The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1918
Page 8
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fet' PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 25, 191S. £ LAUNCHING MERCHANT VESSELS ON BOTH THE ATLANTIC AND THE PACIFIC COASTS What Is Your Disease "Above 1» the Coyoi* gliding the -wars at the Paseaie rirer shipyards She is the firs., of. the cargo amars building under the £znet£encr Fleet corporations wocden ship p r osram Below is the launching of the U 1*1 got cooent* ihip In the MO rid, at Kedrood City CaL She is 32C f «et loan and her gross burden is 7 900 AFRICANIZATION OF ALIENS IS OBJECT OF COMING CONFERENCE Ckrreraois, Industrial Cor- pontkm Presidents M* Others. taking steps to safeguard our nation nnity and further to injure a unified people back of the fighting li|ie For Itching Torture DEVISE CONCERTED PLAN '-M · Contend Justl- Amomg Entente AMeu "VTho Are KMJ Prey ior VMenMtou -EMBT Flotfan. Br Asioelated Press. WASHINGTON, "aarch 25--TPhe patecratarjr at the Interior has issued tana to the governors of the to the chairmen of the state P*Muu* councils and to about three ;k»u4red presidents of corporations Ja»d chambers of commerce and other tfednaUfel leaders to meet -with him t S, In "Washington, for the imr- ot considering the national plan tl Americanization projected by the I Department of the Interior. Th» object ot this meeting is to tack »» agreement upon ways and. Kau ot parting the plan into opera- ton through to* instrnmentaHtr ol 5-tfco tt*t* coMmm«ato and industrial The federal legisla- ;''-tr»8 pnfrarn will be folry dtaeabsed ·-wtth the / reaweeentaC-'ee present l'"Tti* nutJMa calls tor an awxropria- -'tlo» to b« »ade to the TJmtted State* Jati-ML. of BBacmtion for the purpose gat TMdwtg* flnaacial aid and other to the states jointer £r~a (tea to Amencaalze the lions ot foreign birth who «MJa«ed In the many indaatrial and actrritus- of-tlie caaKtrf i P«%IM Uuent of a»~I»J»nor ta» entered into a Joint ar- «t with the_C«wnen o£ Na- Defence whereby the national c*~ AmgikJnUatioitr i» put into t «H over the United w State* kr*« medhrm of the 48 mat* _cocBen* and a. great wnnber ewtnly-and local committees on. (··s*--rRajllmh, the langaagt otTtn* iDnHai State*." i» th« slogan adopted uo»r tkis ytan. , [ AMfcaBfaatie* is to b* deaH^wiOt i a · inTTT ~* war" for the »arpos» rteraetlBg the anti-American among aliens ji large of which-js being carried iBfjdMoalr -»ittan- Indu trial 4aats.^Thr_entrrc_pl«a wlU be snb- · Irt** 1 to the tndnstnal mm fmeat ttt win coyer not only this feature kit eChers Involving the human, side i jrar aipects of Americuilza- ^ kaTe__iinipres8ed thennelveB ttpon b* crreniicait.-ftrr foreibry since the |Iait»d." States'entered the great con- Bet. , It,h»»,.b*«n found Ihat.liTKftftQ were. ieclsteied_nnder the s«- Many of time have aJaccepttd for- milifray serTiceT ;·· account cf inability to speak, »-and illittracy, are unable to rtand. mBitary orders in Sng~- -and 1 therefore make training et- dUBcnlt in the canton- i (rain elevators alone have four hundred per cent · ioce iri'SMfs entered"the war, att*.nrM-ud explodoks, wilful dam' ot liiachintry, hampering the ot war materials and otlK'r I*«iii xhe government's ac- bav» frequently been~traceil a)j«Di. Their ignorance of Bng- k. make*' them easy prey for Ger- nra» vnpagandists and plotten), who ' f* itlrrinj; up industrial diOciilties .at adsmiderstandlnis In various actieas of" the country The depart-* Taas observed how many other ^friendly «.i«ns have been Ji»d';_ liar d» enenrj- _ »- department's inventlgaJon^, ttte Bureau ot .Bdocuhoi,' -tfc»t »T» million birth iit- not speak ,.