The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1918
Page 9
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEULSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 25, 191S. KtAUNCHING MERCHANT VESSELS ON BOTH THE ATLANTIC AND THE PACIFIC COASTS What Is Your Disease . -Above is tie.Coyote gliding town the -ways at the Paasaie river .s-hipya rda. She is the i\rat of the cargo L building under the Emergency Fleet corporation's wooden ship program. Beiow is the launching of the i, largest concrete ship hi tlw w«rld.'at Redwood City. Cai. She is 320 tset long and her gross burden is ".SOD AFRICANIZATION OF m ALIENS IS OBJECT OF OMfflNG CONFERENCE taking steps to safeguard our nation- unity and further to in?Tjro a unified people back of the fighting line. For Itching Torture Ol CoreraoTs, Industrial Cor: · poration Presidents and : '.".:".; . ' Others. DEVISE CONCERTED PLAN WHAT ABROAD SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TUBERCULOSIS There is one remedy that seldom fails to itop itching torture and relieve skin irritation and that makes the skin soft, clear and healthy. . Any druggist can supply you with zemo, which generally overcomes all skin, diseases. Acrte, eczema, itch, pirn* pies, rashes, blackheads, in most cases give way to zemo. Frequently, minor : Jli a to Couteraet Astl- »o«s DH1- Wko An B«y Her In Vffamtmi*iu -Vaem-T Plotter*. .-·- -. Sty A3*o«l»ted Press. ·WASHINGTON, March Secretary ot the Interior lias 'issued jviiatitfu to thfi governors of the ·tatw, to the chairmen of the state iutiTiir councils and to about three feurfrad presidents of corporations *Md chambers ot commerce and other *»do«trl*l leaders to'meet .-with him ' .April 3, In Washington, for the pur- fott of considering the national plan ' ccv Americanization projected hy the Department ot the Interior. The object of thi» meeting is to an acreecnent upon .ways and i of potting the plan into opera- through the Imtmrnenmlily of -ftkii Mate governments and iiuhutrial «»(iHiiiliin u l n Tbe federal leglsla- ' ttM · prunani Trill -be "' '"""" the , rerpmeniattTte present ;|m lauaimi alto for an ajipiropria- .^tk* to be made V tbe Umltcd State* ij««r»«i:ol Bttncatton for the porpon iiiif readerim; flnaadal aid and other '-' -* ·-----."to. the states jotoing:ln..» plan- to - Americanize"' the millions of foreign!birth?.-who many indur-trial and _ '.-the cbimtry. : ; !tk* D«f«artme»t of tbe iDtarior has e«tered-- : iBto- a'-'joint 'aril; -' irKh'-tte-'CoanetL jrf - Na- ·btfeaje 'whtrebr: tbe : national it~\Axctt!r\cifolTMtfan^ is ptrtj'tnto ;. akr-OTer_-..the. .T7n«»d._ States ".t^rjoedtanrjiof. the ;48-. state :councn« and.:«. great mmiber mty -and Uocal committees . on iteic ~"riitH«ti,'thrniiiiTrifT of tb« tWH«l:Stat»,'ri«:aMi »tog»i: adopted f^wricnfeatkn-W-fo .b^d^:^: ; amoB|r ; -~aliens. ~*-la, of/wMchj;is ; _beiiiycar indnitrial: _ i jian will be snb- .wfiv.