The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 3
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r Exhibition with a heart full of happiness Friday night. Ottawa loved him. And laughed with him. There seemed to be magic about the auMtee-cQoiic, He-moved onto stage, like a lame duck, radiating that1 infectious Skelton smile. He told a story on he used 30 years ago to open his first show at Loswe's Theatre in Montreal and then swept on into the happy profession. ' The magic, and ther Is an element of the mystic about Mr. Skelton, seems to be bis ability to create .a single unit ,rom the entities of audience and performer. With most great performer, this observation may be stating the obvious. With Mr. Skelton it Is a 'startling revelation. - ' SPONTANEOUS Spontaneous, inventive, you can't anticipate hit next move, or mood. . . 1 ' Funnyman Red Skelton, Grandstand head! at the Central Canada Exhibition, took in the on th Mall -Friday with hi camera. Having lunch with Red are hi 17-year-old daughter, Vajentina and Canada Exhibition Friday eve ning. - Mixing light-hearted jab at : Mayor Wbltton wKh aeriou , (tatament on th future of the . city and th Central Expert mental Farm, Mr. Pearson charmed - select audience dining on speckled trout and Comith Game Hen. . -Of the exhibition, he tald: AT COLISEUM PallUter. ' h)f . tritlU "So long at this exhibition maintain th respect it ha won a primarily and genuinely an agricultural exhibition, it place here in the centre of the Capital H. I believe, secure and should be Jealously aafe-guarded." NO MEAN Cm 'V'.' ? , Of th city, b iUtad: , - "W are now th citizen of no mean city." ' H pointed out It is growing at a rat of 8.6 per cent per annum, ha th highest aver age per capita family; income I - RED SKELTON CtlCKS ON MALL The Ottawa Journal Wrday, SA AUGUST. 22, 1864 . 7.i, (First Ticket Drawn Streets Take on Carnival Air Given Standing Ovation " ' ' i ' -r't Giant Parade Puts Red in Ex' Ex in Gear Laborer Wins Car Riotous Show Smash High By NEVILLE HAMILTON of Tb Journal Red Skelton U a down in the truest traditions of the happy profession. The emo tion of the b o i s t e rout, cheery comic are deep teat-ad and hit unassailable virtu on stag n that he projects the emotions with linearity. In the wide open air facilities of the grandstand stage. Red, the clown, convulsed a huge audience with hi wobbly-kneed slapstick, brought tears to their eyes 'with gentle pathos and rousted them from their teats cheering and applauding in standing ovation for his generou gift of entertainment HEARD "EM LAUGH" The man who claim "I'm happy when I bear 'era laugh," must certainly have retired from the grandstand tag at the Central Canada There was; memorable slap-elicit His recitation of the alphabet in the style ol,an after-dinner speaker so convulsed an Ottawa metermaid standing in front of me that she wiped tears of laughter from her eye. The clown, moved witn eat from this situation to a series of warm pantomime where he portrayed a snuffling "little old man". They were rich with patho. Ther was little offered in the wty of the Skelton television character Willi Lumplump or Freddie the Freeloader. "After all you see them for free on TV. I thought I'd bring you tome-thing special," Red said.,- Red return with a matinee this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock and close tonight with hi final performance at 8.30. ' Mr. Skelton is agreat . down. His performanc is "something special." ' In Canada and th highest quality of population on the education level. ' I- On the wbiect of the Cen tral Canada Experimental Farm he assured the people of Ottawa: : . "I think I can allay any fear for the farm' survival, with all of the land currently It possesses, at least as far as th government is concerned. CANADIAN SHOWCASE , He said U was a policy of hi government not only to maintain th farm but "to de velop it a a permanent show case for Canadian agriculture. 1 Mr. Pearson warmly praised the exhibition a a show-case of Canada' primary buiine. that , of agriculture. ! ) ' He warned, against too much Chang "from exhibit to ex citement; from education to entertainment; from prize stock to prize beautiet; from delaying th beet from our farms to offering the meet in gayway glitter." - ; -BASIC PURPOSE ; " 'All I hop I thst we don't go toe far. that we don't for get mat the bene purpose or fain and exhibition it ' to! serve a a showpiece for and to (timulate agriculture." Mr. , . Pearson had special word, of praise for the 4-H club and the program . they present at the exhibition, where, he noted, 600 boy and girl .' art participating this year. .; . He also had a special word for Mayor , Whitton. , After Privy Council President Mo Ilraith had introduced him by noting that th prim minister at timet had difficulties with the team he mint work with. Mr. Pearson (aid: - - . "It might have been won I might have bad th mayor on my team." , H later , met grandstand neadliner Red Skelton; along Bert Wasmund. 