The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 4
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CANADIAN RECORD 'GOOD' Scholarship Scheme Considered Success The 1,000-scholarship urget set. up by the First Cpmmon wealth Education Conference hasn't been reached yet But the program b still considered a success. At a press conference held Friday, after trie ..Third com-. monwealth Education Confer- enc opened here for a two- week session. Dr. Freeman X. Stewart said there had been 860 scholarship last year. HAS DONE WELL "This program has done remarkably well,'; he said. . . Dr. Stewart is secretary of the Commonwealth Education Liason Committee; and -director of the Commonwealth Education Liason Unit When the program was set tip at the Oxford conference - In 1959. Canada pledged to provide 250. So far, he said "the Canadian record is pretty 1 good." (Eighty-four scholars came to Canada in 1963-64.) External Affairs Minister Paul Martin said he was going to speak on the matter next Thursday. j 1 1,000 ABROAD' When asked why mora Canadian teachers do not go to these countries (Canada sup- Ottawa, Area Deaths - : - . . .. - GEORGE THOMAS COCHRANE. 66, of AlmonU. ALBERT (BERT) PERRY, 71. of Waltham. Quebec REV SISTER ST. EUZA (MARGARET ANN Mac EACH RAN), former principal and teacher at Notre Dam Convent. Gloucester Street, a the result of an accident. Mrs. DIEUDONNt HENRY, 62, of 1 Laval Street, HulL - MISS YVONNE BEAUDRY. 74, of 54 Bayswater Avenue. Ottawa. MRS.. ARTHUR LECKTE. 68, housewife, of Renfrew. MRS. GEORGE A. Mac-, MARTIN. 67, housewife, of Oxford Mill. MRS. ROBERT J. CALVERT. 40. housewife., of, & Crystal Beach Drive. , -MAYE BRENNAN, ?,i.o Ottawa. .-iw v 's MRS. KATHERINE LOGAN, 67, widow of Charles M. Logan, at Renfrew. Billings Bridgo Plm Carting wood PUu W VJ around the world 'v '. Manufactnrtrt ej . bRttes briges Hhm S667 RICHMOND RD. . (Betr Comers) 628-1451 " j- Shop With Confidence Whert You Set This of SjtiifKtioii .. v .; . ; run caor STRAWBERRY JAM . $1.09 1757 Russell Road 731-3884 DSCOUKT DIPT. STOW BELLI CORNERS Oattr itM mm. aa te am. : ataray mm. a mm. HULL 12a Eddy St. -Datljr a.av a ..' rnuy . u t. m Best in FIAKOS, Testes Jtad Repairs I7 SPARKS STREET - " 2S242S1 plied 77 of 158 high school teachers requested In 1963-64), Mr. Martin replied that. there were "mora than 1,000" abroad now. Some were with the ex ternal aid office program and other program. Many didn't go because of the "competition" at home, he said. Mr. Stewart added there was a shortage of high school teachers in Canada, especially with recent expanding educational trend. Aa a result there are a number of promotions available for teacher here. Paul Gerin-Lajoie, minister of education for "Quebec said exchanges of view are necessary. He advocated greater use of audio-visual aid for educa tional purposes. Rt Hon. Vincent Massey, conference president, said the Commonwealth might use the World's Fair building in Mont' real for research purpose. . Gov't The two officers were sent to the Congo as observers and jarere not attached to the Con go army. Macrariane, a vice- consul at Bukavu, was acting as their interpreter. They were reported to have been caught behind the rebel advance. Eadier Friday government troops were reported beating back the rebels and radio messages picked up In Elisabeth- vule said rebel "General Nicholas Oienga asked the rebel-held' stronghold of Stan leyville for aerial bombardment of Bukavu. . SNIPERS BUSY Considerable sniping was going on In the outskirts of the town and radio reports said six Belgians, Including a television reporter, were killed in the firing. European ware said to have taken up refuge in neighboring Rwanda. Pilot taking wounded and evacuated personnel from Bukavu her said Belgian resident took up anna' against tut rebel.. f ; '. .:, Meanwhile a foreign mlnstry spokesman said In Dakar, Sen egal, that' Congolese Premier Moise Tshombe ha requested Senegal' mediation In hi country' dispute with Burundi and the Congo (Brazza ville). .. - ,. , ,:, Crime Wave Not Wanted EL V1GIA. Venezuela (UPI) Residents of . this crossroads town ' in. the Andes foothills bop no serious police problems develop her this week. ; , All of the town's policemen have been locked tip on suspicion of aiding a recent jailbreak, - Echo