^Uj.i.ut: .indjostrial. rnen.:pre9ent. t wtR-.coyer~rdf only: this .feature, ;,otter*:Involving the human :slde '-initrj. »J|*ar aspects of Americaniza L hare impressed thenwhrn upon · since the the. sreat_ coii-_ were, jregis.tereil_under the. se- Ye'lraftl»w Many of these have u.c*nted for mllitray service, account of inability to speak, »-ind illlteracr. »re unable to military order in Eng:- thertfore-maki'trainingrexr "dllBcalt in ' thb cantbn- i.ln- grain elevators alone have I^otir hundred per "cent since ittd States entered the war J£flr«*.aBd explosions l - n vrilful'dam- ot nacnbierjr hampering the _i ot war materials and other -kBedia( the government's ac »fr frtqoently been traced Their ignorance of Jihig . V J them easy prty for Ger- ·)pRp«(aiidists and plotters who i-»tlrrin£ up industrial difflcnlbcs " nlsunderstandrngs in .yartous i ot tne country 'Che depart- AI :pbserved) how many other- rttidly aliens bate been made f t»e »c."nxr "Departments «r. estimations the Bureau of Education ' »ia«t-BT» million persons oL.tor- not speak the Esfittt "while thr«.million m«le« · lie, Lh»t-i» from 18 to 4S ix«d-and owe:no' L ot loyalty and support to .State*.--/Aa head:of the i whose tuperruion I affairs ot the coiner tbt Interior Is To Avoid Contracting Cidcrstanu the Diseas Sf.iBS of Pretentlon, I dependable, "it costs only 35c; «n extra "Should the American soldier ln| lar se botde, SLOO. It will not slain, is 'greatly fear .contracting tuh- 5 ?^ e ^or'fcnaer sc s after what has been said of [ The E. Vf'Rose Co^ Cleveland, o the frequency of the disease among! French soldiers and tie French civil-j. ~ ian population?'* Is the question asked ' by Dr. S. Adolphus Knojf in "The, Journal of the Outdoor -Life," under, i the title 1 "What the American Soldier ' in France Should Know About Tuberculosis." · Pointing out the dangers of the French environment he says' that even before, the war the death rate from tuberculosis in France was tinee as | high as. for eiample in New " York : City.. This, he declares, is due both, to 'j the lack of adequate anti-tuberculosis work'in that country and to the weight of French tradition which is averse to tie use of cold water and fresh cold air. These conditions were accentuat- . ed by 'the hardships of the war. Hasty mobilization made thorough medical examination of troops impossible. The privations and exposure ot trench life, invasion said deportation further developed and spread the disease. "Fortunately for the American soldier." he gOM on, "his early training in the love of freeh air and the use of- cold water .on. his body have made him.,naturally more resistant to the disease,- and to ;the honor of our military, surgeons 'it' said that the examinations' at the recruiting office are most thorogh, so as to weed out those who.are strongly aBUictcd with', the disease in. the Incipient stage. The I examination is repeated after-a few | months' training BO as to make sore; that no r.uberculou8 invalid is in active 1 service." - ^ - , . - ' . He admits, hpwever.'the grave-dan- :ger to.'our.;soldicre from/this'disease under. the. conditions of 'trench life. To 'avoid this, he. points out- the. soldier" should understand-.the Tiature of the disease and. be thoroughly informed aa to me^rareB'erentioa. ON ALL HAYS ·vmua rTncB*st or vma nora roi gnam: TOO lt3T *XUSO it XfUs Mcana ona cauu 'JH it your Kidneys, .Pains In Uaxjk. Urinary Weakness, Hftavy, Cloudy, Bii.(l- SmoIIlni;, (Jri:ie, Is !t your Stomach, BelcMng o£ Oivfr, Sour. Distrean f " · Eat'.nc? IH It your Lungs, Cwu, f n, EJeedfaff, Pain in the ChesL? .HB.VD CruatH In Noae. Foul Breath? HE^VB you rilcH. Fistula, Itching, Bleeding from ReciuiT!. 1 ' Hace you ·. Varicose, Knotted Veins? · Have you" any Blcod Dlscat.