30-year-old Ottawa Gas laborer, Friday night won a 1964 Sludebaker slation wagon ' in th Exhibi tion's first car draw. Hi rushed up to th band- shell unabl to believe be held lucky ticket 01770?, tint ticket drawn. -' Waiting iin th CCEA office when Mr. , Wasmund arrived wer David Rose, 18, of 1108 Byron Avenue, and Martin Mc- Guinty.' 17, of '894 Moffatt Street Th pair came to th "Ex" together and their ticket wer consecutive number 041250 and 041249 th third and sixth drawn. ' : Mr. Wasmund had walked to Lanidown from hi horn at 209 Carting Avenu between Percy and Branson. If his luck holds, he says he may try bingo next He ha a ticket on the display horn but' "really isn't hoping for anything." The prize comes as Mr. Wasmund looked . forward to making hi 1960 car do whil he built a house. , 1 "' i' i no 'ii ' ' i i imii ii i ' i m i wa 1 i nim mmm m :i . jT' i ., i ' U :L e 1 f " . '. 1 Jit hi wife Georgia. Mr. Skelton does a matinee perform ance this afternoon and another (how tonight, at 8.30 .-..p.m. . , aural Wwea fcy Psawatis) Wid: PEARSON IN GAY, MOOD AT OFFICIAL OPENING i ' ' . ii i Keep the 'Ex1 an Ag ricultural Fair PM By GORDON DFWAR el Th Jonrmat : v. In a snood of humor a gaiety. Prime Minister Pearson officially opened .th Central Exciting Jump-Off Thrills Horse Fans ' A ix-hors jump-off climaxed . an evening of nearvapill for rider In the Exhibition's opening horse show Friday night Pogo Stick, with Deny St. Louis up, beat Ave other flnal-lt over the highest hurdles as loo earth in Jh Coliseum made it alippery hoofing for th : horse. Th performs nc class drew 2rtartm ; The chow ran more than an hour late with large entries la ; all claaaes. .. GROUND GREASY . , '. -Tne ground was gray. taid On rider, even thoujh peat mm had been added. . Earth ttul "needed work." Winner in each das wer Green Working Hunter. Moon. mH. owner and rider Mis Sandy Burke-RoberUon; Musical Stalls, Dynamo, owner and rider Norma Goth. Team of Pur Bred in Harness, winner owned end driven by Gilbert . E . ATDOfQ, V Saddle horse, owner to rid: Linda Dhu, Mr. Fraier Hurd-man. Single High Step, Duf- ferin Lady Carol, owner Carl Heafey, driver Howard Heafey. Combination Pony, Reptitton Manor Boy. owner Mr: and Mr, R. C. McLenaghan, Susan Mc- Lenaghan up; Qualified Work ing Hunter. High Flight, owner Kingfleld Farms, Mitt Janet Burn up. .' Limit Hackney Pony, Alane Prince, owner Jean and Be Hurdman, Mil Jean Hurdman driving; Parade Horse, Satin Satan, owner Mr. and Mr. Ralph E. Lewi, Mr. Lewi up. Team of Light Draft Hone, owner and driver Aubrey Toll; Pair of High Steppers, Gay and Dainty Comet owner George Morriion, driver Denzil Mark; Lady Pony in Harness, Fern wood Silver, - Fithion, owner Fern bank Farm, driver Miti Jean Hurdman; Single Roadster Harness Horse, Th Bandleader, owner and drivr Dr. W,,A. " with Mr. Skelton and their daughter before (trolling through the grounds, where he went unrecognized except for one 10-year-old boy who gain ed hi autograph. Heavy Horses Have Their Day The big, and nowaday un common, heavy horses and Pert herons were the centre of mention in the Coliseum at the "Ex" Friday. . , I The huge animal that used to be the most common beasts of burden on farms, pulling plows and piece of farm machinery, are supposed to be dvmi out now that tractor have replaced- them. But you wouldn't get that impression after eeelng the big. and In their own way beautiful, beast nidged Friday after noon. :,i '-V ; ' When th judging of Grade, Light or Heavy Draft, Horses was .Anally over, Aubrey Toll of Blvth. was considered the overall winner with five firsts. Gilbert Crawford of Richmond, was runner-up with three sec onds and three third, and Ed ward Findlay of Manottck was next with two seconds and two third.'1 Patrick Hendrick, of Hull, was ta winner in the Percher- on class with four first nd one second.' Nxt Gilbert E. Arnold, with two first, four second,' and ix thirds, followed by Gilbert Crawford with two first, four secondtf and one third. tfMsWaJLMfcV- mmammmm BERT WASMUND -.' ; . TUbergasted His wife, Lois, drives and while there are no children to take 'up all the space In the wagon, Bert likes to go fishing and hunting. So. he say, th win will come in handy. NORAD Band Big Treat at 'Ex' 72-Man Ense Thrills H Bandshell Crowd "-rrv l r . . .j. ... ' ' vJ hibit. C -"" S But the : 1 1 at the .'Ex! NORAD bandshell. VALERIE WHITE The Jeatwal midway' interesting. band is ta fun, the ex- best way to relax ; in the at' the II As you rest your weary feet i you'll be entertained by one of I North America finest band I and they give out with a beaU guaranteed to put you back on I your feet as good as new. .