sounder are used to measure ocean depth. jFrom Page Ong i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL t -WHO'S WIIO AT THE 'EX' ' Prime Minister 'Pearson Introduces Red Skelton and hi daughter Valentine to Bimbo, symbol of the "Ex". The four met at an Assembly Halt dinner formally opening the VEx" Friday night. Monro Photo by Dominloa WW) llmrn Daa tlna 1 I Will I Um9 WIIG Cruel Both were hauled forcibly from the water by officials who (eared they would drown after seeing them wallow helplessly in 51 -degree water that had chilled all action tn their legs and arm.' . . . : ' ' HeiTs departure at 1 p.m. ended all hope that one of the wimmers. who had started at OJO. Thursday would finish. The only surviving entrant, Charles Graver, a 44-year-old veteran from Boston, lingered another two hours but gsv up seven miles off snore. . TOO CRUEL" . 1 ' "It was too cold.! It was too cruel." said Mrs. Heif after her husband was carried to an am bulance Ml a blanket-covered stretcher. Other swimmers, wha emerged exhausted, said the challenge was impossible under such terrible conditions. "It's Just too much to ask of a swimmer," said John La Coursier. 28, a Montreal swim mar who pulled out after four hours. "It's crazy. You get so numb yon can't even feel your poay alter a wnlM." The lake is a gruelling chal lenge in fine conditions and has been conquered only four times since Marilyn Bell, then 16. Brat swam It In 1954. - v Brenda Fisner of England and John Jaramey of Toronto made the crossing in 1956 and Bill Sadlo of New York and Jim Wood of Orlando, Fla., did It in 1957. Wood completed the swim in a record, 18 hours and' 38 minute but was the seventh to pull out this year. - a RMrMtton nora Wo6Mrkiiis hakby ' MuTu-chMHMl TT awial Ttt MIMIC V FitfMtt PlWtflCtaal 4))4SfMaT BMUMful rtrwl Located bath tna ' Unm Carllw Am aS WehiMna aa. a IMcanwr aaswtqtMl nOvt mmM as aula ' lobby ' . a Com tan! aarah t , Tackabof) e steaoty aaloa UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Owned and Operated M SERIAL REALTY LTD. Leatmg Bsyreanilatlva MRS. J. RAMSAY 828-3117 For West End Arurtmtnt Uvint) it Its lttt.;.0nr 4 Minutn From Carting wood Shopping Cintro WE OFFER: '. ,. Bus sa enty mtte Twm wukOT sa arm . .. room mri flaor U em. n. irti laiiw l-la Snteraattt aw Csoatsr most saw e Clow to church. choola aaa ifcop4n cnim e tnwrMr m aattrlar i srfclfi 1 - - e BraaiaoiM4 mS sn e Blih tfmti unm ' Rmu4 maoae oi 2-BEDROOM, 2-BATHR00M SUITES FROM $135 Alio MvaUabU eommtneinf at S102.S0 . 14QS00N ailKTKOIT t $125.00 . . 2-KifCooM uuma Visit our Rtfital Offics Today for BMTMctioa Saturday ': aad Sunday . . -v t'tvaa, to M. ; Monday to Friday : - aaa. to t ml Baa Keote at Btcsaaond Road aad Carimg Aveaue Only Mlautae from Carlintwood Sboppiag Plan 320 CROYDON ! V; AT RICHMOND ROAD , AT CHATEAU High-Quality Art Sojo Show Opens A widely-known Ottawa; artist. Marjorie M. Craik . Is giving her fifth solo show. It opened in Peacock Alley at the Chateau Laurier on Friday and continues until Aug. 28. . Mr. Craik studied, art at Newtown Abbot in England and with Peter Hamlet ' in Rockport, Mas. He specialize in seascapes. She haa been painting with ascsiduity" for the past decade. There are 24 canvases' on view. rTh color and animation of By Ward Market 1 captured and the artist found inspira tion In a rainy day In Aylmar. Take Vows A At Ceremony In Pembroke! '. PEMBROKE (Special) A religious ceremony of reception of habit, first rvow and final vows for the Grey Sitters of the Immaculate Conception was held recently at St, Co- lumbkille' Cathedral. ; Among the 10 taking final vow were Sister St. Marguerite (Marguerite Hennessy), Sister St Martin (Mona Mar tin), both of Pembroke; Sister Francis Maris (Maria Van den Brand), Eganville; Sister Mary Bernard (Eleanor Peters), Sister Mary Adrian (Cell Turcot te(, Sister Mary Nichols (Eleanor - Shea). Sister Kath- erine Anna (Katharine Kelly), Sister Mary Julia (Catherine Shea), all of Ottawa. Among the five taking first vow were : Sister Thomas Clair (Sheila Wnelan), Egan ville: Sitter Diana Marl (Arme FalrbalrnX Sister Patrick Joseph (Kathleen DeUhunty), Sister Mary Cyril (Mary Lee Jennings), all of Ottawa. Among the II taking part In reception of holy habit were Sister St. Nicholas (Alice Martin), Pembroke; - Sister