-*. Sl-tln JiJruptJone. Pimples, Panr- lasla, Brown Spots, Soros, Swollen · Gland!:. I J alc Oom.plesion. bostne n r oigrii:, Pains In I3ones, Scrofula? I« '· H your Nerves, Slfce.ples^i, Bad Drewniii. . iin-rk Ein.cs Around your eyes. Tir"'l I In tJO ;^orT;mg, DizrlnesH, PR.IIIS in : r:aclc.".\H-Gonc;" Foctlr-s, Low of Conj Udoneti in Taursclf. Easilj* Emharrasn- e'd. Ur.?hCiil. Cf;nL«'. Tori K uc? Hm-d Lhc,tn Syr.-ipt«iiiu «»f lability--hcwara : of Xfiur:u;thfirii:t-- it ]ra.tJ» to fcul ! .ng memory. wi-nH ner"«s. rf'.voiisod mind, i "Wf nmkc r.ri ch t ir;;t' for ··.·lamination j and advice. IM why not, :tv; yourself . oJ thin o p p o r t u n i t y to hu e^p.tninod by ' "Spocla-liat" and Itutf-ti your ''true cou- dition?" Hour^ 9 A. SI. to 8 P. M, ConnrUtfvmr fallen* ,Sp-iiU». "!Por thr^e ynars J h:id hij-in trouhlcrt '. -with Phopinesc of hr«, 1 would pet f so b*-d at nifrht I could not slei*p lyini? ' down. I would have to $\t uji with ; pillows behind me. I all w^ak : :md run dowTi and did n»l aecm. 1" havp any stron^th and on account of my ajre .thoottht my ttm- 1 for t h l a world tra.i «hnrL I called upon Thft United Medical SprclaJUaif and after a month and a half of treatment I n.m feeling: flne and working uvcry dny," fSiRTifid) J. N. rATTERSON.- CiJbson Av*»nuf, Sou th Con n u IIftv 11 lo. I*a.. "1 had hn^n sick for o n s year, hai'iiip h«cn created from tlm,- to tim* 1 w i t h o u t KcttlnR any bBttpr. 1 fnlt very weak: my heart heal too fnul a.nd hati severe pninn over !L h«n.dachcs, k i d n e y iroubie, imckacho. n n r v o u s . felt siceny al| f h f ltmf jU50 (r , IIble w ., th m y siamsu-h, I comm*nc*-d tre;itm*nt wiih The United SpecialUla and in a nhort :Jrnc am R!OUI In fin* 1 con'liiion." (Slcncd) MRS, HARRY ARK1BON. 224 Honntr A.VQOU*. Mononnen, Pa.. lUid »w» «(ldk. 1= V^mr*. "For 12 years 1 had t"«n trouhlfd with sever* hoadach**, dlsiln^os, w*ml! K«t backwhi v«ry had. T hud no uppr- tft, and my stomach waa in u lind .-ondltlon, I waft i*-«ak ar.rt r u n - d o w n , could not !flr«si B'.'fxl, and van a nervous wreck, and couiti i!n v*rj' H t r l r \t-ork. I hid b^conir dlscouracud w h f n 1 went to The United MwitciJ Sp*-cta.l- I5t)i for cr"atm**nL Today I fnftj Mronie yind well; h*vc e*.ln^i 10 pound*, do tvll my own ivork. and *11 my former troubles hn.v« rroncjt." Blrne!) MRS. MAOO1R JOLUFF, Hap wood, f*fl_ To*»dAr ev-rry wc-tk 3 A. M. to 8 F. M. BtUtlmnr* H'miM 1 . Kv*»ry Wefln«»*U)" anrf Saturtln-y at Kxcha.ny.'e H(H-1, Umtontown. JVant Ads--1 Cent a Word Smithfield. PARAMOUNT J HE ATRE TODAY ·WHAT A MAN -RILL DO FOR THE LOVE OF A GIUL IS TOIJ3 I IN THE TLUULL1NG STORY OF "UNDER SUSPICION" ' FEATURING FRANCIS X... BUSHMAN AND BEVERLY BAYNE. A EO'ECIAL PSCD0CTION .IN 8 ACTS. . ALSO A 2 REEL KEYSTONE COMEDY. TRIANGLE PRESENTS TEXAS GUINAN IN "THE GUN WOMAN" IN 5 ACTS. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. March 23.--Charles . O. .eoghicer has. sold hU residence on Railroad street to John lit.Pitiaburg.'also a. B. O. engineer,.and bought Jirs. Elizabeth Huhn's 'jHtp'erty on Liberty street ind will move- into it the.lst at April. Mrs. | Hnhn will-make^ her home' in Pittafc'org with a daughter.,- She will hive D. sale of her household ffoods Friday tbe SUi. JUpheos Cl*w«on~has.sold his; dower inter'eet in."a.