- , TWICE A DAY The TJ-maa band will pr sent nine different program during their twice daily Ex, concerts. . j Friday, before a packed band-1 shell, they suited off with ail bang featuring such numbers ss th St Louis Blue hi rousing, tnarch style and a special Andre j I Kostelanetx arrangement of the National Emblem march. , The Dixietones. a six-man unit within the band, gave a swing-1 tag rendition of "Hello Dolly." with a beat that waa straight from Dixie. II And music to dance to wa ' provided by th award-winning! Commander, a It-man dance! band again formed from the! main band. . ' I A highlight of the afternoon' performance wat a medley of: marches composed and arrang-j d by NORAD band conductor J Lt.-Col. Mark Auolma. ' The band wu formed five years ago a th musical representative of NORAD. . FIRST -EX' VISIT " This l IU first visit to the tx. but the. band baa. been to Ottawa, once? before, last Oc-i tober. , . , It I actually a two-nation! band. Including an II - man RCAF contingent, . from post across Canada. All three armed force are represented in the U.S. contingent. ; 'Our band 1 e perfect Mi-1 cation of how musicians from I two countries and all tervics wont wen together with no problems." said Col. Aixolina. I At th clot of th 'Ex tb NORAD band wlH play 1 concert at th New York World'' Fair, before returning to Colo rado Springs. Two Brothers On One Bike Hit, Injured Two young brother, riding on th tarn bicycle, were injured Friday when they collided with a car en Byron Avenue near Kirkwood Avenue. Alan. II; and Brace Baker, nine, of 702 Cole Avenue, are reported In satisfactory condi tion In Civic Hospital today. Alan received head injurie and Bruce received an injured leg. Mr. Wkmifred C Cragg. of 340 Island Park Drive was the driver of the car. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN CANADA n Her w go again. . i Twelve of th wingingest.; twa' Mayor Whitton were to Sharp at 9.45 this morning marching bands ever to trumpet switch lead positions in mid- th mammoth prancing and drum their way through fstceam, turn up Wellington dancing, tinging and swinging' city street; Inter-City Parade was to push off from the Hull Arena. It destination: Lantdowne Park, th centre of fun and games for the week to come. th home of the 1964 Ex. And what, a start! ' Here's what the parade organizers this year lined up to turn Hull and Ottawa streets into a carnival alley. ' FOUR MOUNTIES First, four mounllti scarlet; riding abreast. Behind them a colorful mm ii luiMtn unci vais, mjlj uicninca civic oniciais ano capering clowns. MUSTERING POINT From the mustering point at the Hull Arena, the parade wu to make its happy prog reu down St. Redempteur Street, St. Laurent and Eddy Street. cross the Cbaudiere Bridge where Hull pro-Mayor Alder tream of floats and balloons: I m,n Edgar Chemer and Ot- Street and wind down th j A record 15 corps of major-1 Driveway and put the eager I ettea strutting proudly before multitude in th grandstand the thousands of fair-happy at Lansdowne Park. children and their parent lining A ,plendid tne route ball Held, and the two-hour was to finish for th parade participants. ' Judges who will view th cavalcade at the assembly point, on Wellington Street and again from Mackenzie King Bridge, will pick trophy winner so they can receiv prizes aa'they pats the stage in front of th grandstand. Thenft' on with th Ex. -J. WORLD OF AND PLEASURE PLUS THE FINEST SELECTION OF ELEGANT APARTMENTS FROM $97 Your leisure time takes on delightful new meaning in Bayshore where .-.-it' you'll enjoy the finest, most up-to-date Kcorramodation plus the enjoyment of year .'round recreation and social activities for the entire family. Youll enjoy exclusive use of the magnificent facilities provided in our new Country Club .. . . includino heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools . . . refreshing sauna steam baths ... a gymnasium plus an exercise joom . . . a children's nursery .-. . workshops and game rooms . . . everything has been provided under one roof to offer completely new world of fun, comfort and convenience. . V ' ' ' '- "' ? 1 2 AND 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS FROM $97 2 AND 3 BEDROOM TOWN HOUSES FROM $130 . EXPANSIVE BALCONIES WORK-SAVING CGE KITCrfENS v 13 EXCITING NEW DESIGNS . CARPETED LIVING AND DINING ' mm f. m HIGH-STANDARD . SOUNDPROOFING INDOOR AND PLUG-IN PARKING ' AREAS' RESERVED FOR ADULTS, OTHERS FOR FAMILIES ' PRIVATE GARDEN PATIOS Easy to reach on Carting Avenue Jutt - j f the Britannia Drive-in; or on , - ): . Richmond Rood Jutt wet of Pinecrett; : S''- i : ' ' . or drive watt on the Queeniway to Pinecret eH4 ahd then wet on Richmond Roeel 'i Itaoelt'w display Daily till t p.m.: SundayttiH pm. US-TTt. V 41

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