg. Monarch Catsup, small bottles Argo Starch, 3 Ibs. Sunbright and House Cleanser, 6 cans .,, 29 C 30c 25c lOc 25 c L i g h (. 215 c Maxwell House COFFEE A demonstriit- or ivJII serve you a cup Saturday. Sandwich I/oaf and Potato BREAD 3 loaves 25c Buy Here at Lowest Prices Government Inspected Fresh Hamburg, ground, per Ib Pork Loin Roast, pound ...,,,. Veal, Pork and Beef, for meat loaf, 3 pounds Veal Breast, per .pound . Zoller's Sliced Bacon, per pound ,.-- .'/ Chuck Roast, per pound i...-.- ......;; Rump Roast, per pound _ 25c, 25c ground 85c 25c 35c 27c. 35 c Tender, Delicious; Full Dressed Chickens Neck Bones and Fresh Pigs Feet, tf Ibs Pork Chops, per pound Pork Butts, p«r pound Skinned Fresh Hams, 8 to 10 Ib. average, whole or 'half, per pound Lamb Chops, per pound _ _ Pork Sausage, loose or link, per pound Pork Shoulders, whole, "| /?^ 25c 30c 23c 8 to 10 25c 45c 25c Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round Ib. Fresh Spare Ribs, per pound ,, Veal Roast, home dressed, per Ib Leg ot Lamb, per Ib Breakfast Bacon, 4 to i pound pieces, per pound Black Hawk or Armour's Star Sliced Ham, pound Rib Roast, per pound per pound 20c Armour's Star Whole or Hnlf Plenty of Parking Space at the 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. We Deliver. Phone 620 I

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