-.houso. and'.lot on':Jackson. street": to. Charlei .K:;SIo6ly. Sleila. KrankeObenr i te»chfr' in, e*- Point Marion iciools spent the wevik-«nd vacation at her home m the borough; "W. J: Ruble, Jr., of Pairchance was in tfe£_J»arough. Friday: lookins after th« bnsrneas of'the; Rable.'.'.Harifci Coal company : while -here he ; - applied for a triick license to be used, in hauling coal from-their min liere to the railroad. Mr. and. Mrs.,.M..Friedman .of ..West Lelsenrliig..were borongh visitors Saturday. j. SV. TUTearer. -an* daughter* Lillian and Marie.. :wer« Ciilontbwn. .visitors Saturday. Samuel G. JJoser 'of, Aiidersoii Cross Roads was a borough business visitor .Saturday. SOISSON THEATRE JACK BAM MOfTBAT, TUJ5SBAT, TTED- XESDAT, MAECH 25, 20 ASD 27 Matiacc Doilj "Down In Maine" A Rural Comedy With Specialties Between Acts NOTE--Last week of the Jack Ball Stock Company. Added attraction--Jack Ball in his famous Negro Preacher act. Country Store Friday. Thursday, Friday, Satin-day "The- jOlrl of His Bre«n»" : A.Musical Comedy.' Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Lovely New Silks for Your Spring Frocks Wonderfully pretty they are, too. in their smart new colors and elegant ·weav- ings. More satisfactory stocks than you will find elsewhere, and better values. Try comparisons, if you fike, and you can prove it for yourself Safest to buy here, ana the variety is so much better. --Baronctte Satin, a new silk suitable lor skirts, dresses and sweater coats, in ivory, maslic, taupe and duck b'iue, 40 inches wide, at $5.00 tbe --Talleta appears in pretty striped ebouts at $2, n.2ti, JS.50 and J2.75 a yard. White Tafleta with a rough tilling is $2.00 a yard. --Plain Pussy Willow TafTeUs, 40 inches wide in rose, navy, blue, black, green, cnpen,--at ?3.00 the yard. --New Checked Silks in pleasing combinations and plaids. 35 inches wide,--at $2, f2.i'5, 52.50 and 53.00 a yard. yard. Foulards in wonderful new designs and colors, 'i6 and 40 inches wide, at $3.00, ?2.50 and J3/'. J yard. --White habutai silk, 3G inches wide, soft and lovely-tor waists, at 51.00 and ?1.50 a yard. BT OF IMPORTANCE TO KNITTERS A big neiv shipment of the famous MINERVA YARNS in the various new Spring shades suitable · for sweater coats, sleeveless sweaters,- Btc., has just been received and placed on safe. Gennantown Yarn 50c a Ball $4.00 a Box. The new shades in GcrmRiUown yarn are: Gendarme, hyacinth, heliotrope, wild rose, robin egg bine, begonia, yi\ apricot, turquoise .old rose, peacock, salmon, raspberry, pnrjile, old bin,-;, niJe, hunter green. Vicune--at 65c Ball, $5.20 Box New shades in vicune are: Old rose, salmon, flame, apricot, turquoise, old blue, peacock, American Beauty, purplf, inafz*. and green. Silk Shetland 70c Ball, $5.60 Box. 'ew shades in Silk Shetland are: Gold, peacock, sage green, flarat, mpricot. Burgundy and white. Aviation Yarn --Minerva Aviation Yarn, three ply yarn in eitra heavy vreight, oltre drab, at $Qc ball. --Double weight oxford and khaki yarns fo sweaters of wstra quality, at 60c ball. Ready! Pictorial Review Patterns, Fashion Sheets and other fashion publications for April now ready at our pattern department--first floor. New GLOVES Are in Order-- Spring is in the air, so new gloves are in order. --For Women -- French Kid Gloves, light vreight, in