-. B'ltfti WHAT OUR SOLDIERS ABROAD SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TUBERCULOSIS _^__-_-^^_ i To ATOM Contracting It They Skonld tlaiersiajid die Disease and the ~Xeaas of FreirenUon. "Should the Arnencaa soldier in Francp greaclj fear contracting tui- erculoois at'er what his been said of the frequency of the disease among JErench soldiers and the French civil ian population 7 ' is the question asked by Dr S Adolphus Knopf m 'The Journal of the Outdoor Lite," under the title*- "What the American Soldier Now Fighting la France Should Know About Tuberculosis.' Pointing out the dangers of the French environment he says' that even before the war the death, rate from tuberculosis in France was twice as high as, for example in New York City This he declares is due both, to the lack of adequate anti-tuberculosis work in that country and to the weight of French tradition which is averse to the use of cold water and fresh cold air These conditions were accentuated by the hardships of the war Hasty mobilization made thorough medical examination ot troops impossible The privations and exposure of trench life Invasion and deportation further developed and spread the disease "Fortunately for the American soldier," be go«g oa, "his early training in the lore of fresh air and the use of cold water on his body have made him naturally more resistant to the disease, and to the honor of our military Burgeons it most be said that the eianrinttlons at the recruiting office are most thorogh, so as to weed out thorn who are strongly affllicted with the disease in the incipient stage The examination is repeated after a lew months' training no as to make sure i that no tuberculous invalid is in active j service.' He admits, oowever. the grave danger to our soldiers from _thls'disease ucder th« conditions of trench life To avoid this he points out the soldier should understand the nature of the disease and be thoroughly informed M to meMnrefi of .prevention There is one remedy that seldom fads to stop itrnmg torture and relieve skin irritation and that makes the skin soft, clear and healthy. Any druggist can supply you with zemo, which generally overcomes all skm cistases. Acne, eczema, itch, pimples, rashes, blackheads, in most cases give ray to zemo. Frequently, minor blemishes disappear overnight. Itching usually stops instantly. Zemo is a safe, antiseptic liquid, ckan, easy to use and dependable. It costs only 35c; an extra large bottle, $1-00 It will not stain, is not greasy or sticky and is positively tafe for tender, sensti*~ skms. The E. W.Rose Co^ Cleveland, O ONAIXIVffS maj now H» BORZUC TDD nsi wrjiuo a ICDU.* cnm cnuu I Iti It j o u r Klclnoya Paina in Back I b r l m r ) \y."kni!-i H nv) C oudj B»1 Sraollinr J r i i e Is It our Stomach I Belching cf QJ.G bour p atresn A f t e r | Eating In t your liimga Couffh Bleedlag Pain In the IChest n Ha%e Crus H in N D ^ O 1 oul Breatii' Have you f J ( H Flstulu Itching Bteedlns '"om FoctuiTi. Hace *ou Varicose I Knot cd VeJnfl? 5Ia\c you any Blood j n i g f a « » SiCln L."Jpti-n« P'mplea Pnor laslJ B-o^vn SpolB Sorc£i Swollen GUnus Pa c otpp e-!on L,oatns niStic r^ln-; In Bones b c r o f j l a " tt ^ oii N e n - L " S copies* Bad Drpnrna l a r k Fins Around vour eves Tire 1 IK ?r niprnins: Diszl! CSH P r i n s in y - c i ^ 1 Gonp Po^liTiir I n js of Con j tidfnce ID "^ oursclf CuMli EmbarrasH ert I v. hf i l L iLcd l o n t u - " He (1 t n c , c SM Ploti-, of l ) » b l l l t x --lierv are o f N r u i \ ! P - i t lei I B lu f a i l i n g mcmor w t ik » e i \ c t (M^c ispri mmct We -ruii c nc c h a r g e fo- T am n a t i o n and adi ice i · wh not i\ ill \ u n f l f of tht" o p n o r t n n i t v ^ci be e x i i n l n c l b Spccia.llst and learn /our 1 co 1 dition' Hour- 1 A III to 8 P M CoMitrUMvlllr Fnt'cnt ^yratcti T'or three years 1 li-ul been troubled TH th ·ihnrtn^sK of hrcith I w o u l d pet 10 bad at ni£h ) could no sleep Ij int, down I would ha-v e to sit u p w i t h pillows behind me r felt i-Il -weak md run down and did nol aeem t ) have any strength and nn iccount of mi Rffe thouK^it my time for this world wa^ short I called upon The Unltd Medical Specialists and after a month and a half of treatment 1 am feeling fine and w o r k i n g e\ery day (Signed) J N rATTBRSON Gibson Avenue South ConneJJ-ivHlc Pa I had been sick for one \ e ^ r havinr been treated from Ime to tlmr w i t h o u t / e t t l n f ? any better I f e l t \i_-y \ v e i r f m h e a r t be it too fast a i d had si \ o r e pains over it. headache 4 * k l d n e % trouble back LChe n e r \ o u s f