Mary Keith (Maureen McKeown), Ottawa;' Sister Jean Theresa (Mary Catherine Kelly), Ayl- mer. qua. There will be interest In bar handling of a canvas of brown- robed Franciscans at worship. MAGIC, MYSTERY There is vigorous -brushwork in her depiction of loggers breaking a Jam on the Gatin- eau. Mrs. Craik not .only cap ture the magic and mystery of the sea in Gloucester, Mas, but also paint Autumn scenes with' sensitivity, v. "Autumn Glory" and -Back of the Be yond" were painted at Cant-ley where a palette knife is used effectively. Tb artist uses cool greens, orange and blues fn an abstract "Night Shopping" where a geometrical pattern is used. A companion piece la "Harmony of color." ANIMAL PAINTINGS There are three paintings of animals. Mrs. Craik had diffi culty in painting an alley cat which waa extremely elusive. She Anally succeeded in win ning the feline as a model after providing a few meals of pab- lum - The oil paintings ar of a uniformly high quality and are certainly well worth viewing by Ottawa gallery -goers who are interested In the work of area artiata. WQK. Fracas Costs Ottawa Men $100 Apiece ft coat two men more than tlOO , each Friday afternoon when they ' ware fined on charges arising from a disturbance tn1 front of a down town hotel July 18. Gerard Diopelle. 34. of 1994 Olympia Avenue -waa charged with assaulting a policeman. John Finnerty, 24, of 1306 Broad Street waa charged with obstructing a policeman.' The charges were laid after a disturbance in front of drinking .spot from which the two men had been - evicted. Set Wesley Sheffield Uid the charges.' Magistrate Carter warned the two men It could have meant Jail if Sgt Shef field had been injured. , Commencing August 22nd, 1964 ' Our Offices Wiir Be , CLOSED on SATURDAYS And Will Be OPENED From 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.n. i:s::3AY to Friday iscbsivt GATINEAU POWER I COnPAtlY SubsIdlW cf H YCuO QUEBEC i Hurricane On Flora's Killer Path MIAMI, Fit. VP) Tropical atorm ties wnippea nerseir in to the season's first hurricane. shifted direction and raced to ward the Leeward Islands Fri day with howling winds and tubing raina. Packing wind of mora than 80 mile an hour, the storm changed It course from the Windward to the mora north erly Leeward Islands, and hurricane flags went up from Guadeloupe to Antigua. The weather bureau pre-' dieted Geo would intensify and warned residents of the islands at the eastern edge, of the Caribbean Sea to brace for the dangerous onslaught of 'wind and tide this morning. Cleo was close to the track followed last year by Hurri cane Flora, deadliest storm ever to howl out of the Atlantic. Flora killed an estimated 7.- 000 persons,, most of them in Haiti and Cuba, and destroyed crop worth about $500,000,000. Free Thar was talk of the Uandinf of the national erosses the tress a of St. George. Lorraiae, St AadreW aad St Patrick m a truly distinctive national Canadian Bag of heraldic and religions The moving of the Flag War out of the Common and into aa all-party : committee. :. has been discussed, th prime min ister reported, at the leaders' tummit meeting. ' -t Said Mr. Douglas: It scam to us that if th government has made a concession in agree ing to such committee, th other parti ought to be pro-pared to consider a matching concession of limiting the debate on th report of that committee." . ,. '. REASONABLE LIMIT ' Said Mr. Thompson: "I agree completely If a committee could bring us together in such a way that a recommendation could be brought before the House with the assurance of a reasonable limit on debate, R would do much to unprov th situation and bring us to some form of satisfactory conclusion." -'l Said Mr, Diefenbakeri "My suggestion was that a committee of IS would be effective, a committee compoaad of seven member supporting the government, five of Har Majesty Loyal Opposition and on each from th other three parti. "1 feel that if we wart to adjourn the debate now and allow tb committa t get to work and I would play my part It could' bring out a recommendation that would be virtually unanimous and the matter would be concluded then and there for 1 think th House would certainly willingly accept such a recommendation. -:-1 ....''...