white, black aad tan, at S2.75 a pair. --Kayser's Washable Silk Gloves at 65c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 a pair. If These Gingbams Had Come Two Months Ago --that is, vben they were duo to arrive, H is safe to say there wouldn't be one yard left now. They are a very good quality. Sn the prettiest light-colored checks and stripes, and they arc 35c a yard. The patterns make ihem especially nice for shirt waists and both women's and children's dresses. These New 60c Books Published February First 1918--On Sale Today "B»4tr the Conntrr Sky"--By Grace S. Richmond tbe Smltii-" ; ~By JetTcry FVirndl. .-side of the Ant*!*"--By Baail King. "DrasflU WtUi a KllUon"--By Elizabeth Cooper. "Way Not"--By Mortjarfit Widdemer. "A Chain of ETidenco"--By Carolyn Wells, Women's Ribbed Underwear for Spring --lisle Thread Union Suits,--at 60c, 70c, S»c to $2.50 tbe salt --Lisle Thread Vests,--35e to ft5c eacli. --Silk-and-Lisle Vests,--at 65c to $1.00 each. --Bodice Vests with plain tops,--at ISe and 25c each. --Lisle Thread Union Suits with fitted or umbrella knee,--at 85c to 81.00. --Union Suits in fitted knee style with French band tailored top.--»t $1.35 to $1.75, "In Oie Brooding Wild"--By Hidsvel! Cullum. "The Blind Man's liytss"--By Win. MacHarg. "Another Man's Shcies"--By \ 7 iotor Bridges. "1 Compered"--By Harold Titus. Thi- White Vaterfall"--By James Francis Dwyer. "The Last Try"--By John Reed Scott, "A Man's Man"--By Tan Hay. Many Styles in Silk-and Cotton Shirtings Every one brand new! These arc the shirtings that make such satisfactory men's shirts, iromen's »port blouses and dresses. They wear wall and wash well and they are eitremely attractive. SiUiy stripes ou white and tinted grounds with tiny aiUc designs in the weave. They are 32 inches wide and about as reasonable in price as though they wore all cotton--$1.00 and J1.25 a yard. Big 15c Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. FEATTJKISG. RHBT DAVIS, The Blonde Soubrctte. CHABLIE DAY1S, The Wizard ot Joy. DOLLY MCDONALD, Some Singer and Dancer. BILLY McCOY, In Dark, That's AH. ZEE'S DANCING FOUR. --TODAY AHD TOHOBBOTT-- ZEB EVANS' ALL GIRL REVUE - In the Musical Travesty "THE DIAMOND PJiACE" ON THB-SCREEN: CHARLIE CHAPLIN And Fatty. Arbuckle in "The Champion." Just Over the Bridge ConnellsTlIle (West Side). ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY WATJ..A.CE REID IN · ' · .·WAJT.OFXCSIC MOCSTAEf" Also a Good Comedy. ^-T 0 M O B E O'TT ·W7H. S. HART IN "THE V U?0STIJE OF SERVICE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A fietorf Trained Battery National Taxi Transfer Co. 206 E. Foy*tta Street , GOOD TOTJKme CABS ASD . TKDC.ES TO ALT, FODTTS. Quick service. Moderate : charge. ' Careful drivers. ' Moving and hauling. -Bell Phone 607. SAVE THE HAIR AnJ get more of it. Use Our Bald Head Hair Grower It truthfully will grow hair on Bald Heads. See Forst, Scottdale Druggist. A Drug Store tor the People. HAVE YOU TRIED OUS CLASSIFIED ADLETS? GOAL For Sale COAL 82 acres of Freeport coal situated on the P. K. E. at Upper Mid- d;etowB. Siding granted. Coal sell draining and at tipple height. Offered at a reasonable price to a quick buyer. NEVILLE WURTZ, . · ·. . First National Bant Building, Boft Phones 700. CONXElLSYItLT., PA.

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