e l t sleeps a]l the time Also t r o u b l e w I h m j stomach I commenced treatment w i t h The United Specialists and In a. short t i m e am about In fine condition (Signed) dRS. HARHT ABRJSON 224 Donner Avenue Monessen Pa KJ* »ro« lick II Ye«r- Por 12 years 1 had been troubled \\ ith seve-re headaches dizziness would fret backache \ e r y bad J had no apie Lite and mx stomach was n i bad condition 1 was weak and run d o w n could not sleep Rood and was a nor vous wreck and could do vary little work I had become 3l3couraffed w h e n t went to The Unired tfcdlcAv Spiclal ists for treatment To la I feel stronsr ^ind well ha\ o gained 10 pounde do all my own -work and a l l m former troubles have grjnes (Sinned) MRS MA3G1F JOX.LJFF Hopwood Pa. Tiwsdax everv ivoeli 3 A M to 8 P M Baltimore House E \ e r y "Wedne*da and Saturdaj at ExchanBre Hotel XInlontown #ant Ads--1 Cent a Word PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY TTEAT A MAN WILL DO FOR THE LOVE OF A GIEL IS TOLD C" IN THE THRILLING STORY OP '"UNDER SUSPICION" ' FEATURING FRANCIS X BL STTMAN AND BEVERLY BAYNE A SPECIAL PRODUCTION IN 8 ACTS ALSO A 2 REEL KEYSTONE COMEDY THIANGLE PRBSETMTS TEXAS GUINAN IN "THE GUN WOMAN" IN 5 ACTS ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN 2 ACTS Sraithfield. 1 SJUTUrTBLD, March 23--Charles Hunrt a-B k O enpnoer has sold his residence on. Railroad streej to John Evarts ot Pittxfenrg also a B O engineer, and bought Mrs Elizabeth Huhn's property on Liberty street 4nd will move into il the 1st at April Mrs Hnbn will nuke her name m Pittabnrg with 3. daughter She will bave a sale of her household goods Friday the 2JU,- _ Alpien* Ctewvon has sold his dower interest in. a Jiooce. and lot on Jackson street to Ch*rIe*.EC Moody ,, Stella .Trai4Mft*rr7 a. teacher la the Point Varitm «ehool« apenl the week-«nd vacation at her Home in the Borough "* J Ruble Jr of Fairenance was In th.e ^borough Friday loofcmg after the boimeee of the Ruble Hardn Coal company while here he applied tor a truck license to be used in hauling coai from their mine- here to the railroad. Mr and Mrs J* Friedman of West Lcisenrmg: were borough visitors Saturday J W Weaver and daughters Lillian and Mane- irer« Uniontown visitors Saturday. Samuel G Closer of Anderson Crofle Roads was a borough business visitor 3»tnrd«y '" _ t; wftlli! tore* Million male* "· ace r IhaMa from 18 to IS oamaturmHxed and owe no _ . of loyalty and suppcirt to IjWtef Slates, As bead of the iMrt^imder who** supervision jt*M*XBai aCairs of th* coua- of tie lattnor is SOISSON THEATRE TACK BAIL MOKBAT, TCESJ) VI, TTED- 5ESDAT, MABCF 25, 26 Afl) 27 Matmcc Daily "Down In Maine" A Rural Comedy With Specialties Between Acts NOTE--Last week of the Jack Ball Stock Company 4dd«d attraction--Jack Ball m his famous Negro Preacher act Country Storr Friday. n«rsd«r, Fridaj, .Saturday "The j Girl of His Dre*ms" A Musical Comedy BOOOOOOOOOJOUO WE A p Homers s I? UK aotfctDg£ ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY WAUuACB REID IN "HAS OF 3TJSIC MOUHTAIH" Also a Good Comedy T O M 0 R K 0-TT WM S HART IN "THE vAPOSTLE OF TEK6EAITCE" Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Lovely New Silks for Your Spring Frocks Wonderfully pretty the} are, too in their smart new colors and elegant weav- Ings More satisfactory stocks thaa you will find elsewhere, and better values Try comparisons it you like and ou can prove it for ourse]f Safest to buy here and the varietj IB so much better --Tatfota appears in pretty striped ebeae at $2 1225 J250 acd J2 75 a yard TVline laffeta with a rough Oiling in J2 00 a yard --Plain Pusay Willow Taffetas 40 inches wide in rose navy blue hack jrreen, copen--ac $300 the yard --New Checked Stlkg m pleasing combinations and piaido 36 inches -wide --»t ?2 $2 .5 J2 50 and S3 00 a yard. --Baronette Satin a neir silk suitable Ior skirts dresses and swelter coats in ivory mastic taupe and duck blue 40 inches wide, at 55 00 the yard Foulards in wonderful aew designs and colors, 36 and 40 inches wide at 52 00, $2 30 and $3 00 a yard --White habutai silic 3G inches wide soft and lovely to- waists