- "Let the committee meet give It a couple of months." NOT INDEITNTTE - , H Then th prim minister said: 1 think I ought to put on record that we are not opposed to such a committee but we do think that such a committee should not meat for an IndeflniU period of time and thereby unduly delay thtt matter. ' ,- - 'j "In addition w believe that th report of such a committee should be subject to limitatioa of debet when It J received by the Houm.": . - . , .-.. - Finally there waa thlst aa altogether better atmosphere ht the Hon. . "Th prima minister," said Mr. Dief en baker, "waa fair and reasonable ht every way in hi presentation. I am glad he has Mid that th door to agreement will not be dosed." . ORIGIN OF NAME CHYENNE The nam of Wyoming was taken from Wyoming valley in Pennsylvania and it means a land of mountains and valleys. RENTAL FURNITURE Caaalata kaaaakaM tarataafaak kv iba ear, waak, aaaatk a raar. rar aaw taraltara, aim aar Straat stara at 1st ktaak. IH-taae. rar lraaa-ra taraltara, writ aat Marrar siraal Stan at lit Mar-rajr, ISS-SltT. . C H. JOHNSON'S FURNITURE UMITSB Praa aarkias kaea alalia. SA ,TUR1. AY. AUGUST 1964 SCHOOL EXHIBITS Young ArtistsDisplay Talents for 'Ex' Crowds Ottawa's budding young artists are one of the main attractions at the 'Ex'. Twice daily at the McElroy Building youngsters from public. and separata schools and secondary schools in the area demon strate their talents In every thing from painting a mural to tooling copper, and from modelling in day. to. assembling mosaic. A DAY IN "SCHOOL - Friday students from Hope well Public School were painting "A Day in School" as a mural. George Radmore. 12. of the Boys' Vocational School, was explaining at detail to in terested onlookers toe . tech niques of lino block printint. And other in grade ( to I did leather work or modelling. Students from Woodroffs Hiah School were painting still life and sketching life drawings. An separate school pupils were variously occupied at woodwoik. mosaic tiling, and per tooling. Ronald Villen- euve. 13, of St Francis Separata School, was doing "storiette" work sticking shoelace cord onto a sketched design to make an arresting picture. FORGETS ABOUT CROWD 'I Just forget all the watchers and .keep on working." said The "POLY GtlOT POLT-SIOT HMD INC. . 844 It Baca. Street Baa NMtfMlt ratal. a CaauMrca, laaMIki s r KXY-QlOt TMO0 1" . New tor THE " i. FRENCH hmif mjt. M FREN.H 4 ft eW. METHOD 1WT Tt CHv. sW. " ISM SMrrl St, Ball 111 TRUTH ABOUT KERYE DEAFKESS frta tMkM Talk AH ninan I. a, canae f Ullla xWBAVa OBArKBSSI . w. a aaviDaoM enia,i SMrat vbibi Mir Tkai prm kaaklat lau tatorfan with kaarMe . . . aa rta aaa wajr aaa aaa haar, kat rau aauuaaa, aaaa aa taalaia lk Hrat Uaaa, tka tacts aaaat latma atu aa wrlttra akaat aaaal- I saw It I ravMkla caaeiUaa tkat aiuilaaa. hal Harra Dastaaas K ar a aaana m aaaar win avuua aaiai TMa raaurkakla rak kaakM arUi wkat artaaca aai Sa kala jraa at jaa kaaa aarva iMhMW. Jaat aaa yaat DAVIDSON HEARING CENTRE LTD. . i . . S70 LAURIER AVE. W, ZSS-4S74 . Open M to B.t Daly, Saturday by Apfwubneot m mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mmrmm wmt mm mm mm ka4 narMM ta to aaat eaaarataa. WIN I t tor. rsaty (Bata i WoodreOa aai Caaiet high standards of service with ) ) a deep sense of responsibility ' : fUNEIAlDIRECTORS . w V ; 315 Mclaod 9. 233-1143 1098 Byron. A. 721761 (Batwaaa Bank aa OXvaaon .... Ronald. "They don't really diso tract us.'" As well as these demonstrations there are displays of com pleted work by . many other young artists. In wrought iron and wood, clay, and copper. And along one wall of the building are displayed a host of paintings and designs In pen and . ink, block printing, 'tempera, and torn pieces of paper. You will see landscapes, poster, fashion drawings, illustration. "Better quality all the way through and more exhibits than last year," sums up Dr. Harold Latimer, superintendent of the school children's exhibits. Just Orie Of Those Days SAN, PEDRO. Calif. (UPI) It was one of those days for Frank Berich, general manager of the San Pedro Savings and Loan Association; It was his Jith birthday, his ninth wedding anniversary and hi wife, Laure, presented hint with his fifth child, a seven- pound, five - ounce girl. . ' . I.' ; -j j V; i ; , ' - ' J v I I I I- I 1 : o l' I : j ' 1. '

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