at ?1 00 and $1 50 a yard OF IMPORTANCE TO OUTERS A biff nc^ shipment of *he famous MirsERVA, YARNS in the various new Spnng shades suitable 'or sweater coats S!CL /e'esa sweaters etc. has just been received and placed on sale Germantown Yarn 50c a Ball $4.00 a Box. The new ghadeii in Germftntown yarn are Gendarme hyicinth heliotrope wild rose robin i*gg blue begonia apricot turquoise old rose peacock salmon, rasp berry purple old bine nilc, hunter green Vicune--at 65c Ball, $5.20 Box New shades in. ncune are Old rose salmon. Same, apricot turquoise old blue peacock American Beauty purple maize and green Silk Shetland 70c Ball, $5.60 Box lVe» shades in Silk Shetland are Gold peacock sage green flame apricot Burgtuidv and -white Aviation Yarn Ready! Pictorial Review Patterns Fashion Sheets and other fashion publications ior April now ready at our pattern department -- first loor New GLOVES fYre in Order -- Spring is in the air so new gloves are in order -- tor Women -- French K d Gloves light --c gb.t m white, blaclt lad tan at $2 75 a pair -- Kavser s Wasnable Silk Gloves -it 6oc 75e, $1 00 and ?] 25 a pair If These Ginghams Had Come Two Months Ago -- that b when the-v were due to ar-ive it is safe to saj there wouldn't be one vard left now Tflej are a very good qual- it in the p-ettiest light-colored checks and stnpes and they are 35c a yard The pat'erns make them es- peciallv nice for shirt uaists and both w omen s and children s dresses These New 60c Books Published February First 1918--On Sale Today ·D»der tie Conatrj- Skv"--Br Grace S Hkimond "Beltane the Smith"--By Jefffrj Parnol "The Side of the Angels"--Bj Basil Kmg "Brasilia Wth a SHlllon" 1 --By Elizabeth Cooper "TThr Not"--By Margare Widdemer "A Chain of Prfdence"- BT Carolyn Wells. Women's Ribbed Underwear for Spring --Lisle Thread TJnion Suits,--at gOe, 70c, 8S to 92.50 the smlt. --LiBle Thread Vests,--S5e to «5c each. --Silk-and-Lisle Vests,--at J5« to $1.00 each. --Bodice Vests with plain tops,--at ISc and 25c each. --Lisle Thread Union Suits with fitted or umbrella knee,--at 85e to $1.00. --Union Suits m fitted knee style with French band tailored top --at $1.25 to $1.75. "In lie Brooding WiW--Dv Hidtnel! CulJum "The Blind JUti'": Fyes"--By "Wm MacHarg "Another 'lan's Shoes"--Bv Victor Bridges "I (onqncred"--Bj Harold Titus "The fllnte Material!"--Bj James Francis Dwyer "llie Last Try"--Bs John Reed Scott "A Man's Man"--Ej Tan Hay Many Styles in Silk-and Cotton Shirtings Every one brai.d nerr' Thes^ are tne shirtings that make such satisfactory men s shirts, -women's sport blouses and dresses They wear well and nash well and they are extremelv attractive SlUry stripes on -white and tinted grounds with tiny silk designs in the Tieive They are 32 inches u-ide and about as reasonable in price as though thej v, ere all cotton--?1 00 and Jl 25 a ysrr* Big 15c Matinee Dailj at 2.30 Evening Shows at 7 30 and 9 15.: Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAT AJiD TOMOKBOir-- ZE6 EVANS' ALL GIRL REVUE In the Musical Travesty THt DIAMOJTD PALACE" ON THE SCREEN CHARLIE CHAPLIN And Patty Arbuckle in The Champion FJ-ATUHING. RIBY UAYIS, The 31onde Soubrotte rmnuE DATIS, The "Wizard of Joy DOLLY MCDONALD Some Singer and Dancer BILLY McCOY, In Dark, Thats All ZEBS DICING TOUR Just Over the Bridge ConncllsilUe (West Side) SERVICt STATION Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trained Battery San. National Taxi and Transfer Co. 206 E- Fnvette Street SAVE THE HAIR get more o£ it. Use Our Bald Head Hair Grower It truthfully will grow hair on Bald Heads See Forst, Scottdale Druggist. A Drug Store for the People HAVE YOU TRIED DUE CLASSIFIED ADLETS? 60O» TODBING CABS , XEBCKS TO AI,L POEMS. Quick service. Moderate charge Careful drivers Moving and haulln? ·Bell Phone £07. COAL For Sale COAL 82 acres of Preeport coal situated on the P R. R at Upper Mld- djetown Siding granted Coal self draining and at tipple height Onerea at .1 reasonable price to a nuicL bujer NEVILLE WURTZ, First 5afimal BanL. Building, Both Phones 700. COJiAEHSTHiE, PA.

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